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An-Nisa 26-35 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 35

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Let's read the next day.

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We're in Clifton Chewbacca, veiny human. And if you fear dissension between the two, what is your talk is from the roof address, Shin cough, cough, and shock is split.

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And sugar is used for a distance.

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So social call is when the husband and wife, they have such a dispute that the situation doesn't seem to get better at all. It's only getting worse, only more distant has been created between the husband and wife, the arguments, they keep increasing the split between the two, it keeps increasing. So we're in Clifton, shikaka, veiny, human,

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and halftone. You over here the address is not to the husband and wife. It is to the family. It is to the Muslim community

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that if you become aware of a split between a married couple, you learn that the woman is wearing the shoes and the man has gone to the extent of Bob. So if you think if you know that this is happening, then what should you do? Don't leave the matter with the husband and wife.

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Somebody else has to come and fix the situation.

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Because the woman is doing the shoes, the man What is he doing? He did while he did her job? And then even did that. Now should you do more work? Should you continue in the know. Now the problem needs to be solved? And how is it going to be solved? Can they solve the problem? No, they cannot.

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Because the woman she's not leaving her issues. And the husband, he doesn't know what to do because he's tried all three things. And if he's given another permission, like go strike them again, go strike them again. It's not going to work out at all.

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So further as to how common Min ethniki for but I thought what does it mean appoint and send meaning of signal? How can a judge mean I leave from his family meaning from his close relatives.

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So someone has to come from his family? Well, how come I mean earlier and how come from her family, a person is going to come from the man side. And the person is going to come from the woman's side. And they are going to decide they are going to discuss the situation.

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The man and woman are not going to be left on their own now.

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Now the word How come is from the route that was haircalf mean? And how come is a judge? One who decides one who judges? And how come is one who has more authority than the hacking? hacking is just one who makes a decision. But how come is the one who makes the decision and can also implement it?

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And how can someone who is officially appointed to settle a dispute

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officially appointed to settle a dispute.

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So a hukam is going to be sent from his family from his close relatives. And a hacker is going to be sent from her relatives. Why? Because both of them, the husband and wife, they're not in their normal state anymore. Correct. If they're left to decide, maybe they'll be very emotional.

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If you think about these fights, these arguments are very minor, very small. They start from basic things, small things. The woman says, I don't want you to work here, I want you to work somewhere else. I don't want to live in the city, I want to live somewhere else. And because of that she develops resentment for the husband, that he doesn't care about me doesn't want me to live close to my family. He doesn't let me go see my friends every day. It begins with small, small things. And the woman's she starts doing the shoes. The husband advises her she doesn't listen, the husband tries to do her job, she doesn't listen, she only increases in her resentment. The man he does not

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only to make her realize this is something serious, you shouldn't be doing this. And if still the situation is not getting solved. Don't leave it to the man and woman. Somebody else is going to come and decide now. Because if they're left to decide what's going to happen in their emotion, they're not going to make a rational decision.

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The woman probably just because she wants to live closer to her family. That's where it started from. She wants to make a divorce now. Because it starts from Little things goes to extreme and then the woman wants a divorce. And she doesn't realize what's going to happen to her children. She doesn't realize that if there's one thing I dislike about my husband, there's 20 things that I do like, the husband doesn't realize that if there's one thing I don't like about my wife, maybe there are many other things that I do like about my wife. So the hukam is going to come and judge now from the husband's side, as well as from the woman side.

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in Eureka Islam if they want it

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Wha hoo does day to refer to.

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First of all it is said that it refers to the husband and wife that if they want some kind of Islam, then what's going to happen you have a Filipina who Bainimarama? Allah is going to reconcile between the two.

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But others say that no, it cannot refer to the husband and wife because they're already in shock. They're already in dissension. They're already in a split. They are in the situation because they don't want a slap.

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They want to get rid of one another. So anybody that is Lohan if they want a slap, so who does it refer to?

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The Hacker man, the two judges.

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If they want Islam, reformation, if they want things to get better, then you Africa, lubaina, Houma Allah is going to bring them to an agreement you are filming is from welfare off. The future is also from the same route.

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And what does it mean to reconcile, to suit to be fit?

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So what is the feeling

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that when reconciled, everything comes together, and you have the ability and the opportunity to do something?

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Because sometimes what happens you have the ability, but you don't have the opportunity. Sometimes you have the opportunity, but not the ability. What is Sophie? Everything comes together. There is a reconciliation between everything.

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So in your reader is Lohan if the two one is law, you have little Albania, Houma, Allah is going to fix the situation he's going to reconcile between the two, meaning between the married couple

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in the luck and our Lehman club EULA Indeed Allah is Knowing. And he's also aware,

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when our demons come together, Arlene refers to one who is aware of the law, his affairs, and hubiera is one who is aware of the battling affairs.

