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AI: Summary © The Jana's Day of Judgment video discusses the importance of the NEXT of Islam and seeking the truth. The culture is described as clean, expensive, and "very clean." The importance of wines and animals is also discussed, along with the use of animals for recreational activities and activities like renting a car. The importance of remembering to accept and not admit to things is emphasized, along with the importance of showing the importance of not letting anyone know about things like money and maintenance fees. The conversation ends with a discussion on the importance of showing parents' names on houses and the use of cameras for evidence.
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He was rather and he was like me he was telling them about

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Leone Arabia I mean, Shari,

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Bill hedger, Alfa Romeo arbeiten, our role more accurately

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explain what she

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mean, Charlie.

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July, I mean surely June, I'll find what the life is more Sharon, do all cylinders and if you have the Kitab in Mobarak to double, Virgil. So last minute Allah erratic if you know humanitarian level when you're feeling the knot or extra limb, live wherever Aparajita will be really. So last time Hamdulillah we, we were talking about sewer to Russia. And we talk about the first part of it where I lost my routine, I talk about the ego consequence of wrongdoing, the wrongdoers and what a lot martela have prepared for them, which is waiting them on the Day of Judgment when they meet him that we get that and also we started to talk about the reward of the righteous people. Allah subhanaw

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taala says would you read to me even now is Ravi Fijian let in earlier lettuce mafia.

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Allah subhanaw taala says on the Day of Judgment, you will see some phrases. Now I'm in a state of mirror

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last 100 kilometers among those one who will be blessed that last Maha Rotella with this type of level. He says, Would you when you may deny this I have no idea why or be treated in this way. Totally different from the way unless we haven't dealt with our own words. He says Lisa Hara because they did what Allah subhanaw taala wanted them to do. It was so righteous, they were so good. And they got the reward of being good and being righteous. Allah smart Allah says Lisa Harada. So they managed to keep their word and their promise between them and Allah subhanho Which island and they also translate that which they claim into action? Yeah, because Allah smart Allah says my arrival

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accurate was ALLAH has

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whatever is looking for the Accra and he works for it. So these people, they really worked for the ACA. Allah subhanaw taala says was ALLAH Hassan Howe, who are most known for like your kindness at your home, or school, and these are the ones that have lost mortal appreciate the righteous deed, and will give them the best of the world. So is a result of being righteous. And my dear brothers and sisters, this is the time where a person can do a little but Subhan Allah, Allah subhanaw taala will give him a lot of reward and will appreciate it too much, these 10 days of the hijab, and as such, I really urge each and every one of us to seek for this Nirma of Allah subhanaw taala of Jana

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in these 10 days, through through the prayers through the presentations of the Quran, and vicar to Allah given a lot of charities as, as much as you can, you know, Senator Ryan, being kind to others supporting whatever is in need of support, whatever you know, to be righteous deed in Islam do it. This is a time where you should excel in doing that righteous deed and please get the most out of water Allah, maybe you will be amongst those whom Allah subhanaw taala blessed with this Nirma of Jana when they meet him on the day of judgment. So, he says the Sahaba

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where are they going to be pleased by Allah? Allah thegem That OLALIA they will be taken to gender

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you know, they are

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inside Jana, you know, high places in Ghana, that rooms that houses will be placed in high places clouds and so many fancy things which the smoke of will not be sufficient for us to explain all of Egypt nothing idea lattice mafia,

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Latvia, you know, you will never hear any nonsense in general you know, as far as like the places had highly protected and preserved and also we're not talking about insecurity in that place, but we say protected you know, from any evil and idle talk, any bad word, anything that is nonsense, anything that is stupidity, anything that is useless, or uproot product quality foolishness. Gemma is away from all of these things is Masha Allah the Most Excellent words are going to be heard in September last one that says greetings will be Salam and salaam Romeu. Coulomb miracle

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is a statement that will come from Allah as well.

