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An-Nisa 148-162 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 155-157


AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history of Islam, including the loss of laws, the use of "naive" to describe the loss of life, and the use of "naive" to describe the loss of life. They also touch on the history of the use of "naive" to describe the loss of life and the importance of human eye 12. The speakers highlight the confusion and confusion surrounding the deaths of different people, including the dead bodies and possible reasons for their deaths.
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But what did they do? All of these promise that they had to make? They broke them, they went against them. So Allah says Furby man apollyon Misa for whom so because of their breaking of the covenant, not now it's under inflators noon of what

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and nakaba is to demolish, to pull down a structure, a building or something like that. That's the literal meaning of the word NACA. NACA also means to undo a thing to unravel. To just imagine a knock that hasn't made. What does Nakata mean to open it up, to untie the knot.

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And the word knuckle is used for breaking a covenant or breaking going against a treaty.

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So funny man knuckling in Misa also because of their breaking of the covenant, their breach of the covenant, which covenant.

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So many covenants were taken from them. The mountain was raised above them, take this book accept this responsibility. They took it at that time, and later on they went against it.

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So many nice awkward taken from them. But what did they do? They went against each and every one of them and in sort of Bukhara. We have learned about several mishaps that were taken from the Bani Israel,

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work offering and the ayatollah, and their disbelief in the ayatollah,

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which is

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I had shuttering the eye out of the total, the clear commands that were given in the total, what did they do? They rejected them. And we learned that even at the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, what happened, that when there was a man and woman from the hood, who had committed Zina, and the punishment was clearly stoning to death. What did they do? They called even Surya who was the most learned and ran amongst them, what did he do? He hid the part of the Torah that mentioned the punishment, this is what confirmed the Ayat of Allah. So because of their breaking the covenant, and they're rejecting the Ayat of Allah, what caught lemo ambia ability,

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and they're killing the profits without any right, they kill the prophets of Allah, and they had no right to do so.

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Because there is no justification, no justification, to kill a profitable or to kill a messenger of Allah.

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And if you think of it, it's possible that somebody is very righteous, and they may have done something wrong, and you have some proof against them, then you are justified to carry the punishment against them.

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But believe it shows that they had no evidence to kill the Prophet of Allah. They had no evidence against the Prophet of Allah to justify his murder, but still the kill them.

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Look only him and they're saying coluna wolfen Our hearts are wrapped up. Wolf? Isn't the router design lanpher. And what does it mean? We have done this meaning before as well, in throttle that when something is covered, when something is in wrapped, when something is enclosed, when something is wrapped up with something, so that nothing can go in and nothing can come out.

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Just imagine you have a glass you have a jar, and you cover it up with a piece of cloth. It's completely covered. Is any light going to go through? No. And sometimes, you know, you put a plastic wrap around something why

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is that no moisture goes in and no moisture leaks out. This is what wolf is when something is covered in wrapped enclosed within.

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So they said Our hearts are in wrapped.

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What are they trying to say? They said this are the prophets that allowed us and what do they mean by the statement?

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That first of all, what you're saying doesn't go in our hearts. What you're saying doesn't affect us? this Quran doesn't affect us.

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Secondly, what this means is that our hearts are already full, because you wrap something when it's already full, right? You close the lid you close the jar, you close the box, you put the wrapping paper when when what you have inside is full. So what they meant was that we already have enough knowledge. We don't need you.

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We already know a lot. We don't need you. We are the people of the book. We don't need your Quran. This is what they were saying to the prophets on a lot of send them.

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So we're currently in Kaduna Hall.

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What does Allah say?

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belt of Allah who earlier rather, Allah has sealed their hearts. Baba, Baba needs to put a seal on something to imprint to impress a seal on something. Just imagine if there is a letter

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You put it in an envelope, and on top, you put a seal. And in olden times, what people would do was that, for example, if a king was sending a letter, so at the end, he would sign it off, and they would drop some wax and on that they would impress their seal.

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So, what does it mean that this is something final? No changes are going to be made to it.

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So both of our love are they have but rather, their hearts are sealed. Why? Because if they're cooked, they're not full of knowledge. It's not that they know too much and they don't need to learn anymore. No, the thing is that what is stopping them from learning is the fact that their hearts are sealed.

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We learned earlier how Tama LaGuardia couldn't be him.

