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I will let him initiate line Hello Jean Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. In these verses we will learn about two examples that Allah subhanaw taala gives about the hypocrites. Examples are being given, so that we can understand the matter of hypocrisy even more clearly, as I mentioned to you earlier, that only five verses were revealed about the McDuffie, two verses about caffeine and so many verses about when I 15. And then on top of that, examples are also given about them when I 15. Why? Because a matter of hypocrisy is complicated, in the sense that when a person has hypocrisy, or when he falls into hypocrisy, when he has the qualities of a hypocrite, sometimes he doesn't even realize,

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for instance, right now, we went over so many qualities of the hypocrites, how many times did we ever think that this is hypocrisy, how many times we don't even realize, we don't even think that it's a big deal. But it is a very, very big deal, which is why Allah subhanaw taala has revealed so many verses and on top of that two examples as well, because hypocrisy is a behavior, it's something that is intangible, something that is abstract, and in order to understand it, Allah subhanaw taala explains it with something that is concrete, something that we can see something that we can visualize, because why is an example given to make you understand the concept easily, and to make

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you understand something quickly and in a much better way. For example, if you have to explain to someone the color red, what would be the best way of explaining to them what the color red is, you just show them something that is red, isn't it's all something that is abstract in tangible something that's not physical, like a behavior, if you want to explain it to someone, if you explain it to them with the help of an example, something tangible, something concrete something physical, then they can understand it in a much better way. This is the reason why Allah subhanaw taala presents do examples over here. So what are these examples? Allah subhanaw taala says method to whom

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their example example of who of the hypocrites is like what come up early, like example, come after like example and the word method is from the root letters means lamb. And method is used for an example a description and from the same root is the word metal and missile is something that is similar to the other if you think about it, and example is always similar to what you are explaining. If it's not similar, if it does not resemble then there's no point of giving that example. So my thought is example their example is like who led of the one who meaning a person who is so other than our one who kindled a fire it still further is from the root letters well off the

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workload is fuel and is the card is the card. What do you see in this word? What letters Do you see in this word? Besides the root letter as well cough the scene and the ear canal Buddha yakka NES 13 NES 13 do you see scene anta over there as well? Yes. Scene anta when they come in a word they give many meanings of them is seeking something asking for something. So necessary. We ask for help we seek help. Over here is Stoke other he asked for he wanted he desired. What did he asked for now on a fire? So it's still called an hour. He requested that if fire be lit, meaning he asked someone to light fire for him. Or he asked for material through which he could light fire. Do you understand

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what's going on? He's in darkness, he wants light. So what does he do? He asked someone can you please light a fire for me? Or he asked someone can you please give me the material through which I can light fire is the other neuron phenomena. Then when the fire was lit for him when he requested it

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is illuminated about it is from the root letters board. Well Hamza Bo, Bo is used for light, but it's such light that also has heat with it. For example, the word Bo is used for the burning rays of the sun, because the sun What does it give you light as well as warmth as well as heat, this is the kind of light that though is so that it illuminated what illuminated the fire. So the fire illuminated What did it illuminate? My How will the who, what was around him what was around who? Around this person. So he was in darkness. He requested that fire be lit. When the fire was lit. There was light and there was also

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So, a little bit of heat remember the meaning of about, but that light and heat was limited to who mahakala who just around this person, meaning the light was not that strong, it was not that big, it was dim, it was weak, which is why it only illuminated his surroundings. How will is from the new letters Hello lamb, and the word hound is used for the surroundings, the vicinity of a person or of a thing. So my whole the whole the light was just limited to him. So when this happened, Allah subhanaw taala says they have Allahu Allah took away that habit from the letters that have back and they have a bad habit is to go away from the same root as the word they have which is used for gold.

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Do you think there's any connection between gold and going away? When a person has gold? What fear does he have? It's gonna go away. Somebody is gonna steal it, somebody's gonna take it away from me, I might lose it. People have this fear. So that habit he took away he went, Allahu Allah, meaning Allah took away what venuti him with their light, the word means he went and when it comes with the word be like over here to help Allahu venuti him It gives meaning of taking away so he took away their light.

