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Al-Isra 66-77 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 70

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Okay, let's continue.

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What are the governor Bernie Adam? And certainly we have honored the children of Adam at his center.

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In the previous set, what did we learn

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about Iblees.

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And how Allah subhanaw taala when he

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gave preference to Adam and insulin, it believes was not willing to accept that his ego came in,

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he wasn't willing to Prostrate to Adam and accept his superiority over himself.

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And then I'll also penalty dimensions as to how people are ungrateful that despite the fact that Allah has given so much to people, generally, the behavior of people is of extreme ingratitude.

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Then Allah subhanaw taala dimensions, more of his blessings upon people. That one other column gnabry, Adam kolomna karma you can remove the cream is to treat is to honor someone is to deal with someone in a very noble way, in a very respectful way. And it is also to be extremely generous towards someone.

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So what are called the columnar and you see columnar, this shows mobile, then a columnar, a columnar would also do the same thing but columnar, it shows

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that we have honored who the children of Adam and Eve,

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meaning the human beings in general have been given preference over over the rest of the creation.

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Regardless of whether people are righteous, or they're wicked, they're obedient to Allah or they're disobedient to Allah, their Motoki or they're fragile, regardless of how they are spiritually. Allah subhanaw taala has given preference to human beings over the other creatures, how, in various ways,

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what am I left home, and we have carried the hammer learn from the word humble and humble is to carry to take the Lord to bear. So hammer now whom we carry them feel badly in the land world, and the sea. In other words, we make them travel, how on land and also on see that when they're traveling, they don't always travel by foot. But what happens,

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for example, on land, the right various animals, similarly, various vehicles

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and on sea, again, they don't swim across like the other creatures have to. But what do they do that is go sit comfortably in a ship in a boat. And that's it, they go from one place to the other, how now we carry them on land and also on sea.

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They don't have to go by foot, they don't have to swim themselves all the way, but rather they have been provided with various means of transportation

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was Akane home and we have also provided them may not tell you that of the good things, meaning of various good things which they eat, which they were which they use a loss of penalties provided various types of play, you bet, do the human beings. And if you compare the food that human beings have, that human beings enjoy compared to the food that other creatures enjoy. It's of a greater variety. It's a much better nutrition as well. What does the economy not.

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And if you look at it, the kind of food that human beings eat, it's much more clean, isn't it, compared to the food that other creatures eat. When you eat something, you wash it, you get it properly, it has to look nice. If it's meat, there must be no blood. Similarly, if it's vegetables, they're cut very nicely and you eat that food which is good.

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And other creatures, they will eat decayed plants. Similarly, the jinn they will eat bones, other creatures also they will eat various types of things but human beings the kind of food that we eat, it is cleaner, it is more nutritious. It is of a greater variety.

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From fish to most exotic foods, vegetables and fruits to herbs.

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Were further left home and we have preferred them our laka theoden upon much movement from those who have lacuna, we have created the Leela a definite preference.

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We have preferred them over much of our creation. We have preferred human beings over much of our creation, most of our creation. So we see in this ayah that Allah subhanaw taala mentions how he has honored human beings over the other creation

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over here, some things

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I mentioned and what are they? That first of all, in this ayah wahama let him fill battery with battery, then what is a canal home?

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And then we're gonna have right Agatha, Monica Laguna de Lima.

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And there are many other ways in which human beings have been preferred over the rest of the creation.

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That first of all, in their soul, in their appearance and surah is from sod cannot seem seen as surah like surah from Quran, okay, but there's a surah song What are you saw with the sweet

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in physical form, in features, human beings have been given preference over the rest of the creation? How that human beings, they have hands, and they have feet,

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they stand upright,

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their height, their size is very moderate, isn't it so?

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Like, for example, if you compare human beings some other creatures, for instance, snakes, their entire body is touching the ground.

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But human beings allies honor the human being held that it's only his feet that touch the ground,

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his head is up, His hands are up, his back is straight. Similarly, other creatures, like for example, livestock, their bodies are constantly bent, they cannot stand upright. But human beings, this is very noble that they're made to stand upright. Because when you're constantly bending, it's a sign of extreme humility.

