Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 06 – L066G

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the deaths of Islamists and the use of deadly chemicals. The Day of Resurrection is highlighted as a witness to the truth, and the importance of cooperation in protecting against deadly chemicals is emphasized. The transcript also touches on the negative consequences of actions taken by individuals who commitBCs and disobey the presence of Allah, including injuries, illness, and death. The speaker briefly mentions a football player named Boo Boo, but the conversation does not delve into the deeper meaning behind these words.
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Allah says Bal Rafa, hula hula, he rather, Allah raised him to himself. What actually happened? Allah raised him to himself.

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And we learned that the prophets are a lot of a sudden when he went for marriage, when he went for the night journey and the ascension, up to the heavens, he met, he saw he saw his salon in the second heaven. Where did you see him? In the second heaven?

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So but refer Oh la la he, meaning Allah subhanaw taala lifted him up, he raised him from the earth. And where was he when the prophets are a lot of them saw him at the second heaven.

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I mean, if you think of it, there was people that were trying to insult him. They were trying to humiliate him. They were trying to kill him. A loss of panatela honored him, he elevated him he raised him up.

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We learned in sort of earlier on I 55 is Carla ma Who here is in need with our FICO. What have you, okay.

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And remember, when Allah said or Isa, I will take you and raise you to myself.

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In the motto of FICO, we're off here, okay, Ilya. And we learned earlier that the meaning of moto Wi Fi is that I'm not just going to take your soul, but soul and body, soul and body. Just as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he went up to four Mirage, it wasn't just, you know his soul. But he went with soul and body.

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Similarly restarted Salaam he was lifted up with both.

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What can Allahu rz isn't hekima and Allah is Ever mighty. And he's also Hakeem. Why are these two names of Allah mentioned over here that are Aziz, he is mighty, he is powerful, he is able to do whatever he wants. He is capable of executing his plan. You think that it's difficult for a lottery someone up with body and soul? Why do you think it's impossible, Eliza is easy, you can do whatever he wants.

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And he is Hakeem, you may wonder why like this? Why was the matter made confusing? Why wasn't it really shown to the people of the book that he said Islam was not killed? Allah is hacking, he is wise. In However, he does things.

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What a millennial kitabi. And there is not from the people of the book,

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meaning every single person from the theater, every single person from the theater, there is not one of them in there, except that you mean and maybe that surely he will definitely believe in him. Believe in who he is. And

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so every single Jew will believe in who recites to them, and every single Christian will believe in reciting them as he should be believed in, as he should be believed in.

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So Illallah you mean and nothing except that he will definitely believe in restart listener,

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which you may wonder that so many people who don't believe in Him, there are so many people who died without believing in him.

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What does Allah say COVID mot, before his death, before his death, this is understood in two ways. That first of all, before his own death, every single person from the other guitar does not die, except that he is shown. He is told about the reality of your site isn't

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that when the Angel of Death comes before taking the soul, he informs him about the reality of the site isn't

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so that that person does not die except with correct knowledge of resigning

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as a hedge against this person.

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Secondly, it is said that kovalam ot before he is that it refers to restart listen and what does that show that a restart is to them is definitely going to return he was raised up by Rafa who Allahu alaihe and then eventually Allah subhanaw taala is definitely going to send him back to the earth.

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And when he comes back to the earth, then the who then then the sorrow of that time, all of them will believe in him before he started to send them dies, his natural deaths.

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So you understand

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all of the people of the book, at the time when you decided Sam will return to the earth, they will believe in him. Today they're not believing in him, but then they will believe in him. And each and every single one of them will believe in him before he dies. Well, you're welcome Dr. Murthy and on the Day of Resurrection, your corner Allah him shahida he will be meeting he Silas and I will be against them against through the Ethel keytab he will be a witness against them.

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What will he testify to? Why will he be a witness?

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As we learned earlier, that on the Day of Judgment, from every oma from every nation, who is going to be brought as a witness, their messenger

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and that messenger is going to witness he's going to testify that Allah I conveyed the message to these people, they knew the truth. So if they didn't follow it, it's their fault. It's not because they were ignorant, I conveyed the message to them.

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Similarly, that messenger will bear witness to the crimes that his people committed, because he saw that he witnessed their actions. So for example, the hood, what were the crimes that they were committing at the time when you resize them,

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so many crimes amongst them was opposing the messenger. So, he will testify, do this on the Day of Judgment.

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Similarly, he will testify against the nesara against the Christians what that he did not tell them to worship Him, but He told them, that my Lord and your Lord is Allah far boo hoo. So worship only

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and inshallah the details of this we will learn in at the end of pseudo Terminator at the end of sort of VEDA, in which the entire description is mentioned of how you started center will be brought as a witness. So your coonara name shahida he will be a witness against these people. So, we see in this ayah that he started his name will definitely dissent, he will definitely return to the earth. And there are numerous Hadees many, many a hadith mutawatir meaning there are many, many reports, which mentioned about the coming of parasitism.

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I mean, there isn't just one Hardison which is mentioned. So, because of that, you might say that Oh, no, no, no, it may happen may not happen. No, I mean, this is clear, because so many reports have been narrated, in which it is clearly mentioned that he will return

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the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said by him in whose hand my soul is, the son of Miriam will shortly descend among you as a just ruler

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as a just ruler. And there are these continues about what he will do

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for a lot of women a Latina hairdo so because of the wrongdoing because of the injustice that a Latina handle, do those people who became Jews they committed What happened?

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How one nah I lay him we made how long upon them, like you bet good things, which good things were HELOC loans that were previously permissible for them.

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Up until now, the crimes of these people have been mentioned.

