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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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our other belaying min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Karim rubbish likely sorry were silly Emily wash Lola rook data melissani Yakubu Kohli a lot more allow Maddie Colby was said did listen he was fooled so he might be menial. But Arlene,

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she had been earthy mean said that off the greatest means of the correctness of the heart and its soundness is the excessive recitation of the Quran. Because the recitation of the Quran softens the heart and also increases the heart in firmness. Specifically, when a person recites it with contemplation and recites it while being aware of the fact that it is the speech of Allah, and he recites it. While he believes in the truth of its news, and he recites it while he adheres to its commands and leaves its prohibitions, then it can be expected that he will acquire a lot of good through the skull on May Allah subhanaw taala enable us that as we go through juice after juice, we

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increase in our understanding, in our ability to contemplate in our ability to recognize the commands of Allah subhanaw taala and to also act upon them, so that our hearts may be sound. And also we may have is still karma. We may have correctness and stability in our religion. I mean,

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just number 11

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim, Allah subhanaw taala says yarda de Luna la con either la Jara to LA him oletter tebu London Mina la Combe patina Bana love woman Abadi comb was a euro la hora de como la Sulu, Sumatra. Duna in our early mid laby, was Shahada for Yuna Bo como Bhima quantum Dharma loon, they will make excuses to you, when you have returned to them, say, Make no excuse. Never will we believe you. Allah has already informed us of your news. And Allah will observe your deeds and so will His Messenger, then you will be taken back to the Knower of the unseen and the witnessed, and he will inform you of what you used to do. These verses were revealed on the return from the

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expedition have to book remember that the expedition of the book was truly a test of faith. Not only was the journey long, but the enemy was also far more dangerous than the than what the Muslims had encountered thus far. It was at a time when people were finally taking their life easy after the conquest of Makkah, and it was also harvest time. This is the occasion where Abu Bakar al de la hora, and who brought all of his property to support the expedition, and Romano de la Mora who brought half of it. Many companions worked hard to earn money, and to contribute or support themselves on this journey. And those who couldn't afford, they asked the Prophet salallahu alayhi

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wasallam, to provide him to provide them mounts. And initially, when they were refused, they returned with tears, as we learned in the concluding verses of just 10. So were the sincerity and eagerness of the believers was very visible. The hypocrites also explored also exposed their true colors. Some of them made excuses, and some didn't. We see that an army of 10,000 Muslims left for the book, marching 600 kilometers, in which 18 people would share one camel. And remember that in the book, there was actually no battle because when the lot of fan tribes who were the allies of the Romans learned that the Muslims had come all the way to fight, they resorted to just making peace,

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so there wasn't any battle. So the Prophet sallallahu already said, I'm then returned, and the round trip was 50 days. So other return journey, these verses were revealed, that when you will go back then the people who did not come along with you, some of them will come to offer excuses, false excuses in apology simply to appease you. But the thing is, that words alone are never enough to please someone. This is why it is said, say, Make no excuse. Never will we believe you, meaning we will never believe your lies. We will never affirm them. Why? Because Allah has already informed us of your news. And ullas word is true. So we won't believe

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Have you and there is no need to present these lies. And now, Allah will observe your deeds, and so will His Messenger, meaning in this life, the actions of a person prove their honesty or their dishonesty, then you will be taken back to the Knower of the unseen and the witnessed. Meaning you will return to Allah after you depart from this world, and from Allah, nothing at all is hidden. And he will inform you of what you used to do, meaning the reality of your deeds, the worth of your deeds, whether they were sincere or not, and what reward or punishment they deserve. All of that will be informed to you. So the fact is that a person's actions, their reality is exposed sooner or

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later. What's a at alohar Malecon? What are Sulu the messenger will see in this life, meaning your actions will become clear to people. And this is why we see that even if a person tries to cover up their lies with excuses, you know, they try to cover up their their faults with lies with excuses with pretense their reality becomes exposed. And this is why instead of focusing on our external image before people, we need to make amends on the inside that Who are we really, why are we striving? And who is it that we are trying to please how are we in private, and how are we in public, we look at ourselves in the mirror, and make sure that our physical appearance is good

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before people. But we also need to look inward, we need to introspect so that we can correct ourselves. Because remember, Allah does not look towards your faces, your physical appearances, nor does he look towards your deeds, but he looks at your hearts and your actions. So a person's good image, their reputation, their good name, will not aid them before Allah subhanaw taala because on the Day of Judgment, the truth is going to be exposed. We learned in a long Hadees that how on the Day of Judgment alasa panel title will call a person and he will say also, and so did I not honor you and make you the chief and provide you a spouse and subdue for you horses, camels, and gave you

