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An-Nisa 163-176 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 163-164

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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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everyone who suddenly are allowed to sue to him cut him and I borrowed him in a shape line of a gene, this malaria for him and for him of his family so that he will Sidley MD, Washington, Letterman. lissoni of kuqali openers.

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Lesson number 67 soldato Nyssa i a 163 to 176.

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In our hayner alayka camera, oh hayner illa knew him, one Nabina mimbar de

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Indeed, We have revealed to you, O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as we reveal to new and the prophets after him

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in our hayner

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in his plural, and over here, it is referring to Allah subhanaw taala that indeed we meaning Allah soprano,

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and plural is for the purpose of royalty for Aloma for terylene as well as for manatee to make the address more formal.

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Some people say that look, Allah uses plural for himself in the Quran that shows that there is more than one God.

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However, this is completely incorrect.

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Because if you think of it, the only time that the plural is used for a loss of penalty is in first person

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is in first person we

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never will you find they never will you find the

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so what does it show?

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That when Allah subhanaw taala refers to himself in the plural? Why is it so for the purpose of Aloma for the purpose of royalty and also for the purpose of formality to make the address more formal?

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So in our hangar in a car, indeed, we have done why to you, we have revealed to you to do Mohammed Saba.

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Oh, Hannah is from the roof veterus Well, hair, yeah.

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Oh, hell you hate your hair, why?

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What he literally means do inform, through a signal meaning to inform someone about something, how? By signaling, by indicating,

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like, for example, the Career Center for O'Hare when he could not speak for O'Hare, la him and sub bihu book written where she Yeah. Then he Oh Ha, he inspired to do the people that glorify Allah in the morning and the evening doesn't mean that he did what he did them just as Allah does. Know, what does it mean? It's been used in its literal sense that he signaled through a gesture. He said, do this, we have a light in the morning and in the evening, just as it is, sometimes you want somebody to do they could what do you do, just move your fingers, that it's an indication it's a signal. So the literal meaning of the word we're here is to inform by signaling

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and it is also to inform the other secretly and quickly, that very quickly, you inform someone about something and you also inform secretly,

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you know, what is that you tell someone do this, why don't you do this, you should do this. And you can say a whole sentence. And the other is that you just signal with your hands and within seconds, you know, with just one glance, the other person, you know, he will get the message. So, it is done very quickly. And it's also done secretly, quietly, that the people around you they have no idea about what you said, about what you conveyed. Why because it was through a signal. So it is to inform the other about something quickly and secretly. such that the person who is being informed only finds out and other people who are around him, they have no idea about what was said this is

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the literal meaning of the word worry.

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Technically, what he is a loss of Panasonic's communication to his prophets and messengers. Allah subhanaw taala has communication to his prophets and messengers. About what the Sharia the deen that allows the penalty conveys communicates the deen to the Prophet and Messenger

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whether it is where he that is mutlu, it is where he that is going to be recited, like for example, the Quran or it is where he laid him a clue. What does it mean by that? motto, meaning it is why that is not recited

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like the prophets are the Lord is and it will start many other things that you don't find in the Quran, for example, that I had these portsea

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How to use putty. You don't find it in the Quran, it is not recited. You don't read it like the way you recite the Quran. So, it is where he met Lou as well as where he does it.

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So, what is where he

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alasa penalties communication to his prophets and messengers.

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And remember that this way is done by various means, and is done by various means in different different ways.

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And so the shorter is number 51 we learn one Mark can only be shared in and you can live off of law who illawarra

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and it is not for any human being that Allah should speak to him except by revelation. Oh man, wha he hijab or from behind a partition from behind a veil.

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Like for example, musar listening when Allah spoke to him, he did not see Allah, it was from behind a hater.

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Oh, you're sent out of Solon, or that he sends a messenger for you here be his Nehemiah share, or that he sends a messenger to reveal by his permission, whatever he wills.

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So for example, the Angel gibreel, he would come to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and would convey the Quran would convey the way to the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So, there are different ways through which a loss of panatela communicates with his prophets and messengers,

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and the word war he includes all of those ways. The word war he includes all of those ways. Sometimes it is done through an intermediary like an angel and sometimes without sometimes through a dream, and sometimes otherwise.

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So in our hyena alayka, indeed, we have done where he to you, or profits, or

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gamma or Hainan, just like we did what he do.

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In a new hint to new

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was new honey center. The first of all soon, who was he the first lawsuit.

