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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh everyone welcome back to court and 30 for 30 and that's Khadija she immediately screams is like had her quiet for the last, like 15 minutes and she's like no don't forget about me.

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So welcome from Khadija as well in the background. Welcome back and hamdulillah we are blessed to have with us shaker Brahim hindi today as our guest check Ibrahim How's it going? hamdulillah I'm the louder you handle the harder things in Canada 100 allow us to just telling chef Abdullah you know the weather's great but then when they translated it for him it was very cold so

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this cold tree

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Are you having pooting for flop? I wish Allah

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chicken wings

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it's good, though How are you feeling? I'm good luck, and good luck.

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I'm gonna

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play it. So first of all, remind everyone in sha Allah you can actually go to European institute.org slash Hello Milan. I've been telling everyone go to the comments to download the ebooks This is easier and Shall I go to European institute.org slash on Milan. And you can download the ebooks but in the 90 Tada for the first the summary of the first season of course on 3430 as well as the darat book by chef Fatah, Wyatt and shall nutana and inshallah reminder to everyone to please continue to contribute to yaqeen Institute amongst the other righteous causes that you're supporting, but then that by clicking on the donate button in sha Allah, and we appreciate that, and please do share the

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link as well in the 90 Tyler. So this, this does have sort of denisa just five is rich with Sierra. I mean, it's so rich with Sierra honestly that there were a few of these incidents of Hanalei that I had wanted to actually incorporate in the meeting habits little lohani wisdom series, but ultimately chose not to because of just time and restrictions and things of that sort. And somehow, I think each one of us, in fact, tonight, is going to be touching on some of the CSR elements and focus within certain Isa. So we already touched upon it, we talked about the post or hood context, and we're still within that context of post herpetic sub certainly sat now, in this part of the surah

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does go into later chapters of the madonie series. So we're not just stuck to the third year after his or not at this point. But in fact, it starts to cover other things. And the theme of it, you know, as we talked about is building a community on taqwa. And that taqwa, you know, leads us to justice in all of our affairs, and that justice in all of our affairs means rendering everything back to the messenger sallallahu wasallam. Now, it's really interesting, but certainly PSA and I'm going to cover just a few of these incidents from the sila is that Allah subhana wa tada is giving instructions to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam on how to be just in certain scenarios. And

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he's giving instructions to the believing community to refer back to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and to follow his example of justice, and then go back to him for justice. So again, the theme is Allah giving the prophets lie, some instructions on justice, how to be just us by extension of that, especially when we find ourselves in a position of authority, and then instruction to the community, that if you have Taqwa, you will render everything back if you have piety or render everything back to the Prophet sallallahu or you send them to do justice by you in all of your affairs. So I'm going to go through a few of these incidents first and foremost, Pamela, we start

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off with verse 105. In nones, I'm not united Kitab I will happily tackle muy bien and nursing the amount of ARCA la when I was a Kenyan, hi, Nina Halima the O Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam We have revealed to you this book with the truth so that you may judge between the people in accordance with what Allah has shown to you. So do not become an advocate for the dishonest. I'm going to say that again some kind of light because it's so powerful how this verse ends. Well, that's a cool Hi, Nina. Cosima, this book was sent to you in truth so that you may judge between the people in accordance with what Allah has shown to you a messenger of Allah. So do not become an

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advocate on behalf of the dishonest and unless panel data tells us a few verses later because everything within the sequence of verses referring to the same incident Allah subhanaw taala says well, no love of the lie addict. So this is now up to 113 Well, Lola falola here Anika what I meant to who la Hamner party for two min home annual the look and had it not been for Allah's favor and mercy upon you. A party amongst them a group amongst them would have plotted to mislead you a messenger of Allah meaning they would have tried to mislead you to false judgments, but at the own at the end of the day. Well now you will aluna illa and first

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The home that they do not miss guide except for themselves and they could not have harmed you in any way. So what is this incident referring to? And I'll paraphrase the incident I know that ship Ibrahim in Charlottetown is going to touch up on it as well. Basically you have again a community now where you have not just Muslims in Medina, but you have Jewish tribes, you have the hypocrites, you have all of these different people and they are now under the authority of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam as he is constructing this community. And this incident refers to a man by the name of to our Ummah, who was a Muslim, and just listen to it. Subhana Allah, it's really, it

