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similar from the last what was salam ala Rasulillah while earlier he was talking me here woman what Allah, we will resume in sha Allah with Surah two column Let's resume with the RE citation first. So we completed Ayah 33 We will move on inshAllah 34 to the end you can follow the translation that you have that's preferred or you can follow the translation on the PowerPoint and show

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going back to where we start, remember, I have 33 Karate colada. What are the

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rules? Oh, can we are the moon, we spoke about the punishment for these people. And this was after the story of the people of the garden. And then the transition here about punishment for the people who reject the blessings of Allah meaning they take the blessings of God, and then they use them in a way that is displeasing to Him. They violate the rights of others, they become stingy, or they commit to the worst of possible sins, which is to reject the law, and to reject the message that comes to an individual. And then the attention shifts in the finale of this surah 34 until the end of the surah and Shama. So I a 34. Allah subhanaw taala says in Linwood, Talena, and Daraprim

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Jannetty nine. Here's a promise for you a promise from the One who created you a promise from Allah subhanho wa taala, the one who says configure Allah subhanaw taala says, Indeed the righteous the righteous servants, the righteous people will have the gardens of bliss with their Lord, and they'll be so there's a garden for you that Allah Subhana Allah has prepared for you. All right, that limits have been prepared for the God conscious. And I want you to keep in mind here why this is being mentioned at this point. Remember, the beginning of the surah was about the pagans, those elites of Kadesh, who had very vile traits, they were very hostile towards Islam. They rejected the message of

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Islam, they saw themselves as pretentious as above others, and they saw themselves as above others, some of them because of their wealth and because of their offsprings. So because they had more worldly things, they thought they were better in terms of a spiritual status. They thought that this gave them justification for being arrogant that their status was higher. So it's as though imagine the people of Mecca are arguing with the Muslims. The elites, sorry, of course are arguing with the Muslims. And it says Lord

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are saying, look at all the blessings of Allah that we have that you don't have. These are signs and proofs that we must be good people and you must be bad people because you're poor. Many of the poor follow the Prophet sallallahu Sallam many of the slaves that were freed, follow the messenger SallAllahu sallam. So the elite of Horatio cared about their wealth, and they were very stingy like and what he did and Alito mentioned earlier in the tough scene of the Surah, it's as though they are saying in their minds, because we have a lot of wealth, it must imply, and it must indicate that after we die, we will be in a better place than you, we will have with our Lord, the Creator,

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because again, they did believe in the Creator, but they also worshipped idols. It's as though they are saying we have something in the next life as well, that's better than what you have. And you cannot change basically our situation in the next one. Now, I want you to keep in mind that what is being mentioned here gives rise to a question and a question that comes up often.

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Oftentimes, people ask, Are we missing out? Do religious people feel like they are missing out? So Allah subhanaw taala? It's as though he is bringing to our attention an answer to a question preempted answer to a question. Now, a lot of youth ask us this question. A lot of atheists asked this question. A lot of Muslims with doubts, ask this question. It's the question of what's missing out? What do we mean by this, and most of them asks, If I follow these rules, I will feel like in this life, I'm missing out on something greater, I'm missing out on being who I want to be. I'm not following rules. We had a young man, maybe 19 years old. He came to a lecture that I gave about

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atheism, a few years ago in I believe it was in Minnesota. And he said, one of my problems, the reason I'm struggling, I thought he was going to bring like, bring up an intellectual question. He said, one of my problems, the reason I'm struggling is because I don't like to follow rules. I said, What do you mean, he said, I don't like to follow rules. And you know, religion is all about rules. And God is saying, you have to do this, and you cannot do that. What's interesting about this, and I know 100, I assume the majority of you here would be able to give a very sufficient response to this, this question and this inquiry in this concern, he said, How am I supposed to reconcile this

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with Islam?

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And simply put into summarize a lengthy conversation, I asked him, Do you follow any rules? Do you follow rules in society? Do you follow legal system rules? Or do you do you commit crimes? Are you a criminal? He said, No, of course, I won't commit crimes. I said, why? So I don't want to go to jail. I want to be free. I said, so you're concerned about the deterrence here. You're concerned about the punishment, and the consequences of an action based on manmade laws, but you're not worried about breaking the laws of the One who created you, the one to whom you will return when you die? The one who gave you all that you have? Is there not a little bit of a contradiction here in terms of

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logical consistency. And there's an issue here with the ego, if you find your ego ever telling you I don't feel like this rule applies to me. And it's an obligation and it's not. There's a problem internally, not a problem with the rule. And I'm not saying here that we're not talking here about the manmade systems. What we're talking here is about the ego and how people start to justify through their desires to show what distancing themselves from God. So I want you to think of someone who says that they are missing out because they are following religion in this life, that somehow they think they will be happier based on small images and glimpses of lifestyles, illusions that

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they see through media through movies and TV shows, or through whatever else they've consumed, and will likely the reality, not just from the religious perspective, but even from the secular perspective is that this is not true. The unilevel shape model Arman the devil makes sinful lifestyles look appealing to people Xena, decorated, made look made, he made them look to be better or preferred or something nicer something is to be desired. But you look at the number of studies that we have psychological studies studies in sociology and psychology. A multitude of studies study after study has found that people who are religious tend to be less depressed and less anxious than

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non believers, they are better able to handle the difficulties of life. So for example, I wrote a very lengthy essay, a paper on the topic of the the problem of evil, the question of suffering, and a number of studies I have to go through of Hamdulillah, which were very beneficial, finding that in short, people who believed in God and were religious tended to be happier and tended to be able to deal with hardship much better than people who had no religion or much better than people who are heedless and distant from God. And there are many examples of this volunteering for a charity organization going to a local mosque, being connected with a community, a sense of belonging, all of

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these things, and of course, the worship itself. When you have purpose in life, through for example, submission to Allah subhanaw taala. When you have purpose in life, it gives you the ability to work towards something and to have meaning in something

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and to pursue, let's say a certain goal or to pursue a certain objective, even though there are many challenges, and not to give up so easily when there's suffering in the world. Now, suffering as we've said many times before, it's embedded in human experience, everyone experiences discomfort, every single person who is right now attending this class, all of us have our struggles, every single one of us is struggling with something that we the rest of us do not know about. And the reality is, despite the disparities in struggles, a lifestyle that is devoid of God, a lifestyle that is focused on alcohol, to numb their basically, pain to to escape in their minds, escape from

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reality leads to a number of other problems socially and mentally as well, the links between alcohol and suicide cannot be ignored. In many studies, the links between alcohol and not just suicide, but severe depression, the links between alcohol and in many cases, crime, people killing others, people committing certain crimes, the links between alcohol and let's say fatal car accidents killing innocent people on the road. There are so many examples of this. And yet people drink to numb their pain, even in countries that are private, that are primarily atheist countries, and yet they have everything worldly that they need. And I'm speaking here from both experience going to a number of

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Scandinavian countries like Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden, and also from talking to people there. And number three, from the studies as well in terms of suicide rates. These people who are completely living lives devoid of God, don't have a purpose. And when you don't have an ultimate purpose, that you yourself are not making up. It's not created purpose. It has a rational, external support system and it has to be beyond you. It's coming from the One who created what happens if you lose that is you start to lose all sense of reality, our sense of true meaning it becomes arbitrary. And Allah Subhana Allah gives us many examples of the benefits of remembrance and worship of God in

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the Quran. And what this does for the human being, was part of who created us Gnosis, best LLB degree law, he took my job, LLB degree law, he took my annual kuruva LLB degree law, he took my inner guru, truly in the remembrance of Allah in the worship of Allah, do the hearts, the spiritual, psychological hearts here, find reassurance find arrest, find peace. There are some people who are known as anti natal lists. I don't know if any of you have heard of this before. Anti natal lists are people who believe that they should not have children for ethical reasons. They believe it's unethical for people to have children. Why? Because in their perspective, the world is filled with

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so much suffering. If you have children, you're going to be bringing children into a world of suffering. Look at how this completely contrast with the Islamic perspective on having many children for the sake of Allah, people who are going to worship Allah, people who will revive goodness in the world, people will be continuous charity. So the Pujari as well, people who are collective light in society, there are many darknesses. So because they have no religion, because they have no purpose because life is meaningless to them. All they are doing is following their desires. All they are doing is fulfilling random things here and there to try to be spiritual, but not religious. Why?

