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Sudan hamdulillah salatu salam ala rasulillah hamdulillah Hamdan washing Anna who in classrooms iida

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ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa Germain Allahu Allah in federal now and now beam antenna was denied many occurring rubbish roughly a surgery was silly Emily and Melissa Hokulea or visit any ailment or visit any element of obesity Allahumma salli ala madrasta husa

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has an easier Cheetah Sarah

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welcome back dear viewers to embracing Koran, wherein we are discussing the seal of soilless medium and we discuss the story of Zakaria Ali Salaam Salaam and now we are discussing the story of medium it has setup. Allah subhana wa tada said an ayah number 20 audit Anya Cooney hula.

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So the storyline is such so far, Maria Maria ceram she used to take up a particular location in which she would worship Allah subhanho wa Taala all by herself, a seclusion a place of seclusion, literally, and she would worship Allah subhana wa tada in that seclusion. And then Maria Medina said, she decided that she would go back every now and then between her place of seclusion to a family member's house during the moments of period. And this was her practice. And as she is within this practice, she is worshiping Allah subhanho wa Taala sometimes going back home to her family as well suddenly appears before her by the love of Allah subhana wa tada Judy Nadi Salaam, as she's

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alone by herself, and single woman in a far off place from the eyes of people. And this man is a man who's very beautiful. He's a man as Allah subhana wa tada calls him out on so we Yeah, he's a man who was so he was perfected. He was symmetrical. He was beautiful. He was a very, very balanced person in terms of his body. My DNA said I'm suddenly when she sees this person, she says to Alice, she says,

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Man, I am seeking refuge in Allah subhanho wa Taala. In the Most Merciful minca in quantity from you if you happen to be a pious person, ie, even if you happen to be a pious person, I'm still seeking refuge in Allah subhanho wa Taala from you. How about someone who isn't a pious person? Now? This man says, You know what, I'm not really here to do any harm to you as you might be thinking, as you might be presuming as a woman in that situation might presume in general, right? And that thought will occur it's a natural human thought. So he tells her I'm actually in a school from Allah subhana wa tada in a manner a pseudo Arabic I'm just a messenger from Allah subhanho wa Taala to you.

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And why did I come to you? Because I'm going to be giving you a glad tiding of hola Hammond zakia of a of a boy who is very, very pure and beautiful, Carla, she said, and niacc uno de vous la mon. And now yaku

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Luna, she said, How will I have a will? How will Allah subhana wa Taala grant me a child when I'm young, certainly, Sharon. What am I Quba he, so remembering the story of zeca de la ceram also he was shocked. He started to say a nyako nollywood amateur ceasing, Anika Cooley, woman as well.

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And as he said, and I echo Nicola, how am I supposed to have a child? He gave two reasons. He said that I am old in age and my, my wife, even when she was younger, she used to be barren. How about now that she's grown old? Right? So she gave two reasons. And similarly, Mary Amalia, Sarah, she says, another cool new lever. And she gives two possibilities of how you have a child. She says that one of them says, honey by Sharon, and I've never been touched by a man in my life. And not even I haven't been touched by a man. I haven't been touched by a human being because my shoulder is inclusive of men and women. She has in fact been touched by her mother, for example, right? But

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she's trying to be, you know, very exaggerated, if you please, right. She's exaggerating and basically Movado, it's a rhetorical instrument she's using that I'm really that far away from human beings in that sense, that I haven't really been taught it's as if it's as if I haven't even been touched by a human being altogether. Well, mem system especially

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what a coup Bahia the second possibility is, that it could be a woman who was not very chaste, who does things which are not pleasing to Allah subhanho wa Taala. The first excuse that she gave her the first reasoning that she gave why she can't have a child that alludes to the fact that she'd never been in a wedlock. The second reason that she's giving is that even outside of wedlock This is not a relationship that I've ever had. For me to have a child when I'm a coup Bahia. I've never been unchaste I've never been that way.

