Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 01 – L018B

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The Bagan's Book is a reference for people to thank for their success and their mission. The speakers emphasize the importance of remembering and thanking the book and the difficulty of being grateful for blessings given to individuals. They stress the need for people to be given permission to interact with others and for them to do things like testing and learning. The concept of "over there" is emphasized, with speakers emphasizing the need for individuals to make decisions based on their own experiences and values.
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Good Lamia Shivani Rajim smilla Rahmanir Rahim, Yemeni Islam eel, or children of Islam, with Kuru near Mati allottee, and unto Aleikum, remember my favorite which I have bestowed upon you, or unbelief, Ubuntu Come on me, and that I prefer you over the world, the Bani Israel, the children of your Kubernetes, the descendants of your Kubernetes alum, they were chosen, what were they chosen for? So that they would obey Allah subhanaw taala themselves. And they would also call others to the obedience to Allah soprano data,

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that they would be on the straight path. And they would also invite others to the street. But this was the mission that they will give me. And because of this mission, they were made, the leaders of the diamond guide, they were made, the chosen people.

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Allah subhanaw taala chose them, he guided them, and he preferred them over the entire mankind.

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But as time passed by, what happened to the Bani Israel, they forgot their mission, they forgot the purpose for which they were chosen, they forgot the purpose for which they were chosen. And instead, they began thinking that we are special, we are chosen. Why? Because we are the children of yaku. We are the children of the prophets. They thought that they were special, because they belonged to a specific lineage, they belonged to a specific family, they were of a specific race. However, we know that a person has chosen not because of whose child he is, or which lineage he belongs to, or which country he is from, which tribe user, which race he is off. But instead, he is chosen. Why? Because

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of his merit, because of his actions, because of what he does. And because the bunny is like you forgot their purpose, they left their mission behind. Therefore, they didn't really remain the chosen people. Because obviously, they were chosen to fulfill a particular mission. And when they didn't do it, what did that show, they weren't really chosen anymore.

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So we see over here, that in order to rectify this thinking, in the money, Australian that they're chosen only because they are our particular family, Allah subhanaw taala sent the last messenger not from among them, but from among the Balu is Mary from the Arabs, to show to them, that a person is not special, only because he belongs to you. But a person is special, why? Because of his knowledge, because of what he does. And Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam is chosen, why? Because he has been given the message to deliver to the people.

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So when the prophets are a lot of sort of was chosen for among the bundle is Mario, this thinking of the Bani Israel was being rectified.

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And over here, in the following verses, we will see the shift of this great blessing that was given to the bunny Israelites.

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And it was shifted now from them to the rest of the world.

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Why? Because they did not value, this blessing that was given to them. They did not give the half of the book that was given to them previously read and Latina Latina who will kita yet Luna who have gotten away with it. And part of giving the half of the book is applying the book. Those who apply the book Who are they like a millionaire B. Those are the ones who truly believe in the book. And those who disbelieve in the book, those who do not give the heck of the book, who are they? They are those who are hassled, there are those who suffer loss. So in the case of the bunny is right here as well, when they didn't give the hook of the book. They suffered loss. And what was that loss? That

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the honor the special favors that they enjoyed for so long. We're now taken away from them and they were transferred to others.

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Over here, we see that for the past 10

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we were learning about the different blessings that were given to the bunnies right

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They were being reminded of the promises that they had made with Allah soprano Tada. Why? Because all of that was a special invitation to the Bani Israel so that they would believe.

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And when they didn't believe this favor was taken away, the blessing was shifted.

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And over here, Allah subhana wa tada invites them with a final invitation. warns them with a final warning.

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Yeah, Bunny is like you, or children of Islam

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or children of yaku. Who are you? You are the children of the prophets. what suits you that you should follow the way of the prophets accept the truth? You have any Israelite you? Both Kuru near Mati and Lottie and unto aliko. Remember the blessing, which I have bestowed upon you

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with Kuru is from the and Victor is to remember that which has been forgotten, or to mention something on a person's tongue.

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And over here, they're being told to do Vicar of what of the blessing which they were given. Which blessing is it, that the money is what you were given? Which blessing in particular, were they given? Which nirma were they given? The nirma off the D, the nirma, of being the chosen people, the nirma off the diet, the Nirmal of keytab.

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And remember that the word nirma, as we learned earlier, as well, is an essence. So it doesn't just apply to one blessing, but it applies to many blessings. So what are the many blessings of the Bani Israel were given? First of all, the blessing of the Secondly, the blessings of dunya they had kings like there would, and still a man and his center.

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And also they enjoyed many other favors because of being the chosen people

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with Kuru near Mati, allottee, and Angelica, and remember that Vicar of a neuroma is to offer gratitude for that nearby.

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So in other words, be thankful for all of these blessings that we have bestowed upon you. Be thankful. And how should you be thankful? Believe in the Quran that I have sent?

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What only football to come on an island, and that I prefer you over the world's meaning also remember this favorite of mine, that I prefer you over the words, and give thanks to me for this great reference. For this great favor. Remember football to is from felt botlane and what is follow

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an extra favor that is given to someone to give someone something more than what they deserve.

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For both to come and an enemy, I chose you above the entire mankind, all of the people of the world.

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So we see in this ayah that the greatest blessing that Allah subhanaw taala gives to a person is the blessing of Eman is the blessing of hedaya.

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Most artists and I was sent to the Bani Israel as a messenger. He didn't just guide them, he also saved them from their enemy. And once they were saved, they were bestowed with so many blessings, a loss of Paradise and so many profits to them. A loss of panel data guided them.

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And what were they supposed to do? What are they been told to do over here? Be grateful? Remember the blessings, don't forget them, and be grateful.

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So what lesson do we learn from this?

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Each one of us has been given many blessings by our last panel. What should we do? We should remember the blessings as well. Just as a bunny is right, you were told to remember the blessings that they were given.

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What were the bunnies trying focusing on at the time of the Prophet subtle notice?

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What was your problem? Why couldn't they accept the Prophet sallallahu Sallam? Because he was not from them. They forgot all of the blessings that they were given. And they focused on just one problem. They focused on just one problem. And what do we do as well. We forget all of the blessings that we have been given. And we get stuck with left little issues. And we forget to be grateful for the 1000s of blessings that Allah has given us. Allah pelotonia tells us into the Ebrahim. Let in Shackleton let us see the nickel, that surely if you're grateful, then I will surely increase you in what in favor.

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If you are grateful for the blessings, I will increase the

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Blessings upon you.

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So the money is rather being told, be grateful. And in this is a message for all of us as well. Be grateful. Don't look at the problems, don't look at what you don't have. Look at what you have.

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And so many others don't have. The bunnies are being reminded, look at what you've enjoyed for so long. Nobody else had it, but you be grateful for this blessing.

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Also, another important thing that we see in this ayah is that Allah subhanaw taala has preferred some people over others, some nations over others, everybody's not the same. Some have been given more talent, others have been given more wealth, others have been given more knowledge, others have been given more resources, everybody is not the same. Some have been given more with respect to their lunia and others have been given more with respect to their Deen with respect to their art.

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And what should we do? What should we do? instead of becoming jealous, we should look at what we have. Or also we see that a person who has been given he should be grateful for what he has been given. And a person who has not been given something, what should he do? He should be patient. And you should be grateful for the little that he has been given.

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But when can a person have this attitude? When a person has a positive outlook on life?

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When a person doesn't look at, you know, I don't have this and he has that.

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But he looks at the positive side Alhamdulillah I have this, if I don't have this at least I've been given this. So the bunny is trying What are they focusing on? He's a messenger from the EU. The last messenger is from the blue is married, not from us. And they were forgetting all of the other best things that they were given.