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Because of their ego, because of arrogance, because of stubbornness, not willing to submit to God, the worship of Allah subhanaw taala brings you blissfulness in this life more than any other lifestyle. And this does not mean that your worldly situation is necessarily better or worse, right? That's not dependent on the fact that your internal state is connected to purpose connected to Allah four, there are people with nothing of this world, and they are the happiest people. And there are people who have everything of this world and they are very miserable people. And of course, we ask a lot for the best of both worlds, or bene attina. Finn dunya has an awful lot he has worked in either

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but not. And I want you lastly, on this note, think about the one who gives up an eternity of Jana, for a few moments, not even we don't want to say yours because it's not going to be perceived as yours. A few moments of heedlessness a few moments of pursuing their own desires without any boundaries without a proper way to to follow desires, meaning through the boundaries of Allah subhanaw taala. They're missing out on eternity of Jana for a few hours of heedlessness. And when you compare an infinite life, it basically eternity to limited life of 50 to 100 years, 70 years, 120 years, whatever it may be. And for some people, not even that, whatever it may be, it's nothing

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compared to eternity. How can anyone be willing to give up an eternal paradise where there is no suffering? There is no harm, there's no pain, there are no trials, tribulations, there's just pure reward blissfulness happiness, eternally speaking with Allah subhanaw taala. And there'll be him Jannetty nine, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us amongst the people in general. Now, what is the transition here? What is the point? We have the story of the people of the garden and then a mentioned about punishment for those who reject the blessings of God those who reject the message of God and then an emphasis that the righteous will be

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In paradise, so if you feel like you're losing momentum if you feel like you need this reminder if you feel like you're affected by the people of forage or in our ties by, let's say, a secular society and atheist group, if you feel like you're being affected in some way, remember that Allah subhanaw taala is guaranteeing for you as long as you are righteous as long as you do what's right, guaranteed for you, Jana, and that is forever. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us closeness to him in this life and closeness to him on the Day of Resurrection Allama me 35 and 36 Further, John will mostly mean Kelly moody mean, Allah subhanaw taala saying should we make the righteous people have

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submitted Muslims like people who are evil can moody mean, mad or concave Atacama? What is the matter with you? On what basis do you judge? Now Allah subhanho wa Taala is not asking for a response here. This is a rhetorical question so that people who are being basically foolish and they are not thinking properly they're not thinking clearly they're not reasoning. correctly, they may perhaps pause and reflect on this following question. Does it make sense for the believer and the disbeliever? To be exactly the same in terms of the reward their compensation and the consequences? Or is it more reasonable and more just and more fair, that the righteous person should be rewarded?

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And the one who is evil, whether their crime is the greatest of crimes rejecting belief in God rejecting the worship of God, or a minor crime, that they get away with their crime? Is this equal? Someone who lives 50 years righteously and someone who does not? Are they equal? So ALLAH SubhanA, Allah is telling these people have arranged? Do you really think this is equal? Do you think you're going to be evil and reject the messenger and simply die and be resurrected and have the same reward as the righteous people you attack? And you think here about disbelievers even today? Especially atheist? Many of their arguments can be rejected on the basis of this question. How? On what basis

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do you judge something? Do you assume something? What is your measuring stick of truth or for truth for your claims? How do you measure what is right? And what is wrong? Malcolm kafer tackle this is a question that if we were to really understand it, and understand and study, let's say, morality, moral ontology of good and evil, all of this, if we were to study this, then perhaps 5060 70% maybe more of the arguments of disbelievers, atheist and others as well against Islam or about religion are removed or rejected or refuted why? Because the basis on which they are judging the basis on which they are pointing that finger at Muslims and making claims or making assertions is flawed or

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is incorrect is erroneous. It's their own desire. It's secularism, its atheism, its irrationalism. It's something other than objective morality. It's other than Objective Truth. And I want you to keep in mind here that we're not just talking about non Muslims bringing this up, please keep the following point in mind, even Muslims may fall into this trap. A Muslim may say, for example, this part of the religion doesn't make sense to me, why should I follow it? That's not how you judge pay. That's not how you judge whether or not you should follow truth. Right? So the truth is measured in a certain way. And what makes sense to you is a completely different thing. Now, when someone says,

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This doesn't make sense to me, what does that truly mean? Does it not make sense to you? Meaning you're not okay with it? Does it not make sense to you? Meaning you need to seek knowledge? Does it not make sense to your desires are asking you to do something else, be cautious of this trick and troubleshoot on? It is a very common one, even for believers, for a person to say it doesn't make sense to me, or they're not going to follow it because it doesn't make sense. There's a flaw there's a fault in the way that they are reaching a conclusion. And there's here an excuse or justification for them not to do something they're supposed to be doing. Now, this is why they're next to verses

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37 and 38. Allah subhanaw taala is telling the same people, on what basis do you judge I'm not complete I'm on fee heated row soon, in nella configure matter for your own? Do you have a scripture a book with you, that tells you that you will have whatever you choose? Meaning that your reality and religion and morality is based on whatever it is that you decide? Is that how you think truth is measured? And do you have a proof for what you're saying? So for someone to say Muslims are A, B, and C, do you have a proof for what you're saying? Meaning, is there a basis for this? Or is this based on your opinion of what's right and wrong? Number two, it is clearly against both logic and

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justice, that people who are righteous cannot have the same end as people who are sinful. Even in this world. Human beings, generally speaking, do not want people who are good to be given the same compensation as someone who committed crimes, the one who committed crimes gets a certain consequence or reward or punishment, and the one who does certain things that are considered moral or things that are virtuous will be rewarded for in a certain way. Now, how can such a person expect perfect justice and

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truth if they are not willing to admit that they are trying to make good and evil, exactly the same meaning the end of it is just death. I want you to imagine this following point.

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Imagine for those of you who are educators or students, imagine a teacher giving students an exam. And the student mashallah they start taking this exam and they come up with something creative. They say, You know what, I don't know the answers to these questions. I'm going to come up with my own questions. So they start crossing out all the questions on the test, and they start writing their own questions. And the teacher says, Sorry, what? Excuse me? On what basis? Are you changing the exam question, you don't have that authority? You are not in that position. Now, this is a minor analogy. It's not even equivalent to what were the point we're trying to make, that Allah Subhana

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Allah gives us the legend, the key the exam questions, on what basis? Do human beings Muslims or non Muslims, try to change this question, say, this doesn't make sense to me, I will come up with my own answer to a question that I am formulating as well. That's not how this works. Allah subhanaw taala be questioned about his decisions, we will be questioned about our actions, like us alarm if I do what Allah says with an MBA, he will not be questioned. He has many wisdoms for why he created this test this life as it is. And we have many reasons laid out for us. And that's not the objective of our discussion today. But the point is, you cannot try to change the exam based on your desires.

