Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 01 – L008D

Taimiyyah Zubair
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90 min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim

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we were doing lesson number eight, we were doing the is about Adam renesola.

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So we learnt in these verses that Allah subhanaw taala created Adam a listener and prove to the angels, the supremacy of men over the rest of the creation because of his knowledge

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because of his and Allah subhanaw taala commanded all of the angels to prostrate to other mighty Salaam as well. And then we learned that to test other medicine, Allah subhanaw taala sent him to Jenna for a while, where other medicine was incited by the shavon to eat of the fruit of the forbidden tree. And as a result, him and his wife both of them were expelled from Jenna. Then we learn over here Allah says, first Allah for Adam O'Meara Kalimantan, then Adam earn a salon received from his Lord some words, Adam, Rene said and received some words from Allah soprano Dinah Fatah co aloka. Tanaka is from the root letters left off yeah,

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it is from the roof fetters, lamb coffea. Luca literally means to meet, we read earlier about the hypocrites were either local, when they met the believers they said, We believe so the call means to meet someone to come across someone. And when you put the additional thing at the beginning, Telecom, telecom is to receive something.

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That offer means to receive something, to accept something with enthusiasm

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to accept something with happiness, with eagerness. So basically that is to accept something willingly to take it with happiness. So Fattah, Lapa Adam Adam alayhis salam received, he happily received from a loss of panels Dr. Kelly met in some words. Kenny math is a plural of the word Kadima and Karima is from the roof address, gas lamp me. And Karima is a word and polymath is used for words meaning a statement.

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So Allah subhanaw taala dot Adam are they sit on some words? Which words are they? Why did he teach Adam let us sit on these words. So that Adam or Sam could repent,

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could turn to Allah could seek a loss of penance artists forgiveness through these words, and which words are they? They're mentioned in sort of AI number 23. where both of them are then really Sarah and her work. Both of them are mentioned same color of banner, London and full center. They said Our Lord, we have wronged ourselves, what inland of Atlanta with ohana and if you do not forgive us and have mercy upon us, Lennar, coonan, nominal ha city, surely we shall be among the losers. So what do we learn? What words worthy that other man is that I've received from Allah subhanaw taala words through which he prayed for forgiveness.

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Through our words through which they prayed for forgiveness, and what words were they robina valonna and fusina what a lot of Elana What are Hamner then akuna middle Holocene? How many have you noticed?

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From the law? Most of you know

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it's a very good door if you think about it, oh my lord, I have wronged myself. I have done wrong. It's my fault. And if you don't have mercy upon me, and if you don't forgive me, I will be a loser. It's a clear divide. So plain door very simple.

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So what happened as a result photobiology that Allah subhanaw taala turned and mercy upon him upon who upon administering the whatever is from the roof as well. Have you heard of the word qdoba? What does it mean?

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Toba repentance, okay. doba means repentance. molfetta means forgiveness, okay?

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That means repentance and it's from the real fetters that well

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though taba literally means to turn,

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what does it mean? To return to go back?

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Basically, it is to stop from what one is doing from where one is going and then turn back.

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This is what that means. So, just imagine a person is going on a particular way. What does he do? He stops and he turns around and he goes back. This is the literal meaning of the word turban. What a person does though, but what does he do? He stops the sin that he is committing and then he

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turns back to the way of obedience, isn't it? For example, if it's a bad habit that a person has developed, what is he going to do? He's going to stop doing that action and he is going to turn back to the way of obedience to a loss of parental data while seeking His forgiveness. This is what the ways but remember that the word Oba is used for the human beings, and it is also used for a loss of

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the Toba. The word OVA is used for people and it is also used for a loss of penalty. When the word OVA is used for a human being what does it mean? that a human being stops the sin that he is committing? And he turns to a loss of panel data with obedience, seeking His forgiveness, all right, but when the word Oba is used for a loss of panels, it What does it mean by that? It is when a loss of Paradise durance to his slave with mercy.