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Allah took away their light.

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Notice from the root letters noon well and the word now is also from root letters noon well, both are from the same root. What is new mean? Light and newer is such light that does not have any heat associated with it, though, has light and heat no has only light. Alright, so they have a lot will be new to him. A lot took away the light but what remained, the heat remained. The light was taken away, but the heat remained when the light was gone. What happened? What thought Oh, come home and he left them Taka from the Tetris. Rock after dark talk is to leave to abandon. So he left them a lot left them left to the people who were benefiting from that light field. Lulu Merton in

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darknesses avala math is a plural of volmer from the letters wha Lam Meem worm is injustice. Have you heard of the word Flim Flam, but literally the word means darkness. What does it mean? darkness. Because injustice will lead to darkness is when on the Day of Judgment. It leads to great trouble on the Day of Judgment. So what taraka homefield Luma, he left them in many darknesses. Notice the word is plural, darkness. It's how are they in many darkness is one of the darkness is referring to, first of all, this is the darkness of the night. How do we know that there is a darkness of the night? Because when would you ask for fire? When would you ask for light when you are in darkness,

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right? So when the fire is extinguished, then obviously a person has left were in the darkness of the night. Secondly, this darkness is you can say darkness after light. Has it ever happened with you that you're sitting in the room The light is on and all of a sudden somebody comes in turns off the light, when light is turned off, immediately you are in complete darkness you cannot see anything. But then after a few moments, what happens? You can see things you can't see them as clearly, but still you can see. So little map, these are darkness of the night, as well as the darkness that a person falls into when the light is taken away when the light is extinguished. This

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is why Allah says labels later on, they do not see ubislate on basara basara to see Salah alone, they do not see why do they not see because they are in darkness, the light has been taken away from them, let alone there feels automatic. Now if you look at this ayah I want you to look at the pronouns. What are pronouns, words that are he she they I want you to notice them in this ayah Matthew home is plural comma Salim Levy, Allah de is

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singular is Stoker the singular noun on a fire for llama, Atma hola who singular they have a low be naughty him plural, whatever can home field automatically lay you basilone plural. So we see that this is talking about the hypocrites because this is the example of the hypocrites but sometimes the last panel data refers to them in the singular form and other times in the plural form. Is this a contradiction? Because there are people who will say that look, there are grammatical errors in the Quran. And it's not possible that there could be grammatical errors in the Quran. Why? Because this book is the most eloquent book

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The word of Allah subhanaw taala there can be no grammatical errors. So why is it that at one point, singular is used and another point plural is used, because remember that this word Allah V, it can be used for singular and it can also be used for plural. Yes the word love He also has the plural form alladhina. However, Alevi is also used for plural sometimes. And because the singular form has been used over here, this is why all the pronouns afterwards estacada hola who they are singular, in order to keep the pronouns the same. Secondly, it has been said that this person who asked for fire to be lit is not alone. He is with his companions. So he is the one who asked for the fire to be

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lit. But there are his companions with him. He requested for the light to be turned on, when the light was turned on, he benefited from it. There are other people who also benefited from it. But when the light was taken away, everyone was in darkness. This is just like all of us are in this room. I asked someone, can you please turn on the lights? I asked only one person. But then if the lights are turned off, am I the only person who will be in darkness? No, everyone will be in darkness. So you understand this now. And the reason why I'm telling you about this is because this is the way that this example has been understood by many, many scholars, that it refers to the

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hypocrite who accepts Islam. He believes but then very soon, his Eman leaves him. He does not remain a believer. And when he believed when he accepted Islam, what happened? Many other people also followed him why because he was a leader figure. But then when he left other people left along with him. For example, we learned that Abdullayev and obey, he was the leader of the hypocrites in Medina. When the Prophet sallallahu Sallam came to Medina, he accepted Islam. He became a Muslim. Why? Because there were so many people who accepted Islam if he didn't accept Islam, he would look bad. And the reason why he accepted Islam the reason why he wanted to keep a good image of himself