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alternatively as a best seller, you know the salon the last module has given him a person when he meets him in paradise. So Allah subhanaw taala will say salaam to you the angels will sort of say salaam to you you know it's all about happiness and to make it more excellent Allah subhanaw taala would say salaam to you and angels will be meeting you from every corner of your house and they will be saying hello when are they gonna give us a welcome

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so Allah says latest mafia Latvia even here any useless talk and stupidity engender

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like a small 300 Here he ha You know geria in in Jana you find Island Julia he said the reverse engineer, reverse engineer how many rivers do we have for it for that last one to talk about? You know, yeah, only Allah knows how much you have but there are four special rivers and everything in general is special you know, for special ones that last mountain that talk about in in Surah

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Surah to sort of get out so 200 So Allahu Allahu Salam mas Muhammad Allah says how me mine okay the acid

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yeah not easy drink the pure water and drink the water that is

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I mean clean properly you know, I mean portable and the water that is drinkable, you know something that you you you are able to drink, but still it has some other things which are unwanted in it, but the one in Jannah is the freshest one reward made in Indian this water is found in in general so you don't need any explanation apart from apart from this the most excellent water you will be drinking is the most cover and the water you find in India. So Allah subhanaw taala says you have water in general the one that will never go back the one that has the best of taste

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one how to be Lebanon limited a year taboo and also you have the yogurt heavy milk you know in Jana the one that the tastes never change the best you know, maybe July kept on saying made in July because most

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important thing to be to mention here so that you will understand what exactly are we talking about? The one that is Indian? So on how to be Lebanon limited by your palm?

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One how income relatedly Sherry, Cathy handhold welcome and I use the food we use. In some other places.

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You'll find rivers of wine, but which one? The one that makes a person too stupid in this dunya useless talking to the sheep and pigs and all of these things he's talking to himself? No.

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This is the real one. One that doesn't cause a person headache. That's one of the last words LSAS

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Walla Walla use the phone or use a phone. It talks about the nature of the wine in Jannah. As Carla said, this simple word that lasts mortal attention is an indication that this wine is the most precious

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drink kind of drink that is away from all of these negative consequences that happens when somebody drinks why no headache, no vomiting, no dizziness, no person getting intoxicated you know no uselessness you know nothing that covers his brain, you know, in a way he goes and talk to animals and every useless things you know

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so the wine in their, in their

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agenda is away from all of these things which are supposed to be

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used by by human human humankind. So it's a precious thing and a person who drinks wine in this dunya without repenting, a Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said it will not be given the one in in Paradise Valley. So it's not the wine like what we have here is the real a drink that allows water quality.

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And in and then Allah smart Allah says one how to mean as selling Mustafa, the next River is the river with river of what acid acid means honey.

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Pure was one. That's racism Asafa Saki, Saki Saki. So it means very clean. You know, no matter how much clean is is that is honey in this life will lie it cannot even come close to that which you

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Find a gym

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that one is producing last want to like keep it kept it for us to appreciate what the righteous people are doing. So I guess

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we shouldn't fight in this dunya you should exhaust our effort to make sure that we please Allah so that we can go and get this blessing of Allah smart Allah in in general. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says Fijian letting earlier let us movie Halabja fee ha even Jaga he has two rooms fufa they have beds that Allah subhanahu wa SUTA remodel four beds which are raised

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they're not just the mattresses put place on the ground. The last one would give them those beds which are raised up high beds

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were acqua Moldova. And they have also cups you know next to those beds, you know, ready for the drinks to be placed in them so that even on the bed you can just have a drink. You don't need to go out and go to that to the place you know to the kitchen or to dine in a place to eat from every place you can invite food to come to you in in Jannah when Mr. Gomez flew over in America, this was her it was sad it is the pillows last March I put on those beds and also the places where a person can sit on

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their last one hour Tennessee's was our RBU mobile,

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mobile fufa. And these are also the carpet. No, it's not is that a company that Allah smart Allah please in your paradise, you will like this place you can never hear about something like it. The house itself is built from gold and silver.

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And the floor is Pearl and Cora

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as Jim houses gold and silver, the floor metals is parallel and core. And also you have on top of that. carpets from spatula, the best type of you know, egg,

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fabric you know them and the Marik there is Tabarrok and all of these things that and imagine the one who is sitting on those capitals who Allah subhanaw taala will give him those kinds of dresses to wear them and sit on the carpet. So much smarter as these were either either from my eternal Iman or can carry on. If you have to see Jana, you will definitely conclude that this is the greatest Nirma that ever exist.