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Consider, if you will, a pair of glasses, imagine every human being had to see the world through some lenses through some glasses, and you put on these glasses. And some people in this world 1/4 of the world's population, approximately see the world through the lens of Islam, through the lens of Revelation. So everything makes sense to them in accordance to what Allah subhanaw taala revealed. So you see the world you see something happening of injustice, and you say that's wrong? How do you know this, you're seeing through the lens of right and wrong, as it is objective as it is revealed, then something is an obligation. So law has an obligation, it makes sense why it makes sense. These

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are very loose words. Why because you're seeing the world through the proper lens, hijab makes sense. You're seeing the world through the proper lens, that character makes sense. You're looking at the world through the proper lens. Now, I want you to think about other people in our society, maybe a family member, maybe community members, colleagues, classmates, they're looking at the world through a different lens, different glasses, some of them are seeing the world through their own desires, whatever it makes sense to them, whatever feels right to them, whatever feels good for them instinct, gratification, rationalism, whatever it may be whatever shaped them, but there's no moral

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reference point in terms of religion, terms of objective reality. So what do they do? They start pointing at Islam, they start measuring the world, they start pointing at religion, based on their personal lenses based on these glasses, and they start saying things like, it doesn't make sense to me. This is raw, this is backwards. This is primitive, this is archaic. And then when they commit sins, even as Muslims, they start to make excuses for their sins. These are the type of people who are wearing the wrong glasses or the wrong tints the wrong shades on these glasses. So they start blaming others instead of accepting responsibility, or they become cowardly in the face of truth or

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justice. Or they start to commit to a morality and they justify or ignore discussing it altogether. Other people are wearing the glasses of scientism, as a tool, scientism, as a religion, thinking that the scientific method is, is the tool that gives answers to all questions, and is the tool of religion that is sacred for some people, when in fact, there are many problems in the philosophy of science, like the problem of induction, the the underlying assumptions of how science works, it's not answering philosophical questions, religious questions, psychological questions, it has its limitations. And it's very useful as a tool, but some people see the world and these are mostly New

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Atheists, only through those glasses. So they're using the wrong glasses to look at the world. Other people are looking through the lenses of rationalism, or through Shaohua Trueheart, or a social justice movement that has its own morality, or maybe through a political party or through nationalism. So the state religion, or the religion is the state is their god is their deity that they worship. And if you do anything against it, you are seen as somebody who's committing blasphemy, you're committing the worst of crimes worse than shake in their perspective. So it really depends on what lenses you decide to wear. That's your freewill, Allah subhanaw taala will question

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us about this, that you reach the point where your lens, your lenses, your glasses, it dictate how you see the world, and Allah gave his creation gave all of us the final messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with the final message of the Quran. And that is the lens through which you see the world. The speech of Allah, the Sunnah of the Prophet, so I sent him to see accurately and the more you are focusing on these lenses, the more accurately you see the world to properly see reality. To understand your purpose. Why are you here to measure things correctly? How do you measure the truth? How do you measure scholars, activists, leaders, organizations profit

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It gets in accordance with the truth. It's not in accordance with one or two people here and there. It's not in accordance with social movements. It's not in accordance with a government administration or a political party. The truth is measured by what God has revealed to us. And all of this goes back to our natural disposition, our filter, our our, our reasoning as well. Allah subhana danas M lecom, A man on Aileen Antonella Yamanaka Yama, te Nicola Mata Hackman, or do you have? So do you have a book with you? Do you have this with you? Do you on what basis do you judge? And then Allah subhanaw taala saying what? I'm lacking a man or do you have oaths, some kind of oath

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that is binding on us until the day of judgment that you will have whatever you decide, and some people don't want to worship God, but they want to have whatever they design. We are living in the age of post modernism. And I'm not going to get into any philosophy. But in short, the era of the 1600s and 1700s. It's called modernity, right? In the modern age. That's a that's an age in history. Modernity lasted until approximately 1960, or around this time, 1960s 1970s. And some philosophers and some sociologists, psychologists and others started to comment on the fact that we have shifted over from that age, that era of modernity to something called post modernity after the modern age,

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and that's where we are now. We may even be beyond it. But that's where we are. Now. What does this mean? The age of modernity? 1600s, let's say 16th 17th century really onwards. What really defined this age was that people started abandoning the church abandoning remember, the church was a political authority, not just a religion, abandoning the political authority of the Church, and replacing Christianity, primarily Christianity, with rationalism with reasoning. So the emphasis was no longer on the religious tradition. It was now on thinking beyond religion and thinking beyond the afterlife, and thinking more about basically a critique of all of this using reasoning and

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rationalism to move forward. And what's interesting about about this is that basically the age of secularism, this entire age of modernity, produced a number of isms, a number of movements, like atheism, right, so they replaced God with let's say, science and rationalism, philosophy, they replace the you're after with a focus on this life, what happens if people are no longer focusing on the afterlife or no longer focusing on God, naturally, the number of people who worship will decrease any particular community now, the Muslim community has found the opposite trend SubhanAllah. Despite all of that, Islam is increasing, and the number of Muslims are increasing,

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definitely in quantity, but we want to focus more on quality. After approximately the 1950s 1960s, we reached a point where now we are in post modernity. And there's a lot more to say on this. Keep an eye out insha Allah for a webinar that may be coming in December in sha Allah, between another institute and your clean Institute. On post modernism, basically, we're in the age in which it's a free for all. It's a focus on individuals. And there are no rules, there are no boundaries, there's no system to how things are done. Anyone who expresses anything is free to do so. And I don't mean freedom of expression. What I mean by this, even within art, even within philosophy, even within

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science, basically, it's a free for all right, so forget the rules and hierarchy of how things were done before. individual expression is all that matters. This is what they think. And this is one of many, many strands within the modern or postmodern age. And this affects art, this affects philosophy, this affects people's religious practice. When it comes to this I in particular, I want you to keep this in mind. It's as though these people are saying whatever we choose is what will happen. Did you receive a book from God that told you that that whatever you choose, in this world of religion is reality? Is this the the stage you're in in terms of your immature thinking that

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whatever I want will happen? Is this how you think about money? Is this how you think about relationships? Is this how you think about anything in this world material as well? Of course not, right? You work for things based on the proper methodology based on a proper approach based on a legend or a key or as was mentioned, a manual, and then you reach a conclusion. And so you don't have whatever you want. That's not how religion works. But that's the age we're in today, this postmodern age in which people think there are so many options that perhaps none of them are true. And that's not a reality, that there are so many options that people become confused. And that

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contradicts everything about reason, because you can research you can find very clearly, in the proofs of profit, the origins of Quran, there is an absolute clear truth. And we talk about an absolute truth. It means what you don't have whatever you choose, you will have what Allah subhanaw taala has decided is right. And this is a reminder for them, that people have courage and the reminder today, 1400 years later in the age of post modernism, that you don't have whatever you want in a country you no matter how you run, then you will have whatever you choose. Now you have to follow what Allah has revealed.

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To get to the conclusion that you want, and as well, there is no oath that is binding upon these pagans, there's no oath that they have in which God favorite them above the rest of the creation to do whatever they want it. Now we shift over here to a question a number 40, we shift you into a question in which the Prophet salallahu Salam is being told ask them however, this is not for a specific response. Ask them send him a human be them because I asked them all Prophet, which of them can guarantee all of that, that they will have whatever they want, send him a Yom ask them about this, be that because are you meaning design is in the Arabic language used for a person who stands

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on behalf of someone else is are in. So someone who will basically speak on your behalf a spokesperson defend you will reach a certain conclusion on your behalf? So here's the question, Which of you have the pagans and even after they will ask that the atheist, which of you will come forward and say that he has made such and such a covenant on your behalf with God? Nobody, of course. So the judgment that you are passing, concerning yourself that you are well off in the next life because you're well off in this life or that you're right based on your desires, it has no basis whatsoever for you to point the finger against anyone else of Islam, and to start accusing

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them of anything that you find to be immoral when it is in accordance with the Quran. For you to do so contradicts reason because you have no basis. And this is the entire point about frameworks and methodologies. What I mentioned to you earlier, maybe 70 plus percent of the arguments from atheists or non Muslims in general, towards Muslims in Islam can be refuted and even disregarded altogether, because they are dealing with morality or meta ethics. Right? So you discuss the framework here, not the secondary moral issue itself. You don't argue about hijab or niqab or Hellfire or gender or something specific have rituals and worship I these are secondary manners. Their worldview is

00:31:57--> 00:32:28

problematic, their worldview is wrong. They're looking through the wrong lens and say, Well, I don't see that same color as you. You're wearing the wrong glasses. I don't see the same shape as you you're wearing the wrong glasses. I don't see that this is good or evil, you're wearing the wrong glasses. And Allah's had I gave you directions to the right glasses so you can see things accurately. Otherwise, you will see things fuzzy, you'll see things wrong, you'll see things in accurate. And they don't have another message from God, obviously, because the Quran is the only preserved message of God. They don't have some sort of revelation that Muslims do not have, they are