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Then they're told what the COO Yeoman, and fear a Day, which day lethargy is enough center and F's in shader, when no soul will suffice for another soul at all. We have done these two very similar verses before as well, which is why I'm not going into detail of each and every word. What tacoman LED that is enough sun and enough sun shader. That is he is from Jersey, Jean z. Yeah. And Joseph is to give recompense, and when the agenda is followed by an, what does it mean? To come in use of the other,

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to be enough for the other, to suffice the other?

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So no soul will be enough for another soul on that day. What does it mean? That no soul will come and help another on that day. And notice the word is enough soon. Any soul, any person, remember how righteous he is? No matter how we could use, even if he's related, he will not come. He will not be able to help the other. Even a father will not be able to avail his son. We learn insolate Look, man, I number 33 Allah subhanaw taala says, Yeah, you have nurse it the horror of back home, all mankind or people fear your Lord will show Yeoman and fear a Day, which they lay a jersey where they don't have a wallet, he whatever luden who are jazzing on where did he shave

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a day, when no father will avail his son a day when no father will avail his son nor will a son avail his father at all. People who are so close to us today, they will be of no benefit to us on that day. Why is this being mentioned over here? Because a bunny Australia, they would say that we are the children of Allah. We are the special ones of Allah subhanaw taala We are the beloved ones of Allah soprano. Similarly, they would say, lanta masala, narrow Illa Yamamoto Duda. Fire will not touch us except for just a few days and eventually we're going to go to Paradise.

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Their misconceptions are being removed over here. Yes, you are the children of the righteous ones. You are the children of the prophets. Your father was your uncle, who was the grandson of Abraham.

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But even if you are the child of the most righteous person, on the surface of the earth, if you yourself, don't do anything, your father will not help you in that day.

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Your ancestors cannot help you on that day. Your teacher cannot help you on that day. What is going to help you on that day? What is going to help you on that day

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What you have done, your actions, actions that will gain the pleasure of Allah

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and the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala. The approval of Allah soprano Dada is what takes the person to gender. And when can a person really get that pleasure by doing something.

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So over here, the Australian are being told, latter jersey, that soon enough sunshine, don't depend on others for your success, do something yourself, you are accountable for yourself, and you will get what you deserve. And this is a message for each and every one of us.

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Many of us, we rely on our Muslim family, we rely on the particular lineage that we are off, that we are of the same family, we're of this family, we're of that family, it's not going to help lead that is enough soon enough. So

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what is going to help on that day?

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What you've done yourself

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be responsible for your own actions.

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Also, when I met her, I didn't know either will be taken from a person other instrumental factors in them and others that which is equivalent to another, which is why the word others ought to use for justice, because everybody is given equal everybody is given what they deserve.

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And the word other is also use for compensation. Why? Because a compensation is given in order to free someone, both sides become equal, a compensation is given in order to ransom someone.

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So, it is something that is equivalent to the person for example, even in the dunya, when a fine is paid, or when a bill is given, right, how much is that? It is determined according to according to the level of the person

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right. So similarly, the word Anil is used for a ransom. So like Romania, I don't know ransom will be accepted from a person on that day, which ransom, a ransom that a person could give in order to free himself from the punishment.

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So much so that even if a person gives the entire earth to free himself, he will not be freed.

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Even if he gives the entire Earth spill of gold, he will not be released.

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We learn in sort of earlier in life I number 91. Allah says, In the levina cafa, one or two wahaca farrowed fileio cobalamin aha de Mille, RP, the heaven, one with cadabby.

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Indeed, those who disbelieve and die while they're disbelievers never would the whole capacity of the earth in gold be accepted from one of them. If he would seek to ransom himself with it.

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In this dunya of a person gets caught, we say, Okay, tell us what you want. We'll give it just free My child, free my son free my uncle will give whatever you ask just free this person. But on the Day of Judgment, when a person is held accountable for his sins, and when he is destined to Hellfire, no matter what he gives, even if it's the entire Earth spill of gold, he is not going to be freed. Also, Allah warns us why Latin Pharaoh Russia, nor any intercession will benefit a person in that day. Shiva is from new countries, Shin farine and chef is used for even opposite of odd and cefa is when one person joins another. The person was alone, odd. Another joined him became even, and why

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does he join him, so as to advocate for him, to intercede for him to plead his request in front of another either to get some benefit or to remove some harm?

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What happened for Russia? So what do we learn from this part of the if that if a person dies, what Allah is angry with him, his work is not going to help him, no person is going to help him and no intercession will either be accepted from him.

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But remember that this part of the ayah does not mean that there is no intercession on the Day of Judgment. No, there is intercession on the Day of Judgment, but only for those who Allah subhanaw taala approves.

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Remember that there are two types of intercession. The first intercession is shutdown Cobra shutdown was the major shutdown.

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Which is that the prophets are allowed. So they will intercede on the day of judgment and request Allah subhana wa tada to begin the hisab, on the day of judgment.

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And there is a very long Hadith, which is mentioned in Alba Hari and many other books as well, which is about how the people on the Day of Judgment, they'll be waiting for the hisab to begin for the accounting To begin, and the sun will be so close. And they will be sweating. Because of the heat and the fear of what's going to happen. The agony is going to become completely intolerable. So the people are going to go to other writing them, and they're going to request him to request our last panel data to begin the accounting. And otherwise, I was going to say no, no, I cannot see enough see. And like this, they will go to each and every messenger from New Zealand to Ibrahim and

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Instagram to musala Santa Teresa is that up until eventually they will come to the profit sort of artisan. And when they will come to the profits on a lot of a sudden, they will say that oh Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam you are Allah's Messenger and the last of the prophets and Allah forgive your early and late sins. Please intercede for us with your Lord, don't you see in what state we are? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam then said that then I will go beneath Allah soprano without his throne and fall in frustration before my Lord. And then Allah will guide me to such praises and glorification to him, as he has never guided anybody else before me, then it will be said to me, all Mohammed,

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raise your head, ask and it will be granted, intercede and your intercession will be accepted. So we see that this part of the ayah doesn't mean that there will be no intercession on that day. But it's giving us another meaning because there is intercession on the day, which intercession. The first is the shofar that is Cobra, which is what the prophet said a lot of sort of will intercede for the day of judgment to begin.

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And the second type of Shiva is when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam the angels on the righteous, they will intercede for some people, what intercession is that? That these people be sent to gender? Or that they not be sent to Hellfire?

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And for this type of intercession? There are two conditions. There are two conditions. What are those two conditions that Allah must allow the intercessor to intercede? Allah must give the person permission to intercede. What do we learn in ikusi? Mandela lady yes for in devil in the evening. Who is it that can intercede with him except by his permission? So when people came today that you know that scholar of ours or that particular religious saint of ours, he is going to intercede for us and that's how we're gonna go to Jenna, how do you know if that person is even going to be allowed to intercede

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don't just depend on chavara.

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So the first condition is that Allah must allow the person to intercede and the second condition is that Allah must also be pleased with the person on whose behalf the intercession is being made, is being sought. For example, if someone intercedes for a disbeliever, that intercession is not going to be accepted.

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We learn intellectual madatha is number 48. from Earth and Pharaoh whom Scheffer to chef you're in, so there will not benefit them the intercession of any intercessors. Why? Because they themselves have not done anything to deserve the intercession.

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So Allah tells us over here, what's happened Pharaoh Harsha, on the day of judgment, intercession also will not be of any use until and unless a Lost Planet Allah allows, and he wills. So how can we just depend on Shankara? How can we just say that just because I'm of the aroma of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, no matter what I do, on the day of judgment, intercession, it will be made, and I'll go to China, how do you know it's going to work for you? You don't know. When that time for Russia, whatever means alone, and nor will they be helped?

