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Fussilat 25-36 Tafsir 27-29

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We'll call on levena cafaro. And those are disbelief say laughter smart early on, do not listen to this on.

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And instead what should you do? Well lo fi and speak noisily during it, y la la countably boom so that you will overcome.

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Allah vena cava over here primarily refers to the machine of Makkah,

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because they were friends to one another, evil friends, and many times, friends, what do they do? Together, they accomplish things together, they do many things. Because as we discussed earlier, a person cannot do much all by himself. So the machine of Macedon were very hostile to the profits on aloneness, and especially when he would recite the Quran.

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So what did they do? They came up with a plot, that when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is reciting the Quran, make noise. Don't listen, and instead start making noise. Why start making noise so that people don't get affected by his recitation? And your ways prevail, the Quran is not heard. The Quran is not understood. And your ways the preview,

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this is what they came up with.

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If you think about it a person alone, can you make a lot of noise to warn the recitation? He cannot? What does he need?

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company friends. So this is an example of how friends are a means of leading one another astray. That we'll call alladhina cafaro. lattice Murali has, don't listen to this forum. Well, whoa, fee. Well, it's from the Tetris landline, Well, no. And what does love mean? idle talk? Nonsense speech, false speech, useless speech, takes you away from your purpose. Low is basically useless, purposeless speech, that a person says without even thinking. Now you ask me the common law who believes in Wi Fi, a monocle. Allah will not hold you accountable for the love that is in your own meaning when you say without even thinking, that will lie but I will know when a person swears ot

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without even thinking, that is what love in a man. So what is a statement that a person says without even thinking

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the word love also applies to any statement or any word that is free of any good mean, there's no good in it, there is no hide in it. There is no benefit in it.

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Like for example, a person is talking, talking, talking. And if you analyze the conversation at the end, okay, what did you get out of it? Nothing.

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I went here, I saw them. This is what they said. This is what she said. This is why in a law called Gary helicon Peale will call the prophets of Allah. Allah dislikes for up and call it was said he said she said, this is something that Allah dislikes when you talk amongst yourself like this. Because when you're just talking about other people about their conversations, what do you get at the end? What do you get at the end? Nothing. This is what love speech.

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And low is also to make noise. It's used for the chirping of birds. When birds chirping constantly. Doesn't it become noisy. And especially there are a whole lot of birds, a lot of birds and they're chirping all of them together. Sometimes they're so loud, that it's difficult to even hear one another as you speak over there. It drowns your voice drowns other sounds.

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So love over here gives meaning of noise. That one low fee, make noise.

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While he is reciting the Quran, raise your voice. make a noise. start clapping start hooting, start whistling start talking loudly. Why? So that the Quran cannot be heard by people?

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So drown the sound of the Quran and raise up your voices one little v make noise in its recitation.

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Secondly, one low fee is also understood as doc nonsense during its recitation, that when he is reciting the Quran, say something funny. Say something sarcastic. Why? So that people do not get affected by the

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like for example, when the is about the tree of the Kumar revealed Abuja he started making fun. There's warning against punishment of Hellfire said serious verses and there is a Buddha making fun. So will the people get the impact? No. Will people get affected by the Quran? No. So one little fee what are the two meanings and first of all, make noise so it cannot be heard. drown.

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The recitation

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and secondly, dark nonsense. Say silly stuff. Say something funny. Say something sarcastic, something completely irrelevant so that people are not affected by the Quran Allah Allah can totally ruin so that you can overpower. You can overcome.

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You can overpower what the recitation, the sound of recitation and when you will overpower eventually what will happen the profits or losses of them you will stop reciting. Because if you're reciting and somebody else starts making noise, and you cannot be heard, then what do you do? You become silent then right? If you're talking the other person does not give you a chance to talk, what do you do? You become quiet and Salalah kentuckyone. This is a tactic that people use today even many times, that if you don't want the other person to speak, don't give them a chance to speak. When you don't give them a chance to speak you will be doubly boon and also in our local

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doubloon is understood as that your ways will prevail, meaning the Quran will not be followed, it will not be heard it will not be understood and your ways your practices, they will prevail.

