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Al-Baqarah 30-39 Translation


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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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aliados pseudogene. Karim amerit for the Villa homina shavonda rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim.

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Rubbish Rashi sorry, we're silly, certainly under the watchful eye of the term melissani of koko de probenecid.

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Lesson number eight Surah Al Baqarah. is number 3239. Translation.

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What is and when? Allah He said, Rob buka your Lord

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lil Malaika to the angels

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in me, indeed I, Jerry loon, one who makes one who appoints fee in

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the earth halifa

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A successive authority

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califa A successive authority,

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power ALU they said,

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Do will,

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de jure ALU. You may see her in it, man who you've seen, he will do mischief. See her in it work and yes people, he will shed a dimmer the blood. One national while we

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know sub batio We glorify behind digger with your praise. One oh god diesel and we sanctify lacquer for you.

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Allah, he said in me indeed I are alone. I know

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not. There are no moon, you will know

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where I'm Noma. And he taught Adam, Adam Smith, the names, color hair, all of it. Some then Allah whom he presented them either upon alumina, aka the angels for color. Then he said I'm the only you will inform me be asthma with names. Her Ola have these in a condom. You were slotted in ones who are truthful.

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ALU they said super Hannukah Your glory? Love. No. ilma any knowledge learner for us inla except ma What are Londoner you taught us? In NACA? Indeed, you and you alone. Arlene. The always all knowing? And Hakeem they always always

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either he said yeah, for demo, Adam. I'm bit home. you inform them be asthma he him with their names. Fatima so when I'm at home, he informed them be asthma him with their names. On he said, Adam did not

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a call. I say Lacan to you all in me. Indeed. I are normal. I know. Labor unseen. A semi aware of the heavens

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and the earth. What are the moon and I know what to do now. You all disclose? You all reveal.

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Warmer and what quantum you all were duck to moon your conceal?

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What if and when corner we said lil mela eager? Do the angels was do Do you all prostrate the Adam for Adam for surgery do so they prostrated in there, except he believes he believes

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he refused.

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was stuck. And he acted proudly ocarina and he was main from El cassadine those who disbelieved

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what color and we said Yeah. Oh, Adam, Adam was gone. You'd well. And you was oh juca and your wife algen netta the paradise wakulla and you do eat min her from it rather than abundantly. Highest

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Wherever she Duma you to willed Wallah and do not dakoda you to go near Hana he this I shared euro the tree further corner then you do will become men from a worldly mean those who do wrong for other lahoma then he calls to sit them to a shape on the shavon on her from it for a hoarder Homer so he got them to out member from what Ghana they do work fee in it will corner and we said it before you will get down bearable calm some of you liver are going for others are the one enemy welcome and for you fee in

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the earth was the Korean a place to stay

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warmer later on and a temporary enjoyment Illa until Hainan a time. Further Lapa then he received the moon Adam main from Robbie he his Lord kalimat in words fetida so he turned in mercy I lay upon him in know who indeed he who he alone at

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the greatest acceptor of repentance

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at the web, the greatest acceptor of repentance

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of Rahim the always All Merciful or of Rahim be Especially Merciful

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corner we said a bill to you all get down min her from it, Jimmy and altogether for him. So whenever yet the unknown, it definitely comes to you. Mainly from me, who then guidance from and then whoever. That'd be our he followed who Daya my guidance, fella, then not how often a fear or lay him upon them. When a and nor home day. Yesterday afternoon, they will grieve one levena and those who care for Rue de disbelieved work as their boo and they belied by a dinner with our signs with our verses. Or the doors of heaven. Our companions and now of the fire, whom they see her in it. Holly Dune wants to remain forever.

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Me You see duty

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on me

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hockey game

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in me

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de mi

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one of the most