Taimiyyah Zubair – Aqeedah Wasitiyyah – 01 The Life Of Imam Ibn Taymiyyah

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the struggles of Sayid bin Salman during his time in prison, including his use of false accusations and negative comments on social media, and the struggles of woman Jenna who was executed and executed multiple times during her time in prison. The speaker also discusses the importance of strong belief in hedging strategies and a culture of being knowledgeable and passionate to achieve success in today's market. The need for a culture of exploration and learning is emphasized, along with the importance of learning by doing and not just reading books.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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deodato. suiting Canadian American Humanist shavon have a dream

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of mine over him rubbish surgery where Sidley Md melissani aka Hokulea Robin as

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such today inshallah we will begin to study off the book and Akita and once it

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basically inshallah we will be studying the method. Does everybody have the book? So when you open the book, what did you find in it?

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Lots of Arabic.

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So lots of Arabic, which means that inshallah we will be studying the Latin meaning the text of this book. Now, before studying any book, it is necessary that we understand what the author intended by the book, why it was written, who the author is, what was in his mind when he wrote this book, because every book is written for a purpose. And in order to derive complete benefit from it, it's necessary to know what the purpose is. Now, the title of the book, and Arpita, allegedly,

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from the title, what do you understand about the book? What is it about?

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It's about arcada

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and arcada, what does it mean? The creed, the faith, the core beliefs that a person has. And remember that the word Akita is from the root act, an act is to die or not. So it is basically those beliefs that a person binds himself with, you've tied them to yourself, meaning you've bound yourself to those beliefs. It is that faith which a person is convinced off, and it is the faith which a person adheres to firmly. So this book is on earth leader, which means that it will talk about the faith that we as Muslims have with regards to our Lord, when we worship Allah subhanaw taala, what his names His attributes are. Likewise, this book talks about our faith concerning the

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Hereafter, our faith concerning the prophets of Allah. May Allah sent his peace and blessings on them, and as well as what the qualities of a believer should be when he has this faith. So this is a very broad subject. However, as you can see, from the size of this book, it is all mentioned in a very comprehensive and concise manner. And this is the reason why this book is considered one of the primary texts when it comes to the subject of al Qaeda. It is one of the basic texts which any student of knowledge who wishes to advance in his knowledge must study, first and foremost. And Akita allegedly, what does it mean by allegedly, it's basic, from the name Alaska, shekel, Islam,

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even taymiyah. He wrote this book, because there was a judge according, and according to other people, the people of a place named awasum, he requested Johannes lamb to write a short book, you know, a clear book very clearly that describes the correct acleda. And shareholders have initially refused, but on the persistence of this individual, he finally decided to write this book. And basically between the time of arsal and Margaret, he wrote this book. And from this, the book came to be known as an

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advisor to you. Now, we are going to study Arpita. The question is, is it necessary to study or don't we already know what we believe in? Didn't we once upon a time learn about the pillars of faith? And don't we still remember them? Yes. So why is it necessary to study our data?

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Why are you here today? Let me ask you, why are you here to study or is it necessary?

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Yes, what makes it important,

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very true, that our data is the root, it is the base, it is the foundation. And it is from this Akita that actions result good words result. So the deeper and stronger and firmer these roots are, the stronger a believer will be, the better his actions will be, the more improvement there will be in his personality. It is necessary to study so that we are stable and firm in our knowledge of acleda. And the fact is that Allah soprano tarla himself has commanded that far lamb and the hula ilaha illa Illa WA, that no, you should know this. You should have this knowledge that there is no god worthy of worship, but Allah, don't just say it because that's what you've been taught. Know

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about this, understand this, realize this reality, believe in it and adhere to it. So when we are studying our data, basically, we are obeying

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Allah subhanaw taala

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and there are many many things that a person can learn.

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However, the study of arcada is one of the most important sciences of Islam, meaning when a person studies this subject, he is actually studying a very important subject. The scholars have said that we study Athena because it is the most important science in all religious sciences, it is more important than a flap.

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Because while a HELOC is good, it takes a person to paradise but what is more important than a flock acleda faith

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it is more important than adab etiquette, it is more important than Riba that acts of worship and it is more important than more ominous than dealings with other people.

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So, when we realize this is a very important subject that we must study, in obedience to Allah soprano Darla, remember that this would be an act of worship because

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knowledge is an act of worship,

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worship, how that this is an act of worship, that is being performed by the heart that is being performed by the eyes when they read, that is being performed by the ears when they listen.

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And for any act of worship, in order for it to be accepted and benefit us what is necessary that it should have the right intention, there must be a correct intention behind it. So what is our intention here? Why are we studying Aikido?

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Why are we gaining this knowledge?

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Okay to strengthen what you already know you to get closer to Allah subhana wa tada

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to learn about Allah subhanaw taala and to draw closer to Him, because when you love someone, you want to know about them, to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala better, to attain a less pleasure. So basically, there should be a class sincerity in the intention that we are learning this in obedience to Allah, to know Allah, to please Allah to preserve Allah's Deen. And remember, that after performing the obligations, the most noble and virtuous deed, is to seek knowledge.

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After performing the following, the most noble and virtuous deed is what? To seek knowledge. So, when Allah subhanaw taala is blessing us with the opportunity to learn this noble science? How should we feel?

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How should we feel

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before honored,

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thankful and grateful, our heart to be full of sugar that Allah subhanaw taala is granting us the understanding of yet another aspect of our religion, because mainly the leg will be Highland euphotic COVID de so feel blessed that you have been able to leave so many things right now. From your children, to your house, to your work, do a whole list of chores, a whole list of very urgent and important things. But Allah has given you the ability to learn something right now. So first and foremost, be grateful. Be thankful.

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Don't be stressed out. Don't get worried about Arabic text. Rather feel happy that Allah is giving you this opportunity to learn this knowledge. And remember that knowledge is the treasure that the prophets leave behind. So you are collecting a great treasure right now. Because this is the inheritance of the prophets knowledge.

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And when a person receives some blessing, and the more valuable it is, the more is expected of him. First and foremost, when a person is given some treasure, something valuable, what should he do? He should give some Zakat on it. He should give some sadaqa from it. So what is the subtle call that we are going to give from this great blessing that Allah is giving us? First and foremost?

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give charity,

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give charity, it is of the etiquette of the student of knowledge, that in gratitude for the blessings that Allah is giving him What does he do he spends in the way of Allah before class after class a little or a lot but consistently show your gratitude to Allah soprano Darla, then he is giving you the opportunity to learn his beam to take from the treasures that the prophets of Allah

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Left Behind. Likewise, part of this charity is to share this knowledge with others. So for each class, I would like you to share at least one thing with someone.

