Sweetness of Hajj – 04 – The Talbiyah

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AI: Summary © The transcript is a series of disconnected sentences and phrases, making it difficult to summarize. The success of Aloma's bank and the recent death of a worker on the Houma system are highlighted, along with the importance of not getting distracted by distractions and learning to accept and appreciate teachings. The segment also touches on the process of the hedger, including praying for the eighth of the hedger and staying in a big tense. The segment ends with a recommendation to take questions and take actions when ready.
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Similar Amanda Haman hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Juan, he was so happy that Sylvia from the moment you enter it from you now begin saying what? Like bake Allah Humala bake luck bake Allah Sherry Kala Kala bake in Alhambra one near matter like I was

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sharing can we begin seeing the telomere and what does that mean? Number one let's cover some let's call it yeah let's go ahead and translate a real quick what it means. Here I am Ola here I am. Here I am to serve you and here I am to serve you Oh Allah Here I am to serve you. Again you say Allah Baker lashari Kala Kala bake here I am Ola you have no partner. Here I am in Alhambra, one near Metallica. Well molk barely all the praise and blessings are yours. And all the sovereignty as well last Jedi collect you have no partners. So some quick points about this statement number one. As we mentioned earlier, the process of me setting the Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim and Buddhahood

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attorney jabril for running an amorous hobby and your vow of swats home bill.

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He says that jabril SNM came to me and commanded me to tell what to tell my companions and to command my companions to raise their voices with saying the Tobia right to raise their voices. Okay, so again, for the men it's recommended to raise this is when you say it, you say aloud just like the head, you'd say it's for the sisters, you say it softly. Okay. And most, when do you stop saying the telomere you start on the eighth of the head? Yeah, from the moment you enter into head on when do you stop on the 10th of Dhul hijjah. When you get to the general Silicon Valley start begins toning. So from the eighth until the 10th. You're saying like bacon lahoma bake constantly. Constantly,

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you're saying the baker lahoma bake from the eighth until the 10th from the eighth until the 10th.

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Now, what's the ruling on the telopea the scholars have differences of opinion.

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The shefa is in the hen bellies. They hold the opinion that saying the tibia is Sunnah.

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The statement the saying of the tibia is Sunnah, whereas the Maliki's they hold that it is wajib. It's mandatory, meaning if you don't do it, you have to pay if

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you don't do it, you have to be a fifth year and a half the Abu hanifa

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there's narrations from his school of thought that's actually a pillar of hedge. It's actually a pillar of hedge meaning if you didn't say the telomere, your hedge is nullified. He's alone in the elbow. He's also held that opinion, but the majority opinions either similar or why Jim, and

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Willow and what might you know, one of the classes I took when you're talking about hides, it seems that the most the stronger opinion is that it's legit. It's legit, meaning you have to do it and if you don't fit the required if you haven't done that everybody wants to enter into home. They're all saying the telomere so it's not like anybody's missing out on this. Right. But as much as possible. You say, Tell me as much as you can bake Aloma bake. So let's talk about the spiritual aspects of this. As you say this with your tongue, your heart also should be feeling it right. You're responding to the call of Ibrahim Ibrahim on Instagram was infinite Stephen had yet to Khadija and

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make the proclamation of heads to mankind they will come to you. Right so we're saying that Baker lahoma bake here I am Oh, a lot to serve you. Here I am. you're answering the call of Ibrahim. Not just physically but you're saying it with your heart I am here Oh Allah to serve you and worship You don't even have her saying.

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When he entered into Haram, he began saying the telopea he began crying. And they asked him why and he said I am afraid that it will be sent to me. Now the baker when I Sadek I'm saying Oh Allah Here I am to serve you and I'm afraid because of my shortcomings because of who I am maybe Allah will say to me in response may not come may not be helped and you're a bad guy.

