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As-Saffat 1-74 Tafsir 5-19

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Who is Allah? Who is your God? Babu? Somehow it will be Lord of the heavens and the earth will Medina Houma and whatever that is between them to whatever that is between the heavens and the earth who has created them. Allah, Who owns them who sustains them, who manages them, your Lord, the one who deserves your worship, Raposa, my word while out while Marina Houma and what is between the sky and the earth, what is between the semi wet and the earth?

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Because as mentioned many times in the Quran, what creation does it refer to?

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The birds okay? But they're not there all the time. They go and they come back on there. Besides the birds,

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the clouds besides the clouds

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like the sun, the moon that's what we see between the out and the summer What? The seven heavens, right? So below them and above the earth is what the sun the moon, the stars, the clouds and other great creatures because the last Pantheon says concerning them Kowloon FIFA lacking a spoon, right, they're swimming in their orbits.

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So this similarity will only remember in a homer What up bull mushara can also the Lord of the East's

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as Musharraf is the plural of mushnik and what is

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the point of sunrise or sunset?

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Whenever you get confused, always think about when do you pray mostly sunset, right? So much just is the point of sunrise. Okay. And Shahrukh is to rise when the British rock in the morning, right. So what have been Masaryk, the Lord of the East's. Now, Florida has been used, isn't it? So? Florida has been used over here, doesn't mean there are multiple East's there are many E's. Yes, there are. And only Masaryk has been used not Muharram. Why? Because if you think about it, every East is the west of another.

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If you think about it, while the sun is rising for you, it is setting for someone else, isn't it? So while you are entering into morning, somebody else is entering into their evening you are saying of Russia and they're saying I'm saying so every East is the west of another. And also mentioning one is sufficient. Mentioning one is sufficient because with the mushnik. As we know that everything is in pairs, right? My ship has a pair of Muslim it's understood. Whenever you think about my ship, you automatically think about Madrid. When you think of East you think of West so mentioning one is sufficient when he has said horrible Musharraf This also means that he is also the Lord of the

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This is just as in sort of the natural eye at one last parameter that says we're Jarl Allah consola VEDA tellico mill health Allah has made for you clothes that protect you from heat. Now obviously clothes out to protect you from what? From cold that's not mentioned. But that's understood. Similarly, what a bull Masaryk meaning, also horrible, Mahara.

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And if you think about it, there are many many East's how that every single day the sun rises from a different point. You know that the sun does not rise from the same point every single day. It rises from a different point.

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And motion is not just of the sun, but there's also the motion of other stars, other planets, right, isn't it? So? When they also rise? They're also seen, they're also viewed and sometimes people get confused. Is it the moon or is it planet Saturn? Or is it something else? So my ship is not just of the sun, but my ship is also of other planets and stars that are up in the sky. So Allah is the Lord of the Skies, the earth, whatever is between them. And He is the Lord of all East's. So basically this word, Alma, Shahrukh, this includes all directions, isn't it? It includes all places, whether on earth or in the sky.

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So Allah He has created whatever is around you, and he is also its owner.

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In the Yunus summer adonia, indeed, we have adorned the sky of this world. What does it mean by a semi adonia?

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The sky that we see and adonia is also from the root letters that alone while do know which means to be low, to be close to the nearest heaven to the earth, the nearest sky to the earth, the one that people see the one that we see above us, that is adorned that is beautified how

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Bz Nathanael Kawasaki Vezina with adornment with the beautification with decoration of what Alcoa gave the stars. Alcoa was a plural of cocoa, and cocoa, as opposed to najem is used for a big star. Why would you describe a star as big?

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When it's very bright? Isn't it so? So, cocoa as opposed to najem is used for a bright big star, and not just star but even a planet.

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So, the sky of this world, the nearest sky, how is it adorned with the beautification with the declaration of the stars?

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So, what does it show to us that the stars even have a purpose and what is that purpose? eutrophication, this is mentioned elsewhere as well, instead of the molk, five, while others ansm adonia be masabi We have certainly beautified the nearest heaven with Musleh V over there will Savi meaning lamps, what is Miss bar lamp because they also serve as the stars often serve as guides right in the middle of the night, just like a lamp does. So double function,

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what Heflin and as protection mean conditioned upon and against every devil, which devil method that is rebellious, another function of the stars, what is that protection helps is to protect something from external dangers to protect something from getting wasted. So these stars, they also serve as protection against to win coalition, one against average I found that is married married is from the root letters. Meanwhile, dad, and Maroon is to be rebellious,

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to turn rebellious, to be defiant, to disobey to exceed limits in disobedience.

