Taimiyyah Zubair – Bukhari 104 The Group Prayer Hadith 652 659

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The Hadee is a reward for doing something, and rewarding events is important. The importance of avoiding gaps in panel data and avoiding harm is emphasized. The Hades are given reward for actions, and individuals are encouraged to prioritize their successes. unity is emphasized, and individuals are encouraged to stay in prayer and not give excuses.
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Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Una salir de dos hooligan Karim and my birth fairuza Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. furbish Swahili solidi were silly emri melissani aku Kali probenecid.

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So we are studying of web salado tomorrow, the chapters relating to congregational prayer, and inshallah we'll beginning from chapter number 32, bag number 32, Bab froglet, the hygine lavori follow the virtue of

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performing early, going early were elucha to deliver prayer.

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The hygiene is from hedgerow from her Jean bra and her job is basically to leave to abandon something in order to go somewhere early. It is necessary that whatever a person is doing, he has to stop it, he has to leave it. So only if you leave what you're doing, can you get to your destination early and well in time. So the hygiene basically means to go early to go early. Were for selectors. So what is the reward of going for the hustla? Early, early meaning in its right time? How does an aqua daiba to American and so Megan Mola, Avi bakunin and Abu Saleh in Assam, Manny and Avi hooray Radha Anna rasulillah salam sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a call? Bane, Mr. jhulan Once there was a

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man and while he was young, she he was walking before even on a way. So basically, a man was once going on a particular path. What he found, will snap a branch shokin thorny. He found a thorny branch where I'd have buddy on the road. So what did he do for a hora? Who so he put it aside a hurry. It is basically to delay something. So in other words, he put it on the side he removed it, so that the people would not be hurt because of it. So what happened for shakeela? So he was appreciative Allahu Allah Lahu for him, meaning Allah appreciated his act of charity. So what happened for her for Allah? Who, so He forgive him? Why? Just because of that one act, Allah

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subhanaw taala forgive him, he appreciated his effort, something so small, so much that He forgive him. So nacala Then he said, meaning the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said, meaning another statement of his boyhood, a narrative, that as you heard that the martyrs have certain five, there are five martyrs, meaning five types of people who are Shahada. Who are they first of all, ultimate, the own, not their own, the one who dies because of our own meaning a plague. Well, Mattoon, the person who dies because of some problem in the button meaning some abdominal disease, well Hurry, and the one who dies by work meaning by drowning, well sahiwal had him and the person have had him

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had him his demolition. So basically, if a building or something falls on him, and as a result of that he dies was shahida fee Sabina and the one who dies in the way of Allah so there are five shahadat walk Allah and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam also said, lo Yara luminesce if people only knew mehefin, neither that which is in the call, meaning the reward in giving the event was suffering a well and the first role. Some Malema Ji do then they would not find in law except and yes, the hemo that they draw lots less than Mr. Lahey, they will draw lots for it. Meaning if they realize the reward of standing in the front rows, the reward of giving the event, then what would

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they do, they would fight over it. And to resolve that fight. The only option they would have is to draw locks. So if that was the only option, then they will do it. But this would happen when when they realized the reward of being in the front, while ojala Mona and if they knew method, the hijiri the reward, which is in the hedgies. And this is the reason why McQuarrie has mentioned this how these over here have going for early in its right time, less debacle, la surely they would race to it. They would rush and they would race in order to get there on time. Well, ojala, Muna mappila Tamati and if they only knew their award, which is anathema. itema is selected Russia, but in

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particular when Russia is performed late

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When it is performed late, why, either deliberately in order to get more reward because that was the way of the prophets allows him he prefer to perform Russia late, or sometimes for a genuine reason. It happens, like for example, if we shot the time of Russia enters late, then obviously, it will be very late. Like I'm sure all of you are worrying from now, about the month of Ramadan, that what is going to happen, when are we going to pray shot? And when are we going to pray taraweeh? And when are we going to sleep. But if the people knew the reward of itema will So pray, and the morning meeting the fudger prayer, let atoma surely they would come to them, hello, have one, even if they