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When Allah turns to his slave with mercy, and accept the repentance of the slave,

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Allah turns to the slave with mercy and accepts the repentance of the slave. Over here, Allah says but barley, he did Toba upon him. Who does he refer to? Allah soprano Dada Titova upon Adam realism so what does it mean? That Allah turned and mercy to Adam realism and accepted his repentance, accepted his apology? In Nauvoo? Indeed, he Why did Allah subhanaw taala forgive Adam alayhis salam because Indeed Allah is who He alone is at the web, the greatest acceptor of repentance and he is also of Rahim, the Especially Merciful.

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Both doba is a noun and Tabitha is a verb.

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So Allah subhanaw taala is a web and he is also a Rahim, the name of Allah at the web, is from the root letters, you told me that well, the same root as the word tab, or the word over same root.

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And the word the word

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Do you hear the word

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in Arabic words, have structures,

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words have structures, they are on a particular pattern, especially nouns. For example, if you put an ER, at the end of a word in English, what does that mean?

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That that person does the action for example, teach is to do the action of teaching, but if you put the word er at the end, what does that means that that is what the person does that is his profession. Similarly, if you put an IMG at the end, what does that mean? that the person is doing the action, it's a verb, right. So, similarly, in Arabic words are of certain structures. And depending on the structure of the word, you give that particular meaning to the world. So, the work the web is on the structure of

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it, I will do the details later on for now, just remember that this is a structure and this structure conveys the meaning of doing the action excessively,

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doing the action excessively, doing the action again and again,

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not just doing the action once, but doing it repeatedly.

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Okay. So it shows the meaning of doing the action excessively. And it also shows that the way the action has been done, it is very excessive in its quality, its extreme in its quality. So there are two things that the action is excessive in quantity. And secondly, extreme in quality,

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excessive and quantity, and extreme in quality.

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These are the two meanings of the word Conway's. So if you look at the web, what does that mean? That the one who turns in mercy and accepts repentance, how many times

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excessively again, and again and again, repeatedly, he never stops turning to people in mercy and accepting their repentance. So first of all, it denotes repetition. And secondly, what's the mean that for all conveys

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extreme quality? So what does that means? That he doesn't just turn in mercy and accepts the repentance for small things?

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But he even accepts repentance for sins that are major, provided that a person repents to a loss.

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So if Allah is atolla, what does that mean? That he accepts repentance again and again, and he accepts repentance for even the greatest of sins. No sin is too great for a loss penalty to forgive as long as a person repents to him.

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As long as a person repents to him, so Allah says that he is at the web, he is the greatest acceptor of repentance. And he is also over him, the one who is especially merciful to his slaves. So what do we learn from this ayah

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from the beginning, but Allah will never be canonized, what do we learn from this? But Allah subhanaw taala also teaches us as to how we should do Dilbert, and how we should repenting. A lot of other medicine the words

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Allah taught him, how to repent to him.

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So Allah is the one who gives those to us who gives us the ability to repent. And when a person repents with sincerity than a loss of parents or also accepts the repentance.

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Then what happened Alyssa Connor, we said it would be to mean her, all of you get down from it, from where from Jenna jamir on all of you together. The word humean is from the root fetters gene mean?

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gene meme, Gemma

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Gemma means Together Together,

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together together to collect and the word jumble is from the same root letters which means for

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you have singular and plural what is the plural in which there are more than too many a lot.

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So jamir and means all together, every single one of you. So colavito mean hjem era we said go down from it, all of you, every single one of you,

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who does this refer to? Who is this command to

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because one of the guys before we learned that, the same command was given right. And in that command, who was included the medicine and his wife as well as it is. Now over here, the repetition of the command is made. But along with that jamir and is used all together is used. It is said that this refers to it applies to other medicina his wife, as well as his progeny as well as his descendants.

