Muhammad West – Heart – Episode 05 – Apathy

Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of guidance in Islam, including issues related to marriage, loss of the heart, and the heart. They also mention a YouTube series on the heart and encourage listeners to start their journey of knowledge. The conversation touches on the negative consequences of actions that do not solve problems and the crisis of evil in the housing market. The speakers emphasize the importance of community and finding one's family members, highlighting the need for everyone to participate in fixing problems and bringing others to the fore. They also mention the importance of showing one's true aspiration and not just for individualism.
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Mina shaden rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala l mursaleen. satana Mohammed Anwar le he also heavy engineering, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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All Praise to Allah subhanho wa Taala Lord, sustain the creator of the universe, none has the right to be worshipped except Allah subhanho wa Taala we send our our love our salutations to our beloved Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and to everyone who follows his Sunnah till the end of time and to all the ambia the companions and all the Muslims throughout the world, Allah subhanho wa Taala bless all of us, bless this oma Have mercy on us those who are living and those who have passed away and those who are still to come here Allah forgive us for our shortcomings and ground goodness and height and Baraka in our lives in our fields in our dunya. And you know, our era Yeah,

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like sip from us this day of Juma except from us that which we say of good, and forgive us that which we say are wrong, and forgive us our sins of this week and the week to come. I mean, well, Hamdulillah, we have done and we've been, for the past six weeks or so, we've been doing a series on the heart, discussing the issues and the matters pertaining to the heart. And we say that some topics we talk about, it might not affect you directly. Sometimes we speak about

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we might speak about hedge and new things panel, I went for hedge, I know don't have intentions to go for hedge again. And therefore you listen with half a year. Sometimes we speak about issues with regards to marriage and you think I'm only 10 years old. I'm not yet ready to get married. So I listened with half a year. But this topic, each and every one of you has a heart. Each and every one of us has a heart and like any organ we sit, it gets sick and it gets ill and if it's not treated, it can corrupt the entire body. In fact, nerissa lamb Season Finale found in my heart Buhari and Muslim visa, this is truly in the body, there is a muscle or there is a piece of flesh, which if it

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is sound and it is correct, the entire body is going to be correct. But if that piece of flesh is diseased, then the entire heart the entire body will become sick and disease and corrupted. What is that lease of muscle except the heart and the loss vinyl dialysis and I'd love to mention this because it's a miracle from the Quran. Allah Subhana dialysis magic Allah lovely Raja Lin Ming calvini fijo v. Allah says, We have not placed in any man, two hearts within his interior. What we understand from his head in this area is Allah says Allah has only given you one heart and it can either be on the righteousness or evil you can't have it both is one heart It's either good or it's

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bad. When Allah says, merge Allah Li Raja Lin in a man we understand this to mean in humanity, it encompasses the women as well correct. And usually when Allah speaks about humanity, Allah says insane so it would be as if though more correct to say Masha Allah, Masha Allah who in flee insane in in a human, but Allah wants to be scientifically correct by saying we have not placed in Amen, two hearts because a woman can have two hearts in her body when when she's pregnant. So the orlimar mentioned that this is a side note here that this ayah Allah subhanho wa Taala deliberately uses the term men, we still understand it to mean men and women. But so scientifically alized 100% correct.

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There's no contradiction here. Because in a female, a woman can have two hearts in her body, which is pregnant. This is just a side note. Yeah, but the is saying you only have one heart. Oh, yeah, insane. And if it is correct, Alhamdulillah and if it is lost, it is lost. Last week, we spoke about the virtues of knowledge and the evils of ignorance. And we said, ignorance should be the number one disease of the heart. It is the three that base all the corrupt fruits that come the after we said the very first sin of the beliefs was that of ignorance. And the only way that leads to guidance, the only thing that leads us to guidance, ultimately, the heart is guided and we say guidance is in

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the hands of Allah subhanaw taala only Allah guides in Nicoletta demon above Allah says nobody says a lamp. You will Mohamed do not give guidance to the one that you love. I give guidance alone. I am the one Allah is the one that opens the heart. But the things that leads to guidance to things we said last week, knowledge and law and gentle, gentle muslimin each and every one of you the thing that you make the most I don't know you but I know the thing that you make do out the most is for guidance how the only thing you ask Allah to refer to it in a certain stocking. Yeah, Allah guide me guide me guide me. That's what we ask every single day, you know, sorta

