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Yusuf 1-18 Word Analysis and Tafsir 6

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Have you believe in a ship? I know Jesus will lay over him over here.

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That's number 122 SelectUSA

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what is a beaker of booger? Likewise, your Lord is going to choose you. Now here are Cobra Hassan tells him about the interpretation of the dream that what is the interpretation of your dream that what are the Anika and likewise meaning just as you saw in your dream, that the sun, the moon, the stars they were prostrating before you. Likewise, Allah will choose you for what? For Prophethood

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to raise you in ranks,

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eh the beakers on the roof veteris Jean bat well, job one. And job one is to collect something and then to take it away. So basically it is to select something good. And then bring it close to yourself.

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So Allah is going to choose you, he will raise you in ranks, he will assign you to be a prophet

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when you are limca. And he will also teach you men from the Hadees the interpretation of a Hades of narratives. Allah will teach you this science this knowledge.

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What does it mean by that we will Hadees

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that we is from the refactors Hamza. Well,

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Hamza? Voila. Oh, uh, well, and what does it mean? First of all, is origin.

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And that we literally is when something returns to its origin, when something is taken is referred to its origin. So for example, when used for a speech, when use for a text, for a statement, that we is to take something to its original intent,

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that what is meant by saying this? In other words, what's the interpretation? What's the seed? What's the meaning? What's the implication? What's the purpose? So that we this, first of all, what interpretation?

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And this is done through reading, through knowledge that you learn? What is the purpose of the statement? What is the original intent of the statement?

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Like, for example, in the Quran, we learned about the word slave. clade means good, it also means wealth. At in one context, you read the word claim, you wonder, what is the meaning that is intended over here?

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You wonder, what is the mean that is intended over here? What's the purpose? What's the original intent? What do you do? You look at the context, you look at other verses, you look at the Hadees and then you figure out okay, since these ayat are about inheritance, then hide over here means wealth. So, in the sense that we this interpretation of a text, how, through knowledge,

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and secondly, it is also done how, through through action, to take something to its original meaning, to show it how through action, to show it through action by making it happen, this is what was meant, and how do you show that by making it happen, which is why the work that we do is also used for the actualization of an event.

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Like for example, we learn about the day of judgment that yo maya did that Wheeler,

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that when it's actualization is going to occur.

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So, when you are limo coming that we did a Hades he will also teach you from it that we have had these are these is the plural of Hadees and it's from the root letters had that

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literally the word Hadees means go no shade lamea can when something happens that did not exist before.

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So what is it? How would you describe that?

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Something that is new,

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when something happens that did not exist before? So what is it new,

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for example, and event or a statement? It wasn't said before it has just been said? It didn't happen for it just happened now. So what is it a new thing.

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So from this the word Hades is used for a speech, it is used for canal It is used for a saying which is why it is also used for the sayings of the Prophet sallallahu

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ended up

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Do every speech that reaches a person,

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whether it is through hearing, or through revelation, like for example, you're sitting and somebody tells you, you hear it, or in the context of the Prophet revelation is done to him. So he learns about it.

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Or it is that you see something happening and you learn about it. Or it is that you see something in a dream, you see something while you're awake from another person, etc. So her This is what any speech that reaches a person

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and the Quran is called Arsenal, Hades, the best speech, the best speech.

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Now, you may wonder, that the Hadith of the Prophet sort of all of a sudden Why is it called Hadees? Why is it called Hadees

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because it is a statement that is passed on from people. inshallah, when you will learn rumen Hades you will learn that there are two parts to our heads one is the text and the other is the chain, the chain of narration. So, it is narrated, people get to know about it, by reading, hearing, by learning.

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And this is also used for a statement or a news that is not common between people, generally people are unaware of it.

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So, alone will teach you that, that we have had this, what does it mean by this, that He will teach you that we live our hobbies?

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This has been understood in a number of ways.

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First of all, ahaadeeth has been understood as events or speech, the words of people, the events that occur

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alone will tell you the interpretation, the real meaning, the real understanding of events that occur, of the words that people say

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many times it happens that people say something. And you wonder, why did they say that? What did she mean by that statement? Sometimes you get it, sometimes you don't get it. Some people are very quick, do perceiving the hidden meaning and other people are completely oblivious to them.