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gives you a lot of insight into how the Prophet slice of them is having things presented to him. torma was a Muslim, but he stole a shield from one of his brothers from the unsought. So a Muslim steals a shield from another Muslim. Okay? Now how does this become convoluted what he does is after he steals that shield, he hides it in the house of one of his Jewish friends. So that just in case he gets caught, he can actually put it all put all the blame on the Jewish man, and because he's a Muslim, and he's a Jew, and they can present this present this to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in the case of him getting caught, that it was the Jewish man who stole the shield and not him, the

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Muslim stealing from his brother Muslim, they thought they could have misled the prophets of Allah and he was some of them to make a judgement in the favor, or, you know, in the favor of torma by not persecuting torma or prosecuting torma but instead putting the blame on the Jewish men. Now obviously, Allah subhana wa tada protected the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So the plot was unveiled to the prophets of Allah and he was telling them that torma had stolen from his brother Muslim from the unsought. And he hid that armor with the Jewish man who after it was caught with him, that Jewish man unknowingly was going to be persecuted or prosecuted rather, even

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though he was an innocent man and Allah subhanaw taala revealed that it's Pamela, the justice of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam judged in accordance with justice. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam freed the Jewish man from responsibility because he was unaware and he was innocent. And this this plot was against him rather than him plotting and the prophets of Allah who it was to them instead prosecuted to Arma himself who was the guilty party in this regard. So Allah subhanaw taala goes on to say that they would have you know, had it not been for the favor of Allah subhanaw taala upon you, they would have been able to guide you to false judgment meaning misguide you or lead you astray to where you would make a false judgment but Allah subhana wa tada

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protected the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and just like Allah subhana wa tada says, about the hypocrites in the earlier sutras in Bukhara, and Imran, when they have their own Illa and fusa. home, they only deceive themselves with their plots here. Allah subhanaw taala says they only mislead themselves and they only harm themselves. And Allah Subhana which Allah has revealed this book to the Prophet slicin him and taught him not until Quintana What can I follow the law here and he can help me Matt Allahu Akbar, Allah revealed to you O Messenger of Allah sly some the book and the Wisdom and he taught you that which you know not and indeed the favor of Allah upon

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you is great, a messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam. And you know, what this speaks about next is you know, this, this punishment towards those people towards this man. So if you go then to verse 115, verse 115, where Allah subhana wa tada mentions woman, you shafted Karasu them in the matter bayona Hooda way a tabula rasa meaning no wonder he moto moto Allah when mostly he Johanna was at mostly euro, the US for him who sets himself against the Messenger of Allah Sall lice on him. This is verse 115, and follows a path other than that of the believers, even after true guidance had become clear to him, we will let him go the way that he has turned to and he will be cast into

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Hellfire Verily, an evil destination who is Allah speaking about here?

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Once again Subhana Allah liquid he did this man after he plotted against his unsavoury brother, and then sought to put the blame on the Jew and sought to mislead the Prophet slice. I'm in judgment. And that plot was unveiled, what did he do? He went to Mecca and he joined the enemies of Islam to fight against the Prophet slice on him because he was so angry that his plot failed. So think about some how miserable of a situation that is. So Allah subhanaw taala is warning him and people like him in verse 115, in verse 143, I'm sorry, you go forward in verse one.

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35 one of the most famous verses about justice yeah you alladhina amanu kuno Poway Amina bill test, Shahada, Allah, Allah, Allah and footsy comb, oh invalidate our carabin Allah subhanaw taala says O believers be upholders of justice and barriers of witness to the truth for the sake of Allah, even if it may be against yourself or against your parents or your kinsmen, or the rich.