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So we said, but the route to guidance is through knowledge. And without guidance and knowledge, this ignorance and from ignorance comes all the evils in this world from that. So we see that the journey of insanity begins with the clock. That's where I began, and every other Sunday after follows from the lack of a clock, and we saw the slide early on that I said, if you were to begin your journey of knowledge, you want to do more than your madrasa knowledge, a good place to start, I can give you an answer, I can give you sahadi on your lap, read Bahati, you should be very difficult to start with that. So we say Where do I begin? Very easy. We love stories. We don't like to read books, you know,

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inshallah, we'll get the, but now audio is a wonderful, this is the best series currently in English language that I know of. That gives the life of Nabisco, a YouTube series on the life and the biography of Nabisco. Seconded by the ship Shri acid co Dr. Shetty acid called the great scholar, one of the eminent scholars in the world in the English language. If you listen to this 100 plus episodes on the life of an apostle, salaam inshallah, it will change your life, it will change your heart in sha Allah. So please begin if you begin want to begin the journey of knowledge, it's a good place to start and those who have started learning, they are amazed at how they begin to learn about

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our beloved Nabil, Mohammed Salim. But today in sha Allah, we moved to a new disease, a disease that afflicts and to all of us, we are all afflicted with this to a certain degree, and some of us more than others. And when I talk about this, these diseases, or when we commonly speak about these different things, ask yourself, Am I do I fall in this category? Do I suffer from these symptoms? You have to diagnose yourself? Now? We have to diagnose ourselves. There's no doctors going to tell you this. But you have to sit and say, Do I suffer from this? We're talking today about apathy. It's a big word. What does it mean? It may simply means I don't care. I don't give a crap. I don't care.

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doesn't concern me doesn't interest me in the if you look at the dictionary, it's the lack of interest, the lack of concern, the lack of importance, General goodness, I don't care about those things, and feeling no emotion in times when you should feel care or sympathy showing no sympathy. Right? So this is, and we see the symptoms all over the world today. And we all suffer from this guilt. Let me give you examples of this. You changing the channels to get to the rugby match, and you pass over bbcc in in and you see war and people dying.

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You we don't even pause to stop to see what's happening. We just change the channel. It doesn't affect us anymore. We see headlines and articles, war and oppression, people dying in the 1000s every day. And we all know this is happening. It's not that any of us uninformed. We all know, but swana law, not only don't we shed a tear, we don't even feel bad anymore. And this is the danger when the heart has become blind. Now. You see, committing sin is bad. But the basis of those who sin is the one who feels remorse and regret and realize, you know, I'm not we I should be inshallah Maconie, I'll get better. But when we really become as Allah sees when they become our hearts become

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blind, they no longer feel bad. They don't longer feel sad when they see even in the world. It doesn't affect them anymore. It's a state of the blindness of the hearts. asked ourselves to ISIS, ask yourself, do I suffer from this? When you see people dying of starvation, feminine children, you know, this viola, this video that you need to watch on YouTube, about children in Syria, picking up crumbs from the ground to eat, and vanilla, we watch it we feel a little moved. We can't even cry. Why? What's wrong with me a lot. What is wrong with me? We see people fleeing their homes, going to lands of Kufa where they're going to be persecuted, but it's better than where they come from. And I

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don't feel bad. Not only am I not doing anything, but I don't even feel bad anymore. When we see children orphaned. We said 11 half of serious populations Syria we take and Subhanallah the list of countries goes I started typing Palestine, Syria, then I realized the slide is to be stopped even the countries even the Juma from the member we don't even mention the countries anyway, Allah Masuda Juana de Philistine was sued, the list has become too long. So we say if equally McCann in Syria, we see that the population half of its population has been made, refugees, and how and 50% of the refugees are orphaned children lost their parents. We the ideal thing would be for each and every

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one of us to take one of those orphans in that's what is required of us. We can't do that at least withdraw help some financially. But if we don't even feel bad and make do it anymore, then we should feel bad for ourselves. I speak to myself as well not to you, then we should begin to feel that what is wrong with me Allah, I am sick, Allah there's something wrong with myself.

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When we see these kind of pictures of someone dying of disease that will lie, people are dying, of food starvation. And yet we live in an age where we produce more food than the world can consume. Tons and tons of food is being destroyed. Because no one will take it to it's needed. The fact we produce more food than the world's population can can consume, yet people still die of starvation. We have so much of water in certain areas, but it's not worth taking to people. So the die of thirst by the biller, what do we do?

