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Omar Suleiman
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I want to live with a cat. So welcome back to the faith revival. So last time we talked about major sins, how forgiving Allah subhanaw taala is if a person repents, and they die in that state of repentance as opposed to maintaining those major sins or insisting on them. Now, one thing that the prophets lie some told us is that a man does increase in decrease. We find this in many different narrations. It's something that we find in the Koran. He has dabbled in our manual imana, that people of faith would be increased in their faith as to how the imana which of you was increased in faith by this, he has a lot. So the idea of Allah Spano, tala, increasing a person in guidance, all

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of these different verses exists, this is something that's well established that faith does increase and decrease. However, I want you to imagine your heart in the spiritual sense. If you're, if you're looking at the line, and it's just straight, that means you're dead. That means nothing is happening. But if the fluctuation is too crazy, it's also unhealthy. How is your spiritual heart beating? If you could graph it out? is it doing this? Or is it doing this? Right? Or is it doing this? And do you have no idea what I'm talking about, because that's a possibility as well. But it shouldn't be just like your physical heart just like this, right? where sometimes it's here.

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Sometimes it's here. Sometimes it's here. Sometimes it's here. Sometimes it's here. But it always comes down to that same point, it doesn't die. So there are healthy, natural fluctuations in faith. Even the companions of the Prophet slice have had those functional fluctuations. Every single human being, there is no way that your mind can be the same all the time. Everywhere that you are, there's no way that after Ramadan, your Eman will be the same as it was inside Ramadan are the true amount in the budget is the same as outside the method. However, what you have to make sure is that when you're outside of those ideal environments, you don't undermine or undo all of the work that you've

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done in those good environments. So Allah gives us this this beautiful, powerful example, actually using something that the companions saw in Mecca. last panel, Tata says, Well, that's a Kunal keleti nakada Raja, do not be like the woman who undid her not after it was strong, men very important and katha after it was very strong and established, there was a woman in Mecca that used to,

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you know, she's referred to as, as a woman that used to, you know, put together knots and she used to sew. And then after she would put it all together, and it was a strong knot, she would go there, and then untie everything that she did, she would undo all of her all of her work. And the companions used to see her and people used to call her a madwoman, why do you put all that effort into sewing and tying these knots and then, as soon as you get there to a strong point, you then undo it all and then you start over the next day. So last pantai says, Don't be like that woman with your oaths, the oath that you make to Allah, the promises you make to him and the promises that you

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make to the people don't undo your good work in times where you have low faith or in times where you're not reaching your optimal performance. So for some people, that depression of a man can be unhealthy because I set unrealistic standards for myself. So I try to dive in all at one time, like I've been this far away from a loss palletize I need to hurry up and get it all together at one time. So I try to do everything all at once. And it's just going to collapse one day because I'm not building on a firm foundation. For some people. It's it's not you know, it's not that when I don't reach my optimal performance at all collapses. It's not when i sin, I sinned horribly. And when I do

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good deeds, I do amazing good deeds, which we said a man is meant to be second, it's meant to be settled. So it can't be that crazy. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he tells us in an equally prominent Shira, that every action has its peak, when equally Shivraj Fatima, and every peak has its low point summon candidates who love to eat asuna tea for cada Tada. So whoever has their peak in accordance with my son is guided woman cannot fetch Serato who and whoever is low point is to other than that innovative Dalek funkadelic then he has perished then he will lose everything. What the profit slice on him is telling us is that our peak has to be reasonable. And our low point

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he emphasized the crashing point, the low point and he man Why? Because if I create the AMA live for 200 days of the year, but then I stopped praying for 20 days of the year even my five daily prayers all that pm goes to waste. The profits license has been uncooked free. Well he man a Salah what is between belief and disbelief is the prayer. So if I'm doing amazing things and I'm alone, but then I completely neglected after that. What's the point? Where did it go? I'm just undoing the strongest

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Not that I had. So the prophets lie. Some emphasize the low point, not the high point. Allah won't punish you if you're not doing extra voluntary good deeds, Allah will only hold you accountable to your obligations. Allah wants you to maintain steadiness. So he emphasizes the low points, what is my low points? What is my Fatah, my fetzima has to be at the bare minimum that I continue to perform my obligations, that I continue to perform my obligations, that I continue to avoid major sins and I don't insist on minor sins, if all I want to do is just pray my five prayers. And don't ever underestimate get back to basics. Don't ever underestimate how valuable it is to Allah, that you're

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just praying your five prayers. Sometimes your Eman has to be on autopilot, that's fine, just do that. And then when you can kick it back up into the next year, then you kick it into the next year in Atlanta, but never allow your crashing point your fetzima to go to a point where you're going to undo all of the good that you have done. So the profit slice and I'm once again said keep your peak reasonable so don't aim so high that it's unreasonable. And he said so I said um, that focus on the crash the low point faithful increase in decrease, keep it healthy. Keep your five prayers keep your obligations avoid the major sins and do not insist on minor sins. That way your Eman will remain

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intact until you are able to develop it and take it to the next level again in sha Allah does acmella hate on sound like when I happen to live in a castle

Episode 6: Healthy Fluctuations
Faith is supposed to increase and decrease, but how dramatic are your fluctuations? The Prophet (peace be upon him) emphasized that both your peak and your base line should be reasonable, otherwise it may all disappear.


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