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Ghusl, Tayammum, and Proceeding towards the Masjid


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You're listening to the Calum Institute podcast series, beginning of guidance by saying Kimani

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To find out more information of the saints column course entitled the prophetic code a study of prophetic manners and etiquette. Visit Olam institute.org slash prophetic code.

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al hamdu Lillah. Allahu Akbar Rahman Li bodyholiday. Mustapha Susana

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Milan via early hilinski. I was having a tea I'm about today we're starting from a double Muslim inner Jenna, the etiquette of the ritual bath for the removal of major ritual impurity.

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ritual for the removal of major ritual impurity. So previously, we talked about the etiquette of bathing. So a monk was only referred to as walking us through an ideal 24 hour day, what an ideal 24 hour day would look like. So from the moment I woke up, to wearing our clothes to go into the washroom after now you've relieved yourself now comes a time to gain purity. And so he first walked us through how to gain purity from the minor impurities, the minor impurities are removed by blue. And then now Amazon is going to walk walk us through how to get yourself out of the state of major impurity. And this is where the liminal Janab the word the state we use, the word we use to refer to

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the state of major impurity is Jenna, what's the word? Jenna if I say Genova, that refers to this now means that you require a bath. If I say had had it means you require a whoo Genova means you require a bath, okay? So these are two different things. Remember, those two words are key words, Genova, you require a bath, how did you require a will. So this is adapted loosely meaning Jana Abba, the etiquette of bathing from the state of Geneva. Now there are certain things that take a person into the state of Geneva, we know the common eight things or nine things that take a person out of the state of Moodle, those are common things that are taught. Today we're talking about

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bathing, there are certain things that take a person out of the state of purity and then necessitate a bath. For men, there are two things. First thing if a person sees a wet dream. The second thing for a man is if a person has sexual intercourse with their spouse. Now for women along with along with these two things, there are two more added things. The first is menstruation. And the second is postpartum bleeding. So these four things put together will put a person outside the state of purity. Now in order to exit enter into the state of purity, again, you'll have to perform a bath G.

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If you have entered a state of ritual impurity by having a wet dream or sexual intercourse, carry the baby, if a person sees a wet dream, but they do not see any fluid when they wake up in the morning, this will not necessitate a bath. Okay, the actual what makes the bath mandatory is the exiting of fluid from the private area, yes, here in the basement water to the wash, please, before washing anything, wash your hands. Now he says carry the basin of water that he not to the wash place, okay. So they would have these areas where they would where they would bathe, and they would take their pots with them. Now when you would take it there, the scholars have said that it is from

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the etiquettes that a person placed the washing basin on their right side. So when they're bathing, they should ideally stand to the left side of it, that therefore if the washing basin is on the right side, when you're scooping water out of it, which hand Are you going to use the right and that's what you're supposed to do, you're supposed to use your right have to scoop water out when bathing yourself. So one of the etiquettes they say is try to keep the washing basin or the tub, not the tub, but the this bucket or whatever it is on your right side. Yes, after washing three times. Now first thing we're going to do is wash your hands. Wash your hands why wash your hands because

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these are the utensils you're going to use to now scrub and wash your body. If your hands are messy then you can't wash your body. So the first thing we're being taught here is make sure you wash your hands first then remove any impurities from your body. Okay now after you've washed your hands, what we want to do is we want to address any visible impurity now if you can see there's blood their urine their semen there any visible impurity that you have, you want to remove that first. So you wash your hands remove the visible impurity, because if you do, but you have visible impurity on your body that will may not count depending on how much visible purity impurity is there. So after

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you wash your hands you see visible impurity there immediately move that some scholars have said that along with removing the visible impurity, a person should also wash their private area as well from the back and the fun just to make sure in case there's anything that was on the body without without knowing that should also be washed along with it. Yes. For for the regular evolution for the prayer as described above, with all the publications and prayers. Okay, not performing the Whoo. While taking a bath. The first thing we said was

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wash your hands The second thing remove visible impurity

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The third thing now is performing Lulu. Now, performing Lulu is not mandatory when taking a bath, your bath will come if you do not perform a will. Because the bath is actually inclusive available, not the other way around. If that makes any sense to you, by taking a bath, you automatically perform with a five standard needs to shower. The other day someone came to me said look this up.

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It was solid time. And it was when it was we were we were inside the hotel, we were in Michigan. And it was a lot of time and one of the brothers said, I have to go to Hulu. So I said you took a bath today morning. He said I took a bath. But I didn't do Hulu while doing the bath. So I said well, your Lulu is done. Because when you perform a bath they are you know, you automatically wash your face arms, your head is wet and so are your feet. So these are the mandatory things and it will do. So your Lulu was also done. So he said, Are you sure as to trust me on this one? Trust me, I know. This is one thing I want you to trust me on. He said he was really doubting me. And I realized that

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culturally This is something that people are so accustomed to. They're not they don't understand the idea that when a person exits the the bathtub by simply performing a bath that will do is included in that it's automatically done. So right here. But however what were we being told inside this man was Ali's text here, do the Whoo, this is a sooner The purpose of the law while they were setting my performance. So we should make it a point as well. To perform the one of the benefits of performing we'll do one taking a bath. And in particular, if you perform the full sooner we'll do the full sooner we'll do is that you will inadvertently fulfill two obligations. What are the three

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obligations of taking a bath according to the Hanafi Fiqh.