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We see that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he would openly recite the Quran. Why? Because he was told to do that this was one of his responsibilities, isn't it? Yet Lu ra him iottie where you are limo? keytab Why use a cane?

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And the prophets Allah said when he invited people to Allah, how would you do that by reciting the continent.

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And he would recite the Quran in gatherings when people would come and ask him or when he would go and talk to people. And he would also recite the Quran in Salah. And where would you perform Salah publicly many times in the harem. And in the harem, as you know, there are many people worshipping align different ways. And even at that time, although they were shipped, there were lots of people over there in the house, when the profits on a lot of center would be reciting the Quran out loud in Salah, this was something very different for people. So automatically they will be drawn towards him. What is he saying? What is he doing? Why is he standing like this? How come he is bowing like

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that. So people will be drawn towards him pull towards him, and they would start listening to the recitation.

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And when a person listens to the Quran, he gets affected by it.

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So the Michigan of Makkah, they felt very threatened, that if people keep listening, and they start getting influenced by the Quran, then we will be defeated.

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Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam you will be successful will be defeated. So they came up with a scheme. And what was that scheme that when he recites whistle, clap, make noise and say foolish things so that people cannot hear him. And as a result, they will not get affected. And we see that another even had is what did he do? He did something similar, right? That when any person would be affected by the Quran, he would send after him Who? A singing girl, right? Who would go and sing to him and make him drink. And she would tell him stories. And he would hold majelis in competition with the gatherings of the Prophet ceremony center. And what would he do in those gatherings? He would

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narrate stories of Persian kings, isn't it? So? Why are local Dudley Boone so that people do not get affected by the Quran? So some people, they came up with the idea of making noise and other people that deal with the idea of saying useless things nonsense things.

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And it's only people who are noisy people who like nonsense things. They're the ones who will come up with such ideas.

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You think about it the worship of the machine. What did that include? Serious worship, clapping and whistling. People who are used to doing such things clapping whistling, making noise, only they have the guts to make the same noise when something serious is being spoken.

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We learned so little and file is 35 that woman cannot swallow tumor in del Valle de la mocha and what does Leah and their prayer at the house was not except whistling and hand clapping. This was their worship. So when the prophets of Allah center would recite the Quran, what would they do? Start whistling and clapping as well.

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And we have been told that when the Quran has been recited, what should we do? What's the etiquette that we should listen? quietly we should pay attention to what is being recited and become silent as well. We're either Korea Al Quran, foster merula who were anslee to La La come to hamoed what do we see over here Allah subhanaw taala says first me Allah who What did they say? Let us smile.

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Allah says, Allah who these people said lattice Maru. Allah subhanaw taala says what honestly do and these people said, well, lo fi

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Instead of being silent make noise. Why? law local deadly wound so that your ways can prevail. No one is affected by the Quran.

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And we see that the recitation of the Quran, it does have a great impact on people, especially when a person is reciting with understanding with closure. And there are various incidents which tell us how the people would get affected by the recitation of the Quran. For example, we learned about aboubaker of the learner that ever walked out of the learning who he would recite the Quran openly, and he would praise Allah openly as well. And he would also call people to Allah to the machine of Makkah, they started opposing human they became very violent towards him. And avacado they learn who he was someone very noble in Makkah. So when it became very difficult for him to live in Makkah, he

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decided he was going to leave. So one day he left Makkah, in order to do his RA, and he was going towards the land of Ethiopia. And when he reached a certain point, Berkeley Mac Edna Davina, the chief of the tribe of Korra, he met him and he said, Oh, Abubakar, where are you going? So Baccarat? the learner replied, My people have turned me out of my country. So I want to wander on the earth and worship My Lord. If nothing, he said, Oh, Abubakar, a man like you should not leave his homeland. Nor should he be driven out because you help the destitute. You earn their livings and you keep good relations with your kids. And can you help the weekend board, entertain guests generously

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and help the calamity stricken persons as well? Therefore, I am your protector.

