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Al-Maidah 67-81 Translation 67-81

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Assalamu aleikum wa

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rahmatullah wa salam ala rasulillah Kareem

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Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi R Rahman r Rahim. beshara he suddenly were Sidley, MD. Why Lula family listen in your car who holy urban as a dinner in

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Lesson number 74 suited to my EDA. I am number 67 to 81

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yeah are you here or you have assumed the messenger bot live you can be ma whatever, on Zilla it was revealed. It was sent down ilica to you men from Rob Baker Europe or in and if lamb did not tough on you do firmer than not below you conveyed the senator who his message was Allahu and Allah you're a smoker. He will save you he will protect you men from a nurse the people

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in Indeed Allah Allah La not yet the key guides oma the people l Catherine the disbelieving

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Oh say yeah, oh

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let people al kitabi of the book. Last stone you are not Allah upon shame in anything. Had the until to be moved you will establish a Terada the Torah will in Gila and the Injeel

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warmer and what when Zilla it was revealed la come to you men from fraud become your

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work and lazy then surely it definitely increases Kathy Ron many men home from them ma What? own Zilla it was revealed in Africa to you men from or bigger Europe to Vienna in rebellion worker for and in disbelief.

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fella so Do Not that sir you be sorrowful. Allah upon alko the people are carefully that is believing

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in indeed, and Medina those who are Manu they believe were levina and those who do they became Jews, wasabi own and the sabians when Asara and the Christians man who mana he believed biLlahi in Allah will yo and the day and hit the last one and Amina he did slowly hand righteous further than either kofun a fear or lay him upon them whether and nor whom they are known. They will agree

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laqad certainly a hot man we took me circa covenant, Benny children Israel, ILA of Israel you will also know and we sent in a him towards them who Sudan messengers,

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Coloma whenever a home he came to them, but sulan a messenger the man with what left not the what if desires and foster home their souls? farrakhan a group got the blue they denied they belied what farrakhan and a group you have to do they kill

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what has the blue and they assumed and they thought and left that not the corner. It will be fitna tone, any punishment fitna tone, any punishment for our move, so they became blind, was some move and they became deaf. Some then the other, he turned in mercy, Allahu Allah, or lay him upon them. So much. Then our move, they became blind was from Moo and they became deaf. Cathy on many main home from them, well, la who and Allah basilone always on seeing Bhima with what Dr. Malone do.

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laqad certainly cafaro he disbelieved and Medina those who are new they said in Indeed Allah, Allah, who he is, and mercy who the mercy IGNOU son, Maria ma of Miriam. Well, Carla and he said and mercy who the mercy Yeah, oh, Bonnie children is either

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Israel or a boo boo you will worship Allah Allah will not be my Arab what have become and Europe in the who indeed he man whoever, usually he does shake. He associates partners biLlahi with Allah for more than in fact how Rama he made unlawful Allahu Allah or lay upon him that paradise on that level and his abode. And now the fire. Warmer and not livery mean for the wrongdoers men from unsought any helpers

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lockup certainly careful he disbelieved and Medina those who call do they set in Indeed Allah Allah Sally Sue is third to nothing of three warmer and not main from Isla him any god in LA except Illa who God where he don't want

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we're in and if lamb not enter who they stop a man from what your coluna they say, layer my center surely it definitely touches or surely it will definitely touch it will definitely touch and levena the zoo cafaro they disbelieved main home from them either been a punishment, and even more special painful.

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A fella why they're not here to buena. they repent in Allah to Allah. Wa and yes tell Fiona who they seek forgiveness from him. Well, lo and Allah have a forum always all forgiving for human always All Merciful.

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Man not at the mercy of the mercy ibnu son, Mariana of Miriam in there except Rasulullah, a messenger God in fact, harlot a past, men from ability before him, of Watson, the messengers are omalu and his mother Siddiqa was a greatly truthful woman. So they got a greatly truthful woman, Ghana, they too were yet kulani day to eat, apartment, the food a lot, you look okay for how nobody you know, we make clear the home for them, and I get the proofs.

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And if the proofs, the signs, some of them own, don't you look, I know how, from where you for goon, they are diluted.

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do darboux Duna you will worship men from duni besides Allah He Allah, man that which led not young liko he possesses lecan for you botlane any harm wanna and North Neff our me Prophet, Allah who and Allah who are he is a Samir they always are hearing and Arlene, they always all knowing

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Oh, say yeah, oh,

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people are kicked out of the book. Let do not don't do you all exceed fee in the nickel your religion? Or you know, other than and help the truth. The reality whether and do not that there'll be room you won't follow our desires. How many of the people are in fact one Lu the straight men from fabuleux before?

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Yeah, and about Lou they misguided. They lead astray. Cathy on many words, and Balu they straight on from silver Street, a severe of the way.

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loreena he was cursed alladhina those who care for Rue de disbelieved main from Benny children. israa ila of Islam.

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Allah upon lissoni tongue that would have there would be salon, where Isa and reciting Salam IGNOU son Maria marmoleum velyka that Bhima because of what? So they disobeyed what can do and they were yarda doing they transgress

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Kanu, they were learned not yet an Ahonen. they forbid each other. I'm from marketing recognized drunk for Lou they did it. Love it, sir. Surely how bad ma What? candle there were? Yes or don't they do

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that oh, you will see Catherine many

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main home from them yet oh Lola they befriend and levena those who care for odd spirit lobby surely how bad ma that which are the Met it sent ahead the home for them and foster home their souls and that Sofitel he was angry. Allahu Allah, Allah him upon them wa and fee in either the punishment home the holly Dune once it will eternally

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follow and if ganhou they were you know that they believe the law he in Allah when obeah and the Prophet warmer and what own Zilla it was revealed ilahe towards him man not it the hadoo home they took them they made them earlier as close protecting friends while our kin but Kathy on many men home from them first sukoon wants to cross limits once you disobey.

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That's the sort of the recitation of these verses.

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Bobby come on is either

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he saw he know.

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He knows hula hula

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waha Cebu

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A Mommy,

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Daddy Nepal.

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bobbidi boo

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Whoa semi me

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be Lorina lady

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Danny is

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he said in a medallion

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