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You will Allah it's really worth it. It worth our effort nowadays, especially in these 10 days of the hedger a person should strive as much as you can to make sure that you don't lose this place and the last one to that promise, that good. So Allah smart Allah gave us these places, you know, and let the choice to be ours. If you want this place Allah subhanaw taala as a space for everyone who is choosing that space. If you want Jana alas Martin has space for everyone who is willing to go to that place. So after this than last month, it reminded us about what we should be focusing on in this dunya in terms of things that can lead us to last mortal and his greatness, you know, pondering

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and focusing on the creation of Allah azza wa jal really bring a person back to consciousness and who Allah subhanaw taala is so Allah subhanaw taala says a fellow young ruler, Elan EBk for wholecut What it is summer it came for roof yet what energy Valley cave and OC but what are we here for so they had that kid in NEMA and temovate que les to Allah him excited 11 told our Kaffir they will our other will Akbar in Elaina Abraham from the Nalina salvo last moral jealousies fellow in Verona Emily kafer call it

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what is evil? camels? Yeah, the camels. You know Subhanallah the way Allah smart Allah designed the camel, it's really amazing. And it sounds swimming things when I last want to ask you to focus on this look. Look at some of the Creation assessment they have a lot to study. You know, Karma is a very strange animal.

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It's not easy for small you know,

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animals to killed that's why the Prophet sallallahu celibate told people that if you see a missing camel, just let it alone. Leave it alone. Okay, it can survive for days and then go back to the family

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can survive for days and go back to the family.

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Camel can eat phone. Just like your your tuner. I also made sure that one camo has reserved water on the hump. Camel can travel far distance. Camel has those lines

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It is on the eyes when the when the storm comes, they just move it. And voila, you have to put the class and put something to cover but for them, they don't need that. Yeah, no single piece of dust can go inside.

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So many other things you can you can you can, you know, learn from the camel so that last one I would tell us is why can't we ponder and see the way Allah subhanaw taala created the camel is a fly on the ruler, Eden EBk for wholecut They said during the battle sometimes when they are thirsty, they just kill a camel they bring the freshwater and the freshwater with no blood noise. You are lost so that liability kind of color shape is the last one so many things in this life. But unfortunately we don't study you know these things you know, so many things that can increase your Eman. Look at the level. What color what color is yoga? Black, blue. Right, very white. Yeah, the

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color of the yoga is white. You know that hilgard is extract between blood and the Poupon animal? It comes from that. How does it pass those two places it doesn't pick up on the blood and it doesn't pick pick up from the from the books how Allah this is the last one over to Allah. That's why he says how they help Allah I would only matter halacha Levine immediately. This is the creation of Allah and Allah smarter as is Tony and teach me what

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is that? You know, somebody else other than last Maha Rotella need nothing. Every single thing you see in this life is the creation of the laws.

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And human the creation of human beings is sophisticated creation until now we don't know exactly you know, the whole knowledge about human being until now we don't have we're still study things we're still learning you know? And trust me until we leave this life because the one who is making this Allah subhanaw taala way the human beings are structured the weight and loss bartenders. That's why when we try to modify you know it can it became a tragedy. Yeah, it becomes becomes a tragedy. So Allah says Apollyon Verona, Elan EBk but why can't they go and focus on the camels and see the weight loss formula crate, created the camels and smila do detector put on that so that they can

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have increase in the EBA? Allah says we're in a semi a cave or roof yet and look at the sky, the heavens, how Allah is going to raise them up. Did you ever see the pillar that is holding the heavens? No. That's why some of the interpretations of the scholars hammered into Omaha last month to raise them up without having any pillar, as the last month ever black

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and only at last was 100 Allah knows the wisdom behind

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the creation of that

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and is enough for us to see the weight loss whatever created, so that you will know that nothing fits you as human beings except humility and humbleness.

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This summer what what are the incompleteness? Like connect Varanasi? May Allah say the creation of the heavens and earth is far greater than the creation of human beings. But the heaven is humble and earth is humble. The human beings are arrogant. Allah says unto Masha, how can me sama Bara? Even the heavens Alas, Mahathir, like created that? Because we already know that the answer is sama they haven't agreed in terms of creation than human that also is created well.

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That's what allows more disease. We have the code Oh, that's the last one is warning you about himself. You have to be very careful when dealing with the last one who, what Allah small. Zilla can take the dunya of a person and

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was written a hadith of that person who look at his brother who was committing sin and he said well, like many other for Allah like, he says Allah would never forgive you. Allah sent him to do that. No. And Allah got angry with him. And Allah said, I forgive that person that you said, I will never forgive you. I forgive him and I destroy you righteous deed.

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Overseas Kelly Mattoon alberca dunya who asked about him? One word destroyed his dunya and akhira because that person who swore by Allah that Allah will never forgive somebody.