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If it is a person who has money appeal, a person who is rich, a person who is poor, Verily, Allah subhanho wa Taala is more concerned with their well being than you are. So do not let your your desires sway you away from justice. So this is a very beautiful verse, which I know the Messiah are going to be talking about. And somehow I look how beautiful the example of the prophets lysozyme is in this regard and upholding justice. Finally, one of my favorite stories of the CLR is actually here in verse 43. So it's not about justice. But go back to verse 43, and certain Nisa, and it's the verse of tm. And the verse of tm mom has a story behind it to your mom being what we do in the case

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of not having water how we purify ourselves when we don't have water. He sold the Allahu tada and her she says that we had went out with the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on one of his journeys until we reached a beta or that jaysh. And she said, one of my necklaces and it was a black beaded necklace was lost. And he said with the Allah and he was crying over her necklace being lost. It wasn't that it was an expensive necklace, but it was precious to her. And when she told the prophets lie, sometimes they're in the midst of a journey of an expedition right think about the importance of this expedition. But when she told the prophets lie some What happened? The Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam held up the entire army to look for that necklace and told the Sahaba to go looking for that necklace. So everyone starts to look everywhere for this black beaded necklace of it shall the Allahu Tada. And then what happens? They run out of water. And so when they run out of water, the people are upset, but they can't tell the profit slice on how upset they are. So who did they go to they go to Apple back here, it will be a long time because of will Beckett is the father of it sold the law and they're complaining they're saying no total mess on it. He should you see what Isha has done to us. She made the Messenger of Allah Allah Allah, how do you sell them stop

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so that we have no more water, we have no access to water. So our bucket is getting the heat of the Muslims that are upset now because they don't have enough water to make will deal with. They're running out of water to drink. But really, it's the part of the fact that their water source is becoming so limited now that they're going to have to choose between wool and drinking water. So apobec it'll be a lot of time I know. He comes to to show the hotel and then she gives the the image he says also last night and I was sleeping with his head on my thigh. So I will workable the Allah is trying to admonish his daughter Ayesha and the Prophet slice on a sleeping on her thigh. So

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Pamela, and he's saying that he shall not be allowed to have St. rasulillah he saw Allah and he was telling us you detained the Messenger of Allah and the people and we're running out of water and he was so upset with that he saw the law and he's putting his finger into her other five right driving his finger into her other thigh out of being upset like what are you doing to us because of your necklace, the profit slice alum held up the entire army and we're running out of water. And then after that, Allah subhana wa tada revealed this verse, the verse of to mum and Subhanallah one, you know, which gave the permission for the Muslims to be able to find an excuse when they don't have

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water to still purify themselves. So as that verse came down, everyone performed to Yemen, and the narrative shifted, instead of them being upset with a bow Beckett or the Allahu taala. And they said, Now here be Oh, Ali Baba, Kathy Konya Allah I'll be back here this is not the first Baraka the first blessing that came from you Oh family of apobec and so they got the excuse as Muslims now we have the blessing of Tim that was given to us from this incident. And then he should be allowed to add on his says that the camel that I was writing on got up from its place and the necklace was actually under her own camel. Well the Allah has had on has some panel but so this incident is a

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beautiful incident from the Sierra as you come across verse 43 benissa and what does it show us by the way, refer your matters to the Prophet of Allah sallallahu wasallam and look at the blessings that come to the community when they refer back to the profit slice as a blessing for the family of Bubba Beckett, a blessing for you shovel Viola Han and a blessing for the entire ummah. Well, Allahu tada Anam father, a chef Ibrahim Sharif Abdullah, any reflections you share on that? I know shaker Brahim you're gonna talk about the incident to our mother with some detail later on in sha Allah any immediate reflections inshallah

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that's how to live is so beautiful story and you know, let's have that also inventions in sort of two

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He said, you know, advice to people who are with their wives and how to treat the wife, you know, with excellence? and Why should one roof live with them honorably? And you know how that kind of comes into the story a little bit where the prophets will love it. So like any husband sometimes might be a little bit irritated with their wife, but unless that ascends these verses, and, you know, changes the whole story, so have a lot. And you know, it's just interesting thought to have that,

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you know, to have this this beautiful treatment towards our family, and something that comes through through that story.

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No, shall I?

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You know, Subhanallah you mentioned a lot. But one thing that I love about sort of denisa and particularly the two stories that you brought, primarily the story of Torah and the story of insha, Allah Allahu Allah one

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is the human side of the Sahaba. It sounds like an oxymoron, the human side of the Sahaba Yes, they were human beings, because I don't know about you. But when I was young, we used to read those books that had the gold spine on them, I think was like Winnie the Pooh, and all these like,

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fairy tales, right?