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So you wash your nose, wash your mouth, first is gonna order wash your mouth, one obligation, the second is your nose. And the third is pouring water over your entire body. Now, if you stand in the shower for 15 minutes, but you didn't wash your nose or mouth is your bath complete, it is not complete, your bath is incomplete. So by doing the full we'll do with it soon as inadvertently you fulfill two obligations, because you've washed your mouth and you've washed your nose. And that's done now. So that makes it you know that so that way you can ensure that this that this obligation is taken care of. Now, I'll tell you one interesting additional point.

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There was a friend of mine, he did, he did listen. And he let us insula, after it was over. He said, look this up, I just remember that didn't wash my nose or mouth. I said La ilaha illAllah. What did you do? All these people are praying behind you. So then I said to him, you got a call? Did you wash your nose? He said, Yes, I blew my nose, I'm gonna put water in my nose to clean it. He said, Okay, that's done. So that's done. I said, Now we're worried about his mouth because he didn't wash his mouth. So I remember giving him a cup of water before soda, and he drank the water. And that also was considered as washing him out that as well. You don't have to spit the water out. As long as the

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water goes inside your mouth, what happens? It counts whether you swallow it or spit it out 100 hours select Canada time, lucky to the details of GE

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postponed only the washing of the feet so as not to wait too long. Okay, so now they're saying that when you do your will do, the only thing you will not do is wash your feet. The reason why you won't wash your feet is because in those days, the areas where they would be they didn't have solid drainage systems. And because the drainage systems weren't strong, the water would gather there. So you would be standing in a puddle that would look grayish brownish, it would be it would have the filth of the body inside there. So what they would do is that they would wash their body and right before leaving, that's when you wash your feet and exits. Because if you wash your feet while doing

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blue and stepping there, obviously you're gonna have to wash your feet again. That's why you exit the exit the bath the bathroom and a bathtub and while exiting, wash your feet last. However, in our day and age, the bathtubs, they're generally the drainage systems a lot better and the water flows out right away. So there's nothing wrong with washing your feet while doing will do at the same time. Now pour water over the right side of your body three times making the intention of lifting the state of impurity. Then pour the water over the left side of your body three times and pour it over your head three times. Rub the front and back of your body. Use your fingers to make the water

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penetrate the hair of your head. Make sure the water gets into the folds of the body as well as the folds of the body. This refers to anywhere where the body has a fold in the behind area. Let's say some for example someone that's very weighty on their on their chest area. So if they have tires, they need to make sure they reach inside and they clean anywhere where they have folds. This is something that we don't like talking about we ignore it. But you have to realize that if this is your situation and you have folds in your skin, maybe whatever the case may be you need to make sure that water reaches between that you can't simply wash over because the water will not reach inside

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those folds. Therefore your bath will be incomplete as well as to the roots of the hair both thin and thick. So you want to make sure the water reaches the roots of the hair. One of the one good way to make sure the water reaches the roots of your hair is to take the put the tips of your fingers and massage your head while the water is pouring on it to make sure the water actually reaches the bottom of Jean touching your meal Oregon after the evolution if your hand comes

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in contact with it, okay, now this is interesting, because it says while performing a bath, avoid touching your private area. And if you do Touch your private area, then what does he say?

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Do your will do again.

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Now why is he saying this?

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Okay, you got the answer, because he mount causality which filters you follow. He's a sharpie. And because he might because it follows a sharpie school of thought, and the Sharpie school of thought, when a person when a man touches his private area, what happens to the loo, it breaks and the Hanafi school of thought of a prison touches his private area does his will to break, not at all. Okay, unless something exits, then it breaks, otherwise simply touching, it does not break any will do at all. So now remember, that is speaking from the shadow perspective. However, you know, if a person wishes to be inclusive of all, you should avoid touching your private area. Once you've watched it

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at the beginning, then you should avoid touching it again, just so you can be inclusive of other mothers and be respectful to other Muslims, if you were to lead them in prayer. Yes, all of these the things that are obligatory are the intention, removing impurity and encompassing the whole body while washing. Okay, here was it once again has gone shopping anymore. He's telling us there are three obligations of taking a bath, intention, removing impurity and covering your entire body in water. According to the Hanafi school of thought there are three impurity there are three and three obligatory acts of lube, but what are they? They're not the same? What are the Hanafi school of

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thought? What do we say?

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mouth, nose and pouring? Now let's say for example, hypothetically, someone was walking with a friend, two guys were walking and they were just having fun. And one of them nudges his friend, and he falls inside a swimming pool.

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Well, there's also to be done.

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According to the Hanafi school of thought, What is also to be done, yes or no?

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We laugh here.