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And Alhamdulillah you have the text before you with which you can be confident about what you were learning. So whenever you're sharing something with somebody, you know for sure what you were talking about, because you have read the text yourself, you see the text yourself. Likewise, as we begin the study, we also make dua to Allah subhanaw taala, that he enabled us to gain maximum benefit from this, that he keeps our hearts guided, and we remain firm on this way, on the right way. And he keeps us safe from deviating every single one of us from the one who is writing to the one who is speaking and the one who is listening,

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that we have come here to increase in our guidance and May Allah really increase us in guidance.

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And at the same time, let's also increase in our esteem, because the study of Arpita requires effort, there are some concepts which may be difficult to grasp, there may be evidences that perhaps are difficult to remember. So whenever any hurdle comes in the way at that time, we need to seek forgiveness from a loss upon return. shareholder standard been Tamia whenever he found it difficult to understand something he would busy himself in doing so because it is our sins that come in the way that become hurdles in our journey. So it's to repeatedly seek forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala. So that this way is made easy for us. So these were just a few reminders with regards to the

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adapt the etiquette of seeking knowledge, and inshallah there will be many more that we will learn from a little look into the life of shekel Islam, even taymiyah, meaning the author of this book, so before we study the book, let's look into the life of the author, shareholder, Islam, even taymiyah

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and mizzi, one of the students of even Tamia, he said that I have not seen the likes of him and his own, I had not seen the likes of himself. The level that this man reached when it came to knowledge when it came to rabada when it came to the depth of understanding when it came to the courage that he had, when it came to his determination and his resolve to convey the word of Allah, really, there was no one that was like him. And his student is saying that even he had not seen anyone who was like him.

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His name is

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his actual name was Dr. Yu Dean, Abu Arbus, bin Abdul Halim, winner of the Salaam bin Abdullah bin Abdul pawson Mohammed Mohammed bin Ali bin Abdullah bin Tamia and have money.

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So his actual name was

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and the Dean was his title. And this was not the only title that he was given. He was actually given many, many titles that the dean basically

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means one who has the core

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meaning in the matter of being very, very touchy, very, very righteous, very, very God fearing.

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In addition to that, he was also called shaken Islam

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shape, what the shapes mean, color, okay, Al Islam of Islam,

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if you think about it, over the course of history, and even today, there are many scholars who have specialized in particular fields of study in particular sciences,

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a particular scholar he has specialized in the science of deceit, another infect another in Hades. So for example, in mumble hottie what was the specialty? Hadees right. But even Tamia was a scholar, who had not just mastered one science, but many, many sciences. And he was someone who had spent his entire life in learning the dean in teaching the dean. And not just that, but he was what the bearer of sooner he was someone who followed the Sunnah. He was an alum, a great scholar who was followed by others and this is a reason why he was given the title shameful Islam. Many scholars are called champion Islam but it is said that it was only him really, who deserved this title, given his

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knowledge and his contributions, other titles that he was given our Eman for the mage the head had this half, half as a master of Hades Mufasa will solely their head, their head also meeting a great worshiper also

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and if you notice at the end of his name is it

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and he was known as SQL Islam, even taymiyah. And not just him. But if you look at his ancestors, his forefathers, even they were called even Tamia.

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So who was even Tamia? Who was Tamia? It is said that basically tamie as the name of a woman, who was one of the great grandmothers, you can say.

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And this lady, she would advise people, she was also a woman of knowledge. And so great was their impact. So great was her influence that her children became famous because of her, meaning, they got their name from her. Because usually, if you think about it, people are named after their father, or their grandfather. But here, this entire family for many, many generations is known by this woman.

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And then this is a huge lesson for us. And what is that?

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What is that? That just because you're a woman, don't think you cannot have an impact on your children. On your society, you can leave a big mark, given that you come forward, and you struggle to the best of your ability.

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Even Tanya was born in 661, after hyjal, in the month of a barrel of oil in the city of heroin. And heroin was basically a small town in a sham. a sham is the area which covers you can say, Palestine, Jordan, Syria, and even parts of Turkey. So this entire area is known as a sham. And in a sham was a small city by the name of heaven. And today it is in Turkey, meaning presently that area is in Turkey. If you look at this map, I know it's very small, but you see this red mark, if you just go on Google Maps, and type in heroin, you will find it on the map in Sharla. So it's basically in the east of Turkey and north of Syria. This is where heroin is. Now you're gonna find even taymiyah he

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was born in heaven. And when he was about five years old, and according to others, he was six years old, Hassan was invaded by the Tata. Now, at that time, what was the political situation, the Islamic you can say Caliphate was no longer in existence as it was at the time of the Sahaba and for much time after them, but rather, it was divided into many, many you can say kingdoms, and at the same time, the Muslims were being invaded by many, many external power. So for example, the Mongols were invading the Tata were invading. The Crusades were also happening around the same time, and much of the Muslim lands had been confiscated by the enemies of Islam. But at the same time, not

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just this, Muslims were suffering at another level also, which inshallah we will talk about later. But when Helen was attacked, the inhabitants of Harmon left the city before even the data reached there. So she could have found even taymiyah his family also left her run, and they traveled to Damascus, they travel to Damascus, and they moved over there. And if you look at this picture, you can see how far Damascus is. And it's over 600 kilometers from heaven. I will have an early another week, he writes that checklist and even taymiyah his family when they left Heaven, they took with themselves the most valuable belongings that they had. And what was that? their treasure of books.

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That is what they took with themselves, their treasure of books, and they had no animals. Okay, so they basically had to pull the cards themselves. And imagine they went on this journey how on foot and if today a person goes on foot from heaven to Damascus it will take over 120 hours. So several days journey all the way to Damascus and they were pulling these cards how themselves and it is at that at one occasion that our were very close to them. Okay. And what happened that their cards the wheels got stuck.

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So the entire family of even Tamia, they fell prostrate, and they kept on asking Allah soprano Darla begging him to save them from the enemy. And at last the cart moved and the caravan moved on safely. When even Tamia moved to Damascus, he was still five years old. According to others, he was six years old. And remember that his entire family was a family of scholars. His father was a scholar, his grandfather

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There was a scholar, and the people in Damascus were already aware of the scholarly achievements of this family. So when they moved to Damascus, basically they were welcomed, and very soon, his father began teaching in Damascus. It is said that the grandfather of even Damien was the dean. He was an outstanding puppy. And about him it was said that Alina leash shave emerged the de facto come out lean and leader, Buddha Hadees. That film was made soft and pliable, meaning easy to understand, and easy to explain for who match the deen. Just as iron was made pliable and soft for the elderly center. So he was a great scholar, his father, she had the Dean of the Helene was also a great

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scholar and in Damascus, he became the Imam and Muhammad is the scholar you can say the professor at that will Hades sakarya. So his father was also a scholar. And remember that this was a time of great unrest because there was constant invasion from the enemy in different lands of the Muslim populations. But we see that among even taymiyah from the very beginning, he was focused on learning. Obviously, the one whose father is a scholar, grandfather is a scholar, the brothers are scholars, uncles are scholars, cousins are scholars. What can you think about this man? So at the age of seven, he completed the memorization of the Quran. But that's not where it ended. After

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memorizing the Quran, he moved on to other sciences. And it is settled by the age of 17. He wrote his first book. And by the age of 19, he was actually allowed to give fatawa

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he was allowed to issue legal rulings at the age of 19. And at the age of 22, he began teaching at that ahadith a superior meeting when his father passed away, he took on that position and he became the scholar over there he was teaching, I will have another way. He writes about the memory of shareholder assignment me and he says that when even Tamia was still very young boy, a scholar from Halo, he came, and he had heard about the memory of this boy, you know, he's very strong with his memory, very learned. So he basically wanted to test this boy.