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Come back with me. And I will protect you. Nobody will say anything to you. Go back and worship your Lord in your town. So we will call the darling who returned and even Adelina he accompanied him. Because that was the way that if you don't have a man, if you don't have protection, the one who's giving you protection, he has to come along with you.

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So what happened then, is Nadella, he visited the nobles of Pradesh and he said to them that a man like Abu Bakar he should not have to leave his homeland. Nor should he be driven out. Do you drive out a man who helps the destitute he earns their living, he keeps good relations with his given kin. And he helps the weak and poor. He entertains guests generously and helps the calamity stricken persons. You're driving out such a person such a noble person, such a good person. So the people of courage they could not refuse if nothing else protection, and the segment of internet obachan worship is Lord in his house. We agree Okay, you can come back to Makkah. However, his worship

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should be confined to his house only. He can pray and recite their whatever he likes. But he should not hurt us with it. Meaning he should not say anything against us. And he should not do it publicly. Because we are afraid that he may affect our women and children. This is a condition that they said.

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So it doesn't matter all over the land all of that a worker of the land has stayed in that state worshiping a loss of panel data in the house because when he would recite the Quran, he would weep a lot. He would cry a lot. And when he would cry, people would be listening and they would get affected. And you see in smaller towns, what happens if a person is doing something? Everybody comes and starts watching him? Doesn't it happen? children, women servants they all gather up around him and start watching him. Even if there is a car sometimes going through small towns, what do you find? People will just get together staring at the car.

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So Abubakar, no one he would recite the Quran, a lot of people would gather over there. And the courage they felt very threatened, that if they listen, they will get affected they will believe. So this is why they said that he has to confine himself in his house. But abubaker of the Naren who, after some time, he couldn't take it anymore. So he went and started worshipping in the courtyard according to some narrations. And he built a Masjid where he would worship Allah subhanaw taala and recite the Quran publicly.

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And when he would worship a lower there and recite the Quran, the women and children, they began to gather around him in great numbers. And they used to wonder at him and look at him. And a vocal of the learner when he would weep in his recitation, that people would be affected even more. And this situation again, it scared the nobles of Makkah. And they called it middle finger. And they said that look, this was a fact between us and you that he was to worship a lot only in his house, but now he's worshiping outside, publicly, openly in the courtyard. Now, either you tell him not to do this, or the fact between us and you will be broken. So if you're not gonna want to learn

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vocabulary, who said that I release you from your back to protect me and I'm pleased with the protection from Allah.

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Meaning I cannot stop, I have to continue my recitation, I have to continue my urba I cannot stop. He remained firm and 100 and level Baccarat learner Allah subhanaw taala protected and he was of the last persons to migrate with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam from Medina. He didn't even have to do his law to have a shot. So we see over here that it is a fact that when the Quran is recited, and when a person recites it with his heart with understanding that it does have an impact, it does have an impact, even those who don't have Eman. So the machine of Makkah, they would feel very afraid because of that. And this is why they came up with the scheme that when the Quran is being recited,

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start making noise, start saying nonsense things so that people are not affected by the Quran.

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And we see that even today, people adopt this strategy, that in a gathering in imageless, if a person starts saying something about the Quran, all of a sudden, people will change the topic.

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Or all of a sudden, they will say something that's completely nonsensical. Or they will say something completely irrelevant. You're telling them about the Quran, and they'll start asking about polygamy.

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You're telling them about what you've learned about the Hereafter, and all of a sudden they will say, oh, but your Prophet, he married these many wives, completely irrelevant to the subject, isn't it? So? Why? So that people don't get affected by the Quran? This was a strategy that people of the past used. And this is a strategy that people use today as well. But we see that despite their efforts, who was successful, the word of Allah, because that still has an impact on people.

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Find a new the Continental Idina cafaro or either been shady then, but we will surely cause those disbelief to taste a severe punishment will emerge as the unknown is what led can we are Malone. And we will surely recompense them for the worst of what they have been doing. Those who disbelieve people who do such not listening to the Quran, making noise during its recitation, distracting people away from the Quran, who are the described us alladhina cafaro. Because such behavior does not befit a believer.

