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The Surah is a warning for the garden, where the group is faced with the consequence of their actions. The surah discusses the importance of praying for the Prophet's death, the need for it, and the importance of praying for death. The importance of praying is emphasized, especially in those involved in it. The surah also touches on punishment and the importance of praying in the aftermath of death.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah. While early he was off the edge Marine, a matter of fact, the 29th juice or Potter of the Quran begins with surah. To work Surah to milk is a very virtuous Surah there are various a hadith mentioned about its virtue.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Surah mentioned regarding his dominion, Al Malik means, the dominion of Allah subhanho wa Taala his dominion, what he possesses, and we have a while mentioning certain signs in his creation, which point to his dominion, how you know, these heavens above us, and the stars that are above us how they are all the creation of Allah, and the dominion of ALLAH SubhanA who what to highlight, and how,

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you know, this,

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this dominion of Allah, and this, you know, possession of Allah, his, you know, his kingdom, the kingdom of Allah. If we were to look into it, if we were to look deep into, you know, the stars and these planets and the orbits and everything, we will not find any discrepancy in it. Everything is moving in perfect order. And you don't see any flaws in the creation of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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This surah basically is a warning for the machinery cool and the kuffar

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that look how can you associate partners with a God who this is what he possesses, and these are some of his, these are some of his attributes and characteristics.

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The next Surah we have in this ruse is Surah, two column Surah two column basically talks about

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manners, etiquette, and praising the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for having high, a high level of etiquette and a flock. Also, we have mentioned of that o'clock throughout the surah. And the best example of that Allah mentions in the story of

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the companions of the garden, and how they were greedy for what they had for what Allah had given them. And so Allah subhanho wa taala, destroyed their garden.

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Then after that, we have Surah, to have Surah to help basically mentions

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some of the end consequences

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or end result of those who disbelieved among the nations of the past

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also mentions

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something, a few, a few descriptions of the Day of Judgment.

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also mentioning,

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you know, the Throne of Allah subhanho, wa Taala dosh of Allah subhanho wa taala. And also mentioning, that each and every single one of us will be given our Book of Records, some it will be given to us in our right hands, and for others, it will be given to us in our left hands.

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After that,

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the surah is basically concluded, by mentioning

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that whatever Allah sent the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with them, it was the truth from Allah. It was the truth from Allah without any shadow of doubt in it. After that we have sorted on the heritage suited to marriage, basically, once again, gives us a description of the Day of Judgment, and what will happen on that day.

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We also have a description of the people of Ghana, and some of the blessings that they will be blessed with on

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or in Jannah.

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Also, we have a wasp Han of what Allah mentioning some of the characteristics of the people of Ghana in this dunya how they are people who pray, they are people who give him sadaqa and so on and so forth. But notice how Allah starts by mentioning that there are people who pray all the time.

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And then Allah ends the list of their descriptions by once again mentioning Salah and how they are those who preserve there's a lot and so this shows us the importance

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of Salah praying five times a day. After that we have Surah to surah. Two mentions

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the entire story or the entire Surah basically is concerning the story of new hunting Salaam and his Dawa him calling his people to Islam. And so it mentions how new Haile Salam called his people to Islam. And then he complained to Allah subhanho wa Taala that oh Allah I have tried and tried and tried. Remember that new Haile Salam gave dower to his people for 950 years. So he was patient. But in the end, he said he turned to Allah subhanho wa Taala and complained to Allah that Oh Allah, I have done everything I can. But these are people who do not listen. They are a people who are stubborn. And so he mentioned to us a while mentioned to us what happened with these people, and how

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he destroyed them and punish them.

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After that, we have to go to the gym sooner to the gym, basically

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mentioned the story of that group of the jinn who

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listened to the message of the Quran and embraced Islam. And so, Allah mentioned here, their discussion, so the gem are speaking.

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And so they are telling us about themselves, and how the gym you know, what they used to do before the coming of the messenger, that how they used to go into the heavens, and they used to try to steal

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the secrets of the heavens, and after the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sent, how they are not able to do that anymore, and how among the gem are Muslims, and among them are kuffar, among them are the righteous among them are the evil ones, and so on and so forth.

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After that, we have to return Muzammil. Surah totemism Mill,

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basically, was one of the very, very first verses that were revealed to the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam. So basically, after,

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after a croc, after that was revealed to the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam.

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We can say that the next Surah that was revealed to him was suited to Muzammil. Allah calls on the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam Yeah, and you have a Muslim man, the one who is wrapped up, because after his first encounter with Gibreel, and the Revelation, he went to his wife Khadija, he was afraid and you know, he was shivering. So he wrapped himself up and Khalifa wrapped him up. So Allah refers to him as a Muslim,

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or mentioned in the sutra, the importance of a bad the importance of turning to Allah in worship, especially

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for the one who is involved in Dawa.

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And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is about to start a huge mission. So Allah mentions that he should pray in the last third of the night, or in the in the nighttime, he should pray, along with the believers, they should pray. Also, they should recite the Quran. And so it shows us the importance of a bad, especially cuyama Lail. And the effect that it has

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in a person who was involved in Dow after that we have sorted to death, which was also one of the early suitors.

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One of the early early soldiers that will reveal to the Prophet SAW Salem, we have here, the surah talks about giving Dawa, especially

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making the Dawa public. And so Allah says goon for India. And so prior to that, the Dawa was secret, the prophet or someone was only giving dower to his close

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relatives and people who are close to him. Now he's been commanded to

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give dower publicly to everyone. In the Surah we have

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a lot mentions how the enemies of Islam respond to the dour.

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Also how they respond to the Quran, when they hear the Quran, how they are like donkeys who when they hear the sound of a lion, they get filled with fear and they run away. And so this is how the kuffaar are the enemies of Islam or when they hear the Quran being recited. After that we have sort of

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pseudo tokuyama gives us a

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scripture of the Day of Judgment, Yeoman piano and also what will happen before and what will happen after it.

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throughout the Surah, Allah mentions Insan.

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The human being, it is mentioned six times in the Surah. So many times in this short Surah it is mentioned,

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to basically show us the importance that, you know, where we come from, Allah created us from nothing, and where we are eventually going, and that is to young man's piano. After that we have sorted to insan Surah, two in sand basically summarizes for us

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the punishment that awaits the disbelievers.

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And also on on the other hand, it mentions the blessings that await the believers. And so Allah mentions several blessings of the people of Jana. And also Allah mentions,

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you know, various descriptions of the

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the punishment that awaits the kuffar in the hellfire. And then finally we have too little more salad. So little more salad is the last surah In this juice.

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It basically

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affirms the issue of the resurrection that there is life after death, with various evidences, Allah mentions it.

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And that's why Allah

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mentions throughout the Surah, ye lun Wei lun Yama, you didn't get to be. So wo will be to,

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to the people who deny will be to them on that day will be to them on that day. Meaning that you know, these kuffaar who deny the reality of life after death will be to them on that day because on that day they will see the reality of life after death. And so, you know, it is best for them now to believe rather than regretting on that day.

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And that is what we basically conclude with in the session Subhanak Allama Hamrick Asha to Allah Allah Allah and I still Fuuka where to eat like