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had to crawl, even if they had to crawl they would come if they realize the reward of these two prayers. So in this narration, basically, there are three Hadees. In this chain, there are three Hadees. And they have been mentioned together. Because if you think about it, these three statements, they don't really have any connection with one another. It's just that the narrator's they connected all of them and they nurtured them together. And the first one is about removing something that is harmful for the people from the way a metal to the other. And that is actually a branch of Eman. This is actually a part of email. And because of this reason, a lot of panel data,

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forgive that individual. In the second Hadees, we learn about the different kinds of shuhada. Now remember, that a Shahid is shahidan two places, one in this world and secondly, in the Hereafter, in this world when a person is Shaheed there are certain are found that apply to him. Like for example, Shahid, feasable Allah, is there a janazah that has to be performed for him or also that has to be given to his body? No, is there any separate guffin that has to be put on him? No, the clothes that he's wearing, even if they're stained with blood, he used to be wrapped up in those and buried and the second is he is considered Shaheed in the hereafter meaning he will be given the status of

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Shahada on the day of judgment in the hereafter and accordingly you will be rewarded. Now the Shaheed v Sabina lair to him apply the outcome in dunya and also in the hereafter. But the other kinds of Shaheed whether he is the one who dies because of some abdominal disease, or someone who dies by drowning, then remember that the outcome of dunia don't apply to them. Meaning there also will be done there. janaza will be performed, they're considered Shaheed were in the Hereafter, they will be given that reward in Shell. And the third Hades, which is mentioned over here is about the reward of giving events standing in the front rows, and performing the slider early. And in

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congregation. If the people realize the reward of all of this, they would fight over it. But it is unfortunate that today we don't fight over it rather we avoided that if someone is requested, could you please give a then they say no, no, you give it brother. If someone is asked, please come and fill in the front rows. What do people do? Look at one another, somebody else will go forward. And unfortunately, even now I see gaps in the front,

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over here and over here. But I don't know why we keep deferring and deferring. And we think that somebody else will do it. When we leave it to somebody else than remember that we are depriving ourselves, you know, and had these we learned that when a person comes forward and filled the gap than what happens, the angels pray for them. The angels pray for them. There's great reward for this. A person receives the draw of the angels their special blessings in this but it's sad that we keep avoiding it, avoiding it. So it is necessary that we begin paying attention to these matters because the more a person pays attention to this the more opportunity or loss of panel data will

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provide him yes that everyone wishes that they could be Shaheed somehow and get the reward of a Shaheed and that is definitely something that we should all aspire for, because there is nothing like that. But the opportunities that we do have before us of taking that extra step coming forward Filling in the gap standing in the front row completing the roles, this is something that we should avail because when a person avails what is before him then the last panel data will take him much further inshallah. But if this

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if this if this app is basically to hope for reward, like in the Hadith about Ramadan, what do we learn that a person who fasts in the month of Ramadan, mon comma mon sama, Ramadan, amen and what are the seven with Eman And also when is that meaning hoping for

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award from Allah subhanaw taala for that effort that he holds from Allah that He Allah, I hope inshallah you will accept the striving of mine, you will reward it for me. I hope inshallah and if you look at the title that Eman Buhari has given to this disabled,

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hoping for reward from what aletheia LSR footsteps, what is he referring to, that when a person is walking towards the masjid, then he hopes from Allah, that Allah will reward him for the steps that he is taking to the machine. If he's taking 50 steps, if he's taking 100 steps, if he's taking 10 steps, how many ever steps of long walk a short walk, the parking spot was near or it was far, the distance of driving was the time that it took was only five minutes or 15 minutes or half an hour or one hour, whatever it took, what does a person expect? that hopefully inshallah, Allah will reward me for this. But notice, number one, he doesn't mention over here, in Asana to the prayer, he left

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it open. Why? Because a person should hope for a reward from Allah, for every good deed that he performs, to every place that he walks to for the sake of Allah, whether it is to a class

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every day, or every three days of the week, or how many ever days that Allah has given to a face to a person.