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an opportunity to rule over your subjects? And the person will say yes. And then the person will be asked, Did you not think that you would meet me? And he will say no. So Allah will say, well, we forget you as you forgot us. And then the same question will be asked by another person. And he will say that, oh, my Lord, I affirmed my faith in you and in your book and in your messenger. And I observed prayer and fasts, and I give charity, and He will speak in good terms like this, as he would be able to, and Allah will say, well, we will bring your witnesses against you. And the man will think in his mind, that who will bear witness against me, and then his mouth will be sealed.

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And it will be set to his thighs, to his flesh, and to his bones to speak. And so his thighs, his flesh, his bones will bear witness against him. And so why, because then he will not be able to make any excuses for himself verbally. And in the Hadith it is mentioned that this is a person who will be a hypocrite, and Allah will be annoyed with him. Because very often, we use our words to cover our deficiencies, but before Allah subhanaw taala we will not be able to do that. They will swear by a lot to you, when you return to them, that you would leave them alone, meaning they make excuses so that you don't get upset with them. You don't reprimand them. So you know what, leave them alone.

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Don't reprimand them. Why? Because in the homebridge indeed, they're evil. They're impure inwardly, so don't waste your time with them. And their refuge is hell as recompense for what they have been earning. We see that at times. Someone's lives are very obvious. Any you catch them red handed, but they still come up with a sob story of their innocence, crying crocodile tears. So how are you supposed to respond? Sometimes it is your own children who lie to you. Sometimes there's infidelity in marriage, and that is covered up with lies and tears, and such lies hurt the most. So one way is that you accuse them, you humiliate them, you prove them wrong, and you insult them and you threaten

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them. But what is the outcome? The outcome is anger and fighting and abuse and the complete destruction of the relationship. But if you turn away from them, where you neither accept their lies, nor do you deny what they're saying, because they're using the name of Allah to defend themselves, then ignoring them, turning away from them.

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Better, neither say okay, I believe you, or I forgive you, nor be harsh with them, but simply turn away from them. Be silent over there, because you know what argumentation and discussion helps when the other party is willing to acknowledge their mistake. But when the other party is not even willing to acknowledge their mistake, they're just lying with bigger lies, one after the other, then why should you waste your time with such people. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the believers are told that when these people come and lie to you, then just turn away from them. Usually for nella completato on home, they swear to you, so that you might be satisfied with them,

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meaning they just want you to be happy with them. And this is also from hypocrisy, that a person is obsessed with pleasing people. A person is obsessed with looking good in the eyes of people, they have no fear, no shame before Allah subhanaw taala but they have a lot of fear and a lot of shame before people. So it is said, but if you should be, but if you should be satisfied with them. Indeed, Allah is not satisfied with the defiantly disobedient people. So the fact is, that even if we manage to please people with lies, and to face sadness, even if people don't find out about our betrayal, the fact is that Allah subhanaw taala knows, and Allah does not approve of such lies. So

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how could a person ever be successful? I will say though, Hodor, he said that during the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, some people among the hypocrites used to remain behind when he went out for a battle. And then they would be pleased to stay at home behind the Messenger of Allah. And when the Messenger of Allah sallallahu, where it is, and and returned, they will put forward false excuses. And they would take oaths, wishing to be praised for what they have not done. So you see, there are people who will lie at you, at your face, they will lie to you at your face. And there are people who will backstab you who are very good at putting multiple masks on, they will be

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so good in front of you, they will come to you as your best friend as your advisor, but behind you, they're out to harm you, sometimes inciting your own friends and family, your own spouse and children against you. They don't come at you openly as enemies because of the benefits that they receive from you. But they try to harm you from behind your back, we see that use of it is solid, it was not the wolves who killed him, it was his own brothers, who tried to kill him who got rid of him. So we see that at times, there are people who will pretend to be very nice to you. But in reality, they are your real enemies. There are people who will pretend piety before others, they

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will have these you know, they will display fake, you know religiosity, superficial displays of religiosity that Oh, I'm so bad and other expressions and such pretense, remember is not pleasing to Allah lies do not please people lies are not acceptable near Allah and fake fake displays of religiosity are also not accepted by Allah. So, this is why it is necessary that we leave our sins and we stop covering our mistakes with lies. So, a person should always give preference to the approval of Allah subhanaw taala over the approval of people, our ultimate goal should not be to please people that they should be happy with me, no, it should be to gain the approval of Allah