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You know, last month I told him yesterday and evil Lammott Allah told him he has to start from the scratch. That means all of his righteous deeds are gone.

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as well. We have to be very careful when you're dealing with Allah. A person should come back to his consciousness. They deal with human being you want to deal with them while you're sleeping, no problem but dealing with

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A lot not the most serious matter that ever exists in this life to deal with the last one, the most serious issue is the sea issue which is related to Allah subhanaw taala

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Carla ilgi barely key for Lucy, but I look at the rocks and the mountains, how Allah subhanaw taala fixed them to, to stop the Earth from moving here and that

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you know,

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this is the, this is one of the purposes of having the the the mountains you know I can as as a parent

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that's never from Allah subhanaw taala and look how big they are the one that we see here with us and they are telling you that under the sea also they have CDs of what mountains also. So Allah sees a mountain under under the ocean.

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And this is what we managed to see you know, manage to visit what is beyond our reach is far greater than why we are.

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Allah says zoom OTT minute in Calida. Allah has given us only little knowledge only little. We're still arrogant,

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still arrogant. While ajibola K for Lucy but what l rp k for sorting hat. And why can't they just look at the Earth you know, so flat,

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you can walk on it comfortably. If Ullswater wish you can just let you feel the movement of the earth who can be comfortable on it. But Allah did not do for your own benefit, alas, motivated flighting so that you can move comfortably you can do whatever you are supposed to be doing and please Allah subhanaw taala every single moment and end your life here on Earth and go to paradise.

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What are the key for so they had that I lost my two seats for VIP kid in

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a lot told the prophecy, Hartley who selama to remind people in Emma and her mother, because you're none other than

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a person who reminds others, the person who remind others, you are none other than the person whose job is to go and remind and invite people to the righteousness,

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the water and the good news give as soon as Allah and this should be the job of every single day. Every day is supposed to replace the prophets of Allah Allahu cinnamate in this in this particular Nima and Tim with a que les de la him the Messiah 11 to a level of Allah smart Allah says you are not the one who is in charge of judging them, you know, lost power to to the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, it says Your job is to the mind, but who will judge them whether they accept or reject? It says less the ally in the most hated last motto of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that we sent you as a conveyor for our message. That is your job. But you're not the one who

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will judge them on the Day of Judgment. And you are the one who will put the email in their heart, you know,

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make them believe and accepting what you are. What you are seeing. The last one or two let's see is it Nicoletta de voto, like in the LINE ID Anisha. You cannot guide whoever you wish. But Allah smart Allah is the One who is guiding or whatever he wishes. So Allah smartness is founded in the mind. So my job is to remind the believers to supermind the Muslim Brothers and sisters, but they accepting what I'm saying or reject what I'm saying. This is a last one to who's opening their heart.

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My job is to engage in doing the hitter to enchant us for the Hidetoshi this is only Allah smart Allah who consented to the heart of those people who I am I'm writing to Islam or inviting them to the righteousness loss of a hotel as in lemon towel. Working as for the person who stays away from new reminders, you know, and last month that says leave, just remind them this is your job. If they accept it, accept it, just leave them as for the person who stays away from the reminders and disbelieve in Allah subhanho wa Taala and stays away from the righteousness and doesn't want to take it a lot smarter let's see is for you are the will will know Hola Hola. Hola. Smokey is going to

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punish him. The greatest punishment when he beats him on your judgement

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is as simple as this. You keep the reminder. And then you wait for

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it's as simple as this. You give the reminder. And then you leave the rest with the last one over to Allah to do his which is to open their hearts to accept and to understand what you are saying is well nobody can do it except the last one who

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can tell

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The more the last module at once you can tell them how to do things, but to make them accept what you are saying only and last word till I can do that, as well as a lot of stuff I tried his best to convince his uncle to accept Islam. He refused. He died as a cafe. Ibrahim his father died as a Catholic or his grandfather, Yanni no Halle salaam, his father and his work absolutely no Holly salaam, his his son and his wife, you know kofod Lodi Salamis and also so

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Luth Ali salaam, all of the people, absolutely no alayhi salam Hisun and a load balancer and his wife is also a Kathira he couldn't do anything much for her. So let's tally up Messiter 11 told our cover last month this is your job as a dire it just to remind people to try to explain to them very clearly what a lot smarter once for them and do it you know wisdom, wisdom and doing anything possible to make sure that the message reach their their heart as for their acceptance to that which you are calling them for. This is a last job Allah smart Allah says in Nicoletta demand for that can ally ID ready Manisha? So whoever rejects what you are calling him upon the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam I say I'm sorry Allah smart, Allah says Ilam untold worker, are you available