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He said, who said on chaotic corner boo.

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The angel said to

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to marry Emily ceram karateka color book just like that. Did Allah subhana wa Taala say this was a choice of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah decided this, just as Allah subhanho wa Taala said to Zakaria, Allah ceram Kala catolica color book just like that Allah subhanho wa Taala has decided already This is a decision made by Allah subhana wa tada Do you believe that he said um, he said the same thing to the to medium and he said um, he said

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just like that Allah subhanho wa Taala said, it will happen because Allah subhanho wa Taala is Ramadan, he all he has to do is say Kuhn, and for Kuhn, all Allah subhanaw taala has to do is say be and it will be, right. That's the power and the capacity of Allah subhana wa Tada. And you know what's really interesting right after that, Allah Subhana, WA tada speaks on his own behalf. And he says, who are Alinea? You know? This is very, very easy for me, okay, that

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying it is very easy for him to grant a child to a woman without a husband.

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And that is something that actually goes against the laws of physics, it's considered an impossibility based on the norms of physics, right? Similarly, it's considered an impossibility for a woman beyond menopause to have a child based on the norms of physics, Allah subhanho wa Taala says something which is an abnormality within the physical laws that I have created. That is easy for me. How about something that is within the laws of physics, right? And this by the way, is a is a, you know, room basically to breathe. For all those husbands and wives

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who long wish for children? Sometimes we wish for a long time for children and they're just not coming in. Sometimes we even give up hope in that regard. But no, you should never give up hope you have an example of zecharia la ceram, who was basically an old man 6065 7075 years old, according to different you know, counts and narrations. So is an old man. And even then, he's making dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala thing for heavily melancholia. grant me a child who will take care of my legacy. Similarly, Maria, Maria, Sarah, she's a woman by herself. She doesn't even have a husband who's ever touched her and a lost partner without a granted a child to medium Elisa, look at that. And all of

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that Allah subhanaw taala saying what? That this is very, very easy for me How about something which is already within the laws of physics of Allah subhana wa Taala right.

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So my advice to the sisters or brothers who happen to have a wish and a desire to have children make dua to Allah subhana wa tada and Allah will grant you reason Elijah if he deems that best for you. You see, sometimes Allah subhanho wa Taala

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gives some things to some people because he knows that they will be able to handle it. And that test won't be too difficult for them to bear. Whilst Allah subhanho wa Taala doesn't give it to other people because Allah subhana wa tada recognizes in his infinite wisdom, wisdom, that this particular test will not work for this individual. So this is sometimes Allah allows decree for the betterment, right. And one of the things you can do to hope for a child is as Allah Subhana Allah tells us in the Quran as well for people to step

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into who Cara lofar you will see the seminar la comida indeed you can be a Malinois betina wager alaikum janati major Allah caminhada Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us upon the tongue of His Messenger and sort of the North, sort of North, he says that supposed to step back from India who can have a follow I said, No Holly ceram said to people, it still feels a little back home. seek forgiveness from your Lord in that who can have a father He is the one who is the ever forgiving.

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You will see this Santa la comida Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala will send rain upon you in a very very large quantity mid that on a rain which is continuous in a very, you know, heavy sort of rain. Well you'll need to come and he will grant you what he will you know, couple you together with your grant you and He will provide you with with Allah Subhana Allah Allah will give you a mod and Allah subhana wa tada will give you a lot

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more money Allah subhanho wa Taala will give you the mod the wealth and Allah subhana wa tada will also give you the benefit as well children. So this is something from Allah subhanaw taala if we do is still far, that's one of the keys of having children. I personally know many, many cases of parents who are now parents, you know, just a few months ago and so on and so forth. They weren't parents or just a few years ago rather they weren't parents right? Or they didn't have children and I told them make us feel foreign to Allah Subhana Allah, Allah and Subhana Allah, I personally know of stories that came back to me. We've been trying for three four years we started doing regularly

