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Al-Araf 8-154 Word-Analysis and Tafseer 148-154

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Our relationship energy Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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and number 148

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what are the komu sembaruthi HeMan holy union region and the people of Masada Salim. They made after his departure from their ornaments, Acuff

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mozzarella Ceylon had gone to Mount Hood to get the tiller to get the Alwah

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and he stayed over there for 14 nights. And before Masada Sam went there, the Bani Israel requested him that he should make for them an idol

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musallam told them in Hong Kong.

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And he made them realize that chip is an action that is metabo that is going to be destroyed a cause of destruction for a person who engages in that action. But when he left when he departed for Mount Fuji behind him, What did the people do? They made an original

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meaning a calf that was made of gold. And they made it for the purpose of worship.

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And they made it out of there holy. Holy is the plural of hallion had lamb. Yeah.

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And it is used for jewelry, ornaments. Basically, it is anything that is taken as jewelry, whether it is made of gold or silver.

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So they made out of their ornaments, which ornaments were these, it was the ones that they had brought with themselves from Egypt.

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And they made an original, which was a just had them just said is from the roof letters GM seen them

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and just said is a body that has blood and flesh in it.

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So basically the body of something that is living.

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And the word just that also applies to a sculpture, but a sculpture of something that is real. You remember we learned earlier that sunnen could be of something that is imaginary, even something that is unreal.

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But just that is a sculpture of something that is real. And it is without any real meaning it is not live. It is not living.

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So regionen just had, what does it mean by this, that they made an original and Jessen?

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Meaning they made a calf, which was a full sculpture.

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It was a complete sculpture of a calf.

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Because sometimes we see that there are sculptures of perhaps only the head, or perhaps the legs are incomplete. Or maybe the legs are there, but the feet are not there. Maybe they're not that detailed. No, this staff, the sculptor, it was very, very detailed.

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To the point that it would even make a noise, it would even make a sound

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level Whoa, well, it had a moving sound the word whoever's in the room. That was how well then what is the sound of a cow or a baby camel.

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But how did this just said How did this sculpture make a moving sound? It is said that the person samedi, the one who made this cow, he told the people bring your jewelry, and let's make a calf, what he did was that he made a passage through the calf from the mouth, such that as the wind blew, it would make a moving sound. So it was that detailed. He even made sure that this graph would produce some sound, some moving sound.

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And because of this reason the bunny is trying to cut very impressed that look at it. It's made of gold. It's so detailed, it looks so real. And on top of that, it also makes a sound. So what's the point it says they got impressed just because it would make a sound.

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And amuro did not see anahola you can remove that the calf it would not speak to them,

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then they realize that the calf would not speak to them. They'd only moved and what is moving mean to you?

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If a cow is moving, what do you know what it's saying? You have no idea.

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So just because it's making the sound you got very impressed. Then they realize that under hula you can name a home it could not speak to them while at him and at the same time it wouldn't even guide them civilian to away.

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So what does it show that they didn't use their mind?

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The Bani Israel they didn't use your mind at all.

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They just imitated the people whom they saw worshipping idols. They got very impressed by it. And they also tried to make a similar idol. And they got very angry

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Press five because it would make a sound but Allah says it didn't speak to them. And at the same time, it wouldn't even guide them. They didn't make any arrangements for their guidance, did it Tell them do this and don't do this? Nothing like that.

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It Tohoku they took it meaning they made it themselves and they made it a god for themselves what candles really mean? And by that they will wrongdoers what Don't miss this, of scheck.

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And this is also of ingratitude, of not giving the right of a loss apparently.

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We learned that when musasa he left the very Israel and he went to the mountain cemetery. He was a man from the Bani Israel. He told all the people bring your jewelry let's make a god.

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And remember that musasa initially had gone for 30 nights. But after 30 nights on musala, Sam did not come. This is when he made the calf. And he said Heather Illa hukum this calf is your God. What Allahu Musa fantasy. And the God of Musa is forgotten therefore musasa has not come yet.