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Sometimes we read so much to the companions, or we hear about them or the way that it's explained, because of certain words we use or certain cultural nuances. You know, especially our youth, you know, this, how about far fetched or, you know, they're not real. It wasn't something that was real, we think of them as some make believe, person or people. But what made them Sahaba was the trials that they went through. I mean, when you hear the story of forma, it immediately reminds me of the different personalities that take place in any locality. You know, you think of all the companions were all Mashallah they never made mistakes, but they were companions because of what they did after

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their mistakes with along with each other, ultimately, with the law. So you can see what the reaction of Dortmund how he was upset and how he went to the other side. And, you know, I've seen that, you know, with people, you know, we've all seen it. So it just, it brings it humanizes the companions when you hear these stories, and that's why I highly you know, import you know, all the oma Mashallah to read the Hadith and this year, the prophets a lot It was some because it really humanizes the companions and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, therefore we don't worship him. But he has been given the revelation that's making him the best of creation. And then also the

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other beautiful aspect that I see is,

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you know, you know, when you said when you shot the the rustle, and speaking about Tom as well, I mean, when we're studying, you know, sort of, you know, the science of filmmaking, the origins of Ficker, the the methodology, methodological approaches that scholars use to derive rulings, this was a major proof, if not the number one proof that is used in regards to consensus, which is called digimap. Which is, which is a binding ruling in Islam, to show that, you know, the, whenever scholars have a binding opinion, it's impermissible to go against that opinion. And their scholars may have some differences and understanding particularly that but in any case, generically speaking,

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this is one of the strongest proofs that scholars use to establish the strength of asthma as a proof. So that's something that is beautiful, but on the human side, what I want to talk about today inshallah, to Allah is verse number 35. Because when we talk about we as as human beings, we as human beings, we have our mistakes, we have our shortcomings. Hence we have the name Allah for Allah for Allah, foo. All of these names that exemplify forgiveness and pardoning from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that's because we make mistakes. We know the Hadith of the Prophet sallahu wa Salaam regarding that, but this is particularly talking about that individual that knows your mistakes,

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only that person and Allah subhanho wa Taala that is your wife, or your husband. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said Plato and Plato, Plato from the alley, he said, the best of you are those who are best with families and I'm the best in my family. I never forget one one of my I'm a chef in Medina. He said, because this hadith is so beautiful and great is because no one will know you like your husband, and no one will know you let your wife so a lot touches on many different aspects in this sort of regarding the women and regarding how men should treat women and women should treatment. What are the the add up a shadow area? What are the Islamic manners in regards to

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their rights and responsibilities? Because as we always say, someone's right is someone else's responsibility. So we'll also kind of what Darla says in this beautiful verse, concluding some of the approaches that the husband takes with the wife if there is some, there is some difference between them. He brings a final solution and he says, we're in Clifton Sha benei Hema forgot I think, how come I mean, how can you read that? It's like you have 15 level bainer humor in the Lucha Kana aneema Club, you know, so last month on the first he said

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If you were to fear a complete breakup, if you were to fear that they would break up, we're in Clifton and clove chip off of benei. Hema shipbob comes from shock and shock is like a literally a crack. Right? So we say if you were to fear that they were to break up being human between them to fall back who had come in min Allahi, WA, how come admin area, a new reader Islam. So he says, if you were to fear that they were to have, they were to break up this married couple, and he's speaking to the oma, some scholars say and some scholars say the knowledgeable people in that locality, if you all Clifton untung, if you all were to fear that there will be some difference

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between them to then look for an arbiter from her side and an arbiter from his side, Alia from her family and his family. In other words, when you see that these the husband and wife are having problems, and you know someone that may be in their family, that is the wise man, or the wise man in the in the husband's family as well, then you should call them to to serve as arbiters to bring reconciliation. But this is what's important. Allah says How can men and hackerman is a very particular as every word in the Quran, every letter is purposeful. So when he says hecka men, it is more specific, more specific than a hacker even because the hacker man is the one that has wisdom.