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So both of our lower layer Why did Allah seal their hearts because premium because of their disbelief as a result of that for now emunah illa cadila so only a few believe and remember the meaning of a la cadena. What does it mean first of all, only a few people believe me Nina Colleen

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and secondly, what does it mean Eman and Kalyan? Very little belief that is unacceptable. Very less. That is unacceptable.

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So what do we learn from this ayah?

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First of all, if you look at the beginning of the ayah how the eye begins febby men, so because of their breaking the covenant.

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And if you read on waku free him bi Atilla Wakata, himal ambia we're calling him. So all of these crimes are being mentioned. What's the result?

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Allah says because of their breaking the covenant because of this action of theirs because of this crime of theirs. What's the result?

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fillet Muna Illa Canadian.

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Others have said that what this means is that law No, it's implied. It's implied that we curse them. Why? Because of knocking him because of coffee because of coddling him because of calling him learner who are weaker

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which is why many running translations you will find that we curse them for their breaking of the covenant. And you will find that we curse them as in brackets.

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So what do we learn from this ayah? First of all, we see that a sin that a person commits any sin that a person commits, whether it is breaking a promise, or it is saying statements of arrogance, statements that show pride.

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Any type of sin that a person commits, there are always consequences. There are always consequences. No sin is ignored. Where do we learn that from? Furby manically Bheema because of this, because of this action, because of this crime. So what does it show to us that no sin is ignored?

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What did we learn earlier that may or may also earn you deserve be whoever does any suit any evil, he will be recompense for it. So if they're committing such huge crimes, they will be recompense for they will be punished for it.

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We also learn from this either a loss of penalty is not unjust to anyone. He's not unjust to anyone, he doesn't punish a person for around that he hasn't committed. Because, over here again and again it is said that because of this, because of this, because of this, these crimes are being mentioned Why? To show that the punishment these people were given, was justified.

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Allah does not need to justify, but because he is very just because he is very just, therefore he mentioned that they were punished because of this reason. We learn in sort of stuff, I have five for them as well as Allah hakuba, whom, when they deviated, then a law cause their hearts to deviate. So Allah does not punish someone for a crime that they have not committed.

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What we call free him, and because of their disbelief, this is connected with the previous site that we curse them. Why? Because of their disbelief. We're calling him and they're saying Allah motoyama upon Maria Maria, salaam, Bhutan in Lima, a great slander.

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What was a

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gopher, as you mentioned so many times, up until now, that because of their COVID Why? Because it didn't commit gopher just once. They didn't just commit Cofer in one messenger.

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They this believed in Warhammer Coronavirus and before him that is believed in resign his Sunnah over here we'll be covering him because Maria Maria Islam has been mentioned, the scoffer refers to their disbelief in restarted

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so because of their disbelief in eerie silence, and now we're calling him and they're saying Allah mode.

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Am I against Maria Bhutan, and are Lima a Graceland? What is Bhutan? slender, it's under newsletters better. And what does it mean for Bhutan, Lyrica? to shock someone to confound someone by saying something so that they have nothing left to say? I mean, they become speechless. So Dan is a slander, because when an innocent person is accused of a crime that they have not committed, then they're shocked. They're speechless. They don't know how to defend themselves. And it also shows their innocence, that they're so innocent, they don't know how to defend themselves. Because generally what happens if somebody accuses another? And if they're bold enough, they will say

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But Bhutan shows that the person who has been accused is so innocent, that it says they're speechless, somebody around his center. She was accused with a lieutenant Alina with a great boat, then what grade Bhutan? Was it? What grade slander was this?

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That she had committed sin?

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They accused her of fornication. They accused her of fornication when she brought her he started send them to the people. What did they say? That what have you done? Yeah.

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What have you done? Your father was not an evil person. Your mother was not an evil person. What have you done? How could you ever do this? Because GTA and 40 year, you have brought something that is unacceptable. So they accused Maria Maria Sadam of a crime that she never committed. And we see that in the Quran. So many times to chastity of money, money sign as mentioned. So many times Allah defender chastity

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we learn in sort of the human eye number 12. Well, Maria monetary born and let it pass on it for her. And the example of Maria, the daughter of Emmeline who guarded her chest. So many times or chastity is mentioned in the Quran, Allah defenses.