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And what even Tamia came, he asked even Tamia for his tablet on which he would write things for himself. He had it cleaned. And he wrote about 11 to 13, a Hadees. And he told even Tamia to read those ahaadeeth. He read them once. And then the scholar he erased all of those ahadees. And then he said, to even tell me, tell me those IDs and even tell me I told him all of those IDs from memory. He tested him one more time in the same way. In the same way, he tested him and he was amazed by the memory of a container. And he said that if Allah wills him to live, he would be a genius without appear in the whole world. And his words did come true. It is said that even Tamia while he was

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still young. He valued his time a lot. He would never waste his time. One day, his father and his family asked him to come along with them for a picnic and even taymiyah said, No, I'm not going to go he refused, basically. And when everybody returned, even to me, I came to his father. And he told him that while you were gone, I memorize this entire book. So his father was shocked that How could he have memorize this entire book in just a short duration? So he tested his son? And he was amazed that yes, he had memorized the entire text. And he said, Don't tell anybody. Why do you think he said, Don't tell anybody?

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Yes, to save him from the evil and also because when a child begins to realize that he has some potential, it might become a source of ego and overconfidence for him. So basically, for his own good he told him not to tell anybody about it. Remember the hobby, he said that she could assign even taymiyah he read the Koran studied, debated and sought evidence, and he had not even reached the age of majority. And he became skilled in knowledge of C and he gave fatwa and gave lessons and he was less than 20 years old. He authored works and became from the senior scholars in the life of his own shoe. And his works number around 4000 books and more. So basically, at a very young age, he

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had surpassed many of his peers. With regards to his education. It has said that you could have found even taymiyah he had over 200 teachers, over 200 teachers. And he began learning from his father because his father was a great scholar. So he learned from him and his father was a humbling scholar. And basically he learned the humble effect, not just from

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His father, but also the great shape of our birth, even

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unlock the sea. And when he learned from him, he basically went through the entire Muslim Ummah, and the scepter, the six books of Hadith more than once, he studied these books of Hadith with this teacher, more than once imagined, and we think so he will hurry is long so he is actually Mufasa it's one of the names of the book is much tougher, it is a bridge, it is not that big. It's got only around 7000, a hadith. Muslim women, on the other hand has hundreds and 1000s you can see it has many, many more ahadith even taymiyah learned from his paternal aunt also whose name was sit at the front of the Senate, even taymiyah. And he learned from at least four female scholars, meaning

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amongst his teachers were also women. And he learned diverse sciences. He learned that seed he learned early on, he studied the Sahara, Sita, Muslim, MMR maternal a datamine, marginata, barani, aroma, Hadith fake and it's also also the deen and the various sects that exists. He learned language he mastered language at a very young age, mathematics, history, and even other subjects like astronomy, medicine and engineering. So, basically, he learned about many, many things. One of his students, he said that whenever he came across something, he memorized it. He memorized it, so he was a keen learner. So anything that he came across, he learned about it. When it comes to his

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knowledge, it was quite amazing. He was granted intellectual brilliance and his knowledge was truly encyclopedic. It is said that even tenure was a polymath, meaning. He knew not just one science, but he was an expert of many, many sciences. It is said that when he was 22 years of age, when his father passed away, and he was appointed as the teacher in Jamia Supriya, when he gave his first speech that was attended by many, many greater use of Damascus, amongst them work shift as dean and fossati, and many others. And his first lecture was basically on the bus mala, on Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim. And he extracted such amazing, amazing lessons from it. That it is said that the

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chef, one of the chefs present over there to Dean, he actually put down the speech and writing he actually took notes. He was so amazed by the speech of a 22 year old, that he actually took notes. And he was a skilled writer, he spoke really well. And he was not just a scholar who was buried in books, but he was also aware of the problems of life and the contemporary society, which is why he had such a great impact, that he knew the sciences of Islam really well, but he also knew what the people needed. They needed to learn. And this is why he was able to benefit so many people. He had deep comprehension, meaning he didn't just know he actually understood really well, which is why

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when people asked him questions, he always brought answers to them. And he brought answers to them, not from his, you know, own whims and desires. No, it was always based on some textual evidence and people would be amazed that How could you use this is evidence we never thought about it. You understood, so he was granted deep comprehension.

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Even though he said that when I met even Tamia, I saw a person who had all types of knowledge between his eyes.

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It was as though knowledge was before his eyes, he would take of it what he desired and leave of it what he desired. It has said about him that difficult questions used to be sent to him difficult, complicated questions used to be sent to him from governors and people across the Muslim world. And whenever he gave them the answer, he responded from the book and the center in such a way that would be willed in the minds of people.

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The world or the minds of people. Kamala Dean, one of his critics, actually, or one of his opponents. He debated with me at many, many occasions. He said that knowledge of all sciences was made easy for even taymiyah as iron had been softened for that would similar words, as we said about his grandfather, he said whenever he was questioned on a particular field of knowledge, the one who witnessed and heard the answer concluded that he had no knowledge of any other field.

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Meaning someone who was listening to him thought that oh, this is his expertise. This is why he's talking about this Oh, well, but then they would come to know that his knowledge was not limited to that particular field only. Rather, he knew about many, many

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other scientists, even Kathy said it was rare for him to hear something and not memorize it. And he occupied himself with the scientists of the dean. Now, with all this knowledge that Allah subhanaw taala had granted him with, what is it that even taymiyah? Did, we see that first of all, he was a gifted teacher, like I mentioned to you at the age of 22, he began teaching officially in the gym. And from all over the Muslim world, questions were sent to him, and he gave very satisfying answers. So for example, people asked him about Aikido. And he wrote an entire text at our cleaner Wikipedia, so comprehensive, yet detailed, it was a very satisfying answer. Likewise, his other book, Arpita,

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hammer, Ouija. That was also in response to a question. When he was asked about legal issues, he gave very satisfying answers. And he defended the hate also, he was in which the head and a much the head is basically someone who exerts his maximum effort in learning and understanding and then he gives an opinion. And at the same time, he was also able to hit even Tamia said about himself that at times, I look into 100, the fallacies, just to understand one area, he would look into 100 commentaries on the Quran, just to understand one idea. So he wasn't much the head. And he was also image I hit, because at his time, remember, there was a lot of invasion from the tatau from the

