Defend our Prophet Campaign – Day 05

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Bismillah you're walking man you're walking

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defender so our resolve to set up we should this is not the only this is natural we all have it but the right way that we Please Allah, the way please the Roswell ASR to a set up, let's bring his life back to life. Let's bring back his actions to life, not just words, actions. What's Sooners that's I DD in my life since this happened last week. Did I say, resuscitate this? Did I every time I eat, and we all eat? I say Bismillah every time and I say not because it's a habit. I said because it's a sooner and I'm resuscitating that?

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Is it when I eat and this is we do a daily more than once a day? Am I doing? 1/3 for my food? 1/3 for my drink 1/3 For my breath? That's a sunnah. Where is it? I am so sad. I am upset. I am angry. I'm sad. How can they say that? How can they do that? How can they draw shouldn't let you down there on their hand at hand. That's hand Allah will take care of it.

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But my response should be again in the way please Allah. Let's bring it back. Let it let us all be very like and there is no like a Swati software set up. But I will do my best to follow his footsteps in every action when I'm eating with my non Muslim coworkers. I'm eating in this way because it's a sunnah when it's Monday and they say, let's go and have lunch and you say Monday on fasting while you're fasting. That's my religion. That's what my prophet taught me, especially these days, bring his name back. Let people who are basically ignorant don't know him. Some people don't even know his name, and he saw to let them know about. Again. I said this in the beginning I will

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keep reminding myself and everyone you stand up for him defend him the way he pleases Allah and pleases Him by following his footsteps.