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This is on the on a global scale, but it's getting back to South Africa.

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When we allow our leaders to commit evil, without checking them without doing anything, we are collectively then guilty when we do nothing about it. When we see criminals go and come and continue to operate next door, selling the drugs, having the gangs and we do nothing about it. We tacitly approve. It's a symptom of apathy. I don't care. It's okay. It doesn't concern me when we have massages and modalities and institutions that do good

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looking for people to run it. But these organizations have come to a halt. Because no one is there to stand in the position on the committee to give some of the time. It's an disease, I don't care whether the medicine shuts down tomorrow, whether the lights are off tomorrow doesn't concern me. This is a symptom of this disease. And it's in Islam. It's not acceptable. So even if you say that I'm not the one doing the evil, I'm not the one doing the wrong. They're doing it Why is it my job to fix it? Maybe so Salaam sees in Hadith could see that Allah says, I shall take revenge. Allah says I will take revenge on the oppressor in this life and in Africa. And I shall also take revenge

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on someone who saw a person being oppressed, and he was able to help him. But he did nothing. He did not help him. You also guilty. If you're able to fix the problems in the dunya you have some thing that you can give the solution, but you do nothing. Allah says you're also we are also guilty. Along Hades, Nabisco sees the very first sin, the bunnies are eating and Adam Kitab the corruption, how did it begin? It began when some people committed wrong, and then others would go and say but other than what you're doing is hard on please stop your harm. And that person continuing is haram. And in those who call to goodness, they also stopped calling to goodness and they just carried on hunky

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dory as it was, they would still meet this person who was doing whatever sin and they would socialize with him or her and they would condone that sin. So I'm not doing it. That's his business. I don't worry anymore. So Allah says that the Navy SEAL continues that their hearts became mixed. And Allah allowed that one who committed evil to influence those who didn't mind to see this evil anymore. And now be so solemn continuous indeed, well, Allah, you either enjoying good, all of us, we either start promoting good and forbidding and fighting against evil, and catch hold of the hand of the oppressor, the criminal, the one who's doing wrong, take him by the hand and persuade him to

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act justly and stick to the truth. Or else Allah will involve the hearts of some be with you with the hearts of others, Allah will cut up eat your hearts, and will curse you as he had cursed the nations before. When you stop when you no longer do good in the dunya when good people do nothing. olanzapine will bring you down to that level of the bad one. Responses by him in whose hand my soul is meaning by Allah. You either enjoin, encourage each other in good and stop evil, or Allah will certainly sin, his punishment upon you, when you will make dua and you will not be answered. And we live in a time Swan Allah, when many of us who say why are you as not being answered? One of the

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reasons maybe is this.

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One of the reasons is that we see evil. And we're lucky, we have the ability to not that we don't have the ability, we have the ability, we have the numbers, we have the resources, we have more than our grandparents had. But we don't do half or a 10th of what they achieved. We just need to look at the massage. We need to look at what foundation they built in this country. Who are they not the doctors and lawyers and directors that we have today. They were simple men and women, but they achieved so much. Now today we can't we are unable to do it.

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In a not Hadith, in this, this month's article in the Harvard Gazette, it came out and it said the most dangerous disease in the world is apathy. And the person that writes that we see war, and we have a solution to and we see disease and we have cures for diseases and we see famine and we have cures for that. And but all these skills are useless. If we don't care. We don't care anymore. No one's going to stop it. No one's going to solve the problem. It is

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No one that cares about the problem, the problem will just persist. So this thing needs to be fixed first apathy, and famous very, very famous statement by Edmund Burke, well, very famous politician. He said the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil for evil to win, the only thing that's needed is for good people to do nothing.