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It is not possible that a believer listen to the Quran. And he says, Don't listen to the Quran. Turn this Koran off. Let us not only have the Quran, what does it mean? Don't listen to it, turn it off, switch it off. I don't want to listen to it. It's not possible that a person who has a man in his heart will say, turn off the corner. Be quiet, don't recite in front of me. It's not possible. So follow the occasional Latina cafaro Robin shaden. Such people they'll be made to test a severe punishment when a New Jersey and New Home and surely we will definitely recommend them with what what kind of recompense as what led can we add Malone the worst of the actions which they were

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performing, meaning the worst acquittal for their deeds, the worst recompense for their deeds, they will be recompense severely. Because if you think about it, this behavior What is it show their hostility, isn't it? Their dislike their aversion? The more intense a person is in his dislike for Allah and his religion, the more intense his punishment will be as well. When a new jersey or new home is what a lady can we are modeling.

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There are leakages are the 11. Now, that is a recompense of the enemies of Allah. And what is the recompense and now the hellfire.

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Notice such people, how are they described as the enemies of Allah, as the enemies of Allah, those who do not want to listen to the word of Allah,

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those who say, switch it off. I can't take it. I can't bear it. And those who prefer to talk about other things instead of the word of Allah

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and those who start making noise, while the Quran is recited, those who talk about nonsense things while the Quran is being discussed, there are leakages are there 11 now, that is the recompense of who the order of Allah, the enemies of Allah, and what is their recompense hellfire. The Humphrey has called for them in it is the home of eternity. Meaning Hellfire will be eternal for them. They will abide there in forever, never coming out of it. Why? desert America no big Hadoop as recompense because they used to do the hood of the IoT.

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Have a ledger Lunas from, do you have that Jihad and jihad is to deny something, to reject something, but how? with knowledge? A person knows but still he refuses to accept. And this is to refuse to acknowledge something. So, just that the Macan will be it, no he hadn't.

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Because they knew what they

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were saying. But still they refuse to accept them.

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They knew the message of the ayah but still they refuse to accept them. So this is what you heard. And such people who are they the enemies of Allah, because they do not give any importance to the word of Allah. Rather, all their efforts are put in turning people away from the word of Allah

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will call alladhina cafaro. And those who disbelieve they say robina Our Lord arena show us meaning they will say in Hellfire, those who disbelieve they will say in Hellfire that Oh our Lord show us who Allah they need the two who Allah they need this is destinia duel of what Allah Allah the singular and Allah Danny do.

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So show us those two who which do those two who are Lana, who led us astray? Allah lab Alif. Again, this is destiny. The two who led us astray, which to mean a genie of the gin will in Andaman,

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show us the two of the men and the jinn who lead us astray. Because what do we want to do with them? Niger Allahumma we want to place them that the akademia under our feet,

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we would like to trample them under our feet. Why? Li akuna Minal s falleen so that they become of the lowest. What do we see over here? That the followers, they will be so angry with their leaders in Hellfire, that they will want to trample them beneath their feet? Why?

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Because they let them to hellfire. They let them astray? And because of them, they are suffering eternal punishment.

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In the previous ayat, what did we learn about two bad friends? isn't

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bad friends, even what do they lead a person to failure or success or failure? Even in lunia? If a person suffers because of his bad friends, does he become angry at them? Does he? Yes. What does he say I'm never going to talk to this person again.

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Only if I could take revenge only if I could do this. And their friendship turns into enmity when when they realize what disaster. They're in because of difference.

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And we see that today. Despite the many warnings, what happens, we still do what we want to we still follow who we want to. And we're not willing to change our ways. But we see that in the hereafter. A person will completely disown his friends, he will completely discern who even his leaders

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over here two are mentioned from among the jinn and men. What does this mean to has been understood as two individuals, the pioneers the trendsetters of disobedience to a loss of pantalla from among Jin, who is it? He believes he was a first to disobey Allah, first to set the trend of juliann. of rebellion, about what stuck about him, he was the first one to do that.

