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The speakers discuss the meaning behind certain words and how they do not have to be used in English. They explain the meaning of "just do what you're being told" and how it relates to believers. The speakers also discuss the meaning of "medicals," which refers to a person or group of people who use a particular language. They stress the importance of avoiding negative language and not giving things to people who don't like you. The speakers also emphasize the need to stop making mistakes and avoid making inaccurate statements.

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Salli ala Rasulillah Kareem Ahmedabad further bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim rubbished rightly so that you were silly MD Dr. melissani of Kahu Kohli probenecid Nerima inshallah we'll begin from number 104 Yeah, you have Lavina Amma No, all you who have believed. Lotta Kulu Arina do not say Lorena,

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who and instead you should say on Lorna, say on Rona instead of Raveena was Maru and listen attentively, while Katherina audible Aleem And for the disbelievers is a severe punishment. In this verse, Allah subhanaw taala is commanding the believers and studying the believers not to use one word and instead use a different word. But notice how Allah subhanaw taala is giving the command he's saying yeah, uh, you're Latina, Manu, all you who have believed earlier we have read Yeah, a Johan NAS or mankind. Initially in the Quran, we read all mankind, all of the people were being addressed over here we see that in particular who is being addressed. Yeah, you have Lavina Amano.

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Only those people who have believed because they're the ones who will follow who will accept who will obey. But notice, yeah, a you have what is your Are you Hamid Oh, this is called Health NIDA, health, NIDA, the vocative calling out to someone, if you call out to someone, we're saying, hey, oh, why would you do that? To get their attention? Why do you want their attention? When you're calling out to someone, you say, oh, in order to call them in order to get their attention? Why do you want their attention? Because what you're about to tell them is something important, and you want them to take it very seriously. You want them to pay attention. This is why you say hey, oh, to

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similarly when Allah says yeah, au hair, hopefully that what's the purpose, to grab our attention, to make us realize that what he is about to tell us is something very important. But look at how he called us. He says, Yeah, you have an levena Armano. Those people who have believed those people who have believed ammonoid, Hamza mean known. One way of calling somebody is by calling them by their name, you know, like, for example, or medium or a smile, or OSHA, or Abdullah, you can call somebody by their name. But if you call someone by their profession, or by their trait, or by a characteristic or quality that they have, what's the objective, to make them realize what you're

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about to tell them is related to what their quality is? For example, if a mother says to her daughter, my dear daughter, please do such and such, what does it mean? That if you're really my daughter, if you're an obedient daughter, if you're a good daughter, then you better do what you're being told. So being a daughter is related to the command, the instruction that is being given. And if the daughter does not fulfill that, then that means she's not a good daughter. If she fulfilled that then what does that mean that she is definitely an obedient child? Correct. to seminary when Allah says, Yeah, au Halina? Arma know what does it mean? That the command that he is going to give

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to us after this is related to our iman, fulfilling it, doing it obeying it is something that completes and perfect our iman. And if we neglected if we don't follow up and what does that mean that a person is not completing his faith that a person is deficient in his faith? There is a problem with his faith. If his Eman is right then he will definitely accept this command. So yeah, uh, you have Lavina Amano all you have believed. Now do you understand what this means? That as believers it is necessary that we take this command seriously? This is why we learn that even Mr. dragula who earned when he said that it is America La Jolla cool that when you hear Allah saying

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Yeah, are you a Latina ama No, oh, you have believed in the Quran. Then further he has some or couldn't pay attention. Listen, attentively. Lend your ear, listen attentively. Why? Because for in the higher on Yamapi. Oh, Sharon, you and her and her because indeed it is either something good that he is commanding you with? Or it is something evil that he is forbidding you from, so pay attention when Allah says Yeah, are you Alladhina amanu then that is not an ordinary command. It must be taken very seriously. So yeah, you have Lavina Ave. What's the command? Letter Kulu Arina do not say raring to Kulu off well learn to speak to say something. So all believers do not say Raveena