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for those who want to receive very heavy and severe punishment? Last one for to Allah when, when the need to manage this dunya also unless one or two Allah says we are going to give them my issue from banca when I should whom Yokoyama, tama on the Day of Judgment will be resurrected on the Abuja, like blind people. So the message is given the prophets a lot is the mindset called local call or material halogen

00:26:54--> 00:27:14

in lemon Abba, every one amongst my nation is going to be going to paradise except somebody who doesn't like to go to Paradise, it all in jasola, who will reject Paradise, he says, Whoever obeys me will go to paradise. And whoever rejects me will go to hell we will live is the mean of desire. So that can

00:27:16--> 00:27:20

lead us to allow him to be more cited in them and told our cover for you or the moon.

00:27:22--> 00:27:37

So he says everyone amongst my OMA will go to Paradise except somebody who doesn't want what can I do with somebody who doesn't like to go to Paradise and this person you're available Hola, hola. Hola. Smart is going to punish him the greatest punishment.

00:27:39--> 00:28:22

And then Allah smart Allah sees in Elena Elaina EBO. From May Nalli, that the job is to remind, but each and every one of them will come back to us, You Allah, just remind them, tell them what we want one them again, you're gonna want them you know, against, you know, did anything that I lost, modulate, you know, and remind them to get involved in doing that which Allah smarter loves. But they didn't want to accept you Allah smart. Allah says in Elayna, ievo, a merger. All of them will come back to us. From the inner Lena has heard about that we are also responsible to conduct a sample

00:28:23--> 00:28:30

as well. It's very good for all the DUA to understand this properly. But your job is to remind people with wisdom.

00:28:31--> 00:29:04

You have to use wisdom to convince people and to remind them but after that, if they don't accept you, just leave it don't worry at all. You know about that? You know, don't think that that you dalla maybe it's in a wrong way. That's why they are not understanding you? No, no, it is not like that. This is still from a loss wanting to open the hearts of the people to understand what you're talking about and to accept it. Yeah, your responsibility is to make sure that you are gentle, soft, tolerant, and also somebody who

00:29:06--> 00:29:51

most likely, you know, hold the pole the correct manage and agreed and the team and no compromise but at the same time in your data. You're very lenient, very gentle. You know, leniency doesn't mean you neglect people. No, I mean so much out into people and you're calling them not getting angry, you know, moody faces, you know when you're inviting them to righteousness and also use the best of your wisdom to make sure that they understand what you're doing. After that, if you don't want to listen losses in Allina Illeana. They will come back to us story, but we'll deal with the case film in Allina Hisako and also the hisab on them. Is our responsibility a lot smarter to assess. We will

00:29:51--> 00:29:59

judge them based on what they did. Last Martin Legrand to say good until he can be with us wherever we are. We will stop here in sha Allah and

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Go to the question and answers if any,

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either so Jenna Baraka Navico Santa Monica Welcome to Lucky

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chef, we have some questions Chava

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the first question

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from last class it was about

00:30:27--> 00:30:32

regarding is every image impermissibility is a haram or not?

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no the person is asking that if if something is impermissible should it be haram or not? Like is impermissibility is haram Allah? If she doesn't permit anything that is halal.

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Yeah, whatever she reject and she says it's impermissible not permissible is the other word and other way of seeing how lament is good.

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Okay, the next question is semiotic not allowed to share Zachman the Hydra Sinhala Lake if you do now NASA.

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Can we say music is haram? Or is it something dislike? And some people relate it to the knowledge related songs without beats? How do we clarify this to them?

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We don't say something is haram or something is we just leave it with Allah subhanaw taala to declare that, and the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam are convened on behalf of Allah. And insane Bukhari, the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam I said before the Day of Judgment, this is in Bukhari, so there will be people who will be legalizing for things,

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Xena drinking wine wearing of the silk for the brothers and musical instruments and you have other Hadees also in Manipur in the same Hadees also the prophets a lot so must be several people at last matter will change them into pigs and monkeys before the day of judgment. And also one of the signs of the Day of Judgment the prophets Allah Silva said the nakedness of promiscuity, promiscuity and also using the school's treatment and specifically he banned the Trump you know in all of your problems including dwarf x as except in when there is a wedding for the sisters alone. If there is a wedding they can play with it there is one sided drum they can use it to announce that the wedding