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Meaning nor will the people be held against the punishment of Allah, against the judgment of Allah subhanaw taala.

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No one will be able to come and save a person take a person out of the punishment once it has been decreed for them. So what do we learn from this idea

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that we should all fear and prepare for the Day of Judgment.

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We should all fear the Day of Judgment.

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We should actively, consciously prepare for the Day of Judgment, because it's not an ordinary day.

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And we cannot say that oh, this might help or this might help with that might help. I belong to this family, that person I know, they might help chef or I might help, or I have a lot of wealth. And I can offer that on the day just know, this is not going to come in use, we have to prepare for the Day of Judgment.

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Also, we learn that we should make an effort ourselves. And we should stop relying on others. We should make an effort ourselves, and we should stop relying on others. We shouldn't stop doing good deeds, thinking that others will come and help us know, do something yourself.

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Now, after this reminder, the final reminder to the bunny Israel, Ibrahim, and his salon is mentioned in the following verses that look at how he became a leader.

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Not because he was from a particular family, but because of what he did. And what did he do. He obeyed Allah. And he spread the message to others as well. He invited others during a loss of panel data as well. And this is what truly makes the person the leader.

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The Bani Israel thought were all of the children of Israel were chosen, no matter what we do doesn't matter. This thinking was incorrect. And because of this thinking, they didn't fulfill their mission. And because of that, the prestige, the honor that they were given, was taken away. And now the example of Ibrahim al Islam is being mentioned. This is how a person truly becomes someone who is chosen. How when he accepts the message himself, and he also gives it to others. That's listen to the recitation of these two verses.

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Yeah, let me

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coup mentality and non duality.

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from one to

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is enough to none.

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The second shofar is when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam the angels of the righteous they will be allowed to intercede for the people

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that have Lost Planet Allah mentions Ibrahim

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why the patella Ibrahim or boohoo be captivating,

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and mention all Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when Ibrahim Alayhi Salam was tried by his Lord with commands for Adam mahana and he fulfilled them.

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What if gives the meaning of both Kuru so Prophet sallallaahu salam, O Kuru, this, remember this mentioned this as well. So far, a lot has been reminded A lot has been mentioned of the Bani Israel. Now, the prophets are the last in almost all mentioned this to the people as well. What that when Ebola, Ibrahima or boohoo when the Lord of Ibrahim alayhis, Salam tested him.

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Notice over here, if Allah Ibrahima or boo hoo, Ibrahim, Ibrahima or boo,

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remember that in the Arabic language, you determine who is doing the action, and who the action is being done upon. So in other words, the subject and the object of a sentence, how, by the haircut on the last letter,

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by the head, aka, on the last letter?

00:29:20 --> 00:29:30

Who is the subject for example, you say, I ate an apple. So who is the subject who is doing the action? i? What's the object? Apple.

00:29:31 --> 00:29:59

So in the English language, the way the sentences are structured, I ate and Apple by the placement of the subject and the object, you can figure out who is doing the action and who the action has been done upon, isn't it? But in the Arabic language, no additional words are put, how you figure out who is doing the action, and who the action is being done upon, is by the head aka on the last letter. So for example, over here you see, Ebola is the verb

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He tested, it's the action that is being done. Who is doing the action? And who is the action being done upon?

00:30:07 --> 00:30:11

Is it ebrahimian? So who is doing the action? Or is he the object?

00:30:12 --> 00:30:25

If you see Rob, boohoo, Rob boo, it ends with them. Right? And if a noun ends with a month, that means that that noun is doing the action.

00:30:26 --> 00:31:23

Okay? That means that that noun is the subject, it is doing the action. I'm telling you this, because a person might think that Abraham, Abraham is coming first. So how come he did not test? No, Ibrahim is the object over here. Okay. And if you notice Ibrahim ends with a Fatah, when a word ends with a Fatah that means it is an object it is the one on whom the action has been done. So how would you translate this a bit Allah Ibrahima Prabhu, when the Lord of Ibrahim Alayhi Salaam tested him? When Allah subhanaw taala. Tested who tested Ibrahim are they Salah? Not Ibrahim tested his Lord? No, that is completely incorrect. Okay, so when he visited that Ibrahim or abou when his Lord tested

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Justin who tested Ibrahim and he said

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the word Tana is from the roof letters. Bad lamb Yes, yeah. Or Batman well, but I yeah blue

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which means to test to try.

00:31:39 --> 00:31:51

But what kind of a test is this, the word fitna is also used for test, it is said that banana is used for a trial in which there is hardship

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in which there is hardship

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in which there is severity there is intensity, meaning it is a very intense test. It is a very difficult test. And by difficulty, it doesn't mean that a person is suffering from poverty or suffering from pain or suffering from a sickness. It could be something good as well, that a person is experiencing. But it is a test. That is very difficult. Because Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran what Bellona one, will has an ad, per se ad, and we tested them through good and also through evil. Because when a person is enjoying a lot of good, even then he's been tested, and it becomes a more difficult test. Because it's a test of gratitude. It's a test of obedience, does a person

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really continue to obey or not?

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Okay. So Vanna is what kind of a test, it is a test that is very difficult. It is a test that is very intense.

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And even the word that you see over here, banner is just a test that is very difficult. And evil Tila is to test someone through a difficulty through a very difficult test, why in order to know their true words or in order to reveal in order to expose their true worth?

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What kind of a test is it?

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It is a test through which the true worth of a person is known.

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And the true worth of a person is revealed. It is exposed. It is made known to the people the people know, okay, this is the kind of a person he is. So when Ibrahima Hassan was tested through several commands, what did that reveal? What did that show that he was truly an act of Allah, that he was truly sincere to Allah, that he was truly someone who deserved leadership. He was truly someone who deserved leadership.

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So why inhibit Allah Ibrahima or boo? notice over here, Allah says Rob boo his Lord tested him. His Lord, not just Rob, that just trouble me. Remember the movie as a two types rubia there is armed allies are up of everyone. He takes care of them. He provides them he nourishes them he plans for them. And then there's the movie that is hos that Allah subhanaw taala nourishes some nurture some in a special way. How through even how through faith through there. And sometimes through tests, sometimes through difficult situations as well.

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Because if you look at it, Ibrahim al Islam is being tested and that Allah subhanaw taala

00:35:00 --> 00:35:20

Including that in his room will be at the risk fossa because it is a part of our last panel Dinah's planning, and nurturing us that he makes us go through tests. He makes us go through difficult situations. Why? Because the more tests we go through, the stronger we become,

00:35:21 --> 00:35:53

the more tests we go through, the stronger we become, the more determined we become, the more we know ourselves. And if we're not tested, what happens? We don't really put much effort is in itself. For example, you've been tested once with half ages. And inshallah very soon you'll be tested with the second half of the juice. Why? Why are people tested? So that it is known where they stand? How much really have they studied?

00:35:54 --> 00:36:21

And with the fear of the test, what do we do? What do we do? We study, we make sure we've attended all of the lessons, we make sure we that we've memorized all of the lessons as well, that we haven't missed out anything. Right? So tests are there, not to harm us, not to make life difficult for us. But they are there why to improve us to make us grow. And it's a part of a loss of hands on explaining.

00:36:22 --> 00:36:25

So what he did today, Ibrahima little boo.

00:36:26 --> 00:36:33

It will humanism has been mentioned about 25 times in the Quran. And this is the first time where he's mentioned

00:36:34 --> 00:36:35

who was Ibrahim

00:36:37 --> 00:36:51

Ibrahim, Hassan was a prophet who was sent after the time of new Raisa, not before, but after New hernia center. And he was from the city of Iraq.