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And from among the human beings who was the first to disobey Allah, in the sense that he did it despite evil being clear to him, Bobby,

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other than s&m he made a mistake. Why? Because of lack of knowledge. This was not out of pride out of arrogance, that he knew he remember that. Yes, I'm not supposed to eat of this tree. But he said, No, no, I'm going to eat it anyway, who cares about the commander, blah, blah. I'm just going to fulfill my desire. No, he made a mistake out of what? lack of knowledge out of his weakness. And when he realized what he had done, what did he do? He repented. certain amount of the human beings who was the first to disobey Allah? Who does it refer to according to many scholars, it refers to Hobbes, why?

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Because his brother even warned him that if you stretch out your hand in order to kill me, I'm not going to stretch on my anticolonial.

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Allah only accepts from who those who have to call his brother warned him again and again in different ways, but still what happened. He still killed

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And he killed him out of jealousy. He killed him out of pride.

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And afterwards in the story that is mentioned in the Quran, do we learn that he repented? No, we just learned that he was remorseful. He felt bad. And he realized that he was worse than even a crow. Because a crowd knew how to bury, but he didn't even know how to deal with the dead body of his brother.

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And we learn that every person who commits murder, every person who commits murder, yes, he is sinful for it. But along with him, who else gets a share that burden

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of it? Why because he was the first to do this. He was the first one to initiate this action, he set this trend.

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Before him, it was unheard of unimaginable that a person would ever kill another.

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You see, just like today, there are many crimes, which are new in the sense that people can never even imagine a crime like that could be committed. There's always a person who does it for the very first time. And when he does it for the very first time other people that get influenced by him. And they think if he can do it, I can do it, isn't it

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so over here, I love aney of Atlanta with a genuine in some of Southern refers to the two individuals, but others have said that no, Miss leaders Miss guiders they have existed in every era,

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isn't it?

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Those who mislead others, those who are misguided others they have existed in every era. At the time of Avi at the time of new Elisa at the time of Lutheranism at the time Hamas salatu salam, even today until the day of judgment, people who misguide others the jinn who misguide others, they are always there. So Allah Dany avellana, it doesn't refer to two individuals, but at first to the to, meaning those of jinn and those have meant to two groups or individuals or types of people, Jin men. So Elena Lavine Oba Lana, those miscarriages from among the jinn and men.

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And if you think about it, every person who is misguided, he is misguided by who

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both jinn and men. There is the jinn who was evil was was a, isn't it? And there are people who set a bad example for him, who sometimes tell him openly to do wrong. This is why when we recite through to NASA, what do we say? mean Elgin nutty one mass, mean Elgin nutty one mess, because they are clean, the misguided, they're not just among the jinn, but also from the people.

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So in Hellfire people will say, oh, Allah, show us those who misled us. Where is that shape on who put was was I in my heart? Where is that person who set this bad example for me? Where is that person who, in the name of friendship made me do so many wrong things? Show me so that I can put him under my feet, and I can trample him. Nigel homothetic aka Amina the akuna Minal, as funny so that they can be of the lowest,

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as falleen lowest, wanting to trample someone under one's feet is a sign of extreme anger.

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And also a sign of extreme hatred.

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And the fact that you have no regard for them, you have no respect for them, you hate them, you dislike them. This is how much they will hate them. So what is this show to us? Now? What do we learn from this? that we have to be very, very careful about what who we are following? Whose example are we following? Who are we trying to be? Who are we trying to imitate?

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Because sometimes, blindly, without even thinking, we start imitating others. They look so cool. They look so impressive. Oh, look at how they're walking. Look at how they're talking. Look at how they're behaving.

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And just because they're doing it, we will do it as well. But the fact is that if you do it, it will be written in your record and you will be held accountable for it.

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will listen to the recitation of these if and then continue.

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tomberlin mineralogy

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thinking of two characteristics that have been mentioned here about the profile and how we should be just the opposite of those characteristics that one is that they say, Do not listen to this Quran and so we should be the ones to tell each other, you know recitations going on how about we listen? Or how about reread because we have to recite at this moment, so we should be the ones doing that. So we see that it's a person who does not have a man in the Quran who discourages stops others from distinctive Ron lattice Moroni hasn't put on what does it mean? He's stopping people from listening to the Quran discouraging them from listening to the Quran, a believer who has respect for the word

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of Allah, what will he do? Listen to the Quran. That's what he will do himself. And that's what he will encourage as well.