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subhanaw taala let us be more concerned about our image before people that before Allah subhanaw taala let us be more concerned about our image before Allah subhanaw taala then our image before people, so always consider when you do something, when you say something, whether it is to cover up a mistake, or it is to, you know, present an excuse that is this something that my Lord would accept? Would Allah approve this behavior of mine? And what is the benefit of pleasing? You know, people when Allah subhanaw taala is not pleased with us. We learn in Hades, that whoever seeks Allah's pleasure by the people's wrath, then Allah will suffice him from the people and whoever

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seeks the people's pleasure, by Allah's wrath, then Allah will entrust him to the people surrounding the law. This this ayah also shows us that if Allah does not approve of the fasciae clean of those who are defiantly disobedient, then we should also not approve of their sins meaning

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Never approved the crimes and the wrong actions of people. It doesn't mean that you believe you that you turn violent against them. It means that you don't accept what is wrong. You don't call what is wrong, right? are horrible, ashamed to confront when you fall call, the better ones are stronger in disbelief and hypocrisy, and more likely to know and more likely to not know the limits of what laws Allah has revealed to His Messenger. And Allah is Knowing and wise. Now, this is not a bias against people who live in rural areas. But the thing is that the people who live in the desert, especially at the time of the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wa sallam, it meant that they were far from the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, it meant that they had less access to him, and therefore less awareness. So we see that being distinct from the put on being distinct from the Sunnah means that a person will be ignorant, or he will forget what he wants knew. And that lack of knowledge, lack of action, lack of good company, is something that can create hypocrisy in a person, we seen a hadith that two things will never be together in a hip in a hypocrite, good manners, and the understanding of the religion. And we see that the that the Bedouins because they lived far from communities, meaning they lived mostly on their own. So, we see that being disconnected from people, this is also

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something that is detrimental, because people hold you responsible, and they also keep you humble. So we see that studying the religion and healthy social interaction, whether it is in a religious setting or worldly setting, any it is something that human beings are in need of. And we see that there is a kind of softness and courtesy in the people who have knowledge, whether it is worldly or religious knowledge, and there is a kind of crudeness and harshness into people who have not disciplined themselves with study. So we see that it is not enough to just study on our own even by reading books or doing Google researches, it is essential that we discipline ourselves by being in

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the company of the people of knowledge, by learning from scholars by attending the gatherings of knowledge. And among the Bedouins are some who consider what they spend as a loss. Why? Because they don't understand. They don't have that awareness, that knowledge that when you spend Something in the way of Allah, then it is greatly rewardable and because of that, when they have to spend when they have to give the cat, they think that it is a fine, and they await for you turns of misfortune upon them will be a misfortune of evil and Allah is hearing and knowing. But we see that all Bedouins all village dwellers are not the same. So it is said, but among the Bedouins are some who

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believe in Allah, women in our Bhima umino Bella, he will do me a favor. They believe in Allah and in the last day, and they consider what they spend as means of nearest to Allah, Guru baton are in the law and of obtaining invocations of the messenger sallallahu where do you send them, because when someone would bring charity to the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam, then he would make the offer them unquestionably, it is a means of neediness for them, Allah will admit them to His mercy. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. So we see that people, individuals are unique, everyone is not the same. So in any case, it is not correct to stereotype. But since we've seen these verses

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that our environment, it has an impact on our behavior. So it is important to recognize ourselves, certain individuals, they thrive when they're disconnected from people, they become more productive, they become more devoted and sincere in their worship, but such people are few majority of the people need social connection, they need a good environment, or else they begin to slip. So recognize who you are, even miss Rudra de la hora, and who said that whoever has three things in him, Allah will fill his heart with a man what three things companionship of a scholar, recitation of the Quran and fasting.

