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Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the events leading up to the upcoming Lord's obitual service in the month of July. The speaker describes the events leading up to the service, including the announcement of the presence of a woman named Kadija who covered the man in the cave and the distraction of a man named Hamad who claimed to be the prophet of the man. The speaker also mentions the importance of the Lord's obitual service and encourages viewers to share their thoughts and share their experiences.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam aleikum wa barakato

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coming in to another episode of Raka Ramadan 2018 day nine Ramadan is running and are we really taking advantage of these days because it's already nine days of Ramadan, tomorrow is day 10 and one third of Ramadan is gone. So my brothers and sisters were still talking about the Sita and previous from the seal of the Prophet Mohammed Salim. And we still in the cave of Hara Hara when gibreel as I said, um, he came to the Prophet Mohammed as I saw them, and he told him read.

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The first word that was revealed is read to the oma have read, which does not read a lot of us do not, in fact, read but you know, the first word that was revealed is a car and the Prophet says, I don't know how to read. And then he hugged him so hard, and then he told him read again. And then the Prophet again did not know how to read and he says, I don't know how to read, and then he hugged him again for the third time. And the Prophet was about to choke and told him read, read.

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And then the Prophet says, what should I read? And then she believes is a corrupt Bismillah beacon lady Holla Holla al insana May Allah,

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Allah, Allah, Allah will come column and lemon in Santa Maria, you know, the very first saw that was revealed so about a column and the Prophet was so terrified, was so petrified because it like I said, the only person who knew his whereabouts was Khadija. And then this man just left and disappeared. And Prophet Mohammed came down running from that, from that cave from the mouth. And where did he go? He went to his best friend, again dijo De La Hoya and they said his famous word is Amina because, you know, when you're, when you're scared at night, or when you're bad, or, you know, we just want to cover yourself up. So this is what he said. He said, Come semitone is a millimeter

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Khadija semitone and he was, you know, sweating and, and, and fast breathing. And he told her, you know, ximenia Cover me cover me or Khadija. And then Khadija she came, and she covered him about what do you think Khadija did what the Lord did, you know, covered him and then she left? I'm sure she would have stayed. She stayed with him. And I'm sure she came so close to him. And then and then the Prophet told her what happened. Imagine the property his wife, you know about that incident, you know, that happened to him. He's tried to tell her if I leave, I think I something has happened to me. He came in and he told us a story. And then she listened. She listened. She did not interrupt

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him. And and she did not complain. She did not say what I told you. I told you, but he don't listen. I told you not to go to that game. I told you, you know, where have you been when I was, you know, raising the kids alone, you left everything that you will go into that game. So what happened to you? No, she did not complain. She In fact, listened. And then she came and she gave him that board and the device color let you

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know, no harm can happen to you. And she's she tried to prove him as to why no harm can happen to you. Because you you, you tie the the the ties of kinship and you, you do you welcome the guests and you help the poor and the needy. She started mentioning some of his qualities, some of them and then she walked with Him she took his hand as the head it says she you have his ad. And then she took him to her cousin or the Camino fellows over 80 years old at the time, who used to know from the previous religions, and he knew the previous, you know, divine books or throw them in jail. And what occurred nofal told him that he was the prophet of this man, the magnificent work of Khadija della

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Hahahaha. who stood you know, by her husband, Hamad sallallahu Sallam at this time where he needed somebody to, to comfort him sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then prophet knew who he was. And now he is missing GB and GB and stopped coming for some time. And then he came back, you know, he came back and then he taught him how to make widow

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and taught him how to pray. sola till Muzammil was revealed, accumulate. So he started in a waking up at night and praying at night, and then Salatin would death in came it was revealed to tell him to go and spread this, this news about his prophecy sallallahu Sallam to the people you know who are close to him sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Yeah, he hadn't come for and which was revealed in that first week of the prophethood of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Allah

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anusandhan poweriq so the Prophet move Salah Larsson, them so this is the thing you know in a nutshell of what happened in the cave and the day that changed history, the Muslim history, the Islamic history, Islam came to us. What have we done with it? A lot of Prophet Mohammed hammock conference. Call me Laila Illa. Khalida, come stand up this is the month of Korean these White Widow pmla in the month of Ramadan are you doing pmla try please and shout Allahu taala to do as much pm as you can in the month of the pm in the month of this year because the prophets are some says men comma Ramadan IE men and 37

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whosoever stands you know at night in the during the month of Ramadan pm Antara which is also considered a young man and YT seven orfila all his sins shall be forgiven inshallah to Allah And may Allah mix us amongst those with by the scenes shall be forgiven in this place of the month of Ramadan as a common law head and to another episode of Ramadan 2018. First, please don't forget to comment, send me your comments and and share with me your thoughts shout out to Allah and also to share with others

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