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And the second thing here is lokali, livina capital, robina, edelen, Lavine. And Alana meaning that these people they lead others astray. And so they will also get the sin of leading others astray. So we should be opposite of that we should be the ones encouraging others to do good so that they could say, Okay, this person, they're the ones who started it. So they will also get a part of that reward.

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Because we see in the previous I had Wakayama, home Khurana, these friends, they adorn for them, their evil deeds. So in Hellfire, they will say Where are those people who adorned our sins for us, we want to trample over them.

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And I was thinking, this is the big matter of the Hassan the hereafter how you choosing a friend. And what I observed most of the parents nowadays, this is the harm of them, that the teens that mean rebellion, why because they don't have good friends. And I was thinking though this is a particular context, like when it is being recited the Crimea, crash, they used to do that. But even today, you see, the most of the teens, what they have in their ears, all the time music, they have so much noise that they don't let their parents what they want to convey. They want to give them the gift of Quran they don't want to take why because they have something opposite to them. So this is what is

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the youth of today is suffering a lot their parents have come. So I was thinking what we can think that how we really help them to choose conference, we should think we should come up with different ideas. And we should help one another. that how we can because it's not a small thing. It's the cassata as a whole the huge efforts affected by this thing. It's really big thing.

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And notice moody hasn't caught on Well, hopefully discouraging one another from learning about the dean listening to something good. Instead of encouraging each other.

00:34:08--> 00:34:33

Sonic I'll just think of that sometimes you follow somebody blindly. We also have to remember sometimes some people are following us blindly. So we should be really careful like how we are especially now we're learning the origin. We have to be really careful in our action because people are following us blindly. And then if you are the thing that you know, but if you're just doing following your desire, like you're guiding somebody in the wrong way.

00:34:35--> 00:34:54

There was like an experiment in social psychology about transference of blame, transference of blame, so it included large groups of people. So they found that whenever one person is asked to do something wrong, they don't do it. If you add another person they still don't do it. As a group increases dander Okay, now we can do something bad because we can blame it on each other. So as a group increases, the actions get worse as well.

00:34:56--> 00:34:59

As discussed earlier, that a person cannot do wrong all by

00:35:00--> 00:35:11

himself are do much good all by himself. He needs support, he needs friends. And when he is an environment that he's inclined to, then he will thrive, he will do a lot.

00:35:13--> 00:35:22

I was thinking that any friend who actually cares for you will never support you in the bad. But anyone who doesn't care for you makes light your false it's actually not your friend.

00:35:24--> 00:35:48

So I want to come, I just want to bring to the attention. A bad friend doesn't mean a bad friend all the time could be just a thought one moment. So he could be someone good. But at one moment, he gets mislead by bad thought. So don't think that person is good. So right now I'm safe. But at one moment, he can be your shaytan. And that's moment by bringing by talk to you.

00:35:49--> 00:35:59

Because no person is infallible. Every person can make mistakes. So even when you're with the most good friends, use your mind. What are they telling you to do?

00:36:00--> 00:36:35

Because sometimes what happens is that children comes to us in the form of very sincere friends even that they tell us very sincerely, no, I'm very concerned for you. I am very worried for you, you should really not do this, or you should really do this. I advise you, like an older sister, like an older brother. And they say such things to you that you're like, Oh my god, you know, they're saying this to me. And if they say, then you are easily influenced by them. But at that time, you have to use your mind. And you have to hold on to what you have learned in the Quran and Sunnah.

00:36:36--> 00:37:07

Because remember, as as you mentioned, that it's not necessary, that a good friend is always good and a bad friend is always bad. Sometimes shaitaan comes to us through good people as well. So a person always has to be on alert, always. He has to be on guard. Always every single moment. Never depend on others when making decisions. Use your own mind that Allah has given you. And after studying the Quran, you have forgotten, you have criterion. So use this knowledge that Allah has given you.

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