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Abdullah Oduro
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses various issues related to Islam, including remorse, fear, and desire for peace. It emphasizes the importance of understanding and monitoring behavior to avoid confusion and fear. The segment also emphasizes the importance of showing gratitude and affirming one's beliefs to increase one's relationship with Allah. The segment also emphasizes the importance of learning to control behavior and finding one's trueest self.
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similar Haman Hamdulillah I mean, well sal Allahu wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala Ernie he was happy as remain my bad rubbish Rafi suddenly we are silly and we want to know that and mainly sunny you have a whole barley.

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So we are continuing in this book called The luebbe were able to save what off You're kidding me.

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It's the shower of good utterances that is by eminent domain, name and Josie

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and this is a beautiful book in regards to the remembrance of Allah they call law Subhana wa Tada. We are still in the introduction in regards to and it is speaking about different issues. Very important issues regarding the Zakat are very important issues that the Zakat or the person that is remembering the law should take into consideration and they are very pertinent issues in regards to us as human beings and particularly us as Muslims. So we stopped at the parts where even no claim even claim and Josie

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was talking about

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the tofi from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada and he mentioned how Tofik is when someone does not rely on themselves a layer kala kala who Elana fsic And he says LAN, and you Akela kala who to allocate NFC is to where one will believe that they have control of all of their affairs. They rely on themselves and we mentioned that dua will say yeah, hi yeah for you bureau. Mitica

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is a story for us lately.

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slipped it was to

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rectify for me my slip nice, shiny cooler. Well, that's a kidney in NFC tonfa time

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rectifier for me all my affairs and do not make me of those that rely on myself for the timespan of the blink of an eye. Make me of those that continuously rely upon you and he meant that's what we ended up paying was talking about fitting an RFP and an RFP and you're sort of the prize predecessors would say things like Tofik is where you don't rely on yourself and you rely on Allah and the opposite of Tofik is to where you rely on yourself. And then he says here as we as we mentioned, color him Allah Tada.

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From an Allahu be hired unfetter Allahu Bab a lowly will and Khesari with the woman legit elite in a lighter and it will lift fit like what work gets here you will be enough See he will generally and he mentioned here and whoever he says Rahim Allah whoever wants Allah wants good for he opens the door of debasement and of the broken self Vianney, your heart becomes broken. When thinking of a sin that you've committed. And debasing yourself a vessel is to be at a low position to lower yourself in humility to Allah with the woman logy Elian always retreating and turning to him. What if Ducati Lahey and always being in profit impoverished or needing him? What are you sure you will be enough?

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See and looking at his or her Are you and are you is can be defined as deficiencies, looking at the sins of themselves. What Jehovah and also it's ignorance for its ignorance, actions and thoughts will Lunia and it's oppression were Diwaniya and it's transgression. Or Moshe had that he fogli rugby and witnessing the virtues of their Lord.

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Then also talking about what Sonny and His goodness and excellence to them what Amati and His mercy what job what God and His goodness to them and, and, and showing that which is a form of excellence to them

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what beauty He where he now he will he now who was handy and they're talking about his goodness to them and is how Allah subhanaw taala blesses them with good fortune and riches that was

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also making him blessing them with his his His richness subhanho wa Taala and his praise and then he goes on to say Rahim Allah to allow for it to settle in a lighter either been or had any agenda Hain so the one that is knowledgeable of what we just mentioned, is traveling or voyaging or journeying through the

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Two wings

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that you can do on your Sierra ELAB Rahima there is no way that this individual can go on his journey except with these two. For metal fans, Why don't men Houma for her Kapadia levy fucka ohada. Jeanette, hey, he, he says, Whenever and if any one of these or one of these wings that is missed is missing, then he is like the bird that has lost one of their wings and the two wings here is

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Raja will hope and hope, what Raja? It is hope and fear. And you find this seminal claim he talks about this in the data just saw that came another one of his famous books, when speaking about the two wings of the bird is hope and fear, hoping ALLAH SubhanA wa taala, and fear of his punishment, and that is what we just previously talked about. And it was a little more explicit. When we think about those sins are heartbreaks, we lower ourselves because we're in fear of Allah subhanaw taala knowledge of His greatness, but at the same time, we have hope in Him and we hope for His mercy with God he will he will be able to he works and he we hope that he is that he brings it he showers His