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He's left us he's gone away. He's not coming back. Therefore we have to make our own God now. And this is why they made the god

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that's why the Quran about the calf we learn fnr Yana La la la himcolin when I am licola, whom Darwin? Well, Anna Fran,

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did they not see that the calf could not return to them a word as an answer, that when they spoke to the calf, it would not respond to them, it would not speak to them, it would not return anywhere to them. And at the same time, it had neither power to harm them, nor to do them any good. But despite this, they took it as a god. Why? Because the money is right, you were still mentally enslaved.

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They were still mentally enslaved, they were still under the influence of other people. They were not independent in their thinking.

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They were just imitating others without using reason.

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While I'm super puffy at him, and when regret overcame them. So paper is from the roof letter scene of support, and so called is when something falls and something falls to the ground.

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And it's also used when the word soccer It comes with fee, it literally means it was made to fall in their hands.

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When something falls in your hands, what does it mean?

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It's right before you and you see it.

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So this is a phrase which means to be full of remorse, to repent deeply,

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to be very sorry for having done something.

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So when Mr. Sokka a DM, me, meaning they regretted over worshipping the cuff. So later on, they realized that what they had done was wrong.

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What Oh, and they saw meaning they realize that unknown of Balu that indeed they had gone astray from the right way.

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Although they said like a lamb, your ham nobuna if our Lord does not have mercy on us way of fiddling and he forgives for us then akuna nominal Holocene then we would surely be of those who are losers. They realize their mistake. We learned that the Bani Israel. When they made the car for worship, they were divided into three groups. First was of those who worship the calf.

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The second group was of those who did not worship the calf. And they also stopped others from worshiping the god

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the understand

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and have them wuzhou Haruna Raisa, because obviously he was a leader. So he stopped them from worshipping the cuff and along with him, there were some other people as well, who stopped them from worshiping the gods.

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Then there was another group of people, the third group who remained silent, they did not worship the cup, but at the same time they remain silent, they did not stop others from worshipping the gods either.

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So over here, when they realized that they had done something wrong, who are these people? This is a third group of people.

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This is a third group of people that we should have stopped that these people should not be worshipping the calf.

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And they began to seek forgiveness from Allah soprano third.

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We learned that when Musa alayhis salaam he returned from Mt or he said what is called a masala komiya coma in the complainant and full circle with the Haleakala original photobooth elaborate Ico.

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And recall when Messiah Salaam said to his people, all my people indeed you have wronged yourself by your taking up the

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For worship, so repent to your people.

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So we see that some people, they realized that they were at fault before Masada Sam even came. And some people they realized when after musasa

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because if you look at the next ayah what is mentioned while Amal Raja Musa when Musa alayhis salam returned?

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And before that what is mentioned that there were some people who realize their mistake and they became repentant. So there were different groups of people know

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what a mirage are Roger Moosa illa comi. And when Musa alayhis salaam returned to his people, and he was in a state of being called burn, extremely angry. Why was he angry when he came back? Because he was told from before

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Allah subhanaw taala told him, that behind you, your people have been tested, and samory He has made an idol for them. So when Messiah Selim returned to his people, he was a horrible ban. He was extremely angry at his people, because of what they had done.

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And the word of God vanish from the roof. That was lame, Lord, but what does that mean? extreme anger in which a person wishes to take revenge. Or if he's in a position, he will inflict some kind of punishment.

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And notice the word hog ban. It sounds like a man, the elephant at the end is of mobile, extremely angry, extremely angry, furious, enraged.

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This is how he came back.

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What was his anger at? Why was he angry? Because people had done injustice against to a loss of predator.

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What are we generally angry? When people are unjust towards us.

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When people don't listen to us, we become very upset.

