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An-Nisa 163-176 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 165-167

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all swollen messengers, mobile shereena woman's 18

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messengers meaning Allah subhanaw taala sent messengers as mobile Shireen as one to give good news, one thing and also as one to warn people.

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The word mobile shinian is a plural of mobile ship, and who has mobile ship one who conveys Bashar one who conveys good news, one who conveys glad tidings and one serene Florida transit, who is one who warns.

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So the messengers that are lost pounds are sent, they gave good news, and they also conveyed warning.

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What was the good news that they gave to the people?

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Good News of Allah's pleasure, good news of reward, for what?

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For just email for believing, and also obeying for believing in Allah and also obeying his orders and instructions.

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So those people who believe in Allah, and who do what the messenger is telling them to do. For them, there is good news of what a las pantallas reward His pleasure

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once it in and once you conveyed, warning, what was a warning that they can make

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of Allah subhanaw taala his displeasure and punishment for who? For the one who disbelieved and the one who disobeys almost orders and instructions.

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So why did I must send the messengers as bearers of good news and also those who warned people the unknown so that not

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the unless a combination of Lee and law, Lee, so on that not?

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Meaning we sent them so that not yodel in nursing people have Allah Allah against Allah, her jetten any argument about the whistle after the messengers

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so that people have no argument against Allah after the messengers?

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What does it mean by this argument? What hugger would people have?

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that the people would say on the Day of Judgment, that Oh Allah, we did not know. We had no idea so you cannot punish us? You should not punish us because we had no idea we were completely unaware. But Allah subhanaw taala sent messengers to all people, different different messengers, across different places, different times, so that people have no excuse on the Day of Judgment. That Oh Allah, I did not know. The Elia Kunal Inacio and Allah He, her genuine bars are looser meaning after sending the messengers and also their books,

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what kind of know who are Aziz and hakima and Allah is Ever Aziz. And he's also hacking, he is mighty. And he's wise. Being his mighty in His Kingdom, he can execute his decisions. However he likes, however, he wishes, and he is Hakeem meaning in whatever he does, whatever he decides,

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what do we learn from desire?

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First of all, we see that there are two main responsibilities of the messenger, two main responsibilities of the messenger.

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And what are they, first of all, to convey good news to the people to convey good news to the people.

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And secondly, to also warn the people.

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And there has to be a balance, there has to be a balance, both good news and warning should be conveyed.

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Sometimes, we only convey good news. And we don't warn people. We say yes, you do this, you do that, you'll be fine, you'll be fine. And we don't warn them against what they should not be doing. Sometimes our approach is completely different. And what is it, that we warn people so much that they think no matter what they do, they're still going to hell, they're still never going to be forgiven. But what is the way of the profits that they can make good news and they also convey warning,

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because sometimes good news is more effective, and sometimes warning is more effective. And you have to use both depending on what the situation is acetates

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just like children, sometimes you reward them and sometimes you punish them. Why? Because sometimes reward is what works and sometimes punishment works. So both have to go together. And this is what works well.

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Secondly, we learn from this, that any person who wishes to convey the message of a loss of power to the people, then he also has to use the same approach. He has to convey the good news and he also has to convey the warning

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There must be balance.

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We also learn from this ayah that the reason behind sending messengers, as conveyors of good news and warning is that people know what Allah subhanaw taala likes and what Allah dislikes,

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through good news, what do people learn? What is it that Allah likes?

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Like for example, if a person is told that if you give sadaqa then it will be reward for you in the afternoon. You do one good deed you recite one letter of the Quran, then good deeds.

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you memorize one I have the Quran, Wonder Roger in general.

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So, when a person is given good news, what does he learn? What Allah likes?

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What is it that's going to make him successful? And when a person is told about a warning, what does he learn about what Allah dislikes like we learned earlier now you have below Dara bisou immunol calm, there is a warning.

