Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 05 – L059I

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of following Prophet's commandments and following strong and confident believers' actions is emphasized. The speaker discusses the potential consequences of giving a command to people who commit the Prophet's crimes and the importance of following the user's actions to become a firm believer. The speaker emphasizes the importance of acceptance of commandments and rewarding individuals for following them, as well as following the Prophet's commandments and not letting things happen to them. The speaker also highlights the importance of individuals following the Prophet's commandments and acting on their own plans to achieve success in their life.
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I'm going to ship on Elysium Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim

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that's number 59. Sort of Vanessa will begin from a number 60 610 Anika taberna. I lay him an echo to do enforcer come our way through Doom in the ericom. Method mirtha r Lu Illa Padilla Minh home.

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And if we had decreed upon them, kill yourselves or leave your homes, they would not have done it. Except for a few of them.

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The ayat in this context, are about the obligation of obedience to Allah and His messenger.

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Especially obedience to the commands of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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I mentioned to you a few incidents in which the prophets of Allah saddam had made a verdict. And instead what if some people do, they went to others for decision?

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And some people when the profits are awarded to them gave a verdict? What did they do? They rejected his decision. They said they weren't going to accept it. And they blame the Prophet sallallahu Sallam for not doing either.

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And then we learned that fell out of beaker let me know by Allah, your Lord. These people can never be believers meaning even if a person claims to be a believer at his tongue, he's a man is not complete. His Eman is not acceptable, unless and until he accepts the decision of the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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How that there is no there is no constriction in the heart, there is no discomfort.

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Meaning a person wholeheartedly accepts the decision of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and then not just accepting but also submitting inwardly, as well as outwardly.

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And then Allah subhanaw taala says that the decision that the prophets or of others Adam has made, or the command that he gives, is not that difficult.

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It's not impossible, it is something that is possible for you. And in fact, it is something that is good for you. If you look at all of the sudden of the prophets or vorticella, they make a person a civilized person. They give discipline to the actions of a person. Every action becomes meaningful and every action becomes an act of obedience to Allah subhanaw taala enacted a law Allah subhanaw taala loves.

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So over here, Allah says that Willow and NACA tamanna, Allah him, and if we had decreed upon them, Katana, literally we wrote, and what this means is that if we had imposed if we had ordained if we had made incumbent upon them, that I knew what to do and forsaken, that all of you should kill yourselves,

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who was told to kill themselves, the bunny is funny.

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And whenever they're told to do that, when they worshiped the calf,

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and you know, the meaning of work to do, and for second, it can be understood in two ways that first of all those people who have committed the sin, they killed themselves,

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and secondly, unable to do and for second, what does it mean that those people who committed the sin are to be killed by those people who stayed away from this?

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So we see that even within the Muslims at the time of the prophets are about us and and there were two groups. One was those people who unconditionally accepted every decision every command of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And on the other hand, there were those who refused the decision, who rejected the decision of the profits out of water.

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So those people who committed the sin were to be killed by those who did not commit the sin.

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So how do we prescribe this punishment upon them, that you also kill yourselves? Just as the bunny is right? You were told to kill themselves, when they disobey the command of the messenger?

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Or withhold You mean the article? Or you go out from your homes?

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From holiday? And what does it mean to go out that leave your houses, leave your houses, don't stay in your cities anymore. Don't stay in your houses anymore. Leave your homeland leave your country. So if these people were given this command, what would be the reaction? Allah says mefa r Lu in their codedom in home, none would have done it except only a few of them.

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Meaning only the very sincere believers would accept this command of the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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Now, this statement gives us two meanings. One, as I mentioned to you earlier that how difficult is a command of the prophets are about Islam isn't this difficult? It's not that difficult. And even if we were to give this command still there would be some people who would accept.

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Secondly has been said that what this means is that these people are so disobedient, that even if they were commanded to commit what is prohibited

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What is prohibited?

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killing yourself.

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So even if these people were commanded with something that is prohibited, they would not accept.

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You see, generally, why do people not accept the comments? Because they don't like them? And what do they want to do? That which is prohibited? Many times in many situations, this is the reason people don't want to opt for Halloween Rather, they want to indulge in heroin.