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For example, our own children, if we tell them to do something, and they don't do it and become very angry, but at the same time, when they don't praise Allah, when they refuse to pay sada then we never become angry. Never.

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What Ben he was extremely angry. Why? Because his people had committed injustice against almost predatory.

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This is a sign of a man

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that when you feel angry, when people are being unjust, in the rights of a loss

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I see from any author became extremely grieved, extremely regretful and sorry.

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The word Estefan is from the root letters himself. He In fact, and it's used in two ways.

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First of all, it is used for regret. So as if is one who is very sorry, one who is very aggrieved. Secondly, the word SF is also used for one who is extremely angry.

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That he said that SF is a shadow.

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What is it? extreme anger.

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Like we learned elsewhere in the Quran, as well, that fella as a foreigner in the middle,

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that when they made us extremely angry, then we took revenge from them.

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So then he was extremely angry Estefan, very angry, abandon us, even when they both come together. What does it mean? He came back, extremely angry. And if you take the meaning of SF as grieved, then he came back, extremely angry and bitterly grieved. Very sad at what they had done, because when somebody does something wrong, yes, you feel angry. But at the same time, you also feel very sad. How could they do it? How could this happen?

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Like for example, if you break a glass, first of all, you're angry, how could you be so careless? And secondly, become also sad at the loss that you've incurred?

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Or he said musasa I'm sad to them. Big summer holiday to moon even birdie, how bad it is that you have done after I have gone

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off to Mooney caught up to my knees on the road Cypress har lanpher.

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And what has helped me behind and califa is to succeed to take the place of so over here, what does it mean by hot afternoon you embody meaning How bad is it that you did after I had gone?

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What a bad thing you've done when I was away?

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All right.

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Did you all hasten the command of your Lord?

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Meaning could you not wait for my return? You were that impatient? or delete them or delete them from their newsletters. I am Jean lamb and origina is hissed.

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It is to do something before it's due time. Before it's right time. This is what urgency is that the time has not come yet. You do it anyway.

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Because you can't wait. So it gives a sense of being impatient.

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So our agenda I'm about to become, what does it mean by um, a lot of Beco? This has been understood in several ways, or just a lot of because, first of all, it has been said that what this means is that you couldn't wait for my return, and you made up your own religion. Couldn't you wait for the dollar to come? So I'm going to become

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the alpha.

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You knew that I had gone to get the book to get the Alwah.

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You couldn't wait for my return. You were so hasty. You were so impatient, that you made up your own religion. You made up your own God and you began worshiping it.

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Because what it samedi say that Heather ilaha illa, Musa fantasy, that this is your God in the garden Moosa. He's forgotten.

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So you are so impatient, that you couldn't wait for my return.

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Or just to become

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what I will call alpha and musala Sallam he threw down the Anwar.

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out of disrespect? No, not at all. It was because of being overcome by anger,

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because of being overcome by anger was an alpha. And he through the alpha, he put them down.

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What other and he took below sci fi, the head of his brother,

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he held on to it, he grabbed the head of his brother, who was his brother, how are you, sir?

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elsewhere from the Quran, we learned that he grabbed onto the hair and the beard of how long an incident. So literally, he was holding it from both sides. He had children who lie, he was dragging him towards himself. You drew your daughter from the rotators, Gene prora. And Joe is to draw to Paul. So he was drawing his head to words himself out of anger,

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not to insult him, but because of extreme anger. Why was he becoming very angry at his brother?

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Because he had appointed him as in charge while he was away, that you're supposed to be the leader, as you do Islam, and you don't follow the way of the muscadine. He had given instructions. He had given advice. So he became very upset at his brother. So what happened? On a he said, meaning heroin, or they said, I'm said, even Mama, or son of my mother,

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even oma means Yeah, even or son of my mother, meaning Oh, my brother.

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Why does he say this?

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Instead of saying, my brother, he says, even though Why? To soften his heart, that you're my brother, You're the son of my mother, in a coma? Indeed, the people? What did they do is so there are phony, they may be very weak.