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is still fopp Allah subhanho wa Taala granted as a child, this is one of the keys Allah is placed in the Koran for people who are not having children to gain children perhaps Allah subhana wa tada is keeping children away from you for that reason that you're not, you know, worshipping Allah subhanho wa Taala you're rather disobedient to Allah. And Allah wants you to be cleansing cleaning yourself of the sins by making it still far so when you get a child, it is a pure and clean child. This could be a wisdom of Allah subhana wa tada and that's why we make it still far. So that Allah subhana wa Taala grants the children and I assure you But isn't it to Allah, if you make this stuff up? And

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Allah wishes this child for you and he knows in his infinite wisdom that this child is good for you, Allah will grant it

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because Allah subhana wa Tada, his treasures don't decrease by giving grants to anyone.

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So Miriam alayhis salam, she says, I have never been touched by a man and I was neither Bahia and the angel replies back to her think as Arnica Paula book that's how Allah subhana wa tada wished and that's what Allah wished and that's what he said well, who Allah Yeah, he and he also said that it is very easy for me to grant this child easier than that as a child that you may be wanting, what do you need your Allah who is attending us, and so that we may make it to your child Elisa, Elisa, ROM and I are assigned for the people. What is the sign within Lisa Lisa, please join us in the next part of this particular episode. As we discuss the story of Mary O'Malley Sara

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salatu salam ala rasulillah hamdu Lillah

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wa salatu wa ala Sayidina Muhammad in one other early

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alarm, aluminum and Sharona entrepreneur Bhima unlimited was in a maniac Kareem beshara De Soto recently, Melissa Neff, Coco Lee are visiting human element or visiting Emma, welcome back to your viewers. We are still discussing the story of medium Elisa and we left off on the ayah number 21 as Allah subhana wa tada said, What do you need you're telling us as we granted this particular gift to Maria Maria Salaam, one of the reasons why we granted this gift to Maria Maria Saddam was because we wanted to make it a ayah we wanted to make it a sign for the people and you wanted to make it also a mercy for the people as well.

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What does that mean that Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted to make this child a sign for the people and Allah Subhan

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I don't want that I wanted to make this child a mercy for the people as well. You see, one of the things that Allah subhana wa Taala does, along with the revelation that He grants to every single messenger, Allah subhanho wa Taala grants them things which are super normal, which are basically above the norms of the laws of physics which are, which are sometimes beyond what we are used to, which are not normal. They're the word abnormal is probably not the best word to say. But that's why I say it's super normal. They're extra normal. They are against the laws of physics at times, but they're still intellectually considered possible. Okay? So there's a difference between an

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intellectual possibility, and there's a difference between something that is physically normal. Those are two different things. Sometimes there's, you know, for example, it's possible for human beings to fly intellectually that's possible. But there's a difference between the intellectual possibility and the norm that Allah subhanaw taala has created the human existence All right. So Allah subhana wa tada grants each messenger something which is miraculous, ie it's super normal, it is beyond normal. And that allows it to be a sign for the people to whom his kebab his address has been said, Okay. So if Risa Ali Salam was sent to bring the lost sheep of Israel out of their, out

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of their, you know, misguidance that they were in that he's granted a sign so that people don't end up confusing him for a con artist. People don't end up thinking that this person is really not a messenger, whilst Allah subhana wa tada has really made him a messenger. So that's why Allah subhana wa tada made the very birth of Isa and he said on a miraculous birth, what do you need your Allah who is attending us, so that we may make him IRA then us?

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Well, I met Amina, and also urashima from us, or Ghana, Leah. And that was a matter, which was already decided and defined by Allah subhanho wa Taala. So he's assigned.