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So we see that there are among the Bedouins who live far from the city who are not prone to hypocrisy. So all of them are not the same. There are people who are different. So it is important to recognize what is it that is best for your Eman which situation which environment is best for the growth and for the increase of your email. And we've seen this ayah that there are those among them who spend in charity why as a means of drawing close to Allah

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The fact is that subaqua is a means of drawing close to Allah. Why? Because when you spend for the sake of Allah and you remind yourself, you know what, this is money that I love. This is money that I'd rather spend on myself. But I will spend this to make Allah pleased with me. Then instantly any this person is trying to make a connection with Allah. And when a person takes one step towards Allah, Allah takes 10 steps towards them. So when a person gives other hug with sincerity, then definitely it is globat it is something that will connect them that will bring them closer to Allah soprano Tada. So anytime that you're feeling distant from Allah, then give sadaqa remind yourself

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that you know what this I'm giving to please Allah and you will feel closer to Allah. And then we see that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. His way was that whenever somebody brought charity, the prophets of Allah who already said and made the offer them, or the Leben Abbey opha said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would say 11 was Sunday or that le foolin that Oh Allah bless, send your blessings on the family of so and so. So, even if I said that when he brought that up at one point, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said, Oh Allah, send your blessings upon the offspring on the family off even off of Ufa, meaning the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam prayed for the entire family, not just the individual. So we see that when a person gives other club, then their entire family benefits. And if you think about it, with the door of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam not be a means of drawing close to Allah? Of course it would be. So this teaches us that if someone gives you sada or is a cat, why in order that you give it to the poor on their behalf, then you shouldn't just say okay, I'll do this for you. No, you should also make the offer them like the Prophet sallallahu earlier said and prayed for the people who brought charity, why should you make the offer them because remember, the supplication of a brother is

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answered meaning when you have a brother in Islam for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and you made God for them, then that Dora is answered. So make Dora for your friends, for your friends in faith, who are doing good things don't just praise them at their face that more all while Mashallah This is so good. Now I also made the offer them that may Allah bless you barakallahu li calm.

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And then we see that here Allah in the hakuba to Allah who say you know whom Allah houfy Rama T. Look at the benefit, Allah will admit them into his mercy. Indeed Allah is Forgiving and Merciful was savvy Kunal Luna mina mahadji, Rena will unsolved and the first four runners in the faith. Among them are hygiene and the unsolved and those who follow them will levena terbaru whom be sad BSN, those who follow them till the Day of Judgment, how with good conduct, little the alohar in home, one of the more and Allah is pleased with them, and they are pleased with him, and he has prepared for them gardens beneath which reverse flow wherein they will abide forever. That is the great

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attainment. So we seen this ayah that was savvy poodle aware Loon. And then who is mentioned when Medina terbaru BSN. So the first categories of the people who are the first four runners in faith, meaning there ahead, and then there are those who follow them. So who is it that we should follow? We should follow those who are ahead of us, not those who are slow and lazy, in terms of obeying Allah subhanaw taala. And of course, the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who are the Serbian Spoon the first foreigners in Islam, they are an excellent example for us, so we should follow them. But how should we follow them with a sand when Medina tomorrow won't be a sand?

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So we see that Allah is pleased with the salvia cone, even though we see that the quality of a sand is not mentioned over here for them. So the companions are an excellent example. But the people after them, whether it is the scholars, or it is the pious, they're only worthy of being followed in their sn, meaning when they do good, then you take the example of their goodness, and that is what you follow. And what does it mean to follow the companions with your son? It means that we believe as they did, that we do good as they did that we follow them in word and inactions. And then we follow the Quran and Sunnah as they did, because slid off and levina a naantali him, we want the

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path of those whom Allah subhanaw taala bestowed favor upon, and he indeed bestowed his favor upon them because

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It is mentioned here that the Allahu anhu what to do and Allah will be pleased with them and they will be pleased with Allah. So if we want a lot to be pleased with us, then we have to do with the companions did. And among those around you of the Bedouins are hypocrites, and also from the people of Medina, they have become accustomed to hypocrisy. So panela there are some people who become experts when it comes to deception, when it comes to tricking other people, and lying, and, you know, harming other people, they become experts in that you, oh, Prophet do not know them. Why? Because they're so good at hiding their reality. They're so good at their hypocrisy, but we know

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them. And the fact is that Allah knows the real state of the hearts of people, we will punish them twice how once in the grave, and then second, on the day of judgment, then they will be returned to a great punishment. So the thing is that a person who was trying to hide their hypocrisy, who was trying to hide their true face from people, they don't just attempt to once but they attempt over and over again, there is one lie, and then another lie, and then another story and then another, you know, act of treachery. So, because their crime is repeated, this is the reason why the punishment will also be repeated. What a huddle nurturer, who will be the newbie him, and there are others who