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All of them were on one side. They're on one side. And I was very weak. What can I do, and they were about to Jaco, to Luna, and they were about to kill me. Because I stopped them.

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And if I stopped them with a little bit more force, even, that's if they would have killed me. So I really couldn't do anything.

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So what does it show to us?

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That if you are in a situation, where you have to correct other people where you have to stop them from doing something wrong, Yes, go ahead and do it. But if the matter gets worse, and you know that if you say even one more thing, now, it's going to lead to facade, it's going to lead to danger, then what should you do?

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remain silent, remain silent. This is what we must do.

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In certain situations, we are able to open up our mouth, we are able to say something. In other situations, if we try to do that, it's going to lead to chaos. It's going to lead to more arguments and fights. So in these situations remain silent. Why? Because you're weak hereunder sm also so therefore they may be weak. Okay, do you have any? And they were about to kill me if I stopped them more.

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Further to smithville are the so do not let the enemies rejoice over me.

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Those people who oppose me, don't let them rejoice over me. led to Schmidt the Schmidt is from the refactors sheen meme that shamet

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which is to rejoice at the misfortune of the enemy. It is to be happy at the enemy's loss at the enemy suffering

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And there's the law as well the Allahumma inni are becoming so in other words, LP Shaka washa Mehta till the end that my enemies, they laugh at me at my misfortune.

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So ladysmith Vlr that don't give them a chance to be happy at my loss. Why is he saying this?

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Instead of them being in trouble, I am in trouble. That Yes, you've become upset with them, but you're becoming more upset with me. Whereas it wasn't my fault. I tried my best. I stopped them. They didn't listen to me. And now here you are getting so upset with me. This is going to give them a chance to laugh at me. Let the Schmidt Vlr that don't make them laugh at me. So who is the enemy referring to those people who worship the calf?

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Well as a journeyman, Camila mean, and don't make me among those people who didn't learn by calling me to account for the worship of the cow, because it's not my fault. I stopped them. Don't consider me amongst those people who did throne by worshipping the calf.

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What do we learn from Messiah?

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First of all, we learned that information is not the same as observation. Masada Sinan, he was informed from before that your people, they have taken the calf for worship, he did become very upset. But when he came back, and he saw himself his anger increased, isn't it, his anger increased much more. One is to just learn about something and the other is to see it. When you see it, then you believe in it with more certainty

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than you believe in it with more conviction. And only then can you react Only then can you respond to it. Because generally, what happens if you don't see it out of sight, out of mind, isn't it so even if you are aware of it, like for example, if you know that you have 20 emails to respond to, and you don't open your email account, for example, you get an update, okay, 20 new messages, you see the red sign, but you don't open it, once you open it, once you see all those emails, then they're going to haunt you, isn't it. But until you close them, until you don't open the browser, it's not going to make a difference to you.

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Secondly, we also learn from this idea that sometimes to avoid a greater wrong, you have to be silent.

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And this is a part of being intelligent.

00:22:34--> 00:22:46

Haruna Sam, he was very intelligent, he advised the nation. But when he saw that nobody was going to listen to him. What did he do? He avoided the greater facade by remaining silent.

00:22:47--> 00:22:49

And instead he waited for his brother.

00:22:50--> 00:23:02

It doesn't mean we completely ignore it. And we don't do anything about it. We don't plan to combat it. No. Haruna ashram had a second plan. What was that he was waiting for his brother to come.

00:23:03--> 00:23:13

Generally, what do we do, we just say, Okay, I can't do anything work, forget about it, try to do something, make a long term plan, come to it later. But do something, don't leave it completely.

00:23:15--> 00:23:42

We also learn from this idea that a person should not let others laugh at another. Meaning, you should not give chance to people to laugh at your brother, to laugh at your sister to laugh at your friend. Whether it is by making a fool of them in public, or it is by seeing something in public, which they don't understand, which is going to make other people laugh at them.