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What do we learn from this?

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What do we learn from this I will be kufri, Macaulay, Himalaya, motoyama, Bhutan and Lima. What do we learn from this ayah? What lesson Have you taken for yourself

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that when a person does something solely for the sake of a loss of penalty rather than a lot of defensive, then Allah defends that person.

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And this is a Jehovah su minute call this is saying out something that is evil, that this is uttering out evil. And this is This is injustice upon the other, that you're harming someone's image their chastity if you connect OSI with the previous if we learn that, because both of these it begin with what we call free him what we know. So because of this crime of there is because of this crime of theirs, what does it show that when people they break the covenant of a law, when the people they break a covenant of Allah because before their crimes, what is mentioned the mishap, if you look at all of these items, as mentioned the covenant, then their crimes are mentioned.

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When a people break the covenant of a lot and what happens a lot but to see it upon their hearts, then such people, they get to learn of a law, their distance from the mercy of Allah. And as a result of that, they commit one crime after another one crime after another, one on top of the other. Because you see a list of crimes as you mentioned,

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the person stops nowhere then when when he breaks a promise that he has made with Allah, that if he cannot respect when he respect anybody else with respect to any other person, no.

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Walk only him. And they're saying in cottonelle mercy hurry seven Imodium? And four they're saying that indeed we have killed reciting Salaam son of

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meaning and also because of this crime of theirs. we punish them. We curse them.

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And who was there to send them

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Rasul Allah He was messenger of Allah.

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So what did they say that indeed we have killed him?

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Indeed, we have killed him. Now, the Bani Israel. They didn't actually kill the Saudis. Correct. They weren't successful in getting him.

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But over here, Allah says we punish them because of their saying that they killed him. we punish them because of their saying that they killed him.

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They didn't actually kill him. So are they being punished?

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Because of their intention.

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Because of their intention. They intended to kill him. They weren't successful in doing so. A loss of parent data saved his messenger. He saved his servant.

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But these people they're so proud of what they did they think

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That they did that Allah subhanaw taala punished them Why? Because they intended to do so they tried to do so, although they were not successful. And because they were so proud of it, because they kept on saying we're calling him and they're saying, they keep saying this, that in our hotel and mercy her Memorial that we killed restarted center. So because they were very proud about this, they said this boastfully and arrogantly and they're confessing and admitting this crime. You know, what is that a person commits a crime. And he's guilty about it afterwards. And the other is that he's not guilty, and he boasts about it. I did this, I did that. He boasts about it. So it is this arrogance

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that has been mentioned over here that we're counting him there are so proudly saying that we killed mercy at Santa Maria. Look at the pride in their statement in LA Katana, indeed, we killed? I mean, is it really something good that you do?

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You know, if you've done something good, and you say indeed I did this, I did this, then really, it's something to mention, but you're mentioning a crime that you committed and you're proud of that? In my paternal mercy, her ease of memoriam and they said rasulillah is the Messenger of Allah.

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Meaning that yeah, that person who claimed to be the Messenger of Allah, we kill them. See how we finished him?

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What does Allah say? Well, now Cthulhu but they didn't actually kill him. When Masada boohoo, and they didn't even crucify Saul evolution through veterus slotland. And what does it mean to crucify someone?

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When I saw that, oh, who? They didn't crucify Him, then what happened? Actually? Why did they say that they killed him? Or why did they believe that they killed him?

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Because we're lacking, but should be alone.

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It was made doubtful for them, meaning the whole situation was made confusing for them. And they thought that they had killed the silencer and whereas in reality, they hadn't actually killed him, because the matter was made very confusing for them.

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The word should be at its root at regime

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And the word should be here can be understood in two ways.

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It can be understood in two ways. First of all, from the word there should be. And what does that mean? resemblance similarity.

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So should be hella home, should be her will then be translated as that he was made similar.

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He was made similar.

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He was made to resemble he was made to resemble.

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Now what happened? There are many different versions about the end of restarted center. For example, some have said that when he resigned a sudden realize that people are coming to kill him. They're coming to finish him. He asked his disciples that which of you is going to volunteer that he is given my face, he appears like me, and he will be killed in my place. But he will be with me in the hereafter.

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Which of you volunteers to do that? It is said that a young man he got up and he said, I will be resigning Sam told him to sit down.

