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Ash-Shuara 1-68 Translation 1-68


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The group discusses various topics, including news events, political parties, and personal experiences. They mention coworkers who may be upset and fear of war, and jokes around about people bringing coffee. They also mention a Magician's visit and a woman named Maria who is supposed to join them for a plans for the upcoming weekend. The conversation is disjointed and difficult to follow.

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Kareem I'm about feroza Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim. Rubbish Riley is suddenly aware Sidley Emery

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Lesson number 190 salata sharada is number one to 68 translation, Thorazine meme porcine meme tilka that I add to our vs elkie therapy of the book and moving the one clear

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La Liga, perhaps you bear here on one who kills with grief, Neff soccer yourself and learn that not yaku they are meaning ones who believe

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in if Nasha we will noona Zoo we could send down or lay him upon them. Men from a summer the sky, I attend assign for one lead so it remained or now for whom their next lead her for it harder in one syllable in humidity. Warmer and not yet the him it comes to them. Men from the crane, any reminder,

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men from a rare man, the Most Merciful March the thin one knew in there except Kanu they were on who from it mursaleen one to turn away for so in fact got the Boo they have denied first i d him so soon it will come to them. And bad news man of what can oh they were busy with it. Yesterday is the own day Mark Avalon did and not yellow they see ILA towards an out the earth GM how many unbutton we made to go see her in it men from Cali every zodion Bear karimun noble

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in indeed fee in their liquor that the iron surely assign warmer and not Ghana he was at home most of them many believers were in the end indeed. Rebecca Europe Lahore surely he is a disease the always Almighty of Rahim the always on merciful

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when it and when Nether he called out Rob Booker Europe Moosa moosari salon and that it did you come you go Aloma the people of Wally mean, those who are unjust.

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Palmer people fit our own fit our own Allah Do not fear the cone. They fear Tyler he said Robbie O'Meara in me indeed I a half I fear that you get the boonie they will deny me while the vehicle and it tightens Sorry, my chest while ah and not young paliku it moves. It is fluent lissoni my tongue for upsells so send Ella to Haruna Harun and he said what to whom and for them or lay it upon me them been a same for a half or so I fear that Jaco to loony they will kill me. Allah He said color never fat harbor. So you to go big Tina with our signs in indeed we miracle with you Muslim your own ones who listen attentively, fattier so both of you come to fit our own fit our own, full cooler

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than both of you say in indeed we rasuluh messenger Robbie of Rob alameen of the worlds and that also use and Marina with us bunny children is la isla of Israel. Allah He said Allah did not neurotic Baker, we raise you feanor among us well either as a child what is the and you remained feanor among us men from irmo deca your age see Nina many years. Well for Alta and you did Farah Latika you're doing your action and Lottie which for Alta unit

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We're under and you mean from El Kheir feeding those who are ungrateful

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Allah He said farewell to her I did it even then what Anna? And I mean from a bar lien those who were a stray those who were ignorant for two so I fled main come from you Lama when have to come I feared you for our harbor so he bestowed leave for me Rob be my Rob hookman judgment was your attorney and he made me main from a mursaleen the messengers one thinker and that near Martin a bounty a blessing the one knew her you remind it Allah year upon me and that are but you enslaved Benny children Israel of Israel in honor he said for our new fear own aroma and what Rob boo is Rob alameen of the world's parlor he said Rob Rob smls of the heavens will up and the earth warmer and

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that which by the humor is between them to in if quantum you were moving in one to believe with conviction Allah He said livan for who hola who around him. Allah do not dust them your own. You all hear attentively. Allah He said I'll become your water boo and Rob Abba echo of your forefathers uh well in the first one's father he said in indeed rasulillah comb your messenger and lady who Ursula he was sent la come towards you lemme junoon surely one med father he said Rob boo Rob Alma Shrek of the east wall Muslim and the West warmer and whatever bainer humor is between them to in if kuntum you were therapy alone, you use intellect. Color he said the in Surely if it has that you took in

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our hand a god lady other than me. ledger ionica surely I will definitely make you men from Alma do Nene those who are imprisoned.

