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Quranic Reflections – Ep. 05

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Abdur-Raheem McCarthy

Channel: Abdur-Raheem McCarthy


Episode Notes

The boundaries of Allah

Episode Transcript

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in everyday life, we have limits and boundaries that we can't cross, whether it be the boundaries of the countries that we live in, or it be the laws that we follow. And similarly when you look into the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala described his boundaries, his Hadoop, the Hadoop of a law, when you look into the verses, in sort of thing he said, Allah subhanho wa Taala shows us what is meant by the Hadoop of a law, and that is obeying a law in his messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. tilaka who do the law. These are the boundaries of a law while they are there in hora Sula, who, and whoever obeys the law in His Messenger, what does he get in return? You tell hujan nothing to Jerry

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mean Tatiana and her Holly Dena fee her he will enter them into Jenna with which beneath rivers flow to be eternally there was that he can foes will leave, and that is the great success. And then in the next verse, what may y'all see la hora Sula, who, that whoever disobeys the law and His Messenger were to Idaho do the who and he transgresses his boundaries? You'll feel who now on Holly than fee her that he will enter him into the fire to be eternally there wonder why there will more healing and he will have a humiliating punishment. My dear brothers and sisters, just as the lands that we live in, have laws and limits. If we transgress them, we're going to be punished if we

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transgress the laws and limits that a law has laid down for us. We take the chance of being from those who are punished eternally in the hellfire. May Allah save us all from the Hellfire yo Bellamy.