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And you also learn about what Allah dislikes. So the purpose behind sending the messenger is as mobile Shireen and as much as 18 was so that people know what Allah likes, what Allah dislikes,

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what Allah approves off and what Allah disapproves of, so that people can do that which pleases almost penalty, and they can stay away from displeasing him. And they can be successful in their effort.

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We also learned from this idea that the reason behind sending the messengers was so that people have no excuse before Allah, on the day of judgment, that nobody can see on the day of judgment that I was in error. I was lost, because I did not know. Especially today, nobody can say that I did not know.

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Because today, everybody knows about what about Islam. Everybody has heard about the Quran. So on the Day of Judgment, nobody can present this excuse that Oh Allah I did not know. And because I didn't know you can hold me accountable. No, Allah sent messengers. He sent the book and the book was spread everywhere. People know about it. So under their judgement, nobody can present this excuse that I did not know so don't hold me accountable.

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We learned that a lot of parents are this as well and luckner whom they are they have him in Cabo de la Carlo robina Lola Oh, CELTA, Elena or sulan, phenol tabea at communicably and Nadella, one.

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And if we had destroyed them with the torment before this, they would have said, Our Lord, if only you had sent us a messenger, we would certainly have followed your verses, before we were humiliated and described. So, Allah subhanaw taala, sent messengers that people have no argument left on the Day of Judgment.

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We also learn from this I bought a lot of hands on his mercy towards the people

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and also

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towards the people, that he cares about people, which is why he sent so many messengers, the messengers had conveyed good news and they also conveyed warning. So Allah sent messengers for the guidance of people, why, because He cares about people, he has mercy towards the people

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is how

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are you

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to clean

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I number 165 also teaches us that once a person finds out about something, once a person learns about something, then he cannot make an excuse.

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He cannot say, Oh, you know, don't hold me accountable because of such and such reason because I can saturate the know, once you know, then you are accountable, then you are going to be questioned.

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Now person might say, I don't want to learn because I don't want to be held accountable on the Day of Judgment. Can you make that excuse? No. Why? That's exactly what the is saying. That Allah sent messengers so that people have no excuse on the Day of Judgment. You have to learn the Quran is right there, you have to take the step towards it, you have to learn about it. And when a person learns, then he has no excuse, on the day of judgment,

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lacking in La Jolla shadow Bhima, unzila eight acre, but a lot bears witness to that which he has revealed to you.

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The eye begins with lacking. Why? Because what is implied is in the Himalayas shadow. They don't testify. They don't bear witness to your truthfulness. They don't say a shadow Allah, Allah in our shadow under Mohammed Abdul Rasul Allah. They don't say that meaning they reject you or prophets or Madison, they deny you. If they do so, then remember that Allah, he should he bears witness, what Bhima unzila aka to what he has sent to you, meaning he testifies to your prophet.

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We learned that some of the youth from the tribes of Israel who were living in Medina, they came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and they said O Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. We do not know that Allah sent down anything to any human after Moosa.

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They said that we do not know that Allah sent down anything to any human after Moosa. So basically, what are they saying? That after Musa no Rasool came? No Rasool came because remember that a prophet, he does not bring a new revelation, a new Sharia, however, the Russell, he brings a new Sharia.

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So basically they're saying that after Masada says there is another lawsuit.

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In the previous if we learned that a lot of times are sent many messengers even after Masada said it isn't until he sent the other incident who had visible is an ERISA listener who had in jail. And now he said Mohammed thiruvalla said I'm with the Quran. So they reject you, they deny you, but Allah bears witness to what he has said to you.

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What is the mean by this? That lacking Allahu Yasha to be man Angelica,

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you see Shahada to justify to the truthfulness of something. This is done in two ways, especially with regards to a loss of power.

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When a law bears witness to something is done in two ways First of all, Shadow Kalia shadow Leah meaning through words, that you say that I bear witness, I testify such and such.

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And secondly, fairly meaning through actions. You show the truthfulness of someone.