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The crimes of these people haven't mentioned that the promises they made with Allah, they broke them. They were told enter the city with humidity they entered with pride. Similarly restart his son and when he came, they oppose him and they take a lot of pride in saying that they actually killed him when they didn't really kill him.

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So for below mean so because of this lol Which one? All of the injustice that has been mentioned thus far

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because of this little mini alladhina hairdo of those people who became Jews what happened what was the consequence have run now I lay him to evaton we made haram upon them the good things that were permissible for them that were helpful for them before

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we learn in total the Quran Allah subhanaw taala says yeah you alladhina amanu cunanan Thank you, Betty, Melissa Conoco,

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each of the good things that we have provided you eternal play, you bet. But Alina, how do what happened to them? Because of the wrong things that they committed the things that were made, how long?

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So what does this teach us? That when a person sins, when a person disobeys Allah, when a person commits, then he is deprived of the blessings of Allah.

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He is deprived of the blessings of Allah. There could be good things in front of you before you, but you're not allowed to enjoy them.

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And sometimes it could be a shadowy reason that it is not helpful. And sometimes it could be a very reason that for example, the person is suffering from an illness because of which he's not able to eat the food that is before him. And sometimes it could be because of the wrong things that he has committed in the past.

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We learned in the Quran where Allah Medina had to have romney colonies of

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everybody stood up straight. I know there's only a few minutes left, you're tired, I'm equally tired as well. But when the class is going on, then you have to force yourself sometimes to stay awake. I know the lesson is long, but we have to do it. And I need your cooperation in that. Everybody said straight everybody

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what are the Medina had or how

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I'm Nicola.

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And those people who became Jews we forbade every animal with undivided hoof. So animals with undivided roots they were made how long upon them? While middle Bukhari well on me, alumna Alejandra Huma, Huma, and we forbade them the fact of what of the arcs and the sheep

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just imagine the fact of the animals halaal animals was forbidden upon them

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and other things as well that are mentioned in the ayah. So, what do we learn from this either when a person commits sins when a person commits injustice, then the you bet are also made inaccessible to him sometimes because of shadowy reason and sometimes because of kateri reason.

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What is the human Savita lenica theory and because of their stopping from the way of a lot much meaning because they stopped people from the way of Allah so much a lot.

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And Catherine gives a sense of nasm kathira meeting many people that they stop not just a few people, but many, many people that stopped from the way of Allah.

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And secondly, kathira shows sudden, Catherine, meaning they stopped a lot, they stopped a lot. There could be different ways used in order to stop people from the wave of law.

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For example, sometimes a person can use his words, he can really tell people don't do this. Sometimes it is his behavior. It is his attitude that stops people from the wave.

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Over here, lets us cathedra meaning there, we're very active in stopping people from the wave of

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their words, their actions, their disputes, they're causing confusion amongst people, their behavior. We have learned earlier as to how when the people of Makkah, they would come and ask the truth about the Prophet sallallahu wasallam they would say confusing statements, that he or he may be a messenger, but not really, but not for us.

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Similarly, the way that they will deal with the non Jewish people how that if, you know, somebody would give them just a dinar to look after even they would not give it back. So this behavior, what does that do? It turns people away from the deen of Allah. So we'll be selecting him and submitted like Akira, because of this reason, we deprive them of the beds.

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So this ayah tells us about two reasons because of which a person may be deprived of good things. What First of all,

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injustice, sin, disobeying Allah, harming other people.

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And secondly, Sud unsurveyed in that stopping people from the wave of law, both of these activities, what do they do? They deprive a person from the blessings of a loss of

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what the human river and they're consuming river, whereas river was, how long? Allah says we're caught in a war and who, and they were forbidden from it very clearly, even in a thought of very clearly, labor, consuming interest dealing with interest is forbidden.

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Well, actually him and they're consuming unwell and nurses will benefit. They're consuming the wealth of people with injustice. What does it mean by consuming the wealth of another with badly? What does it mean by that we learned earlier about this as well. Is it just right? Is it just a wealth of the orphans?

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Any way that is forbidden in the shittier

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any way of acquiring wealth that is forbidden in the shittier

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whether it is theft, or it is cheating someone and taking their money or it is what bribe river, different different ways, but any way that is forbidden in the industry or that is what consuming another person's wealth with badly

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so because of these crimes of theirs as well which crimes consuming river while they were forbidden, were unclean him and well and nasty Bill belphin. And they knew that this was incorrect and yours was preventing the Sharia but they still did it.

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So because of this reason as well, a lot deprive them of the blessings, which blessings that they have

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the good things, what does this teach us? That when a person knows that something is forbidden, when a person knows that something is forbidden in the deen, but still he does it, he doesn't care. Then as a result of that he is deprived of the blessings of Allah. If you think

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A person takes river y, to increase his wealth. A person tries to get the other person's wealth through her means why to increase as well? What does Allah say, in the previous I have one

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we made how upon them, you try to make more money, but Allah will deprive you of the blessing in your money.

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And these blessings can be tangible as well as intangible. One is that you have a lot of numbers and the other is that you have a lot of benefit from those numbers.

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So when a person deliberately goes against the commands of Allah, then he is deprived of blessing in this dunya What are alternated carefully in a min home? Are there been a Lima and we have prepared for the disbelievers amongst them a painful punishment. Who are the caffeine amongst them?

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Over here, the word caffeine summarizes all of the crimes that have been mentioned thus far.

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And notice that has been said min home amongst them, because each and every single one of them is not like this. Only those people who commit these crimes are worthy of punishment. And for them, there is a painful punishment in dystonia, and most definitely in the

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Nothing more.

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more Bheema.

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I'm calling him Boo Boo.

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should be

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enough Stella, foofy, Nina,

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Z's and hakima were in kita

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mina levena do

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Wabi Sabi the man. Sebelius

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what else

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