00:23:43--> 00:24:18

Or it is by putting something in their bag or on their hijab or saying something about them or to them, so that other people get a chance to laugh at them. Because nobody likes to be laughed at no one. And you should not give other people a chance to laugh at your own brother to laugh at your own system. Because this is one of the greatest ways of insulting someone humiliating someone. So you should not give a chance to other people to laugh at another similarity You should also not laugh at others in public to humiliate them.

00:24:19--> 00:24:30

Because when people are laughing in public, it literally shatters their confidence. It ruins their image their reputation completely. And what fun Did you get out of it by laughing at someone?

00:24:31--> 00:24:59

Just a little bit? And what kind of feelings does it create in people's hearts? Especially the one who has been laughed at? He's not gonna like you anymore. He's not gonna appreciate you anymore at all. And it doesn't suit a person who is a believer that he likes for another what he doesn't like for himself. If you don't want to be laughed at, then you must not make other people an object of laughter and mockery in public color he said, Rob bill Phillips

00:25:00--> 00:25:01

What he does he,

00:25:02--> 00:25:04

Oh my Lord, forgive me, and also my brother

00:25:06--> 00:25:15

musasa and pray to Allah soprano, for forgiveness, that Forgive me. For what? For what? Why is masala Sam again seeking forgiveness

00:25:16--> 00:25:25

for being upset at his brother for having thrown the tablets for being unjustly angry at his brother.

00:25:26--> 00:25:43

Sometimes what happens, we are unaware of the entire situation, we see something wrong and we blow a fuse. And other people, they get affected by it. It's not even their fault. It's not even their fault. Maybe they never did it. And we just think they did it.

00:25:44--> 00:26:03

And we become extremely angry. And later on, we become so embarrassed. So at that time, yes, will become embarrassed to seek forgiveness from the other person, but also seek forgiveness from a loss of penalties. Because perhaps in that state of anger, you said something that was inappropriate. You did something that was inappropriate, you reacted in a way that was inappropriate.

00:26:04--> 00:26:19

So musala Sam, he sought forgiveness from Allah soprano data for treating his brother incorrectly, for being upset with him for having thrown the tablets. And he also seeks forgiveness for his brother.

00:26:20--> 00:26:26

And this teaching is a very important lesson. But it's possible that you have been unfair towards someone,

00:26:27--> 00:26:38

isn't it? And it happens all the time. You say something to someone which you shouldn't have said, maybe it was backbiting. Maybe it was a negative remark. Maybe it was mocking them in public.

00:26:39--> 00:26:52

Maybe it was something or the other that you did, but you should not have done that it happens all the time with us. And we have this guilt in our hearts. How do we overcome that by seeking forgiveness for that person.

00:26:53--> 00:26:59

Because on the Day of Judgment, they can come and claim their right that this person said this to me and they shouldn't have.

00:27:00--> 00:27:02

I want revenge.

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And you know about the Hadith of the greatest mufflers, that a person who will come in the day of judgment with so many good deeds, but other people will come and say that he owes this to me, he owes that to me, he did well on me, and his good deeds will be given to them. At the end, he will be left with nothing. And still there'll be people who will be demanding their rights. So what will happen, their sins will be given to him. The poorest person of this oma, this is who he is. So imagine on the Day of Judgment people come and ask, you said this to me, you shouldn't have. You did Reba, you said this about me. And if they demand their help on that day, what do you have to give

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your good deeds? They're too precious at that time.

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So in this dunya make up for the loss How? By praying for them, by seeking forgiveness for them will say listen, he prayed for forgiveness for himself and also for his brother. That Oh ALLAH forgive my brother as well.

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What are the thinner and admit us fear of matica in your mercy? Well under our hammer rahimian, and you are the Most Merciful of those who show mercy.