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For whatever a person does for the sake of Allah every time he goes, What should he do? Hope for reward from Allah Subhana Allah because Allah loves to give reward. Allah soprano Darla is Al Karim accom ushiku, a shacket, the one who's appreciated the one who's generous, and he loves to give reward, which is why in general also, what will Allah subhanaw taala repeatedly asked the people have done? Would you like anything else? Would you like anything else? Because he loves to give reward. So when Allah loves to give reward, then what should we do hope for that reward for every little thing that we do for his sake. And when a person hopes for reward from Allah for every

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thought, then performing the thought becomes easier.

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It becomes easier. Like for example, if there is a particular job that a person is doing, and he dislikes it, he finds it very boring, very difficult. What is it that will make him do it? What is it that will motivate him the paycheck? Isn't it the paycheck? Even if the work itself is horrible, he hates it, but what is it that gives him the energy to go every day? The hope that one day he will get his paycheck, then the most difficult task becomes easy. Now there are that a person does the act of obedience that a person does. First of all, they are not burdensome, they're not difficult. They are themselves such that a person receives joy. But on top of that, if a person hopes for award

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from Allah subhanaw taala then it makes it even more easier. How does no Mohammed Abdullah him anyhow Shaban Kala Henderson, Abdul Wahab, Allah had that into homemade and NSN katakolon abuse Allahu alayhi wa sallam. Yep, and he said he matter. He said, Oh burnoose Allah, Allah. Se buena asako do not hope for reward for your for your footsteps. We'll call them Buddha hidden fees Callie and Mujahid said concerning the statement of a loss of panel data went up to put them home that we are recording maka demo, what they have sent ahead what I thought and also their I thought which I had explained this as Carla he said Hoopa Hoon, their footsteps, their footsteps. Now what is this

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referring to this Hadees we learned that the Banu salema the tribe, they used to live far from the masjid, in a hadith and Muslim. We learn in the version of Sahih Muslim that the owner or either Masjid our houses were far from the masjid. So what happened? They decided that we will leave our houses and we will move closer to the masjid. Why? In order to be able to spend more time with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and it will be easier to go to the masjid. Just like if a person lives 45 minutes away from a particular institute that they go to then what's their greatest wish that somehow they could be closer? Because if the distance is shorter, time will be saved? Right? And it

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will be easier to do your work. But when the venue Salima decided to do that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said you have any Salima? aletta sivanna don't you offer award from Allah for your footsteps? That if you have to spend longer in order to get here and go back home? Why are

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Are you finding that difficult? Don't you expect reward from Allah subhanaw taala meaning expect reward from Allah and don't move here, stay where you are, stay where you are because inshallah you will have more reward and wish I had. He explained this Mecca demo on that Matt Adamo. He said it refers to their actions and a thought refers to their footsteps.

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Allah subhanaw taala is so generous, that it's not just the action, the result that a person has at the end, but also his sorry, his striving, his walking is going back and forth. So how many days have you been coming? for this course of yours? How many months was it?

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A year, about a year. So expect reward from Allah, that into our love for your coming every day. In sha Allah, Allah soprano, Darla will have the work for you in sha Allah.

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But this reward is given to the one who hopes for reward and the one who works for reward doesn't complain. He doesn't complain. But why is it so long already, it should finish. You're being paid for just your driving even. You're being rewarded for your mayor coming to the masjid for your mayor going to a place where you're going to perform an action that is beloved to a loss penalty. And the thing is that when a person takes any step in the way of Allah, He is rewarded for that step and in other hobbies, we learn that with every step a person takes to the masjid, what happens at the Rajah is raised and a sin is erased. So the more steps a person has to take, and the more frequently he

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comes to the masjid, the better it is for him. We learned that the companions were so eager to take more steps to the masjid that it is mentioned in even a V shaybah. That ns will deliver and who said that once I walked with zaven Sabbath to the masjid and he was taking steps that were very short in distance. Why? So that instead of taking the standard 15 steps, it would be 20 or 25? Why? He said IRA to an AI intended that my footsteps would be more to the masjid. Why? So that insha Allah, the reward is more. You see, many people are performing the same action. Like for example, one course is being studied by many people. But at the end, the result is not the same.