00:36:52 --> 00:36:58

He was from the city of Rome, in Iraq, around 2000 BC,

00:36:59 --> 00:36:59


00:37:01 --> 00:37:02

around 2000 BC,

00:37:03 --> 00:37:08

and he was chosen as a Prophet and his people that is believed in him.

00:37:09 --> 00:37:56

His father, his entire family, his entire people, that is believed in him. And he was exiled from the city. The people tried to kill him. They tried to throw him into the fire. It didn't work and Ibrahim Hassan, he left, he couldn't live over there. Remember, exciting someone has done you know, either that you leave or that life is made so difficult that a person is not able to live and he has to leave eventually. So he left his country Iraq, and he went where? to Mecca and also to Philistine. Why, in order to establish the deen of Allah over there. And ebrahimian s&m was the father of his married or the Sunnah? And is how Krishna

00:37:57 --> 00:38:07

and remember that from the children of his haircut is that I was who his son was who yaku bridezilla, who was the father of the bunny Islam.

00:38:08 --> 00:38:32

And Ibrahim Ellison's other son was, is married, from whose descendants came Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. So in other words, Ibrahim rissanen was the father of the prophets. He was who the father of the prophets. And we know that Ibrahim Edison did a lot of work for a loss.

00:38:33 --> 00:38:40

He went through a lot of hardships, to spread the message of Allah to establish the deen of Allah.

00:38:41 --> 00:38:57

And he was made the leader of what, of all people why to spread the message. And how did this happen? He didn't just get leadership just like that. He attended through many, many tests that he underwent

00:38:58 --> 00:39:13

the bunnies, right also, they were tested. How? Through blessings. Remember, they were tested how through blessings? What were they supposed to do? become more obedient, be grateful. What did they do?

00:39:14 --> 00:39:35

They failed the test. Ibrahim nslm was also tested. How? Through difficulties and what did he do? He passed the test. On one side is an entire nation. Bernie, you on the other side? You have one man

00:39:36 --> 00:39:37

who won?

00:39:38 --> 00:39:47

Who won? one man, one person. Why? Just because he was chosen? No, because of what he did.

00:39:48 --> 00:40:00

Allah subhanaw taala tested him. How did Allah test him? Because he met him with some words. Kenny mouth is a plural of the word kalama and Kadima Israel.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:07

veterus calf loves me. The word Kadima is used for a meaningful statement. What is

00:40:09 --> 00:40:10

a meaningful statement?

00:40:12 --> 00:40:18

And remember, over here what you see Kelly Matt, who's Kelly math are these elements of a loss upon

00:40:20 --> 00:40:22

the statements of a loss of

00:40:23 --> 00:40:36

the kennametal Allah subhanaw taala are of two types. First of all, can you match that or Kony, can you matter company? So for example, it includes decisions of Allah,

00:40:37 --> 00:40:39

decree of Allah soprano.

00:40:41 --> 00:41:13

What Allah subhanaw taala decides, for certain people, for certain times for certain nations, for example, Allah pilota decides that a particular time in this particular place, there should be rain for this much time. This person, Allah subhanaw, taala decides that he is to live these many years or in his life, he is going to have these many children or he's going to see this this this in his life. This is what came out of a loss of value meaning the statements the commands of Allah subhanaw taala that are what that our company,

00:41:14 --> 00:41:20

the second type of pennymac are getting met that are shuttering. What are they? The

00:41:21 --> 00:41:30

the commands that are lost paradata gifts, which are a part of the theme, which a person has to do, they are part of the D.

00:41:31 --> 00:41:36

So over here we see that Ibrahim in Islam was tested through calima,

00:41:38 --> 00:41:39

which can be met was he tested through

00:41:42 --> 00:42:07

Kony and shuttering it without hearing this and I was tested through both. It is said that Ibrahim Hassan, he was tested through kalimat. And these commands refer to everything that Ibrahim in Islam was commanded with, and everything that was decreed for him. Everything that he was commanded with, and everything that was decreed free.

00:42:09 --> 00:42:14

So for example, if we take the kalimat over here to be Kony, what does it mean by that?

00:42:15 --> 00:43:01

What does it mean by that? How was he tested? his own father became his bitter enemy, his own father, his own family, his own nation? What did they do? They threw him in the fire in order to kill him. This was what a decree of Allah was it not difficult for Ibrahim Melissa? Of course it was. So Kalamata Kony. Secondly, kalama tree. What are the examples of those, such as Ibrahim alayhi salam, he was commanded by Allah subhanaw taala, that he had to leave his wife and son in the middle of the desert, and he had to obey Allah.

00:43:02 --> 00:43:33

Similarly, he was commanded when his son grew older, that he had to go and slaughter his son, obviously his son, as we know, he was replaced by Iran. He didn't actually Father the Son, but he was commanded to do so. So this is what a command that was shuttering. It was part of the commands that Ibrahim al Islam was given. Similarly, Ibrahim alayhis salaam was given certain other commands, which are known as the acts of fitrah that Ibrahim al Islam was commanded to observe.

00:43:34 --> 00:43:40

For example, during the miswak, it was a shadowy command that was given to him, he had to do miss work.

00:43:41 --> 00:44:17

Similarly, clipping the nails. That was also a command in the Sharia, that Ibrahim al Islam was given. Similarly, removing excessive hair from the body. Similarly, many of the things that he was told, so act of fitrah that Ibrahima listener was commanded to follow, he was commanded to observe. So kalimat refers to which can be met, go knee, and shutter, everything that was decreed for him and everything that he was commanded with.

00:44:18 --> 00:44:30

Scholars have said that there were at least 33 commands at least 33 commands that were given to Ibrahim Renison and he was tested through them.

00:44:32 --> 00:44:38

Now you might think, cutting nails it's not really a test. It is for some,

00:44:39 --> 00:44:52

it is for some It really is. Similarly, cleaning the teeth, is it really a test it is for some people. It truly is a test for some people using the miswak is a test for some people.

00:44:54 --> 00:44:59

So he will test it through various instructions, various commands.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:31

Various decrees in his life, what did you for him and his salon do for Milan, then he fulfilled them, he completed all of them, he went through all of them. The word uttama is from the root letters that mean mean from the work done, but does deny me when something is complete, when something is made to reach the end, when something is fully accomplished, fully done, it is made to reach the end

00:45:32 --> 00:46:21

attempt by your team is to complete something in such a way that no flaw remains. Absolutely no flaw remains, you complete something fully, you do something completely and fully. It is done with complete precision. Nothing remains undone. For example, if you're cleaning your house if you're cleaning the kitchen, one is to just you know, put the dishes in the dishwasher and leave the rest of the sink or leave the food out on the table. Okay, but what is it to completely clean the kitchen? What does it mean by that? That you do all of the dishes you put all the food away? You clean the countertop, you clean the floor, everything is spotless This is what the ma'am is it ma'am

00:46:21 --> 00:46:55

is. So it is to completely and fully execute something such that nothing at all is left out. Nothing. So autonomy when he completed them what is then referred to kalimat, meaning he carried out all of the commands that he was given, do the exact requirements. He performed all of them, despite the fact that they were difficult for him. He was told to slaughter his own son. What did he do?

00:46:56 --> 00:46:59

He went ahead with it. He went ahead with it.

00:47:00 --> 00:47:07

He wasn't reluctant. He wasn't. He didn't stay behind from anything that he was commanded at the moment.

00:47:08 --> 00:47:16

So he did everything. without any hesitation. He did everything flawlessly. 100%.

00:47:19 --> 00:47:21

And this is why Allah subhanaw taala chose him.

00:47:22 --> 00:47:30

Now we have to think about the commands that we are given as well. What are we doing? We have Luna who have gotten our D. We're just getting by.