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And the one that understands a why the shots the one that understands the situation of this woman that is complaining about her husband, the older uncle, her father's older brother, her grandfather, her, her great grandfather knows her because he is just because she is just like his wife or his his his other niece and nephew, so he knows her personality. He knows those particularities about her that the husband knows, but no one else really understands it. Because he's seen her since she was little. So this is something that is very important. Also, he has to have general knowledge of the religion. And what's most important, which coincides with the theme, he has to be just he cannot

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have a bias. That is not easy. And that is why it's very important to understand what a lot of use this word haccombe, choosing one from her family and choosing one from his family, he has to look beyond the emotions of the woman and get to the facts, and see what really took place and fear Allah subhanho wa Taala. And whatever he decides, as well as the husband side of the family, he has to look at the facts, and not look at the emotions of the man or the benevolence of demand at times, and use the fear of a loss of kinda without it to drive him into serve as his guide in this situation. Because these two whatever they say, can be a means to separate them, and also separate

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the children. So it's very important that when the last month Allah says, look for a hug Come on this side, on her side, and on his side, but with the condition in UT, that is not one if they want reconciliation, why this is interesting here because some scholars say Who is there? Is it the wife and the husband? Or is it the two arbitrators. Many scholars say it's the two arbitrators because they are the ones at the time that may not want the Chicago or they may not have the differences, you know, the husband and wife, they still may may be very upset. So the hacker comes in with a level head with, with Dean with religion with fear of a loss of data, trying his best not to be

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bias. He is the one that these two want reconciliation. When we look at the life of home cinema or the yellow hydro rhodiola. What what happened when her husband fled to on the outskirts of Medina, because the two strike the two tribes have problems with each other. So when you see that your niece, your granddaughter, your daughter, maybe even is crying, and she's coming to you. And then they ask you to judge because you're probably the known one of the jamara of the company, or the community of the of your tribe. But whatever the case may be, you have to have a level head and not let the emotions take over to where when you look at the haccombe on the other side, the arbiter on

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her husband's side, her his uncle, his father, whoever you have to sit down at the table with him and look for and have the intention to reconcile between the two upon the keytab of Allah upon the book of Allah and the Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam ultimately. And that's why it's so important that when we see people such as convert girls get married to people that may not be or vice versa, or people from two different cultures. It's very important to understand the cultural and I don't want to say baggage, I want to say cultural background because it's there.

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right of the people of that culture to be understood, as well as for you to understand what you're getting into. That's why I highly advise premarital counseling for those that plan to get married. And this verse is so profound in articulating that because you don't want it to reach to the Shia CoC, you don't want it to reach to the differences. So he says with the condition if they have the Nia, the intention, so when you come to the table, you should have the intention of bringing these two back together again, especially if there's children. There are lots of petrodollar says with that condition, and you read that it's not what you want. 50 level baina Houma Allah will bring

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those two together. And that's what this guy is missing. You know, when they talk about intimate that amount of money at your intention is paramount to what Allah subhanho wa Taala what he will choose and what he will decide. It's very, very important. They will last $1 ends off the verse as we mentioned before we mentioned numerous times, that when we look at the names of Allah subhanho wa Taala at the end of the verse, tie it to the context of the verse. So here he says your level beta Houma in Allah can I even klaviyo Verily Allah subhanaw taala is cannot was so for your cool work when you get them and you're caught, he will always be when he uses candidates to show medalla he

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will always be the all knowledgeable and be well acquainted, and the all knowledgeable his knowledge of what was what is what will be and what hasn't been if it was to be how it would be, as some scholars add on. But then he says after this well acquainted and the hobby in between the difference between an elemental copy, as I say, who's by the moon, or is the specification by after the generality. The Hobbit is the one that knows the bow out and what the article Assia he's the one that knows all of the hidden things. All the minute Shay, why is this important in this context? Because he knows, oh, uncle or grandfather or judge or a man that has taken the position of the

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haccombe. He knows your intention behind this. He knows what you really want. Did you really want reconciliation? Or did you want a high position? Or did you want money? Or did you want some type of bias to come your way? This verse Subhanallah is so important for all of us that are fathers that all of us as human beings, because we have a father, we have a mother, we may know someone that's divorce and didn't have the haccombe didn't have the arbiter because they didn't know their rights. We may know someone that took advantage of a situation because they wanted their son back with him. They wanted their daughter back with him. So it's very important that we look at this verse, chapter

00:27:32--> 00:27:48

four, verse 35, and looking at the importance of wanting to keep him the deen the preservation of the religion and the preservation of the lineage to the best of our ability if it leads to fearing the loss of Penwith data, and that will bring the trophy controller

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because I come from the Allah Subhana Allah that was that was beautiful, very, very, very real with a lot that's happening right now. I mean, Allah guide us to justice. For the sake of time, I'm going to save my comments, inshallah. shaker Brahim.