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Why not? Why wouldn't it be done? Because he didn't wash his nose and mouth. But let's say for example, when he fell, he was like, ah, and then he finally

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now will also be done. It'll be done. Because while he was screaming, the water went inside his mouth. I'm just making up this scenario. So you guys understand. And water went inside his nose, therefore his whistle is done. The reason not according to the shaft, a school of thought whether he was screaming or not, it won't be done because before he fell in there, he didn't make intention of Wilson. And because he didn't make intention of Wilson, it won't come. Yes. The obligatory parts of the revolution. Now he's coming to the obligation of what are the four obligations of will do go ahead, washing the face washing, okay, Before we continue, according to the Hanafi school of

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thought, how many obligations are there and will

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this shouldn't be here? Okay. Everyone should know there's for for those of you who didn't don't say two or three ever in the future, again, how many obligations are there for and that's in the Quran Akuma El Camino Moroccans.

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For obligations, washing your face, your arms, including the elbows, wiping over your head and your feet including the ankles. According to the Shafi squat, there are two more obligations, what are the other two? One of them is intention, you know, how they said in bed bathing intention was mandatory. Similarly, in will do they say bathing is an in lieu intention is mandatory. And the second thing they say that is mandatory in the Shafi school of thought is

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that it means everything in your body every action of Lulu is in sequence. So let's say for example, if someone washed his feet first and then wiped over his head and then wash his arms and then wash his face, according to the Hanafi school of thought with that count, yeah, yes, according to the Sharpies would that count? No, because he violated the obligation of 30 washing the face washing the arms including the elbows, wiping part of the head in washing wiping part of the head this is interesting okay, because there are differences of opinion what is part of the head according to the shop or the school of thought part of the head is three hairs. How many three hairs according to the

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heart of the school of thought part of the hair is part of the head is one quarter so this is one quarter This is one quarter This is one quarter This is one quarter so if let's say for example, I'll do and we'll do someone he he just runs his hand from the side that'll count we're talking about obligation here. Obviously we know the sooner is what we're aiming for the and etiquettes of where we're aiming for but along with this one because it just highlights the obligation so you don't miss those Yes, why be part of the head and washing the feet including the ankles, each of these actions to be carried out one time with intention and in the proper order. The rest of the

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actions in the evolution in ritual bath are confirmed soon enough their benefits money and the reward greed Okay, so this is important the benefits of doing the World War many we shouldn't just be happy with the five always go through what all of a sudden let's take some time out when you do you will do it sooner. It takes some time and that's a good thing you will lose should be the preparation for your Salah. You know how before you get into the ring for a fight as a preparation right? You do some jumping rope you do some running you have you know this preparation before you don't just wake up from sleep and go for a boxing fight. Similarly here when you're praying so that

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you don't just get up and go pray. You know, I always I always thank Allah for making Moodle a condition for Salah.

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Because had we not been a condition of Salah imagine the state of the smell of the first stuff in front of Salah. All that bad smell coming out of the mouth of people. Let's imagine that. But now because 100 Allah will do is something that's a condition everyone's washing their mouth. Imagine the state of the faces of people that further Salah had there not been something called Whoo.

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It has falling and I'm saying like zombies walking. But now that people have who at least their eyes are open. If there was no such thing as little people would get up from their beds, pray there and go right back and they wouldn't even know what they read. But at least when you do move Do you wake up it gives you some freshness. So now you can focus inside your soul will do is a very big blessing. And it's a bounty from Allah subhanho wa Taala and they will do as I always mentioned, is the introduction to your salt. My teacher used to say the one who focuses on Moodle will be able to focus in Salah if you can't focus in Salah that's my that's maybe because you aren't focusing in

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your Moodle, my teacher who I memorize the Quran with I'll always remember this. I quoted this last week and I'll quote it again, when he used to do with who used to cry. Literally while watching zooms you see tears coming out of his eyes, you'd cry and cry while doing well. And he would say oh love Please wash away all of my sins. And it was like a spiritual journey. His Will was a spiritual journey. In LA, he used to see the sins of people when they would wash their body parts. So this is a very important thing we should take our time give attention and not rush rush rush window. Yes, whoever dismisses them loses out. In fact, he put his obligatory eggs at risk for the voluntary eggs

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make up the deficiencies in the obligatory because the voluntary acts make up the deficiencies for the obligatory any mistake you made anything you missed out the voluntary acts will make up for that. Yes.

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So here we're talking about dry ablution, dry ablution and RV we call it the moon. The moon is dry ablution. What this means is that, let's say for example, a person is in a place where there is no access to water. Okay, someone's in a place where there is no access to water at all. And they need to perform Salah. So what do they do? In this case, we have something called them where they can use a soil or something from the ground to perform their ablution. And then they can go on with their with a bother.

