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An-Nisa 51-70 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 64-65


AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the purpose of sending messengers to people who say no to receive them, highlighting the need for obeyation and forgiveness. They also touch on the meaning of "has been made" meaning a judge made a decision, and the use of "has been made" meaning a judge made a decision. The importance of acceptance and following Sunhair is emphasized, along with the need for everyone to benefit from these allowances and avoid mistakes. The speaker also discusses the importance of following Sunhair and praying for the light of the sun to increase one's ability to receive profit from businesses.
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Why my son now Middle School in Illinois, Utah, he is Neela and we did not send any messenger except to be obeyed by the permission of Allah.

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So, what is the purpose of sending the messengers? What is the purpose

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that they should be obeyed, they should be listened to, their commands should be accepted, their decisions should be accepted, they should be implemented now that the messengers are disobeyed, not that the messengers are opposed.

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Why am I all the sudden I'm of course, hulan lol utara is nilah. Every single messenger was sent, so that he is obeyed in what He commands, and in what he judges, not that people disobey Him. They oppose him, they hurt him, they fight him, they kill him, no. The purpose of sending the messengers so that he is obeyed.

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To those people who say no, it's not necessary to obey the messenger sort of love it is and then they're wrong.

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Because Allah says over here clearly the purpose of sending the messenger so that the messenger is obeyed, because the book could also have been sent by itself. It wasn't difficult for Allah subhanaw taala to just descend the book.

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But a messenger was sent why, so that the messenger is obeyed? Be isn't Illa by the permission of Allah.

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Meaning this isn't is chattery remember, Kony isn't in shudder. He isn't.

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Do you remember, I mentioned to you that there's two types of return of a loss of pain without permission one is gonee. Then when the loss of data allows something to happen with regards to where the presence sense that Kone affairs, the universe, the death of a person, the birth of a person, the risk of a person, this is what Kony

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and second is shuttering. When Allah subhanaw taala has allowed something in the deen and when Allah subhanaw taala has allowed something in the deen it is something that Allah likes it is something that Allah approves of.

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So be isn't Allah, what does it mean? That Allah subhanaw taala has commanded us to obey the messenger because he loves it? When I'm not home is what I will enforce home and when they had wronged themselves, how do they do among themselves by disobeying the decision of the prophets What about us and by contradicting the decision of the prophets of Allah?

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Is what I will enforce at home if after that, Joe Ooga they came to you for still photo Lucha and they sought forgiveness from Allah soprano Tyler was done father whom have a soul and the messenger also sought forgiveness for them. lohja de la has a web of rahima surely they would have found a law as the web acceptor of repentance as well as

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in the app before we learned that the moon African when they were caught, what did they do for a federal Saba Tomas Lieber? We record them at 18? What did they do?

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They came to the profits out of autos and I'm presenting excuses, presenting justifications for their wrong actions.

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And this behavior is inappropriate.

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What is the behavior that Allah subhanaw taala likes? That if when they had done wrong on themselves by disobeying your command, had they come to you, and seeking forgiveness from Allah soprano without it, and you also sought forgiveness for them, then that would have been better for them. Why? Because they would have been forgiven for the same.

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So we see there are two reactions upon making a mistake and realizing one's mistake.

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One is that a person doesn't admit it. And instead of admitting instead of apologizing, he begins to present excuses. And justifications I couldn't do this because it's such and such.

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And the other is that I'm sorry, I couldn't do it.

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I'm sorry. I did this wrong. I shouldn't have done it.

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So what behavior is that Allah subhanaw taala likes the one in which a person Julian's sincerity apologizes and seek forgiveness from a loss of panel data.

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What is Allah say la vida de la de Weber rahima. Surely they would have found a lot the weapon Rahim meaning Allah would have forgiven them.

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So what do we learn from this ayah

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that upon realizing a mistake, what should we do?

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What should we do?

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seek forgiveness.

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follower of beaker. Now you may know But no, by your Lord, they will not believe

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meaning their Eman is incomplete. They will never be true believers. Had you hachimura until they make you or profits or a lot of them judge female shadowbane home concerning that over which they dispute among themselves.

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Find out what a bigger lead over here gives a sense of knowing

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Meaning that no, they can never ever believe.

