Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 05 – L065A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a series of disconnected sentences and characters, with no clear exchange or conversation between speakers. A group of characters believed in God and experienced painful experiences, including a woman named Miss Lou who wants to be called a mother. The group also talks about a letter they received from someone named Jesus, including the origin, meaning, and recitation of verses, and a woman namedNetty who is believed to have been killed by Jesus.
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Another one a Sunday another sweet Eagle Kareem Am I bad for Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem?

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Are beshara here sorry we're silly emri Washington are better melissani acabo Kohli open and Cigna.

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Lesson number 65 surah two Lisa is number 135 to 147

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Yeah Are you her? Or you? And levena those who am I know they believed kulu you all be aware meaning ones who maintain one to uphold build this thing with the Justice shoe had as witnesses Linda he for a loved

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one No. Even if either against and for SQL yourselves. Oh for a while the baby the two parents well Apollo Bina and the close relatives in yakun He is vernian rich, oh four for the urine boy for mogul, then Allah O Allah is near. Be Hema with them to further so do not that to be true. You all follow up however, the desires and that 30 do you all maintain justice? Or 30? Do you all swear? You all deviate? We're in and if 10 rule, you all twist. Oh 430 boo. You are doing away? For in then indeed? Allah, Allah, Ghana he is ever Bhima with whatever Dharma Luna you will do. hubiera always aware.

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Yes, yeah. Are you her are you and Medina those who knew they believed? me know, you all believe biLlahi in Allah, what a Sunni he and his messenger while keytab and the book and La V which ness Allah, he gradually sent down Allah upon for su de His Messenger, while kita de and the book and Lady which unzila he sent down men from Abu before

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woman and whoever you work for he disbelieves biLlahi with Allah, or Monica TV and his angels were called to be he and his books were also he and his messengers Will you meet and the day

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the last for God then in fact, Burleigh key straight banana and a strange barreda one far away.

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In indeed, and Medina those who knew they believed so much, then cafaro they disbelieved so much, then I knew they believed so much then cafaro they disbelieved so much then is the do they increased? cofra in disbelief.

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Lamb not jaquan he is Allahu Allah, Leah Farah that he forgives the home for them, whether and nor leave their home that he guides them sebelah to away. But should you give good news and Muna 15 to those who are hypocrites? Be and that indeed the home? for them? Are there been a punishment? Lima most painful

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and levena those who yet have a doula they adopt? They take firmly and carefully read the disbelievers earlier as close friends, men from dooney other than meaning the believers

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do here but the homeowner they search they seek in the home with them or is the honor for him. So indeed, there is the honor lilla heat for Allah Jamia all together.

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Well, and in fact, or and already record and in fact, or and already mesilla he has revealed or they come upon you fee in Al kitabi. The book and that either when Samaritan you all heard it versus

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Allah He of Allah youthfull it is disbelieved be here with it what and use the zoo it is marked behalf with it further than do not de Peru Do you all set my home with them had their until your hobo they engage fee in Hades in a talk a speech writer he other than it in the comb indeed you all he then then Miss Lou home like them in Indeed Allah Allah Germany are one who gathers and Muna 15 the hypocrites one Catherine and the disbelievers fee in Japan NEMA Hellfire Jumeirah all together

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and levena those who get out of bed sooner they wait they watch closely become for you. For in so if Canada It was like home for you for throne victory. Men from Allah He Allah. Pardon. They said Adam did not know can we are Michael with you? Or in and if Ghana it was little caffeine enough for the disbelievers. No so you wouldn't share kalu they said Adam did not Nesta with we overpower or they come upon you when I'm narkom and we prevent you men from ultimate meaning they're believers for law who so Allah Yeah, cool. He will judge by a comb between you on Yeoman en de la Dr. Murthy, the standing women and will never be agerola He will make Allahu Allah live Catalina for the

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disbelievers Allah upon me Nina w believers Sevilla away

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in indeed, alumina 15 the hypocrites you have your own they try to deceive Allah Allah wa Hawa why he called the room why one who deceives them

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what either and when

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they stood healer to a salinity the solar thermal they stood Crusader as visibly. Your own. They show a NASA the people wanna and not yet Karuna they remember Allah Allah in there except for Lila very little

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mother verbena. Ones wavering bainer between the liquor that love not either towards her 80s Warner and nor ILA towards her eds. Woman and whoever you blame he lets go astray. Allahu Allah. Fernando then will never Vegeta you will find the who for him. sebelah anyway.

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Yeah, Are you her or you? And Medina, those who Emmylou they believed that do not that definitely do you all adopt alkaff Irina, those who disbelieve Odia as close friends, men from dooney other than I mean the believers

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do to the doula, you all want your wish. And that the journal you are make laggy for Allah are they come against you? So fun and evidence Medina one clear

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in indeed, and Mona Tina, the hypocrites fee in a dentist, the depth, the bottom, as from the lowest men from a now the fire.

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Well then, and we'll never, that either you will find the home for them. nasira any help

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in the accept and levena those who terrible, they repented. They turned in repentance for US law who and they reformed where it doesn't move and they held firmly believe he with Allah was awful so and they made sincere, they purified

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the inner home there

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Religion, their worship, Linda he for Allah for Allah iica so those ma with meaning the believers will suffer and will soon you He will give Allahu Allah and not me Nina the believers agilon a reward or Lima. great

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man. What? Yes, I do, he will do. Allahu Allah. They are there become with punishing you in if checked out to you all were grateful for an anthem and you all believed what can and he is ever Allahu Allah. Shakira on one who is most appreciative or Lima, always annoying.

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That's the listen to the recitation of these verses.

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de Waal kita

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kita Villa de ii.

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Wanna do it now?

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Mina Sabina.

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Una la isla de la

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the last 30 minutes

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de la

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de la

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An-Nisa 135-147 Translation 135-147

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