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Now Allah subhanaw taala testifies to the truthfulness of the prophets of Allah somehow through Shahada Kalia, as well as fairly

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early over here with the statement that lacking Allahu Yeshua to be madonsela ilica

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and Shahada Farah, Leah how, by helping the Prophet sallallahu Sallam by making them successful. Is there any other man in history? Any other man who was successful like the Prophet sort of artisan and was that his enemies, became his friends, not just his friends, but his followers, that they became so obedient to Him, that no matter what he told them, they would listen, that they had so much respect for him. Has it ever happened like this in history? And the way how the whole scene changed within just 23 years? how there was ship dominant everywhere. And now all of a sudden, within just a span of 23 years, an entire revolution came about what does that show? What does that

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testify to? the truthfulness of the prophets?

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At the time of the prophets are about Islam there were various incidents, many, many times many occasion through which the truthfulness of the prophets are allowed Islam was exposed to the people.

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So now can allow Yeshua to be met Angela ilica. He testifies the truthfulness of what he has sent to you meaning the Quran and Sunnah who bear with me, he has sent it down with his knowledge. What does he mean by this under who buried me

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that first of all, he has sent it down and he knows about it, while being aware of it while being fully knowledgeable about it. It's not that Allah is unaware and the Quran is being revealed. No, it is from him, and he knows very well about it.

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Secondly, they said that Angela who bear in me with his knowledge

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What this means is that he revealed it to you knowing that you are who the most suitable for this position.

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Because what was the problem that Bunny is far ahead?

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That you are from the bunny is Maria you are an error, you are from the unlettered people, and we are people of the book we are knowledgeable. Allah says Allah has revealed it. And he is fully aware, he is fully knowledgeable, that you are the best of the creation now, and you are the most worthy of this position.

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Third 30 has been set by Angela who bear in me be over here gives a sensor that the Quran it contains the knowledge of Allah, meaning only as much as he wished for us to know. The Quran is based on what it is based on their intervals, only as much as he wishes for us to know. So basically, what the Quran has is how is all correct. So under the whole bear in me,

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one minute equal to a shadow. And the angels also they bear witness, they testify to what to the messenger ship of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam,

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or that the angels bear witness to the fact that Allah is the one who revealed it

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woke up I believe, shahida and Allah is sufficient, as a witness over what over the fact that you are indeed the Messenger of Allah that indeed this for me has been sent by Allah, meaning if these people don't bear witness if these people don't believe if they still reject you, don't worry, Allah subhanaw taala saying, and this is enough worker fibrillation that Allah is sufficient, as a witness.

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What do we learn from this? I

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know first of all, if people don't believe in the prophethood of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and they have objections, such as how can you be from the unlettered nation, and a prophet at the same time, then remember that the testimony of Allah is enough.

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There could be many, many objections that people raised against the Prophet survivors and he cannot be a prophet because of this, this reason, because of that reason, but remember that Allah has said lack in the La Jolla should, they don't believe they don't testify, just know that Allah is the one who testifies to this fact.

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We also see that a loss of panel data is the most knowledgeable one. He is I mean, he is unavoidable you. He is one was most knowledgeable.

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And therefore, he has the most right to guide people.

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He has the most right to guide people.

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Over here, Allah says Enza who buried me the Quran, it has the knowledge of Allah, it's based on their aim of Allah. And Allah knows what is best for human beings. Allah knows what the weaknesses of people are.

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Allah knows about the characteristics of human beings, about this earth about everything in the heavens and the earth. And because he is the one who is fully aware, therefore he has the right to guide people as well, to tell them about what is right, and what is wrong.

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Like, for example, if you wish to appoint a president, for example, of a country, are you just going to choose any person and say, okay, you're going to be the president? No, it has to be someone who is fully aware of the geography of that country, the history of that country, the people of that country, the culture of that country, you can't just take an outsider and put him in Why? Because he has no idea and if he has no idea, what he's going to say is not going to work.