00:32:28--> 00:33:03

being told basically, if you don't have access to all of these things, then you cannot make a claim that you have some kind of promise from God that you'll be secure in the next life or have paradise. Paradise is for the righteous in the little mattina in the robin Jannetty nine. Now, the Prophet SAW Selim is being told send him a yummy daddy design. This is obviously not for a specific response. And then I have 40 1am Loving Shoraka. Do they have some kind of partners besides the gods, some kind of deity some associates? If so, let them produce their partners in candles on the screen if they are telling the truth. So when an atheist argues when a non Muslim argues even when a Muslim

00:33:03--> 00:33:38

with doubts or secular influence argues with you, on what basis do you are you do you have somebody who's giving you this information? Is this a source from God? Are you coming up with it? And you'll reach the conclusion shortly in that conversation? Sometimes an argument that really this person is coming up with their own things this person is pulling at straws this person is really they don't know the basics of a moral framework and what that means they're not being logical or rational. They're following their own desires and sometimes even Muslims fall into that unfortunately, may Allah subhanaw taala protect us and guidance. I have 42 and then we will take a break inshallah.

00:33:38--> 00:34:18

Allah subhanaw taala says, Yo, Mama Yorkshire for answering Well, you don't wanna eat us to Judy fella yesterday. On the Day when matters become urgent or dire, they will be invited to sudo to prostrate themselves, but they will be prevented from doing so. Fela is totally your own, they will not be able to prostrate to God. Now the term here that you see the phrase, you shuffle answer young woman on that day you shuffle answer. Literally what this would mean is the day that the shin will be uncovered. What is this referring to even our bustle of the law one and the majority of linguist as well as many experts of Hadith vocabulary, they explained that sup here is referring to hardship.

00:34:18--> 00:34:59

So the day of hardship, and there's a term that was used by the Arabs in their poetry or Palmerton humblebee na SAP and the war has stood on its surface, which means this is something that is bearing hardship for us the day of hardship, so I've been Kathira him a lot of scholars to see it. He says the illusion here is to the Day of Judgment when events of extra ordinary significance will take place. Your soldier in this world will save you in the next life. Your prostrations to God in this world will give you the ability to prostrate in the next life. Protect your Salah in this world protect your prayer in this world before you depart from it for the one who abandons the prayer here

00:34:59--> 00:35:00


00:35:00--> 00:35:36

wish to come back even if it weren't for one raka for one such that for one record, but by then it'll be too late. Protect your prayer in this world for you will be protected by on the day of judgment. And the people cannot prostrate on that day refuse to prostrate here when they had the chance, they refuse to prostrate to Allah subhanaw taala here in this world, and that is why and this is the conclusion of that is Allah Subhana Allah says Hoshyar turned upside on to help them they, their eyes will be downcast they will be overwhelmed with shame and guilt and regret. What are they accountable, you don't want that either. So God welcomes you. They were invited in this world

00:35:36--> 00:36:11

to prostrate themselves to God while they were still safe, but they refused. That is they were holed. They were healthy, they were able to embrace Islam, they received the message of God, maybe they made fun of Muslims. Maybe they insulted Muslims, maybe they had a capitalistic agenda. Maybe they had a societal agenda. They refuse to prostrate to God in this world, they made fun of Muslims. And we hear this all the time where people are like, Wow, you guys put your faces on the ground five times a day. We're humbled to do so we're honored to do so the one who humbles themselves to God, the One who has that humility towards the God will be elevated in the next life. This is true

00:36:11--> 00:36:46

submission to Allah subhanaw taala that you don't care what other people say when they are upon falsehood because they're wearing the wrong lenses. They're looking through the wrong glass. On the Day of Judgment, it will be openly and publicly demonstrated as to who in this world had worshipped Allah, and who was disinclined to do so. So people who try to run away from people who we don't know their situation, maybe they died upon Cofer, maybe they died upon Islam, many people we don't know about those who are sincere and were able to worship God and prostrate it to God will be able to do so in the next world otherwise, it will be impossible for them on the Day of Judgment, and that is

00:36:46--> 00:37:23

what will expose them. That is when they will be standing in shame and regret wishing that they had not been arrogant, wishing that they are not rejected that message. A person in this world might commit a sin regularly throughout their lives. But eventually the truth will come out if they don't repent, may Allah protect all of us and guide us to seek forgiveness from him. Furthermore, tuck one God consciousness is what makes you honorable is what really makes you honorable. Even if people in society look down on you or don't respect you. And this obedience of Allah can make someone disgraced even if he is the leader of a leader of a nation or a tribe. And the last thing we want to

00:37:23--> 00:38:03

say Inshallah, is that everything has its time and place, every opportunity. So if the opportunity for salvation passes by because you rejected that extra Salah, the extra nephila The extra soda, you could have you could have given, if that door closed, when it was open for you for so long, then regret will not help you in the next life. Work towards God, and walk through that door while you can. And not one door, every door of opportunity Allah gives you may Allah Subhana Allah forgive us all, for all of our past sins, the major, the minor, the ones of the past, present and future, the ones that are public and the ones that are private. And may Allah subhana make us humble, humble

00:38:03--> 00:38:41

human beings who prostrate ourselves to Allah and look forward to that sujood in a state of peace, so that we are standing there on the Day of Judgment in a state of peace and submitting to Allah in a state of peace along the Amin Allama. Mean, while also Palatinus as further only Yama you can do via that hadith Center study the German High thriller. This is one of the most powerful verses if you were to consider its implications and consequences in everyday life. Allah saying leave to me or prophet those who reject this message. So the people you try to call multiple times they attacked you oppose you all of that, Leave them to me, those who reject this message, Center study regional

00:38:41--> 00:39:21

home in hatred, I Ottoman we will gradually draw them to their punishment to destruction in ways they cannot comprehend. Now, what does this mean? Number one, do not worry yourself as to how to deal with such a person who is let's say deserving of a punishment or consequences. The one who is opposing you that enemy to you. Leave them to Allah Subhana Allah can take care of that that's not a concern for you. Number two, sinister the region instead, Raji, Allah will gradually draw these people with their worldly punishment as well into doing something, let's say whatever they wish, or some worldly benefit or some provision, some blessings that are given to them as a way to lead them

00:39:21--> 00:39:35

to believe that let's say for example, that what they're doing is fine, because their way of measuring righteousness and evil is broken. They think it's based on what they think it's based on their worship of Allah subhana wa, tada and their,

00:39:36--> 00:40:00

their state of material possessions. So when Allah subhanaw taala says sinister, diligent home mean how to lie on the Moon is the logic here is for someone evil to have some worldly blessing as a test for people. This is a test. So in this case, someone who is evil, let's say has a lot of money. And they think well, I have wealth like the people of God. So they thought since we

00:40:00--> 00:40:37

have wealth God is pleased with us. They're measuring where they are with God, the righteousness based on their worldly state. Some Muslims make this mistake all the time. They go through a hardship. They're tested with their wealth, may Allah protect us all. And as soon as they're tested, they think God, God hates me. God is angry me, I'm not a good person. If you are righteous, and you're practicing, do not assume automatically to punishment, do not link your worldly state with ALLAH SubhanA data's love and will. What I want us to consider here is that righteousness is not equivalent to your material state. That's the point. And some people are led to their punishment,

00:40:37--> 00:41:12

because let's say Allah knows they will never want to be godly in their heart, if they were given every sign every proof, every message possible every morning, they will still reject it. So one of the ways that they're punished is not just a disaster, wiping out their garden, like you saw the surah. Another way that some people of evil are punished is that they are given even more blessings. Now, I know this may seem surprising to some Muslims or maybe new information, they're given more blessings because they become even more distracted by it, and more deluded into thinking that whatever they are doing, they're doing it right, that there are good people, so they deserve this.