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So chiffon, who is he? rebellious, isn't it so rebellious against to a loss of power? And he has exceeded limits in his disobedience to Allah, how that is not just disobedient himself, but he also promotes disobedience, isn't it so? So the stars in the sky, they serve as protection against these devils?

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And the question is, what are they protecting these stars? What are they protecting this service protection against these devils? What are they protecting?

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So basically, they're protecting the sky in a way, right? So the stars they're also protecting the sky, that the Satan's do not exceed their limit, and enter into the realm where they're not supposed to be.

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Because up in the sky is what happens the angels they have discussions amongst themselves about what about the commands that Allah has given the decrees that He has given the discuss amongst themselves, manage the work desks are appointed in the angels go and carry out the command that Allah has given? I've mentioned to you that Hades earlier, so there is no need to repeat just a reminder. But what happens the child theme they come and they try to listen to those conversations. Why? So that they can get some knowledge of the unseen of the future? what's about to happen, but what happens then

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what happens as soon as the shaitaan comes, he is shot at by what by the stars, right by the meteors. We learn it in sort of MBA, I number 32. When you're an SMS a suck from my football, and we have made the sky a protected ceiling protected against you. Against shale clean. They try to come and listen over there but the sky is protected. Instead of their hatred is 1718 what he feels no harm in coolly shaitana regime and we have protected it from every devil that is expelled. Illumina started a summer for us Vera, who she has been except one who steals a hearing and is pursued by a clear burning flame. So this burning famous what the stars or pieces of the stars.

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Lay is some morona lol mela in urla la noche not meaning so that they may not yes some Runa yes, some morona from the root letters seen meme I and the word is originally yet a some morona it's on the structure of esfr aluna yet as a marina and what does it mean by his summer or yet the summer? The one a person listens secretly. Okay, what does it mean

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to listen attentively and is somehow to listen secretly, you're not supposed to be this thing but you're listening.

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So the stars are there so that the shell clean, they are not able to listen secretly

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Do what Ll mela il Allah to the exalted assembly

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and Mullah assembly, a group of elders, notables literally This is what the word meant. That means, right? The Chiefs, those who are respected, a council of elders, right. And over here a minute refers to the angels, the group of the angels

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and this group this council is

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the highest. Why is it highest? Why is it exalted? How is it the High Council? Where is it held up in the sky? And who are the participants, the angels, honorable angels, obedient angels, right? So laryea some morona, Elon Musk Ilana, the stars are there so that these Jin Disraeli, they cannot listen to the High Council. They cannot listen to the angels in the high heaven.

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And if they try to listen, if they come there, where you are the foreigner and they are belted up the phone off then for other What does that mean? Right to shoot an arrow from a distance, an arrow or a stone. So when you put a foreigner there are hurdles that they are launched they are belted men Colajanni from every side. Jennifer little Tetris gene noon Beth

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from every side meaning every side of the sky from every direction. It's not just that they are shot at from only one direction but they're shot it from every direction where you could afford them and collegiality.

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So what happens the shouting they try to eavesdrop and they try to listen to the angels when they speak or what has been revealed of the commands of Allah soprano tada His laws, his decrees. So these shouting, they try to listen. But what happens when you call the phone number and colleague journey?

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Why are they use the phone? I'm in college. Anna, what's the purpose? Do shoe run repelled? Well, our humara been well slip and for them is a constant punishment. The Roman, this is the reason behind.

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This is the reason behind other. Why are they you called a foreigner? Why are they pelted with these shooting stars? For the purpose of the who, what does the food mean differ from the ruthless dal, how raw and the hood is to drive someone away, to expel them to chase them away?

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So the children rebelled for the purpose of repelling them for the purpose of driving them away. Because if they're not belted, if they're not hurled at what would these gene do? They would stay and they would listen. And they would spread a lot of facade while I was asleep and for them in the Hereafter, is what a constant punishment of perpetual punishment for now, yes, they are belted by these shooting stars. And what happens? They're burnt, sometimes they managed to escape, but others they get burnt instantly they're finished those jinn the shelter finished instantly.