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It's not the same. For some people, the result is greater, and for others it is lesser. What is that result determined by? What is that output determined by by the striving of that individual, the sincerity and the striving. So the more a person has had to strive for a particular cause. Remember that the more his reward will be. Because sometimes what happens is that we begin to envy, people who have it easy. They have no children, or they're living free lives. They don't have to go home and cook for an entire family.

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Their husband doesn't complain much. Their husband is very easy. They live very close to the masjid. Or they've done this course already before. They know Arabic. It's not difficult for them. It's so easy for them and we begin to envy such people. The thing is that a person must remember that allows a panel data is not just his Harlock Malik but also his motivation. Allah subhanaw taala is the one who has decided his other for him his decree for him, right. So if Allah has destined for me that in my life there should be a particular individual, or at this stage of my life, I should have these many people who might have to attend to whom I have to take care of. Then that is part of my fate.

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It was decreed by Allah.

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If Allah decreed in this year, I have to go here, I have to do this or I become sick in this way, or this winter is long. Whatever Allah subhanaw taala has decreed. That is his decision. And instead of complaining about my situation, in my circumstance, what should I do? Accept it, and see what I can do. And the more I have to strive, doesn't matter. Insha Allah, the more reward I will have. And when a person looks forward to that reward, then the striving becomes easy. When you remember, your goal, then the striving becomes much easier. We'll call it NaVi Maria Oberon I have no you have destiny who Maidenhead destiny NSN and 70 centimeter urato Hallelujah, Amen azulene him he said that

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the new salema they intended that any of the * were looted a shift I'm sitting in from their houses. fanzine Oh, so they descend, or Eva manana via sallallahu alayhi wa sallam closer to the Prophet Solomon Islam so they decided they would leave their houses

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They would sell them and come closer to the masjid of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. Allah. He said for Karissa Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam disliked that he disapproved and yuru that they should move and Medina to Medina, you're always basically to come to descend Allah Allah is basically spacious land and to make a particular place empty. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam dislike that they should leave their houses empty and move closer to Medina for color. So he said Allah Dr. Simona ethercon do not hope for award for your footsteps olimpija hidden which I hated hota whom

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he said there are there are a new chef or dB of dueling that they walk on the earth with their feet. So they're walking towards the masjid, their footsteps even they're being recorded. So the people should hope for a reward from Allah soprano with Arda for that.

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Now, remember that in other studies, we learned that the entire time that a person spends in prayer, going to the masjid waiting for a salah and then performing that Salah that entire time is recorded as if a person is performing the prayer. Once the people were waiting for the prayer to begin, and they fell asleep, because a prophet sallallahu Sallam he was talking to someone, he was having a private meeting with someone. And the karma had been pronounced that people were waiting so long that some of them fell asleep. And then eventually the prophets all of a sudden came and let the people in prayer. But there was good news for them. But the whole time they were waiting, in child,

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they were being rewarded. I remember once I was going for Ramallah, and it was in the summer in the month of Ramadan. And myself also, health condition was different. And it was difficult, just the thought of going all the way and bearing all that difficulty was challenging and going with a toddler even more difficult.

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So I was talking to my mother and I asked her to advise me and she said, just remember what you're going for. Don't think about the suffering and the pain, just remember what you're going forward. But it's all worth it. And it will become easier. And this was the best advice that I've ever received.

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Because sometimes it happens that when you go out in the way of Allah subhana wa Tada, it seems useless that you're driving one hour, every day.

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It seems difficult. I heard some people return from their own law. And they were traveling for almost 24 hours. It seems very difficult. Imagine 24 hours you're on the go constantly five hour bus ride and then waiting at the airport for so long. And then your journey back home seems very difficult. But if a person remembers inshallah this whole time is counted as the Rebbe tell me which 24 hours will you spend non stop in the worship of Allah? When will you say I'll take a day off on Friday? So that fudger until Orisha, I'm just doing your brother, can you do that? No, we cannot do that. So it is a loss of blessing on certain people, that they are given the opportunity to spend

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more time in going to a particular place and coming back from that place, because inshallah they're being rewarded for it. Did the Prophet sallallahu Sallam not go to the book, in the heat of the summer, in that journey through the desert, with little food, so much hardship, that group of Muslims was known as what Jay Schiller saw,