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Like for example, a Buddha later on, once he was extremely hungry, extremely hungry.

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So he went to Ober karate learn when he asked him a question.

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You answered that was it finished? He didn't get it, that a Buddha was angry. He went to or modeled the learn, even he didn't understand. Then he went to the Prophet, subtle artisan, and the prophets of Allah sort of knew that he was hungry. This is why do you understand the meaning of what the other person is saying to you? of what is happening, that you can interpret the situation and see what you're supposed to do? What's going on? It doesn't mean that you begin doubting everything. It doesn't mean that you begin to look at everything with suspicion over analyzing things. But what does it mean that when you see a child who's crying, you can figure out he's crying, because he has

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not eaten properly? Not that he's crying because he's very fussy, and he's just as very bad behavior and he's not disciplined at all. You understand the meaning.

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Secondly, that will Heidi's ahadith ultimate understood as dreams.

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So Allah will teach you the interpretation of dreams. Allah will teach you the interpretation of dreams.

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Thirdly, a hadith has been understood as the narratives or you can say the speech of Allah soprano.

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So Allah will teach you the understanding of his speech of his commands of his words of his scriptures. This is the knowledge that Allah is going to give you the knowledge of the deal.

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And by this is indicating, again Prophethood and knowledge

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for example, we know that when certain muscles Elijah Anna sola he will further when that was revealed some people were very happy promise a victory of a Baccarat they learn him Leonardo, he began to cry. Why? Because he knew what that meant. What did he understand that this means the mission of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is complete, and soon he will pass away, he understood.

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So this is called that we have to understand the reality the meaning, to be able to understand interpret the text, the revelation, not that a person interprets everything according to his own whims and desires, but that he gets it. He understands that he's able to relate with it.

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So Allah will teach you the understanding of the religion.

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When you terminate Mata who are alayka and he will complete his favor upon you

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Which favor the favor of prophethood the favor of guidance and many other favors, he will complete them you will perfect them upon you were Allah and upon earlier qub the family of your Cobra is

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that Allah who will perfect the blessing upon you and the family of your coop How? By making you a prophet.

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Allah has given us many blessings. But when you will be given Prophethood the blessings will be perfected.

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Come on, just as uttama he perfected it, Allah upon awaken your two fathers makapuu before which to father's Ibrahim was how Ibrahim Edison and his health care center. And who are the grandfather's forefathers of use it for the center?

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How was the blessing perfected upon them,

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that they were made, the prophets of Allah

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and their children were made the prophets of Allah.

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So Allah who also perfect this blessing upon you, and upon me, my family, how by making you a prophet

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in Arabic, indeed your Lord He is our Lima, he is knowing of his creation, he knows as to who is worthy of being made a profit. And he is hacky in the way that he manages the affairs of his creation,

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if you look at it, use of nslm had 11 other brothers, but he was selected for Prophethood. Why? What was this based on, on the knowledge of of law, and the wisdom of Allah?

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So over here, we see that use of early cinema father, he tells him the interpretation of history.

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And one of the things that he mentioned is that Allah will teach you the interpretation of a Hadees.

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If we take the meaning of a hadith to be, what a revelation, then what does it show to us, that if a person is given the understanding of the book of Allah, that is a big blessing upon him. That's a very big blessing upon him. If a person is given the knowledge, the understanding of the book of Allah, which is why the prophets are allowed a certain set that maturity level be higher than you thought, it gives him the understanding of religion, because it's a huge favor. And this is why we should also take it as a big blessing of a law, that we are being given the understanding of the book of Allah.

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Secondly, if we take the meaning of the Hadees, to be interpretation of dreams, then with regards to interpretation of dreams, remember that there are three types of dreams because the dream was mentioned before interpretation is mentioned here. And later on in the story again, we will learn about some dreams and their interpretations. And every other day, someone comes up to me asking me about a dream. know that there are three types of dreams.