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meaning when you are addressing the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when you're speaking to him, then don't use the word Arina but instead use the word Wakulla and instead say, on Dorna Why are the believers being told not to use the word or Arina? The word laurina when the believers used it to address the prophets of Allah doesn't have to speak to him what they would mean but the word for Arina is pay attention to us. This is basically derived from the word Mudra. This is derived from the word mudra. And Morocco or India, it means to care for someone to guard to keep an eye. You may have heard of the word Ferrari, who was that Shepherd? What does the shepherd do keeps an eye looks after the sheep, the flock, so, moolah

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art is to look after someone to care for them to pay attention to them to look after their needs. So if somebody is falling behind, not ignore them, but bring them along with you. This is what the word Murad means. So they would say, or in a minute, please pay attention to us, please excuse us. Could you repeat what you said? Could you please explain that? Could you please repeat that? So if they ever wanted to make such a request, the profits are the loudest and what would they say? Latina meaning please excuse us? This is similar to what a person says in the English language, excuse me. I for example, if a person is talking to you, and you miss out what they have said, What do you say

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excuse me? Or similarly if you want to request someone, but you say, excuse me, and then you say what you have to say similarly, they would say the word Arina. But they you heard the bunny is right, you know who were in Medina, what did they do? They also when they wanted to speak to the Prophet said a lot has to do with it raw arena, but they did not mean raw Aina excuse us, they meant something different. They meant that the word raw now what they had in their mind when they were saying that word was raw enough, and that is from the word of our owner. Raw ain't known. It's a different root word. Raw. I knew when the believers intended the word was intention raw. I mean,

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yeah. They you heard what was their intention, right known. And arena, the word Varuna means stupidity, foolishness, to be an idiot. So when they would say rah arena, they would mean Oh, our foolish one, or you foolish person, or you stupid person. This is what they meant. But if you think about it, the word raw arena, it's the same pronunciation, but depending on your intention, the meaning changes. Many times it happens that when a person is bilingual, when he knows two languages, where he speaks more than one language, then there are some words which mean one thing in one language and another thing in the other language, and sometimes words, they may have similar or same

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pronunciation, but they mean something completely different. Doesn't it happen? So they you heard, they were playing with the words, and they were mocking at the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in this way. So they would say Raveena as well. But in their hearts, they would be laughing, because they were verbally abusing the profits of Arsenal. And they were thinking, Oh, he didn't even figure he didn't even figure out he didn't even understand that we just made so much fun of him. So the beliefs are being told, let the color Arina don't use this word. Instead, when you want to speak to the prophets of autism, then you should say on

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an alumna is from the root letters known blah, blah, knows what it means to look but it also means to wait for someone. Now that also means to wait for someone. So Illumina means Please wait for us. It is basically a more respectable word compared to the word bra arena. You can think of it like this. If you say to somebody excuse me, you can say the word excuse me to someone who is older than you someone who has the same level as you and someone who's also lesser or younger than you. But the expression I beg your pardon. I beg your pardon. What does that show respect? Excuse me, shows the same level. It has a little bit of coarseness in it, but I beg your pardon has a little bit of

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respect in it. So similarly arena, same level coarseness, but alumna has respect in it. So this is why the believers are being told what goes on, and instead say on gardener, and was smart, and listen attentively seen me Marine, meaning listen attentively in the first place, so you don't have to request to the Prophet salallahu salam to repeat himself. Pay attention was smart rule, because when do you have to ask someone to repeat themselves when you weren't paying that much attention? So let's now listen attentively in the first place. But the word summer over here can be understood in another way as well. Remember, there are two types of summer one is of iTRAQ to perceive the sound

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to hear the sound. And the second type of summer is off each other of responding, of COBOL of accepting and responding. So over here, when the believers are being told what Smer what does it mean? Listen, meaning accept the command that is being given.

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Now change your ways. Don't say the word var enough again, instead say the word owns or now what's my rule? And for those who market the profits on a lot of Salon while caffeine and for the disbelievers caffeine employed at the word cafe for them is a, are there been a punishment that is early on? That is most painful? Aleem hubzilla mean that which is painful, for them is a painful punishment. What did he learn disburse? We see that the believers are being used to change their vocabulary to change the words that they use. Why? Because some words may be misunderstood. Some words may have double meanings, and they may be disrespectful. So change your words. A person might