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Evil arises not because evil is so strong and so powerful anybody succeeds, not because he's so powerful. It's when good people do nothing. When we sit by, and we allow evil to continue, when no one stands up. That is when evil prevails. And we know that we live in a time of evil. We live in a time these goodness at hamdulillah in this dunya, but we know by and large, that things are in favor of that which is evil. So how do we respond to this evil and if we look at from my what I've seen, when you speak to brothers and sisters, we say all the knock problems in the oma we all know about the problem. There's no one that says that hamdulillah the oma is in goodness and Hyde and Baraka

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and the oma is strong and safe and secure. From East to East, you'll find Muslims in every country and since we are not in a good state as an oma, we are in a bad situation. Locally, internationally, the dean the alma mater, Salem is struggling, and we need to come out of it. But what do we do? Instead of anyone, we are all quick to criticize and point the finger. We are all quick to point out all the faults, we all know the faults that we can list them. And they will say the problems what are the what are the kings, the King of Saudi Arabia, the leaders in in in Egypt? What are the kings in are the leaders in the different countries, the political leaders, what are they doing? What is

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our government doing about crime? What is the our politicians doing about

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poverty and illiteracy. What is the leadership doing? What are they doing? We have problems here locally, must massage it may be not being run well, in terms of being properly remunerated drugs, whatever it might be lack of understanding the first finger we point what is the MDC doing? What is the German Salama doing? What is the committee of the ministry doing? What is the Imam doing? When we see our own kids falling by the wayside? What is the school doing and the teacher doing?

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When we have problems? Well, this is a problem. The rich people should fix it, or the people in power position they should fix it. And this is not the methodology of the beam Hamas asylum, what is the analysis all of you are responsible? You we basically abdicate our responsibility, our problems, even if it affects us, we say this is a problem for Allah to fix. My kids not learning the deen is the problem of the automatic fix. crime in my area, it's the problem of someone else to fix

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the law. And the reason is, is each and every one of you is a shepherd. And each and every one of you is responsible for his flock. Yes, the leader of people is a guardian, and he's responsible for the subjects. He is the first he has the most responsibility, but not all the responsibility when things go bad. Each and every one of us has something to do to fix it. So we should ask what am I doing? What should I do? What can I contribute? And from my discussion, and I think there's a much simpler level. So many alumni unfortunate that I've been part of certain wonderful projects, and I've hunted I've seen this Masjid and worked with the committee on this Masjid and other masajid and

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every project to handle our brothers and sisters. It's a challenge, a challenge to get something good off the ground. Again, not that our community lacked the resources well, hamdulillah our community has more than enough. And it has the ability amongst rantala think about Jerusalem in the Nabi saw Salaam, to 10,000 people in the conquest of Makkah. 10,000 Sahaba. Most of them were poor. Most of them were illiterate. They couldn't even read or write. But they had taqwa. And they changed not the community the entire world. Within 20 years, they were the most powerful nation on the face of the earth requires only about 10,000 people sincere on guidance. The muhajir in at the Battle of

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bother with 300. Right, the people that fought about 300 change the world, this machine, you know, no one machine is more than more than that we have in that numbers that change the world. We have enough people. We have enough money, we have enough ability, expertise to run all our organizations. We don't have his concern. We don't have people that key. That's our problem.

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That is the problem that many of these organizations face. I did a course Alhamdulillah in North pine. And they said the exact same thing to three people trying to run an entire community trying to see to the madrasa trying to see to the masjid. And it's not that we don't have wealthy, abled people. We just

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Don't have people that are concerned to help us. So what are the reasons when you ask people? Why don't you get involved? On your committee of the masjid? That's something which you care about? Would you like to see your medicine shut down? No, you want to see the masjid? Do you want to walk in and expect the tab to work and the lights to be on and the Imam to give a proper buy, and you want to see your kids have proper education in the schools? You want to see that things in your municipalities running correctly? If you want those things, why don't you get involved, do something. And people's responses would be, you know, they are so concerned in their own day to day

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life. My life is so busy, I don't have time. Or like, nobody has time. Everyone has a job, and everyone has a family. But if we all look at it like that, nothing is going to happen. Nothing is going to happen.

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Don't think that your problems are You're the only one with those problems. Everyone has bills to pay. Everybody has things to meet, everyone goes through difficult times busy times. Sahaba went through that. But the difference is they made the time I have to see to my family. I have to go to work, but I have to make the time. So no matter the line, look at this. He understood I needed to learn knowledge from the Navy so seldom, but I can't sit all day in the budget because I have a family to feed. So he made an agreement with his neighbor. One day I will work in the field and we share the profits and you go to the visa salon and you share the knowledge with me the next day it's

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my turn to go to the masjid.

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It's finally understood. I have all these commitments, I need to meet all of them. How do I do it? We share the load. not asking anybody to work half the weekend off the week for the masjid. But one hour a week or one hour a month? That's fine a lot. What else?