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First of all, the first type of dream is had decent ups. What does it mean by that? had these speech enough of the person, meaning whatever that a person sees in a day, he talks to him about it at night. He sees that, in his dream, something that a person really wants should happen. He sees that

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life example a person really wants to travel somewhere. And he sees in a dream that Oh, he's traveling over there. A person really wants to eat a particular food and he sees that he's eating that food. A person sees someone in a very nice car, and he sees that, oh, he's driving the same car. This is what Heidi's nuts. Whatever happens during the day, whatever that you want should happen. You see that in your dream. So this kind of a dream is what an ideal dream. It doesn't really have a meaning. Sometimes people have these chaotic dreams that don't make any sense. any sense whatsoever. They started from one place, they ended up in another and all of a sudden

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something happened and all of a sudden something did not happen. I mean, one thing after the other this is what idol dreams Hardison loves.

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The second type of dream is the dream, which comes from shaytaan. And you can understand them as nightmares. Basically, it's a dream in which a person becomes very scared, very fearful, very afraid. something bad happens. And he wakes up frightened. He wakes up crying, he wakes up screaming, it happens with children as well. And this is from who chatlin because Hilton, he's our enemy and he wants to harm us. And one of the ways that he adopts is by disturbing our sleep by making us fearful by making us afraid that we get afraid in the dark. We cannot sleep during the night and then during the day, we're all tired and exhausted.

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And also for children sometimes what happens they're sleeping perfectly fine and all of a sudden the child wakes up crying, screaming

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And this will disturb the sleep of the parents which will affect their soda which will affect their day. This comes from who chedda.

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The third type of dream is the good dream.

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You can say, the real dream, the dream that has some meaning to it.

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And this dream is understood as MOBA Sheila.

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They are known as MOBA shields. Remember, we learned that lahoma, Lucia. And good news is what? In the dunya a good dream.

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What kind of a dream is this? This dream is that which is vivid, it is clear. And when you wake up, you actually remember it.

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Sometimes you wake up in the morning and you like, what did I dream last night, you have no idea.

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But sometimes you wake up in the morning, and all of a sudden, you remember the dream that you had, and you can't remember it fully, completely. Clearly, it's very vivid.

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And you remember it over and over again. It comes to your mind again and again.

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This is the dream that is real. And it's a good dream. It has some meaning to it. So we should focus on these kind of dreams are not the other kind of dreams.

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Now common people, they have all these three types of dreams. They have a decent laughs they have nightmares, and they also have good dreams but the messengers, they only have the third type of dream, which is the dream that is real that has some meaning to it. Because remember that the prophets, they even get revelation in their dreams.

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The Prophet sallallaahu Selim said that the good dreams of a believer is a part of the 46 parts of prophethood.

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What does it mean by that, that if a person gets a good dream, he becomes a prophet? No. The fact is that Allah subhanaw taala communicated with the prophets through different ways, even through dreams. So if a person is given a good news, or something about the future in his dream, then this is the only way that is left in which Allah communicates with the people through dreams.

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Now use of me, Sam, he was not a prophet at this time,

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isn't at all.

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When he had this dream, he was not a prophet at this time. But he received good news through this dream. So you understand. It was a true dream, it was a good dream. And he received good news through the stream, that our time will come that your brothers and your parents will allow before you, in other words, alone will honor you. And use of our listeners dream, it did become a reality. But you know, after how long, 40 years,

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40 years, sometimes you think if we have a good dream, we should see something, something should happen. But I dreamt that I met this particular family member, I haven't seen him for the past five years, when is it going to be fulfilled? Allah knows, but it's just a reassurance to you that insha Allah someday you will meet them. So similarly, this dream, it was fulfilled 40 years later.

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And inshallah we will learn about the interpretation of this dream towards the end of this order in number 100.

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Now, when it comes to dreams, especially good dreams, what are the teachings that have been given to us? What should we do about them? Should we tell everybody about it? Should we just rely completely on the dreams? What should we do?

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The prophets are allowed to set up said that a good dream is from Allah.

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It is from

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Allah subhanaw taala. So if any one of you sees a dream that he likes, if you see a dream that you like, then he should not tell it to anybody except to the one who he loves. He should not go on publicizing his dreams, he should tell who the one who he loves.

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And if he saw a dream, which he disliked, then he should seek refuge with Allah from its evil and from the evil of shaitaan. And he should spit three times on his left and should not tell it to anybody for it will not harm him.

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So from this Hades, what do we learn

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two things.

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When you have a good dream, don't go on telling everybody about it. Only tell who those whom you love. Those people whom you have a good relationship with those whom you trust those who are sincere to you. Like for example, Yusuf Ali Salaam told his father. So similarly, you tell your mother, you share with your sister, for example, if she's very close to you, and you know that she's very sincere to you. You maybe share with a teacher, you maybe share with a friend.