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If you're unable to find any water after looking for it, or some obstacle prevents you from reaching it like imprisonment or a wild animal. So you can find water is one option. Or the second thing is that you have water, but you can't reach it. Why? Because let's say for example, the water is at the bottom of the wall. You're standing right there. You can see it but you can reach it. There's no work, there's no bucket. What do you do? Or for example, there's a bucket of water right there, the welds right there. But there's a line woman on the street. And the city announced everyone's stay in your house. You can't step out of your house is a lion there but now you need the water. So what do

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you do? You don't go and try to kill yourself while getting that water. There's there's a Slavic way of doing wuhou after that, which shows us that Islam is not about extremism. It's not about putting your life at risk. It's about making sure you do the right thing for the right purpose. To get the right objective to get to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Yes, where the water you have is only enough for you, you or your companions. Look how beautiful our Deen is, look how beautiful it is. you're traveling in the desert, you only have one bucket of water, only a little water. And now it's time for Whoo hoo. What do you do? Do you have to use that water for blue? No, because the last one that

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is telling us that you may need that water in your journey are thirsty. And saving your life is more important. So take care of your thirst first, and then we'll figure it out. We'll do that and yes, or the water available is a property of someone who wants to sell it for more than the market rate. Well, you haven't that's an interesting point. Okay, you're traveling with someone and he has water but you don't you say to him give me water. He says I'll sell it to you. You say okay, how much he's amendment. He says Okay, you know what? That the water goes for $1. Also a few for $11. You say $11? That's a ripoff. That's $10 more than market value. So now do you have to pay the $11 people do?

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Yes or No. You don't have to pay the person $11 for Hulu. There's one story they say that there was one shift he was traveling. And while he was traveling, he said to his buddy, can I have some your water for blue? He said also too for he tripled the price, whatever it was he tripled the price over market value. So the shifts that okay, you wanna play smart, I got a trick to he didn't buy it. So he told his friends, you know, there was something they had called setu. You guys ever heard of set to set there was like a powder that they would use. It was a dry powder that they would mix with a little water or some kind of liquid, or oil or something that's some kind of liquid and it would

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become like a thick paste. It's something that travelers would carry with them. It doesn't go bad. It's very light in weight and only gains weight when you mix it with the with the liquid. So it's it's very good for traveling. So they would carry this, this this powder with them. So he pulled out his bag. He took it, put it in, put on the ground, took some of it, put it in a bowl, took some oil, mixed it and made a thick paste out of it. He invited everyone in the camp everyone come and join me. So everyone came to sit down and eat when that person came. He said can I eat with you? The shift looked at him. He said of course you can. I'm not the same as you. I want you to sit down and

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eat with me. So he ate with them. After eating with them. What happened was that the shift what the shift did was

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Before that guy sat down to eat the shift purchase the water from him. Before he sat down wanted to do. He purchased the water. This man came in said, Can I sit down to eat? He said, Of course you can. He said on a date with him, didn't charge him a penny for the food, but paid for money for the water. Now after it was over, the guy didn't realize that when you eat the satou the byproduct of that is that it makes you very thirsty.

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It makes you because it's Potter. Yeah, it's powder with a little liquid mix that makes you very, very thirsty. So then he said to the ship, give me a sip of your water. He said that triple the market value slowly back to him had the chance to do it with blue fat everyone as well. So this is a little story they mentioned in this regard. Yes.

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What do you have an illness or wound that if it comes into contact with water could be life threatening, you must wait until the time do blue. You must wait until the time the obligatory prayer arrives. Find cleaners on which there is pure dust. strike your palms on keeping your fingers together with the intention of making the prayer lawful for you and wipe your entire face with your hands. Once you need that make the dust reach the roots of your facial hair thick or thin. And take off your ring and strike the earth a second time with your fingers spread out. Now wipe your arms including the elbows with your hands. If you do not go over the whole area the first time to strike

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the earth one more time and wipe the arms until you have gone over the entire area. Next, wipe each of your palms with the other and wipe the spaces between your fingers. Now perform one obligatory prayer with this idiom, along with any volunteer prayers who wish to perform after it. If you want to perform another obligatory prayer, you must make a new variable. Okay, so there's two points that I'm going to address the second point first that will come back to the first point because it says here that after performing one time on how many prayers Can you perform? Can you pray with that? One? And then you want to want to play the second prayer? What do you need to do?

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That's according to which fifth again, according to the schaffen a school of thought, according to the Hanafi school of thought, if you do one thing a month, you can pray Salah as long as you want you can pray five prayers is one to all five prayers with it no problem at all. So there's no limitation in that respect in that perspective. Now, the method of doing things is very interesting. There are three obligations in how many obligations three. The first one is intention, according to the 100 pieces. Well, what do we see regarding Tim Wu and Wilson? Isn't the intention necessary according to the herpes? No. But in theory, it is. Now someone can ask why is there a discrepancy?

00:22:22--> 00:22:32

It should be either mandatory at all or none? The answer to this is very simple. And this is why you have to learn a little before making objections. That the word the emblem itself means I will cost

00:22:33--> 00:23:09

us the means to make an intention. The word the emblem itself, what does it mean? To make an intention from the word itself, we learned that intention is mandatory. First thing, the second thing, water is generally used for purification, yes or no, you have some soil on your pants, you want to clean it, what's the first thing you're going to use, you're gonna use water, that's what water is used for, for cleaning soil is not used for that. Now in order to make something that isn't generally used for cleaning as a cleaning agent, you have to make an intention. That's when it becomes a cleaning agent for you. So the intention, first thing, the second obligatory act for them