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Similarly, if you look at the size of the human beings, it's very moderate. They're not very tiny, like the size of ants, or like the size of cats, or rats, or other insects and other creatures.

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Similarly, they're not as huge as giraffes or as elephants, right? The size is very moderate, which enables them to benefit from everything that is in this world,

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isn't it?

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Like, for example, elephants and giraffes because of their huge size, they're unable to or camels even they're unable to access many things.

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Similarly, creatures that are very small, even they're unable to access many things, but human beings because they're moderate size, they're able to access everything. Allah says in the Quran, naka de la Canal in Santa Monica, Kareem, we have created men in the best stature.

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Similarly, we see that human beings, they walk upright on their two feet, and they eat with their hands. Whereas other living creatures, many of them they walk on their floors, and how do they eat with their mouths. So this is the cream This is honor for the human beings that they eat with their hands.

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Secondly, Allah subhanaw taala has also given preference to human beings, hell, by the, by the intellect that human beings have been bestowed with human beings have the ability to think they have the ability to analyze, to rationalize, they have hearing, they have sight, they have a heart, that functions then enables them to comprehend, that enables them to remember to take lessons to examine, to reflect, to understand, and that enables them to distinguish between what is good and what is harmful. The other creatures as well, they may have eyes, which may be sharper than ours, they may have ears which may be more sensitive than ours, they may have hearts, which may be stronger than

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ours. However, they don't have, they do not have comprehension,

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or if they do have comprehension if they do have some kind of understanding. It's limited, it is of a very limited capacity,

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they can be taught many things animals they can be trained. However, the rate at which human beings are the variety of things that human beings can learn, the other animals cannot, or every other creature cannot, whereas we see that the majority of the human beings they have.

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Thirdly, a las panatela has also bestowed human beings in knowledge, which has not been given to the rest of the creatures.

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And in this knowledge, is the knowledge of our view of the

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if you see, the last messenger was for longer, human beings, Allah subhanaw taala did not even send an angel or a gene, who was he a human being?

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And we see that other medicinal was given knowledge and upon that the angels were made

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to prostrate

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and amongst the angels was also a blease gene.

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So because of knowledge, human beings have been given preference.

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If you look at it, you know sometimes I wonder people who believe in things such as evolution, and they only believe in that, that survival of the fittest, the one that is the most read can only survive. If you look at it human being is one of the weakest creatures out there, isn't it?

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Because a human being is born without any clothes, if he's exposed to too much heat, he can die. If he's exposed to too much cold, he can die, whereas the other creatures in whatever circumstances are born in, they're physically equipped to deal with it,

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isn't it so?

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But human beings are not.

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Similarly, we see that the human infant is the weakest human child is the weakest

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other creatures, as soon as they're born, within hours, they can start walking, isn't it? Within hours, they can start running within days, they're almost adults, they're able to eat themselves, they're able to hunt themselves. They can survive on their own, even without their parents, but human beings are the weakest. But still, we see that the weakest of all creation has survived the most has excelled the most.

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You don't see any other creature, any other kind of species, exciting the way human beings are exciting.

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They don't have universities, they don't have businesses, they don't have anything of that sort. But human beings do. Isn't that enough to make a person understand that there's someone else who has given this preference to human beings over the other creatures,

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that human beings are the weakest, weakest, the most vulnerable, but we see that they're the most dominant why, because of the apple that Allah has given. Because of the time he is able to distinguish between what is good and what is harmful, because of the knowledge that Allah has given to human beings.

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Similarly, Allah has given preference to human beings, with the ability to speak not speech, that other creatures also they're able to express themselves. However, human beings are able to speak and communicate in a way that is much more extensive and better compared to how other creatures communicate with one another.

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Similar to human beings have been given preference in another way as well. And what is that, that when they die, when human beings die? What are we supposed to do?

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Give them a bath, and then bury them,

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obviously believers,

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but other creatures when they die, there's no

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there is no supernatural janessa. And many times there's nothing even because such dead animals they only become food for other creatures.