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was because he was very you can say hi in the society before the Prophet sallallahu Sallam came, the people of Medina were divided into two tribes. And these two tribes were constantly fighting with one another. And there came a point where they said that said we have to forget about all this fighting, we have to appoint a leader for ourselves so that we can be united and the people of Medina decided that they were going to appoint Abdullah even obey as a leader. And it is said that they had also prepared a crown for him. But then when all of this was happening, the profits on a lot of them came to Medina and everybody paid attention to Mohammed Saleh. So I believe in a way, he

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felt jealous that I was going to become the leader. Here comes a prophet of Allah, and everybody's paying attention to him, I am being left out, I am being ignored. So apparently, he became a Muslim, he accepted Islam. When he accepted Islam, many others followed him. Those who looked up to him, they also followed him But very soon, the hub Allah will be new to him a lot took away their light. A lot took away their faith, their Eman, their Islam was gone. And they were left in darkness so that they could not see. The question is why would Allah take away their light? What is the light refer to By the way, man? Why would Allah take away their EMA and their faith? What's the reason?

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They were not sincere in the first place? They did not accept Islam for the right reason. Why did they accept Islam for worldly benefits for worldly gain? And this is why their Eman was very weak. If you notice the light that was kindled about Atma hola who it only illuminated his surroundings, it was very weak It was very dim. And when light is dim when it's very weak, what happens very soon, it extinguishes, it goes away. The slightest thing will cause the light to go away. This is why there Eman was taken away. According to many companions of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they said that this ayah is referring to those people who accepted Islam initially, but then they became

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hypocrites. They were in darkness, darkness of what shade of ignorance. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam came, Islam came they knew what was right what was wrong. What was Hillel what was wrong, what was good, what was evil. They got to know about it. They accepted it. They became believers. But their Eman was very weak. It was not strong. It was not for the right reason. And then very soon, they left Islam. How did they leave Islam on the inside, but on the outward they were still showing Islam in their heart. They were not believers anymore.

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Because remember, you have your own aloha when Latina

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Latina Avenue

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on the outside

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They were still professing Islam but on the inside their Islam was gone. It was diminished it left them with araca homefield automatic.

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Allah subhanaw taala says in certain African Ayah three, that rarely could be unknown, Amano sama, careful that the hypocrites they believed, and then they disbelieved. They believed but then they left Islam in their hearts. And on the outward, they showed Islam. Another reason why they had hypocrisy in their hearts or their Eman left them is because of the crimes that they committed the sense that they committed when a person becomes a Muslim is required to do certain things. Yes. For example, as Muslims when we make a promise with a law or with people, are we supposed to fulfill them? Yes. But if a person makes a promise, and he doesn't fulfill it, then he's committing a crime

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basically. And this crime is going to have consequences. And that consequences that the man becomes weak and weak and weak until it leaves a person does that ever happen with you that you do something wrong and you feel as though your emotion is very, very low. And when you do something good, you feel as if you're a man has become very strong. And if you do something wrong again, it feels weaker and weaker. So this is true. If you do wrong, your mind will only grow weaker and weaker and weaker. If you do good your demand will increase. So the hypocrites because of the wrong things that they do. Because of that their mind is taken away from them, it becomes low and low and low to the point

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that it completely dies out. We learned on instead of self if Allah subhanaw taala says vellum as well as Allah Cooper when they deviated and alpha cause their hearts to deviate. Similarly, we don't insert the Toba 77 that there was a person who made a promise that if Allah gives me a lot that I will spend in the way of Allah if I have a lot of money, I will give charity and when Allah gave him money, he did not give any charity. So Allah says for our cover homie Falcon, Falco loopy him Ella Yomi, el Kono Bhima, UCLA for la hemella. I do who will be McCann, who yuck the boon that he penalize them with hypocrisy in their heart until the day they will meet him because they failed a