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And when they're finished instantly, this is a punishment that they get in the dunya. But what about in the hereafter? Will they get any punishment in the hereafter? Yes, they will want a home or an urban Wesley and those who do manage to escape, okay, they may have escaped that shooting star but in the Hereafter, one of whom or that one was sleep

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or that one wellsley was from the rural sector as well as fiber and will food is to last do remain, to be perpetual, to be forever

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and it has been said that will soap is when something stays in its state permanently unchanging.

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So are they when was it what is it a punishment that is perpetual, never ending lasting? It will be forever

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It is also set that was Baba or whistle is * that's a ledger meaning extreme pain. It's also used for extreme pain. So are they even worse it is such a that that is extremely painful. And it's also never ending what a homer either been well sleep

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in lamb and hotly fall hot or fatter, except for one who snatches some words how by theft. These shooting stars they're hurled at these shots clean, many times these JLT and get burnt. They're finished immediately, but some sheltering. They managed to escape.

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You understand?

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They managed to escape. And what happens then they managed to escape with some piece of information that they overheard. So

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Less, except meaning the only devil that is able to listen is the one who hears a word from the angels and snatches it away quickly. Men hardly fall hot further hortica from the roof is hot offer. And what does it mean to snatch something quickly by the mouth or by the hand to take something away quickly, like how birds they just come and snatch away something sometimes even from your hand. Someone heartfelt, heartfelt and heartfelt, is a noun. And it is basically a piece or a fragment of something. You understand what what is a piece or fragment of something? Because typically when something is snatched away, the entire thing is not snatched away. Many times what happens if it's

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being snatched away, generally it gets ripped. So a lot for fragment.

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And over here a lot for refers to a piece of information,

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some words that they have overheard of the angels

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for x variables, so it followed him follows who shall clean right, so what follows the Charlene she have on sadly, a piercing burning flame, she had sheen habba is used for a shooting star, or a flame, whether it's in the fire, or it's been shot out of the fire. So basically, it's a flame of fire. And sadly from the rotators sell off, but

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we have done these words earlier as well. Sakaba is to drill to make a hole through something and soccer was used for that which is piercing, so socket piercing penetrating, it goes through. She has one socket, a shooting star

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that is penetrating in its light. Or it's also called Shaban socket. Why? Because it pierces the jinn burns him, burns him through, it hits the shouting, just like bullets. Do.

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You understand? So that's viral? She happens.

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Now in the Arab society, the fortune tellers, they had established their great businesses, and how had they done so by claiming that they have knowledge of the unseen if anyone had some problem, they wanted to know if somebody had done magic on them. Or if something evil was about to happen if they should start a particular business or not, what would they do? They would go to these fortune tellers, and these fortune tellers would tell them that no, you should not do this because something's going to happen in the future, or Yes, you should do it because this will happen. So they would claim to know what a lie the unseen.

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And like this, they had a great influence in the society. Just as poets were very influential. Similarly, fortune tellers were also very influential.

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And the people of Makkah, they started calling the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Okay, as well, isn't it so? They would call him a fortune teller as well, because he would inform people of the unseen which unseen that Allah subhanaw taala informed him of what's to happen in the future, like, for example, the day of judgment.

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So people started calling him a fortune teller, but the reality is that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was neither a boy nor was he a fortune teller, he was not avoid, he was not a soothsayer. So this concept is being refuted over here,

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that the heavens are under strict observation, that norgine shavon can listen to the news of the unseen or he can listen to the angels conversing with one another. And when Jim he does come to a fortune teller tells him something, the fortune teller, what does he do? He mixes it up with many, many lies, with his own information, the gin first of all mixes it with many lies, the fortune teller mixes it up with many lies, and then he tells it to the people.

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But if you think about it, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Who is he extremely truthful,

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who informs him of this washy, a shavon a jinn? No, it's the angel, Angel gibreel the Quran is pure, it's pure from any falsehood.

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And while the Quran was being revealed, the heavens were strictly preserved and guarded, isn't it so? So that the shell thing could not interfere in any way whatsoever?

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And this is why in Soto Jin IRA tonight, we learned that the jinn they said to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam were anonymous last summer, but would your dinner have money at Hello century then we're shuba We're an akuna Nakuru domina maccarinelli some familiar cemetery Anna, you didn't know who she Herbert Masada and we have sought to reach to heaven we tried, but found it filled with powerful guards and burning flames. And we used to sit there in positions for hearing but whoever listens now will find a burning flame lying in wait for him.