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You know, like chef Abdullah was just mentioning this surah spend a lot, there's so much power in it. And there's so many rulings to do with women and families and relationships and husbands and wives and how to handle those issues. And you just kind of know when people are looking at some of the largest holders and the poor, and whether it's with a Baccarat, and Enron or the SAT or EDA, they see all these rulings, right, all these verses of rulings. And sometimes they get intimidated by them. But when you look at the theme behind the sawed off, and like shahana mentioned in the beginning, this surah basically every verse, every other verses about justice, when you start to

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read the surah, and the rulings and everything that's coming in this surah through that framework of Islamic justice, you start to understand how, you know, powerful this really is. And right from the beginning, you get all these rulings about the orphans, and adult women in marriages. So right from the beginning, unless penalty itis is actually a time when I'm giving the orphans, their wealth, and he talks about the guardianship over orphans and how to deal with their wealth and when to give them their wealth. And he talks about women, and he talks about the rights of women and the hug that should be paid for them and how men shouldn't force their wives to give them back the gifts or the

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monitor that they have paid for them. All these different rulings are coming and it's kind of love The Prophet sallallahu. And he was sending mentions, you know, when he if he said, how would you add a compact Goodbye, if any sit in front of the people. He said, I am warning you about the rights of two types of people, the orphan and the woman of your team when he said this this to the people because in most societies throughout history, the orphan is oppressed and the rights are taken away. And women are often oppressed and the rights are taken away. And so this sort of starts to go through these issues by talking about and bringing different rulings about these two categories of

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people. And it doesn't stop there. There's other cases

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categories of people, which are also mentioned in this surah, which is incredibly powerful for us to think about when we think about injustice and our responsibility as Muslims to bring justice in our society. So some set of verses that arrive in the surah, Allah Subhana, Allah says alladhina, Yehuda moon and NASA, Allah subhanaw taala talks about the people who are stingy, and they encourage other people to be stingy as well. So not only are they not giving for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala they're encouraging others not to give for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala those who are stingy and they encourage others to be stingy, we have to move them along even further. And they are concealing

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that which Allah has given them out of his bounty, while academic kathina I've ever mahina we've prepared a punishment, humiliating punishment for the disbelievers. So lots of penalty, it starts to talk about people who are stingy when it comes to the poor and the needy. And not only are these stingy, but they kind of create a framework to justify why they're not giving. And unfortunately, this type of characteristic exists in many communities, if not all communities, there's a type of person who not only do they not want to give, but they start coming up with reasons of why not to give to other people or to other causes. So they'll be like, Why are you giving you don't know what

00:31:13--> 00:31:46

this organization is doing with your money? Like, what do you know? Do you know anything specifically bad about this organization? No. Why are you saying bad things about them? Well, you don't know. Right? There's that type of person, or there's somebody who's homeless, and we say, Hey, we should help them. And they'll say, Well, why can't they just get a job? They're constantly looking for reasons to justify not giving. So Allah, Allah mentions this type of person, why does he mentioned them? Because this type of person represents an injustice to the poor and to the needy in our societies, because Allah subhanaw taala says, We're to mourn them and tell them along and

00:31:46--> 00:32:22

finally, they have concealed that which Allah has given them out of his bounty. And some of the scholars interpret this to mean that look your money, where did you get your money from? Allah gave it to you, right? Your Money is actually the thing that Allah subhanaw taala gave to you. And therefore the the poor and the needy have a right even over our money. And the next verse, Allah subhanaw, taala talks about another type of person, when levena euphy una mo along those who give their money. So the first verse is criticizing the people who are stingy and don't give money, the second versus criticizing those who do give money, why they give their money at the end? That's what

