Your Ramadan 2013 #27 – Justice

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala so let's Solomonic light Allah wa cattle

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the other words as he would come in here to another episode of

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Rocky Ramadan 2013

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today's day 27th

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he had he ascended up my idcc Paiva and mubaraka former dhania locality to dominate agenda, a young mushy Attila Maha

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young Serbia with a Sharon mean Ramadan

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Madhavan the young inshallah tada Sofia Kono. How old are they asking you to do either Jana Allahu Allah, Allah.

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My brothers and sisters today inshallah Tada. We've talked about another pathway that would lead us to Jana.

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this pathway is called justice Aladdin.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala. And why the heck come to being an se

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the haccombe to Venus will be lagging when I've been in this court, and hotter via Wi Fi shoveler freebasic Malek Mazda Mazda, Mazda korach

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the image that they've been in this

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for a little a sabar alladhina will be long along with my lovely lovely look bainham Mr. Moon it wasn't a moment either. They say an email my best friend measured and the emotional bait. She basically

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died Benin, Benin, Benin, Xhosa Xhosa, Annie Bain and Bain been Radek and the

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loss of Hannah Italian. Hola Hola. Allah subhanho wa Taala who ism is mobile al hakam

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and haccombe subhana wa tada

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is Mina smelly lace panda with Allah

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Nevada either hate have also

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had to enter Hokkaido while ladot in Nevada masataka la capacidad

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they silly and they have been to Hawaii Jennifer la agravaine Jamie and us

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gonna make sure we have a handle

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on yeah convenient as big

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as crystal mush hold on Dana been there you can complete that you can even ask them at a suburban height for little kids play and muscle he had the whole Elisa Muslim and the people take

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a trip the whole Lady and the other boy has sybok for Lhasa even MLM or meaning or salia boo boo

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and the economy ama telephony enable Academy and it gives to the back

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token the back of was busy back if it wasn't

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for the hot headed kid please check it out.

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For now

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even while already calculate

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for the Morocco in the mecca matomo

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so I will complete I had the whole lady Dada back the mother daughter back foodstuffs abattoir de la sala de La Colonia Lhasa Audrina. Imam Abu Abu comes back

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to mother hammer.

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Hammer you know and even

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a beloved

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father how much

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cooler who yahama matters tablet to NASA. Look at Halliburton, Omaha tumhara.

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idleness for us in a low bid Islam

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for mammoth terrain is that fit under lemon law? I don't know no law.

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Now, the law I know about oh four carniola who have come for delta funding.

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How come I didn't find him?

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I didn't help him out had a look. And so first I don't know who your mafia.

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I don't either. It's been a clinic.

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That's been hypnotic. I mean, there's those stick in the Zodiac. And I that softens

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them up. Yeah. My brothers and sisters. Today's topic is about justice. And

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it's in fact a very, very important concept. You know and quality, you know the quality of justice to be just the loss of power that exists if you rule amongst people rode with justice.

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Regardless of who you're rooting against, if it's like a Muslim, non Muslim or like, You're rude with justice, if the non Muslim is right, you give him his right.

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If he's right, and the Muslim, let's say is wrong, no use, of course you, you know, justice, this is what justice about.

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The Prophet says, If Fatima was to steal our calf her hand, she's my own daughter.

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If we cut off people's hands, those who, who is at the time of the Prophet, this is no longer being done now, but I'm just telling you that if it's done at the time of the Prophet, wherever steals, you know, but again, the steding is a long topic, study not of of hunger, but somebody who's got everything that the golden steel, you know, the ruling was to cut off their hands. So the province is if Fatima was to steal our car for him and his daughter.

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This is it. This is justice, that rule in justice between your children between your friends, your co workers, let's say if at work between your wife, your husband, you are just

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you're just

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I'm not a very well known story of that of the the Christian in Egypt tour, who had a horse race with the son of the of the I mean of Egypt.

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So a non Muslim with the Muslim, the non Muslim won the race. So the son of the me took a stick and started beating him up, don't you know who I am? You're supposed to let me win.

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And then that he traveled to Omaha to complain to him that Christian went to Alma. So I'm gonna call the father and the son in his court. He says, Is this the man who hit you? Yes, it is him who beat me a bit. Why? Because Because I won the race he said take the stick and beat him up front of his dad.

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And then he went to the dad

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on my one two that says When did you start enslaving people? What are the Lord that mother the mother has given them birth with the free will

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have their free

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people are free and you start enslaving them? That's not justice.

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Am I used to known as he was known that it was so just so was the Prophet Mohammed is awesome. So where the Sahaba um, I was sleeping, they saw him you know, resting and they said so Pamela, on you. You rolled you're just now you can rest

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or the alarm, this type of or this this quality of khalaq of justice and it is quality of justice. We shall be asked about front of the last panel with that.

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Where are we just

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the Prophet says with regard to those seven categories of people that will come under the shade of Allah and the shade of Allah seven categories amongst them is mmm an added adjust Eman. Adjust the amount but an email does not mean only the one who leaves the prayer. Adjust neither even in your home or you just do your load with justice. Allah with Africa

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another episode, Ramadan 2013. I say