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So just imagine in this protection

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The Koran has been revealed

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that no Shabbat can interfere at all. No shaitaan can interfere. And the Quran is revealed exactly as Allah subhanaw taala wants to do without any alteration

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first of the him, then inquire of them, ask them for stuff to him. Is that different newsletters that well or fatter? Yeah, is does that? What does this does that mean to seek a legal verdict? So for stuffing in the profits are a lot of cinemas being told ask them, inquire of them? Ask these people, what do they have to say? What's their opinion? I want to hold on? Are they stronger in creation? Meaning as human beings in their physical bodies, are they're stronger? Are they more powerful, or man Hakuna, those who we have created, meaning the rest of the creation that we have created, who is more powerful human beings, or other creatures?

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If you compare the human being with many other creatures, who has more strength?

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other creatures? Yes, the human beings have the strength of intellect, which makes them distinct from the rest of the creatures. But if you compare how a human being can run to how a cheetah can run, who is faster? The Cheetah, right? If you compare the size of the elephant to the size of a human being, who is heavier, who is bigger, the elephant, right? So first off to him a homer shadow on a man Hakuna? Or is it the rest of the creation that we have created?

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angels, if you look at the angels, if you consider them? Angel gibreel, the Prophet Solomon is that when you saw him, how many wings did he have? 600 covering the entire horizon?

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Jenny even they're powerful physically. If you think about how such a man or an incident, he asked that who can bring the throne of the queen? What did your feet say?

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That I can bring it to you before you get it from your position, isn't it? So? Now imagine where the tone is? Where's the man are the cinemas, how huge the throne is. And the gin says I can bring it to you.

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So what does it show? That the rest of the creation is definitely extremely powerful. I'm not saying every creation is powerful than the human beings. But they are very powerful.

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Among Hakuna in the Chanukah home. Indeed we have created them human beings. What are they created from mean clean and lesson from a sticky clay? That's their orange clay? And what kind of clay sticky lesson from the root letters learn say that loop and resume is to cling to something to stick to something to remain attached to something firmly.

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And Lazarus is used for such mud. That becomes extremely sticky. Why does it become sticky? Because it has remained wet for a long time. It hasn't dried up. And so it has become sticky. So it gets stuck to the hands becomes gooey, icky, you don't want to touch it. If you touch it, it gets stuck to your hands clean and lessen. What's the purpose of mentioning this?

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that human beings in their arrogance in their pride? What do they do? They reject the truth. They reject the messenger. They belittle what Allah soprano data has revealed. But almost a primatologist has over here asked these people, those who have the audacity to deny, ask them who is stronger? Is it the people who are stronger? Or is it the rest of the creation that we have created?

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Compare the sun, the moon, the stars, the mountains, rivers, seas, trees, with a single human being who is stronger who is mightier. Human beings are nothing. They're so fragile, so let them not arrogantly deny the Messenger of Allah.

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Let them not arrogantly deny what Allah has revealed. Because if they deny, it's not difficult to destroy them at all.

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If human beings have been created from cleaning Lazarus, how difficult it is to destroy them. It's not difficult at all. If you think about it, to cut a portion of a mountain dynamite have to be used, isn't it so?

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Great machinery, great equipment huge, extremely powerful, but to kill one human being. Sometimes a blow is enough.

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So what arrogance do human beings have? What pride do they have in their hearts?

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Instead of laughing if 57 Allah says the whole customer where it will all be akamaru unhealthiness Well, I can act on nursey layer number one instead of the nazjatar 2733 we learn under a shadow Hello Can I miss summer banner ha Are you a more difficult creation or is it the head

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Allah constructed it refers to half as a worker. He raised its ceiling and he proportioned it will open Shalala how to her any darkened it's night and extracted its rightness will uncover the delicate the her and after that he spread the earth. Look at the size of the Earth, huge spacious 100 You mean her Ma Ma her? He extracted from it, it's water and it's pasture. Well, you better have sir her and the mountains he said firmly mutter, Allah Kamali, and amico as provision for you and your grazing livestock.