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Secondly, law can also be understood as law for Toki for emphasis, that doesn't really carry a meaning. It doesn't mean no over here, but it's only for emphasis, just as filler opa symbol.

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For now, in the Quran, you may have read, you may have heard fellow Cosima, what does it mean that? No, I swear or just I swear and that is only for emphasis.

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So for that, so know what have become by your Lord. And what over you because meaning of

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that, no by your Lord, they can never have a man meaning their man is incomplete. Their Eman is not acceptable. So Allah subhana wa tada swears over here by himself that lie to me, no one had their you hachimura until they appoint you as Judge hachimura is from Haqqani achimota. He wishes to appoint someone as a judge. So how are you? hachimura? Female concerning whatever sheduled avena home? It branches amongst them?

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shujaa is on the roof that machine de la? What does shadow mean?

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A tree? And what is the tree of branches? And these branches? What happens? They intertwine.

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So, Shadow gives a sense of mutual disputes, differences, contradictions, you can say differences disputes.

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So in all those matters in which they differ in matters that have broken out disputes that have broken out, and matters that have become very confusing. Secondly, when you look at a tree, you can't tell where the branch begins from where it ends, right? It's all mixed up. So similarly, when there's a matter of dispute, then you don't know what's going on. There's so much confusion. So FEMA shadowbane home, meaning in any disputes and differences that are out between them, so Malaya doofy unforeseen, how Rajan mimica later.

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So first of all, what is it that they must appoint you or prophets are a lot of them as a judge?

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Secondly, when they appoint you as a judge, and you make a decision for them, then lay it to fit and with him they should not find in their hearts? How any construction? How about just under peppers, how about Jean? And how about is when a place becomes very constricted? Why does it become constricted,

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because of you can say overpopulation or crowdedness. So when a place becomes very crowded, what happens it becomes tight, it may be very big, it may be very big, but because it's full, this is why it becomes tight.

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And if you're in that place, you will feel very uncomfortable.

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So from this harrowed is used for the discomfort, the distress, the constriction of the heart, when you're not comfortable with something,

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when you're not comfortable with something.

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You know, when you're tight somewhere, then you just want to leave.

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Similarly, when you're uncomfortable in your heart, you just want that feeling to leave, just want to get out of that situation somehow. So somebody's ready to feel unforeseen medical data concerning what you have judged. So first of all, they should appoint you as a judge. Secondly, when you have made a judgment, they should not find in their hearts, any constriction, any discomfort, meaning they should wholeheartedly accept the decision. This is a sign of

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what is the sign of a man that in every matter, where do you take the decision from this and other prophets?

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Secondly, whatever that decision is, you take it wholeheartedly, not that, oh, I don't have a choice. I have to do it. Too bad for me. No. A person takes it wholeheartedly. Where you suddenly motus Lima and they submit in complete submission.

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You suddenly notice Lima meaning they submit outwardly and inwardly,

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outwardly and inwardly, because it's possible that on the apparent a person is following the command, but on the inside, he wishes for something else.

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Like for example, the command to praise Allah.

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Or, for example, a sauna, because it's a matter of the commander profits.

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So for instance, using them as well.

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So one is that you do it because it's a sauna and outwardly a person is submitting. He's doing the action, but on the inside is so difficult.

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I don't think I want to do this. I brush my teeth, it's enough with a toothbrush. I don't need to do miswak. So this is not wholehearted submission. This is not

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submission that is outward and inward.

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You may be doing an action physically, but it's not enough. You have to do it wholeheartedly. Your heart should be willing. This is the sign of a man where you send him with a schema.

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So what do we learn from this either of the requirements of the man is that a person must accept and be happy with the decision of the Prophet sort of under seven, what is the heavy sellers that none of you believes until his desires are in accordance with what I have come with? None of you believes until his desires are in accordance with what I have come with.

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This also shows to us that the more Emad a person will have the more submissive he will be do the command of the puppets.

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The more man a person will have the more claws he will be two sooner

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you understand.

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So following the sooner and Eman are directly related, more even more observance of some less even less observance of something. So this teaches us that if you want to increase your Eman what should you do?

