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William James Miller man Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad Ali he was mine, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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are y'all doing

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night 27th ohana, la night 27. And, and swannanoa. We know that later to quarter we don't know exactly which night it would be. But if ever there was going to be a night that you single out, obey the law and the very, very, very, very famous Sahaba Sahabi. One of the masters of the Quran use the Swedes who will lie the 27th night is the night of the year of the year, he says I would see it and some of these these very pious people a lot showed them the signs that it was later called. So if ever there was the Rama said, if you if you really were going to choose one night to put all your eggs in one basket, then it's this night. This is the holiest night of the year, this night is the

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oldest night of the year, and Allah has revealed the entire surah. Because of this, you don't find any other time where Allah has revealed a sutra based on that there's no sooner you know, Surah moharram it's only later to call the one night Allah has revealed an entire sutra about this. And we'll just mention a few things before we continue with our with our feed of The Chronicles of bunnies Rai Allah says in Anza now houfy layer two called the truly truly Allah says I have revealed it meaning the Quran in the night of our father, now what his father usually find the night of power, the Night of Decree, the real meaning of God is destiny. This is the night of destiny, the

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night in which the future will be made known to those who don't know the future. So basically what happens on this on this night on the night of October, if we were to be tonight, the angels receive the news of the decrees what will come to pass in the year to come. They get to know that decree this night. The budgets for the year are being finalized on this night. Allah subhana wa tada assembles the angels, and he informs them of the destiny. This night is a big night in the summer. It's a huge event. This is the year in the final, the real final for the for the angels, medical moats list of names of people will die has come to an end of the night of the quarter. And he

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receives a new list. So to the angel of the angel of rain, the Angel of earthquakes, whatever it might be the angels, they all get to know the future this evening for the year to come. Because Allah knows the future. And so behind Allah, Allah allowed us on this evening, to make to impact our destiny, we know that God is the only thing which can change this thing is the only thing which can can impact that thing is that you are so this is the night we will make dua that only that which is good isn't our books of destiny, may the year that lie ahead for all of us be one of goodness, those of us who may Allah grant us to live to reach another year. May Allah grant that in this year, the

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only be that is that is good and had mela have grant us good health may Allah put out for those of us who are single our partner that is good, those of us who are married May Allah keep us in happiness, those of us who have children, and May Allah protect our children, those of us who don't have children, but Allah blessed us with children, those who have passed away, may Allah grant the mouthfeel and forgiveness in the cupboard and into the into gender mean, so they don't lose this and what will make you understand the power of this night of destiny, later to call the human elfish on the goodness of this night is holier than 1000 months of worship, if you were to stand in solidarity

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today, for the next 83 years in worship, continuously making Salah continuously fasting continuously giving charity, you will not equal that he would have been just standing on this night in worship Subhana Allah, that is what Allah is saying. And I always give the analogy and perhaps you are now tired because you're in I give the same analogy, but we see some new faces. It was New Year tonight. Brother looks new.

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You work? You have a job. And hamdulillah Think of your salary. If you want to tell us you can tell us No, don't tell us think of your monthly salary. Right? Whatever it might be, add three zeros of three. It's a big number. Right? It's a big number. If you're on 5000 Rand, it's 5 million Rand. So Allah is saying that which you receive in one month, I give you times 1000. So if you earn 5000 Rand, I give you 5 million Rand, if you worship from Missouri and the budget, incomplete invalid sincerely, properly. That's what I'm going to give you. Now if your boss told you that, we'll take it. Now Allah is giving us that promise. It could be any of the last nights that often nights, but

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very, very likely it is tonight. So don't waste this night because then the result is even if you catch one moment, one second, your insula with a man with lucidity. Not only do you get 1000 months of reward, every single sin is forgiven with a blink of an eyes panel. every sin eight years whatever it might be of mistakes gone in just one evening of sincere ibadah so don't miss out because we don't know a lot. If we will receive another another lady to color we don't know continues. So the angels have a big event in the summer the congregating and receiving the budgets

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For us in the dunya, we are in unison with them in Nevada and worship trying to keep this night alive through sada and da. But then something amazing happens after the angels are complete with the budgets when they finish the meeting. Allah says,