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He started Sam again said who would volunteer again that same young man stood up. He said sit down. And this happened several times until eventually resigned, Sam agreed that he should be the one who by a law will be given the face of resizer meaning he will resemble his artists and then he said Assange will be lifted and this person behind him when the truth came, they caught him they killed him thinking that they actually killed regardless and was actually reset Islam had been lifted up.

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Others have said that one of the yahood or one of the people from the enemy, his face was changed into like that every scientist

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and the people caught him and crucified him killed him thinking that they had actually got them but in reality rissalah saddam had been lifted up. So that I can should be alone.

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So should we have First of all, what does it mean? That it was made to resemble?

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Secondly, should we have is from Shabaab. And what does she mean?

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Remember, there are different types of words for it out. This word is used for when a person is in confusion, because of the similarity and resemblance of the things. The two things that appear to be very similar. You don't know who is who. I, for example, if there are two twins, and they come to you don't know who is who. You're confused, you're in doubt why because of the fact that they resemble so much

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So when I can should be held at home then what's the second meaning, but rather than matter, the whole situation was made confusing to them. It was a matter of doubt and confusion among those people who attempted to kill him.

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They thought they killed him, because we see that the Jews thought that they had killed him. And some Christians, they held the opinion that only his humanity was killed, but his divinity went up. Some of them asserted that they had seen him crucified and other said that they had seen him rise up to the heaven,

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or that they had seen him after the crucifixion, for this whole matter. If you research if you try to figure out what exactly happened, it's utter confusion, isn't it?

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It's thing confusion, you cannot figure out what happened.

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Everybody has their own opinion. Everybody has their own version, their own story. So what does Allah say? That well, Nakata Lu Masanobu, at the end of the day, what do you need to know? They didn't get him? They didn't crucify him? What actually happened? The whole matter was made confusing to them.

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What in the lead enough data for fee and indeed those people who are different concerning you? Who are those people who differ concerning

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the hood, and then a sort of

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the you who say that we killed him, whereas it unnaturally killed him?

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Similarly, they said, He's not a messenger of Allah.

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What's the that after the Christians are in?

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That he's not a messenger, but rather he's a son of God.

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Or that, you know, some say that he was crucified, but he wasn't crucified we there's a lot of difference between the hood and then the sorrow concerning resizing them, whereas the Muslims, there is no difference. Why?

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Because we know Nakata Lu Masada boo boo Allah reason, That's it? That's all we know. Simple. But those people they are in difference concerning the matter of our listener?

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What does Allah say that such people they are efficient can mean who they are in doubt concerning him, meeting doubt concerning resources for them. Meeting even they're not sure. Even they are not sure they're also doubtful. Concerning the version that they have.

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manner won't be even or,

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and they have no knowledge concerning no knowledge about our listener, meaning no knowledge about his reality. But what exactly happened? They don't know.

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in there, except it

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just following assumption, they only follow assumption. When it comes to the matter of reciting

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the Jews, they have assumed that he was a liar. The Christians they have assumed that he was a son of God.

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They don't have any evidence to support no evidence whatsoever. They're only following assumption. And what is a lesson? Well, Nakata lluvia cleaner, and they didn't kill him up then.

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What does it mean by your cleaner? meaning for certain, for sure. They didn't kill him for certain for sure. They didn't kill him.

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Secondly, it is utterly Athenian. It shows the state in which those people were in at the time that they were trying to kill our listener,

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that when they actually caught that person who resembled a side hustler, and they were killing him, even when they killed him, they weren't sure if they were actually getting Lisa Lisa. Why? Because it is said that it was only the face that it was like that of a Silas number, the rest of the body was different.

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So when they were killing that man, they were like, he looks like Risa, but he's not really resized.

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So even when they crucified that person, they didn't crucify him with conviction that they were actually crucified regardless of

00:24:03--> 00:24:04

what malerkotla within.

00:24:06--> 00:24:07

So what do we learn in this is

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that there are many, many different versions with regards to the Metro Center.

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People have their own opinions, and alasa panels it tells us to have don't get lost in these different different versions and different stories. All you need to know is that Allah saved his servant. That one out but aloo masala boo boo. Well,

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they didn't kill him. They didn't crucify him, but the matter was just made confusing to them.