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Over here we see the beautiful character of musasa that as soon as he heard his donor, Islam's explanation, he controlled his anger.

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Many times what happens when we become angry, and we are shown the other side. We still don't accept. We still on except we still argue. But at least you should have tried at least you should have done this. We keep arguing we keep fighting. But Musan s&m as soon as he heard the other side, he controlled his anger. And he began to pray to a loss of power. And this is a character of a believer that he becomes angry when he sees something wrong. But when the other presents The reason, he presents the excuse, then he understands and he controls his anger.

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In alladhina, huddle originally, indeed those people who took the car for worship, meaning from the B'nai Israel, that group of people who actually worship the calf, what's going to happen to them, say an heirloom tomato boom, it will be him. They will soon obtain anger from their Lord Yana Lu from the room fetters noon yeah lamb name, which is to reach so very soon, anger of Allah subhanaw taala is going to reach them mirabai him within and also humiliation where Phil higher the dunya in the life of this world,

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what type of anger is of other which turns into inflicting punishment?

00:29:50--> 00:29:59

So what is it sure that those people who worship the calf, they were given punishment in this dunya even and what was that punishment

00:30:00--> 00:30:02

What did we learn in salted bokhara

00:30:03--> 00:30:05

that they were to be killed.

00:30:06--> 00:30:12

Those people who worship the calf they were to be killed by who? by those who did not worship the calf.

00:30:13--> 00:30:14

And this is a form of other,

00:30:15--> 00:30:25

say an heirloom or double punishment is going to reach them, mira beam from their Lord, where in this dunya and along with punishment, also the law.

00:30:26--> 00:30:28

What is this humiliation referred to?

00:30:29--> 00:30:52

First of all, the punishment itself was a humiliation for them. Just imagine, someone is killed. The punishment? is capital punishment for the crime that a person has committed. That is utter humiliation. It's not being jailed. It's not, you know, having to pay a hefty fine, no. What is it that a person is killed? That is humiliation

00:30:54--> 00:31:20

and also humiliation? because other people found out about their crime, and also their fate, their end their consequence. And people know about this until the day of judgment. So humiliation is stamped upon those people who worship the cow. That until today, they are known for the crime that they committed isn't that humiliation that everybody finds out about the wrong that you've done? humiliation?

00:31:21--> 00:31:31

Phil Hyatt adonia even in this worldly life worker, they only can exit 13 and thus do We recompense those who fabricate those who invent

00:31:32--> 00:31:59

who are the most studied? What are they fabricating? What are the fabricating? What are these people fabricate? What did they make an idol? They invented something in the religion. They introduced something in their religion that was completely new. And it was not based on any evidence. In fact, they were told not to do anything of that sort. But still they did it.

00:32:01--> 00:32:07

So move 13 are those who are innovators, those who innovate matters in their religion.

00:32:09--> 00:32:10

So what do we learn from this ayah

00:32:11--> 00:32:16

that first of all, there are some crimes for which a person receives a punishment in this dunya even

00:32:17--> 00:32:21

there are some crimes or some things for which the punishment is given in this dunya even

00:32:22--> 00:32:27

and it is very important that person protects himself from such crimes from such since.

00:32:28--> 00:32:34

But what is our behavior? That no problem? Let's do it. I'll just do tober later on.

00:32:35--> 00:32:47

But we don't know when we will be caught. So a person should never commit something wrong on purpose because you don't know the punishment might be given in dystonia. It won't be kept for the Day of Judgment.

00:32:49--> 00:32:57

Secondly, we also learn from this ayah that a person who fabricates anything in their religion, he will also suffer from humiliation in the dunya.

00:32:58--> 00:33:03

So if you have an arena, he said that every person who invents a bidder

00:33:04--> 00:33:14

every person who invents an innovation in their religion, he will taste disgrace. He will taste humiliation in this world.

