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Al-Maidah 15-26 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 19


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Yeah no keytab or people of the book or the Jericho Rasulullah our messenger has indeed come to you.

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And this messenger of ours meaning Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam, whom you are waiting for you by Unicom, he makes clear to you what the religion he makes clear to you, the religion of Allah.

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Allah effect Ratan minahasa after a period of suspension of messengers federa is from the reflectorless fer de la letra de fer de la, this is not photo, felt photo photo, what does that mean? photo? What does that mean? If bar to open up your fast to break your fast, that's if our photo

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This is fatter, with a

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fatter is when something becomes slow, when something becomes weak, inactive after being very active fast.

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Like somebody just going going doing one thing after the other, all of a sudden, they become very slow. they slow down in their work, they reduce the work that they're doing.

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Previously, they were very zealous, very enthusiastic, and now they have lost their enthusiasm. This is what football is all about a person is very active and doing something and now he slows down or he reduces in what he's doing. This is the literal meaning of the word factor.

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Is that factor a shape? It is when something pauses, and then it resumes.

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So if for example, you were doing something, you were slowing down, like let me take a break, because I'm getting tired, I'm getting burnt out.

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So you take a break, you pause and then you resume again. So the pause the time period between do things between do actions, the time period, the gap, the interval, that is fatra

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what is

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the inactive time, the inactive time, the break that you take between two factions.

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So like for example, you come in the morning, you have your class until 1230. And then you have a break for half an hour. And then your classes resume again. So this break is what factor

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because it's inactive, you're not in class anymore. from morning until that time you were doing something something that you came here for and then after the break again, you're doing something that you came here for, but in the middle you're doing something that is not related to what you came here for. So what is it fatra a gap and interval.

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So, this messenger of ours meeting Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam he has come to you, clarifying to you making known to you Allah is revelation, the commands of the deen and he has come to you after a gap mean that was some of the messengers.

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So basically before the messengers were coming one after the other, and now all of a sudden there was a big gap after he started saddam, and then came Hamilton

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especially the Bani Israel, sometimes at one point they would have more than one messenger more than one messenger at a time. And after he signed s&m, they didn't have a messenger for how long this photo was how long

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it was about 600 years, somewhere between 506 100 Some say 569 others say more others say less is somewhere between 506 100 years.

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So a millennium basically. So it was a long gap between restart SNM and Mohamad sort of autism.

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And you see, because of this long gap, what happened? They became slow. They became weak in their power of Allah remember the word Fatah, Fatah. What does it mean? to slow down to become mellow to reduce to become inactive in your activities, that a person is very enthusiastic. He's doing one thing after the other and now all of a sudden he stopped

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or he's become very slow.

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So because of this long gap, what happens the activities they become dull.

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So you may get in a coma for 30 minutes or so.

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Now why has this messenger come to you after such a long period of time? And the Hulu last you all say meaning a lot of Hulu so that you might not say merger and Amber Sheeran will entity that no bear of goodness

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Use And no wonder came to us. We didn't know which is why we forgot. Remember, felt so helpless they forgot a house and in context of the Christians in particular it was Miss yen or enemy as well. So Allah sent you this messenger, so that you cannot make this her justice argument on the day of judgment that Oh Allah, no bearer of good news. I know Warner came to us alesco Khadija akamba Shirin when a deal?

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Certainly now there has come to you have a sheet and

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the profits are a lot of who has come to you. He is Rashid and many will love our Khalifa included and Allah is powerful over everything. Meaning, he is powerful, he is able he can send the messenger and he could still punish you for not following the messenger.

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So what do we learn from this ayah? What do we learn from this i? What's the main message of this ayah the Bani Israel are being addressed, that the messenger whom you were waiting for, since 500 years, 600 years, now he has come to you. And now that he has come to you, believe in him except him because he has come to you as a machine and an idiot. And he is clarifying to you, their religion.

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The prophets of Allah said himself, I among all people, I'm the closest do the son of Maria

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in oland, nursey Ola, Olga the center most worthy offer closest to the son of money or his family increase our listener how

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that there was no profit between him and I. So the Hadees clearly tells us in this hadith and Buhari that the sutra, this big gap was between who restarted Sonam and Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam

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and why did Allah subhanaw taala send hamato dadada sudden ubay unikl and he came as a Bashir as well as in a deed.

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Kathy see

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gumina long.