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In other words, the entire human beings

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all of the mankind has mentioned the colavito minha jamir. And all of you go down from it meaning from paradise for ma dn knuckle mini houda. So whenever there comes to you from me guidance, yet, Dr. niccole is from the real fetters. Hamza? Yeah, meaning whenever it comes, it will definitely come. But when it comes from me guidance, what does the guidance refer to?

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Just the Koran.

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Does the Quran know any revelation, any book, any messenger,

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any revelation, any messenger, anything that Allah subhanaw taala sends as guidance for mankind.

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For ma dn nocal Mini houda. So whenever guidance comes to you from me, then what Allah says femen tobira who they are, then whoever followed my guidance, who are tobira is from the root letters that the

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interviewer is to follow something completely.

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What does it mean, to follow something completely? It is not to just follow some of it and leave some of it.

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Do some leaves.

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It's not to pick and choose, but it is to follow completely entirely. So whoever followed my guidance, follow hopefully him, then there will be no fear upon them. What am I doing, nor will they agree.

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So those people who follow the guidance that our last panel data has sent, they will not fear and they will also not have any kind of regret. The word house is from the roof fetters Hall welfare,

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and health

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is a fear that a person has about future

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a fear that a person has about the future. For example, a person is afraid that he may suffer from loss in his business, for example, or a person fears that if he eats a particular food he will become sick.

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A person fears that if he goes out in the cold

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he will catch a cold.

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So this is what fear about something that might happen in the future. This is what hope is whatever miracles are known and here is a notice from the newsletters has a noon prison.

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prison and frozen is grief and sadness over what happened in the past. What is frozen great

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And sadness that a person suffers from Why? over what happened in the past, for example,

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for example,

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a person died yesterday, and you still feel that sorrow, you still feel that grief. Similarly, a person burns their hijab.

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And that was yesterday. And later on how do you feel?

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What was I thinking? Why was the iron so high?

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This is what prison regret, I shouldn't have done that. So frozen is regrets. I should not have done this. And I should have done that. Similarly, when a person fails their exam,

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what feelings does that bring to his heart? I should have studied, I could have done better. It's my fault. So frozen his regrets over what happened in the past? And how is what if this happens? What if that will happen? What am I going to do?

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So Allah says that whoever follows my guidance, then what about them, they will not suffer from any fears, and they will not suffer from any regrets, no fear about the future, nor regret over the past. And where is this possible in paradise in general,

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because in general, a person will have no fear about anything going wrong in any way whatsoever, about falling sick about losing somebody about losing a friend, or losing one's wealth or losing gender, any fear at all, none will suffer from that fear in Paradise, and no regrets over the past either. So whoever follows my guidance, he will not suffer from any fear, nor will he have any grief. So what do we learn from this is that in order to be saved from fear and grief, what do we have to do?

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follow the guidance or loss plan.

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follow the guidance that are lost.

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On the other hand, while letting aka follow, and those people who disbelief, disbelief in what

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despair even in the guidance that Allah has sent

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in the previous ayah, what do we learn for ma dn knuckle mini Hooda? Whenever guidance comes to you from me, then one option is that you follow the guidance that Allah has sent whoever does that. No fear, no grief. What's the other option?

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So when Medina cafaro and those people who disbelief so disbelieve in was in the guidance that Allah subhanaw taala sent, what can they will be Idina and moreover, they also deny our verses belie our verses, the word cancer boo. This is from the roof letters gas than any other word from the same route. Yet the bone be mechanically equivalent, because they used to lie.

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And remember, that gets zebra. This is different from cassava,

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cassava is to utter a lie,

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to say something that is false, to say a lie. And the word caregiver is to call someone else a liar.

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What does it mean to call someone else alive? So basically, kuzava is to disbelieve in something, and to state it as false as well.

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What is comfortable to disbelieve in something, but also, to state it as false, to state it as wrong as untrue. So those people will first of all disbelief and secondly, kuzhambu they also call the hedaya, the who de la senza. Li.