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And normally these hackers who are appointed, for example, the woman, she chooses a Father, and the Father just loves her daughter, and he cannot stand anybody giving less money to his daughter, for example. Is that a slur? Is he wanting a slap? No, what does he want money for her daughter?

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His law is that you want her relationship to work. You want her relationship to work out? So what are you going to do, you are going to explain things to your daughter, you're going to explain things to your son in law.

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And then perhaps things are going to work out. But if you become persistent that no, you have to change your jobs, you have to move your house, and the man is not able to do so maybe he has his parents living with him.

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There could be different reasons.

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So this is not wanting Islam. If the two want Islam, meaning if they really want things to get better, then what's going to happen, they are going to compromise somewhere or the other.

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And with that compromise, inshallah, things are going to get better.

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And we learned about the Hong Kong that the Hong Kong has to be aware of the situation as well.

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The Hong Kong cannot just be a third person doesn't have any idea about what has been happening, which is why it has been a it has to be from the family, because they have to be aware of the situation.

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What does Allah say that Allah is more aware, he is not just our limb of the law here. But he's also Habib of the baton. He knows about what you have to all people and what is still secret between the two of you.

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Because sometimes in a dispute like this, for example, a woman will only tell what goes in her favor. And the man will only say what is in his favor, and the wrongs that they have done to each other they will not tell. But what is Allah say?

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Allah is on him and he is happy.

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And further, so this addresses to the Muslim community. So basically, the family decides,

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like, for instance, from the girls side, they decide, okay, the father should be the hacker. But the father says, No, I'm going to be very emotional, I think my brother should go.

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So whatever is appropriate, whoever is available, whoever is most aware of the situation, whoever is most Rashid, meaning most knowledgeable and most guided, most righteous, he should be the one who is selected.

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And the Hong Kong has to be a meal, and it's going to be an uphill battle. Or they'll be the one who does either he has to be absorbed in meaning he has to be a knowledgeable person knowledgeable of the loss of the *tier as well as of the situation. Because if you send somebody who doesn't know much about the dean, maybe they're going to demand something which contradicts the the for the hukam has to fulfill all of these situations.

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What do we learn from this ayah

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that matters, surely should be decided mutually meaning, like over here for birth to all of you, meaning all of the family members, they should decide who should happen.

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is going to be just anybody cannot come and stand up.

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Because sometimes in our emotional situations, what do we do? That the father, he goes to the doctor's house, and he says, you know, what you're doing is not fair. And he takes the daughter in the children, and he leaves with them.

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Is that going to solve the problem? No, it's not gonna solve the problem. So the matters have to be decided mutually.

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We also learned that the hukam, he has to have knowledge of the Sharia, as well as knowledge of the situation.

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And he also had to be a trustworthy person.

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And we also learned a very important lesson from this idea

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that all matters are in the hands of almost

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all matters are in the hands of almost

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even those affairs, which are with people.

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Like if you think about the hacker has been sent to make a decision. But what does Allah say, in ooida, Islam, you were fuquay, Louvain in Houma. Allah is going to give Kofi

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and if Allah doesn't give them trophy, this is going to work out.

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No, what does it show to us

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that every single matter is in whose hands

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so if we want help, whose help should we seek Yes, we should seek help from other people. But at the end of the day, who is that can really help us a loss of habitat.

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And this AI also teaches us that after huge disagreements after big fights, even then things can be made better

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situation can improve that there is a ship Hawk, the two are about to separate from one another.

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But still a lot good you have a level by no humor, the hatred can still turn into love.

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Which is why sometimes see that there's a divorce, only the first divorce but then they get back together.

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Though, we learned that half a lot of the labor the wife should keep the private matters, even the husband should keep the private matters between Just the two of them and not tell others about it.

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Now, if you think that your relationship is not working out, this is gone to a very serious stage, I mean, the husband has even done for. So in that case, you need somebody else to come and interfere now, because of the man is given the authority, what is he going to do is going to keep beating her right. And the woman in her rebellion in her resentment, she's gonna keep doing the shoes. So the problem needs to be laid out to somebody else,

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but only as much as necessary.

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So the primary rules have a lot to do in life. But if the situation is not working, then you tell the other person about what is necessary. Like we learn from this and other prophets have allowed us and them as well that sometimes women would come to him and they would tell him about what was happening.

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And sometimes even very private matters. Very very private matters. They would tell the prophets little bonus and and why? Because he was a judge and to the judge you have to tell

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it's a practical law movie handicap, the shadow that

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the stockbroker wanted to play.