00:47:33 --> 00:48:17

Now, in this sort of so far, we have seen many tests have been mentioned. For example, Adam and insulin was also tested with what with the fruit of the tree agenda. But he failed the test. Similarly, the test of money Israel has also been mentioned, what did they do? They also failed the test. And now the test of Abraham and Islam is being mentioned. What did he do? a dumb hoonah Allah soprano Dada studying us. He passed the test. He passed the test. How? By completely carrying out everything that he was commanded to do.

00:48:18 --> 00:48:25

By being steadfast through all the difficulties, all the hardships that he suffered

00:48:26 --> 00:48:27

at Amazon.

00:48:28 --> 00:48:30

So as a result, what happened?

00:48:31 --> 00:48:47

Allah subhanaw taala rewarded him where in the dunya also Allah He said, who said a loss of pilotage he said in me Jerry Luca, indeed I am one who makes you, Jerry No. We have done this word before as well it is from the roof veterans gym.

00:48:48 --> 00:48:55

So indeed I am going to make you limb nursey for the people. Mmm, a leader.

00:48:56 --> 00:49:03

A lot told Ibrahim or Hassan. I am going to make you a leader for who Lynas for the entire mankind

00:49:04 --> 00:49:11

and I'm going to make you an email. The word email is from the roof letters Hamza meme meme.

00:49:12 --> 00:49:15

Hamza mean me the word i'm

00:49:16 --> 00:49:23

not i'm meaning or, but this is Hamza mean with a shudder under me. I'm with a mayor

00:49:24 --> 00:49:59

means to intend to aim for something. What does it mean to intend or to aim for something from the same root is the word own? Who isn't own mother? Why? Because a child is always always what looking for the mother intending for the mother. Right. Looking for the for the attention of the mother. So Eman is one who is followed? Who has an email one who is followed

00:50:00 --> 00:50:39

And own mother. The child follows the mother. Similarly Eman is someone who is followed. Someone who is looked up to someone who is consulted. Someone who is referred to a person intends to follow him. This is an email just as in Sala, who is the email the people behind him, they follow Him, isn't it. So the word email is used for anyone who is followed. It could be a person, it could be a book, it could be a road, it could be anything that is followed.

00:50:40 --> 00:50:57

And also remember that linguistically the word Imam is used for anyone who is followed, either in good or in bed. linguistically, the word Imam can be used for someone who leads others as a bad example as well, linguistically.

00:50:58 --> 00:51:01

But over here, obviously a man he was made an imam of all

00:51:02 --> 00:51:24

of the people with regards to height with regards to D. So in New Jersey, locally nassima I am going to make you a leader for all people. And we see this as a reality today as well. All of the major religions, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, what are they called?

00:51:25 --> 00:51:25

What are they called?

00:51:27 --> 00:51:33

The Abrahamic faiths, aren't they? Who is their leader? Ibrahim listener.

00:51:34 --> 00:51:45

So he was made an email of all people, even the prophets of Allah videosolo. He was told to follow who Ibrahim

00:51:46 --> 00:52:29

the Prophet sallallahu Sallam who is actually email of the man as we know that when he went for the Israel in the Mirage, the profits or loss of them that all of the profits in prayer, he was the Imam of the IMA. But the prophets are about us and was told to follow Ibrahim alayhis salam as well. We don't insult the natural Ayah 123 somehow hyena alayka, and it COVID militar, Ibrahima hanifa. One Academy then wished he can then we reveal to you or Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam, to follow the religion of Ibrahim inclining toward truth, and he was not of those who are associated with Allah. So even the prophets are about us. And it was slow to follow who Ibrahim

00:52:31 --> 00:52:46

Ibrahim elesa was made the leader of all mankind, of all people. This was the gift that he was given. Why when he obeyed Allah, when he did what he was commanded to do.

00:52:47 --> 00:52:49

So then the 123

00:52:50 --> 00:53:20

and we learned that Ibrahima hustler. He was extremely soft hearted. When he was given something, he didn't just want it for himself only. He wanted it for others as well. Which is why when he was given this good news that he was going to be made the Imam of all people, what did he say? Allah, he said, woman's of the Yeti, and also from my children, meaning and also make my children, the email for all mankind.

00:53:21 --> 00:53:39

Look at the confession of liberal humanism. Look at the lovely pro humanism that he had for his children. Also make my children the email, you know, someone who really loves their children, this is what they do any benefit that they get anything that they get, Who do they think of their children,

00:53:40 --> 00:53:45

even if they're having something like a good dessert, or something good to eat, what do they think of

00:53:46 --> 00:53:47

their children,

00:53:48 --> 00:53:51

if only I could get this to my daughter, if only I could get this to my son somehow.

00:53:53 --> 00:54:07

Ibrahim, Hassan was also very compassionate, especially towards his children. The word is a V It is a combination of zawiya and here at the end indicating me. So the reactive my children

00:54:09 --> 00:54:36

is from their own countries, then brah Hamza, then grow Ah, Hamza, though, that one literally means to create. What does it mean to create? So there are children who are given birth to children who are given birth to meaning create or give birth to? So the Ria, those who are given birth to those who come in existence because of you.

00:54:38 --> 00:54:43

Secondly, they said that the word is really yeah, it's from the root letters, that rah rah from the word that

00:54:44 --> 00:54:45

what is it that

00:54:46 --> 00:54:59

a particle, a small particle, smaller, small particles, what happens to them, they scatter. They spread, then children also what happens to them, they spread children who have grown up in the same

00:55:00 --> 00:55:35

House eventually end up in different countries in different continents. Right? So people, children, they spread, the word of the year is translated as children, but it doesn't just apply to one's immediate children. Instead, it applies to once progeny, once descendants, because the descendants of a person, what happens to them? They are born of him, and they increase them multiply, and as they increase and multiply, they spread.

00:55:36 --> 00:55:55

So he said from my the reader, as well, notice the reader is not my immediate children. What is he looking at? His descendants? Look how far sighted he is. He's not just looking at his children, but he's looking at his entire descendants.

00:55:56 --> 00:56:13

Allah He said, who said Allah subhanaw taala said, Lionello artisanally me my art my promise will not attain those people who do wrong. The idea nano is from the root letters known yet last name.

00:56:14 --> 00:56:43

It isn't the root Fs noonien from the word name and the name means to attain to reach what a person desires to get what a person desires. To reach the goal to reach the motor. from the same root is the word net in NA L is one who reaches one who attains his goal and net Illa. The feminine of net in which we say nyla, the name Neva

00:56:44 --> 00:56:59

What does it mean? One who reaches her goals one who attains her goals. So ligeia nano, it is not going to reach it is not going to attain what is not going to attain or hitting my Earth my promise which promise of my

00:57:00 --> 00:57:48

of leadership. This promise of mine is not going to include who have Alimi those who doesn't. This was the response that I lost parents already gave to Ibrahim anissina. So in other words, what is being said that those people who share those people who do evil, even if they are from your children, there is nothing further, there is no leadership for them. Leadership is for the one who fulfills the responsibilities of being a leader, not just because he is the child of someone, not just because he belongs to a particular family. So through this, the misconception that the bunny is trailhead, that we are the chosen people because we are the offspring, we are the children of the

00:57:48 --> 00:58:01

prophets, we are the children of people here in the center that is being removed. Because Allah said lagen no active learning. So what lessons do we learn from this ayah? That first of all, with

00:58:02 --> 00:58:23

that, remember, Ibrahim relates to them as well. So first of all, we see that Allah subhanaw taala is commanding the prophets of Allah. So don't you remember, the tests that Ibrahim and Hassan went through? to recall this particular chapter in history as well? Why? Because there are many lessons to learn from Ibrahim SLM as well.