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The feeling that you know my problems are cities the biggest and I you know my difficulties and the things I'm going through this is priority, the issues of the oma that eventually eventually I will get the eventually I will get the and swallow one of our problems also is the lack of focus that we if we ask many of our youngsters, Sasha Gabriel said that, that we don't before it was good intentions versus bad intentions. And he said we in a time which is even worse. We have no intentions. We have no goals, no objectives. If we ask our kids and ourselves even what do I work to achieve when I pass away? Our three diseases when I mean our grandparents, they had an objective we

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need to build a Masjid here. We need to have a radio station here. We need to have a madrasa. Yeah, not for me. But for the future of my community. today. What are our objectives? Well, hamdulillah I'd like to have my house I'd like to, you know, enjoy my my life. That's it. I left nothing behind for my children, even nothing behind for my community. With these problems. Allah subhanaw taala has deputized as I said, Allah says to the angels in the giant, out of the hole, if I'm going to put on Earth, my representative, he will take care of my dunya.

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With what, let alone enough vinyl, hopefully the day will come when Muslims will be the forerunners in seeing to the environment and the animals. We know the kofod for excelled in this regard. But even with regards to Muslims, I read an article that said that the UN are evacuating many people that I have been toxic people in Syria, and you look at who these doctors are, many of them are non Muslim.

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Yes, there are many good Muslims who do this. But how few of us are actually rising up that non Muslims are teaching us about how to see to others. And the question is many of you will ask, What can I do? I mean, I'm not qualified to be on the committee. I'm not qualified to go to the Minister better. I'm not qualified to fix any of these to to be on the board at the school or to see to give back what can i do i and I'm just I'm just me, maybe so Sonam taught that every single person has something to contribute his Sahaba not all of them are allama. Some scholars, some warriors, some were rich, some who had free time, some had, you know, had abilities that others did not have none

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of us. None of us have all the answers. But as I mentioned, we are each like a piece of a puzzle.

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Alone, we be nothing. But when we work together, we solve the problem. Each and every person I guarantee in sha Allah and this is the student of Allah, He placed every person on this dunya with some kind of ability. And that ability is used as an Amana it's a it's a it's something which will answer to a lot about I gave you Well, what did you do with it? I gave you knowledge, what did you do with it? What did you do to benefit not just yourself, but the oma that I've this, this dunya that I gave you, each and every one of us has something to contribute and swallow. If you say I can't think of what I have to contribute, then you are maybe the most special person. Maybe you have

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the gift that the woman needs the most.

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Maybe you are that person that the

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human needs is your duty, your job, your obligation, duty to Allah to find what it is that Allah gave you. lack of confidence again, you know, how can I be on the committee? I'm not I'm the worst of you know, the worst of us. I hardly You know, I'm such a bad Muslim, how can I be that I'm not a good speaker? I don't have the knowledge, no survival life, we all have that attitude. Again, as I said, the one who does then the the one who thinks I'm the best. And those are the ones usually that become the leaders. Why? Because they're not shy to say, I know the most, and I'm in charge, and I'm the best. So we leave. Why do we have we have a crisis of leadership? Why? Because we've left the

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positions of leadership to those who are the least qualified, but the ones who are most hungry for the

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part of any man is I don't want leadership, but you fight yourself and you go, and you do it for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Right. And also this, this mindset of a defeatist mindset. People you ask them, what are we going to do? There's a problem in the community, what can we do, there's nothing I can do, it is going to go as it is, and tokuyama we've already given up swana law, you've already given up. This goes against Islamic teachings. We never ever give up howdy that says, If you know tomorrow is kiama, and you have a seed, then plant that seed symbol how the tree will never grow. That's not your concern. The tree growing or not, is in the hands of Allah, you do what you

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can do now. victories in the hands of Allah, Allah will change the big picture. When we change the things on the ground. This is the servant of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Don't you worry about the result, you do the work. This is how Allah has done it. So even if it seems impossible, and how many stories of Sahaba went up against and they did objectives that seemed impossible. They just did their job. And Allah subhanho wa Taala opened away they could not even have imagined that's our follow up from us. You do your part and leave the result with me. And of course, everyone else sees these problems we see it but Cydia is not my problem. It's someone else's problem. Crime is not my

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problem. It's someone else's problem.