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Secondly, if you have a bad dream, what are you supposed to do?

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Don't tell anybody about it. And also seek refuge with a

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Because it's from shaytaan, to seek refuge with ALLAH, and spirit three times on your left.

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Now, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he would always ask his companions after fragile as to who saw a dream, because many times people that completely disregard dreams. People have extremes, either they believe firmly on dreams, or they completely reject dreams. But we see that we should adopt the way of moderation the way of the son of the prophets.

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The prophets of Allah seldom used to ask the companions, for example, some what I've been doing, he said, that whenever the prophets are allowed to certain finished a morning prayer, he would face us, and he would ask, Who amongst you had a dream last night.

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So if anyone had seen a dream, he would narrate it to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and then the profit sort of artisan would say, my shop, that's a good dream.

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So if you have a true dream, then you can tell someone whom you know, is a well wishes. But if you think that that person has jealousy, that person has animosity against you, then don't tell them at all.

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And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam also said that the dream is tied to a bird's leg, as long as it is not interpreted. If it is interpreted, it becomes true.

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Now, it doesn't mean literally it is tied to a bird like there is an expression, which means that it's in the air, it's free. But when you interpret it, then it becomes fixed.

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The dream is in the air, it's not fixed. But once you interpret it, then what does it mean? That is what's going to happen?

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This is why do not be hasty in interpreting dreams.

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And don't tell your dreams to people who are hasty in interpreting dreams.

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Just recently, someone was telling me about somebody who they knew and they had a dream, and they told their friends about it. And they interpreted immediately saying something very negative, very negative. And that same thing happened. Whereas if you looked at the dream with another perspective, it would have a very good meaning. When I was told that dream, I thought it was a very good dream. But the people who heard that dream, they interpreted it in a very negative sense. And that same thing happened.

00:22:23--> 00:22:29

So what do we learn? When you have a dream, whether good or bad, Don't be hasty in interpreting.

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And don't go on to any person telling them what do you think asking them? What do you think about my dream? Be very careful.

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So if you look at what should be done,

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if you have a dream, ask Allah, that will lower whatever clay there is, decree that for me, and if there is any sharp revert that from me, all matters are in your hands, all good and evil comes from you. You don't even need to go and tell other people about it. Just keep that between you and Allah.

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Allah is showing it to you in a dream. So keep it between you and a lot unless if you want to share it with someone who's a mentor, who really wishes well for you, who has been instructing you guiding you, then you can share with them.

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Another very important thing is that a person should refrain from narrating false dreams. Because sometimes we think that if you have a good dream, you're very pious, very righteous, you're up there. So just to impress other people sometimes. What do people do they narrow dreams that are completely false. They never saw them complete lies, just to show their piety just to show their righteousness. This is not correct. This is not acceptable at all. In fact, it's a big thing.

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And ultimate remember that dreams they do not abrogate the Quran and Sunnah.

00:23:50--> 00:23:51

What does it mean by that?

00:23:52--> 00:23:56

dreams? They do not abrogate the Quran and Sunnah. What does it mean?

00:23:58--> 00:24:36

That if there's a hokum that is clear in the Quran, and Sunnah and you have a dream, for example, in which you see that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam tells you, you don't need to pray, you're going to go to Paradise. You don't need to respect your parents. That doesn't mean you don't need to respect your parents. You don't need to pray. No, you have to do it. Because it's possible. The children comes in the form of very righteous person lying to you, showing that he is very righteous, telling you things that are evil. I remember my father was telling me once that this man was brought to him, and he was brought by his parents, and they were very concerned about him. And when he spoke

00:24:36--> 00:24:50

to him, he said that I don't pray anymore. I don't need to praise Allah. He said, Why? I saw in a dream, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told me, You don't need to pray, you're going to go to Paradise. So therefore I don't pray anymore.

00:24:51--> 00:24:59

And he had so much conviction in that dream that I saw the prophet and he told me so I don't need to pray. But what do we learn?