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And also, he's assigned from another angle as well. And that is that one, Maria Maria ceram, she went all the way to, you know, some random location literally, for the rest of society where she was, she went to this area, which is away from the rest of society, and she settled there, and she's alone, and people don't necessarily know about what's happening and what's not happening, even though she was a fairly known individual within their society. We'll find out that soon inshallah. But the idea is, nonetheless, she's away from society, so they don't know every single thing that she's doing. Right? So Allah subhanho wa Taala, granted her a sign.

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And that was recently set up, I attend in us so that so that people don't accuse her of fornication or other things, one of the signs that he said and he said, um, which he started his life off with will be coming very soon. And that was the sign by which money I'm already set up, basically had a proof against the rest of our society who may be attempting to accuse her of something which would be which is much much beyond and much, much above. And she's much more pure from that right. I attend in us. Well, I met Amina and also in mercy from Allah subhanaw taala. The fact that Allah subhana wa tada sends down signs that in and of itself is a mercy from Allah to his creation because

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Allah subhanho wa Taala could have created the creation and left them without any guidance, but Allah subhana wa tada created the creation, Allah granted the guidance and in addition to granting the guidance of Allah subhanho wa Taala also brought signs about and those signs were there for what reason, those signs were there. So that the guidance

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that Allah subhanho wa Taala sends through the messengers that becomes known to people and they actually accept that guidance. Allah Subhana Allah says that what can a moron nakiya and this matter was already decided and this matter was already defined. For him Allah to find evidence be Hema Karen Cassia so when this decision occurred, and Allah Subhana Allah allowed for the child to be in the womb of Maria Maria Sara right.

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Or Maria Maria, Milan, and Lydia sonnets for Raja fennel

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so Allah subhanho wa Taala speaking about video Maria said on he said when I started photographing na Fianna roofie Marina, that also the one who had preserved her chase to teach us on that photo jar. So we ended up doing what we ended up blowing into that women are in Maria Maria set up so that she may bear this child and what that means is Allah subhana wa tada sent down Djibouti Larissa and debris Valley ceram and came and blew into Maryam la ceram. Okay, there's different narrations about how it happened, but we don't have the details from sources which we can actually rely upon. Right.

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But some of the details that we have some of the narration say that that need it

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Saddam was standing far away and he blew. And wind ended up taking the, you know, the thing that you really said I'm blue into very early saddam and it placed it into her body. And then she, she bore the child from this and there's many other narrations on how it happened and so on and so forth. But in reality, Allah subhanho wa Taala chooses the most important segments of the story. And the ones which are not so important Allah subhanho wa Taala skips them out, right? Allah subhanho wa Taala doesn't share them with us. And the reason for that is because every time we read a story within the Koran, we should be concerned about the story aspects of the story, which are the most concerning to

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us. We know Juanita already said on blue, how it happened, where it happened, where we know, but how it happened. That's not that's not really a big deal. So we don't need to get into that. How old was Maria Maria said on when all this happened. Some of them said they said she was 10 years old others they said she was 13 years old. Some said she'd only been through two periods this far, and so on and so forth. Allow Adam, I mean, these details are not we haven't been, you know, commissioned by Allah Subhana Allah to look into these details. But what we have been commissioned by Allah subhanho wa Taala is the clear guidance he's granting to us within the Quran. We look into that as deeply as

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possible. All we know is what can I do that was a decision from Allah subhana wa diamond. So when she bore the child for harmala, to thank them for that to be Hema cannon for hemera to fantasma that became a garden casia. So when she bore the child, she ended up going into another seclusion far, far away also from society, because you know what this was going to do, right? This was going to raise fingers on her chase that even though she's the known person for chase city, for Agia, helma, horrible energies in UCLA, for Agia adjara comes from the word Jaya, je, right.

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And that's not necessarily a common word, a Java YuGiOh. But it's a word used nonetheless, in the Koran. And basically what that means is, it compelled her to go in a certain direction.