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What's happening to our youth not my problem, someone else's problem. Everyone has that so at the end of the day, the problem goes unchecked. Whereas as I sit in a visa salon

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and think of it like this now visa Salaam, his life, he was perfect. But he took the problems of the oma as his problem. And the Sahaba who emulated him did the same. The issues of the do the oma These are my concerns and my problems because jakhu slimming we will be asked about that. What did you do? You saw it What did you do? I would through positioning this dunia our true aspiration Allah subhanaw taala did not put us here simply to see to ourselves.

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Allah put us here for a reason. And Allah says couldn't do hydro material project Nina's You are the basis of people that are used to mankind, or you are supposed to be the base of people that are used to mankind why morona Bill maroof You are the first people to encourage goodness in the dunya what 1009 Alucard and you're the first people to stand up against injustice and evil. You're the first people when you see a problem, you fix it. You're the first in line when someone says we need something Yeah, we all jump up and say we will do it. Time of Sahaba will never be so sometimes we need something that people have returned back and says voila, it's already too late. We already have

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enough volunteers. This is where the Sahaba what took me una bella and you believe in Allah subhanaw taala you're committed that what I do have good and forbidding evil, Allah will grant the success in that oficially after our commands as well coming from lately arise out of you mutton a people are Mattoon either on either hate or Maroon.

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Let me always be Allah says a group of you people that rise up that is always calling to good in joining my roof, you are the people that are defending goodness calling others to goodness and standing against evil. Allah says there should always be a group of you doing this.

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This should not stand idle it should not wait. And Allah says in the specific to the masjid and I can tell you I speak now you know frankly about this man, serial hamdulillah a lot of good has come a lot of guide and Baraka. But we have a crisis in that. We don't have enough hand manpower, so many projects. You know, all of you will notice you walk past and you see spider law how many non Muslim tourists are you taking pictures? Can we not give Dawa to them? This Masjid was built and structured was upgraded. So it can allow non Muslims into the masjid and teach about the dean. So what's stopping you? The structure is the we don't have someone to run with a project. We don't have the

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manpower someone says I will do it. We have a website which is standing idle hands

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There's a brother that said, I stand up, I'll do it and inshallah within a week or two we'll have it done. But we had years of lectures waiting, just waiting the, on the on the computer, so many other projects and nursery school needs a few that you need someone to go and raise, not even 100,000 and to build a nursery school that might stand for over 100 years, but we need someone to stand up and say I will do it. So Allah says in masajid, Allah, the mosques of Allah, this is the job description. You not saying you need to fulfill this, yes, you need to have these qualities to be on the tour and the masjid of Allah, but also those who are serving the oma the community, they have

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these qualities you'd find in men in them in masajid, Allah, the mosques are maintained only by those who believe in Allah, and in kiama the last day and they establish salah and they give zakah and they don't feel any besides Allah. Why don't we put this last condition here? They don't fear any besides Allah because he has, we don't like conflict. And when you are in a position that sees two things of the community, they will be naturally they'll be conflict. But ultimately, we answer to Allah subhanaw taala. I do my part, even if it's unpopular, even if the people don't like what I'm doing, but I need to say and do these things. But because we're so scared, maybe sometimes for

00:31:14 --> 00:31:32

people to criticize us, we sit back. So we let the other people do it. And they do a poor job when I could have done a better job. So Allah gives, these are the people he's looking for. Run my massage, run my mother is run this community. This is Allah subhanaw taala calling out to all of us. So doing good.

00:31:33 --> 00:31:54

Is our, our a doing good for the community is part of our Deen, part of who we are. We live we believe, as Allah says, in the community, who are your brothers? Whatever affects one Muslim is your problem as well. Who of us will see his blood brother starve to death and say, That's not my concern?

00:31:56 --> 00:32:36

None of us will do that. But I'm not saying every believer is your brother. Who of you will say my brother was evicted from his house unfairly? But it's not my concern. That's his problem. None of us would do that. But Allah says every Muslim is a brother to another Allah says in America. For us we have a Navajo a comb. So reconcile and bring goodness with your brother. What the law and fear Allah, Allah, Allah will have mercy on you. Now be substances. We know this Hadeeth love for the people what you love for yourself. And you will be believers. Your Eman is not complete. You're not true believers unless you love for another Muslim, what you love for yourself, and how can you love

00:32:36 --> 00:32:40

for another Muslim when you see him in the streets, and it doesn't even move you further.