00:23:09--> 00:23:44

is to take your hand and hit them on the ground facing your palms downwards, you will make contact with the ground on soil. And then what you'll do is that either you can turn them around and blow the dust off of them. Or you can keep them facing downwards and hit your thumbs against each other to dust off any dust that's on there. Because idea is not to cover yourself in soil. The idea is just to make that contact and then wipe over your face. Okay, so you try to get the dust off to the best of your ability. And then the first obligation is to make sure you cover your entire face with those hands as much as you can. Okay, done. That's a second obligation. The third one now you take

00:23:44--> 00:24:11

these hands, hit them in the ground again, again, dust them off or however you want to get that desktop, use your left hand to wipe over your entire right arm. Okay, and then use your right hand and to wipe over your entire left arm. Once you've done that your family has done that you don't wipe over your head you don't want you don't wipe over your feet. So in the moon there are three things intention and two strikes the first strike wipe over your face. The second strike strike you have over your

00:24:13--> 00:24:32

over your arms. Yes. Nick section dedicated to setting up for the month now we've done okay, we woke up in the morning we'll put our clothes on we went to the washroom we did whoo we did a little sun in case we didn't have water. We also did. What's the method of what if you don't have water and you need to get out of a shower? You need showers mandatory. You don't have water. What do you do?

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If you don't have water and you need to perform Moodle, what do we do? Then? You don't have water you need to perform a water what do you do? Same? What kind of thing we'll need to do you get on the ground start rolling.

00:24:48--> 00:24:59

There's one incident one narration that wants to have you actually do this. Once a hobby he needed to form. He needed a form that will sell he didn't have water so he didn't know what to do. He thought maybe I should just roll

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And then, so we learn that you're not supposed to roll. It's the same thing. intention, one strike face, one strike arms, and then you're not okay, for all sudden furusawa it's the same thing. Now once we're all ready, why are we preparing so much? We're preparing so much for Salah. Right? What is the first thing Muslims do when they wake up? We pray that's the first thing we aim to do. We aim to pray generally that it's so not even because Allah is teaching us how to leave our house the etiquette of leaving the house and going to the masjid. We don't even think there are advocates for leaving the house and going to the machine but because it is walking us through step by step a whole

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24 hour day. What's the etiquette of leaving the house and going through the motions? Yes, we have finished your purification previous to sooner as a budget in your home. Okay, so the target should not be for fighters Allah ideally, where should they be prayed at home, this was a student of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he would pray that because first of all, we have to look at sooner to the Godfather, the target sooner before further before the Father, he would generally pray them at home. Now in these sort of gods, the common tradition is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would recite which to Sirs, sort of coffee ruin and the first one out which is pointed out

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you will configure until the end, and the second guy who would recite sort of classical will allow till the end, and I shouted, the Aloha says that they were so I don't say rush or Hurry, but they were so Swift. They were so like, you know, kind of just the pumps or something didn't prolong the prayers. They were just very swift and they're very quick, until the point where the Sahaba the eyeshadow, viola Han Han, she mentioned that I sometimes wondered whether the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam even read Surah Fatiha or not?

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You understand? I mean the telegraph the for pleasure, those two signals, how are they? They were very swift and very quick. And I shot herself she says, I wonder sometimes did even preach that about the horn because there were so in comparison to the other as soon as the Prophet said a lot of something generally they will be very, very long. Now another thing sometimes he did not generally the purpose of some pray the tutor got sooner before Federal Home. Right. So that's the ruling that we're gonna give here. Now, another thing some scholars have mentioned, even though this is not an any narration, but scholars have mentioned this and remember from the LA era and some of his works,

00:27:06--> 00:27:43

has actually referenced this himself. He says that, ideally you should read or you will carefully insert a clause in the toolkits. He said if you can't or if you read them every day every so often. There are another two sets of pseudo which he encourages. He says in the first circuit, try to read pseudo alumnus ronica solder. And then the second record among casati says try to read sort of feed lm Tara gave a lot of book abuse habit feed amount of time and again, this is not any narration. We're just talking about what ghazali say no, remember, he says someone who reads these two sutras in the further record the sooner than before the Frederick prayer itself. So I'm going to read these

00:27:43--> 00:27:49

two sort of in this one right here. He says Allah subhanahu wa tada will save him from every evil of his enemy,

00:27:50--> 00:28:23

any evil that his enemy has intended towards him, Allah will save him from that. And then because it says that Allah subhanho wa Taala will protect them from anything that isn't that his enemy intense for him for that day. Okay. Now again, this is something that's modular, it's something that a man has already experienced himself something that he had noticed in his life again, like I mentioned a slot in any narration, and neither is it in any Hadith. This is something that a man because Allah is encouraging from himself. Yes. This is what the Messenger of Allah will allow us to do, will make your way to the mosque, did not feel to pray with the congregation do not feel to pray with the

00:28:23--> 00:29:02

congregation. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, the one who prays salah and congregation will be given two things. But Amina Nipa Bharata Mina, not the first thing Allah will give that person safety security but ah, Allah will free this person from hypocrisy. Praise the line. And the second thing but our two min are not allowed to save this person from from Jonathan from the fire of hell. This is a very important thing. We have to focus on praying Salah You know, my teacher used to say in one of my shifts when he used to Mana vilasa when he used to do fundraising for his mustard, they were building a big extension. When he would do fundraisers, he would say to the people, I hope