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lot in what they promised him and because they habitually used to lie. So why is it that a lot took away their light? Why is it that a man left their heart because of the crimes that they committed because of the lies they uttered because of the promises that they broke? What does this show to us? What's the lesson in this for us? If we want to secure our man, then we better become faithful. If we want to secure our fate, if we want our demand to be strong, then we better obey Allah. We better fulfill our promises. We better be truthful because if we are insincere, if we become dishonest with Allah with the people, then this is a cause of hypocrisy. This is a cause of a man leaving the heart

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of a person they have a lot will be naughty him without aka homefield automatic law, you will sleep alone. They do not see anymore. They become blind. They're in the darkness. And you see labels later on when a person does not see, will he improve himself? Will he protect himself, he cannot even save himself if he's blind, they don't even see the wrongs that they're doing. So weakness of faith leads to hypocrisy. It leads to

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a loss of panel data further says, someone once who are deaf, someone is applauded at the word of some from their letter, Assad meme, meme, and so on is deafness. When a person is not able to hear what is summer deafness, when a person is not able to hear. So someone, they are ones who are deaf. Now, does it mean that a hypocrite is literally deaf? He cannot hear at all? Is this what the meaning is? No, this is not the meaning. Because we see at the moment obey and his companions, they would come to the gatherings of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and they would listen to the Quran. And when they heard the Quran, they even understood its meaning. So what does it mean by this

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deafness? Remember that there are two types of hearing two types of listening. One hearing one listening is that which is his See, which is physical history, that a person hear sounds, a person hears words, he's able to perceive the sound All right, the other type of hearing listening some is that which is modern UI, that which is intangible. And that is some are net fair, beneficial hearing, meaning a person benefits from what he has heard that if he heard something, he benefits from it. So there are deaf What does it mean? That they don't benefit from what they hear? It's amazing. Then when they sat in the gatherings of the prophets are allowed. They heard him speak,

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they heard his hotbar and imagine if you were given a chance to listen to the words of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam coming from his mouth.

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Isn't that amazing, but they sat in those gatherings and they did not benefit at all. They did not benefit at all from those gatherings. This is why a loss of final data tells us in the Quran inserted and file i a 21 that will add a conical Latina, colusa. Mariner, maroon door. Don't be like those people who say we have heard, but in reality they have not heard because they heard but they did not benefit from what they heard. What is the sign of benefiting from what a person has heard acting upon it that there's a change in the person that he's doing what he heard. He's doing what he's required to do. So the hypocrites there are some they are deaf, they hear but they don't

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benefit. They don't do what they're supposed to do. Someone Brockman bachman is the plural of I become from their electorates bear calf meme, and Africa is one who is unable to speak. And AFRICOM is used for a person who has never spoken, meaning he has been like this from birth. Now doesn't mean that hypocrites are literally dumb. They're literally mute, they cannot talk they cannot speak. Is that what the meaning is? It means they cannot speak out the truth. What they speak is false. What they speak is wrong, what they speak is evil. Like we learned earlier that a hypocrite when he fights, what does he do? He is ill mannered, he yells, he screams, he uses foul language. When he

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talks. He actually when he lies, how are they dumb that they don't speak the truth? Or only on ones who are blind or municipal or love? from their letters? I mean, yeah. And someone who was blind who is unable to see now doesn't mean that hypocrites cannot see at all. This is not what the meaning is. What it means is that they do not benefit from what they see, just as they do not benefit from what they hear. They do not benefit from what they see. They see the truth. They see the signs that are very obvious, but they still don't benefit from them. from Laos, your own so they will not return. You'll do your own from raw grain from the words, would you Unruh jewel is to return to go

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back. So they will not return? They will not return to what to even because remember, they were in darkness. They asked for light they had a man now is referring to what he meant. They had a man. But because it wasn't for the right reason what happened, that email left. When that man left, they became someone Bookman oromia. So they will never ever go back to a man. And why is it that they will never ever go back to a man? Because all the means to guidance are blocked or closed? How does a person accept the truth? Either he sees it, or he hears it, or he understands it? But if a person does not hear it, he does not see it. He doesn't understand it, then is it going to ever get to the