00:32:42 --> 00:32:59

None of you truly believe until he loves us, we're gonna be saved for his brother what he loves for yourself. Whoever sees as Viola brothers, we know no one says this is like one body we know this head is such a well known body, one body that if one part of the body is injured, the entire body feels the pain.

00:33:00 --> 00:33:28

This is a believer. Now when we see not only one finger being injured, but an entire arm and leg being amputated. And we don't feel the pain anymore. We see Allah forgive me a lot. There's some blindness to my heart. I suffer from this disease of apathy, I have become blinded by my own concerns and my own worries. My entire my entire, you know, goal in life is myself and me. And my bank account and my future and my kids. I suffer from this as well all of us do.

00:33:30 --> 00:33:51

Alhamdulillah we still alive? We're not dead yet. So we seek we say Allah, my weakness, I make dua to Allah guide me to something better. Let us leave something behind like our forefathers did. I'm amazed when I read the history of the only year that came here, they lost the battle to the Dutch. In Indonesia. They lost, they were defeated.

00:33:53 --> 00:34:18

And a person that he's lost. He lost his family. He lost his country. They will sue pontes they were like political leaders and Obama. They lost. And so Angela, what do you do? What would you do to your Eman? You spend decades learning the deen and you call people to Allah and you stand up in to jihad against an oppressor and still allows the person to when you will be a broken person and then they take you and they put you in a land you know in the end of the world

00:34:19 --> 00:34:59

that a normal person will tell us I've given up your law. I just do my solder and I wait for my death. No. They said if they bring me here, then I'll start from scratch here. 300 years later, we'll have a look where we are. We couldn't have imagined now that this is what's going to happen. They didn't give up one man two people, not a single Quran in this place. We don't have a Quran even to teach, then our writing from memory, every problem that will you know, they said every excuse, I will have a solution. They bring me I will start from scratch. My duties to call of duty is to see that it succeeds. Let us not give up hope and become hopeless and as I said it's vanilla.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:41

wealth that we have. Look at the Muslim woman just in general. You have from Morocco until almost Indonesia, countries that are almost 100% Muslim exclusion maybe of countries like India, but the unbroken land, Islamic Muslim countries, the best resources in the world are in the hands of Muslims. Once one third of the world's population are Muslims, when they for US Navy so seldom about the future, maybe some see the time will come when this oma will be devoured by the non Muslims like like birds eat from a bowl they will take what they want and nothing will stop them. So Swan Allah will we be few in number that is no, you'll be huge in number, but there'll be no quality, no value

00:35:41 --> 00:36:23

to you, you'll be like the form of the sea. It just moves back and forth. No value, no Kima no power to it. But you have the numbers, we have the numbers, we can make a change but others It begins with one individual. I see this so many times that a lecturer one of the first bayanzurkh actually heard not here at UCT, a guest lecturer came. He said Don't you want, you want to change the world? hamdulillah good. Don't aspire to be like Heartbleed will say Norman said when harden when he passed away, he said this man is worth an alpha, meaning 1 million. He is the worth of 1 million people, this man that just died. So he says Don't be like that aspire to be just one Muslim, because our

00:36:23 --> 00:37:03

almost 1.5 billion in terms of number. But our influence is not even the value of a few million. In fact, 6 million people in one country dominate the entire Muslim population of Israel dominates the entire Oh, no, we can't do anything. So our value is actually less than that. So he said that we have negative Muslims in our ranks, or fractions of a Muslim. So Aspire, I will be one thing I will give my part. And if my brother gives his part and that brother gives his pot, well, hamdulillah we will see the change happening. Then the big picture will fix itself. Now visa Salaam began from the ground up the slave bill and what could be learned of a supernova is a slave doesn't even he doesn't

00:37:03 --> 00:37:10

own anything. He doesn't even own himself. But each and every Muslim on this earth probably knows abubaker and Milan,

00:37:11 --> 00:37:53

Panama that slave men change the world. He was basically nothing but he changed the world. And he got something to give. What did he have he had a man and a belief that I have something to contribute. All of us each and every one of us have something to contribute. If you see the problem will allow the brother just to time or fewer and so even a kind word and go to the people that are doing it. What can I do to help you'd find that's what's needed. We don't need experts we don't need the best of the best we don't need the most advanced people are millions and billions in rands. We just need a little bit of concern and if it's so part of your life part of my life is to look at a

