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Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the benefits of knowing surrounding areas of the throne and the use of sup projections to prove it. They also mention a story about the prophets lie that the throne is great, but the bearingers are small. The fruit of creation is revealed, and the fruit of warding off evil is discussed as a fruit of the creation of the world.
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So what is the benefit of knowing how great the throne is and how far away it is and how great the heavens are and things of that sort? You might not know that Aki mala he was asked this question. How far is the auditor of Allah from us? How far is the throne from us? And he responded with such a beautiful and profound answer. He said a sincere, sincere supplication from a pure heart, meaning you can call upon him despite him being the Lord of the Throne. It's not like he's distant from you, and you can't call upon him. And so there are many doodads that indicate that we supplicate to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah on the basis of the greatness of the throne and on the basis of the greatness

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of the Lord of the Throne. And this is something that that's that's beautiful about the Arabic language and also the poor and you know, in Amman Kathy Rahim Allah He said, if you look at the ayah, the lampshade Majeed, which means the possessor of the great throne, the outer sill imagenes, the Laotian Maji de would mean that the throne itself is great. So it would translate into the possessor of the mighty throne. The outer shell Maggi do would mean the possessor of the throne, the Almighty and he said, both meanings are correct. And so we find some supplications that indicate to us the greatness of the throne and the bearers of the throne, and then some supplications we call

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upon the Lord of the Throne. So with the greatness of the throne, there's a very beautiful story that the prophets lie Selim. One time he left Judea while the Allahu Tanana his wife, and she was making throughout throughout the morning, and he came back after some time, and he said, How long have you been in the state? And she said all morning, he said, I said a dear I have a supplication that is equivalent to everything that you've done this entire morning. So Han Allah He will be handy either the holiday he worried about NFC he was Xena to Odyssey he won't be the Kelly Mati. So the prophets lie Selim said that saying that supplication three times equals the entire morning of

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praise. And so you glorify Allah Subhana Allah He will be humbly you glorify a lot and you praise Him, either the helpee in accordance with, you know, as many of his creation as they are, as there are, what Ilan FC and as much as he's pleased with was Xena tauschii and in accordance with the weight of his throne, so the weight of his throne the vast weight of his throne is being illustrated in his in this draft here of the prophets I send them we also see that the prophets lie Selim taught us to say four times in the morning and in the evening, a llama in the last battle she took and in the evening MC to mosquito, so Ola, I have a woken calling into witness, calling you to witness what

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was he to haematologic and I'm calling upon the bearers of your throne to witness when Allah Ecotec and all of the angels what Jamia halted and all of your creation and Nikita into law, that you are Allah, there is no god besides you and so on so forth until the end of the draft. So here, particularly the prophets lie Selim, was was calling to witness the bearers of the throne. The prophets. I seldom said that whoever says that there are four times in the morning and four times in the evening he would be spared from hellfire. So we find there as I mentioned, the greatness of the throne, the greatness of the bearers of the throne, but obviously there is none that's greater than

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the Lord of the Throne. And Allah subhanho wa Taala is called by the Lord of many things right, the Lord of the heavens in the earth, the Lord of the lord of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, Heidel, Hulk, Allah, the best of the last creation. Right? Now, what I noticed is that the Durant's where you have the Lord of the Throne Arambula out of being, you know, being invoked, all come under a category of warding warding off the harm of an enemy, or warding off an illness or doing away with something that's harmful. So a lot tells us in an Intel alphacool has to be Allahu La Ilaha Illa who la Hito I tell to a horrible thing, that if they turn away from you then say has to be Allahu Allah,

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Allah, Allah who Allah is sufficient for me and there is no god besides him. I lay he Tila Celt, I have put my trust in him. Well who Arambula Sheila Lim and He is the Lord of the of the mighty throne even above so that's warding off the harm of an enemy than an enemy cannot hurt you and that's a famous there was the drought of Bohemia his Salaam when Ibrahim Islam was thrown into the fire and look how Allah subhanaw taala answered Ibrahim Ali has set up even Ambassador de la I know he in fact he tells us that any time the prophets lie Selim was in trouble or the Prophet slice Islam was in distress. He used to say this drought and this Hadeeth is in Sahih Muslim he used to

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say La Isla in La La Jolla, Avi Mulholland La ilaha illa Allah horrible ABS la de la ilaha illa Allah horrible, horrible, horrible, I'm still carrying that there is no god besides Allah, Allah, alim and haleem Okay, so the Almighty and the forbearing La ilaha illallah wa rahmatullah shall have them and then you testify you bear witness to the oneness of Allah, the Lord of the mighty throne, La ilaha illAllah, WA Busan Allah to horrible, horrible option carry, and so you say La La, la, la

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Once again the Lord of the heavens, the Lord of the earth, and the Lord of the noble throne. So this is the day that the Prophet slicin taught us to say, in our times of distress and sadness, or when we're in trouble. Two out of those four phrases include once again invoking the Lord of the Throne. And even when we're feeling when we see someone who's in sickness, when we see someone who has an illness, the way to properly to make their app for them to read, look upon them, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to say us, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Salim and your sphere that I asked Allah, the Almighty, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, the Lord of the mighty throne,

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to cure you. So all of these drugs again come under this category of warding warding off evil, and harm, because a lot of being the Lord of the Throne means He is the Lord of all of creation. And so as you call upon him as the Lord of the Throne, you are calling upon him putting your trust in Him, knowing that he is in charge of everything that takes place amongst this creation, and so he can protect you from the harm of any one of his creations. And we asked last panel to add the Lord of the Throne to protect us along I mean,

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Invoking The Lord of the Throne

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