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Allah He said what wello even if Joker I came to you vishay in with a thing movie in in one clear banner he said factory so come be with it. In if content you were made from a sidedly, those who are truthful for alpha, then he cast I saw who his stuff for either. So suddenly, here it servern a serpent will be known one clear one as our and he pulled out he drew out the other who his hand for either than suddenly hear it by law. White linagliptin for those who look for those who see

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parlor he said Little mela to the chiefs. Hola who around him in indeed Heather this lesser heroine surely a magician or Lehman one who is knowing

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you redo he wants and that you critical? He takes you out he expelled you mean from early home your land? Basically he with his magic from either so what that Maroon you all command tyloo they said RJ postpone him but him of what a ha who and his brother What birth and send fee in Alma they're in the cities. Has she been one together? Yet Touka they will come to you because only with every Saharan great magician Eileen and one who is well versed one who is knowing

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for Jumeirah so he was gathered a Sahara The Magician's leave me apart for an appointed time. Young of a day Mara loon one known what paler and it was said Lindner see do the people hell are and don't you all merge them your own ones who assemble together lalana perhaps we know who we follow a Sahara. The Magician's in if guy knew they were whom they allegedly been those who overcome fellow man so when he came a Sahara The Magician's ALU they said if your honor to fit our own, in is indeed lenor for us ledger on surely a reward.

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If goodner we were national we allegedly been those who overcome color he said, Ma'am, yes, we're in a coma and indeed you even then lemon surely from an macabre beam those who are brought near Allah He said la Hoon to them Musa Musa alayhis salam al aku you all cast ma what unto you all macoun ones who cast wants to throw for an hour so they threw Hvalur home their ropes where is the your home and their steps will call you and they said varies by a power fitter owner of fit our own in indeed we learn national surely we allow Holly Boone those who are victorious for alcohol then he cast Musa Musa Salah I saw who his staff for either than suddenly here it delicato it swallows man what yet

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freakin they falsely make they fake for ogia so he was thrown a Sahara The Magician's said you Dean as one to prostrate pilu they said, Amanda we believed brb with Rob alameen of the world's Rugby Club. Moosa of Musa will heroin and heroin caller he said momentum you all believed Lahu for him tabula before and that other than I gave permission the comb for you all in who indeed he lacob eurocom Surely your big Surely your great one or shortly your chief and lady who allama Khan he taught you a cetera the magic fella sofa so surely soon Darla moon you all will know little out there under surely I will definitely cut to pieces. idea come your hands without a jeweler come and

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your feet men from the laughing opposite sides will also live Omnicom and surely I will definitely crucify you. Edge marine altogether. By Lou they said no buyer or any harm in indeed we enter to rabina our rub melancholy Boone wants to return in indeed we know tomorrow we hope that Yelp filler He forgives Lennar for us of buena our hot Diana, our sins. on that corner we were a winner first many of the believers were Oh hyena and we revealed Isla Moosa to Musashi Salah, and that asleep you travel by night very badly with my servants in nickel indeed you all would have our own ones who are followed for our Salah so he sent fit our own fit our own fee in Alameda in the cities has Shireen

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once you gather when to assemble in indeed how Allah is luscious, the Mattoon surely a small group. But the loon ones few

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were in the home and indeed the Lennar for US law alone. Surely ones who enrage what in and indeed we ledger Mir on surely and assembly. Surely society have your own ones who are alert ones who are cautious for origin or whom so we expelled them. Men from Jeannette and gardens. Where are you and springs work who lose in and treasures warm welcoming and station place karimun noble gallica like that. Well rathna her and we made inheritors to it Benny children israa eel of Israel for at veru home. So they followed them. So they pursued them machine ones at sunrise fella so when there are they two saw each other. I'll jump on the two groups palette he said as herbal companions Musa of

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Masada Salah in indeed we lahmacun surely once were overtaken

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by Allah He said color never know in indeed Maria with me or B is my route, say a Houdini. Soon he will guide me for Oh hyena so we inspired we revealed in our Moosa to Musashi Salaam

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That you strike beer or soccer with your staff, Alberto the sea fan fella. So it parted for Ghana. So it was good Lou, every filtering part ghetto the, like the huge mountain, a toad the huge mountain Aleem the great was left and we brought near some there hurryin the others well Angelina and we saved Musa Musa alayhis salaam woman and whoever Mara who with him as a marine altogether some then a lacuna we drowned a marine the others in indeed fee in their liquor that I attend surely assign warmer and not cannon he was actor whom most of them meaning one so believe we're in an indeed Rebecca your la Hawa surely he is an R z is the always Almighty of Rahim the Most Merciful

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recitation of these Ayah

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meanie in Azure

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mean oh man emotions

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are really

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Diseases Bashi

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body minako Matthew Lau una

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me mean an

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enormous deconcini

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a hot

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duni on

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one as

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you read

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move on Eb

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Paul and

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oh my

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the moon in

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meanie hyena

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shooting in

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one who knows you

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