Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P20 204A Translation Al-Ankabut 16-30

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The group discusses various topics related to the war and proposed proposals made by individuals. They mention religion, war, and the future of the world, as well as references to people from the western region. They also discuss a proposal made by a woman named Yummly Alaysha for men from the western region, as well as a photo of a man named Jesus. They mention a man named Joab, a doomeer, and a woman named Tina, among others.
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Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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no matter who want to sully Ardara Saudi Hill Karim Allah Bharat Ferodo bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim, rubbish Rocklea Saudi way a silly Emery Wilander of the term Melissa any of Coco Kohli Robina xinerama Lesson number 205 surah. To learn Caboose is number 16 to 30 translation or Ibrahima and Ibrahim alayhis. Salam is when Allah He said, You call me he to his people are boo you all worship Allah Allah what the coup and you all fear him that he can that or you all Hiren is better luck home for you. In if quantum you were Darla moon, you all know in nama indeed not but or in NAMA, indeed that which

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Darboux Duna you all worship men from Dooney other than Allah, He Allah, Oh Sanan idols, what does lacuna and you all create, you all make, if gun ally in indeed Alladhina, those who Darboux Duna you all worship men from Dooney other than Allah, Allah, La, not Yummly corner, they possess lecan for you all, risk on any provision, formidable. So you all seek in the near Allah He Allah, as is the provision or boo and you all worship him, watch guru and he will be grateful Lahu for him, lie to him to JRun you all will be returned.

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We're in and if to get the boo you all belie for God, then in fact, God he belied Oman nations men from publikum before you warmer and not Allah upon a Rasul the messenger Illa except al Bella the conveying al Mubin the one clear or the one clarifying

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our Allah do not Euro de ce que for how you video, he initiates, Allahu Allah, Al Hulka the creation so much then you're either who he repeats it in indeed Velyka that Allah upon Allah He Allah, you see Iran one that is very easy.

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All say, zero you will travel fill out in the earth, fund the row then you will see then you are look kafer how bad he initiated el Hulka the creation so much then, Allahu Allah, Yun Shu, he produces, he brings forth a Nash, the creation, the production and Earth era, the other in Allah indeed Allah, Allah upon Kali, every che in thing that you don't always all Abel, You're a devil. He punishes man, whoever, Yeshua oh he wills we are humble, and he shows mercy. man on whom your shirt he wills, what Alaihe and to him to collarbone you all will be returned. Warmer and not unto you all be more edgy Xena at all ones who outrun at all ones who cause failure fee in and out the earth.

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Wala and Nora for summer in the sky warmer and not look on for you Mendola from other than Allah Mianwali Yin from anybody with an asleep and nor any helper.

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One Lavina and those who careful they disbelieved be with versus Allah of Allah. While you call a he and his meeting. Allah Iike dos year YSU they have despaired, men from Raha Mati My Mercy, what hola Iike and those LA home for them. Are there been a punishment a Lehman painful?

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From us or not? Ghana? It was Jojoba response. Oh me he of his people Illa except on that ALU they said oppa to do who? You will kill him. Oh or Henrico who you all burn him? For under who so he saved him. Allahu Allah Min from a noun to fire in indeed fee in Velyka that let I add surely signs. The coalmine for people you may know they believe

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Well Karla and he said in number indeed not but it the hustle you all have taken men from dunlea other than Allah. Oh Sanan idols, my word that one as love, as mutual love, as mutual friendship, by Nikhil, between you all fee in a Hyatt the life a dunya of the world so much then Yama en de la Yama the standing yak photo, he will deny bearable calm some of you we borrow with some others while our new and he will curse bearable calm some of you Barbra others. Well my welcome and you're aboard. And now is the fire. Warmer and not luck on for you. Men from NurseLine any helpers

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for Armineh then he believed the whole for him. Milton Luthor his Salam, what color and he said in the indeed I muhajir own one who immigrants Illa to rob be my Rob inna who indeed He who he is, Allah Aziz the always Almighty al Hakim B always always while we're Heavener and we granted LA who for him is Hakka is held, where Uber and Yaku were there. And we made fi in the Yeti he his progeny, a noble one, the prophet hood, while keytab and the book What Are They Now who and we gave him a doula who his reward fit dunya in the world we're in now who and indeed he Phil AF era in the hereafter Lamin surely from a Salah Hain those who are righteous. Well, Luton and Luke is when Carla

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he said let's call me he to his people in Macomb indeed you all letter Duna surely you all approach Alpha he shatter the indecency let that do that can also be translated as surely you all commit Alpha he Shuddha the indecency. MA Not Saba Coco he proceeded you be here with it. Men from ahead anyone men from El Amin the world's a do intercom indeed you let the tuna surely you will approach a Regina the men were Takapuna and you all cut a Seville the way what tuna? And you all commit fee in nadie come your meetings, Al Mancha, the wrong, firmer, so not Ghana, it was Joab response Go me he of his people Illa except on that Palu they said it dinner you come to us. We are there with

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punishment Allah of Allah in Quinta, if you were men from a Saudi clean those who are truthful, Allah He said Robbie Oh my rub on Sunni helped me Allah against alone the people almost sit in those who make mischief

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we listen to the recitation of these if

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we're able to oh he him on and he told me here

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double daddy

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every letter of

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the law it is our job to do more Scootaloo La La he total Joe want to get the both the other

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one was in

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Moby hour want to

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here see want to see you up the

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the Allahu

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Allah Felicia

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on the you are the remain.

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y ELA he took

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Huh to be more RGZ I feel all they wanna do is

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one and I'll see

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mighty well hola hola

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the Burma cada djellaba Call me

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tomorrow I will have

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more meaning

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he then he

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told me

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walk on

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top of

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our database you need to hire

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a woman

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be badly Oh

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oh oh and that was

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one that was

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it Satine I am Anna

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walk on

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a nice easy hockey game while I haven't had a whole his house

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he would be at Nobu.

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duniya while in

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de la aminos he why do we work on Ebola only he

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to be fair he should

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be having a hobby I mean a lot I mean

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our top of our savvy tuna Pina

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Dhamaka Nigella me

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time you know saw the ball a lot of bills only, only remove CD

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