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And this is much worse, because one is that a person doesn't believe and he says no, thank you, I don't need it. And the other is that a person opposes it. And he says, I don't believe in it and this is wrong, this is false. So, when Medina cafaro what case there will be those who disbelief and deny our versus balaiah versus call them lies, will like us have enough. Such are the companions of the Hellfire, whom via holiday they will be dwelling during eternity.

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You notice the word is has been used over here. And the word is a plural ah

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Do you remember the meaning of it? What does it mean? assigned? What else does it mean? America What else does it mean? A verse and also

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verse sentence, what else does it mean?

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advice number the four meanings of okay. So over here the word is has been used.

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Remember that the word is whenever used. It can be used for two things. It can be used to refer to two things. There are two kinds of IRA. There are two types of iron.

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The first type of IRA is is better. Go nia. Go Nia

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means universe creation. So what does anyway? I atonia those signs that are in the creation,

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signs that are in the creation.

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So basically it is the creation.

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What does that prove?

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That there is a creator, that there is someone who made it,

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that there is a purpose behind its creation.

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So, I add that arconi and what are they? For example, the sun, the moon, the night and the day?

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The rain

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we learned earlier in the same sort of uncertain belcarra that, would Rebecca worship your Lord? Who is he a lady Hola, como La Nina min public con la la cuenta con la la de da de la como el erva thirassia was Samantha Bina well, Angela Venus ma, ma,

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Raja v mina semara rescorla calm. So all of this is what I added her konia all of these things that are in the creation, what do they point to the fact that there is a creator?

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So I asked first of all arconi because there are signs for us we can take lessons from them. And the second type of either I add that or should or that are part of the Sharia that are part of the deen What are they? the verses that Allah subhanaw taala has revealed, for example, the Quran

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the comments

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So over here when Allah says, When Medina cafaro waka wbI, atina ayah two v refers to either akoni as well as sugary that they deny these signs they deny the verses that Allah has revealed when I cos have enough such as the companions of the Hellfire, though what else have is the plural of slashes

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from the root letters, sought her

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from newsletters, slot her

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and the word sociable means companionship.

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What does it mean companionship to be in the company of someone? Have you heard of the word Sahabi? Who is this a hobby? a companion of the Prophet sallallahu?

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Who is he? What is the criteria of being as a hobby that a person should have been a believer at the time of the Prophet sort of autism and should also have been would have seen the profit sort of bonus for them? Right? So basically, they have had some company, they have enjoyed some company of the profits or abundance. So this is what software is companionship.

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When someone is in the company of another, what does it mean that they are with them? They don't leave them, isn't it? So who is a companion? Somebody who is with you, a companion on a journey is somebody who accompanies you on the journey. He doesn't leave you in your journey.

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So over here Allah says that they are the companions of the Fire. What does it mean my companions of the Fire, those who will be in the fire, not leaving the Hellfire for even a moment, for even a day, for even a week, for even an hour. As heaven now eternally in the Hellfire, home via holiday, they will be in Hellfire forever. We have done the word hard to do earlier, it is a plural of the word holiday. And while it is someone who stays forever,

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someone who stays forever does not change does not die does not come to an end. So they will be in the Hellfire enduring forever

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staying there eternally. What do we learn from these is that a person who believes a person who follows the guidance he will be rewarded

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and a person who does not follow the guidance? Where will he be

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in the Hellfire if you think of it in the dunya What do you burn?

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What do you burn?

00:24:19 --> 00:24:20

In this world? What do people burn?

00:24:21 --> 00:24:23

What What else do people burn?

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People burn trash into the waste is burnt. Similarly, in the Hereafter, those who do not qualify themselves to enter Jannah Where will they be in the trash? And what is that trash? The Hellfire would I guess have enough home via holiday

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being kalama

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any questions

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because the way that we learned is from the word technique, and technique is from cats that

00:25:56 --> 00:25:57

give, which means to lie.