00:29:02--> 00:29:38

that only those who used to make a lot of our life say Oh Allah, I hope those people donate will also pray inside as much as as well. Because many of us we think our obligation is to donate to the masjid and we forget about our obligation to pray inside the masjid when the reality is that we should be praying inside the budget not only building it today, what's happened in our community, may Allah protect and forgive us. Unfortunately, we've become so involved with building and building and building that no one's worried about what happens inside those buildings. And this is what was said. Majid tober Alisha Burma Mr. Harada wallonie Mana apana Parana puppy haber samina mozzie been

00:29:38--> 00:29:58

nasaka, right? Mr. Rosati. Sorry I'm gonna come on what did he say? He said that mosquito been Alisha Burma. We've built a mansion overnight Eman cuchara water near those Muslims that were excited here first one incident there was a plot where Muslims and non Muslims are disputing. They went to the judge this was in India, greater India greater hindusthan and they came there and they disputed the land.

00:29:59--> 00:29:59


00:30:00--> 00:30:30

Muslim said that land belongs to us. The Muslim said it belongs to us. The judge said whoever builds whatever they're going to build on here first, I'll give it to them. They said we'll build it in one month. The Muslim said, we're gonna build a bunch of that one night. No Caterpillar, no nothing. And they said, we're gonna build it and they built it in one night. But that's why they're saying that you build the machine. 24 hours overnight budget. But what about the budget? No one's paying inside there anymore. When opened up Alana Papi. bersama, namazi. Vanessa, today, we're the same sinners, and we haven't learned to pray inside the massage. I realized this when I went to Toronto. I was in

00:30:30--> 00:30:44

Toronto a few weeks back. And when I was there, we pray I pray to each other on a Thursday night. Nobody on no lecture. No free food, no event, no sports activity, nothing in which is the Thursday night. You know how many people were there for that?

00:30:45--> 00:31:26

They were close to 600 people. How many people 600 people were there for soda. And I wondering maybe some nikka here, maybe some janaza. Here, maybe are confused. Maybe it's Juma today, or maybe it's eat today. So many people for Salah. And then I asked one of the brothers and said Is this normal? He's a chick. This is normal. We have this many people all the time. He said we actually have less people because it's winter and Salas a little earlier. In the summer when cilazapril later we get even more people that come there was ram pack they had such a situation there. So many Muslims come for Salah that they had a parking situation. And the the city actually gave them a traffic light.

00:31:28--> 00:31:29

What are the city do?

00:31:30--> 00:32:02

They gave them a traffic light. But can you imagine what kind of muscle these guys have? Right outside the machine. There's actually a traffic light there to cater for the traffic coming in and out of the motor to make sure that traffic in that area can keep flowing so many Muslims in salah and that's what we should aspire. We should aspire this that people come for. You know, today when the van has been caught in the mustard. Even the gin haven't arrived. No one's there. When the van has been called no one is there in the budget. He will miss the mother himself. And Allah knows why he's using a mic. Right? You know, no one's in the machine. And I fear a Day will come that the

00:32:02--> 00:32:04

comments being called the no one will be in the machine.

00:32:05--> 00:32:39

And trust me it's not far. It's very possible and let's begin our x Street. We have to all become punctual with our salah and make a point, at least at the bare minimum. No matter how busy you are. You can visit the measured one city can everyone do that? At least what how many of us live on the same street as a sensitive person. So many of us do. Right? Same Street, same neighborhood, two minute drive. When we were young, we lived I lived in Elizabethtown, Kentucky each way to the most of those 15 minutes. How many minutes 15 minutes toward the budget toward that we're coming back. We I once went to Alabama I remember we were traveling we're going to we're going somewhere and we

00:32:39--> 00:32:53

stopped in Alabama my father had a friend there and we went there and it was solid time. And when Jamal said our time we you know how long it took us to get to the masjid. It took us 45 minutes each way to get to the masjid. And this brother Mashallah. He was there for every project in Asia.

00:32:54--> 00:33:35

Every presentation he drove an hour and a half, three hours every day is to make it for two prayers to the machine. So those are people who do that and today we can walk to the machine, but no one cares to go to the machine. First time we're praying machines right next to and praying Salah right next to our beds when the machine is right there. So we should make a point to be regular on praying Salah inside the machine. Yes. Do not feel to be with the congregation, especially the morning prayer. A prayer in congregation is 27 times better than a prayer alone. That's the deal, right? Deal or No Deal? Deal or No Deal. Deal. 27 times more 27. How many days a Salah is that over over

00:33:35--> 00:34:05

five days of prayer. That is you get that in one prayer If you prayed inside your mouth, what a beautiful thing. If you're negligent of such a profitable act, and what benefit is there for you in the pursuit of knowledge? It isn't because I think it's angering and I told you guys right because it has this fury. He says if you're not going to pay salons Mr. You know are you guys remember right? I told you guys why did he write this book? The reason why he wrote this book is because people were saying they wanted to study knowledge. Mmm because it said you want to become an alum, you want to become a thing. You want to become a big scholar. first read this book and act upon it.