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Mongols. So he didn't just sit and lecture or write books. Rather, he also participated in all those battles that were attacking the Muslims all over. And at the same time, he was a reformer, because while the Muslims were suffering from external, dangerous, there were also many internal dangers, how that many, many deviant beliefs had become widespread amongst Muslims. For example, the Greek philosophy when it was translated into the Arabic language, and it made its way into the Muslim world. It's caused a lot of people to deviate from the heck from the teachings of Quran and Sunnah. They began analyzing everything logically. And as a result, the pure beliefs that the Quran and

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Sunnah give us they were distorted, they were misunderstood by the people. It came to a point that, you know, people began saying that this person is a creation and this will also come to an end and if it has come from Allah, you know, he does not speak he does not listen, he does not hear he does not do anything, he has created everything and he has left everything. Some said, such deviant believes that Allah is everything and everyone in everywhere in me in you. And at the same time, you know, the influence of others. So Muslims began revering their righteous people who had died, so much so that they would go to their graves and offer, you know, acts of worship over there, pray to

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them. So imagine even taymiyah he was a great reformer in the sense that all of these false beliefs that had spread, he went on refuting them. And he was a great defender of the hate. He was a great defender of the hate. And this is why he is considered as a huge blessing on his contemporaries and the scholars who came later considered even taymiyah as a great neuroma from Allah subhanaw taala, because he was someone who really revived the true religion, because it was disappearing. The people love to hate on the correct Arpita were disappearing. There were so many false ideologies that had come into existence, that the Hulk was being lost. So even taymiyah he was a great reformer. And at

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the same time, he did a marble narrow window here and also how that remember that the Tata when they invaded the Muslim lands. Soon after that attack, they accepted Islam also. Okay, they accepted Islam, but yet they continued on their invasion, you know, against the Muslims. So the Muslims were confused, these people are supposed to be Muslim, yet they're attacking us, do we fight them? Or do we not fight them? So even taymiyah? You know, he brought answers at these critical times. And he led the people to the right way. And we also learned that he went up to those kings who were killing the Muslim so for example, a particular king who was causing another back, he was attacking the

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Muslims and even taymiyah he was bold enough that he went up to him, and he said that you claim to be a Muslim. And I have been told that you have with you a colleague and an Imam, meaning apparently you're a Muslim and you're ruling according to the Islamic law. But yet you kill the Muslims. your forefathers were disbelievers, but they abstained from breaking their promises. Meaning when they made a treaty, they didn't break the treaty. Why is that you are Muslim

00:35:00 --> 00:35:24

And yet you are killing the Muslims. So he went and advised him. And this was something very risky to do. But he was very courageous and variable than he advised him and this king actually was affected by the words of even taymiyah. And it wasn't just at this occasion but it many other occasions he went up to the oppressors, and he advised them. He did a murder Naga wanna hear Mancha

00:35:25 --> 00:36:00

while he was a great scholar. He was also a great worshiper, and he possessed very, very noble characteristics. He was someone who remembered a lot much he was very, very grateful to Allah subhanaw taala even claim, he said that I heard Shahada, Sam say that remembrance to the heart is like water to fish. Liquor of Allah is as important for the heart, just as water is important to fish. He said, what will be the state of the fish? If it becomes separated from the water?

00:36:01 --> 00:36:10

What will happen to it? What's the answer? It will die. So likewise, if there is a heart that does not remember, its Lord, it will die.

00:36:11 --> 00:36:55

Even claim said that once I attended the Federal Trade with even Tamia, and after the prayer, he said, and he remembered Allah until it was nearly midday. And this whole time he was engaged in the remembrance of Allah. And then he turned to him and he said, This is my early morning meal. If I do not take this breakfast, my strength will drop. For some of us. Our early morning meal is a cup of coffee or some food or extra sleep. And we feel that if we don't have it, we won't have any strength through the day. His source of strength was the remembrance of Allah. He was a very grateful servant, even if I even said that. Even Tamia used to say frequently in his studio, a lot of them

00:36:55 --> 00:37:39

are in near the creek or shook rica was nearby that they go Allah assist me to remember you to be grateful to you and to worship you property. And he was a man of courage also, a man of determination, a man of courage of the heavyset none among his predecessors, dare to explain his viewpoint as forcefully as even taymiyah did, because they knew that if you speak up, you're gonna ask for trouble. But even Tamia was so courageous that it didn't matter whether he was threatened with being killed or threatened with exile or threatened with imprisonment. It didn't matter. He was very courageous when it came to how he defended it. When it came to help. He spoke it and he spread

00:37:39 --> 00:38:29

the Hulk and at the same time, he also negated falsehood that had spread everywhere. And this is a reason why he endured many, many trials in his life, because remember that coup de niro Martin Massoud, everyone who was given a blessing is envied. And when he spoke the Hulk, what happened? He got into trouble. Not once, but many, many times. Because you see, it bleeds. What is his goal? He wants to lead people astray. And what does he do? What's his first step that he leads people to shake? And when there is a person who's speaking out against chick, you think of these are going to sit still shavon is going to sit still know? What does he do? He creates hurdles for him how that he

00:38:29 --> 00:39:17

goes, and he incites evil thoughts against that man in the hearts of other people. So that friends turn into enemies, and people who are ignorant, they also turn into enemies. So even taymiyah, while he had a great following many, many students, many, many supporters, he also had many enemies. And these enemies were not people of goodwill. They were people love Islam. There were people who were Muslim, and not just ordinary people. They were theologians, they were scholars, they were people of knowledge, who became the enemies off even taymiyah. And this, you can say, was the intellectual warfare that even taymiyah had to struggle against throughout his life. Even if he said that a group

00:39:17 --> 00:39:59

of theologians were jealous of shaken Islam because of his position in the court of the governor. Because obviously, if someone gives convincing answers, logical answers, they will be welcomed by others, someone who has great knowledge is going to be benefited by their so people value such an individual, but others did not like that. So because of this envy, what did they do? They started finding faults in even taymiyah. His words were distorted the fatawa that he gave, they were opposed, and as a result, he earned the anger of many, many people. It is said that in the year 698, after his little show called Assam, he wrote

00:40:00 --> 00:40:41

book or kita and Hemingway, yeah. And people raised many objections, many objections. And he was called to many, many debates. And he went and he debated and he defended his point. And he proved his opponents that he was right because he used evidence from the Quran and Sunnah. He convinced them and his opponents confess, they acknowledge that yes, he was a man of knowledge, who used evidence, but yet they were not willing to accept the truth. So he got into trouble in the year 705. He wrote the book archaeologically, again, he was in trouble. Many, many debates he was invited to he had to defend himself at many occasions in the year 705, Shahada, some even taymiyah, he refuted,

00:40:41 --> 00:40:56

even Adobe. Adobe, was basically the man who said, Allah is everywhere in me in you in the center in the believer in the bird in everyone. Allah is everywhere now with a bit nuts. So this incorrect belief in my Tamia, he completely refuted.

