Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 15 – L151D

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the use of "has" and "has been" in English context, as well as the importance of reconfirming beliefs and understanding the difference between "has" and "has been." The speakers emphasize the need for people to take time to learn and adapt, avoid conflict and violence, and put in effort to achieve their goals. They also discuss ways in which young men use their pride to avoid conflict and violence, such as giving back to others and not afraid of failure.
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How would I add meaning the fifth year? The young men decide amongst each other, they said to each other, but how would I EBS omona? Our people being These are people what have they done? it to her? Do they have taken they have adopted menthone besides him besides Oh, besides Allah subhana wa Tada, home of the chicken, Allah Gods meaning the worship, others besides the last panel data, and they say, Lola, why not? Yet tuna? They come, they bring who does they refer to our people?

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Why is it that they don't bring or lay him upon them? upon them? Meaning Allah a burden to him upon their worship? upon worshipping them, worshipping

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the false gods?

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How come they don't bring? Why don't they bring upon worshipping these false gods Bissell thrown in with an authority with an evidence that has been clear?

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so far is from the root see number. So what do they mean by this?

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But why don't they bring a clear evidence for worshipping the false gods? They don't bring any clear evidence. The word sovann is used for authority. And it's also used for evidence.

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Basically, it is used for anything through which a person gains strength.

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Because sofa sofa is what strength power.

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So so far, Coloma they'll insan v sofa? Everything through which a human beings through which a person gains strength?

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And what is it? What are the different options? What are the different ways

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there's authority, there is physical strength, there's physical power, sometimes evidence that gives power to a person that gives strength to a person.

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So Lola, Darlene busulfan, Ambien and being from the Bay?

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Why don't they bring a clear proof for worshipping these false gods

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for men, so who have them who is more unjust mimin then who, if Tara he fabricated an ally against Allah gave Viva La what's the lie, that Allah has a partner without their other gods besides Allah, who deserve worship.

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So here, they are discussing amongst themselves, they are reassuring, one another, they're rectifying reconfirming.

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With us what happens when you are going against the flow?

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At times, you begin to doubt yourself.

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Because everybody's doing something completely different. And here you are, the only person wearing hijab, the only person wearing the pants, the only person studying the only person who says this food is not color.

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Now, people begin to doubt you. And at times, you begin to doubt yourself.

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So this one is what do you need to do? You need to get together with those people who believe and do the same.

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And you need to discuss these issues. And you need to reconfirm your

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discussing that, why is it that we believe it is right, and what the other people are doing is wrong.

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And this is only natural. When people start something new, what happens? They look for others, like reform group groups, isn't they cancel one another, they encourage one another, they help one another, they assist one another. So this is exactly what

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they were saying that if our people if they should have some evidence,

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since they don't have any evidence for it, if we are doing something different than we are writing,

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they don't have any evidence for shipping.

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Therefore, we have left ship, and what are we doing now? What are we observing them? And if we're doing that it is right. Why? Because they don't have any evidence to support their ship.

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Then they said to each other they continued. What if and when it has to move home, you won't have withdrawn from them. See the word if it ends with a customer? This is not how generally the word is ends, generally has what a so called on it. So why does it have a cluster over here because it's being connected with erotism.

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So what easier it does have to move home and when you have withdrawn from them withdrawn from who?

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from the people, from the machine people from your own nation. The word Arizona is from the root as they learn as

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and as well as what to set aside to detach to keep away. desegregate.

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We did the word for Thursday to keep away from the women feel mushy during their menstruation.

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This word, it says Allah, you may have heard of the term Morteza as well.

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Why are they called Morteza? It's from the same root

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has embassy whose student was was

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binotto was a Veneto was a deviant, when he deviated, has industry said about him that Earth as a learner, he has a different opinion. Now from us, he has deviated and he has detached himself away from us.

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He has separated himself away from us,

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meaning he has brought about his class and then from that time on, they were labeled mortiser.

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So, there it is, to move on when you have withdrawn from them, when you have disassociated yourself from them. And also from what Alma and that which Yerbabuena in the law, they worship besides Allah, they worship except Allah,

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meaning when you have segregated yourself from them, and also what they worship and what, don't stay there, the

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mayor, but do not all that they worship, except Allah has been interested in two ways. First of all, Mayor buena in the law, that which they worship, except Allah, it shows that they worship Allah. But along with Allah, they also worship other gods other earlier.