00:33:16--> 00:33:22

Why? Because Allah says worker then he cannot resume of study. Thus do We recommend those who fabricate.

00:33:24--> 00:33:39

Similarly, Al hassanal bursary, he said, the disgrace of innovation will weigh on their shoulders, even if they were to gallop on their mules or trot on their workhorses. Meaning the innovators, they're recognized, they're known,

00:33:40--> 00:33:54

even if they try to be very shy, even if they pretend that nothing is happening. But still the humiliation is on them. The disgrace of innovation will weigh on their shoulders, the guilt is on them, they know inside they've done something wrong.

00:33:55--> 00:34:05

And even if they pretend that nothing bad is happening still, they're known as innovators, and they're humiliated in the eyes of Allah as well as in the eyes of other people.

00:34:07--> 00:34:16

There is severe warning against innovating anything in their religion, because when a person does that, in fact, he's bringing humiliation upon himself.

00:34:17--> 00:34:46

Generally, why do people integrate things in their religion? Nothing of that sort is in the deen, but they innovated Why? So that they're more acceptable people like them. They make up something and until it's in the Koran, and people think, Oh, this person is so knowledgeable. People get impressed by his knowledge. It is for the purpose of fame, isn't it? But we learned that a person who does this he gets humiliated complete opposite end.

00:34:48--> 00:35:00

One of the in our Amina psyche Earth, but those people who committed misdeeds those people who commit evil deeds, some metabolome in bardia, but they repent after that.

00:35:00--> 00:35:12

Meaning after committing the say ad, what am I know? And they also believe in naraba come in bardia local photo Rahim. Then indeed your Lord after that is surely Forgiving and Merciful.

00:35:14--> 00:35:38

Look at the mercy of Allah, that if a person does something wrong, any kind of site here, even if it's schicke, but he repents after that, and he believes he does Islam, then Allah subhanaw taala is Forgiving and Merciful, but of the conditions of repentance, his belief Eman and Islam, that a person must also reform his actions.

00:35:40--> 00:35:46

One of my soccer moves alojado and when the anger subsided in Masada center,

00:35:47--> 00:35:54

cerca de circuitos on the route like Racine gafta. And so good is to be silent.

00:35:55--> 00:36:04

What does it mean? To be silent, third column, do not say anything. So sakata what became silent

00:36:05--> 00:36:10

are Moosa and Musa SNM. A lot of the anger became silent.

00:36:11--> 00:36:12

You understand?

00:36:13--> 00:36:16

The anger became silent, what does it mean?

00:36:17--> 00:36:25

The anger Calm down, the anger subsided. Because generally, when a person is angry, he is boiling inside,

00:36:26--> 00:36:26

isn't it?

00:36:27--> 00:36:33

And when he's angry, he's shouting, he's yelling. He's saying things that he should not be saying.

00:36:34--> 00:36:39

You know, there's a conversation yelling back and forth going on in his head, isn't it?

00:36:40--> 00:36:54

When you're angry? Don't you have a conversation going on in your head? You don't say but in your head, you're shouting at the other person. So anger, it makes a person yell and scream and shout. It's boiling.

00:36:55--> 00:37:09

So while I'm at sacaton, musella, double, when the anger subsided, when the anger became silent, when musala cillum, calm down, a huddle. And when he took the Anwar

00:37:11--> 00:37:13

which are those that he had put down?

00:37:14--> 00:37:32

Were finos hottie her, and in its inscription, in the manuscript of the Allah was who then what? guidance and mercy? What does it mean by knows how to know SWAT is from newsletters known seen NASA?

00:37:33--> 00:37:34

What does NASA mean?

00:37:35--> 00:37:35


00:37:37--> 00:37:47

to abrogate. But remember, NASA also means to copy to transcribe that something is written in one place, and you copy it off to another.

00:37:48--> 00:37:51

And notice how is that which is written.