00:40:57 --> 00:41:45

And this is something that angered the followers of even our lobby. And amongst them were also people of power in Egypt. So even taymiyah was called to Egypt. And he was imprisoned for over a year for around 18 months. And he was imprisoned in the prison of known as job meaning a well, and he was imprisoned over there with his brothers. But this time of confinement was a time that showed that proved his moral excellence, because many times he was offered, agree with us and you'll be out of prison, just give one fatwa, and you'll be out of prison. But even taymiyah would repeatedly say this prison is dear to me than what I am asked to do. I am not going to change the hook, I'm not

00:41:45 --> 00:41:51

going to speak faltered, I accept a surgeon, Rob decisional. I have boutilier.

00:41:52 --> 00:42:35

So he was unwavering throughout this ordeal, but eventually, in the year 707, he was released. But what he did in the prison is something amazing. He spent that time, you know, writing, reflecting. And at the same time, there were other people in the prison with him because he was transferred from one place to the other. And in one of the prisons, when he was put over there, he saw the state of his image. And he realized that these people were sunk in, you know, many moral diseases, they were spending their time in amusement and recreation and just, you know, being negligent towards even the timing of Salah. So he began doing that.

00:42:36 --> 00:43:13

So the prison that was full of people who were living in ignorance and fighting with one another and wasting their time, this place turned into you could say a monastery, literally, where people were busy in the remembrance of Allah, learning the Quran and learning the rhythm of the deen. So he basically changed the entire scene of the prison. Anyway, he was released in the year 707. But one more problem happened soon after that. In a few years later, a Sufi by the name of Allah, Allah, he issued complaints against even Tamia.

00:43:15 --> 00:43:39

And even taymiyah says that you should not make dua to anyone but Allah, not even the prophets of Allah. Even our partner, he was very, very angered by that. So even Tamia was brought to court he had to defend himself but he was not even allowed to defend himself and basically, he was placed in house arrest. And why because there were too many complaints against him.

00:43:40 --> 00:43:49

Eventually, he was deported to Alexandria he was exiled in the year 709. And over there, he was imprisoned for eight months.

00:43:50 --> 00:44:38

And eventually he was released and he went to Damascus, when he was in Damascus. Over there also his opponents they didn't sit at rest, rather they created problems for him and they dug out this fatwa that even they may have given 17 years before, okay? And this fatwa was basically concerning traveling to a grave that he said that this is not permissible. If a person travels to the grave of a righteous man, even a prophet of Allah, this is something that is not permissible. You travel to a Masjid, okay with the Nia of Urbana and you travel to a Masjid not a grave. So his opponents, they use this fatwa against him and this angered the people in power. And again, even taymiyah was placed

00:44:39 --> 00:44:59

in prison. So basically, he was imprisoned many, many times. And throughout his life, there was always this fear. You know that so until he's going to issue a ruling, and that's me, I'm going to go into the prison. But every time he was given this news, you're they're planning to kill you. They're going to exile you. They're going to imprison you. He would say, if they kill me

00:45:00 --> 00:45:10

It will be Shahada. I'm not afraid. If they expel me, it will be digital. And if they imprison me, it will be a place of worship.

00:45:11 --> 00:45:57

If they imprison me, it will be a place of worship. He said, What can my enemies do to me? They can't harm me. Because in my heart is my Jenna, my garden. And wherever I go, it is with me meaning I choose to be happy Wherever I am, whatever situation I am putting, so my enemies cannot harm me, no matter what they inflict upon me, because in my heart, I am happy, I am satisfied. And this is true whether he was exiled or he was imprisoned. He was always positive. And this is something that is amazing. Final imprisonment was in Damascus. And you know, the reason that a 17 year old fatwa, you know, it was used to gain opposition against him. And when he was given the news, that you are

00:45:57 --> 00:46:04

going to be imprisoned. He said, I was looking forward to it. It has a lot of goodness for me.

00:46:05 --> 00:46:35

I was looking forward to this private time, inshallah it will have a lot of goodness in store for me. And finally, when he was placed in the prison, he said, If I were to fill this castle, when he was in prison, the fortress so that he could not go out at all, and nobody could come to him. He said, If I were to fill this fortress with gold and spend it in the way of Allah, it would never be enough as gratitude for this blessing of imprisonment.

00:46:36 --> 00:47:00

Blessing of imprisonment, he said, these people who have become a source of goodness for me, who is he talking about his enemies, they have become a source of goodness for me. I can never thank them enough. Look at how positive this man was. He would say, in the prison that Alma boo Suman, he'll be suckle boo and Robbie, Wilma Suman, Asada who have

00:47:02 --> 00:47:07

that the one who is truly imprisoned is the one whose heart is imprisoned from Allah.

00:47:08 --> 00:47:20

I'm not imprisoned. I'm just confined in one place but I'm not imprisoned imprisoned is the one whose heart is imprisoned from Allah. And the one captivated is the one whose desires have enslaved him.

00:47:22 --> 00:47:56

I see you who is a see someone who's died somewhere right. So who is the true receive someone whose desires have bound him. So he cannot do anything in his life except fulfill his desires. It has said that when he entered this prison, this Allah, this castle or this fort, where he was going to be staying for a very long time, when he entered, he recited the ayah for booty babina, whom be sued Allahu Bab valtellina houfy and Rama to wa whom in Peabody,

00:47:58 --> 00:48:43

certain Hadith, he had this idea that a wall will be placed between them with a door, its interior containing mercy, but on the outside of it is torment. Meaning people think that what is beyond this door is torture. No, it's actually a mercy. What is outside the store, meaning what is out there in the world, that is torture, that is or that, so Allah is saving me from that, and admitting me into his mercy. And during this imprisonment, he was with his brother, as well as said that even clean was also within his great student. He spent his time with the Quran, so much so that he recited the Quran at times. At times,

00:48:44 --> 00:49:25

he recited the Quran, because initially, he had his pens and papers with him. So he made use of assignment and he wrote many beneficial things. But his enemies, they were more upset that this man now he doesn't have any distractions, and he's busy writing, you know, it's causing more problems for us. So they raised the complaints against him. And what happened, his fans were confiscated, his papers were confiscated. So he could not write anything. He could not read anything, he could not write anything. The only thing he could read was what was preserved in his heart. So he spent his time reciting the Quran. And he recited it at least 80 times reflecting on the verses of the Quran,

00:49:25 --> 00:49:56

on the meanings of the book of Allah in the double interfaculty. And he would say that people wish to get this understanding. And Allah has bestowed it upon me in this imprisonment. And he would say that I regret wasting my time on matters other than the meaning of the meaning before I spend so much of my time, you know, learning about different things and teaching about different things or reflecting on different things. I wish I had spent my entire time with the book of Allah, with the book of Allah

00:49:57 --> 00:49:58


00:49:59 --> 00:49:59

it was

00:50:00 --> 00:50:06

During this imprisonment that he passed away, it is said that he was reciting the Quran to his brother.