00:58:24 --> 00:58:42

So what should we do? We should also mention and talk about Abraham humanism. To who, with who, with our families, with our children, with our friends, why? Because there is a great lesson for all of us, in the story of Ibrahim relation.

00:58:44 --> 00:58:56

Also, we learned from this ayah that Ibrahim Hassan was someone who was very much loved by Allah. Why? Because he fulfilled all of the elements that Allah subhanaw taala gave him

00:58:57 --> 00:59:23

because he fulfilled the kalimat Therefore, he was made the leader, he was made the holiday of Allah He was made a friend of Allah. Why? Because he fulfilled the kalimat and remember that when it comes to fulfilling the kalimat kalama cherry, okay, carrying out the commands for Calumet County, being happy and being content with the decree of Allah, that is also very important.

00:59:24 --> 00:59:28

So Ibrahim Alayhi Salaam was beloved to Allah. Why? Because he fulfilled the Karima

00:59:30 --> 00:59:38

also, we learn over here that a loss of penalty tests people, he even tests those who are beloved to him.

00:59:39 --> 00:59:59

He doesn't just test those who he does not like or those who are supposed to suffer punishment, but he also tests those who are righteous. Why? Because there is great wisdom behind testing people. And what is that wisdom? Why is the person put into a test

01:00:01 --> 01:00:29

To find the true worth, to show where exactly we stand. Also, sometimes tests are a means of improving us tests. They reveal our capabilities, our capacities, how much truly we can handle. Sometimes, when you're made to go through something like a very difficult thing in your life, you wonder, it's not possible for you to do it. It's not possible for you to handle it. But live and live alone, Epson Illa,

01:00:30 --> 01:00:41

Allah does not overburden us all more than what it can bear. So what do these tests show? Don't underestimate myself. Don't underestimate yourself, you can do more.

01:00:42 --> 01:01:32

For example, one of the Klamath county is what too fast in the month of Ramadan? Isn't it? When this Ramadan was coming? What would people think? It's in the summer? It's going to be so difficult, isn't it? But it's a test that we're all going through? And what has shown to us that we are capable of fasting even in summer, right? Generally in summer, what do we think? Oh, my God, I can't even think of fasting No way. But what has is shown to us that we can fast in the summer as well. Right? So tests, they show us what our capabilities are, how much really we can do? How much really can we handle? It shows us our capacities. Many times we underestimate ourselves. And because we

01:01:32 --> 01:01:36

underestimate ourselves, we deprive ourselves of doing what we can do.

01:01:37 --> 01:01:44

And when we're made to go through these difficult situations, then we're shown that really we can do more. So we should try to do more.

01:01:46 --> 01:02:03

Also, just they show the sincerity, the truthfulness of a person, how much really does he believe in the last panel data? How positive is he about the decisions of the last panel data? How patient is he over the decisions

01:02:05 --> 01:02:26

and also, tests are a means of purifying us. When gold is heated, when it is put into the fire, what happens? The impurities are removed, it is cleansed to clean anything rigorous effort is required. So we are made to go through tests Why? for our own benefit.

01:02:27 --> 01:03:01

There's a hadith that is mentioned in a Timothy in which the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said mangas Allah, but there will be many men at Phoenix he will weather the woman he had a lot of women and he hardly atone. trials will continue to befall the believing men and believing woman with regard to themselves with regards to their physical bodies, with regards to their children, and their wealth, until they meet a law with no sin on them.

01:03:02 --> 01:03:13

Also, we are tested why, as an expiation for our sins as forgiveness for our sins, we are made to go through difficulties why so that our sins are forgiven.

01:03:14 --> 01:03:37

Also we learn from another Hadees that is mentioned in a Timothy as well. He there are other level be updated on our agenda. But if it were either on either logo B or D shuttle, m saccharin will be then be hashtag UEFI a behavior will piano when Allah intense good for his slave, he punishes him in this world.

01:03:38 --> 01:03:51

When a lion fans good for his slave, what does he do? He punishes him in this world. But when he intends evil for his slave, he does not hasten to take him to task, but called him to account on the Day of Resurrection.

01:03:53 --> 01:04:09

So we see that does difficulties in life, they are a means of purifying us, because then we see our faults. Now, this doesn't mean that a person should desire to us he should pray for tests, he should pray for difficulties. No, it doesn't mean that.

01:04:10 --> 01:04:40

But if a person goes through difficulties, what should he do? What should he do? He should be patient, he should have supper. There is a hadith that is also mentioned in activity, that the greatest reward comes with the greatest trial. greatest reward comes with the greatest trial. When Allah loves people, he tests them. Why? So that they have an opportunity to do something.

01:04:41 --> 01:04:45

They have an opportunity to do sugar for what they still have.

01:04:46 --> 01:04:51

And when they do suffer, what's gonna happen, they're going to increase in the reward.

01:04:52 --> 01:04:59

The Hadeeth continues, that whoever accepts that whoever accepts what the difficulty that Allah sends to a person

01:05:00 --> 01:05:29

When's His pleasure? Whose pleasure, the pleasure of Allah? So what does it show? That when a difficulty comes our way, the first thing is to accept that difficulty? To say, Okay, yeah, Allah, this is your decision for me, I accept it, and the person who accepts it, he wins the pleasure of Allah. But whosoever is discontent with the decision of Allah earns his wrath

01:05:30 --> 01:05:55

earns the anger of Allah. So what are we supposed to do? Accept the difficulties that come our way. Because when we accept, then we win the pleasure of Allah. When we don't accept, then we earn the anger of Allah Calumet County are what the decrees of Allah, the decisions of Allah with regards to our lives. So when we go through difficulties, we should be patient.

01:05:56 --> 01:06:17

Also, there is another Hadees that is mentioned alternate tivity, in which the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, My unity level will be higher than usaver mean who, when Allah loves of people, he puts them to trial. He puts them to difficulty. Ibrahim Alayhi Salam was beloved to Allah. Allah still tested him.

01:06:18 --> 01:06:43

Allah still tested him because whosoever Allah loves, he puts him in difficulty. So when we're going through some difficulties, don't think that Allah hates, you know, we should look at maybe I have done something wrong, because sometimes tests are there to wake us up as well. Though we should also be positive. This is the decision of Allah, I have to accept it. And Allah makes things easy.

01:06:45 --> 01:07:38

So Allah soprano Dada wanted to make Ibrahim alayhi salam, a leader. That is why he tested him. So when something is intended for a person, he is made to go through difficulties. musala salon, went through so many difficulties in his life before becoming a prophet. He was in Egypt, he killed a man accidentally, and he left Egypt in a hurry. He went through the desert with nothing. He ended up in a place. And he lived over there working for a family for 10 years. And then he was a shepherd for so long. And then when he went back when he was made a profit, whether the last panel dynasty was done or Touka, Lena FSI, now, I have chosen you for my work because now you are ready for my work.

01:07:39 --> 01:07:57

If we don't go through difficulties, if we don't go through trials, we cannot be ready for the work that Allah is giving us. If Ibrahim didn't go through all these difficulties, he wouldn't be able to become a leader. So difficulties are a part of life, they will come

01:07:59 --> 01:08:03

and they come Why to prepare us for that which is more important.

01:08:05 --> 01:08:18

And we should also remember that with the difficulty There is also ease sometimes we don't see the ease, it comes later on. But it does come in Mr. ursery, use fraught with difficulty. There is

01:08:19 --> 01:08:26

also we learn from this is another very important lesson, that leadership is not something that is inherited.

01:08:28 --> 01:08:46

Leadership is not something that is inherited, but it is earned through one's hard work. It is earned through one's hard work. Why leja nanhu artist What do you mean? He said woman's reethi what Allah say lionell

01:08:48 --> 01:08:49

my promise is not for those who do one.