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mercy upon us and does not hold that account hold on hold us accountable for that in this life or in the next

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and then he says we'll call the shareholder Islam and Scheffel Islam here is a voicemail and how do we and that is the the author of the book, that the book, the data just Sally King is an explanation of the book of a boy smarter than Halloween. So that's the book Medallia just had a keen it's well known by Him and obey Him it's an explanation of a previous book by a voicemail and how do we and he turns them here shuffled Islam, partnership for Islam, and if we assume Ilahi been in Russia had to tell Mina or Motorola, Motorola RTI, even Nuptse was common and that's what we're gonna talk about today. In a couple of lines. He said Shepherd Islam says

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that the knowledgeable person journeys through to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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between witnessing his blessings and his bestowment upon you are witnessing that which He has granted you and Motorola to Eva knifes will Amman and, and

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coming acquainted with or understanding or witnessing also the deficiencies of the self and the action, the deficiencies of the self and the action, always taking that into account mythology and say monitoring or being aware of. So it says the RF is between these two situations. It says a lot if we acetyl Ilahi the RF the one that is knowledgeable of Allah, journeys to Allah subhana wa Taala between these two things,

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witnessing his or her deficiencies and also witnessing the blessings of Allah upon them. This is what will keep you safe. Then he says here a hammer Allah to Allah will have the mountain a goalie sallallahu alayhi wa salam filled Hadith sahih

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Hadith when Siedel is still far

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who knows who say that it's still far

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to say that so far once I mentioned him you will be familiar with it. The prophets Allah Islam says in a beautiful Hadith Seagull is still far a Akula Abbot. He said the leader or the king of seeking forgiveness, it is when the servant says Allah Houma and turabi, La ilaha illa and Haluk funny one

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way or another I think of a word you cannot stop art Bula can be shoved remap machinery maisonette, abou the cabinet Mexicali or abou B than the Philly for in new in the hood layer fields in Uber Illa. And in this hadith, this dua is in the Buhari.

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This is the best type of estate far. Say it means leader or king. So the king of seeking forgiveness is to say the following. Oh my Lord, You are, you are my Lord. There is no one worthy of worship, worship except you. You created me and I'm your slave. And I am upon your why will watch and I had this like agreement or covenant and your promise messed up a lot to the best of my ability. So I will fulfill your commandments and my obligation to your commandments, to the best of my ability. Were all the weekend in shuddering mess on it. And I seek refuge in You from the evil from which I have done we don't attribute it to Allah.

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I seek refuge in You from the evil that I have done.

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A boo that can be named my take care Allah. Yeah. Abu laka Jonnie Abu. He's gonna mention you hit a boom is I acknowledge the I acknowledge the blessings that you have bestowed upon me, will be them be and I acknowledge them.

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My sins, so forgive me for rarely, there was no one that forgives for the sins except you. And then he ends here and he explains it. And he ties this into the two things which were what were the two things that the artist knows that they journey to Allah with what two things

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those are the two wings that they fly with.

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While they're flying they were there's two things that are always in mind.

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Those are the two wings

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like in your theory Ilala.

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None the deficiency of the self in the action and also with

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Na moto moto Allah, Masha, ditzel Mina, witnessing the blessings that Allah has given, and also being aware of the deficiencies. So while you're flying with Hofer and Raja, with fear and hope you always have this in mind, where if I went wrong, what have I done wrong? Right? What Allah subhanaw taala has given me a child Allah has given me this virtue Allah has given me these things. Where have I went wrong in regards to the what I've been given?

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Wherever I went wrong with my family, wherever I went wrong with the organs that he has given me with the money that I have. So when you think about our Zack, what He has given you, where have you been deficient with what He has given you? Where have you been negligent? Where have you been?

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You You haven't been thankful with what He has given you. Now.