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and they can enjoy that their life singing songs also as long as the song is not attached to

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singing songs even if there is the drum being

00:32:47--> 00:33:31

beaten at that at that time. As long as the song is okay is halal thing to be said yeah, this is only for the sisters when there is there is a wedding. Other than that as soon as Allah so many is the one who is dead. That's why you find the all of them are they Chevy amalickiah Hanafi humbly all of them nobody legalize it. And you can see the vast majority of mobile homeless alone so companions of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam down there to the tablet and tablet toggle and it is confirmed it is proven what they used to say that it kills and destroys the heart and the creating the fog in the in the heart many lectures and many things have been said concerning this matter. That's why my

00:33:31--> 00:33:44

advice is for Muslim to be Allah Subhana Allah and to be very concerned on the test kitchen loves you Allah your heart is not owned by you don't do anything that would destroy it.

00:33:45--> 00:34:17

So stay away from these things focus on the Quran and Hulen machine which is not attached to the instrument. Any machine that is sung that is okay. You know, no bad words no harm things being mentioned in it is okay unnecessarily you are praising the dean or saying something of the vicar of Allah. Even if you are praising yourself or praising your wife or praising your mother, your father your country, you as long as you are saying something that is correct. No line you're speaking the truth is okay is Hello. And as long as you put them, put them in school is truly

00:34:18--> 00:34:47

Allah gave us the truth but I really advise my brothers and sisters in these days of ours, you really need to be very strong in terms of holding upon your deen and not to compromise any part of it don't be negligent. And say that these are mastaba These are simple, tiny things. No, this is the beginning of the logical deviation and also mark margin with others who you used to reject. So don't compromise any

00:34:48--> 00:34:59

part of you to hold upon your religion, whatever you know, to be the Sunnah of the Prophet so lots of do it. If he asked you to stay away from anything, stay away from it immediately and

00:35:00--> 00:35:04

My grant is good and Sophie is mozzie I mean,

00:35:05--> 00:35:07

we have two more questions.

00:35:09--> 00:35:09


00:35:11--> 00:35:14

The next question is from Eric went off to Oahu okay to

00:35:15--> 00:35:15


00:35:16--> 00:35:33

I have heard share of the Salaam and Shui saying that making dua for specific things is not allowed. I'm confused as I always list down the things on my phone and ask Allah for those. Maybe they don't understand him correctly.

00:35:37--> 00:35:45

Oh, yeah, most likely they don't understand him correctly. I don't think Scarlett Scarlett Scarlett Scarlett Scarlett

00:35:47--> 00:36:03

will say I don't know him. But I don't think that is his color on Earth who will open his mouth and tell you to make dua for specific thing is not allowed Rasul Allah also asked you when you're doing is to have to mention whatever that specific thing you're looking for.

00:36:04--> 00:36:23

They will I don't think they understand him correctly. is halal for you to ask very specifically is better for you to make your DUA general you know, but you can precisely ask for specific thing That's hella

00:36:26--> 00:36:37

companions of the person that somebody used to do that specific thing. Yeah, that's okay. Allah wants you to come Allah wants you to ask whatever is in your mind you want it just want to see you ask?

00:36:38--> 00:36:56

Yeah, otherwise if we cannot ask for specific thing then why the prophets Allah so am I standing up in a place making long dua What is he asking for? Can you see Allah give me a good protect me from evil as it finished 123 seconds you have that? But why is he standing in a place and making dua Londra

00:36:58--> 00:37:07

good idea. So you can ask for anything as long as you're not going beyond the limit and you're not asking for something which Allah asked you not to ask for. Other than that,

00:37:08--> 00:37:15

one of them says I ask Allah even solved when I look when I don't have salt in my house. I ask a lot more today even though

00:37:17--> 00:37:22

this is really excellent for you to ask Allah subhanaw taala for everything, please be cordial.

00:37:24--> 00:37:26

But for that chef, I am pretty

00:37:27--> 00:37:30

sure somehow that they misunderstood.

00:37:32--> 00:37:36

If you save it, then that's wrong. guy that's the truth.