01:08:51 --> 01:08:59

Another very important lesson that we learned is that a violent person, the person who does one does not deserve to be a leader.

01:09:00 --> 01:09:04

A person who does learn does not deserve to be a leader.

01:09:05 --> 01:09:18

Scholars have said in the past, that Allah subhanaw taala allows a government of COVID to rule but he does not allow a government of

01:09:19 --> 01:09:20

oppression to

01:09:22 --> 01:09:31

allow will allow disbelievers to, but if someone is oppressive, even if he claims to be a believer, Allah will not allow those people to

01:09:33 --> 01:09:46

Allah will not give victory to them. Allah will take away leadership from them. Because one who does want does not deserve to be a leader. Lay and Allah divided me. My promise does not include those people who do so

01:09:48 --> 01:10:00

many times when we get any position of leadership, whether it is being the leader of the house, of children of a small class, what do we do? We think we can do

01:10:00 --> 01:10:12

whatever we want, we cannot do whatever we want. We are still under the laws that Allah has given us. And when a person does one, that leadership is taken away from him law you know,

01:10:15 --> 01:10:16

let's listen to the recitation

01:10:17 --> 01:10:18


01:10:29 --> 01:10:30

All in

01:10:35 --> 01:10:36


01:10:38 --> 01:10:39


01:10:48 --> 01:10:48

what is john

01:10:51 --> 01:10:59

and mentioned when we made the house a place of return for the people, what um, now and also a place of security,

01:11:01 --> 01:11:27

what is the meaning of profits are allowed to sell them to the people, this fact as well? What that when we made the house, lb l bank is from the root letters back yet and the word bait is used for house birthing A B two literally means to spend the night What does it mean to spend the night doing something or being engaged in something?

01:11:28 --> 01:11:52

And Beit is a place where a person spends the night and what is that? The house? The word elbaite over here, notice it is elevate it is the house. So it is the specific house which specific houses This is the karma, which is called beta law as well.

01:11:53 --> 01:12:11

Why is it called beta law? Why is it called house of Allah? Because by saying house of Allah, the house is being honored. It is not an ordinary place. It is not an ordinary building. It is a special place. It is a special building.

01:12:13 --> 01:12:21

You go to someone's house, why? In order to meet them? You go to the curb? Why, in order to worship Allah subhanaw taala.

01:12:22 --> 01:12:27

You face the Kaaba in every prayer. Why? In order to worship of God,

01:12:29 --> 01:12:40

or his journal Baker and when we made the house meaning the Baitullah the carbon, we made it what we made it my Sabbath and leanness a place of return for the people.

01:12:41 --> 01:12:44

The word Mesaba is from the roof letters that well,

01:12:45 --> 01:12:47

any other word from the same word?

01:12:48 --> 01:12:50

For word, what does that mean? reward.

01:12:51 --> 01:13:02

And remember the word soap, which is used for cloth as well, for garments for clothes. soap, literally is when something is returned to its original state.

01:13:03 --> 01:13:17

What is it when something returns to its original state? So the web is a return, it's a return, it's a recompense for the action that a person has done.

01:13:18 --> 01:13:24

And the third hour is always according to the deed that a person has done.

01:13:25 --> 01:13:39

And so clothes also what do we do we wear them, we put them on, we put them back into the closet, we put them on again, we put them back, we put them on again, so they keep returning to their original place, which is our bodies on us.

01:13:40 --> 01:13:57

My father, it begins with the letter meme. What does that indicate? It's a noun but which now Mrs. Notice it has a fat hat on it, none of them. Muslim, more men move said the meme has a llama on it.

01:13:58 --> 01:14:05

But this one has a fatality method that is the place of return.

01:14:06 --> 01:14:09

What is my favorite place of return?

01:14:10 --> 01:14:16

My father literally is used for the stone wall that is around a well?

01:14:17 --> 01:14:18

What is it?

01:14:19 --> 01:14:22

A stone wall that is built around a well.

01:14:23 --> 01:14:35

Now people what do they do if they have to take water out of a well? What will they do? They will keep returning to that well to that wall? Why? In order to get water out of the

01:14:36 --> 01:14:59

summer thaba is a place where people come again and again and again repeatedly. Why? To fulfill some need of theirs to quench some thirst of theirs. So the house of Allah, the garba is metabo for the people. What does it mean by that? It is a place of return.

01:15:00 --> 01:15:24

For all people, it is a place where people come again and again and again. The person goes there once, and he thinks he needs to go again. He wishes to go again and again. Why? In order to quench his spiritual thirst, going once is never enough.

01:15:25 --> 01:16:10

And remember that the house of Allah is metabo for the people in two ways. First of all, when people return to the house of Allah, physically, when the people returned when the people go to the house of Allah physically, like, for example, when a person goes for Hajj, when a person goes for Roomba, and if a person is living around in the same area, he goes for every dollar or if he's not living in the same city, even if he's in the same country or nearby, what will he do? He will go at least for jus masala, right, he will put in that extra effort to go there. So it's a place of return, where people return to again and again, physically. Secondly, where people return? How would their hearts

01:16:10 --> 01:16:17

with their minds with their focus? How in every center,

01:16:18 --> 01:16:28

every solid that we pray, what do we face? Regardless? What comes to our mind, the carpet, our attention is towards the people.

01:16:29 --> 01:16:33

So this place this bait is a metabo for the people.

01:16:35 --> 01:16:40

And Allah subhanaw taala chose the place where the Kaaba was built.

01:16:41 --> 01:16:56

We learned so little hedge number 26. What is the what now the Ibrahima McCann obeyed and mentioned when we designated for Ibrahim alayhis salam, the site of the house as to where to build the Kaaba.

01:16:57 --> 01:17:14

Now that place, barren desert, there was no life, there was no water. Nobody lived there. It was empty. It's so populated now that people go back to it again and again and again. People keep going back to it.

01:17:15 --> 01:17:20

And this was an answer to the drama of Ibrahim

01:17:22 --> 01:17:28

Ibrahim nslm made the door after building the cover which is mentioned sort of Ibrahim I number 37

01:17:29 --> 01:17:32

federal of either the minimum NASA that we lay him

01:17:33 --> 01:17:57

so make the hearts among the people inclined toward them inclined toward who those who are living around the cover. So the hearts of people are inclined towards what towards the Baitullah in every color. And every year when people go for Hajj, every opportunity that people have for Ramadan, it's a masala for the people.

01:17:58 --> 01:18:24

And also and also panna cotta made the house what was unknown and a sanctuary, a place of safety. The word is from the roof Hatteras Hamza mean noon. The word Eamon is also from the same route. Why? Because one who has a man has a man has protection. So I'm an over here gives the meaning of secure, peaceful protected.

01:18:26 --> 01:18:35

So when we also made the house a place of security, a safe haven, a place of safety for all people.

01:18:36 --> 01:18:42

You see, even at the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam before him, the people respected the hunter,

01:18:43 --> 01:19:28

there could be a person who would have killed another. And if that murder was found in the harem, nobody would say anything to him. It is a place where people's lives people's properties are protected, they are safe, it is a place of safety, it is a place of protection. So much so that even the plants, the trees, the rocks, even they are supposed to be secure and safe. We are not allowed to even hurt animals over there except for just a few which have been mentioned specifically in the Hadith because they are harmful to people. So the house of Allah was also made an omen meaning a place of safety for the people.

01:19:29 --> 01:19:31

And this has been from the first day

01:19:33 --> 01:19:53

there is an IRA intellectually uncovered I number 67 where lots of harlot Allah says, oh, and I'm euro and Niger and the Holloman eminent. Were you the hopper for NASA in holding him. Have they not seen that we made Makkah, a safe sanctuary while people are being taken away all around them.