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truth? No. If you want to get to a destination, you have to either hear instructions, or you have to see your way. Or you have to understand when you're supposed to go. But if you don't understand don't see don't hear can you get to your destination, you cannot. So for whom lie on your own, they will never ever go back to guidance. So who are these hypocrites? These are the hypocrites who were believers at one point, they had a man at one point, but when they did not benefit from their email, when the email was not for the right reason, they became hypocrites. And when they have become hypocrites, Allah says For whom layer zero because they are deaf, dumb and blind. Notice the

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description of the hypocrites of Africa, of being dumb, unable to speak. What does it mean by this? they're unable to speak the truth. You see, the thing is that when you see something, and when you hear something, if you benefit from it, are you going to speak it? Yes. For example, you hear something very interesting, a very interesting story. Are you just going to keep it to yourself? Are you going to share it with someone when you go home? You're going to share it similar to you see something amazing. Are you going to tell other people about it? Yes, you are going to tell other people about it. So when something has gone in, it will come out. But if the truth has not gone in

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when it comes out of them? No. What is it show that a hypocrite does not benefit from the truth that is given to him and he does not benefit others from the truth that he may come across. He is not a carrier of truth. He doesn't receive it. He doesn't get it. He doesn't benefit from others. Others don't benefit from him. This is something very scary.

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Very scary.

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When a person comes across something good, he should be able to take it in and he should be able to benefit others with it. If he doesn't benefit others, then He's useless. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that the example of the guidance that Allah subhanaw taala has sent him with is like rain that falls on the

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The ground and land is a different different types. One type of land, what is it do it absorbs the water, it absorbs the rain and it produces a lot of greenery, a lot of plants. So what happens the land has benefited from the rain. And the creation of a lot also benefits from the plants that the land has produced. Another type of land, what does it do? It does not absorb the water, but at least it retains the water. So when it retains the water other people can benefit from it at least, the land itself does not benefit but people can benefit. But there's another type of land which neither retains the water, nor does it absorb the water as the waterfalls on it, what happens, it gets

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washed off. This is the hypocrite. This is the monastic he learns about the truth. There are many opportunities where he gets to know about what the truth is. He sees it, he hears it, but he doesn't benefit. He doesn't pass it on someone Bookman earlier on layer zero, so they will never ever return. They will never ever return to guidance. This is shows to us that if a person accepts Islam or claims to be a believer, and then afterwards leaves Islam was he actually every believer, he man never truly entered his heart. Because when a man enters a heart of a person, truly, then it does not leave. It does not leave. If it leaves, it means that it never entered the heart. We learned

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that it was a fan when he was traveling to hit up who was the king of the Romans he called Abu sufian the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had sent a letter to his local inviting him to Islam, and I was a piano at that time was not a Muslim. And he asked us if he had many questions about the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And one of the questions that he asked was that is there anyone who accepts his religion and then leaves that religion out of anger out of displeasure. Sabu Sufi and said no, there is no one who accepts this religion and then leaves it out of anger out of displeasure. And hirako replied that, likewise is true faith. This is true faith when its delight enters the heart and mixes

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with it completely. When a man truly enters the heart of a person that it doesn't leave, if it has left than it means it never really truly entered. Another very important lesson that we learned from this ayah is that Allah subhanaw taala he only gives a man and guidance to the person who truly wants it. If a person pretends on the outside that I'm going to accept very soon that light will be taken away from him. If a person does not have the yearning, the desire from the inside, then no matter how much it is forced upon him, no matter how much he pretends it's not going to benefit him, it's not going to stay. When is it going to stay when a person wants it when a person desires it?

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Because the deen of Allah subhanaw taala is not that cheap. It's not something to be played around with. If a person tries to play around with the deen of Allah. Allah takes his Deen away from that person. Because the deen of Allah is not that cheap.