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say over here, well, the urine should have been confronted, they should have been told, why do you mean the word Rabina as raw enough meaning our stupid person they should have been confronted. This is what we think generally, if somebody's doing wrong, then you confront them. And you fight with them. And you argue with them, and you make them understand and you make them change. But you know what, in life, you will come across people who are doing certain things which are wrong, and you want to change them, but you cannot change them. In this situation, what should you do get angry, get frustrated, cut off from them, what should you do? Change yourself, change yourself so that the

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other does not get a chance to do anything wrong against You, he does not get the chance to even walk at you to make fun of you. Over here, Allah is telling the believers, you change your words, don't say Arina say on zona, don't even give them a chance. Change yourself, don't try to change them. Many times it happens that if a person is in a situation where another is being wrong to them, what do we want the whole world to change the entire family to change everybody else to be different. But it's quite possible that if we change ourselves a little bit, if we change our ways, then perhaps things will become better. Instead of wanting others to change, what should we try to

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do? improve ourselves? Like, for example, if you have a younger sibling, and they're making fun of you, they're making fun of you everything you say they laugh, they twist your words, whatever they do, you know, siblings have a way of making fun of their siblings. So what's the solution over there? If your brother or your sister is saying things which bother you? What should you do? Show your frustration? No, it's not going to help you know what's going to happen. The more you show your frustration, the more they're going to annoy you, the more they're going to irritate you. So what should you do? Ignore them, and you know what's going to happen, they're going to be quiet very soon

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themselves. You don't even have to tell them Be quiet. When you ignore them. When you don't pay any attention and what's going to happen, they will change what they're talking about. So this is a solution to problems in life. Many times you cannot change other people, you change your way, the problem is fixed. Another very important lesson that we learn in this verse is that we should always avoid such words that may be disrespectful or that may be misunderstood by the other person. For example, sometimes we're talking in a way or we use such words, and we don't really mean anything bad, but the other person misunderstands us. Why, because of the words that we use, because of the

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style that we used. For example, if you have a friend, an older auntie, for example, and whenever she talks, she's like, You know what, and she points her fingers like this. You know what, you better not do this, or you should do this. So you know what, let's go somewhere. And so another day, when you're talking to her, you do the same thing. And she's like, you know, you should have respect towards elders, you're like, No, you do the same thing. And I just did the same thing as well, what's the big deal? It could be a big deal, because this although it may be fun, moving your finger up and down, but it might come across as disrespectful. So avoid such expressions, avoid such

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manners. Avoid such words, avoid any such thing. Because as believers, what is expected of us the best of luck? This is why anything that comes across as coarse as harsh as mean, we should definitely avoid that. Then we also learn in this verse that whenever we stop somebody from doing something, we should always give them an alternate. Allah subhanaw taala is telling the believers don't say Raveena. But as you just tell them don't say Rabina figure out what you have to say yourself. No, he gives him an alternative. He says what Kulu on Zona instead see this? When you're telling somebody so watching the television, turn off that show, then what should you do? Leave them

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sitting on the couch alone, not knowing what to do? Give them an alternate, tell them what they can do instead. Similarly, children when they're doing something wrong, if they're creating facade, if you tell them stop it, then what

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Okay, they're gonna stop. But eventually they're going to do something they're full of energy, they can see so many things, they want to do something. So you have to give them an alternate. If you don't give somebody an alternate, then what's going to happen, they're going to end up doing the wrong thing again, because you stopped them but you did not satisfy their wish, their desire, they can't sit empty handed. Then we also learn in this verse that whenever Allah subhanaw taala gives us a command, it is imperative that we accept it because Allah says over here was Maru and listen attentively, accept the command that you are being given. So whenever Allah gives us a command,

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whether it means that we have to change our words, or it means we have to change our actions, or we have to change our behavior. We should not say why. No, what should our reaction be? That we should accept whatever Allah is telling us? Because those who don't accept what will Catherina are the only person I wonder why did they you who behave in this way, why did they use the word Raveena in the wrong way to imply something very disrespectful? What was the problem? You wonder if somebody's harassing you, if somebody is abusing you saying wrong things about you saying wrong things to you? You wonder what is their problem? What did I ever do? So Allah subhanaw taala is telling us the