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Right so it's not just a statement you're saying that they Coloma let me internalize a statement will allow you brothers and sisters I'm telling you, if you leave hedge having internalized this one statement, you'll leave with your life changed. That every moment of your life. Everything that you do your work, your family relations, your friends, what you choose, where you choose to work, where you choose to live, where you choose to hang out with, who you just hang all these things. If it's judged by law, Baker lahoma bake your life has changed. Everything is mine now what is it for alarm for something else? And Subhanallah you know, what's interesting is that when you say the big Aloma

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bag, you say here I am Ola fully and forever, I'm answering your call and I'm committing myself to you. I'm here to serve you meaning I'm committing myself to you. Oh Allah took me around to get back here we have Shankar Acharya, I have intended you Oh Allah. I have attended you and I've come humbled right so your goal is the last penance either and you notice how many times you say look bake the bake lahoma the bake the baker luxury Kanaka lab bake in Alhambra or near Metallica when looking sad four times they're saying again and again. All ah Here I am to sear. Viola here I am. And what do you say in the bay callosity Caligula bake what you're saying is or LA here I am. You

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will naturally Connect. You have

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Have no partners. You know what that means? My focus is you and you alone. I'm not going to get distracted. means I'm not going to get distracted. Right and that's one of the beauties of saying that salvia if you follow listen and see as much as possible from the eighth to the 10th Guess what? When you go to Mina, and you don't have a tense right when I went to Amina when I first haven't performed hedge, I didn't have a tense sleeping outside under the lights next to the buffet table. Right? But when you're saying like bacon lahoma Bay, guess what were you reminded, you're automatically de facto reminding yourself Hey,

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this is not the time for that, man. Don't get distracted by all these side things. The big Aloma bank you're here for a lot. That's it. So we're keeps you focused on Allah subhana wa Tada. Right, because you'll have distractions, no hotel, no AC food. People are getting sick or getting bumped or getting pushed to crowds, the shopping malls, the holiday McDonald's, everything is getting on your nerves. The big Aloma make the baker lahoma bake. You keep reminding yourself and this also reminds you what we talked about yesterday. Forget about your rights. Forget about your rights. Don't feel like I am entitled to this. I'm entitled to that. The baker lahoma bake I'm here for you alone.

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Everything else is secondary. Everything else I don't care about. It never happened. They were never Metallica. Well, good luck. I only say the praise and dominion belong to you.

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Lack of means belongs to Allah. Allah owns praise and we're praising Allah by permission of Allah. So we can never be equal with Allah, meaning we can never equally praise Allah because we have to praise him for giving us the ability to praise him. And then we have to praise him again for giving us the ability to praise him last month data is the Praiseworthy Hamid right and so we we praise him as much as we can and this brothers and sisters had is a journey of

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Budi anila every step of the way of hides you submit yourself to lesson time and a different way. Every step of the way. You submit yourself a lot of different ways this Toby reminds you of that Nebraska system, he said in a hadith narrated by an ambassador on Houma. He's his holiday in America and working on behalf of his worker and rahila T for worker power Casa to Alcala o Casa to garden abuse on asylum FCU will be mad, it was a bit of a caffeine Oh houfy kobane What are 202 What are two hamura for India who uberto Yamanaka Massimo, labia, Allah, He says, while a man was riding his mounts and out of that, he fell down and his neck broke and he died. He fell down from his camel, he

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broke his neck and he died. So the messenger of loss I sent him He told them, wash him with water and sit in and shroud him in two pieces of cloth. Right? We talked about two pieces of cloth. And he says, and neither perfume him nor cover his head, for he'll be resurrected on the Day of Judgment saying what's

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seeing the baker lamella bake and the Day of Judgment. He comes out of the grave saying here I am allowed to serve you Here I am. Can you imagine somebody who lives by that Toby? Who lives like that, right? The poet he says rondalla we saw the Habiba facades, la he to to, to to Hoover to G boo

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boo diacetyl Maha batty Hakata Farah, Habibi, da da da who Habiba who he says that saw that Allah that was called by the one who loves it to Allah subhana wa tada to come to him. So it rush towards it in obeying obeying a lot answering the call, right? The soul was called to return to Allah some data. So he says, oh, the one who claims to love or the one who claims to be in love of Allah and dad and he's these hacker, they're fairly heavy, they're heavy, heavy. Well, this is the way of those who are in love when they're the one who they love calls them. I mean, the soul rushes out to Allah subhanho wa Taala big kolomela big, right? This idea that your soul, your heart, your body,

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your mind, your spirit, everything is focused on Allah subhana wa Tada. Right. And even if you've never been to Hajj before, I think everybody has a sort of affinity to the slogan right? This is a slogan of head everybody has an affinity when you hear for me when I hear the bacon lahoma bacon just my heart just starts flying man. You hear this this that it's it's so powerful. And if blessing is the one who comes back from Hajj living by the slogan and bless it is the one who doesn't go to Hajj and still lives by the slogan. Right? If you haven't gotten the Hajj before you still live your life with the baker Lama bake, you live your life by Allah Baker Lama bake, right? And this day and

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the eighth of the hedger, you go to Mina right so you make you where you're from,

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from wherever you are, and then you go to Mina, the center the process Selim is that he got to Mina before salata.

