The True Qualities Of A Believer 06

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The fourth quality

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was saw the Athena was saw the count and a suit as you all know, aside because I true for personal sincerity. Are you a Muslim hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah? Are you a sodic? inshallah? Would you like to be called a liar? Because if you're not a solid, you're a liar. You're either a solid, or you're a lawyer. And a Muslim is not a lawyer.

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A Muslim is not a liar. He's a Saudi

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is a truthful person. And this is what it means truthfulness, and honesty together.

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And every single Muslim brothers and sisters, they are truthful people, Muslims do not lie. Why? Because it's a sign of hypocrisy. Whatever comes out of your mouth, make sure it is truthfulness that Allah loves, that Allah is pleased with, otherwise you will be called Elia. And we know the great narration that mentions about how good truthfulness is in a sitcom. He had El Dorado while Burr Yadira, Jenna were in regular life is Boko Haram. obeying the law he said Deacon, truthfulness leads to piety and piety leads to paradise, and a man possessed on speaking the truth until he is enrolled of Allah to Allah as a truthful person. Would you not like to be called on the day of

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judgment? You're assaulted? Yeah, so do our truthful person come?

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In many people today, all you hear on their turn, is lies. Brothers and sisters, we are Muslims. We are not allowed to lie. Why lie for what are you gonna get out of Ye?

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It's a sign of hypocrisy. It's filth, it's abomination. It's dirty. That that which that which comes out of your mouth, if it's a lie, it's filth. white lie full. People will never trust you. People will not like you. People will hate you when you lie.

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And when you lie, and lie and lie, you are known to be a liar. After that, I'll make a note of you.

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So why would you not like to be a honest person? A truthful person.

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This is the attribute the quality of a Muslim. Do not lie.

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Because not gonna help you it's gonna hurt you. Let every utterance that you utter

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be a word of truth. Who colons colon sadita say a word of truth, a good word. And Allah to Allah will forgive your sins.