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What roofie happy evening,

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ceremony multilanguage. When the angels are done in the summer, then all of them descend to the earth. And they are billions upon trillions of angels, your angels, they know people, and all of them will be seen onto this earth on the night of ladle color, because of the holiness of the people making a better imagine they leave the summer, the seventh heaven after being off the receiving communication with Allah, they come down to us to be amongst us in worship. And Allah doesn't say only the angels, he specifically says, What Roe v YG video GPUs function is to give revelation to give what he to ambia what is finished, meaning God has no reason to come to the earth anymore. In

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fact, Allah says that he has a place close to the actual law, he has an office to produce office is by the throne of Allah. But on this night, God leaves the throne of Allah and he comes to this dunya because it's holier is more Baraka here on this dunya because of the data that we are doing, like see from us, I mean, and then Allah says, we come down with the decrees with the lists with information set up when he Allah says This night is he doesn't say Allah doesn't say this night is peaceful. Allah says This night is set up, it is peace, know, from Allah side, there will be no retribution, no punishment, everyone is forgiven, every sin is forgiven if you ask, and until

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fudger, this general feeling of peace, that's why some of the signs, not all the time, some of the signs that peace will flow over. And you'll see in the morning to come. It just feels very tranquil all the time. But this is some of the signs of laser cutter. So we pray and repeat a lot to grant us the strength to worship Him to be sincere in our ability to accept what we have done thus far of Ramadan, and to grant us the full blessing of what remains of Ramadan. We see many, many more Ramadan to come. And Allah subhanho wa Taala. Grant us all the goodness, all the goodness in our books of decree and grant us the food he would have laid it will mean I mean, what can we continue

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with our Chronicles of Narnia Moosa bunnies are you Season Two bunnies are the children of Israel in part two. So we said that after the departure of never use them, after the use of had passed away, his family members and tribe members became, they were if they were, of course, they were foreigners. And the pharaoh came into power, and he wanted to make Egypt great again. And so he subdued the money. So he and Allah says that he divided his community up in the state of a politics monologue, you know, a lot of the evil of politics you find for your own began these things, he was the one Alesis, he made the people into Shia, different groups, Malay, Indian, Shafi, Hanafi,

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whatever it might be, he divided us into groups, he divided the people up into groups, and he made them fight one another. And then he made the bunnies are the lowest amongst them, and replace them the most. And he confined them and restricted them, they couldn't move without permission, they couldn't even leave Egypt and go back home. They were so weak that Allah says that he would come in, the soldiers would come in, and they would slaughter the sons without any resistance upon Allah. Now, this is a height of the lowest point of weakness when soldiers come into your house, and they say, give me the newborn baby, and you willingly without any opposition give the child and they slow

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to the child in front of you, and they leave. This is how low bunnies are. It was the bunnies are the children of the children of Namibia, who then Allah sees and he begins, as we said yesterday, that he begins in a very epic way and says, I am going to make those people who are at the bottom arise up, I will give them their own power, and I will make their own watch as his greatest fear comes through his biggest fear was these people are going to rise up. And Allah says, I'm going to make him watch. And when we shift over to a lady in one of these camps, in the year in which her son was meant to be put to death, and she doesn't know what to do, she's panicking. She's wondering how

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the soldiers are searching for him. He's crying this child. So Allah says, Put him in a basket and throw him into the night. And so she does this. And this is of course, the mother of the abuser. And so and then they'll be Moosa sister. You know, they'll be Muslim, gonna be Muslim, has an older sister, an older brother with her. We don't know the name of the sister and he's the youngest sending my wife very similar to my you know, my kids as well a sister and two younger brothers, Allah bless them. I mean, bless your children as well. I mean, those of you don't have kids might look good on two children. I mean, so they never mooses mom, sisters, the TT, go and watch the

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basket and she runs around wherever and stealthily not looking at the basket. So from the side, a very smart young girl, only 1012 years old, and she watches the Boston's vanilla that basket floats right into the palace of Iran. bypasses all the security. This is the most fortified place on Earth. Iran is the most powerful man in the world.