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right, the army that suffered a lot that underwent a lot of difficulty or difficulty, because when a person goes out in the way of Allah, yes, he suffers the cold winds in the morning. And the freezing cold car after class, which they have to clean and they have to get in, wait for it to warm up and the drive back home. It is difficult. But remember, if it's in the way of Allah, then every moment is worth it. This doesn't mean that a person should ask for difficulty that I wish my house was also far from alhuda I wish my course was all too difficult. No, don't ask for difficulty. Always ask a lot of panatela for ease. But whatever the situation, Allah subhanaw taala has decided for you don't

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make that an excuse. I can't do this because of such and such reason. I can't do this because of this and this. I'm too far. So I can't come I have children so I can't come. No, no excuses infill. hayfever was the corner. Go for us in the way of not whether you are light or heavy, whether it's easy for you or difficult for you, go out, go for it. And secondly, don't keep wishing for ease and convenience. Because this is also what we do. We wish for ease and convenience. We should hope for that inshallah. ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy, but don't keep waiting.

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for that perfect time, like for example, this one year you spent in the study of Hades. I'm sure it was difficult for many of you. There are people who had children there are people who had to travel there are people who suffered from illness who had to come here perhaps seven days a week. Whatever difficulty it was. Remember that difficulty? Allah subhanaw taala decided for you. Right? It was meant to happen to you.

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people lost their loved ones, right? It happened because this difficulty was decreed at this time. So accept it, and do what you can burn frog literature if the excellence of praying or share in your group had the sinner motive nor have sin Kala had definite Avi Allah had definite airmesh Allah had the honey and Avi who later on a call an abuse of Allahu alayhi wa sallam laser for Allah to us, Allah Allah Luna 15 aminal February when there is no prayer that is heavier on the hypocrites than budget, and Trisha Willow II Allah Mona Murphy Hema and if they only knew the reward that is in them, the ATO human will have one, they would certainly come to these two prayers, even if they have

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to crawl laquan Herman to certainly I intended an Amazon Athena that I command and will attend for up then he would give the farmer some ammo Roger, and then I would command MN, you ominous would lead the people in prayer, some alpha Sharla Mina, then I would take a burning torch of fire. But we're headed to Carla Malaya who do either seletti Bardot and I burned the houses of the people who haven't come out for these prayers. This is how upset the prophets are about is that and was with the people who did not come for budget and Russia. Because you see the time of budget the time of Russia are the times when people like to rest.

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And this is why it's even more difficult. But remember that the more difficult it is the more reward in childhood there is Bab it nanny from our phone call majima is nanny to Farmer for Oklahoma and whatever number that is above them, meaning two or more. Therefore Jamal rotten HMR meaning to perform select together in Jamaica, it's not necessary that you have 30 people that you have 50 people that you have three people know even if there are two people together somewhere, they can perform jamara. Now jamara is from the word jump. What does it mean? We're head jammer and between the jammer and warhead is what?

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That that's near right? The dual. So in Arabic, you have three, right? You have the singular, you have the dual and then you have the plural. What is the dual do and what is the plural, more than two. So it's actually three and more. But when it comes to Salah then jamara applies to not three or more, but it applies to two or more have said that in Colorado is either Missouri or in Colorado, Santa Khalid

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and melachim in Hawaii did an interview sallallahu alayhi wa sallam upon either hub Allah, Allah when the time of prayer enters for Xena, then give them what akima and give the iqama Somalia mcomber then he should be the Imam of YouTube who Akbar Akuma the older of YouTube. Why? Because both of these individuals on the Prophet Solomon was instructing they were both about the same in their level of knowledge. So the prophets are a lot of them said that the prayer should be led by who the one who is older in age, I want you to

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think about something. If a person prays for himself, one person he prays himself, how much reward does he get

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the reward for one prayer, how much our last panel Darla wishes to give him. But when a person performs Salah in JAMA, then is there increased reward? How much

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25 to 27 times. Right? What's the difference between the prayer? What changed?

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Okay, the reward changed based on what

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the number of people coming together? Did 100 people come together that their award was increased? What happened to me?