00:50:07 --> 00:50:11

And when he reached the last episode, it will come up

00:50:12 --> 00:50:25

in the Latina Fijian natten when a female card is written in the mullikin mock, when he was reciting this ayah he stopped there, and he passed away.

00:50:26 --> 00:50:40

So, these were the last verses that he recited. And these is what do they mean? The righteous will dwell among gardens, and rivers firmly established near the mighty king

00:50:42 --> 00:51:02

v. McCarthy slogan or in the Mulligan, mock, and this is how he passed away in the month of the quarter of the year 728. So, basically two years he spent in this last imprisonment, and these two years, he read the Quran at times, and he was 67

00:51:04 --> 00:51:49

years of age. It is said that his funeral it was attended by at least 60,000 to 100,000 people. When someone from the prison made the announcement that even Tamia had passed away. Further that announcement and they said even Timmy has passed away the new spread like wildfire in the entire city. And so many people attended his janessa 15,000 women at least, came out to perform his janaza prayer also. And it wasn't just in Damascus that his janazah was performed. Everywhere. The news reached that even Tamia has passed away. The people over there performed janazah for him over there. Also it is said that even in far off cities in China janazah was prayed for shareholders and even

00:51:49 --> 00:52:33

training are bizarre. He said that once the people heard of his death, not a single person wanted to be in Damascus who was able to attend the prayer and wanted to remain until he appeared and took time out for it. Every single person took time out for it. As a result, the markets in Damascus were closed, and all transactions of livelihood were stopped. governors, heads, scholars, jurists all came out. They say that none of the majority of the people failed to turn up, except three individuals. And they were known for their enmity for even taymiyah. And so they hid away from the fear of people. But other than those three individuals, every single person came out to perform his

00:52:33 --> 00:53:08

janazah even crazier describes the janazah of even claiming, and it's amazing that what a great attendance it had, how much do people cry, so many people were there, and so much they prayed for him. And they realized that they had lost a great treasure. They might have been Tamia, although he lived a short life you can see at 67 years but he left behind a great legacy. And in that legacy was first and foremost his students. A teacher is known by his students always

00:53:09 --> 00:53:20

it is that that he had at least 50,000 students 50,000 students, and amongst the most famous students was it Nokia.

00:53:21 --> 00:53:33

If Nokia who spent around 21 years with even Tamia and the way he describes his teacher is amazing Rabbani, he calls him back, he calls him

00:53:34 --> 00:54:21

even conceive the famous Mufasa was also his student, the theory of empathy, the famous book on taxi, which is used by almost everybody, when it comes to learning the seat, the seat of empathy is one of the primary resources he was the student have been telling me that Herbie was also his student at the hub is the one who wrote the volume this book, Seattle, Atlanta nobelapp. It has many, many volumes, basically, biographies of great people on the path elbasan you may have heard of Muslim l baazov. And Miss D, also, and obviously, many, many other great students he left behind. Along with the students he left behind many writings. He used to write a lot, a lot. It is said that

00:54:21 --> 00:54:59

in one sitting, he would write up to 60 pages Has it ever happened that in one class, you write 10 pages and you're amazed by your effort, even taymiyah will write up to 60 pages in one setting, the fatawa that he gave, you know, people would send him questions and he would write back answers to them the first hour that he gave, now that there are compiled 35 volumes 35 volumes, and these are just those which people have managed to compiled together. He wrote a personal copy of Buddha wood for himself because at that time, there was no photocopy machines. There were no printing press. If you wanted a copy of a book, you had to write it yourself or pay someone to write it for you. So

00:54:59 --> 00:55:00

imagine the

00:55:00 --> 00:55:14

entire book of hadiza Buddha he wrote that for himself, and he left behind at least 4000 books 4000 books, it has said that he delivered at the feet of kulu Allahu Ahad that took up an entire huge volume.

00:55:15 --> 00:55:27

Just Kala has an entire huge volume. And he said that if he actually wrote obscene, he did not. But if he did, it would be 50 volumes.

00:55:28 --> 00:55:33

Imagine 50 volumes because this is the knowledge and the depth of understanding that this man possessed.

00:55:34 --> 00:56:15

And he was also a very quick writer, used to write very fast, his brother Abdullah, he said that a lot of blessing with the ability to write quickly and he used to write from memory without copying. Even Tamia had a scribe who used to make copies of his work because of the fact that he used to write so fast. And there was a person known as a delight, even Russia can be used to write the works of even taymiyah. Meaning if you found something written by Ben Tamia, he would rewrite it. Why? Because he would write so fast that people sometimes could not understand his writing. And there were times when even taymiyah himself could not understand his writing. So one of the men of the lab

00:56:15 --> 00:56:47

in Russia, he would rewrite the writings of even Tamia that he was an amazing writer. And he was praised by many, many people, you know, his students, his peers, his enemies, you can say, everyone praised him, because he was a man of quality. there beside his virtues are many, and he is greater than the likes of me should notify of his biography, meaning a biography cannot do justice. If I was to swear between the corner of the Kaaba

00:56:48 --> 00:57:29

and station, Ibrahim, I would swear that I have not seen the likes of him with my eyes. If someone said that go and swear, take a note that by Allah there is no one like even Tamia and goals were this or next to the karma between the karma and Ibrahim, he said, I would do that. I'm so confident about this, there was no one like him when it came to his knowledge and understanding. Severe denial Hindi said, even they may even tell me you're like a breezy bird. Whenever I try to catch hold of you at one point, you swiftly move on to another, you swiftly move on to another no one can catch up with you. When it comes to learning something when it comes to teaching something when it comes to

00:57:29 --> 00:57:33

performing an act of worship, you're always a step ahead of others,

00:57:34 --> 00:57:35

always a step ahead.

00:57:36 --> 00:58:29

And this was due to his knowledge as well as his worship, even playing him. He said about even taymiyah that Allah knows I have never seen anyone who had a better life than his, someone who was imprisoned so many times who had so many enemies. It no claim said that I have never seen anyone who had a better life than his, despite the difficulties and all that expunges comfort and luxury may things completely opposite to them. Despite imprisonment, intimidation, and oppression. Even taymiyah had a purer life than anyone could. He was the most generous, the strongest of heart, and the most joyful of souls with the radiance of bliss in his face. It will play him said when we were

00:58:29 --> 00:58:58

seized with fear, and our thoughts turned negative, and the earth grew narrow for us, we would go to him. No sooner did we look at him and hear his words, that all these feelings would leave us to be replaced by relief, strength, certainty and tranquility. So he was a man, not just a knowledge, but he was a man who was a servant of Allah, who didn't just learn, but he also applied and he conveyed.