00:37:37--> 00:38:02

I mean, I mean, I think the scholar was mentioning about specifically not asking something about Jenna. Chef. We mentioned that yeah, in general we don't ask about specific things. It's not haram to us but it is not you can see Yeah, like give me this in general it's okay it's 100% Allah to the person to determine what do you want to keep on asking me

00:38:04--> 00:38:16

want to see want to see what it's okay to ask for specific things in Canada but things which you just imagine in them like your exaggerated like the one that we're seeing give me the White House in

00:38:19--> 00:38:24

there housing Jana from the this side these type of things you know

00:38:26--> 00:38:32

a lot I want the house if at the right hand side of my chin I want this house and this kind of house and this

00:38:34--> 00:38:45

these are serious matters a person shouldn't go like this. Yeah, Allah I want this in my gym. Yeah, Allah give me this engine. Yeah, Allah give me this agenda. So okay. You will

00:38:49--> 00:38:52

see if there is an additional question from the previous question regarding music

00:38:54--> 00:39:02

from Equinox Hello locator, if there is a fatwa by the state government, that music for education is halal.

00:39:04--> 00:39:07

What do we say about this? I don't know about this.

00:39:15--> 00:39:17

How do we counter someone who says

00:39:19--> 00:39:23

no, I just quote for him What are some less abolish the law said and

00:39:25--> 00:39:31

whatever somebody says if you have actually before, whoever is talking now

00:39:33--> 00:39:41

from before, people who have written on this, and they have their own opinion, that doesn't violate that which is alive.

00:39:42--> 00:39:57

If somebody says that it is okay for the educational purpose, then if he talks to me, I will ask him for the evidence because I lost moto isn't willing to ask me about him alone. Ask me about how much it follows who will lie so

00:39:59--> 00:39:59


00:40:00--> 00:40:09

I will ask him for the evidence for this photo I never come across as somebody that says it is okay for you to go for music for educational purposes. There's a first time I heard about this

00:40:12--> 00:40:13

next question

00:40:17--> 00:40:22

The next question is Sam on a grotto, our Katusha similarly, do now Elektra.

00:40:23--> 00:40:48

There are few companies providing new methods to own expensive equipment such as water purifier, via rent to own method, we pay a monthly fee for seven years. And for seven years, they provide maintenance support, once the seven years are over, the machine is yours. Is this contract acceptable? Islamically? How does it work?

00:40:50--> 00:40:51

Say that

00:40:52--> 00:41:01

we pay monthly, monthly fee for seven years. And for seven years, they provide maintenance support, once the seven years are over the machine is yours.

00:41:02--> 00:41:04

And then no maintenance.

00:41:05--> 00:41:08

Yeah, once the seven years are over the machine is yours.

00:41:09--> 00:41:15

That's it, I will advise if they can just make it clearly that you are renting

00:41:17--> 00:41:33

a company, they can rent it out in somebody to use it. You know, and they can tell them if you use it for seven years, then is yours. The good idea is one is is okay rather than making it as maintenance

00:41:34--> 00:41:51

fees, they just make it a general contract that we give you the thing and this thing is ours and under our ownership, you get it and we're not selling it to you, we're just renting this to you get it and then at the end of the seven years,

00:41:52--> 00:42:04

the machine is yours, it's up to you, you want to take it take it or take it and throw it away. Or another one, which is better just make it as a sale contract,

00:42:05--> 00:42:52

sale contract. But it's part of the agreement that we're going to maintain it for seven years. If anything happens you will be paying us for the period of seven years for instance, every month you pay this amount of money and we will be maintained. But after seven years, then the thing that has become yours and now it is yours completely because you have finished the installment. And now you are responsible of your things. If a person agrees to make it goes for it rather than just call it mentor and face app and so the fees just call it a gyro fees, we rent the thing to you and then you are paying us this amount of money on the monthly basis and after the seven years if you want to own

00:42:52--> 00:42:56

it. If not then throw it away or return it back to to us.

00:42:59--> 00:43:00

Shall Russia circle

00:43:02--> 00:43:04

if we have two more questions we take or

00:43:09--> 00:43:14

Okay, the next question is, shall I go to our care to share?

00:43:15--> 00:43:22

My daughter is seriously making dua that she stays with her parents in Ghana. Is it permissible for her to do this?

00:43:24--> 00:43:26

This is a younger person, right?

00:43:28--> 00:43:30

Yes, yeah. Yeah, asleep.

00:43:32--> 00:43:34

They will change their mind when they grow.

00:43:36--> 00:43:40

Now shows that he has the parent they're very kind to have a last point they'll probably

00:43:45--> 00:43:54

keep teaching out the futures will understand that everyone will have his own house. We'd like to have our own privacy in general, you know and visit her parents to visit her.