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So the throes of the pain that she was going through the convulsant convulsion of the of the pregnancy, the contractions that were occurring, those things, they ended up delivering her to a distant place. And what was that place? He landed in UCLA, there was a specific palm tree that was perhaps known to that, known to them that was like a location, you know, sometimes you have a big tree or a small tree or this or that. And people say, well, that tree down there, and they go, right, right. So she went to she ended up going down to a tree. And she stayed there for a while in the hub, the contractions and the pain of childbirth and delivery, they started to come, right.

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And she went and sat by this tree. Now, one of the things that I noticed in this particular verse here, and I haven't seen, scholars clearly mentioned this, but sometimes Subhan Allah, if you look through the Koran, you will find within a guidances that, you know, that

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cannot even sometimes

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accept the fact that Allah subhana wa Taala had mentioned this 1400 years ago, except that it has to be from a divine source. Right? So Allah subhanho wa Taala places hints for almost everything within the Quran. So one of the things that I I noticed from this verses that Allah subhana wa Taala mentioned, she ended up going to Grenada, she ended up going to a tree, okay. And the scholars of the sea dimensioned the reason why she was doing that was because she wanted a place she wanted, like something that she can hold on to while she's giving birth, okay.

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Now, of course, a tree is vertical, right? A tree is vertical. And we know that, that in childbirth, women normally, especially nowadays normally die down on their backs in a hospital and they give birth like that. But one of the practices that occurs still till today in many parts of the world and the some of the many doctors also encouraged this practices, the squatting, childbirth, right, where the woman literally stands up and gives birth to a child while she's squatting or not standing squatting. Right. And the position that you can be in whilst you're before a tree is almost that same position that the squatting, childbirth will be right. And that's the reasoning that the

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professor didn't give that she went there to hang by the tree as she gave the birth. But, of course, they didn't detail that other part. So perhaps this is referring to the squatting childbirth and this is a practice that is encouraged by doctors. It makes it easier for the child to come out the gravity sort of pulls the child for a while mahalo Elijah's

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arlette yell at me to Kabbalah haga. She said Dr. Leighton emit to kubla hada Oh, how I wish that I died before this. Welcome to lecien men sia and I was you know a woman or

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Who was an SEM and Seo? I was someone who has forgotten men see and forgotten even further, right? There's different narrations of this verse. Some of them say Nessie and others saying nest and others say nice. Okay? So

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all of them come to a similar meaning. And I'll tell you the difference between them as well. Okay? This particular

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there are that we recite hafsa Nasim, Allah subhana wa tada said, Well, according to NASA Mansi is quoting Maria Maria Salam. And she's saying that I wish that I had died before this moment. Now, this could be for different reasons, either because of the pain and the agony of, of childbirth. Or it could be because of the fact that she was afraid that people are going to start accusing her of fornication. And that's very difficult for a woman to be bearing that sort of, you know, rhetoric and that sort of dialogue and those sorts of accusations and so, so on and so forth. So she wishes she dies, and she wishes he's forgotten nicean meaning she's forgotten, min sia even further and

00:26:01--> 00:26:45

emphasis on the word nursing, forgotten, and forgotten to the power of two, okay? However nice and nice and mean something else. And that means that, you know, sometimes if you have a shortage of milk, what some families will do when people do this, right, they they'll mix the milk with water to have a larger quantity. Now what happens is though, the milk literally becomes watered down as we see, right? So a lot of the things that are within the milk they get lost. Similarly, in a society, a person may get lost within society, because there's 1000s of people if he's not someone known to society, however many family Sarah was known for her piety and our chastity within our society. And

00:26:45--> 00:27:09

she was now wishing from Allah subhanho wa Taala that she becomes a nobody known to no one within society. So even if you know this happened, people will accuse her of having committed fornication or something like that, of course, she was pure and chaste from that altogether I asked Allah subhana wa tada to grant us a trophy after practice to convey please join us in the next episode as we continue to discuss with the story of

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female reanna

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that mean, Lee

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me know vilavi