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He reached Mina on the eighth of the ledger before salata okay

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and there he prayed for not to record was so short in but at its time, and then asked her to like as shorten but at the time of acid hidden combined to hold an acid. So the whole time as far as her time to record

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Iraq as a matter of time, and shot to Iraq as a short time, and he prayed further to the next morning. So if I do now we're talking about the ninth of the hedger, right, the eighth day, the ninth nights we spent in Mena. Okay. Now, the majority of the scholars hold that going to Amina is soon on the eighth of the ledger, meaning if someone misses it,

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there has is still valid and they do not have to pay any any video. There has valid and they don't have to pay any video.

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Very few of the scholars, some of the scholars very few minority opinion say that it is wise to be there, the overwhelming majority say as soon not to be there on the eighth of the ledger. Okay, so what do we do? We pray the four prayers there, the five prayers don't ask for motivation and budget, there is a method called method heif and Mina, the process and I would pray there, the process and I would pray msgid heif. So if you want to go there as an masala and the only thing is, it could be difficult to get there, because it's going to be very packed. And once you go to many you'll see it's it's you know, it's like like a million tents, it's like a million tents. So to get there from

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where you are and to find our way back and stuff. It could be difficult but if you want to go you can do some weak ahaadeeth that say 70 profits before the messenger Allah have also prayed there 70 profits before the Messenger of Allah, but it's a weak, weak narrations, but nevertheless, it's there. Now, what do you do in Mena? Besides the prayer, as we said in the question and answer, Mina is the equivalent of like the sinner prayer before the funnel, right, the similar prayer before the Father, what does it do? It gets you ready for the funnel, right? gets you in the zone gets your mind focused, Mina is getting you ready for the greatest day of Hazzard de vida. Mina is getting

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ready getting you ready for the day of alpha. Right. So what do you do rather than sisters. You know, don't exert yourself. This is not a night where you're gonna pray to hedge. Okay, this is not a night you pray to hedge it. Because this is a night you need to preserve your strength for the most important day of your life, the day of alpha. So preserve your strength, eat enough, but don't eat too much. Don't eat too much, don't overwhelm yourself. And then I would recommend sitting down with your 30 page, the Atlas that you've created, and looking it over, and just stop and think for a second. It's gonna be you're in a big tense, and it's basically bed bed, bed, bed bed bed bed,

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you're like this, you walk into the tent, you have like this much this wide of a walkway. And then you have beds on each side. And there's multiple entrances of the tense and that's how it is. Okay? So it's hard to kind of get a privacy, but do what you can even if it's in your own bed, whatever. Sit down and think about it for a second. Think about tomorrow.

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Tomorrow is the greatest day The sun has ever risen on the day of

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tomorrow you will be standing on a day when Allah subhanaw taala descends to the lowest heaven and he boasts of his slaves who have come to out of seeking His forgiveness.

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Will you be amongst those when the sun sets who whose sins will be forgiven? Will you be amongst those who've been freed from Hellfire? Will you be amongst those who are essays on study form of foreign law can go forth from out of all your sins are forgiven? Will you be amongst those who earn the mercy of lessons out or not? These are questions you have to ask yourself and Mina the night before how to prepare yourself mentally, that you're going to identify and then ask Allah subhana wa tada in your satellites and Mina, and your time before this, ask Allah for tofield to give you the strength, the ability, the wisdom to make the dua that you need to make that you have the the faith

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in Allah and the confidence in Allah and the proper etiquette in order that you ask Allah and you are given forgiveness and mercy on the day of alpha. And that ends the eighth of the ledger. The next day after you leave for alpha. We'll stop there. We also don't have the law horrible out I mean, let's take a 10 minute break and take some questions.