00:43:56--> 00:44:05

When she grew older, she married she has her own establishment then the ask her but which do I see making pajama? I don't think she will ever make that.

00:44:09--> 00:44:11

Okay, so the next question.

00:44:13--> 00:44:15

So aliqua Okay, this question is where harlot?

00:44:16--> 00:44:18

So the question is that

00:44:20--> 00:44:31

we mentioned the Hadith of the last camel in the lecture, that is Prophet Sandstrom commanded us to leave the last cameras. This is applicable to this day as well.

00:44:32--> 00:44:36

Yeah, even these days if you find a camo in the in the desert, which is

00:44:38--> 00:44:54

unless if let's say the camels that are missing, we know that somebody usually will take it and that camo would never come back. And it is better for you to take it and look for the owner. You couldn't find then that person can use it as

00:44:55--> 00:44:59

a missing property. After one year then the person can use it. Because at that time

00:45:00--> 00:45:01

It turns into

00:45:03--> 00:45:03


00:45:05--> 00:45:19

animals like sheep that the prophets Allah sama said he, like, he called it dead. But let's say the crime is so much you know, in the place when, where, by whenever a camel is missing, we'll never find it again.

00:45:20--> 00:45:28

Kuhmo will take it and it's better to take it on, look for the owner, if you couldn't find them, then it's inshallah or do whatever you want to.

00:45:31--> 00:45:32


00:45:33--> 00:45:34

They will ask questions,

00:45:36--> 00:45:37

shall I?

00:45:39--> 00:45:52

So I got a lot of care to share. The question is regarding growing beard, if you are a government officer, and the government restricts you to grow the beard, what is the Islamic ruling on that?

00:45:55--> 00:46:28

In this life, the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam says that I tell him, I'm looking for a mosquito, we can disobey Allah subhanaw taala in order to be human. So whatever the person believes to be watchable for him, even if he's losing his job, he just has to lose that job and go with it. Do you get an idea? If a person believes that what he is doing is watching or we get to a point him to do that, and it is a must for him to do it. To get an idea if he believes his wife is a must for him to do that. Commitment. You don't fight the government you don't?

00:46:30--> 00:47:12

What do you call resistance? Demonstrate or protest? No, you don't do but dealing with the Sharia. This is Sharia. This is between you and the last one and not between you and anybody else. We cannot put anyone between us and the last one water as well as Martin as he is obey Allah and obedience to Allah lot of cinema. When it comes to the obedience will only Allah says we're all in. It doesn't say oh, the only lamp, he says and also the old our amongst amongst you. Which means that obedience, obedience to them is based on the obedience to Allah subhanaw taala if they ask you to obey Allah when you do, they don't ask you to obey Allah swatted you stay away from you don't fight them back.

00:47:12--> 00:47:36

You don't protest, you don't do anything but you just stay away from it. Yeah, this will be part of your test. To be part of your test and pray for them to be to be guided. So they are not the controllers of the deed of a person when individual a person goes with what Allah subhanaw taala asked him to do and stick to that because when he dies nobody will come and help him when he meets the last one or

00:47:37--> 00:47:41

the last one would you like grantors good and Tofik as far as we're done

00:47:42--> 00:47:47

Yes, we got a question this now one more question

00:47:50--> 00:47:51

salam ala control care to share

00:47:54--> 00:48:00

a hadith which was quoted by Sheikh as delille which it states that

00:48:01--> 00:48:06

there will come people who will go beyond the limits to this applications. So

00:48:07--> 00:48:12

the person the brother would like to check the authenticity of this hadith

00:48:13--> 00:48:24

Can you send me that text the Arabic one is asked the question if you can send the Arabic text or even the English complete text of English and insha Allah get you

00:48:26--> 00:48:29

the greeting inshallah.

00:48:31--> 00:48:33

The comment of this call is concerning easily

00:48:35--> 00:48:35

Okay, shall

00:48:37--> 00:48:41

I send it to insha Allah and then we can maybe answer in the next class and fell

00:48:44--> 00:48:47

chapter that's it for today's show.

00:48:49--> 00:48:55

Allah smart Allah grant to good until he can be with you wherever you are in the OB college and even confused panic alarm or we can

00:48:57--> 00:48:58

make a cinema

00:49:00--> 00:49:00

or work

00:49:02--> 00:49:04

on a concert tomorrow.