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so powerful that he actually believed he was God. And this basket of baby Alicia show was power, with all the radar and all the security services and all the whatever. If you don't have this basket, this little Israelite baby floats into the palace of Iran into the lap of pheromones wife, Elisa Lam. And we know from from, from sort of the hareem that she was in a horrible relationship with Iran. In fact, she says, A monad Genie means you don't she makes to Allah save me from Iran, meaning he was abusing her. He was harming her. Yet she had the courage when she found this boy, you know, if it was an idiot, why would it be a baby in the river, he knows that this is an Israelite

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baby. So she says, he's he makes this child she walks into, you know, marches interferon, and she says, I love this boy, and I want to keep him for me, and he will be good for us. And then she pleads with him and says, maybe he'll grow up and we can benefit from him who even spinalis documents are some you'll be ours, we will look after him and feed our own softens up spiralizers it sisters, if you if you don't get around, to give in, you can get your husband to give it to anything, smile If you just do it properly, if you just do it properly. So now, now Moosa is in the palace of Iran. And we say, anonymous Why? Because we don't knew that this was an Israelite baby,

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they could see maybe from the confliction, whatever it might be, and still fear own fell in love with this child. How so? The answer is in Surah, when Allah says, Well, I look I pulled over Muslim I love now this thing we know from a hadith that the profits of substances when someone Allah loves somebody, we all love Allah, but very few of us truly are loved by Allah. But when Allah loves somebody, what does he do? He tells God, this person and you mentioned this person by name is power can be any deity, Buddha, some obscure person that we don't know. Someone doesn't have to be the greatest Wali in Ireland. It just, you know, sincere person, Allah mentions his name to the video. I

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love this person. So the video will announce to the angels this person is loved by Allah, so you will love him and in the angels will love this person. And it's filtered down until on the earth, this person is loved by humanity. So May Allah grant us to be mentioned in such a gathering. I mean, so Moosa is actually gets this divine love from Allah, that even if you don't, you don't feel soft for him. And now Allah says he grew up this is what I'm sure was still a no hook Manuela.

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Mercy scene.

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For the spot prize. We did we see this before.

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This exact same verse, except for one more, there's one word it's different. Allah says, and when he attained his full strength, meanings, full maturity, we will, and he was in and what Stella we get bestowed upon him hikma, where sound judgment and education and knowledge work erotic energy machine, and this is how we reward those who do good. When we see this verse before.

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Allah says the exact same thing about abuse when he was in the palace of Aziz. And so he didn't go into the details how he grew up, but he grew up into being a a, you came to full maturity, we gave him wisdom and we gave him knowledge. But there's one word extra in this verse. What's the extra word?

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Was Stella was Stella was stolen means to rise up. Now why? Why does Allah say to rise up because Musab al Islam was very, very tall. He grows overseas, he stole our heroes up, he became very tall, so never use it wasn't that tall. So Allah says, he was super tall, he was really really tall. And he had wisdom and knowledge. And also this is how we reward good people. Remember, as I said, and we learn from Surah Yusuf, you remember Allah in your youth, when you grow up? Allah subhanaw taala is in a place of blessings in your future, allows you to bring your goodness in your future. And so, this man, look at this man, he's a prince. He's good looking. He's strong and he's tall. And usually

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when you combine those things, youth good looks, wealth, power, usually what what happens? The person is a scumbag, right? Usually, you know those things come together, you destroys a person. Then Allah says, but he has hikma. Hickman means he knows how to deal with people. He has good good etiquette, and a llama meaning he's educated. He goes to the library and spends hours in the library is not a joke just isn't just the tool basketball play scoring the points is also in the library's behind Allah sounds like the perfect Bachelor of emotional Islam. And this of course, comes from the therapy that he had from his mother who breastfeed him and Asya Islam. And what's amazing if we look

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at the use of the minute Allah mentioned this verse, the use of grew up into being a righteous person and adult. The next idea was what? That he was trying to be seduced by Allah put a fitna in his way. Now not be Moosa, exactly the same. Allah says he grew up to be a righteous man. Now Allah sees a fitna puts a trial in his place. So let's see now that he's full maturity, with Dr. Medina to the hanaa reflecting earlier for Vegeta vihara Delaney yakata, dementia de la mina, do we answer

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policies and emotion now is a young man, a young prince, he came into the city when he left the palace at the time of an awful lot of lemons forgetfulness at a time when everyone was sleeping basically. Now what time do you sleep in the desert 12 o'clock at night to 12 o'clock the afternoon, the afternoon This was in the middle of the afternoon everyone was sleeping, Moosa would leave the palace, and he would go out into the city, because he knew already growing up, but he's actually from the slave gloss. And so you would look for ways during the day to help the slaves to carry something that some old man was being forced to carry. And so he goes in, and when he comes to an