00:37:53 --> 00:38:35

problem in my area your area What can I do to fix it is a community in anything don't choose everything one thing one thing is part of my civic duty. This is a concept that we've lost that I have a duty to come my community and we see the non Muslims understand this yet we are the ones who should show this and geometric mean doing nothing is not an option. So like we said if the brother says but I am not contributing to the wall I am not the one causing the famine. I'm not the one breaking and vandalizing and causing the crime I'm not the evil one I'm doing my part I make my solder I earned my money Hold on. I do keep within the limits Why am I being punished? What Why am I

00:38:35 --> 00:38:52

at fault the responses we know this Have you ever have you seen evil when he must change it with his hand and he was unable to change it with his hand? Then he should at least speak out about it. So he sees vanilla in this area? There are people that never heard about Islam

00:38:53 --> 00:39:33

Okay, I can give the Dow can't teach food someone and say there's something wrong here. Oh, I see something, you know something a pothole in the road. No one is concerned about this. Let me let me ask at least inquire at least this video such a sad video. You see a small girl two years old being knocked over in China. The truck bumps over and she's like lying there. It's not passed away yet. But like 12 people walk by and see her and no one thinks and it takes a street lady to walk presences finds a child that's dying yet the child passes away. We've become so engrossed in our own daily duties we don't see the evil anymore. At least inquire if you can fix it. Your duty is to fix

00:39:33 --> 00:39:59

it. If you can't then speak out and call for help. And maybe some sentences and if you can't even call out you don't even have the the ability to speak about it. Then at least make dua and how many of us make dua Allah help the people in Cydia in Palestine. Yeah, Allah replace our leaders with bitter leaders. Yeah, Allah help those who are starving and those are sick, if we don't at least make the dua and at least we can send the AMA when we stand before Allah and he asked us what did you do?

00:40:00 --> 00:40:03

For the problems in the dunya, this you can see that I made

00:40:04 --> 00:40:23

at least that's you excuse my excuse. They did at least be our smallest of excuses. I didn't do anything. I didn't give one cent to one hour, one thought, but I may do it once a day, Allah help and mentioned if you know at least give yourself that five minutes to mention that problem by name.

00:40:24 --> 00:41:06

To show some concern, we may get that concern grows in our hearts, that this disease of carelessness and apathy goes away. And, as I said, like to conclude on a positive note, so how about with very little and nothing that we have, you know, what we have eclipses whatever they had in terms of ability and power and knowledge. But spondylitis requires a shift in the hearts and minds out and we into annaleigh it before our eyes, we saw a institution like a party disappearing, people would have thought impossible to change without a civil war. And and hamdulillah good people, good people. And our we were counted as well, our community, we undid that evil but we know this challenge is still

00:41:06 --> 00:41:45

today doing in our community. responsibility for each and every one of us to stand up and do something about it, do something, you can fix all the problems in the world, but that's not your job. Your job is to put your name down and say yes, I will do something. So Allah subhanaw taala grant us to leave this world better than the way we found it. May Allah leave that we leave behind a legacy not for others to see that Allah can see and we can stand before a low resume and say Allah, not on my way I didn't fix all the problems but I was at least they to make sure the lights in the masjid was on. I made sure that someone was giving the dour I made sure that somebody was keeping

00:41:45 --> 00:42:15

the evil in check. I was part of that Allah with I succeeded or not was your job but I was part of that the smaller except the little that we do and increase us in this goodness and we make this law with regards to all the diseases of our hearts Robin Allah to Allah don't cause our hearts to become corrupted by the it had eaten after You have guided us will have learned and grant from us militum Khurana from Allah grant us Rama in Antalya hub, you are the best of those who grant and gifts things insha Allah Allah

00:42:16 --> 00:42:53

Allah grant us Hayden Baraka, amin in sha Allah we continue with the series next week in sha Allah once again my email on there and once again please you want to watch the series encourage all of you is a good place to start a good place to learn the Sahaba you would you know fully How did these people change the world? These your answers listen to that and you listen to the CDs you'll find how Sahaba change the world and inshallah also if you want as I said the live session, you can come on Tuesday evenings here we also do Syrah on Tuesday evenings from Muslim until Asia inshallah, what are some of the signum hamadryad it was a hobby or ceramic Domingo hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen

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