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So the private image then after that, he mentioned the DUA, this data is far Buckler himolla For Gemma hifi Callie sallallahu alayhi wa salam Ebola conveniently ticket near Mexico LA where abou will be Thembi Moshe Heatherton, Mina

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Omotola mattala 10 FC enough's. Muffaletta, Avon FC well Amman. So it says here the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the DUA that we just mentioned. That's in Buhari, he joined between these two that we just talked about in this dua with saying what a boo like cabinet medica I recognize and I acknowledge your blessings upon me, that is what recognition of what he's given you. What a boo with them be. And I acknowledge my sins. That's recognition of the ape with a deficiency. Right? And then he says Rahim, Allah to other

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from OSHA determine to jeweler who and muhabba was harmed was Shuker Lee nem. Well isn't so now I have no claim is is doing to sell sold fuckery. Now he's telling you, now that we understand these two things that you need, recognizing your deficiencies, and recognizing the greatness of the one that is not deficient from what he has given you. He said when you recognize that what you what you've been given, what does that necessitate 2g Min Whadjuk. 2g biller who muhabba will hand was chakra level e&m. When you remember what Allah has given you, it shouldn't necessitate love

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and what praise and gratitude for the one that is in control of the blessings and giving in a form of excellence or being good to you. So what is one way to in other words, what is one way to increase your love of Allah

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and praising Him what?

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To remember, we just mentioned those two things. Remember the blessings? Why is this important?

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If you're giving Dawa to a non Muslim you want to talk to somebody about Islam. You want to talk to somebody about Allah what's a technique that you can do

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you think you've been given your organs by yourself? I'm Holly Coronavirus, che and I'm humbled Harlequin losses in the way they created from nothing or were they themselves created. One easy technique is to remind the person that you have been given something by the Creator.

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That's the what recognition of the Mina, witness the blessings of Allah upon you for the A II Rebecca to cut the band, which one of the favorites of your Lord will you deny? So remembering what you've been given,

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you could start with isn't a bit of time in your life where you say to yourself, Man, I don't know how I was given this. I wouldn't put in a hard situation. And I've been given this and it was beyond my understanding and beyond what I expected.

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When you start to think about that, even internally, you say what

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or when you recite Surah Fatiha, and you say, Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen when you said Hamdulillah, I think of what have I been given

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that Allah has just given me and I didn't even ask, or I asked, and he gave me more. Or I asked and he took it on

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away from me and I realized later in life where I was taken away from me Alhamdulillah horrible enemy. This is one of the things for sure, in their prayer. So even no game is going deep here

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just from this from say that it's still far. So the first thing you think about is what you have been given witness once you begin right now, if else until you sit and think about five things that Allah has given you.

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What should the result be? And that's what he's saying here. The results should be muhabba this increases your love of Allah. This increases your praise of Allah. And this increases your gratitude and the best way of showing love and gratitude to Allah is by doing what

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especially gratitude is sugar what's the best way to prove that

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we're going full circle now.

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Salah what else? What else?

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What type of action

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which is what

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all these rules the Sharia.

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The best way to show gratitude to Allah is follow the Sunnah.

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Practice the deen and practice your religion. Someone wants to come back and turn to Allah they feel terrible as we talked about the time your heart feels broken when we talked about earlier. The best way to do that is to find a sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did and the Sunnah and what he has done, there are levels. So the best of them is Salah is the second pillar of Islam.

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Why? Because even when you're in the salon, you say what Alhamdulillah you think Al Hamdulillah man I committed this sin hamdulillah is loving life has given me the strength to come here after austere by myself and pray.

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I think what he has given me it could have been much worse. That increases your love of Allah subhanho wa Taala that's the process of the believer. That's the process of the of the human being and then of the Muslim when they're praising Allah and they said Hamdulillah you know Bill Atomy

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didn't even okay and goes on to say Rahim Allah Azza wa Taala it a bit Nuptse when the Amel 2g Bula who azul willing Kisara would have to car would tow but what Toba equally worked. What a layer on NAFSA who LM move, listen.