00:41:12--> 00:41:47

And the reality is that this person reaches a conclusion in which they think that nothing that they're doing or saying is wrong, that is their punishment, they are being punished through their worldly blessings. And what this means is that Allah subhanaw taala turned away from them only because they turned away from him. Allah subhanaw taala it's not like he caught off their fair opportunity at guidance. Do not misunderstand this. These are a people who got to such a far point in their arrogance that they refuse to repent. And Allah Who knows the future knows that if he were to give them every opportunity, they would reject it. So instead of delaying the punishment for some

00:41:47--> 00:42:25

of these people, their punishment is given to them through a stupid Raj, gradual extension of blessings and they are tested with these blessings, not realizing it is it is leading them to the ruin, it is leading to even more punishment. And in fact, it leads to greater punishment because they had an extension of blessings. Another point to keep in mind. For us as believers, one of the most terrifying thoughts is to drench it it's not it should not be necessarily to be prevented from worldly success. That should not be the most terrifying thought to you, or to be prevented for more wealth while you're worshiping God and you're righteous. And yes, we want to the best of this world,

00:42:25--> 00:42:59

no doubt, but that thought that you're prevented from it should not be the most terrifying thought. What should be terrifying is for you to be blessed constantly by a law while you are constantly disobeying. Well lay this is very frightening. Well, law heinous is frightening if you were to think about it, that a person a Muslim is disobeying Allah and they're still being given more and more and more, this should terrify them. Because this may be leading what you're even a greater fall a greater punishment. May Allah protect us and forgive us. Another point to keep in mind is that every time these people committed a major sin, and they remain stubborn and arrogant, and they rejected

00:42:59--> 00:43:36

the Signs of God, they were tested with more and more blessings. So they became distracted from seeking forgiveness from Allah for that transgression. Al Hassan Al Basri Rahim Allah one of the great scholars of the earliest generations, he said, What is translated as how many people think they are upon goodness, righteousness, but are actually being tested and let us stray through instead Raj, and how many people are tested their test with the praise of people while that praise does not reflect their true reality, meaning it is false, it's based on an image, and how many people become arrogant or prideful, thinking that they are good, but in reality, it is Allah's

00:43:36--> 00:44:22

concealing of their faults, so they become deluded by their own thoughts. May Allah protect us and guide us and forgive us. And the last point here, we must not be impatient as believers. If we see evil people, that wicked people flourish in this world, we cannot become impatient, or lose sight of the proper measurements, the proper way of knowing things, it may be that the very appearance of flourishing here is part of their punishment. And there may be an eventual punishment by some type of, let's say, capitalism, some kind of, let's say, gradual process after that, let's say, instead Rajee, in terms of an evolutionary punishment of sorts, for this individual, for a society for a

00:44:22--> 00:44:59

nation, as we always see with nations that rise, and then they start to disobey God and then they fall, an issue that rises in there for many internal reasons, they start to fall, Allah subhanaw taala may punish evil people by granting them more time, and that extends their punishment, and providing for them worldly benefits in advance or in abundance in advance of their punishment and in abundance, which encourages these people to continue sinning. Look at the world today. Look at St. drod. Today, with many nations that are atheistic, many nations that are anti religious, many nations that oppose and attack Islam today in our modern times a very common

00:45:00--> 00:45:33

obvious example there's no doubt regarding this is the country of France. Right? So you see many nations that are given worldly things. And yet despite all that God has given them they continue to attack people of religion. They continue to oppose religion, and specifically Islam. They continue to use these blessings in ways that are displeasing to Allah subhanaw taala they continue to insult the messengers and the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they continue to insult the religion they continue to assault Muslims, 2 million Muslims in the world. So I want you to think about the reality that as Muslims, when you see people flourish, it does not mean they're necessarily

00:45:33--> 00:46:11

righteous. Right? So don't become impatient. When someone evil is flourishing. Don't make them impatient, Allah Subhana Allah knows trust Allah more than you trust yourself. Trust Allah subhanaw taala in terms of how he's dealing with his creation, more than you trust how you think things should be Allah Subhana Allah knows what he's doing. Everything is in good hands. Allah subhanaw taala then says we're only long I only delay the end for a while in KD Mati. My planning is flawless. These two iPads go hand in hand. 44 and 45 will only learn I'm only dealing these people sinister did you communicate with IMO these people have evil? Giving them blessings from sources

00:46:11--> 00:46:53

they wouldn't expect to keep them distracted? May Allah protect us all May Allah protect us, may Allah protect us. And then Allah says Well, only now. So don't worry, Allah's plan is flawless. The word here that Allah uses in a KD Mateen the word Kade in the original means to devise a secret plan or scheme against another one Macker Womack Rolla is another term that used MK and then you have Cade, a lot of pantallas saying what there is here a plan of theirs to devise or do something and loss or panelist plan is much greater, it is flawless in Nikiti Mateen. So, it is an evil only in case it is devised to harm somebody unjustly, otherwise, there is nothing wrong with it, especially

00:46:53--> 00:47:35

when a scheme is adopted is implemented rather against a person who has made himself worthy of it. So Cade may seem to be something with negative connotations, but Allah subhanaw taala is using it here in a positive connotation, reminding us that there's nothing wrong with this plan. This plan behind the scenes, the unseen, so long as the person who is at the receiving end is deserving of it. Right and the one who is doing it is also worthy of it. And then the Prophet salallahu Salam is being asked a question and this is rhetorical. And as agilon Filming MALAMI muscadine are you asking them for a reward from the message? This is a 46 and they are feeling overburdened? Are you asking

00:47:35--> 00:48:14

them for money? For them to access the religion like let's say the Church of Scientology, you have to upgrade to level two, level three, level four, you got to pay 1000s or 10s of 1000s of dollars? That's such a fake religion? Are they being told that to get to Paradise, you have to use your money to access the knowledge so that you know what to do know the message of God is for all people and as a John Fomin Muhammad? Is the messenger requiring from people from Koresh any funding whatsoever? Is he taking their wealth and saying you want to access the message of God and salvation than pay me? Of course not. Now, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam although he's been asked this question, he's not

00:48:14--> 00:48:51

the intended audience. The real audience are the people who are crossing all the limits to oppose him. The disbelievers today as well, is our messenger asking you for a reward that makes you feel so absurd, so overwhelmed. is Islam really asking you for that much? Is that what you feel? Is that your perception? What is it asking you for? And what is it offering, offering you, Jana, you yourself love that he is absolutely selfless. The Prophet salallahu Salam did not accept worldly bribes and accept these things to stop spreading the message of God, and He is exerting all his efforts the last 23 years of his life, so long it was so that you would attain salvation, so that

00:48:51--> 00:49:28

you will find for your own benefit and wellbeing manifestation, if you don't want to believe in what he says you might not. But why are you feeling so enraged at his invitation or this invitation to you? Meaning Why are you even trying to oppose the message if you don't agree with it? The second question also appears to be directed to the Prophet slicin. I have already sent a marine demo label from Yakubu Boone, basically, do they have knowledge of the Unseen that enables them to write it down the future, though? So it's as though the question is going as follows? Have you all people looked behind the scenes and found that the messenger is not a messenger and that the truth is

00:49:28--> 00:49:59

presenting from God before you are not true? Is that why you're so stubborn in accepting the message and you are opposing him? Because you have knowledge of the Unseen? And of course, the answer is no. These are rhetorical questions. And this is a reminder for the believers that the disbelievers do not have access to the unseen. And so the attacks don't let them don't let them bother you so much. And in fact, this is what leads us to the next is right here. When Allah subhanaw taala says in verse 48 fosse will hook me up. Be patient with your Lord's decree. What are

00:50:00--> 00:50:38

Second Castle Hi Bill Hootie, nada Who am I can be patient brothers and sisters, be patient with Allah's decree, be patient or messenger of Allah Azza wa salam, and do not be like Sahagun Yunus and he said, I'm the person of the whale or the man of the whale, who cried out to Allah in total distress. Lola and today we're not only are not in the lobby, the newbies have been out, you will not know, if his Lord's grace had not reached him, he would have been left abandoned and blameworthy on the barren shore. Now, the beginning of the if possible, be patient, they hooked me up. This means that the time when Allah will issue his decree about your victory and success, and your