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have acknowledged their sins, meaning they have come and confessed, they had mixed a righteous deed with another that was bad, meaning they're still struggling, perhaps Allah will turn to them in forgiveness because they're still trying. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving, and merciful. So when they repent, Allah will also be merciful towards them. So this shows us that if we want the forgiveness and mercy of Allah subhanaw taala, then we have to make an actual change. A change of heart is good, but a change in the external in the actions is also necessary. What kind of actions should we do, especially charity sadaqa, because remember, sadaqa, especially sadaqa to sit, private charity that

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you give in secrecy, this is something that cools that calms the anger of the Lord, who would mean unwary him saw the pattern, take a profit from their wealth, a charity by which you purify them, and cause them increase, who will? What is the key him beha

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meaning this charity will purify them, and it will increase them, it will increase them in their ranks, it will take them out of hypocrisy, it will take them to word sincere faith. So we see that hypocrisy is actually removed with righteous action, especially sadaqa was suddenly on a whim and invoke Allah's blessings upon them, indeed, your invocations or reassurance for them, and Allah is hearing and knowing. The fact is that sadaqa certainly purifies how it purifies a person's property. And it also purifies the soul of the person. It also cleans the record of a person, we see that for example, the cat, the cat actually means purification. Why? Because it purifies the wealth and it

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causes it to grow. And this is the reason why at the end of Ramadan, on read, what do we have to give, we have to give subtle quantum physical, why do we give some other cultural fit? Why do we give charity on the day of read, we learn in a Hadith, because it is the letter Lissa in it is a means of purification for the fasting person, because every person who fasts any, we can never claim that our fast was perfect. We do things that are useless, we get angry, we serve, we sometimes, you know, say things that are inappropriate, because we're human. So this is why subtle call on the Dave read, what does it do? It purifies any, you know, mistake that a person did over the course of the

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month while a person was fasting. So we see in this ayah, that sadaqa certainly purifies a person, and it purifies a person, meaning their wealth, and also their their heart, and it also is a means of growth for them. It brings them out of hypocrisy. We see that the prayer of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was truly comforting for the companions. When someone makes the offer you you feel so happy, right? You feel so good. Now imagine if the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the one making the offer his companions and we see so many examples where the prophets of Allah or do something, we pray for blessing in their wealth. And in order to receive his draw, they

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would be encouraged to give even better things in charity. So in South Africa,

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Second level, when you see that someone is struggling in their faith, then yes, you encourage them to do good deeds, but you also made the offer them because when they find out that you're making the offer them, then they also feel encouraged, they feel happy, do they not know that it is Allah who accepts repentance from his servants, meaning they should be hopeful, they should not despair way or kudos other part and he receives charities. So even after sinning, if a person does good, give sadaqa to compensate for his sin, that Allah subhanaw taala accepts that will anila what the web Raheem and that it is Allah who is the Accepting of repentance, the Merciful Welcome, there are men

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who and say, Do as you will, for Allah will see your deeds, and and so will His Messenger and the believers and you will be returned to the Knower of the unseen and the witnessed. And he will inform you of what you used to do. So your words are not enough. Now, your deeds are also important. What a huddle una moto giovanelli umbrella, and there are others deferred until the command of Allah, meaning their case is pending, whether he will punish them or whether he will forgive them and Allah is Knowing and wise. So we see that there were different types of people amongst the amongst those who around the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam. There were those who were sincere, who Yes, made

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a mistake, but then they came up clean, they apologized. And then there were those who lied to cover up their mistakes, who tried to please the prophets of Allah or do something with their lives. And then there were those whose matter was deferred. It was postponed until later and we will learn about that in the coming verses. And then there are those hypocrites who took for themselves a mosque when Ludhiana to huddle, Masjid and later on, they made a mosque, why in order to cause harm, they built a Masjid to harm the religion in the guise of piety. You see, when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was heading to the book, the hypocrites made a mosque. And they said they made the

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excuse that you know, some people are old and sick and they cannot reach mustard Cobra. So we want to make our own over here. And the purpose was to actually make it as headquarters for planning their attacks on the Muslims. And they wanted to ensure that no one would be suspicious of them. So this is why they said it's a Masjid. So the objective of the so called Masjid was not to facilitate worship, but it was to cause harm to the Muslims. So yes, there are people who are actually wolves, but they come in the guise of friends. And for disbelief, meaning instead of worshipping Allah, what did they want to do in the in that so called mosque, they wanted to engage in sinful actions over