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So over here, law says they are so disobedient that even if we were to command them with something hard on just because they're being commanded, they would not accept just because they're being commanded, they will not accept. And this is to demonstrate their extreme disobedience, their extreme disobedience that will allow anagha termina la him and Jaco to do and fusa come away. Do you mean the eriko my fou a look at the main home? None would have done it except only a few of them. Those people who are true in there even

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What does Allah say that well, unknown for Luma you are Luna v. And if they had done what may you are gonna be that which they were advised with that which they were counseled to do, exhorted to do

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your aluna. Notice that hasn't been said about Moodle. It hasn't been said about when Moodle amorous to give a command you don't have a choice, you have to do it. But while is to encourage a person to do something, while is to encourage a person to do something, so that he himself decides that yes, this is something that I should do.

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You understand the difference?

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amorous you don't have a choice you have to do it. While is that you're encouraging the other person that he himself makes the decision that yes, this is good for me. I should do it.

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So well, unknown fara Luma you are aluna B and if they had done what they were advised to do, what they were exhorted to do by the prophet sallallahu sallam, no matter how hard it is, like Anna hieronder, whom surely it would have been better for them?

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It would have been better for them, meaning any command that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam gives? Whether you like it, or you don't, whether it is a clear instruction, or an encouragement, whether you find it difficult, or you find it easy. If you follow the Prophet sallallahu sallam, what does Allah say like and

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surely it would have been better for them?

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Why? Because obedience to the prophets are allowed us and and brings benefits to a person not just in this dunya, but also in the

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watershed that has been there, and more strong in firmness,

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a shadow, as you notice from the word shaded, and what does God mean intense? So I said the more intense more strong, more severe. In what interests me, that's me this on the roof better said better. And what does better mean? To become firm? So this beat is confirmation, firmness, strengthening. So their obedience to the command, their following the world would have been stronger in confirmation. What is the mean by the stronger in confirmation? This is understood in two ways.

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First of all, this was a stronger confirmation of their faith. This was a stronger confirmation of their faith.

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Up until now, what are people doing? Yes,

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they're just claiming that they're believers.

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It's only lip service. But if they actually followed the command, then this would really show that they really believe that they're true believers.

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So a shed that has veto meaning this would be a stronger confirmation of their faith, what would be following the commandments following their orders, it would really show that they are indeed believers.

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Secondly, what I said that this beat has been understood as that it would be a cause of firmness and steadfastness of their image.

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The more a person obeys, what happens?

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The more conviction he has,

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the more a person obeys, the more doors to obedience open for him. So I shared that as be that if they had accepted this command. In the future, it would have been easier for them to accept more comments, more instructions.

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Isn't it so that when you accept something initially, then it's easy for you to deal with it afterwards?

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And if you don't accept it at the beginning, then no matter what you do, it's very difficult for you to deal with it.

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So I said that asmita it would have been much better for them for their strengthening of their email.

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And we see that the Sahaba, the sincere companions of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, they obeyed. The Prophet sort of promises them wholeheartedly.

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They submitted to his commands inwardly as well as outwardly.

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Which is why we see that they accompanied him at the Battle of, but they accompanied him at the Battle of Ohio, and so many other battles as well.

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They were literally giving up their lives because going to a battle, I'd rather just imagine you're only a few 313 only, and your enemy is three times your number even more, and you have hardly anything with you to defend yourself.

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So we see that the Sahaba, they completely submitted to the decision of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, even though Apparently, it seems to bring more harm to them than benefit. Why? Because when a person has the opinion, that this is the Rasul of Allah, this is the Messenger of Allah will marry young people, Anil, however, he does not speak out of his own desire to his own whim, that whatever he's telling me is for my benefit, that a person will accept. And when he will accept, then more doors of righteousness will open for him.

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And when he doesn't accept, then the doors of righteousness close for him.

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What he then and then what does that mean by he then, meaning if they accepted the command of the profits or about us on them, if they remain firm, if they confirmed their Eman by following the command, then let me know homie LaDonna shorty we gave them from near us agilon Lima, a great reward.