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Then he ends here but by by saying

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after he talked about witnessing the blessings and wishing witnessing what Allah has bestowed upon you how that should necessitate love and praise etc. He says, and witnessing or monitoring the deficiencies of the self and of the actions shouldn't necessitate debasement and a broken self and being impoverished, and redemption or repentance at all times. He couldn't be worked. What a layer on episode 11 of listen, and not to see themselves except someone that is empty or someone that is in need or some worthless literally means poor. Right? Someone that is in need and someone that is not self sufficient. So what does this do this makes the individual what?

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And that is what the servant of Allah is. The servant of Allah is someone that is loves Allah subhanaw taala more than they love themselves, so that negates what

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and arrogance, the Sunnah, the chain of narration, the chain of arrogance goes to who it ends where?

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Right, shake Dawn, how was shaytaan arrogant?

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Then who?

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Then all of us, right? He didn't prostrate to Adam. He was arrogant. Right? And even in the Quran, Allah will be met of weight any luck or Daniela homeseer article Sirata. Kalam was talking. Like shaytaan even acknowledges that Allah subhanaw taala is the one that is in control, and is the one that created it has control of all things. And he disobeyed it. If you look at the logical shaytaan it doesn't make sense.

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He says, Oh, the one that created me and has control over me, I'm going to disobey you.

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Right? So here shaytaan are even though Pam is talking about witnessing the deficiency of the self should make you humble. So if you want to remind somebody that has a level of arrogance, or if you yourself, rely to Kili LEM acid, Neff SIC, as we talked about earlier, if you rely on yourself an example of relying on yourself is where you say that is because of what I've done.

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That's because of my intelligence, my strategy. Me and you stop there. And that's the difference between being a person in this dunya and a person in the ACA. You say yes, this is what I've done, but that's from the virtue of Allah subhanho wa Taala it's because of Allah subhanaw taala

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He's given me the opportunity to make a choice. And he even

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emboldened me to even make that correct choice. And because I made that decision, that small window, he rewards me for it in the lives of Hannah with data. And that's what we mean by you always show your gratitude to Allah subhanho wa taala. And if you feel that you have a level of arrogance, think of a deficiency think of a demon in your closet.

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Think of one of your sins, think of one of the deficiencies feed enough sick of Yamanaka, you notice had been obey Him. He says Motorola RTA beneft see one Amman.

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He says looking at the deficiency of the knifes and the action, he differentiates them you notice. So you think about something you've done, or you think about a feeling that you have.

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And that we should encourage you to ask Allah for forgiveness, to seek His help to seek his right. Or if you want to take the pathway of thinking of what He has given you. Look at the clothes you have the car you have, where you live, your children, your health, when you see what's going on with people all around the world, in Philistine in Sudan, in Syria, you should automatically think why would Allah was a philosopher Allah is giving me what Allah has given me and the use, you can make the say that it's that far.

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Right? I acknowledge I acknowledge the blessings of you upon me and I acknowledged my sins. So that's what I've been okay, I'm talks about here. And that's what we covered today. That the individual he started off with the two wings, the wings of fear and the Wings of Hope. But when you're going you're traveling to Allah subhanho wa Taala you have in mind, you have in mind as you are traveling and you're flying to Allah subhanaw taala in this dunya you're, you're, you remember the blessings that he's bestowed upon you and that should bring forth love and praise of Allah subhanho wa Taala and remembering that He is in control of all things, and also looking at your own

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sins. And that should increase you debasement and making yourself low in front of him, recognizing his greatness, and seeking forgiveness for him, from him and Allah subhanaw taala make us of those that can consistently look at our own sins before looking at somebody else. And that should make us humble, and may Allah subhanaw taala make us of those that look at the greatness that he has bestowed upon us from all of the blessings that He has given us, which increases our love of Him. Robin it Nephi dunya has an awful lot to see machina and webinar, Allah MacFarlane adenuga capture unnecessary ads in our telephone and abroad along with

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waiting in bulk Balton what is the connection in Abuja robola alameen wa sallahu wa salam Mubarak and then Amina Muhammad while earning what's happening

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