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Al-Baqarah 21-25 Translation

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Muhammad Ali Al Karim a maverick for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi R Rahman r Rahim

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are beshara do you wear silly embroidery? Or Hello? Letter melissani of Coco de urban as a

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person number six SoTL bacara is number 21 to 25

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Translation yeah are you here? Oh,

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and NASA, the people

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are boo you all worship proper calm your Lord

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and Lady who Hanako He created you when levina and those who mean from publikum before you learn Lacan so that you that the Hoon, you all protect yourselves.

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I love it. Who geralyn he made lakum for you all of the earth. Funeral Ayesha Abed was summer and the sky been a canopy? What unzila and he sent down Mina summer from the sky

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water for a hajah then he brought out Biggie with it main from a thermalright the fruits this con as provision locum for you all, fella, so do not that you're Alou, you all make Linda he for Allah and they're the rivals. equals

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what unknown. While you are

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Darla moon, you will know.

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What in and if quantum, you were fee in Bing, any doubt mimma from what nessuna we gradually sent down either upon our bundeena our servant for two, then you will come be so rotten with a chapter men from myth Li it's like weather Ooh. And you will invite shuhada acoem your witnesses, men from duni besides Allah He Allah in control, you were saw the theme ones who are truthful

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for him, then if lung did not differ, or do you all do? One and never deaf or Lou, you will do for those who then you all Save yourselves? Or then fear

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and narrow the fire allottee which waku her it's few anassa the people will hedger and the stones, worried that it was prepared, little caffeine for the disbelievers will bash it and give good news and levina to those who knew they believed were amilo and they did asylee hertie the righteous deeds

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and that, indeed, law home for them. Jannati in gardens, that Judy, it flows, men from that he her underneath it and how the rivers, Colima whenever Rosie aku. They were provided men her from it mean from semi rotten, any fruit is gone as provision or do they said, Heather, this. Alavi which Rosa Kona, we were provided men from a balloon before 102 and they are given be happy with it. mata shabbiha resembling

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what to whom and for them.

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fee her in it.

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Why June spouses? Mata hora?

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One completely pure.

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We're home and they see her in it. Polly don't want to abide eternally.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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meet me.

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Well, Bashi lady

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