Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 25 – L254A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of characters discussing various topics, including a woman who wants to be a woman and a woman who wants to be a woman. The speakers mention various topics such as war, religion, and money. They also mention a woman who wants to be a woman and a woman who wants to be a woman and a woman who wants to be a woman and a woman who wants to be a woman and a woman.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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una sala de su de HIV Karim Ummah, Barrett ferodo Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, rubbish karate slithery were silly, angry, wash data melissani of koko de Robin as ignor in

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this number 254 sort of the Shula by number 2235. translation, man, whoever can he was, URI do, he wants, health, crop, reward and as era of the hereafter nasod we will increase level for him fee in healthy he his crop or his harvest.

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Woman and whoever Ghana he was up to. He wants he intends how to harvest a dunya of the world. No D we give him minha from it. Warmer and not level for him. fee in an era the hereafter mean from no sleep any portion and issue and or law home for them. Shoraka partners chateauroux they ordained the home for them. Meena Deen from the religion, man that which lamb not yet then he permits, be he with it. Allahu Allah, wa Alona and if not kalama to word, Al fossil of the decision. Luckily, surely it was judged. Surely it was decreed by in a home between them were in and indeed, allegedly mean the wrongdoers law home for them, or there was a punishment and even painful Dada you will see a wallaby

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in the wrongdoers. Wish Filene ones who are fearful mimma from what Casa boo they earned wahiawa and it worked their own one that befalls be him on them one Latina and those who am I knew they believed what army do and they did have suddenly had the righteous deeds fee in robot nurseries, meadows, Elgin net of the gardens lavon for them, man, whatever he or she owner, they will, in the near future behave they're out there Lika that who it and follow the bounty alphabet the great and follow you can also translate this as superiority.

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There Lika that a lady which you buy shuru he gives good news, Allahu Allah, Reba who to his servants, and levina those who Aminu they believed were amilo and they did asylee had the righteous deeds to say lair not as Aluko I asked you or lay he upon it as you're on any reward in LA except Allah what the the affection fee in alcova the neediness the relationship woman and whoever yakutat if he earns has an attend a good deed does it we will increase Lahu for him fee her in it. Her snur goodness beauty in the Lucha Indeed Allah waffled on most forgiving, shackled on most appreciative

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I'm or Yoku Luna they say if Tara he fabricated Allah against Allah He Allah get even an eye. For in so if Yeshua He wills Allahu Allah Yatim he seals Allah upon columbic your heart, William who and he wipes out Allahu Allah, Albert when the falsehood while your head too, and he makes true or he proves true and help God the truth be Kalamata he with his words, in who indeed he early one always all knowing, be that with possessor a salute of the chests

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what who, and he led is the one who Yakubu he accepts adobo the repentance on from either the he his servants were full and he burdens on from a siet the scenes where animal and he knows ma whatever de Lune you will do.

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Why is the de boo and he pauses

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response and Medina those who are new they believed were army new and they did a soil they had the righteous deeds Why is he the home and he increases them men from from the he his bounty while carefree rune and the disbelievers law home for them are there when a punishment should either and severe

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well no and if best supper he expanded Allahu Allah a risk of the provision very badly he for his servants level of Oh, surely they rebelled fee in an out the earth while I can but unit zero he sends down he gradually sends down because a ring with a dual measure, man whatever he assured He wills in the who indeed he very badly he with his servants hubiera always all aware but so you don't always all seen what whoa and he led is the one who unit zero he sends down Elisa the rain, men from birth after man that honor to they disappeared when shuru and he spreads parameter who his mercy were who and he actually the close protecting friend and Hamid the most praiseworthy

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woman and from MIT he his science content creation as semi worth of the heavens well out and the earth warmer and whatever. But he spread he dispersed FEMA in them two men from the crawling creatures well who are and he are now upon Jim or him. They're gathering either whenever you share He wills pudieron always all able warmer and whatever Assad welcome it reached you men from Muslim but in any misfortune fabula so because of what cassava it earned it from your hands were full and he burdens on from Catherine much warmer and not until you are be more busy at all once a week help us fee in the earth. Warmer and not local for you mean from dunlea besides Allah muhuali from any

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Wali, any clause protecting friend wala and nor mislead any helper

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woman and from at His signs, Alger Well, the ship's fee in the same color alone, like the mountains in if he wills your skin, he causes to stop or he makes still a rehab the wind fails

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then they remain or then they become rocket motionless ones that are motionless. Allah upon vahi it's back in indeed fee in their Lika that is surely signs liquidly for every sub Bell, one who is most patient Shaku one who is most grateful out or yubico when he could destroy them be mad because of what Gustavo they earned where food and he pardons on from caffeine in many much way or lemma and he knows alerting those who use the Luna they dispute fee in a Latina our versus our signs may not law home for them. Main from mahasin any face of refuge any escape

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Well, I mean

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he was in his rehab

Ash-Shura 20-35 Translation 20-35

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