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Now, other medicine Amazon mentioned over here, whereas other medicine came before? No.

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Why? Because there is a difference. According to many scholars between an OB and a Russell.

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There's a difference between nebby and Russell.

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Some say the difference is that Russell is one who brings a new carrier. Russell is one who brings a new carrier a new law for the people to follow.

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And an OB is one who reinforces the same law that was brought by the previous messenger before him.

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Like for example, musallam and Helen ursuline

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musasa was pursued, and Haruna Hassan was nubby. Why?

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Because Harare Sam did not bring his new *tier

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seminary after Masada, Sunnah many, many prophets were sent to the bunny is like you but all of them, what do they teach? What do they reinforce? The Torah the teachings of the total

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and recently Salaam, what did he bring in jail? So who was a silencer? I'm assuming we're gonna be rhassoul What are sulan urbani isai we have read that earlier.

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So no, Harrison was mentioned over here. Why? Because he was the first of assume he was the first one to be given a new *tier

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and other money set up. At that time. Obviously, people knew about what was right what was wrong. And things were quite obvious things were quite clear people were up under heat. And when eventually people went into *. That is when new Harrison was in.

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So come on oh hyena Eleonora just as we reveal to new and it's no wonder beginner embarrassed II and also the profits after

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meaning, just as we did worry to those profits who came after New Heiser?

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Which profits game afternoon Friday, Saddam Hussein are nice and slowly.

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It leads artists and I'm sure a producer and many of the prophets who were sent to different different nations who'd already said I'm sorry, or they sent me this or this and I'm sure I've already said it.

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Now over here, each of the profits is not mentioned here by name. Each of them is not mentioned over here by name, but the word net being the plural it includes all of the messengers and prophets.

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So come on, hi. Now Eli knew him when they begin. I'm inviting you.

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Well, hyena and we also did working in a Ibrahim, what is smart here

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to Ibrahim and his son and also to Israel.

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As a singer,

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who has Ibrahim Renison,

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who's Ibrahim Anissa

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Padilla and he's also known as the dead dual MBA, the grandfather of the prophets. Why? Because from his descendants, what happened? many prophets were sent

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from the Bani Israel and finally from the bunny is married Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. So, and we did what he do Ibrahim what is married?

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Who else is married or Elisa? Ibrahim or histogram son through Hydra. And he was also a prophet. What is Helga and also is her Who was he, Abraham or the Salaam son through so

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we are October and also yaku Bredesen, who was he the son of his half,

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one as well and the tribes and the descendants, meaning and we alternate where he do as well

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as well is the plural opposite.

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And the word zipped as you know is used for a grandson as we learned earlier in Slovak.

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And the word as well is used for the tribes of the bunny sorry.

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The ASVAB is used for the tribes of the Bani Israel.

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And the word Kaaba in on the other hand is used for the tribes of Bunny is married. So Bernie is married the Arabs What did they have to buy in tribes, Florida Kabbalah

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and the Bani Israel they had, as well.

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As we have learned earlier, that the money is for you, how many tribes were there? 12. So there were 12 as well.

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We learned sort of above I 160

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Wakata now whom was not a I shall it is baffling woman

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and we divided them into 12 as baffling into 12 tribes into 12 descendant tribes as distinct nations.

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So, this clearly tells us that the word as bad refers to what the tribes of the burning Esma do.

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Now over here, Allah says and we also reveal to the as well does it mean that every single member of these tribes was a messenger? No. What does it mean? About over here in the context it refers to the profits from among the

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the various profits from among the as well.

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So we see that in the different tribes of Bani Israel, different profits were raised.

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Where Isa and restart is the son of Marian meaning and we alternate where he to him.

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What are you but and also a you will UNICEF and Eunice will heroin and heroin.

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All three of them were also from the Bani Israel.

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A you Eunice and one of them were from the Bani Israel.

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And we also did where he drew who was Sulayman and Sulayman are the center. Who was he, the son of that was already set up.

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What attina, Buddha Buddha, and we gave to the Buddha and his son is about

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what is the name of the book that was given to them with

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the words the Buddha is from the room Federer is a battle. And literally the word Deborah means get, to write, to write something to inscribe something in very dark and bold letters. That's the literal meaning of the word Deborah.

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And from this, the words aboard literally means book. But the words the board is also used for the specific book that was given to them.