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So, if a person looks around himself, all he sees is creation that is stronger than him mightier than him, then does a human being deserve to be arrogant and proud at all? No.

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Insert of Islam is 37. Allah says in the calendar, the one who developed Allah, you will never tear the earth apart, no matter how much you try, and you will never reach the mountains and height. So stay humble.

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But regifter but you wonder what has caught on and the mark the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he would be amazed amazed at what? amazed at the disbelief of people.

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On a last word, so clear, it's amazing. How can people deny what what's the reaction of people with hormone NMR they make fun. They love

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what he does to kill. And when they are reminded layers guru, they don't take heed. They don't take any lesson.

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When they're reminded by the Quran, when they're admonished with the Quran, they do not take any lesson whatsoever. And on top of that, we're either at an end when they see a sign a clear evidence. Imagine the moon was split for them. What's the reaction? Yes, this crew they ridicule? Yes, that's true notice is different from yes her own. Yes, Corona is Magellan, right. And yes, that's a drone. This is my ZTE. And remember with additional letters, there's additional meaning. So what does it mean by is this car it is to seek literally to seek mockery. But what does it mean by seeking over here gives a sense of exaggerating in market because remember, Bab is different sometimes it also

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gives a meaning of mobile. Okay. So what happened yesterday, when they see a sign, they exaggerate in their mockery, they don't stop at any limit,

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will call you and they say in her the elastico movie, this is nothing except clear magic. Meaning this idea that we have seen, this is only magic, and this was sent to every messenger

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and they go on mocking at the belief of resurrection, the Hereafter, they say either mithuna when we have died, well Cornetto, Robin and we have turned into dust where a llama and bones All That Remains of our bodies is just bones, everything else turned into dust.

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You say inanimate urusan are we then indeed going to be resurrected? How is it possible

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that Luna and our forefathers have a will on the ancient ones

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are about one if you break this down, this is different. And it's the farmers repeated to show the impossibility of what is being said over here of resurrection. What and meaning US and other owner, our forefathers, we will be resurrected, and our forefathers will be resurrected. I will own the ancient ones those who came a long time ago. Those who died a long time ago. They haven't been resurrected so far. How can they be resurrected later? Allah says, say now Yes, you will be resurrected and your forefathers will be resurrected until the heroes and you will be rendered contemptible. They are hidden from the rotators they'll ha floral off the head, the whole the whole

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is to be small, to be humble, to be nothing. This is what the hood is.

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It basically gives several meanings of them is humidity of them is Villa, smallness, humiliation, disgrace,

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and often is Hikaru to be contemptible.

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So until the afternoon and you will be made small, you will be made contemptible. You will be made humble. You don't submit now, you will be made to submit later.

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Remember, I mentioned to you earlier, the message the main theme of the song that people are invited to submit to Allah, like the angels are submissive to Allah or sarfati suffer. And if a person does not submit now, he will be made to submit later, instead of the normal I 87. Allah says we're coloane adulthood sad and all will

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Come to him humbled.

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All people will come to him humbled. No matter how arrogant they were in the dunya how proud they were of themselves, how much they boasted have fun of themselves they were on that day How will people come to Allah? humbled? Small?

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For innama he has a digital twin wahida it will only be but one shout for a number that indeed not but when you will be resurrected. How will people be resurrected here it will be zedge rotten, a shout wahida single, early into the scene we have been learning about slay has more hidden, isn't it so? And hear that say hi is described as Vegeta in refers to the second blowing of the trumpet.

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That's hard to hear. Why? Because at the second lowering of the trumpet that people will come alive, they will be resurrected, and digital. We have learned this route earlier. zatural Digital zero What does it mean? to yell at someone to urge them forward? to stop them from doing something by yelling at them with a loud voice? So digital, a blast a piercing sound? wahida one for either homie and loon that instantly they will be looking younger on NASA to look and remember, when the word Nevada comes by itself without ILA, what meaning does it give to it?

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So for either who mianzhu, they'll be watching or they'll be waiting to see what is going to happen. Out of shock. Out of astonishment, people will be staring in horror.

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And they'll be waiting to see what will be done.

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If you think about it, just one blast a single command from Allah and all people will come out of their graves and they will be standing before him staring at the horrors of the Day of Resurrection, waiting to see what happens next.

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We listen to the recitation and then we'll continue

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dounia, me Xena Chino kawaki.

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