00:59:00 --> 00:59:13

It has said that, whenever he found it difficult to understand something, he did his default. He said at one occasion that sometimes I have gone through as many as 100 commentaries of a single verse of the Quran.

00:59:15 --> 00:59:33

After I have dipped into these pages, I have supplicated to Allah subhanaw taala to enlighten me about the true content and significance of the ayah. So first of all, there's a lot of research, a lot of effort, a lot of struggle himself to find out. And secondly, a lot of

00:59:34 --> 00:59:59

he said that I pray to Allah on these occasions, the Mr. Lima Adama way below him, I live me way mo for him a Sulaiman for him me or teacher of Adam boetticher Ibrahim Teach me also. And all one who gave understanding to Solomon give me understanding of Adam relational philosophy and it gave him in mind why I love Adam, and a snap

01:00:00 --> 01:00:25

Abraham Edison was also given Russia and even Tamia would go to, you know, a far off place where there was no one, an empty Masjid. And he would go and fall into Santa and rub his head and nose Institute, humbling himself before Allah seeking forgiveness and begging him to grant him understanding. So while there was effort on his part, there was also a lot of drama at the same time.

01:00:26 --> 01:00:38

So these were just a few glimpses from the life of even Tamia, you're more than welcome to share anything that you would like to any of your reflections, what you have learned from the life of shahana, slam, even tinier.

01:00:40 --> 01:01:19

For me, I just feel that the fact that he suffered so much, but look at the fact that he was so content, because he had inner peace, and he had trust in Allah, Allah, He knew the child, he was going through with the statistics. And these people were in the wrong and not him, like he was content with himself. And content, Allah had decreed for him, I think that all of us the lesson for us to realize that what we go through is not something that Allah does not like for you, but he's testing you in your faith. I mean, I just listened to them and look at the hardships they went through, but did not stop them from doing the work of Allah, our small child we have, and we just

01:01:19 --> 01:02:01

have a small, takes a long to come to capital alpha, and we want to stop and I'm not coming anymore. But look at this, I'm missing myself. Yeah, Allah, many times we stop. Why because either it's getting difficult in the sense that we find it difficult to understand to learn, knowledge becomes difficult, or the circumstances become difficult, or there's lack of support, or there's a personal struggle, but we see that none of these, you know, became such obstacles for even taymiyah that he stopped. No, if it was knowledge that became difficult, he asked Allah to open his mind and heart. If it was, you know, the opposition of others, he didn't give up. He was firm and Huck.

01:02:04 --> 01:02:44

I was actually thinking the opposite. Nowadays, we have so much Bs, we have the internet, we have the computers, we have, like all these resources to memorize, and have access to the hobbies and stuff. And that is actually a form that is taking us away from learning the game because now there's that false concept in my head, I can access it whenever I want. I can listen to the recording whenever I want. It's not due till December, I have another day to finish this one. While these you know, people that we mentioned that this all we are studying about. The one thing that strikes me is that they were so keen on utilizing any resource they had at hand. I have a pen and a paper, I

01:02:44 --> 01:03:21

should be writing right away. We have resources all over. And we have Oh, I can use this anytime I can minimize it. You know, our youth are slipping from our hands. And we're like all the classes another two years. It's okay. How do we know we're gonna live another day? You know, it's amazing, if you think about it in his last imprisonment, when he did not have any paper or pen. What did he do? How did he keep himself busy? The recitation of the Quran, it's the knowledge that is preserved in the heart, that a person can act upon, that a person can review and worship Allah subhanaw taala through that,

01:03:22 --> 01:03:57

sorry, just one more point. It's also a source of empowerment that if he can do all this, what is stopping from us our sins, most likely, if we let go of our sins, like even like going to the picnic, and like all this time, I used to memorize a book, I've actually witnessed that even in myself, sometimes you let go of something or your fourth maybe you know, you're feeding your child and stuff and you're, you know, unconsciously listening to a lecture or something by the end you have accomplished and understanding of the matter that you did not, you know, understand earlier. So our accomplishments are something that I've learned to during the study here is something Allah

01:03:57 --> 01:04:05

blessed us with, from our end, we have to put the effort like these all scholars, they put effort and the competition was given to them by less

01:04:07 --> 01:04:08


01:04:10 --> 01:04:40

Yeah, I was amazed by listening that he decided or I'm in the prison in two years at times. If I look back, I think I didn't have decided that many times, maybe in my whole life, and especially when you are not in favorable circumstances. That's the first thing that slips out of your head is your prayer is your plan. Oh, I'm so depressed, I'm so upset. I won't be able to concentrate you know, that is the first thing that you give up. So it is amazing. But Mashallah.

01:04:42 --> 01:05:00

Also, even taymiyah repeatedly forgave his opponents repeatedly. I mean, the people who raised objections against him, they had him in prison, they had him exiled. They created so many difficulties for him unnecessarily

01:05:00 --> 01:05:45

But still he forgave them. In a letter to Syria soon after his release from the prison, he said, may Allah be pleased with you, you know that I have never wished a single Muslim to get into any trouble of any sort. Then how can I desire that my friends should come to grief on account of me, because of me? No sir sincerity and well wishing for everyone. He didn't view his opponents as opponents. He viewed them as his brothers, and which is why he convinced them he used evidence to convince them of the Hulk. And even though they became very harsh towards him, he did not become harsh to them in return. It is said that in one of the debates that he was having with someone, the other person, he

01:05:45 --> 01:06:01

was very harsh to continue. And later on, when every time he explained himself, I mean, the other man, he understood the other scholar, he understood. And then he went and apologized to even taymiyah that I'm sorry for being harsh to you. So it far below it.

01:06:02 --> 01:06:06

So that the enemy, the four turns into a friend,

01:06:07 --> 01:06:11

for me today, this morning, in his local council, we discussed the statement of

01:06:12 --> 01:06:59

that about piecing hard being content. And if I'm in the prison, it's time for me of seclusion with Allah, inside still cannot completely grasp this is how much if we want to do this, it's really easy. But if we are still stuck on our desires, or on our miserable life, that is not so miserable, and we just think, okay, no, he was different. But mine is much worse, we can never get that point. Once to reach that point, that your heart is always happy, always content, no matter what comes in front of you. You need to have a very, very strong belief in Allah. And very, very strong believe in God. And this is the reason why he defended the head.

01:07:01 --> 01:07:15

So that was like, I just want to grasp that idea and I want to live I want to start thinking like that I really want to try that positive thinking. Even taymiyah said trial and tribulation are like feeling the heat and cold.