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Meaning if they had obeyed the prophets or Avada Salaam as a result of that we would give them I don't, I will Yuma. Why? Because as I mentioned earlier, that one righteous deed leads to more righteous deeds. So obviously, the reward is going to be multiplied as well.

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And if the person does not even take the first step, is he going to go any further? No. Is he going to excel? No. Is he going to advance? No.

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And if a person takes the first step, no matter how hard it seems, then what happens? He continues to go on, then he excels, then more and more doors open for him. And as a result, that it now humi LaDonna added on as a great reward.

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What are they now home and surely we guided them set out on was the FEMA to about that history?

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Meaning as a result of this, we would continue them in their heyday, we would lead them to the correct path.

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And remember that throughout your life, what are you wondering what I'm doing? Is it really right? Is it really the right thing to do?

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But when a person is constantly obedient, that whatever command of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he finds out about whatever command he learns from the Quran, and as a result, what happens?

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increases in his diet, he increases in his guidance.

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So what do we learn from these three is that a person, he can only have steadfastness, he can only act upon what he learned when he has determination

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when he has as

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when he has yaqeen.

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Because if you don't have your thing in the fact that this person who said to me is the prophets autoloaders on them, then how will you be?

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If you don't have your cleaner? Apparently, it may seem harmful, but this is in fact good for me because Allah is commanding me, then how can you do it?

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So what is needed is a man and you can and the only way of having steadfastness is through your thing.

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And remember that Azzam or your pain or determination, how does a person have this? When he curbs two things? What are they? First of all, show her what? And secondly, she will hurt

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when a person gets rid of these two things, shallot and shuba, what OSHA what designers? Like for example, we know that we should pre register before if it is too soon. And what do we learn about the pseudocode

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that they are better than the Neo mafia? They're better than this dunya and everything within it.

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Now one is that a person follows his shutouts, his desires that no, I want to sleep, I want to sleep and just 10 minutes before the Salah expires, he gets up and brings it up.

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So what does it show that he's not gonna be able to do it? Why? Because it's Shehata coming in the way. So you have to suppress your desires in order to obey.

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You have to suppress them, you have to control them.

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That you have to tell yourself No, I cannot sleep any longer than this.

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And everybody has some weakness. Some people love to eat because of which they can't fast. Some people love to sleep because of which they can't study because they wish they can recite the Quran. They pray fudger and they can't stay away.

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Can they have to sleep even if it means 15 minutes, those 15 minutes could be spent in reading some Earth garden reciting the Quran. But if the Shahada overcome a person,

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and secondly, she will have doubts. That and how can you get rid of doubts by knowledge.

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Another lesson that we learned from these is that when a person leaves something for the sake of a loss of panel data or does something difficult, then what happens, his present state becomes better, his present state improves, and the outcome is also better, the outcome is also good.

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Many times we refrain from obeying the last panel data or doing something difficult. Why? Because we think we're not able to do it.

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Like, for example, we think we're too busy. And therefore I don't have time for nothing, I don't have time for that.

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But if a person overcomes himself, and does that which Allah subhanaw taala is pleased with, even if he finds it very difficult, then only his present condition is going to improve and then only his future condition is going to improve as well. We also learned that a person who accepts the commands of Allah, He will have firmness, and the one who doesn't, he will stumble, and he will fall. When a person accepts, only then he will have to speak.

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And if a person does not accept, then what's going to happen.

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He's going to stumble, he's going to fall. Because remember that this way, the way to Chennai surrounded by what,

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by difficulties, by difficulties,

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and on this way, is also shaitan, who is trying to stop us trying to make you fall at every step.

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So if you don't accept the command of Allah, if you don't accept the guidance that I lost, the penalty is giving you go here, avoid this, go there. Don't go this way. Keep going straight. Slow down. Now speed up. Now. If you don't listen to the instructions that are lost primarily as given what's going to happen,

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you're going to stumble, you're going to fall.

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So the only way of remaining steadfast is obedience to the commands of Allah. So

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that is the only way. The only way and if you think that no, you don't need to follow the commands of Allah. I don't need to pray. I don't need to do that. I don't need to make the law then what's going to happen

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the person can fall very easily.

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