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Follow the Sunnah

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if you want to increase your demand, which is something that we're always complaining about, what do we need to do? Follow the sun

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follow the Sunnah in Salah by praying the suddenness Allah.

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Similarly, praying the Salah, closer to the way of the profit sort of artist and you see could be level level things. But if we do them the sun No way. What happens? You're thinking more about Allah subhanaw taala every action of yours becomes more meaningful, it becomes rabada

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and so a person automatically increases in his email.

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We don't insulates a note if 51 in Americana coder menina either do in a law what is really the outcome of a new home kulu severe on our Aparna what una ecomondo. See home

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when the believers when they're called do a line is messenger for a judgment. What do they say? Somewhere in our Alterna? When they're called to the sun net? What is their reaction? So we are no Alterna, but we'll let you go home and

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we also see that it is a sign of the weakness of a man that a person finds constriction in his heart at the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu.

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So if a person does not like the sun, or he finds a halogen in his heart that oh, I have to pray the sun as well. cannot just pray Father cannot just pray for the Why do I have to breathe so nice. Well, what does this show? What does this show

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weakness of

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weakness of Eman?

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And we also see that whatever the profits are a lot of Southern gives us everything that the Prophet said about Islam has given us whether it is a command or it is an allowance. We're supposed to accept it happening.

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So we're supposed to follow the Sunnah mean the statements, the actions, the approvals of the profits that allow the seller as well as the allowances that He has given us, for example, when it comes to shortening the prayer so that they among all of these are what allowances, so we must benefit from them.

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We learned that this ayah was revealed with regards to a particular incident, that Buhari recorded that Obama said that as a bad quarrel with a man is available that are called with a man about a stream, which both of them used for irrigation.

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Generally when people are landowners, such disputes are very common. So they use a stream for irrigation and there was a dispute between them

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for the prophets that a lot of them said to us obeyed, obey irrigate your garden first and then let the water flow to your neighbor. The inside he became angry, and he said, Oh, Allah's Messenger. Is it because he's your cousin, that you made this decision that he should water his land first, and then you should let the stream flow towards mine. So you made this decision in his favor, only because he's your cousin. On this the face of us messenger changed color because of anger. And he said irrigate your garden osservare and then withhold the water until it reaches the walls surrounding the ponds. Then release the water to your neighbor.

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So Allah messenger gave us a bait is full right when the inside he made him angry.

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And before that Allah's Messenger had given a generous judgment beneficial for us the way and the inside. But then afterwards when that Ansari man said that profits are awesome, we have a judgment that was more in favor of us.

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So as I said that I think that this verse was revealed concerning that case, this verse was revealed concerning that case, that the prophets are about Islam if he makes a decision, if he has instructed us with something, how are we to accept it wholeheartedly? How are we to submit to it inwardly, as well as outwardly?

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And then I'll

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says that if in the following I just to conclude inshallah we'll study it afterwards that the command that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has given, it's not something that difficult,

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really praying for occur sooner praying to recur soon after every visit really that difficult. Really?

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Think about it. preaching to the choir, how long does it take?

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How long does it take? Five minutes? For some people do minutes? Really? How long does it take? It's not that difficult. When we're not being commanded by the prophets that about Islam to kill ourselves. It's not something impossible for us to do know, the sun, not every act of sunlight is possible for us to do.

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And it's something that beautifies our actions helps us in our life. I mean, if we're eating in a civilized way, with our right hand, sitting down, if we're drinking in a civilized way, drinking three sips and not just drinking all at once, while water is dripping out from the sides. Isn't there a benefit for us in following this? And of course there is. So why is it that we don't accept the command of the profits or the loss and and what's the reason Ally's questioning us?

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That it's not that like we have commanded you to kill yourself? No.

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So we need to check ourselves that when we learn about the Sunnah of the prophets, little bonus and then what is our reaction? What is our reaction? Do we think that oh my god, this is another thing that I have to do now?

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No, we learnt earlier that in quantum to have been alive activity only if a person really loves a law automatically you will follow the sun. If he has a man automatically you will follow this and the following the center will not be a burden and his outward and inward submission is a sign of

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let's listen to the recitation.

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paborito Sally mutaz Lima