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This book that though there is that I was given, it was based on some Sahaj on a few sheets, basically, it wasn't a huge book. And it contained my wife me, admonitions, advice, and it also included prayers, hunt, the praise of Allah soprano data, and words of wisdom.

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And there were no legal rulings in that book. There were no legal rulings in that book.

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And we know that those are listening you would recite there's a board with a lot of beauty such that the birds as well as the mountains, they would also echo the birds actually would do to speak with him and the mountains as well. They would echo the voice back the sound back as we don't insert Subbu is number 10. what are called the Athena the Buddha Min fabula Yeah, who are we be Mara who work for you. We gave those are an s&m from us.

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We said oh mountains repeat our praises with him that as their would recite to the board and he prays a loss of panatela glorifies Allah. You also repeat our praises with him

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and the birds as well. to the mountains and the birds both were commanded that they should cooperate with that with nslm as he recites visible praise Allah soprano.

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As you know that sort of the Messiah is a mother de sola. And in Medina, several Jewish tribes resided.

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And although they recognized the truthfulness of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam still they refuse to believe in him. They did not acknowledge his truthfulness, they did not acknowledge his prophethood

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and they objected His Messenger ship simply because he was off the Arabs, simply because he was from the bunny is married and not Bunny is he belong to the unlettered nation. And because of this, they denied him and they also denied the revelation that was sent to him.

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Over here, a lot of times it says that, no haymaker, we have revealed to you just as we revealed to those messengers before you.

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So this ayah basically tells us many, many things.

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First of all, it teaches us as a refutation, do the bunny is like you do their objections against the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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that first of all, the coming up where he to the profits or bonus Adam, is nothing unusual.

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It is not something that is new. It is not something that is unusual.

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Because Allah subhanaw taala sent were he to all the previous prophets as well. And all of the messengers were not from Bunny, it's not you.

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Over here, several messengers have been mentioned the first which was who knew Harrison was he from the bunny is like, you know, he wasn't he was much before them.

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So if Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is not from the bunny, Israel, does that make him a liar? No, no now,

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he is indeed a messenger, what he has been done to him. And this is not something that is new, this is not something that is strange, rather, the prophets before also where he was sent to them, the way a lie revealed to the messengers before he has also revealed to Muhammad Sallallahu.

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This I also shows to us that Allah subhanaw taala has communicated the same teachings, the same message through all the prophets, through all the prophets,

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because gamma of a hyena, what does that indicate in the same manner? I mean, this is not something new. And it also indicates that the same message, the same theme, that the same message was communicated to new artists, and the same message was communicated to all the prophets in between until Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. So what the prophet sallallahu Sallam has brought is not something new, what he is teaching, what he is conveying what the Quran says, is not something new, you're familiar with it. This message is also found in your book, and what is that message of the oneness of Allah subhanaw taala an Arab would love to be one of those that worship Allah Who is my Lord, as

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well as your Lord.

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And we know that the message that was given to all of the people out of the prophets was the same. However, the law, the Sharia it different slightly, depending on the people of the time, depending on the situation of the day. We also learn from this idea that some of the profits were favored with special miracles. Some of the profits were favored with special miracles or special gifts. Like for example, the eye ends with the mention of the wilderness and being given the Sabbath.

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Each Prophet, each messenger was not given a new scripture. And each scripture was unique.

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That the both, it had the praise of Allah soprano data. And the Quran also is unique. And this is also a book that Allah subhanaw taala has sent.

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What also lamb and messengers are the cause of snare home?

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meaning we're also now roussillon and we sent messengers, which messengers that are the cause of nanhu Malaika we have related their stories do you mean covelo before meaning before the revelation of this ayah in the Quran, we have already told you about their accounts about their stories.

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The word costs of snare whom is from the root letters of sod side, from the word is saw and what does that mean? A story any other word from the same root? This last piece of the What Is Causes legal retribution

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that whatever the criminal has done, you do the exact same thing to them. You don't leave the criminal but you follow him with the same punishment.

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The word also literally means to follow. The word Casa literally means to follow, and causes, what do you do in that you follow the criminal with what he has done.

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And the what we saw is a story and account. Why is it called kissa? Because who do you follow the narrative? Whatever the narrative is telling you, you follow Him, you don't make up your own incidents and events in the middle.