00:25:59 --> 00:26:05

Gather is just to lie, but can the other is to call someone a liar.

00:26:06 --> 00:26:10

It is to deny something by stating it as false.

00:26:12 --> 00:26:18

This is what cassava is. So one is that a person does not believe in something and he says, I don't believe in it, I don't want it.

00:26:19 --> 00:26:29

And the other is that a person says, I don't believe it, I don't want it. And what you're saying is false, and I'm opposing it. So cassava is not just disbelieving, but it is also opposing the truth.

00:26:31 --> 00:26:38

The difference comes from just the shutter on the cadaver, just to like, get the VA to call a lie.

00:26:42 --> 00:26:44

If you think about it, the purpose of man's creation is what?

00:26:45 --> 00:26:47

To worship Allah soprano.

00:26:48 --> 00:27:05

Right? Also we learn in the Quran that we have been created, Allah Subhana, Allah has created life and death so that he may test you as to which of you is good, indeed, when it comes to actions. So at that time, other man Islam was tested, because this dunya, this life is a test.

00:27:07 --> 00:27:51

This life is a test. So he was made to go through a test, as if to train him that this is something that is going to come, you know, before being sent for admission, if you are given just a glimpse of it, what happens, you're more prepared to face the challenge, isn't it, you're more prepared to face the challenge. So when other artists that I went through that experience, I'm sure he remember for the rest of his life, no matter what shape and says to me, I'm not listening to him. And also to show to us that this is how chiffon approaches us. This is how chiffon is an enemy to us that he does not want us to have any good at all. Japan is an enemy to us. This is how he will come. He made

00:27:51 --> 00:27:56

sure that our parents don't enjoy the good that they were enjoying. And he wants to make sure that we also suffer.

00:27:58 --> 00:28:12

And it also shows to us that having knowledge alone is not enough for us to be able to be saved from the evil of shape one. Knowledge alone is not enough. Other medicine had knowledge.

00:28:13 --> 00:28:45

But he had the knowledge which knowledge that he has knowledge of just the names of the things. What is that knowledge knowledge of dunya just as smart just things? Is that enough for us? Can we fight the chiffon with that knowledge? Can we save ourselves from the evil of chicken with that knowledge? No. What other knowledge Do we need of the deen for the love of god adaminaby Kalimantan, which is why Allah said at the end, but in my dn nocal, mini houden. Now guidance is going to be sent to you equip yourselves with guidance,

00:28:46 --> 00:28:48

so that you can be saved from the evolution.

00:28:50 --> 00:28:53

So the knowledge of dunya alone is not enough

00:28:55 --> 00:28:58

in knowledge, and the connection with Allah soprano.

00:28:59 --> 00:29:02

These are the two things that we need in order to survive

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00:29:06 --> 00:29:12

You see, when Allah subhanaw taala told the angels I am going to create a halifa I'm going to make a halifa What did the angels say?

00:29:14 --> 00:29:30

Why would you create someone who would create facade? Right? So they were assuming. So Allah subhanaw taala is proven to them over here through what happened that Adam right Islam is not just going to create facade he's also going to have in, he's also going to have knowledge.

00:29:33 --> 00:29:38

This is not unfair, this is just to prove to the angels that Allah will give them knowledge

00:29:40 --> 00:29:42

through which he will be obeying almost.

00:29:45 --> 00:29:58

Also, it was Allah subhanho wa Taala his plan to put other melesa lamb in supremecy and in order to establish his supremacy Allah subhanho wa Taala equipped him with the knowledge This was Allah subhanho wa Taala his plan

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subhanak Allahumma vmdk nesha de la ilaha illa Anta Mr felucca wanted to a certain word a Komodo de la Hebrew

Al-Baqarah 30-39 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 37-39

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