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This episode talks about Surah Al-Imra’an verse no.92, third juzz, where Allah SWT says you will not achieve the reward of righteousness (Jannah) until you spend out of that which you love. A heart-touching small story narrated by Anas Ibn Maalik R.A about his step father Abu Talha on the lines of this verse.

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Dear brothers and sisters, welcome back to our series people have called on where every night I share with you a story about how one of our pious predecessors interacted with the poor. And so now we're moving on in Chatelet Anna to earlier and Milan to just three and NSF numerical of the luevano. he narrates the story about his stepfather so anisul the law and who was the son of homeschooling of the Allahu Allah and his father died outside of Islam or he rejected Islam and he passed away. And then his mother remarried a very famous companion by the name of double Paul, how will the longtime handle so I will call has the stepfather

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of anessa bumalik Fabiola Han who, and he says about his stepfather, he says that he was the richest man of the unsought and he owned the most palm trees. So I will tell how the law I knew had all these gardens all over Medina. And if any of you ever been to Medina, then you'd see all these date, you know, these date trees, these palm trees everywhere, these different gardens. So he owns some in the valley, which is the raised land which is close to mezcal that he owns some close to the Mazda. And he particularly had this garden that was named Badal hat. And beta hat was his favorite garden. And in fact, it was the favorite garden of the prophets lie Selim as well. Why because if you go

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today to the message of the Prophet slicin, I'm essentially you know, here's the most right in front of where the Imam prays. That's where baitul hat used to be located, that's where that garden used to be located. And it had hundreds of date palm trees, not only that, it had springs, and you know, it had an oasis that ran through it. I mean, it had water, it had trees it had, so it had the shade it had, you know, great dates that were growing there. And even the prophet SAW Selim, he used to enter into that garden, he used to take you know, relax under these trees. Some of the Sahaba used to even do will do there they would drink from its water. So this was a garden that though it

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belonged to Apple, Paul has really benefited the entire Muslim community. So Allah subhanho to Allah reveals this verse which is the 92nd verse of sort of earlier Milan, where last pantai says Lenten, Allah Dawa had to enfeeble mingma to have born, that you will not achieve righteousness and here and Bill means Jana means paradise, the reward of righteousness you will not achieve you know, the reward of righteousness being Jenna had tuned FICO not to have born until you give from that which you love. So Avalon has listening to this and I will tell how will the law on how he doesn't think to himself, you know, I've got a bunch of date gardens I can give the profit slice. That one that's

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out there on the outskirts of Medina or something else. Right away. He stands up and he says to the Prophet sallallahu It was a lump jasola in a lot of Allah to Allah yaku Lenten Alberto had to turn people in there to him born he said, O Messenger of Allah. Allah is saying that you will not achieve the true reward of righteousness until you spend out of that which you love. So he says I thought about what the most beloved thing to me is, he says, What in a habit am Wiley la Badal ha, he says that my you know, the most beloved of my wealth to me, is my garden of beta hat. He says what in the house sada petronila he said and I've decided to give it all for the sake of Allah subhana wa tada

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Otto Jew Billa ha

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ha ha and Allah and I'm seeking its reward. And you know the whole is like is like a guaranteed return on investment. So I'm seeking the reward of it being genuine and a great return on investment. By giving this for the sake of Allah subhana wa tada felled la yellow suit Allah Hi, Hazel aroc Allah. So you have it on messenger of a lot. Spend it as you see fit as a lot, you know, directs you spend it and give it for give it for something that's beneficial. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he was amazed he said back in the early canal on Robert De Luca, man on Rob Dolly commando robber. He says, you know, that's amazing. He said, you know, what a beautiful

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investment. This is a successful investment. This is a successful investment. This is a successful investment. But then he says, What got Sameera till now Coulter, we're in the era and touch ALLAH hafiz carabin. He said, You know, I've heard what you said. So he recognizes Allah has effort. And he says, but I see that it's better that you spend this on your family that you give this to your family members, you see the prophets, I seldom would allow some companions to give everything they had. But he didn't want you know, he didn't want to put his companions into poverty. And he didn't want them to regret their decision later on. So he tell his companions, you know, save some of this,

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save some of that. So the prophet SAW some says you can still give it away, but give it to your close family members and that's the wisdom of the prophets lie Selim. And the generosity of the prophets lie Selim that he says you know, instead of just giving this to a bunch of random people, give it to your

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Family members give it to your cousins give it to your tribesmen and it'll still be for the sake of Allah and you'll still get the reward. So he said fly out also to LA I will do so a messenger of Allah a customer will call have a baby he have any army he so he split it up amongst his family members and his cousins. And what this shows us is that you know, especially in Ramadan you know there are numerous fundraisers you're being called to give for the sake of Allah, whether there is a fundraiser or not, when you have an opportunity to give charity give from your most precious wealth from that which is most beloved to you and the prophets license as a sada cuttlebone ohana. Charity

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is a proof of your faith when you're willing to part ways with that which is most precious to you for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. So we asked a lot to grant us that charitable spirit that we that we may act in accordance with this verse and achieve its reward inshallah Xochimilco head on See you all next time on our series people of color on was Salam or aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.