00:50:38--> 00:51:14

opponents defeat is not far off. So be patient. Until then you have to endure until then you have to be patient with whatever hardships come your way, and you have to continue preaching the faith. And as Muslims today, we say the same thing my brothers and sisters, you have to be patient. Now, I believe the maybe all of us in this course. And those who listen to it throughout the week later on Inshallah, everyone who's attending this class, I believe, is in the United States. And I want you to consider while the situation is volatile, it is May Allah protect us look at the situation in other places like East Turkestan, where you cannot say anything that resembles Islam, you cannot

00:51:14--> 00:51:46

look as a Muslim you cannot appear to be Muslim. You cannot wear the hijab, a person who tried to sit a woman nor hijab whatsoever they cannot. She sat in a chair just to just to pray. It was time for prayer in the middle of a marketplace. She sat down to print and barely made any movements. And somebody noticed her and reported her and by the end of her salah, somebody came and took her her family never saw her after that. What are we complaining about? Meaning what you have the freedom to pray, to preach? And yes, we still have to be patient because yes, there are attacks on Islam. Look at our brothers and sisters in France with the recent stabbings and attacks, right we tell them as

00:51:46--> 00:52:22

well as possible if you're not big, the victory will come soon. The relief will come soon. But continue preaching the way of Allah continue holding on to what you have what Allah has decreed as best for you always, even if you don't see it. And if you remember this, what Allah subhanaw taala has prepared for you and decreed for you as best for you. If you remember this concept, this phrase, possibility of rugby rugby, you will find yourself more patient with everything you experience, you will find yourself stronger, psychologically resilient, emotionally coping in terms of what you're dealing with, and happier mentally and spiritually and religiously and in general, throughout your

00:52:22--> 00:53:01

life. What are technical Sahiwal? Now we have a story here, right what are technical soft, I mean, who do not be like the one of the whale, the man of the will do not behave? This is a reminder to the prophets. Why Selim do not behave impatiently do not make that same mistake. The Prophet Yunus Allah has said it he said, peace be upon him, made who on account of his impatience was driven into the belly of the whale. Now, if a situation in your life becomes extremely overwhelming and difficult, turn to Allah, the Merciful turn to Allah first and foremost, Allah the ever loving, that Allah Subhana Allah says, who says, it will only establish a study that can call upon Me I will

00:53:01--> 00:53:38

respond to you, but he does. The need for in your body or D without a doubt either Dan, Allah is nearby listening to you. And the way that is accepted is in many different forms. But keep making dua every dua makes a difference every opportunity you have make dua ask Him in every prayer, the one who responds and do what you need to do to remove any barriers between you and Allah, for relief for victory for escape from hardship, keep working towards that. Now to put it briefly Prophet Yunus it Salam was sent to a town Some believe it's in modern day Iraq, the townspeople delayed their decision about him and his message. So they rejected it initially, right. And this anger Prophet

00:53:38--> 00:54:16

Yunus, Ali Salam, so he left them in anger saying to himself, Allah will not please me in the constriction of staying with these rebellious disbelieving people. He thought to himself that maybe he could be sent to another town. So this anger took him to the shore where he boarded a ship. However, when they went when they were in the middle of the waters, and it became very difficult due to a storm. They basically had to draw lots. And eventually he was cast into the sea, a large whale or fish devoured Prophet Yunus, Ali Salam, and he called to his Lord from the depths of the darkness. Allah subhanaw taala heard him and the whale eventually threw him back out onto the shore.

00:54:16--> 00:54:55

We don't know the duration of this time, it could have been years it could have been months or longer. And when this verse is read alongside the story in sort of soft fat, we basically learn that at the tune, the Prophet Yunus, Ali Salam was caused to be swallowed by the fish. He was blameworthy, so there's something blameworthy there in that he abandoned the city or the town. But when he started to glorify Allah, and he confessed his fault, and will fault we'll focus on what that is. And although he was sped up by the whale on a bare shore or beach in a state of sickness, he was not blameworthy at that time. When he came back out of the will, Allah by His mercy then

00:54:55--> 00:54:59

caused a tree to grow above him plant of sorts. So that's leaves

00:55:00--> 00:55:39

would provide him shade and food and drink as long as he needed to recover. And that is basically the revelations were given to profit universities and um, he was forgiven and he basically was asked to intercede for his people. And then as these people were accepting of the message he was sent to a town or a nation or a tribe of over 100,000. This is mentioned in the Quran is the legend I've seen, of course, will be Rama, Allah. So this is the first. This is the first description of these ayat, the Prophet SAW Islam, it's as though he's being told as well do not hastily ask for the destruction of your people. Now we know the Prophet slicin didn't do that. Right. But it's a reminder for him.

00:55:39--> 00:56:13

This is in the beginning of the Revelation, the beginning of Mecca. Do you remember Paul, if when the angels of the mountains came to him, and asked him, Do you want us to destroy them, those people who rejected you who attacked you with rocks when you came to them with a message of salvation? Do you want us to crush them? And he said, No, basically, perhaps amongst them someone will one day say that you and Allah, may Allah forgive them for their people who do not know. So this is one of the teachings to the prophesies of them. Do not hastily rush to disregard them or to think that they will be punished some of them may say Allah, Allah, Allah, this is the beginning of prophethood and

00:56:13--> 00:56:27

later on many of the disbelievers yes speaking Muslim as well. Now Prophet Yunus Ali Salaam in the belly of the whale made the famous dua every single one of us should know this dua and should make this dua La ilaha illa, ALLAH SubhanA Can you continue writing in

00:56:28--> 00:57:05

the interest of Hanukkah in equal to nobody mean? There is no deity except you owe a lot Glory to you, you are perfect or law above all of these accusations and fabrications of mankind you are perfectly Allah. There cannot be another deity other than you Oh Allah. In a container Valentin I was one of the wrongdoers. If you make this dua regularly, according to an authentic hadith, it is a cause of relief. It is a source of relief for your hardships that enter Subhanak and you continue although I mean, but don't just make the DUA as many people do. These are not just like video games shortcuts where you just press the button and see the diamonds don't make that dua in your heart and

00:57:05--> 00:57:41

on your tongue meaning live by it experienced the DUA as you're making it feel the dogs your monkey think about it, ponder it. What is it that you are seeing in the continual document I was amongst the wrongdoers? Allah said foster Gemina we answered his call. You understand Islam making this dua in the belly of the whale calling upon Allah festa Jimena level one agenda, Hamina, Lacan, worker, then you can join me, Allah Subhana Allah says We answered his call and delivered him from his hardship saved him from his distress. And this is indeed how we deliver or save the believers, brothers and sisters, in sha Allah, none of us will ever experience being in the belly of the will

00:57:42--> 00:58:23

ever insha Allah. And if you have never reached such a point of darkness upon darkness upon darkness, imagine a whale as well in terms of where it where it exists and where it flourishes in the ocean. Think about what he went through either his Salah and what Allah has saved him from if Allah subhanaw taala conceive Unison University Sinha from the belly of a whale in multiple layers of darkness, beneath what the ocean and in a lower, let's say layer of the ocean, a lower level and as well in the belly of the in the belly of the whale. If Allah can save universalities and I'm from that hardship, a lot can save you from any hardship. If Allah can save Musa Islam by splitting a

00:58:23--> 00:58:58

sea. A lot can save you from any hardship you'll go through any enemy, any opposition, if Allah subhanaw taala can save the Prophet so I sent him as his house is surrounded and they do not see him physically they are blinded to seeing him and he escapes. So the Lohani was salam. O Allah can save you from any hardship in this world. Turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala turn to Allah subhanaw taala and be amongst those who glorify Him who made the thicket who asked for forgiveness and look for relief. fanola and the whole Can I mean, and also behind, had he Eunice Eiser not been amongst those who always make to spear when he was in the belly of the whale. Let me Taffy Buckley helium yoga

00:58:58--> 00:59:13

throne, he would have remained in the belly of the whale until the day of judgment. And this brings us to our next number 49 Lola enter the Laconia to me Robbie Lupita belhar evohome. Now Allah subhanaw taala is telling us here

00:59:14--> 00:59:50

and I want you to remember this fine point when Allah writes down a blessing for you. Near machu robic when Allah writes on a blessing for you, it will come to you at the right time in the right place. It is inevitable that your blessing is only for you. Allah wrote it just for you, Lola and tada Otto near Metro Manila Merapi had his had the Grace of Allah Sparta and this blessing from Allah not follow them and it is basically sure to follow him he would have remained in such a place of distress. What is meant for you will come to you whether you like it or not, the blessings that are written for you will come to you whether you like it or not, and whether you miss it or not.