01:07:16 --> 01:07:40

Like for example, in winter, do you feel cold? In the summer? Do you feel the heat? Yes, he said, when one knows that they cannot be avoided. He will not feel anger at their onset, nor will he be distressed or disheartened. In the first part of life, no matter how big or small it is, it is part of life. So just accept it. And once you accept it, then you're not angry anymore.

01:07:41 --> 01:08:13

He also said that a man will never fear something besides Allah, unless it be due to a disease in his heart. Meaning if a person fears someone other than Allah, it is why because of some disease in his heart. So the production of Eman the strength of a man gives courage. The strength of a man makes a person confident, the strength of a man gives a person the confidence to speak the truth, even when he knows he will be in trouble.

01:08:14 --> 01:08:23

He also said the more the servant loves his master, the less will he love other objects and they will decrease in number.

01:08:24 --> 01:08:55

They will decrease in number who will decrease the number others besides those that are generally loved by people, the less the servant loves his master, the more will he love other objects and they will increase in number. Even Tamia was someone who had dedicated his entire life to learning and teaching. He was able to head and watch the head. his entire life was dedicated to this and he also did not get married.

01:08:57 --> 01:09:33

Why? Because he was constantly busy, constantly busy, mean someone who had such great control over his heart. Obviously, you can imagine that he also had a great control over his desire, he had channelized all of his energy, everything was focused on rabada and in the alimentaria this is what his life was focused on. This was his mission in life and his such attitude needed, meaning other people needed who are like this, who gave their all to the study of the deen

01:09:35 --> 01:09:37

if not everything, at least what they have.

01:09:38 --> 01:09:59

Because unfortunately, what happens with us is that if something is missing in our lives, we take so much pity on ourselves that we think we cannot do anything else. But even taymiyah was someone who made use of what ever he had. If it was time only he had he remembered Allah soprano. If it was freedom he had he used that to serve that he never lost.

01:10:00 --> 01:10:03

panel. If it was pen and paper, he used that.

01:10:05 --> 01:10:13

So take five, before five, make use of the blessings before they're taken away because when they're taken away, then what can you do? He also said,

01:10:14 --> 01:10:31

whoever desires everlasting bliss, then let him adhere firmly to the threshold of servitude. whoever desires everlasting bliss, then let him adhere firmly to the threshold of servitude. Meaning be a servant to Allah.

01:10:33 --> 01:11:15

Be a servant to alive increase in your servitude, and how is it that a person increases in a servitude through because through sugar through Nevada through tawakkol through Riba accepting Allah's decree, his other through effort, he also said, Every punishment from him is pure justice, and every blessing from him is pure grace. every blessing from him is pure grace. He also said that guidance is not attained except with knowledge. guidance, cannot be attained except with knowledge. And correct direction is not attained except with patience.

01:11:17 --> 01:11:23

So what are two things that are necessary for hedaya? And is the karma? What knowledge and solution?

01:11:24 --> 01:11:30

Do we see this in his life, when it comes to his knowledge, a great deal when it comes to this subject, amazing.

01:11:31 --> 01:11:33

Anything else you'd like to share your reflection?

01:11:34 --> 01:12:17

I'm just dumbfounded with this spider man. I'm thinking while it was a favor of Allah subhanaw taala upon them, it is a favor of the scholars on the likes of us. And the likes of students of knowledge. Even Tamia, Rahim Allah, and after him all those teachers who have brought these kinds of texts out to teach us and thinking of our own nostalgia, you know, none of us would have had access to pay that diversity, how many of us who go to the library and look into these advanced sciences, if it wasn't for all these scholars, we're bringing this knowledge and I'm gonna continue to raise the ranks. And then as one attalla raised from our generations as well, at least a few people like this,

01:12:17 --> 01:13:00

because I'm thinking really weird, like the cut paste generation of knowledge, right? This fact that he studied the field 100 times for understanding one ayah. And like, if you and me have to do research about one if 100 of it, we don't generally do that. I don't know if anybody in this hall has. But it's still so much easier for us, right, we would just go to our laptops and click a few words. But for them, they would have gone through the entire books of the fancier volumes and volumes and volumes, and it takes dedication life and some Highlander. And if you think about it, using just four to five books to find the meaning of an idea becomes quite a challenge. We find a

01:13:00 --> 01:13:05

difficult that another book, another book, isn't there, just one book, that will be enough.

01:13:06 --> 01:13:11

But imagine looking into 100 devices to understand the meaning of a single.

01:13:12 --> 01:13:19

And this shows to us that he really possessed that treasure. I mean, how can you have access to 100 capacity, not from a computer at that time.

01:13:20 --> 01:14:03

And we see that when his family left Hawaiian, and they move to Damascus, what is it that they took with them? Books. So this is what he saw from a very young age books and knowledge. And this is a reason why he took interest. So what is necessary for us is that we create that atmosphere in our homes, at least so that our children are familiar with the fact that there is this beneficial knowledge that we must aspire to learn. They also learn from an early age they naturally inclined to it so that they're not forced to study. But they naturally desire to study. If you had to leave all of a sudden from your home, may Allah protect every single one of us here. But if someone has to

01:14:03 --> 01:14:05

think about yourself, what would I take with me?

01:14:07 --> 01:14:10

What would I take with me? My books or something else?

01:14:12 --> 01:14:32

Perhaps it is some gold or some money or computer or something like that. But for his family, what was most important books so important that they push the cards themselves? Even when we travel? When we're traveling anywhere? What is it that we're concerned about entertainment?

01:14:33 --> 01:14:38

There is enough entertainment who needs books. So we need to revive this culture

01:14:39 --> 01:14:59

and start with ourselves. And remember that the lady who the entire family is named after Eben Tamia, who was she? Someone who was knowledgeable and someone who taught her family had a great impact on them. So don't think that as a woman, you cannot make a difference. You can because when you will have a book in your hand when you will recite the Quran.

01:15:00 --> 01:15:27

You're in love, and you will listen to good things, then definitely the children will also benefit, and the entire family can change. So, in childhood, from now on, let's create such an atmosphere in our house that is conducive to learning that encourages him that spreads in. Yes, they're obviously going to be other things, but your aim should also be a priority. And

01:15:28 --> 01:16:07

that knowledge is worship. And remember that this is worship of not just the heart, but the eyes and the ears. So the more senses a person involves in this endeavor, the more the better he is performing a job on Miller's pantalla except our gathering here and learning today. And if there were any mistakes or any errors, May Allah forgive us for that, and May He grant us the correct understanding. And may He give us the ability to begin this book, reap its benefits, strengthen our email, and also complete this book, and also pass something on to the people who are around us. So don't forget to show gratitude to Allah soprano data for the blessing of being for the blessing of

01:16:07 --> 01:16:12

this treasure. Remember to give sadaqa both with money and with him.

01:16:13 --> 01:16:20

panic alarm will be handing the Chateau La ilaha illa Anta na safilo covenant Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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