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Lincoln merci

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somebody like to share with everybody that when Darwin is given it must be given. I mean the main point should be the heat because over here la casa Casa Latina kalu in Allahu Allah mercy have nobody in the main thing is what the problem with the belief concerning Allah Subhana Allah so that is to be fixed. What else? There is the gap between the residents. And we learned that there's no excuses in the dean. Because whatever, a lot of plans, like there's always wisdom and hikma. And so like, even if they try to use that as an excuse, like you didn't send a messenger to us, Allah just those are words back at them, either. There's really no arguing that, again, the main theme over

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here is that the commands are there, you are supposed to do what you're supposed to do. You cannot make any excuses if somebody makes excuses. I don't know, I never learned I never knew whose fault is it to fault because Allah has sent a messenger Allah has sent the book, we're supposed to find out and do what we're required to do.

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The point where it says that we have to do with all that kind of stuff, and that there's always room for improvement. And that even when we're doing good, we should never let that stop us from excelling and doing good. And instead, that just be a motivation for us to excel even good.

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I remember how when you see somebody sends and then you approve of their thing. It's like you get a share of that. And so now like when you see a law clearly says, you know, the Christians they actually leave this belief, but we encourage them a resale, you know, they're gonna go to Paradise, I kind of get scared, like, what if you're going to get that share as well, because we encourage you to keep doing

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and you're saying what you're doing is fine. Allah says very clearly look at the kafala. And we say

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I mean, who are we to contradict the words of the Quran?

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Yeah, the Christians and the Jews are being told that you have no excuse. But we can also take it that we have no excuse. And sometimes people say oh, I'm waiting for Sophie from Allah and waiting for guidance. But you have the guidance. You have got Anya to open it exactly. Yeah. DBE you open up the Quran. And the Psalter teaches us that guidance is given through the Quran because Allah guides through it. So if you are trying to show the way to someone, and you're showing to them in a vuca fear kind of book of Akita, and a book of this in the book of that, and you're not telling them what the Quran is saying, then is it really good to enter their heart, you approach the person, how, with

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I just want to gel to add that it says here that the Jews and the Christians, they say that were the sons of Allah, and that they're the beloved ones of Allah, right? as Muslims, we can say, oh, we're Muslims, we have one reacts, agenda, we are going to be fine. You should also think about it, you have to avail less raw data, you also have to be able to record anything and what the processor said in order for you to get into agenda. So you can just say, have the label Muslim, you know, even with the bunnies for you, the Messiah was taken that in the markoma, I'm going to be with you if you do such and such. So, yes, we are supposed to have the correct one. But along with that we're supposed

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to do certain things that Allah has commanded us as well. I was thinking about similar salon, that there are many ways of doing good deeds. And even in this course, you have many subjects. And sometimes you might not excel in certain subjects. And sometimes there's just one subject that you really like, like you really, really love grammar, but other subjects, you're like, Oh, you know, I'll pass Okay, and that's fine, you can pass inshallah, make sure you do pass. But then if you excel in grammar, then later on go and study more, and then practice it more than even teacher. You know, there's some subject that you like, and shall excel in that.

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That whatever ability Allah has given you, make sure that you use that to attain the pleasure of Allah. Use that ability to attain the pleasure of Allah because, you know, sometimes we think that only if we do this particular action, then we will be able to attain the pleasure of Allah. Whereas the fact is that Allah has created every person different. Every person has been given different different capabilities. So we have to see what we have been given and use that skill use that ability to attain a certain.

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I was just thinking, again, going back to the people of the book, like they waited for their scholars to teach them, I guess what they learned and nowadays is we want people to speed through studying you know, instead where

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You tell somebody unless panties have a command of loss and they tell you what this shift allowed it you know anything that's why it's so important you get sad because you should study this what a lie see

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what else

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the Jews did not accept epsilon seven because they looked at him they looked at he was different and so I was just thinking we should not look at the speaker but we should look at the speech that's coming out of the speaker

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repeatedly it's being emphasized that believe in him believe in Him because they're presented so many excuses for not believing in Him and one of the major ones was that you are not one of us. So look beyond the person who is speaking.

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When you're trying to purify intention, you say okay, I'm gonna do a physical law but if you think you know I'm going to do it for to get a less pleasure than that might make it easier to do you know,

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because that's the key that you do whatever you do in order to get the approval of another one of them and that's what it means

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Makita ob

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Upon the

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See ya.

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