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And secondly, this is also understood as mayor, but do not all that they worship, except Allah, meaning they worship everything else, or they worship other gods, and they don't worship in llama except Allah.

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So it's understood in two ways that Firstly, they worship Allah and other gods.

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And the second meaning is what they worship Gods but that is not worship.

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So when you have detached yourself from them, then what should you do, but then you retreat, then you take shelter, where in El Cap to the cave, meaning don't stay there anymore. Rather, leave from there and take shelter, where in the key

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when you have withdrawn yourself from the people, and also from their gods, then don't stay there anymore.

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Because if you stay there, what's going to happen? They're going to,

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they're going to force you to adopt their religion, they're going to torture you.

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And it's possible that you become weak, therefore, stay away. But

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then retreat to the game. It's because of their planning amongst themselves.

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That, you know, when this happens, then make sure you go to hear that

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meaning they selected a particular case, it wasn't that they left the city and said, Okay, this is a nice game that

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they had made.

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That when we leave we're going to go to this particular

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because it is the most suitable.

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We can hide in it property. And we can save you won't be able to find

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so far.

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So this shows that they went to that give intentionally. So I'll come over here first to that specific gave that they went to Haydn.

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What will happen then yunshu he will spread Lacan for you, Rob become Europe. What will he spread for you? morality from his mercy, the word young children from their own Shinhwa. And the word national literally means to spread. And then it's used for what it's used for spreading mercy, rain.

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It's also used for spreading or opening up a cloth, a book to spread out.

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So Young Sherlock Holmes, Rebecca Miller, at a loss of panel data, Europe is going to spread out his mercy for you, he's going to make it common for you.

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But before that, what do you have to do?

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Before you get the mercy of Allah What do you have to do? You have to you have to sacrifice you have to put in effort. So what does it show? that a person would leave something for the sake of Allah, Allah given something that is better, but he has to leave it

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generally, what is our behavior? We don't want to leave anything and at the same time, we want everything, but what do you see? You have to be and then of luck with

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young children

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what are you hate you and He will prepare locum for you mean American with regards to your matter mytho his facility,

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the word mill is from the root cause middlefork is from the root raw.

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And mythique is first of all understood as dramatically as is

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a noun of tool

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you know, when you have some luck, what is that? a noun off place, or time.

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There is another kind of ism that is

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a noun that is a tool, meaning a tool through which you do something.

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Like for example, the word Mickey and the word Mickey and what is it

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a tool through which you obtain kale miftah

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A tool through which you set a key with that is what a key a tool through which you do further.

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So, words that begin with me but a customer under the name like over here made fuck make yell mister the sound like this on the structure of Mr. Loomis there is an error, there are the tool through which you do something through it you get something, submit fork is the tool through which you get is

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a tool through which you get ease. In other words, it refers to such a way through which there will be ease, may or tough in such a way through which you will find ease.

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In other words facility, he will create such means for you that will create ease for you with regards to your matter that will tell you what to do with regards to your matter.

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Secondly, the word merfolk is also understood as must have given the meaning of only ease, not means through which ease is obtained. Not means of obtaining ease, but rather just ease he will create for you Is he will create for you facility

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and the word risk also means gentleness.

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Rafa, risk also means gentleness raffia is used for a friend.

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The field is used for a friend, meaning he will create for you ease and gentleness and comfort and facility with regards to your mentor, meaning he will show you what to do, he will make the matter you will make the situation easy for you.

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So what do we say

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that when a person leaves something for the sake of a muscle,

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then a lot of these were in this.

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This is a promise.

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You have to sacrifice and a lot.

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You have to give up and a lot would substitute with something that

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you put in effort. And a lot will make things easy.

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But many times we want ease before even putting in effort.

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But what's the universal law? What's the law that most programmers created? You put an effort then they will be

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we see that when Ibrahim in a center even when he left his people for the sake of Allah, Allah granted in many fields, instead of money I 4850 we learn what are attending the same work as usual. What am I doing in there were other luppi as an akuna vigoroth official, and I will leave you and those who evoke other than and I will invoke My Lord, I expect that I will not invocation to my Lord.

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He will respond to me.

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And we learned about so many lessons that Ibrahim

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when was it given all those lessons when he left when he sacrificed

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when he put in some effort. So this is a lot when you put an effort, then there will be

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then there will be increase?

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So what does it show to us that if a person wants them is the man should grow.

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He needs to sacrifice.