00:32:22--> 00:32:57

I mean, whenever he whenever they give their money. For what reason? Why do they give money to the poor via DNS, because they want to show off, right? They give their money to people because they want to take a selfie with that person, and they want to post on Instagram, and that type of giving. Obviously, from a theological perspective, it's deeply wrong, because our intention needs to be for Allah subhanaw taala our desire, when we do something good, it should be seeking the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala. But also that type of giving when a person is given for the purpose of showing off, it's demeaning to those who are needy, it's demeaning to those who are at a disadvantage and

00:32:57--> 00:33:35

need our support. And so Allah subhanaw taala criticizes the people really who are causing oppression to those who are poor, and those who are needy. And it creates also an atmosphere where people only want to give if they can show that they're giving. And if they can't show off, they're giving they don't want to give. And so it causes injustice and hardship upon those who are needy, and those who are, who require our support. Then there's also the discussion over non Muslims who live amongst Muslims. And Jehovah mentioned the story of a man who steals the shield from another Muslim from Sahabi. And he hides it in the house of a Jewish man. And then they come and he said, he

00:33:35--> 00:34:08

denies having stolen it. And the Jewish man denies having stolen it. And they go to the Prophet solo, and you send them and all the relatives and the neighbors of my go to the Prophet, and they try putting pressure on the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And in some of the heavies, literally, they say to the Prophet, are you going to defend a Catholic, a disbeliever overthrow that who's a believer, and they put all this pressure on our profits, a little luck, where it was selling them? And so kinda like when you think about it, our profits a little long, where do you send them, you know, would have had every reason to defend pharma? Because pharma is most of them, while the

00:34:08--> 00:34:42

person who's accusing him as a non Western pharma, you know, has a big family and tribe and people who would support the prophets of Allah wherever you send them and the Prophet wants their support. And you know, the Jewish tribes were causing problems for the prophets of Allah where he sent him at times, insulting him at times, helping the enemies of the Prophet, there was everything in you know, the interest of the prophets of Allah, Allah to defend partner and yet Allah reveals these verses in the Quran, in the internet, Unicode keytab will help you tackle Marina nursing in Iraq a lot. Well, it's a cold and hot in in halsema, that Allah Subhana Allah tells the Prophet indeed we reveal the

00:34:42--> 00:35:00

book to you in truth, so that you may judge between the people with what Allah subhanaw taala has shown you, therefore do not be and do not be an advocate for those who are deceitful and unless panel data shows in these verses that the Jewish man was saying the truth and the man who claimed to be a Muslim what of course, became of the one if you're going to another one.

00:35:00--> 00:35:35

Actually the one who is lying and deceitful and this is such a powerful verse in the Quran to really show us to, you know, think about our biases, and to, you know, always defend the truth. Also we see in the surah, the famous story of our Prophet salaallah where it was sent him where he was sitting with him and disproved or the loved one and he's, you know, he said to me earlier recite the core and for me, and I've been listen to the profits a little low and he said them should I recite the Quran for you when it was revealed upon you? And the Prophet said, but I love to hear it from other than me. So even miss fruity began to recite until he reached a verse in the Quran. When he reached

00:35:35--> 00:36:08

this verse, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to him has book Stop, stop what was the verse even Mr. Wood recited the key for them including omitting be Shahid widget now because without a shahida How will it be when we bring from every nation a witness and we bring you on hammered as a witness over these people. When they've been Miss early to reach this verse, the Prophet told them to stop giving mister looked at the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he found his teeth, his eyes, overflowing with tears and Subhanallah you look at this surah with all these different injunctions of justice and categories of people were treated with injustice in the injunction to

00:36:08--> 00:36:41

defend them. And what do we get in this surah we get the Allah subhanaw taala added telling the Prophet sallallahu Sallam about the Day of Judgment, when he will be a witness and realize that the prophet SAW along with it, he said it will be brought as a witness on the Day of Judgment, either for us or against us, if we are people of justice. And if we are people whose our rights are have been taken away, the profits a little lower and even cinema will stand as a witness for us. And if we are people who are unjust to others taking away the rights of others, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will stand witness against us on the Day of Judgment. So Pamela, such a powerful

00:36:41--> 00:37:19

statement and the prophets of Allah recently we've been thinking about the greatness of that day of judgment. And we see also in the surah, Allah subhana wa tada talking about justice, and Allah subhana wa tada seeing in this, in the lie of the Nemo myth call that Allah does not cause injustice even as much as an Adam's wait. Allah does not do any injustice to us whatsoever. Wayne took who has said that's an old article how he lived on FEMA. And if you were to do any good, Allah will multiply your good deed and He will give you from himself a great reward. SubhanAllah any small good that we do, Allah will multiply the reward for us. And Allah gives us things we we don't deserve to begin