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And there are many different words that are used for story in the Arabic language. But repeatedly, we see this word being used in the Quran, even in sort of use of Santa Clauses is used. Why? To show that the stories that have lost the panel data tells us they're not just premiere entertainment. But rather, we're supposed to follow the lessons that we can draw out of those stories, out of those accounts that almost panatela has mentioned to us, that we're supposed to follow the message given through the story.

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So what are the causes now harmonica, we have already related their stories to human covenant before what also when and other messengers learn necrosis from Malaika we have not related their accounts to you. Meaning you have no idea about who they were, what their names are, where they were sent to what happened to them, how their people responded, you have no idea why because we never told you about them.

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What can lamola who said that Lima and Allah spoke to Musashi Salaam with direct speech, can llama la Allah spoke to Musa

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duckling Dorothy cleaver Sonoran fetters krafla meme as well. And if you look at it column along Musa Allah spoke to Musa that should have been enough, it conveys the message. But why say the claim at the end?

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The claim at the end the word claim, this is a master domain word. And over here it is emphasizing that Allah spoke to him directly. Allah spoke to him directly without anyone in the middle.

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Meaning he didn't speak through an angel in the sense that he conveyed his message to the angel and the angel came and spoke to Musa know, directly. Allah subhanaw taala spoke to musasa in audible words that musala sam heard a loss penetrator

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we don't insulated our life I 143 when a major Abu Salim cartina What can lemahieu abou and when musar SLM came at the time, and place appointed by us, and his Lord spoke to him, so to RF io 143.

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So what is a word that clean show that Allah spoke to him directly in audible words that musar Listen, I'm heard a lot.

00:23:15--> 00:23:31

So what do we learn from this ayah? First of all, we learn that throughout history, Allah subhanaw taala has sent messengers to guide people. The loss of penalty has sent messengers, different people at different times. Why? For their guidance,

00:23:32--> 00:23:38

because Allah himself has taken the responsibility to arrange for the guidance of mankind.

00:23:39--> 00:23:46

without incident, Father, I have 24 what a min or Mateen Illa Hanafi hannity

00:23:47--> 00:23:56

and there was no nation. There was no nation, not even a single oma, but there had passed within it, a warner.

00:23:57--> 00:24:00

Allah sent and indeed a warner to every single oma.

00:24:01--> 00:24:16

And the final messenger is who is who, Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and after him, there are going to be no new messengers. So whose responsibility is it to convey the message of a lie to the rest of mankind?

00:24:17--> 00:24:24

The Muslim woman, contemplado, matin, Jacqueline nurse, you have been brought out for people meaning to spread the message to the people.

00:24:25--> 00:24:32

So first of all, we see that Allah subhanaw taala sent messengers throughout time, why? For the guidance of people?

00:24:33--> 00:24:57

And over here, loss of hunger, I mentioned that he has informed us about some messengers, and he has not informed us about other messengers. Some messengers, we know about them. Other messengers, we don't know about them. What's the point of mentioning this? What's the point of saying this? That just because you don't know there was a messenger sent to particular people don't think there was no messenger sent.

00:24:58--> 00:24:59

Just because you don't know

00:25:00--> 00:25:09

It doesn't mean Allah did not send messengers No. He sent messengers to all different communities to all different people. Throughout history throughout time.

00:25:11--> 00:25:19

We also learn from this ayah that Allah subhanaw taala preferred some messengers over others by giving special qualities as well as opportunities.

00:25:20--> 00:25:30

That musante ceram can Nirmala Musetta cleaner, Allah spoke to musala salon directly without anybody in the middle.

00:25:31--> 00:25:43

It was a special opportunity a special gift that was given to Silas and under was not given to all of the messengers musasa was given this special quality as a gift from a last parameter.

00:25:45--> 00:26:27

We also learned from this is that a lot of panels are definitely spoken with silence and and because some people they deny the fact that Allah is asleep or off can and that he can speak there are some people who say that they deny almost pantallas attribute of speaking and they actually alter the cya. They go to the extent of altering this ayah that Kalam Allah who was at UCLA is actually condemn a la Moosa where what happens is that musar spoke to Allah because Allah does not speak. That's what they say. However, this is something incorrect, and if a person does that, what is it altering the words of the Quran? This is the leaf. This is your una alsina Tomita.

00:26:28--> 00:26:46

So calama la Mozarteum. I mean, what's the difficulty in that? Allah, Allah condition, he can do whatever he wants. And if he selects a particular messenger for a special gift, then what's the difficulty? It's up to a muscle panatela he can give whatever he wants to to whomsoever He wants.