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area and he finds two people fighting the universe, like these two men, one of them is from his tribe, meaning from the bunnies that are ill, and the other one is from the Egyptians, the soldiers fighting and being a young man, he immediately wants to get involved he wants to help so there's one man's first author who Allah dementia T and so the one the Israeli So how has it changed when we say Israeli now who's beating up

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the Israeli today, the like the people of Gaza, Moosa would be in the hospital. Today seems the other way around. First of all, let me see it. So these are really made this the author is the author actually means to ask for him. But it means to actually move who is to ask for help. When is the author because Musa so to rain down the punishment? Right? So this man is asking you to help me. I'm being beaten up by this guy. I mean, I do we forget for workers.

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And so moosari Solomon is a very important point, is intangibles and he looks at a situation and he immediately makes up his mind who's right and who's wrong. He really judges the situation. This but this is our Ed slave is being beaten by an Egyptian, surely, he's being oppressed. And samosa for the first time in his life. He gets into a fistfight, and he grabs Egyptian and he punches him for what he eats in one shot did he kills the man's panela never in his life he mean to do this, but he killed the soldier on the moment and he died unintentionally and immediately moves

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on this what I just did now is such a funny thing. This thing which I did, I have done something which is really evil is from shaitan in

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Moodle in the indeed shaytaan is even misleading, I want to do something good, but I ended up doing something wrong. And when and this is the main point for this evening when you make you suffer abuse or killed somebody I hope none of us here have a crime like that against our names. None of us are killed someone unjustly without any and will come to know that he killed the wrong man actually, the other one was a troublemaker. He was the troublemaker will come to know tomorrow inshallah. But now Moosa he realized I killed someone I have murder against my name. And so he turns to Allah immediately caught the needle on to FC Allah I have wronged myself for Philly, Philly, forgive me.

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And before the next ayah begins, I was offered the far means immediately I forgave him. He asked me for forgiveness. So I forgave him. I forgave him spend a lot tonight don't think that those sins that you have done are too big to be forgiven. Just ask Allah Allah I have wronged myself, I've made a sin against myself, whatever they may be, Oh Allah forgive us. So Allah says I forgave him in a wonderful Rahim indeed. Allah is Forgiving, Most Merciful and then the last is is called a B FEMA and I'm sorry for an akuna healing which I mean he said My Lord for the favor you bestowed upon me I will never be an assistant to criminals. So now this is a chain turning point in his life. So he

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says, From now on, I need to make a change in my life I need to do something this this this this guilty thing that came upon him now he's going forward to reform himself and will continue tomorrow inshallah, what is to become an AVI Musa become a refugee have

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some announcements, some questions inshallah we said last night, what is the name of his wife? And this actually is around the lady that raised him so basically, her name was easier. And when we said tonight's question whenever Musa killed the man was it done intentionally was it done in self defense of his tribe? was it done by stabbing The man was it done by shooting him easy, pretty easy answer inshallah. Then we're going to throw

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out the gifts inshallah for those who have answered so far

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Okay, so this is a little public bucket so even though after the board you know I came through this please continue making the offer the oma as well beyond the

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summons do as a very powerful All right, so today inshallah the winner for the price Ibrahim, Turkey, prime Turkey, Madrid, Real Madrid, Sofia, okay.

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Sara, have you won before?

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Okay, so thirupathi Mashallah, she's one is your birthday present?

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And then for the gene someone for the genes and go cassani one odd.

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Rosie Ishmael, Rosie Mashallah. Mashallah.

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To you, and then lastly and but all of you and it's like Oprah, all of you are going to get a prize right party.

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All of you are winners tonight because

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math will give them both the price and the price. But everyone is a winner tonight because Corey you've brought giving the CDs that have been given out to ready so all of you get the CDs from Nadeem and if we just like to give quality sugar from us this is his last evening for this for this year. The cycle of faithful making the time and blessing us with your dissertation. We have a small gift from outside but which one is the raid one? So the the backpack something for you to put your mic box in inshallah makes it easy to carry and Allah Subhana Allah reward you and continue to bless us through that recitation. I mean, Zack, lovely children so much. Salaam Alaikum warahmatullah

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