00:37:19--> 00:37:56

with. And Allah causes no injustice and does no injustice upon us whatsoever. And finally, in the surah, is the injunction for all of us to be witnesses for a loss of Hamlet either. Yeah, even though the nominal corner will call Amina because she'll have that. Oh, you who believe be persistently firm upon justice, witnesses for a law. Just as the prophet SAW Allah, whoever you said it will be brought on the day of judgment as a witness for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala to witness the truth and justice, Allah is telling us to be witnesses of truth and justice and to do that by standing up for the truth and standing on the side of justice no matter who it's for, or no

00:37:56--> 00:38:03

matter who it is against this is the way of our Prophet sallallahu I do send the mail last parents added me cuz that people have justice me.

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Shawn larger mean Zack can love her for the way you want to share anything?

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final thought bark left him absolutely beautiful.

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No, Michelle, I you know, is a lot I'm afraid to start.

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I understand the sentiment.

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This one thing

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is looked at like suit denisa is looked at as like too technical, like odds? Like it, you know, yeah, Milan flows with these beautiful stories. And I met like, even when you do have like, sort of any size, like really difficult, but it's actually an extremely suppiler rich, rich, rich suit on so Pamela, it's very rich very soon. Mashallah. I like when you talked about, basically,

00:38:49--> 00:38:54

how when one wants to be seen giving something as demeaning to the recipient.

00:38:55--> 00:39:02

And sometimes you see that, you know, and I think that's a huge reminder to a lot of organizations,

00:39:03--> 00:39:39

particularly in this month, and not to blanket any, you know, say that, okay, when we do that it's by it's definitely a PR stunt. And we know, no, but it's just a very important that before you even go out to distribute to the poor, even if your individual, you know, just to check your knee and just make sure you have the right intention that ultimately you're doing this for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala and to give from what Allah has given you. And yes, there is a point where people need to see wording done and also to encourage others to get involved. And a lot of times, you know, I'm at my mercy calls, are there any organizations that I'd be able to give this money towards you

00:39:39--> 00:40:00

give this to, and if you have a network, that's very, very helpful. So you know, hats off to the organizations, the nonprofit organizations that really go forth and helping humanity but within that work, it's very, very important when you press any key or you want to make you know, take a picture or anything of that nature.

00:40:00--> 00:40:15

sure that your intention is right with the lawsuit kind of with data, and that the people will feel that you really want to help them and people can feel it, you know, when you come out and you really want to help them. So I'm really glad you pointed out and touched on that point, because that's huge. That's huge for every individual.

00:40:17--> 00:40:55

Check out Brahim. I mean, I think that narration have been Maseru of all the longtime reading to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, we talked about it to mention the, the way the Prophet slicin was moved by the Quran and how it made him cry. But I think the particularity of that verse like that he felt the weight of that it has a lot to us to them that he is a witness upon us also we should feel the weight of being his own witnesses upon all other all moment all and all of mankind. So maybe I'll reward you for that reflection. Very powerful. I really enjoyed tonight's session I enjoy all of them but very special Subhana Allah especially when you talk about again a sort of that people

00:40:55--> 00:41:18

usually just like us inheritance and laws of marriage and arbitration so much like it's rich and I hope people enjoy their the recitation of it more now understanding some of the background of it so about a kilometer eucom reminder to everyone yaqeen institute.org slash Milan you can download the ebooks and you can support our work at the link below or at that link as well. About a colavito said I want to come over from to LA he cuts off

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last year was about bringing Ramadan to your home when the doors of the masajid were closed. This year is specifically about bringing the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam to your home. And this is not just something that we seek to do in Ramadan. This is something that defines our very mission at your team. Whether it's talking about the proofs of prophethood or talking about prophetic parenting. We recognize that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is relevant to us whether it is in our societal affairs or community affairs, our family affairs, our individual affairs, and that is true inside of Ramadan and outside of Ramadan. We hope that you've been enjoying bringing the

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