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But Allah subhanaw taala He is the one who is most knowledgeable, and zella who bury me he has revealed this called on with his knowledge. Therefore, whatever is in the Quran is best for human beings. Whatever is in this plan is best for human beings.

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We also see in this eye that Allah subhanaw taala bears witness to the truthfulness and accuracy of the Quran. We learn in total, and am I a 19? Can I use a in acabou Shahada say, What thing is greatest and testimony? panella say, Allah, shahidan benei obey no calm he is a witness between me and you.

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We're all here. Elijah had the Quran and the Quran was revealed to me, Leone, the Lacombe woman Bella, so that I may warn you there by and whoever it reaches. So what does this I assure to us that Allah subhanaw taala his testimony is the greatest testimony if Allah is telling you about something, then no matter what people say, even if their statement is contrary to that of a loss of anxiety, who should you listen to?

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in alladhina cafaro Indeed, those people who disbelieve it

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Who, in Allah or in, in what? In the prophethood of Muhammad savasana

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was what do and submit in there. And they also stopped from the way of Allah? Who did this stuff? Who did this stuff? themselves, meaning they don't go, meaning they don't follow the deen of Allah. And secondly, they also stop others from the way the last panel data and what is to be done that the religion of Allah,

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Who are these people? It refers to the earlier man, the scholars of Islam, the scholars of the hood,

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because first of all, they deny the messenger ship of profits out of Addis Ababa.

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And secondly, Southern summit in the house by not accepting themselves and also by stopping other people.

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Because they were knowledgeable people, the Arabs, as well as the masses of the who they will come and ask the scholars Okay, what do you say about this man? What do you say about him? Is he really a prophet? Or is he not a prophet? What do you say? And what would they say what was their response? something negative,

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it was always something negative that he is not for us, or some ambiguous statement, which would confuse the people.

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And also they would conceal the description of the profits or losses that they had in their books. So this is how they were stopping the people from the way of Allah.

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Allah says, such people are the button blue button and bury that in fact, they have strayed, they have gone astray. What kind of string How far have they gone in their misguidance, banana, Merida misguidance, that is buried that is far, meaning there are very far from the path of guidance, very, very far from the path of guidance from which return is impossible.

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Why? Because first of all, they disbelief. Secondly, they don't follow the truth. And then they also strive hard to prevent people from following and embracing the truth.

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So this is how they have gone far away in their error in their misguidance. In their being wrong. There is no doubt about them being wrong.

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What do we learn from this is

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that a person who stops from good himself automatically stops others? A person who stops from good himself automatically? What does he do? He stops others from that good as well.

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Because they did cover, they denied the profits out of arson. And then what happened was under antebi, the law, they stopped others on the wave of law. So they were not believing themselves. But because of their disbelief, other people were not believing because they were supposed to be the knowledgeable people. If the leaders if the scholars are not believing, then obviously the masses are going to follow them. You know, generally, if something happens, would you look up to Who do you look up to those people who are more knowledgeable? Those people who are leaders? So if they are not agreeing, you don't agree if they agree, you agree? So when a person does not do something right

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himself, then automatically he's stopping other people from that good as well? How? Yes, in the case of leaders, clear, but what about generally,

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for example, you're sitting with your friends, if you don't get it for Salah yourself? Are your friends or are your younger siblings? Are they going to tell

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you as a parent, if you don't recite the Quran? can you expect your child to recite the Quran? know, if you yourself are not giving sadaqa? Are you encouraging your spouse or your children to give sadaqa? No.

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So when we stop from good, we stop others from good as well. Because sometimes we say I'm responsible for my own actions only. I'm only concerned about myself. I'm not telling others. But because you're not doing it. Other people are going to be influenced by you. They're going to be influenced by you. So a person cannot say I'm only responsible for myself. Yes, you are. But your actions also affect others. Your actions also affect others.

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We also learn from this either a person who stops others from good, he is clearly in Berlin.

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He is clearly in but allenbury either

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because he is sad to answer we leather stopping other people from the wave of law.