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If a person wishes that his knowledge should grow, then he should put an effort, you should spend some time learning he has to bear hardship. You cannot expect that learning the lesson will be extremely easy. The first time you open it, no.

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You're going to do it again and again. And again. You're going to keep putting in effort, and then they will be in namale curses. Personally, yes, zero.

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It's when you put an effort that matters.

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And especially if a person wants them first you have

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to sacrifice for the sake of

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Now, if you look at it, these young men, when they had made up their mind about their religion, they were determined that this is our faith. We're not

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in the face of opposition. They have two options. What are the two options? One is that they could rebel against it.

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Think about it. Generally what happens when people are oppressed? What do they do?

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They have a protest or they will do something or the other so that they can be heard. They can be noticed they can be seen. There'll be violence on the streets. Peace will be taken away from the entire country sometimes why when people want that they should be given.

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This is one way of dealing with opposition revenge.

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But there is another way and what is that way of

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And when a person uses this way of gentleness and avoidance, then what happens? A lot creates

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a lot will make his way easy for

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now we're here we see that these young men, they must have been very zealous, very courageous. They didn't go and have a protest or anything like that. What did they do? They realized that they were less than number. There were less in terms of physical strength. There was just a group of them against the entire nation. So what did they do?

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They said, but

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that's just avoid all of this.

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Let's just retreat. Let's deal with the situation.

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And when they were gentle, of luck, meet the metric.

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We see that throughout the Islamic history, revolution. Change has always been how

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not to

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not through riots, not through protests. Not

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if you look at

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when the Muslims were there, do we learn about any occasion where a group of Muslims went out? Breaking the idols of the wish Tiki, burning them? Do we learn any incident like that? No. What do we learn? What was their focus on?

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on changing on being gentle on avoiding the conflict?

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And we see that all of the prophets they adopted

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when there was conflict, what did they do?

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam did.

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This is how changes, change can never be blocked.

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It can never be brought through protests, through massacre, through riots. It is brought by the work and it's brought by giving for the sake of

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because when you give up your rights for the sake of Allah, then Allah

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What do we learn over here? That's it and Cathy, young chudleigh camera.

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Well, you hate them.

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They didn't say, Okay, we'll go and we'll kill the king. We'll go and we'll destroy the temple, we'll burn this site will burn that site. No, nothing like that. They just said, just leave. Because gentleness, if only raised, it only brings

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a Buddha that will dangle the narrative that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Whoever has been given a share of gentleness. So indeed, he has been given a share of good and whoever is deprived of a share of gentleness, indeed, he has been deprived of a share.

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Think about if you want to change a child, if you want him to start doing his homework, if you try to rebuke him, if you try to beat him up, is it going to work? No, he's going to become worse.

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But if you talk to him,

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then what's going to happen eventually.

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But if you become harsh, that you're going to get nowhere. In fact, you will make matters worse.

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Similarly, if we learn from another prophet,

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He who is deprived of forbearance and gentleness is in fact your pride.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam also said, whenever gentleness is added to something,

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and whenever it is withdrawn from something, it leaves

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it leaves it out.

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So what do we learn from this and

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the way to change? The way to getting the help of a loss attorney is how

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to ease to gentleness

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not conflict, not massacre.

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We see that these group of people they just silently left they avoided any clash any conflict and they gave up the right for the sake of all of us.

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They didn't say it's our right freedom of religion, freedom of expression. I've been born over here I've been raised over here I should be allowed to believe in whatever I want to believe it didn't say anything like that. No anger, no frustration. What did they do?

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because when you leave something for a lot of

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now in the following is a loss of control dimensions as to how how you protect

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to bless

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hola como

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You want to change spouse, friend, some person you cannot get along with? What's the

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gentleness and the willingness?

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If you get

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if you show anger,

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if you deprive them of their right, they will deprive you of your life.

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But if you give up at that, if you just make yourself small, you say Yama for your sake, you know what's going on? And

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if you look at it, the way that they're announcing their, that our Lord is the Lord of the heavens and how logical

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the one was created the earth, that's the one who my worship.

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That's the one whom I believe, is deserving of worship. The one who created the heavens and the earth, the ones who created me, the one who provides for them, the one who owns them, the one who sustains and nourishes them. That is, so the way that it should be announced, even in that

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so that there's so that other people can

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me, me,

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the morning Karina, ye the artisan

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nama boo,

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boo, boo boo,

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boo, boo boo

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