Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 11 – L111A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of men discussing their desire for a woman and their belief in the concept of a home. They also mention a woman who was killed and a woman who was found in a river. The men discuss their desire for a woman and their belief in the concept of a home.
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una sala nurserymen Karim Allah Botha, Villa human gene Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. Frobisher, Elisa de were Sidley Emily moonrock betta melissani of tahu Kohli open as you probenecid in our in

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Lesson number 111 pseudo to Toba is number 117, to 129.

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LOCOG, certainly the other, he turned in mercy,

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Allahu Allah, Allah upon an ABG, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, while more hygiene and the immigrants will unsought and the helpless and levena those who are who they followed him, fee in solidarity, our time

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of the hardship, men from bardi after ma that good, it was near your zeal it deviates global heart hearts, furry thing of a group, main home from them. So more than double heater and in mercy or lay him upon them, in who indeed he behaved with them are often most affectionate for HeMan always All Merciful warilla and upon a seles at the three alladhina those who hold the food, they were left behind, they were put behind

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had that until either when the market it was constructed, or lay him upon them and the land the earth. Bheema despite Robert its vastness or it was vast web rocket, and it was tightened it was constructed, or lay him upon them, and to whom their souls were one knew. And they were certain and that learn not manager, any place of refuge, men from Allah He Allah Illa except LA to him so much then the other he turned in mercy or lay him upon them Leah to boo so that they repent in the Lucha Indeed Allah who he is at the web, the greatest acceptor of repentance, of Rahim they always are merciful.

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Yeah, are you how are you? And levena those who know they believed it the coup you all fear? Allah, Allah. Wa kulu and you all be Mara with Assad in those who are truthful, man, not Ghana, it was leave early for people and Medina T of the Medina.

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Woman and who, hola whom? around them, men from an Arab, the Bedouin Arabs, and that, yet the high level they remain behind, on from rosulip messenger Allah He of Allah winner and not Yakubu they like they desire be unfussy him with themselves and from Neff CV himself vaniqa that be unknown because indeed de la not usually boom, it reaches them. Roma on any thirst, winner and nor, nor Serbian any fatigue, winner and nor Mothma Sultan, any hunger fee in severely way Allah He of Allah, Allah and nor yet the owner the dread, they set foot on multi an any trodden path, your leeloo in wages, Elko Farah, the disbelievers winner and nor, you know Luna they attain men from idle when an

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enemy nealon and obtaining Illa except katiba it was written a home for them, be with it

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adid solidly righteous in Allaha Indeed Allah or not you Leo, he wastes a job report and mercy any of those who do utmost good

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weather and Nora you and Fiona they spend in Africa than any spending severe or small, whether and nor could be less than big, winner and Norio or winner they got the cross, why the N any value in

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Except katiba it was written the home for them Leah Jia home so that he recompenses them Allahu Allah escena Best Male What can I know they were they are my own they do

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mama and nor Ghana it was or he was manana the believers Leon Pharaoh that they go out gafa turn completely fanola so why not enough Allah He went out men from Cali every film attend group men home from them so if a tune a smaller group via de facto so that they comprehend so that they acquire knowledge fee in a Deen the religion

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one zero and so that they weren't over whom they're people either when

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they returned Eli him to them law law home so that they they are cautious

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yeah you heard or you alladhina dozo um I know they believed that you know your fight the Dean of those who aluna calm they are close to you, men from unconfirmed the disbelievers when you do and they should find vehicle in you claim certain harshness firmness

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and you all know that Indeed Allah Allah Mara with and within those who are not the court, either and when my ever worry the AMA and whenever in zerah it was sent down sooner or sooner a chapter from in home so from them man who your guru he says ayoko Which of you the two it increased him heavy this imminent in belief for a mother as for a Latina, those who I know they believed for that home so it increased them imagine in belief, we're home and they stop Shirou they rejoice or Allah And as for a Latina, those who see in Kuru became their hearts muddled in a disease for that home so increase them registered in fill Illa to see him there feel when I do and they died we're home while

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they care for your own or disbelievers. And when I do and not your own, they see unknown that indeed the youth Turner they are put to trial they are tested

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Fie in Kali every arm in here more than once or twice. Summer then learn not to boon they repent whether a normal home day is the Quran they take a lesson.

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And whenever on Zilla it was sent down Sula to a chapter Nevada he looked about the home some of them either to Berlin some of others. How does your article he sees you men from a hadn't anyone so Medan in sort of food they turned away, sort of he turned away Allahu Allah kuruva home their hearts be unknown because indeed they are people they're not your own. They understand. Like I certainly Jericho he came to you for so long a messenger men from unphysical yourselves as he isn't difficult I may be upon him man what I need don't you all suffered? How do you soon desire as I may come upon you been what me Nina with the believers are often most affectionate rahima Most Merciful.

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For Indian if the one low they turned away for coal then you say has been sufficient for me Allahu Allah. Learn not Ilaha any god in the except who are he? And then he upon him to work go to I have trusted were who are and he Prabhu Islam and ash of the tone and the great.

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We listen to the recitation of desire

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in movie mo

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Two in

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learn to

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At-Taubah 117-129 Translation 117-129

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