00:29:30 --> 00:29:47

If these two people were praying separately individually, how much reward would they get one but they decided to come together and perform prayer together. How much reward if they get 27 times more? So what is it that change the reward unity

00:29:49 --> 00:29:50

coming together,

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unity it makes their effort 27 times more valuable.

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The same

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Action becomes 27 times more valuable just because they came together.

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Is there a difference in doing something by yourself? And in doing something with others?

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All of you who studied Buhari together, could you not have just listened to the recordings by yourself? at all? Everything that's available for free? online? You tried, but it didn't happen. When did it happen when you came together? When you came together? You did it. You completed it at home.

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So remember that when people come together, there is a less special blessing and help the adeleye fall jamaa. When people gather together, then the angels of mercy also surround them. The angels were looking for the gatherings of they could what happens when they see a gathering of knowledge. They come and attend that and they call one another and so many angels gather their that their wings I mean, they're the angels reach up to the heavens, the skies

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and they go and tell about soprano Tada, but what do people want agenda? Allah subhanaw taala asks them so unity makes a whole lot of difference. jamara coming together makes a whole lot of difference. So hamdulillah with the blessing of Allah, you were together for so long, and I know that many of you were studying your thermal Quran before.

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So you've been together for so long, don't let this end and just fizzle away.

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Once this has ended, but either for Dr. fansite make your efforts worth more that the clouds they gather together little cam that they pile up one over the other. And then the storm that comes from that is worth much more than a small cloud in the sky from which nothing can come.

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The sacrifice has to come from every individual because only when the individual sacrifice can a group form and when a group forms and the output is much more one to speak you can snap it easily. But if there are two or three, then it's difficult to snap them.

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So there is many benefits of coming together and doing something of

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that man jealous of MSgt and total salata will fall in massagin majelis are the one who sets foot Masjid in the masjid into little salata, waiting for the prayer will fugly massage it and the excellence of massage the meaning of performing prayer in the masjid

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had the center of the LA Hebrew Muslim Mata and melikyan and Avi Zanetti ology and ebihara, under Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, apol al Malaika, to solea Allah haidakhan the angels pray for one of you. They asked Allah subhanaw taala to send blessings on you medema as long as he remains famous Allah who in his place of prayer, as long as a person remains in his prayer place, then what happens? The angels continue to make the offer him but this is until when mallamma as long as he does not break his will. What do they say? Allahu Allahu Allahu mahangu. They say, oh, Allah, forgive him, or Allah have mercy on him. Many times, it happens that when we go, and we're waiting,

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instead of waiting, what do we do? We get up, look here, look there, go take a walk, take around, look at what's going on here. What is he doing? What is she doing, and we waste our time. We kill our time, basically. Right? Because we just want to pass it. And, and we think that if we have to wait for something good, our time is being wasted. Whereas it's not being wasted. It is actually being counted. It is actually being rewarded for when a person performs the Salah. And he remains setting remembering Allah than the whole time the angels are making draft for him. As long as he does not break his will

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lay his aaloo I had to confess highlighting one of you remains in his prayer, Madame de Sala to the happy suhu as long as the prayer is preventing him preventing him from what going away. Lay I'm not who nothing is stopping him. I am kariba either at least he that he returns to his family in lasala except the prayer meeting after Salah. He could just get up and go home. You could just go and check on his family, his children, her children, but she wishes to stay there. And remember Allah after the Salah, then for that whole time what is happening, the angels are praying for them. They're making girl for them.

00:34:49 --> 00:34:59

So this part of the Hadees that lay is how to confuse selecting Madame de Sala to the visible as long as a person is waiting for the prayer. He is in

00:35:00 --> 00:35:34

Prayer. Whether that waiting isn't the journey in the right, or it isn't the walking or it isn't literally sitting and waiting for the prayer to begin. And it's not just with the prayer, but with every good deed. Because Allah is as a person thinks about him right in the sense that Alice pounds art says I am as my servant thinks I am. If he hopes for a reward for me, then insha Allah, there is reward. Okay, so Chronicle long movie Hamlet near the La ilaha illa Anta as the heruka monitor Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi

Lesson 104 – Chapter 32-36 Hadith 652-659

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