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An-Nisa 36-50 Translation 36-50

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ceremony como una de la heuberger

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the hurdle una sala de su to him Karim. Allah bad for the villa him in a shape line of a gene Bismillahirrahmanirrahim

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beshara Elisa do a silly mg

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melissani yokocho Kohli, Barbara Nancy dinner in

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Lesson number 58 Surah Nisa is number 36 to 50

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your boo and your worship Allah, Allah, Allah and do not dish Riku you all associate V with him shake anything

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we're bill Worley Bailey and with the two parents, here Santa, do airson do utmost good. Wabi Sabi and with possessor

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of the close relation with Alia Tama and the orphans, while Mr. King and the ones who are needy,

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well, Jerry and the neighbor, the possessor

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of the close relation, or an corba of the neediness while jetty and the neighbor of Juniper, the stranger was so hip and the companion bill Giambi, by the side.

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What, and even son, a Sebelius of the way

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warmer and what for whom Melaka a possessed a man to comb your right hand. In Indeed, Allah, Allah lair not you have boo, he loves man who Ghana he was Mr. Lin boastful for hoorah proud

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and levena. Those who gamble her Luna, they are stingy, they are miserly well, and yet morona they order a NASA, the people, Bill Bosley with the stringiness work to Mona and they hide ma What? at our home he gave them Allahu Allah, men from Fort Lee, His grace, or our third dinner, and we have prepared lincare Farina for the disbelievers are there been a punishment mahina one most disgraceful.

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When the VENA and those who yearn for Kona they spend more on a home their wealth

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to show off to be seen, unless the people are there and not you know, they believe biLlahi in Allah wa and law nor billyoh me with the day and the last woman and whoever he akun he is a shape on the shape on level for him Corinne and a close friend, a companion for sir so how bad Kareena are close friend will murder and what is that? Are they him upon them low if they believed that he in Allah, when home and the day and the last or un*able and they spent Rima from what Rosa whom he provided them Allahu Allah or Cana and he is ever Allahu Allah be him with them. Or Lima always all knowing.

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In Indeed Allah, Allah La lawyer, not yours limo he runs Miss Tyler, wait, the routine of an atom was in and if Turku it is, hasn't gotten a good deed, you bury her, he will doubled it, he will multiply it when you do and he gives men from Latin root near him. A German a reward of Lima great

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for kafer so how either when jitna we came, men from Cali every Metin nation, be shahidan with a witness or Gina and we came bigger with you, Allah against How old are these shahida as a witness.

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Yo even that day, your word to he will love He will wish and Medina those who care for who they disbelieved well, and also who

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they disobeyed our sooner the messenger know if to say where it is leveled be him with them to the weather and not York to moon. They will hide aloha from a law hadiza any statement any effect?

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Yeah Are you her? Are you and Medina those who know they believed that do not talk robu you all go near you all approach a sonata de Sala one to one while you sue Kara are intoxicated. Hector until the animal you are no matter what the coluna you will say whether and nor dunu been sexually impure Illa except RBD went to cross Sabine way.

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Hector until Dakota see Do you take but

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we're in and if you were mobile one sick or in L or Allah upon suffering a journey

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he came a hidden one men come from you men from Allah the toilet

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or them assume you all touched a knee sir the women for them. They're not that you do you will find mountain water feather in my room then you all do thermo sir Eden high soil, a plant for UVA clean from sahoo then you will wipe we will do he come with your faces. And Id comb your hands. Enough indeed. Aloha, Allah Ghana he is ever a full one always on pardoning of Buddha most forgiving.

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And and did not tell you see either do and Latina those who will do they were given nursery urban abortion, main farm and kita the book yesterday they purchase of banana the misguidance the string

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and URI Duna they want and that totally blew you out stray a severe the way

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we'll know who and Allah errorlevel is most knowing they are they're equal with your enemies worker and he suffices or he sufficed the law he definitely a law. Were Legion as a protector as a guardian worker and he sufficed below he definitely Ulla mesilla as a helper men from and Medina those who have to do they became Jews you hydrophone they distort and Candyman the words I'm from morale there he it's proper places where coluna and they say Sameer Anna we heard while Selena and we disobeyed was smart and you listen availa not miss Marin, one of hearing wherever you know. And you listen to us you give attention to us lay yen as twisting the elsina to him with their tongues or foreign and

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daunting fee in a dean the religion when and if and the home indeed they all do their sets America we heard what a foreigner and we obeyed was smart. And you listen when Zuma and you look at us, like surely it was higher on best the home for them were acquainted and most upright when lacking but learner home he cursed them Allahu Allah buccafurri him because of their disbelief. From so not you may know that they believe in the except for the the a few little.

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Yeah a you have or you and Medina those who will do they were given and Kitab the book. me know you all believe Bhima with whatever the zelner we have sent down we'll set the con one confirming Lima for what Marco is with you mean from probably before and that net Missa we disfigure would you hunt faces for the hair. Then we shall turn it either upon a diversity her it's

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backs, oh, or Mallanna, whom we curse them. Karma, just as Lana weekers as harbor companions acerbity of the Sabbath of the

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war cannon and it was a move command. Allah He of Allah Marula want to be fulfilled, want to be done

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in indeed, Allahu Allah left not yo Pharaoh He forgives, and that you Shakur, it is associated, be with him well, and he forgives math. What dooner besides velyka that Lehman for who Yeshua He wills, women, and whoever you Shrek, he associates the law he with a law firm occurred then in fact, if he fabricated his men a sin of Lima when most great

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and then did not Tara UC, either to and Medina those who use a Coon they claim complete purity and force a home for themselves. Ben rather, Allahu Allah, user key he purifies men home Yeshua, he wills

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and not use lamona they will be wrong or they are wronged Fatimah in the least.

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You look Keisha how yesterday una de fabricates Allah against Allah He Allah and Katie but the light worker and it's a phased vi definitely it is man sin Medina one clear

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let's listen to the recitation.

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mahmudullah Helena Krishna goobie

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Sabi was,

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be Wabi Sabi

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Oh boy.

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I'm Tara

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Obi Wan

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way up una Samia

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todo el mundo Lima

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de una

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una Latina. O Ke

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Ke v