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An-Nisa 163-176 Translation 163-176

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however when a Sunday are no suitable Kareem

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Jean Bismillah R Rahman Rahim beshara decided he will save the MD or Helen orchidectomy Lisa discerning acabo de bourbon and

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lesson number 67 suited to Nyssa I am number 163 to 176 Translation innner indeed we Oh hanaa We inspired we reviewed a Laker Do you gamma just as a hanger? We did where he We inspired either to new him new one Nabina and the profits men from BB D after him or Oh hanaa and we did what he We inspired either to Ibrahim Ibrahim, what is Marina and his marine? What is hacker and his help where Uber and the Uber One Belt and the descendants were a sir and Teresa was a YouTuber and a you were user and users were her room and her room was Sulayman and Sulayman. What Tina and we gave the wood to the wood are they humans Salaam, the Buddha, the Buddha

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was stolen and messengers are in fact cosna whom we have narrated them we have related them are Laika upon you mean from koprulu before what was to learn and messengers, learn not necrosis home we narrate them, or Laika upon you.

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What can lemma and he spoke Allahu Allah Moosa to Musashi Salaam, that Lima, a definite speaking,

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but also learn messengers, mobile sharena want to get good news? One one zerene and ones who warn Li Allah so that not your corner, it is, it will be Lin se for the people, Allah against Allah He, Allah, her jetten and argument barder after of Russell the messengers, what can and he is ever, Allahu Allah, Aziz and always Almighty hakima always always

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lacking but Allahu Allah. Yes, hadoo he bears witness Bhima With what? Angela he sent down, he revealed alayka to you and Zelda who he revealed it very me he with his knowledge, one minute equal to and the angels yes whodunnit. They bear witness, Walker and he sufficed biLlahi definitely Allah shahida as a witness

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in the indeed, and levena those who care for the disbelieved will subdue and disrupt, they hindered on from Serbia Li Wei, Allah He of Allah have, in fact, been do this trade, but learn a string barreda one very far in indeed and Latina. Those who follow the disbelieved. were wonderful and they did injustice. Lum not he akun he is, Allahu Allah, the ophira that he forgives the home for them, one and nor lady at home that he guides them for the car to away

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inla except for Yoko Wei Johanna of health, Holly Dena wanzhou abide eternally fee her in it Aveda forever. What can and it was their liquor that Allah upon Allah He Allah yesira one very easy

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Yeah, Are you her? Are you a nurse to the people? But in fact, Jurgen he came to you have rasuluh the messenger bill help me with the truth. Men from Rob become your rep for army news. So you all believe hi Ron best law calm for you. walk in and if that furu you are disbelief, for in, so indeed lilla he for Allah, ma whatever he is in a similar way at the skies, one of the ambient working on it and he is ever Allahu Allah or the man always

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Knowing hakima always always yeah or people I'll keep a copy of the book. Let do not the Hulu you all exceed you all commit access fee in the nickel your religion wanna and do not the Hulu you all say Allah upon Allahu Allah Illa except and help the truth in the Ummah indeed not but and mercy who the mercy, Raisa Raisa Imodium son of Miriam, rasuluh messenger Allah He of Allah, what can he do who and his word and all her he cast it? Isla towards Maria Maria Maria 101 and a spirit men who from him, for me, no so you all believe biLlahi with Allah, but also he and his messengers, wanna and do not do Oh, do you all say send us a tune three into who you all sees you All Star hieron best

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better local for you. In America indeed notebaert Allahu Allah, healer, who is God, where hidden one Subhana who Glorified is He and that your corner, he is the who for him when a child that who for him ma whatever fee is in a similar way at the heavens, warmer and whatever fee is in a lovely the earth worker and you sufficed biLlahi definitely Allah wa Keeler as interesting. Learn whenever he has 10 keefer he the stains and mercy her the mercy and that your corner He is our burden, a servant, a worshiper lillahi for Allah wa ala and nor al Malaika to the angels and maka baboon, those who are brought near

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woman and whoever he has think if he descends on from river that he is worship when you're stuck there and he acts proudly for say a shadow him then soon he will gather them lie to him Jumeirah all together for unmerge so as for and Medina those who are new they believed what we do and they did a smiley happy the righteous deeds for your fee him so he will give them fully or Judah home their wages, their rewards, where's he the home and he will increase them main from the he his bounty? What Allah And as for and levena those who is thankful the stain was stuck baru and they acted proudly for your ID boom. So he will punish them either burn the punishment and EMA most painful

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while there and not yeji doing it they will find a home for them. Men from dooney besides Allah He Allah were Legion a clause protecting friend Warner and nor necesito a helper

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Yeah, uh, you harness all mankind for people and as the people that are mankind

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are in fact jet accom it came to you bohannan a proof men from or have become your robe or antenna and we sat down in a cone towards you know, run alight, Medina, one clear

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for Allah so as for and Medina those who knew they believed bill II in a law where it doesn't move and they help fast be with him. Faster you know whom so soon he will admit them fee in primatene mercy men who from him without Lynn and father and bounty were heavy Him and He will guide them. He lay towards him syrup and abet. Mr. keema one street. Yes, Steph Tunica. They ask for a legal decision from you. Yesterday Tunica. They asked for a legal decision from you. called say, Allahu Allah yft. Comb. He gives legal verdict to fee concerning alcanada the kallada in if homegrown, a man halakhah he died. Laser, it is not or he is not the who for him when I do a child one or who and

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for him, Boston Asst.

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For her than for her useful path man what taraka he left wahiawa and he gave it to her he inherits from her in if lung not yakun it is law her for her when I don't a child

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for in them if Canada they too are is that a two females fellow Houma then for them do a sudo signing the two thirds mingma from what I thought okay, he left what in and if I can do the work were one brothers regionalen men when men and women fell in the carry then for the male, Miss lou is like heavily share an insane of the two females. You might you know, he makes clear, Allahu Allah Luckily for you, and that lest w Do you all go astray will hope and Allah because only with every chain thing or Lehman always all knowing.

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We listen to the recitation of

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well as

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Ui kumana

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una hora de la

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de una de

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he was

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in a new journey.

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Ellie mo

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or movie

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you been