00:37:53--> 00:37:54

It's also used for a prescription

00:37:55--> 00:38:11

prescription, like the doctor gives you a prescription. Right? So it's written, it's not just a blank piece of paper. It has the medicine written on it, the dosage, the amount, the number of times that you have to take it, whatever specific instructions, they're all written.

00:38:12--> 00:38:16

So the word Messiah is used for a book, a document.

00:38:17--> 00:38:18

And it's also used for the,

00:38:20--> 00:38:22

for the writing, the inscription,

00:38:23--> 00:38:29

whatever that has been written in a book, in a document on a piece of paper, whatever. So it refers to the writing what is written.

00:38:31--> 00:38:37

So if he knows what he had, and in its inscription, meaning whatever was written in the elwha,

00:38:38--> 00:38:39

there was who then what,

00:38:40--> 00:38:44

what was written in the Anwar guidance, as well as mercy.

00:38:45--> 00:38:53

Lin Medina, for those people who home the lira became your harpoon, who are fearful of their Lord,

00:38:54--> 00:39:14

that those people who are fearful of their north, for them there is drama, and there is also hope that they will find both of these benefits from the teachings that Allah subhana wa tada has given, but notice a condition over here. Those people who are fearful of their Lord Yabu Johann is from Bora Bora,

00:39:15--> 00:39:19

which is such fear in which a person is restless, as well as careful.

00:39:21--> 00:39:25

So who receives guidance from the Scripture, the one who is fearful of Allah,

00:39:26--> 00:39:31

and who is the one who's fearful of Allah, the One who is worried about his hereafter,

00:39:32--> 00:39:43

the one who lives a conscious life and alert life, he thinks about what he must do, what is left, what he still has to do, what he has fallen short in.

00:39:44--> 00:39:56

So those people who have such fear of Allah, they're the ones who benefit from the Scripture. And on the other hand, those who don't have any fear, those who have given they don't benefit from the book at all.

00:39:58--> 00:39:59

We listen to the recitation of desire

00:40:01--> 00:40:02


00:40:23--> 00:40:24

the Hulu

00:40:32--> 00:40:33


00:40:57--> 00:40:58


00:41:06--> 00:41:07


00:41:15--> 00:41:21

CFE juu me

00:41:45--> 00:41:48

warning me,

00:41:49--> 00:41:51

Bill fee

00:42:16--> 00:42:16


00:43:05--> 00:43:11

if you notice right at the end we learned that when the anger of Masada Islam subsided, then he picked up the

00:43:12--> 00:43:33

he went back to his mission. Generally what happens if there's a problem in our life, we become so overwhelmed by it, that we leave the Quran, we leave everything, and we get fully involved in it. And we forget that the answer the solution, the mercy is where in the book of Allah

00:43:34--> 00:43:38

musasa as soon as the anger went away from him when he realized that

00:43:39--> 00:43:45

he was not at fault. And he prayed to a loss of penalty immediately picked up the Noir.

00:43:46--> 00:43:51

We stay away from the book of Allah for so long, that we don't even get to see our mistakes.

00:43:52--> 00:44:15

And we go from one problem in life to the next one test and life to the next without even seeing our mistakes. This is why it is so important to constantly stay connected with the Quran. Because when you read it every day, when you hear it every day, when you study it every day, then you get guidance, then you know what to do. Because every day you have a challenge every day you have a test.

00:44:17--> 00:44:32

And when you read the Quran, then you figure out okay, I was not supposed to react this way. I should have reacted this way for tomorrow. I'm not going to do this and the situation that you're going through in your life, the Quran guides you through it. But it's only possible when you are holding on to the book.

00:44:33--> 00:44:44

That every time in an emotion situation if you leave it you pick it up immediately after that. Only then you will find who then and Rama for who those people who fear their Lord

00:44:46--> 00:44:53

Subhana Allah who will be harmed because they shadow Allah Allah illa Anta Mustapha Luca Assalamualaikum warahmatullah