00:34:06--> 00:34:28

If you can read this book and act upon it, I give you permission to go become a scholar. He says if you can act upon this book, for Allah sake, the spirit of the oma and don't be a scholar. go fix cars, paint the house, go fix patients do something else do something fun. But don't be a scholar if you can act upon this book. And this room because it gets serious. He says for in contact at NASA who famously has the A you find that in law caffitaly.

00:34:29--> 00:34:59

He says that if you can, if you're going to pass up on this sort of a deal of 27 rewards, and you can't find the importance of praying Solange Amar, he says for a Ufa, he didn't like our feet on the what benefit Can you ever gain from seeking knowledge? And then he says, well in mathematics, I'm an OBE For indeed the fruit of knowledge is to act upon it. The result what you're supposed to get from knowledge is to act upon it. You have knowledge you don't act upon it. You have to answer to Allah subhanaw taala Yes, when you walk to the mosque, walk with tranquility, do not rush

00:35:00--> 00:35:09

Are you a sage when you walk to the mosh mosque, walk with tranquility and do not rush? The reason is because if you're rushing to the machine, what does that mean?

00:35:10--> 00:35:27

Very good. Mashallah, we have an expert here, right? If you're running to the machine, what does that mean? That means you're late. Okay, you're beating to stop signs and getting your car into the parking lot and, and just blocking someone's car and kicking your shoes off and running inside the machine. And he started Allahu Akbar.

00:35:29--> 00:35:38

Two problems. First of all, you have bad cardio. second problem that you have is that you're disturbing everyone in your sauna? And neither are you focusing on your own soul. How are you going to focus on a salon which you're going

00:35:40--> 00:35:49

you're not going to focus on that kind of stuff. That's my mom was already saying when you go for salon, be calm, be relaxed, because in order to be calm and relaxed, and still make it clear, you have to leave.

00:35:50--> 00:35:56

You have to leave early. Okay? We know what happens to many of us that are dying. What's the purpose of the run?

00:35:59--> 00:36:20

To let the people know it's about time get up and move. Okay? What's the purpose of alarm in our days? Here the time it's not it doesn't motivate us to move. It motivates us to relax for another 15 minutes. Cuz we know how many minutes are left for sadhana. Is it right or wrong? Yeah. Right. Salas about is supposed to motivate you to move Get up. Let's go to the budget. When it finishes, everyone should already be walking to the machine.

00:36:21--> 00:36:32

You know, and you know, you go back home to India and Pakistan. I'll tell you one thing. I had the chance to visit box time, I think maybe five years ago, four years ago when I got married. I shouldn't be. I remember it was five years ago, okay.

00:36:33--> 00:37:03

I do remember five years ago when I got married. I went to I went to Pakistan and I went to visit my wife's parents right, Rahim Allah they passed away now my wife's grandparents sorry about him a lot. They passed away. And when I went there to visit them, there was a Masjid nearby window for Salah. And when we went there, I'm not lying to you. The other one was called and when Dan was being called. The machine was so packed. I thought Salah finished, you know, until I finished everyone sitting close to each other. There's nowhere to sit. The other one was being caught. It was so packed. So I asked the brother was that the karma was that the other one? He said that's the other

00:37:03--> 00:37:37

one. And then I realized back home when the Adhan is being called the machine is already full. In our day and age when the economy is being called. It's still empty. You know, after Salaam Aleykum Selam Aleykum Benicio, two three rolls of jeans are standing up all the people that came late, they're all standing up now. That shouldn't be our attitude. Our attitude should be that we are on time a Muslim, whenever he makes a promise he fulfills it. A Muslim has value for time. A Muslim is one that when he has an appointment, he's never lead to it. And if we're talking about any appointment, what should be our state when it comes to the appointment with Allah subhanho wa Taala?

00:37:38--> 00:38:08

Sure, right or wrong? Should we delay the appointment that we have with Allah? Salah is an appointment with lots of partners with a lot that we made. And what if we're not late to the doctor's appointment? Because we have fear, we're scared that he's not going to let us in or he's gonna find me. And if we're not late for our classes, because we're scared that they're gonna, you know, we're gonna get tardy for that, then why are we late when it comes to coming for Salatin? We should be punctual on this matter. Yes. Oh my Lord, I beseech you by the right of those who beseech you. Another thing is that when you walk to the salon calmly and in tranquility, you also have the

00:38:08--> 00:38:40

opportunity to reflect over what you're doing. Would you agree with that? Now you are leaving the machine 15 minutes before Salah. Now while you're walking, you have nothing to do. You're relaxed, you're not in a hurry. You're going there and you're asking yourself, I'm going for Salah. So maybe I should make the water a lot. You could think about all my look how lucky I am. I'm going for Sona. Look how honored I am such a big act. I'm going to do something in front of a library. So let me make some glass. That's what was it? No. He, he suggests he says these are some laws that you should make while walking to the masjid. Because when if you're making these laws while walking to the

00:38:40--> 00:38:53

masjid, you'll truly learn to value that moment of traveling to the masjid. Because you have to understand one thing. Even traveling to the masjid is a form of worship. Do you guys agree with that or not? Yes or no?