01:19:54 --> 01:20:00

anywhere else. People are threatened but in the huddle people are seeing

01:20:00 --> 01:20:00


01:20:01 --> 01:20:03

it's a place where a person is safe,

01:20:04 --> 01:20:11

and also think about it, how long is attention free zone? You go there, then you don't have any worries.

01:20:12 --> 01:20:22

You don't have worries about have to go home and cook to go home and clean. No, you were there only for the purpose of your data. And you can really focus on your EBITDA.

01:20:23 --> 01:20:27

It's a place where you don't have any worries.

01:20:28 --> 01:20:40

Also, there is a Hadith, in which the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that Makkah has been made a sanctuary By Allah, and not by the people who has made the place among

01:20:41 --> 01:21:02

Allah subhanaw taala, not the people. So it is not lawful for a person who believes in a lot in the last day, to shed blood in it, or to cut its trees. And if someone asks the permission to fight in Mecca, because Allah's Messenger was allowed to fight in it, say to him, that a law permitted His Messenger and he did not allow you.

01:21:03 --> 01:21:07

And even the messenger was allowed for a short period of the day.

01:21:08 --> 01:21:53

So what do we learn from this? Hadees? What do we learn from this hadith that the house of Allah, the Baitullah, the garba, the Heron is a place that is safe, that is secure in which people's lives people's properties. They are supposed to be protected. Nobody's supposed to be hurt over there. Why? Because Allah has made the atom such What does he know me makani Ibrahima masala. And take the standing place of Ibrahim and his center, a place for prayer. What does he do? This is a command being given to all people all mankind that take memahami Ibrahim, the word McComas from the root letters of Well, me.

01:21:54 --> 01:22:08

And again, you see the word muck on begins with me. So what does it mean? The place of fear, the place of standing? So macom is the spot site, station

01:22:09 --> 01:22:23

makani Ibrahim, the station of Ibrahim and Islam. What does it mean by this? What is the station of Ibrahim? What is the spot over here ready center? This has been understood in two ways.

01:22:25 --> 01:22:37

First of all, it has been said that Nakamura he in the specific sense, it refers to the stone that was used by Abraham or his Sunnah to construct the Kaaba,

01:22:38 --> 01:22:43

the stone that Abraham or Islam used to help him construct the garment.

01:22:44 --> 01:22:48

And this stone, it served as an elevator for him.

01:22:49 --> 01:22:58

It served as an elevator for Ibrahim medicina. How that it would ascend, it would go upwards, and it will also take it

01:22:59 --> 01:23:25

down. And Muhammad Ibrahim is still there today. By the Kaaba, you can see it. So take the McCormick Brahim as a Muslim. So first of all, macabre him in the specific sense refers to the founding stone that he used to build the Kaaba and it served as an elevator. And it still has the footprints of Ibrahim alayhis. Salam on it today.

01:23:26 --> 01:23:40

Secondly, it has been said that nakoma Rahim, the position the site of Ibrahim, in the general sense, refers to all of those places were able to hear and he said I'm stood to perform worship

01:23:42 --> 01:23:43

to do a better

01:23:45 --> 01:24:29

and therefore it applies to all of the rites of Hajj, all of the rituals of hunch, for example, out of standing out of it was Delica, the Rami of the German rot, the stoning, all of that we do why, in the footsteps of liberal humanism, isn't it? So? Like, for example, we slaughter our animals at a particular place. We don't do it now, but others do it. But that particular place. Why because Ibrahima listen and perform that ribbon over there are slaughtering his son, which was during slaughtering an animal. Right. So in those footsteps, what are we supposed to do? We're also supposed to perform the same rituals.

01:24:30 --> 01:24:46

Similarly, he threw stones at the shape on and we're also supposed to throw stones. So makani Brahim, in the general sense refers to all of those places. All of those sites were Ibrahima, and he said I performed an act of a bird.

01:24:48 --> 01:24:59

So over here, we've been told, what does he know me? makani Ibrahima masala. take the place of Ibrahima. Listen understanding as a liberal humanism masala.

01:25:00 --> 01:25:08

What is a masala masala is from Scotland yeah or well So, that means prayer masala is a place of performing Salah

01:25:09 --> 01:25:15

muster this place up such the masala is a place of salah

01:25:16 --> 01:25:31

and masala is what has been understood in two ways. First of all it has been said that masala a place for prayer meaning prayer in the specific sense and it refers to performing two units off to the car after performing the toa

01:25:32 --> 01:26:17

right and where do we perform them by them accommodated on him isn't it the two dakara which is performed with that the left were by the mechanic. So, that is what masala refers to and others say that masala This is in the general sense and it doesn't just refer to Salah, but it refers to all of those rituals that are supposed to be performed at all of these mahkamah Ibrahim. So for example, if you perform a particular ritual at midnight you perform a particular ritual at Medallia you perform a particular ritual. So masala refers to not just Salah as in the to Dakar, but any worship ritual with Dido McCollum Ibrahima was one

01:26:19 --> 01:26:56

where I hit Enter Enter Ibrahima is married. And we took a promise from Ibrahim and is married or he denied Isla is from the roof address I am had, right What does it mean a promise and when it's followed by elf, it means to give an important instruction to someone. What does it mean to give an important instruction to someone with a lot of emphasis with a lot of emphasis? So our hidden Isla Ibrahim, what does it mean? That we instructed with a lot of importance to who Ibrahima has set up what is married.

01:26:57 --> 01:27:06

Who does this marry Learning Center? The Santa Barbara humanist and and why is he mentioned over here? Because he built the Kaaba with Abraham.

01:27:08 --> 01:27:10

So both of them were commanded to do what?

01:27:11 --> 01:27:38

I'm the hero that you both clean for heroes from the reflectors for her for Tara means purification. So both of you clean, you purify, what should you purify? What should you clean? By at my house? Why? For who? Why should we clean it? For those people who are going to come and worship? Who are those people litho even those who do

01:27:40 --> 01:27:48

have thiophene as a plural of the word for if and thought if it's from newsletters for well

01:27:49 --> 01:27:50

thought well,

01:27:52 --> 01:27:56

for failure to for literally means to go around. And what is the left?

01:27:57 --> 01:28:06

What is the left? You go around the cover how many times seven times. So for those who do the left?

01:28:07 --> 01:28:14

One lock up. occupant is a plural of Ark if an occupant is from the rotators. I'm calf.

01:28:15 --> 01:28:18

an occupant is one who does erotica.

01:28:19 --> 01:28:20

What is the erotica

01:28:21 --> 01:28:26

in the last 10 days of Ramadan, what do you do you stay in the masjid and you only do a better

01:28:27 --> 01:28:37

aka literally means to cling to something to stick to something not leave it. So what does a person do in erotica? He just stays in the masjid. He doesn't need the machine.

01:28:38 --> 01:28:42

One rocker and those who do ruku rocker is a plural of rocker.

01:28:43 --> 01:28:48

rocker is one who does record and as sudo is authoritative Sajid Sajid is one who does such them.

01:28:49 --> 01:28:51

So what do we learn from this part of the ayah

01:28:52 --> 01:29:11

that Ibrahim an incident is married and his son? Both of them were commanded? To not just build the Kaaba but to also clean the Kaaba. Why? Because people are coming there to worship in the house of Allah.

01:29:12 --> 01:29:28

So what do we learn from this for ourselves? That when we also go to the masjid What should we do? Don't just expect others to clean it nor clean it yourself. Why? For people who are coming to worship Allah soprano Darla in the masjid

01:29:30 --> 01:29:30


01:29:33 --> 01:29:34

what you

01:29:52 --> 01:29:53


01:29:56 --> 01:29:57

here on bt

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Al-Baqarah 122-129 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 122-125

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