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problem. Why do they do this? Because my Yo, what do Lavina Cafaro those who disbelieved do not wish? My Yo what do you what do is from the root letters? Well, dal, dal and wood, what does it mean love? But what kind of love is it? Sincere, pure love meaning something that you love, truly, from the bottom of your heart, something that you really, really want you desperately desire. This is what what means. So many of our delivery Annika for those who disbelieved they do not want at all, they do not wish at all, which disbelievers mean 100 kita, from the People of the Book, who are the People of the Book, the hood and NESARA. Why are they called the people of the world? Because they

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were given the books, which books were they given the torah, and also the NGO. And they were also given one more book, the thorough NGOs does, so that you heard them in Asara, they do not wish at all, who else does not wish when I wish the keen and nor the machete keen? Which sikinos deplore enough Mushrik and who is mushrik? One who does shake one who worships other than Allah. So those people who disbelieve whether they are from the people of the book, or they are from the machete cane, these people do not want at all a Yuna Zilla that it should be sent down you know Zilla Nunes a lab what should be sent down and they call upon you mean Hayden any good member of become from

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your Lord, hi Yara. These people do not want that any good at all should be given to you should be sent down upon you by your Lord. They don't want anything good for you. And notice the word hide in hide in you see the two Kassala at the end, these two Castra what do they mean that the word is not clearer. And when a word is not clearer, it can be understood in different ways. One of the ways is that it gives meaning of any, any at all, to heighten any good at all, whether of this world or of the Hereafter, whether a level or a lot. No, they don't want any good for you. They don't want you to be successful in this world. They don't want help for you, they don't want well for you. They

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don't want success for you. Neither in this world nor in the hereafter not even a little bit. They don't want any good for you at all. But this is not the case with all of the Jews and the Christians and all of them which stick in but some of them because notice the I may want to Medina Cafaro, Minh al Kitab, Obi Wan or machete. So it's not all of them. But AlLadhina kufan Minh as we look at everyone who Shiki so these people they don't want that any good at all should be sent to you. Meaning they want you to be deprived of all good.

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They want you to be deprived of all good of this world of this religion at the hereafter. Nothing good at all. Who is like this towards you? Who doesn't want any good for you? Who your sincere friend, someone who doesn't care about you? Someone doesn't know you? Who? An enemy,

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an enemy, someone who hates you, someone who dislikes you? They don't want any good at all for you. Why? What's the problem? Why is it that the good and the way she came? They hated the Muslim so much to such an extent. What was the problem? The problem was their jealousy. They did not like the fact that the Prophet said of all the salam had been given the Book of Allah he had been chosen to be the Messenger of Allah, that you heard what was their problem, that he is from the Ummah again, you

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You may wonder then what was the problem with the witch Tiki, they're also mean they should have been happy that the messenger was from amongst them. Now they will also envious. We learned in the Quran that they objected that why was the Quran not sent down to one of the two great men of these two cities meaning of Makkah and a five? Why him because the prophets, Allah, Allah said, and we know that he was an orphan, and was seeking the Arabs, they did not give any respect to the orphans. The orphans had no luck, no share in that society. So this is why they were envious that why him? Why not us. So Allah is warning the believers these people are not sincere to you. However,

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remember, will not we have to sue and Allah chooses Dr. Su ha sought to select. So Allah chooses, he selects the remedy for His Mercy mania, Shah whomsoever he will, meaning a lot decides who to give his mercy to who to give a blessing to, if Allah gave prophethood to Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. This was a last decision, it was his wish. This is not the decision of people. This is not the wish of people know Allah chooses Allah so that's for His Mercy whomsoever He wants be Rama de Manya, SHA, Allah Allahu Allah, Allah is a little further possessor of bounty, which kind of bounty or Aleem the great Aryans la meme, meaning Allah He is a possessor of great fuddle what is fabulous, I

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told you before that photo is extra good, extra favor. So Allah has a lot of extra favorite that he can give to people and Allah ZIL Fabula Aleem, he gives Allah to the people. And Allah struggle what he gives is early. What do we learn in this verse, Allah is warning the believers that everyone in this world is not sincere to you, especially for among those people who disbelieve they don't want any good for you. So if someone is not sincere to you, someone does not want any good for you then what you expect from them. Friendship? No, what do you expect from them? enmity. So this is a reason why the you will hear bad things from them. You will experience bad things from them. Sometimes they