00:38:54--> 00:38:54

What's the

00:38:56--> 00:39:09

right girl throttle, massage. But every step you're taking too much of your sins are being forgiven and your rank is being elevated with every step. And that's the beauty of salon. That salon starts from the moment you do little

00:39:10--> 00:39:31

salon starts from the moment you exit your house, the moment you make the intention is when your reward starts. So while you're walking to the machine, now you're getting rewarded for that. But in order for you to value that reward, you have to make the law if you're making the law while you're going to the machine you're not talking about on the cell phone, people while they're walking to the machine, they they that's the time when they update their Facebook or you know about to be in the budget five minutes make the logical shoot right?

00:39:33--> 00:40:00

To look out further hashtag horseshoe hashtag here. Hashtag humblebrag. Alright, we're socializing right till we get inside the machine. So now when you get in the machine, how are you ever going to have any sincerity? So this is what I remember that is telling us that if you're walking to the machines, don't talk with people don't interact with people. This is the time where you need to focus because you're getting rewarded for that. And if you focus during your will while walking to the masjid, while in the masjid, and then you see that you can focus

00:40:00--> 00:40:33

Sir Ah, then there may be there's some fault. And what is Thomas said? Not obviously there isn't. But I'm just saying, you know, there's no father What assignment said the father's in us we're not doing these things and then we're complaining that there's there's no focus and so on. So now he remembers that he says, Well couldn't fit it in while in the pathway on the road make this law, what is it law? Oh my Lord, I beseech you by the right of those will beseech you, and the rights of those who longed for you, in the right of this walk of mine told you, I have not left my home intending to influence nor in the granary nor in ignorance, nor seeking to make a show of my actions, nor seeking

00:40:33--> 00:41:10

prestige. So here we're saying, Oh Allah, and one for Salah, but I make a promise but the promise, I have not left my home intending insolence nor arrogance, nor seeking to Ria nor seeking to, to make sure my actions nor seeking prestige, I'm not doing this for anyone, I'm not showing off. I'm walking to the machine, why keep going rather for for my home in fear of your read, and in search of your status online. I'm only doing this because I fear that I may be punished for not praying salah and I want to reward that's why I'm doing this Yes, I asked you to save me from the fire to lead me into paradise. And I ask that you forgive my sin. So for a Muslim, you have to understand one thing

00:41:10--> 00:41:46

we have a higher motivation. Our high motivation is what I heard motivation is that we are rewarded by Allah subhana wa Tada. So if you look at a Muslims life, it looks very lame, it looks very empty. Why is because he does a million things because he was told to do it and he doesn't get any reward for it. Do you get five bucks for praying Salah? Yes or no? No. And if you think about it this way, when you're praying, so don't forget the monetary benefit, you actually have to sacrifice time from your family. So from a social standpoint, or from a family standpoint, it's not good for you because you're taking away time from your kids or taking away time from your family. So it doesn't look like

00:41:46--> 00:41:55

something good was that we may not get something profitable today when we walk out of the mustard. But ultimately we're doing this for something that's greater and that isn't

00:41:56--> 00:42:06

a reward from Allah subhana wa Tada. That's because we're getting reward from we're asking a lot for Jenna. And I bring this up because this is what he was saying here. He's saying that was the amount of botica for us.

00:42:07--> 00:42:45

To look at even narrow down to the hidden agenda or law, I want you to use this action of mine that may seem a waste in front of other people to save me from the fire of hell. I want this to be my entry into general. So and how this fits into more modern terms of what we do in our lives today is that Salah is never a waste. Your prayer is never a waste. It's never a waste. It's something that you're always rewarded for. Nothing is a waste in life. as Muslims, we believe in the law, you have the original machine, even as someone that's working nine to five everyday I'll tell you one thing nine to 410 to find whatever hours you have, right, whatever hours you work, let me tell you one

00:42:45--> 00:42:54

thing that people in the world may think you're wasting your life, but as a Muslim, are you wasting your life by working every day? Yes or no? No, as long as you have

00:42:56--> 00:43:28

insomnia. As long as you have the right intention. You're getting rewarded for that thought of Bucharest, will Harare, Florida Tampa, Florida it's an obligation upon your fulfilling it it's something that's rewarding but as long as you have the right intention, if you don't have the right intention, then all of that honestly it's a kind of like a waste it's your you wasted a lot of time you have the right intention. You gain so much reward for it Yes. So not only finishes off this beautiful draw, undoubtedly the newbie fading the hood I feel a little bit inland or a lot. One of the other reasons why I'm walking to the machine is that you can forgive my sins and there is no one

00:43:28--> 00:43:44

that can forgive sins other than you and that we entered we arrived so we're walking to the masjid, we arrive at the door of the masjid and next week we'll talk about entering the budget and what we should do once we enter in the budget and how to continue on our day. So Allahu taala Mohammed Ali, he was happy to in subhana

00:43:45--> 00:43:48

wa salam ala rasulillah Assalamu alaikum