00:25:00--> 00:25:38

That dreams they do not abrogate the Quran and Sunnah. They don't cancel it out. Because dreams, they can come from your own knifes. They can come from the Shaitaan. They can also come from Allah. How do you know which dream is which? You don't know the unseen? You don't know the answer. So if you see a good dream, as a law for goodness, if you see a bad dream seek of loss protection. So for example, some people they leave Islam as well, they leave their religion as well based on dreams, that they see in a dream that somebody is telling them. I am Jesus, I am God, come to me, accept me leave this religion and they follow those dreams. This is not correct.

00:25:39--> 00:25:52

Dreams, do not give you *tier. Remember that? They gave shahryar to the prophets only, not to us. We're not prophets were ordinary human beings.

00:25:53--> 00:25:59

So as a conclusion, what do we learn about dreams? That if you have a good dream, share it with

00:26:00--> 00:26:06

someone who is a well wisher to you. If you have a bad dream, don't tell anybody about it.

00:26:07--> 00:26:17

And Don't be hasty in interpreting dreams. Do not be hasty. Do not be too quick. Rather, it's better to remain silent about it.

00:26:18--> 00:26:24

And sometimes what happens you have a dream you shared with someone and you think, you know, I think this is what it means. You know, it's not a guessing game.

00:26:25--> 00:26:32

With regards to the interpretation of dreams, there are some interpretations that we for example, learn from the Quran and Sunnah.

00:26:33--> 00:26:45

For example, the son demonstrates the Father, the moon demonstrates the mother, the stars, they demonstrate the siblings, frustration of them shows that you are going to be given honor authority about them.

00:26:46--> 00:26:56

And similarly, the Sahaba also they told the profit on a lot about their dreams, and the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he would interpret them.

00:26:57--> 00:27:11

So if you find certain interpretations from the Quran and Sunnah they are, okay. Similarly, if you see the sun, if you see something similar, perhaps that's exactly what it means for you as well, representing the father or the mother.

00:27:13--> 00:27:16

So if it's based on Quran and Sunnah, it's authentic.

00:27:17--> 00:27:39

But other interpretations, they are based on the opinions of the scholars. What are the rest of the opinions of the squatters? Again, we're not belittling them, we're not rejecting them. They are based on their observation and experience. They're based on their observation, their experience their reflection.

00:27:40--> 00:27:58

So when you see a dream, and you open up a book that are available here, or another book, and you see the interpretation over there, you can seek some guidance from it. But don't be like, Okay, this is definitely what it means. There is no need to believe in it with that much conviction. And at the end of the day, leave the matter to almost.

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If you see a dream about someone, it depends on what kind of a dream it is. If it's evil, you don't need to tell them about it. You should not tell them about it. Rather, you should pray to Allah subhanaw taala for their good for them to be protected. If you see something good about them, then perhaps you can tell them but again, Don't be hasty. Don't be hasty. Like for example, you see your friend she comes to your house driving a brand new car, which is white, sparkling, very nice. It's a good dream. It's a good sign so you can tell her It doesn't mean you go tell other people about it, perhaps it will become envious. So who do you tell I personally or someone who wishes good for them?

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And with regards to bad dreams, they're seven mazumder eyes which inshallah you can find in your ear kind of staring book as well. That for example, if you see a bad dream during to a lion make Dora that are within academia De La Tomatina acaba de banda you I mean hemas attache shelter in your lawn.

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And there are several other applications that we can prey upon seeing a battery before getting up and calling someone. What should we do during to a loss.

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That's good since the recitation of the same

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come on

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Just one more point with regards to dream interpretation. If you ever asked

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Someone about interpretation of your dream. Don't think that that person knows the answer.

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Because sometimes people will go up to others asking them, what does my dream mean? And they will not leave them until they tell them about some interpretation thinking that they have some knowledge of the unseen. Remember, the best person to interpret the dream is the person who sees the dream because he knows what's going on in his life, or someone who is very close to them, who knows as to what's going on in their life. And once the interpretation has been done, it's fixed. And if it's not good, if it's not bad, if it's confusing, it's how these enough's. You don't know what happened.

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It's not definite that if you see something then it definitely means, you know, a particular kind of interpretation. It's all relevant to the person to the situation to what's going on in his life, etc.

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Listen to the recitation of all of these is from the beginning and then we'll continue because now the story begins as

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nothing no no sorry.

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porn is overly heavy.

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p, r k,

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in a shape on any

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