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will hurt you through their words. Sometimes they will hurt you through their actions. Like it happened with the Prophet saw a lot of sentiment the believers that you heard they would come and they would say a SAM or Nico. Similarly, physically abusing and hurting the Prophet saw a lot of send random levers. This is a reason why they don't like you. And this is a reality. In this life, you will always come across people who don't like you, and they will try to harm you, they will try to hurt you. But you know what, don't worry at that time. Why? Because if you have something because of which they don't like you remember that will allow you to sutra muddiman Masha, Allah chooses

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whomsoever he will. And if Allah has given you something, nobody can take it away. If they hate you for who you are, they dislike you for your accomplishments. They don't like you because of the job that you have, or the work that you have been given or the talents that you have the skills that you have the abilities that you have the work that you're doing, whatever it may be, they don't like you. You know what, like, they say, don't give a damn, don't care about them at all. Honestly, that will be very abrupt here. Don't care about them at all. Because they cannot harm you. They cannot take anything from you.

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Allah says will lovely festival, Amity Masha Allah chooses, this is the decision of Allah, when it's the decision of Allah, can they do anything? They cannot do anything at all. Allah has given it to you, nobody can take it. So you know what, don't worry. So first of all, you will come across people in this life who hate you who try to harm you. At that point, what should you do? Don't worry.

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Secondly, we learned from the sale that if Allah has given anything to someone, it is his decision. It is his bestow. So we on the other hand should not be envious. On the one hand, if somebody is envious of us, we should not worry. On the other hand, if somebody has been given something, then we should not be envious. We should not have jealousy. Why? Because this was the decision of Allah and if somebody is jealous, you know what they don't like the decision of Allah. They don't have a problem with that person, but they in fact have a problem with who Allah, they have a problem with Allah. So such a person can never ever be successful. And if you like something, if you want

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something and somebody else has been given it, then instead of being jealous, what should we do at that point? Ask Allah because look at the ayah who Allah who will Dubliner Aleem. Allah is the Possessor of Great Bounty. If he can give something to that person. Can you not give it to you? Of course he can. Allah's treasures are unlimited. He can bestow whatever he wants to whomsoever He wants to, if you want something instead of being jealous. Ask Allah. Allah who then fatale and remember that those who are jealous, though

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Also from jealousy. They're the ones who eventually suffer because Allah He does not work for them but rather he works against them. Allah's plans are against them not for them. We learn in a hadith the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that we're alone know that Anil automata that if the entire Ummah the entire community love which tomorrow am for Oka B che in LA Mian for Oka Illa be che in Calcutta Valhalla of luck if they intend if they try to benefit you with something they cannot benefit you except with what Allah has already decreed for you. Whether which tomorrow the Ruka Be sure you learn yoga Ruka Ellerbee che in Cata bajo lava lake and if they try to harm you, they cannot harm

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you with anything except what Allah has already written for you. So people cannot benefit us they cannot harm us, they cannot give us anything they cannot take away anything from us. The entire decision lies with who? Allah azza wa jal

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so instead of being jealous, we should be asking Allah and if somebody is envious of us in this way, then have no fear or their turn to Allah for his protection. Let's listen to the recitation

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the whole roaring

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now smell, wanting caffeine.

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will long we'll does for me off naughty me.

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Well, lot of holes don't mean normally.

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What you learn from these verses, they if we accept, if we truly believe in Al Qaeda will Qatar in Divine Decree then this is something that will bring us contentment, this is something that will bring a satisfaction, then we will be happy with what Allah has given us and we will be happy with what Allah has given to other people. We will not be people who are ungrateful, and we will not be people who are always complaining, always objecting, always finding faults in others. What else do we learn in these verses? That we should never twist the words of other people to give a different meaning? Or to have a good laugh at them? No, we should never do that.

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And you know what? Sometimes it happens that if a person speaks the same language as ours, but in a different accent, than we try to make fun of them. This is something that is also very lowly. It doesn't suit a person who has good luck. A person who has bad o'clock his speech is bad. And he also marks at the speech of other people. He uses wrong words and he twists other people's speech as well. So if we have good o'clock then we should refrain from this bad habit of making fun of other people's words or their accents, or the sentences they say or the words they use. No, we should stop doing that.