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So Allah has given honor to human beings in many ways.

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And one more way is their dominance over the rest of the creatures,

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that human beings are able to tame, many, many animals, they can take advantage from many various types of creatures, but other creatures cannot do the same with human beings.

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And over here, last panel data says that we felt the level or that cathedra amendment Hanako noticed

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that human beings have been given preference over many other creatures of the last time.

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Now there is a question, this preference that Allah has given to human beings. Is it conditional? Or is it absolutely?

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Is it absolute, that regardless of who a human being is, however, he is, how righteous how wicked, he is better than every other creature or is it with a condition only?

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You see, in certain ways, in certain ways, this stuff lien is absolute, how

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that just because a human being, this believes in Allah does not mean that he will not have alcohol, he will not have, he will not be able to speak, he will not be able to walk his physical form will be deformed, no, he will still be better in the tangible sense compared to compared to for example, other animals.

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However, in other ways, a human being is better than other creatures, when he meets a certain condition.

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And what is that condition

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of Eman And

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we learn in sort of vaikunta I number seven, in alladhina amanu where amilo Sawyer had their eco home hydrobiologia that indeed those people who have believed and who do righteous deeds, they're the best of creatures, the best of creatures.

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So what does it show? That when a person when a human being believes and His righteousness, then he is even better than an angel?

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He is better than angels even.

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Why How?

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Because the human being is then believing in Allah and worshiping him out of his choice, out of his choice.

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But the angels, yes, they are very obedient to Allah, but they don't have a choice. So there is no struggle, there is no test, there is no difficulty. But for the human being, it's very difficult. So when he worships Allah when he does righteousness, that his status is higher than that of the angels. And we see that it's because of this reason other than when he was given knowledge, what happened, a loss, made the angels prostrate, to show that he is better than you.

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But on the other hand, those people who do not even recognize Allah, who do not even acknowledge that Allah is their Creator, he is their provider. And as a result of that, they don't thank him. They don't pray to Him. They're not grateful for so many blessings that He has given them. Then what happens? Then such creatures such people, they're worse than all other creations.

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inserted by Hina I number six, we learn in a Latina cafaro Minh LLP Tabby will mishti kena fanatee Johanna mahali Dena fee her Ooh, la eeka, whom shall rule Berea those who disbelieve what's their status, that they are the worst of creation.

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And if you remember the I inserted above that those people who have hearts but with them they do not understand they have eyes but with them they don't see and they have ears with which they do not listen. Meaning they don't use these abilities to reason they don't use these abilities to recognize Allah to worship him to thank him to do with them what he is pleased with, then such people are getting an army balloon.

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They're like raising livestock, but rather they are worse.

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So what does it show?

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That if a person believes if a person is grateful, if a person is obedient, then he is excellent, most excellent.

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But if a person does not do that, then he is a worst of gracias. Why? Because we learned earlier what Eman che in LA you sub better behind the every single thing is glorifying our last presenter.

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So if the table before us, if the pen in our hand is the food that we eat, the clothes that we wear, if they are glorifying Allah, if they're obedient to Allah, and we are wasting our time chatting away about useless things, that who is better. Think about it, who is better.

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The thing that is inanimate or the thing that is animate the thing that is nonliving or the living?

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Obviously a thing that is nonliving. Why? Because in whatever capacity that it has been given, what is it doing? Its glorifying, its worshipping.

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And if despite having intellect, despite having reason, if we don't worship Allah, if we don't thank Him, then we are the worst of all creatures

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And you see, when a person is obedient, the more obedient he becomes, the more he excels in his righteousness, the more higher is a status

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because even amongst human beings are various levels, even amongst the righteous, there are various levels, one level is of just a Muslim, another is of a movement and others have a mockery and others have a more sin. And then it goes higher and higher then come the messengers, the sorry, the Shahada, so depending on the the different different levels, so the more a person increases in his obedience, the higher his level is,

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and the higher his rank is in righteousness, the higher his rank will be were in paradise.

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lugar de

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