00:59:50--> 00:59:59

Whether you feel sad or not, whether you think it's not coming to you or not, it will come to you. Keep this in mind. If Allah's Grace had not reached him he would have been abandoned you would have been on this

01:00:00--> 01:00:27

Your woman moon, he would have been in such a situation in which also he was blameworthy before it, and he was raised to a higher status. He was sent to a people of 100,000 and they accepted Islam. And so I want you to keep this in mind that if Allah can save unicycling from the belly of a will, and lead Him to guide more than 100,000 people to Allah subhanho wa Taala What do you think Allah can do for you? So keep thinking optimistic, optimistically Mala even when you go through hardship,

01:00:28--> 01:01:03

Prophet Yunus only Center is a messenger of God. And even he was not saved except by Allah's blessings and mercy. So how about nonprofits after and on the note of the blessings and mercy that are written for you, I want you to keep in mind that you should never become anxious psychologically, or think that someone else can possibly change the blessing of Allah, meaning they can take what is your information, Allah wrote it for you, it's coming to you. And I don't want to want you to ever think that it's going to disappear. So a blessing is written for you. It's in for you. Keep praying for it. Keep working for it's reserved for you. Think good of your Lord, who

01:01:03--> 01:01:41

decrees who gets a blessing and at what time in place. So when you see others as well, getting blessings that you currently do not have, do not ever allow the shaytaan to trick you into 1% a fraction of envy or jealousy. Allah chose where that blessing should go. And you should be happy for others wishing good for others so that Allah will bless you as well. If you are ever disappointed, or you find yourself envious of what other people have, may Allah protect us from envy. It is one of the diseases the worst diseases of the heart of the disease that lead at least to become a devil. If you find yourself ever falling into envy or jealousy, remember, when you are jealous, because

01:01:41--> 01:02:20

somebody has a blessing, you are showing in a way that you are not happy with how Allah chooses to decree His blessings upon a certain person at a certain time and place. Allah Subhana Allah gives everyone their own personal unique circumstances, work with what you have wish well for others think good of Allah and keep moving forward towards Allah's mercy and towards Allah's pleasure. And may Allah Subhana Allah purify our hearts, and forgive us and protect us all along with me. I am number 50 Vegeta horrible for Domino's sada Hey, Eunice Ali Salam, Allah chose him after this moment after the story. Allah then chose him and made him one of the righteous. I want you to remember although

01:02:20--> 01:02:54

we are mentioning basically something blameworthy, right. Allah subhana told us through the messenger so why Salam, it does not behoove anyone, any Muslim that he should ever say that the Prophet Muhammad SAW Islam is better than Yunus on a setup this is mentioned by even Kathy rockmelon others, meaning what I want us to keep in mind that the Prophet salallahu Salam is reminding us of the Stories of the Prophets and Messengers and not thinking of oh, this person is better this person is this person made a mistake. Allah subhanaw taala shows us the stories for a reason. Unison he said, I've made so much dua after your wrongdoing. And I want you to think about the wrongdoing.

01:02:54--> 01:03:32

It's not a wrongdoing, like our wrongdoings. It's not a wrongdoing where somebody like a prophet would ever commit a major sin or mess up with the revelation. No, the wrongdoing was because of his passion for people to accept Islam, that he became hasty that he wanted to go to another town and perhaps they would accept Islam. And so don't think of the word wrongdoing as something that we would do ourselves. Right. So wrongdoing in the sense that it's something perhaps for us. Minor, we might not think much of it. We are not in a position to do this. We are not at the love of universities today. But ultimately, Allah forgave him. And he made so much to art universities and

01:03:32--> 01:04:10

made so much to art. And think about this, his status when he was preaching the first time. And then what happened with the swallowing of Prophet Yunus is that when he went into the belly of the whale, and then I want you to think about what his status after that, your sin of the past should not define you or get in between you and Allah subhanaw taala if you repent sincerely to him, your sin does not define you so long as you abandon it. Your sin does not define you so long as you overcome it. Don't think of a sin that defines your lifestyle as that is who you are, as long as you're trying to get rid of it. And I don't mean this to say that if you're committing a sin that yes, now

01:04:10--> 01:04:41

that sin defines, you know, your Toba defines you more than that sin, that action defines you. So work towards progress, you might have had a really bad past, but look at the future. Look at what can completely change. After his repentance. Allah elevated the status of universities and I'm due to his sincerity, made him amongst the righteous and made him a person who was sent to more than 100,000 people, all of whom accepted Islam. So do not look at your past and say, I don't have a bright future. Do not look at your past and say I have no accomplishments. Do not look at your past and say I did so many I committed so many mistakes. I did so many things I shouldn't have done.

01:04:42--> 01:05:00

There is no hope for me. Now your future can be completely different by your past. Your future rejects your past. While you're working towards something different. You might become a completely different person due to your sincerity due to your remorse due to your Toba to Allah subhanaw taala your journey towards God you

01:05:00--> 01:05:17

Her future might be completely different, and it may gradually get better. So it does not have to be sudden through one incidents like this, it may be a very gradual thing, or this was a, let's say, a climax and a story. But look at the end of the story. Look at the end of Prophet Yunus it said and what happened 100,000 People accepted Islam.

01:05:19--> 01:05:54

And before that he was in the belly of the will. You might be in the darkest of places and later on become a source of light for the world. Do not give up on a better present and future for yourself and your loved ones, and learn lessons from the past but do not delay your change because tomorrow is not guaranteed. righteous people when they fall short rush back to a law known he'll embrace them and knowing that there's a sense of urgency and time. And the last two is here 51 and 52. What year can you let in a couple they usually Aluna can be absorbed in lemme semiotic way or coluna in a hula Majnoon, the disbelievers almost strike you down with their looks when they hear the Quran, they are

01:05:54--> 01:06:27

so angry. And then they say he must be mad, he must be insane. They're still insulting. The Prophet SAW Selim, what this means, like usually Honecker, about the disbelievers, they would trip you up with their eyes, may Allah protect us from the eyes of the people of evil, or they would eat you up with their eyes, they wish that you did not have what you have. So think about this, some of the elites of Quraysh were confused as to why one of them was not chosen as a messenger. Now they know deep down why they were not honest people, they were not trustworthy people. It was the profit slice. And then who was a Saudi for me before prophethood. But they see the prophets I send them and

01:06:27--> 01:07:00

they hear the Quran and they become very jealous, and angry and envious, that people are listening to him the Quran and its impact on people. And it leads people to believe, and it leads people to stay away from, let's say, the elite of Quraysh. And now they're losing their status in society, their wealth, and so on and so forth. Protect yourself with a loss protection, that very same thing, a victory the Quran is what will protect you protect yourself with ethical Sama, who want to set against these types of people. No matter how great of a status you reach in this world. Remember that the most excellent role model is the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam the one that you

01:07:00--> 01:07:37

follow. He brings light to people and they insult him and attack him and call him crazy. He brings people salvation, happiness and success and they hurt him and harass him and attack his followers. People's labels mean nothing in the face of truth Don't be affected by societal pressure. Don't be affected by family pressure Don't be affected my community pressure when that pressure is contradictory to the remembrance of Allah subhanahu wa. Now also in this verse, like usually a pointer can be of Saudi and even cathedra from Allah says this confirms that the concept of the Evil Eye May Allah protect us all May Allah protect us all is a reality. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam

01:07:37--> 01:08:16

used to make this following dua for Al Hassan and Hussein his grandsons by saying are you do Kuma became Atilla he term in coalition icon in wahama. Amin Kalyani Allah, I seek protection for you to buy the perfect words of ALLAH from every level and dangerous creature and from every evil eye that exists meaning every evil eye that is looking upon you. And then he would say this is the dua that Ibrahim used to use to seek protection for his help and his my, his sons on the Hill center. And this hadith was recorded by Bihari, so you're making dua naroda, we can imitate Allah hintermann equally shaytani wahama Michelia ulama anywhere you go all the time before you post online before

01:08:16--> 01:08:53

you share anything and also you do not overshare with others, especially with social media, some of the scholars say and we have heard this in many lectures, even Mufti Menk May Allah reward him has said this before in a very beautiful way. One of the most common causes of evil AI today and harming people's lives is social media meaning over sharing your personal life on social media and basically leading to some harm in your life. May Allah protect us all may last Patternmakers concert upon every liquor you make, every if Quran AYATUL kursi morning, evening supplications it's a fortress for you. It's a shield and barrier for you be regular in the morning, evening supplications in

01:08:53--> 01:09:32

AYATUL kursi, the last three holes and you will be protected by law as well as this dua as well. And you can find this door in fortress of the Muslim Hassan Muslim, may Allah subhanaw taala protect us. And then the last one who are ill the Quran Allah enemy, but truly it is nothing other than a reminder for the whole world. This is the Quran. The Quran remains timeless, universal as a guidance for all people on how to live, how to thrive how to attain your purpose, the Quran is the answer to all of these questions, how to succeed with a test given to us by God, how to seek Allah's pleasure and how to make it to Jannah. And yet even though it is the ultimate truth and the speech of God to

01:09:32--> 01:09:59

His creation, some people will reject it. Some people will fabricate accusations against it. Some people will label it with their own insulting labels. And yet they are the ones seeing through the wrong lenses the wrong glasses. Do not let people's labels pressure you when it comes to your beliefs or your actions. Focus on what Allah has revealed and you will always be in a good state one or what they call Iran. I mean, it is a reminder for all of the world so focus on it as a central thing.

01:10:00--> 01:10:34

Your life everyday you are living by this reminder of the Quran May Allah subhana reward us and protect us Aloma I mean, a couple links between the opening and closing of the surah and then we will conclude Inshallah, number one Allah swears by the pen and the tool that is used to write down the Quran into the most half the scribes and at the end of the surah Allah says Wanda, who were Illa de Coronavirus, I mean it is a reminder for the world. That pen is a very powerful thing. And the Quran reaches the world through this reminder through these tools and manifestations. Number two, Allah reminds the prophet in the beginning of the surah mountains of mineral material because the

01:10:34--> 01:11:09

monsoon you're not crazy by the grace of your Lord at the end of the surah Allah repeats their fabrication way according to him no damage. No they are saying that he is crazy ALLAH SubhanA is reminding him you're not so don't worry about this pressure. Don't worry about these insults. They do not measure up to truth. Number three in the beginning of the surah Allah says you are not By Allah's grace upon your newer material. Big, insane, right? This is not the same idea. At the end, Allah describes Eunice Ali salaam Lola and Rocco near Machu middleby The blessing of Allah subhanho wa Taala upon you the blessings of Allah for you like guidance to Islam. You are blessed by Allah in

01:11:09--> 01:11:46

so many ways that no amount of worldly wealth can equate to brothers and sisters. If you are a believer, you are richer than the richest disbeliever in this world. If you are a believer in a lot, you are richer than the richest disbeliever in this world, not in necessarily your dollars or your cash, but you are richer in terms of your status in the sight of Allah so keep working towards that. And another point to keep in mind if Allah blesses the disbeliever and they reject its proper use, they end up like the people of the garden or the people of grace, who are facing some kind of punishment. Number four, Allah says in the beginning of the surah we're in a like a giant oil on the

01:11:46--> 01:12:23

moon, you will have a never ending reward at the end of the surah Allah says me test a JIRA for him in Muslimeen with edgier is used in two ways in the sauna in the same exact Surah two different ways. One is the editor of this world, and one is the editor of the Hereafter Jana, editor of this world provisions or wealth, it is provided by God if you use it for the sake of Allah, Allah will reward you with the provision the edges of the next life ajilon vedova never ending reward number five and the second last point in sha Allah or third last point, Allah says in the beginning or in Nicola Allah Hola. Now the viewer upon exalted moral character, and then at the end of the Surah,

01:12:23--> 01:13:00

Allah says phosphorelay Hockney robic be patient with a decree of your Lord. Patience is one of the greatest aspects of exalted moral character. For you to have great character you need to exemplify patience and perseverance, especially during this time, number six again second, last point shallow, faster to zero, you have zero and Allah says the equal of two and you will soon see and they will see which of you was truly afflicted with madness or upon misguidance. At the end of the surah Allah says we're only in look at Mateen I am delaying them, but my plan is flawless. So it's not now that you will see its leader you will see so do not rush do not become hasty as a believer and judge

01:13:00--> 01:13:32

things based on how they are today. And the last point Insha Allah, Allah reminds us in the beginning, earlier part of the surah what do we have to do for you do you know do not compromise so that they will compromise? Otherwise, your measuring stick becomes your desires, your temptations or their worldview? You will mix truth with falsehood and you cannot mix truth with falsehood. Otherwise, he becomes a falsehood. Allah says later in the Surah, of an Algerian Muslim, Ina Calamondin. Me and Allah says in the limits of cleaner and there'll be in Jannetty nine, you cannot make truth and falsehood the same. You cannot take parts of Islam and add other things to it or

01:13:32--> 01:14:09

reject parts of it. The reward for you not compromising? What do you love to do you innovate you know, the reward for not compromising? Simply put is Jana in the limiter cleaner and there'll be Jannetty nine the reward for following what Allah commands in this store is Jana, and that is a promise of Allah subhanahu wata and this concludes our Tafseer of sorts of column and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to allow us to benefit from what we studied what we heard what we learned, and most importantly, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us people of action, people of optimism, people of resilience, people who fall in the footsteps of the messenger SallAllahu sallam, especially today,

01:14:10--> 01:14:41

we are dealing with many things around the world today. May Allah keep us all patient and also useful and productive for the Ummah, look at what's happening around the world and take action in terms of what you can do with your time, your effort, your capacity, your social media, that people you know, take some kind of action, the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam 's name, and that the religion is being insulted but he's above such a thing, right, the one who insults the prophesy Selim will be nothing in the end in the Shanika when after that person is will be gone in terms of history. And the most mentioned person in the world today is the one who has the greatest moral

01:14:41--> 01:14:59

character, what in the Kannada Holyoake now, the Be patient, be patient, be patient work towards solutions in a proper way to work towards some kind of awareness. People should not get to the point where they feel they can freely insult and attack the prophesy Salam in such a derogatory way in such a disgusting way and

01:15:00--> 01:15:33

Simply get away with it rather than needs to be legislation. There needs to be a legal process, there needs to be international pressure. And that requires a collective effort. And of course, we are not condoning anything beyond the law beyond the shadow, of course. But what we are saying here is that people should not feel like they can simply insult when they do insult. Remember, this is not you. This is something they've been doing since the very beginning. And it's not true. These fabrications do not matter. But we get to a point in terms of our effect in the world, our status and our presence, because we don't compromise when we get to that status by the will of Allah

01:15:33--> 01:16:06

subhanaw taala that is that we have towards Islam. In following the message, not just protecting and defending his name, in following the messenger sly send them and protecting peace in the world amongst people and not having hate speech become a very normal thing. In doing so we live by the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu Salam every single day and not just when some incident takes place. So may Allah subhanaw taala allow us to utilize the Tafseer of social Panem to become better followers of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and this concludes our Tafseer of the surah was salam ala Nabina Muhammad while early was to be a Gemini