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there, and also to create division among the believers because they they made a must ship in parallel to mustard Koba, and as a station for whoever had warned against Allah and His Messenger before, this was a barometer of law him who was a man from Medina, but after the Prophet sallallahu, where it is on came, this man was so angry, that he left for Makkah, he joined the machine, and he urged them to fight the Muslims. And now he was working with these hypocrites to harm the Muslims again. And we see that now his plans failed. And eventually he went towards Rome, to incite them against the Prophet salallahu earliest of them, but he died on the journey, and they will surely

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swear we intended only the best. And Allah testifies that indeed, they're liars. We see that they asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to come and pray and that so called Masjid. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that on my return from the book, I will pray over there, but Allah subhana wa tada revealed these verses to His Messenger, that you are not going to go there. So it is said, Do not stand within it ever a mosque that is founded on piety unrighteousness from the first day and this is referring to the masjid the masjid Kaaba, that is more worthy for you to stand in. within it are men who love to purify themselves and Allah loves those who purify

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themselves Subhana Allah, this is so amazing mustard Koba was built on the code of Allah, it was constructed so that people would worship Allah subhanaw taala It was built with sincerity and Allah subhanaw taala praises the people who who attended mustard Koba, and what is the specific praise that they clean themselves, the purify themselves. Remember that purification is needed, not just on the external in our lives that we clean our bodies. purification is also needed in the heart, that our intentions must be sincere. And this is what Allah subhanaw taala is praising these people.

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For that they they purify themselves, they clean themselves. And the thing is that a person who is concerned about purifying themselves, any they don't like filth, it's it's a, it's a lifestyle. They don't like filth. They don't like bad smells, whether it is in the mouth, or it is on the body, or it isn't the clothes, or it isn't the heart. So we should be concerned about cleaning ourselves. And all of these levels, we see that the people of Cuba, they were asked that How come you were praised in this way? What is it that you do, and they said that we clean ourselves on using the bathroom. Remember that there are three ways of you know, cleaning one's private part after using the bathroom

00:35:43--> 00:36:27

one way is that you just use, you know, stones or something dry, like toilet paper to remove the filth completely. And if you manage to remove the filth completely, with something like this, it is permissible This is called is digital. But then there's a better way which is is Ninja, which is to wash with water. And then there is another way, which is to do is to Jamal and his Ninja, which is to wipe thoroughly and then wash thoroughly. And this is what the people of Cuba would do. Remember that at that time, water was scarce, it was not as easily available as it is for many of us today. So the people of Cuba at times will go to great lengths in order to make sure that they were

00:36:27--> 00:37:06

completely clean. And this is something that earned them the love of Allah subhanaw taala You know, sometimes, especially when we're fasting, we have to exert a lot of effort to make sure that our mouth is clean. You know, you don't just brush your teeth in the morning in the evening, but you do miswak you know, you floss your teeth, you go to great lengths over and over again. And sometimes this can feel very burdensome, but don't get annoyed by this, because multiply, multiply herein are those who purify themselves. So the person is constantly exerting effort to clean themselves, whether it is their heart or it is their body or it is their you know, their their, you know mouth.

00:37:06--> 00:37:49

Allah subhanaw taala likes this effort. And this is effort that will be rewarded by Allah will know who you have been with the hearing. Allah loves those who purify themselves. We see that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that there are five acts which conformed to the pure fitflop circumcision, removing of the pubic hair, clipping the nails, plucking the underarm hair and trimming the mustache so proud of our religion guides us to such basic things as well. Because when you when you clean your body, then this is something that makes you use to cleanliness, and then you are not okay with a corrupt intention, then a corrupt intention will bother you, then you will

00:37:49--> 00:38:31

purify your heart as well. That as soon as a feeling of dapp comes about in the heart of showing off comes about in the heart you say are the biller? No, I'm not doing this for the people. I'm doing this for a lot. Then it is said then is one who laid the foundation of his building on righteousness out of fear of Allah and seeking his approval better, or one who laid the foundation of his building on the edge of a bank about to collapse. So it collapsed with him into the fire of hell. Look at the contrast between mustard Koba and mustard there are one was built on piety, and the other is built at the edge of a cliff, which one is going to last which one is going to make it to the hereafter

00:38:31--> 00:39:11

and which one is going to end up in hell. And Allah does not guide the wrongdoing, people. Their building, which they built will not cease to be a cause of skepticism in their hearts until their hearts are stopped. And Allah is Knowing and wise, meaning they will continue to be endowed until they leave this world. So we see that the external of a righteous action will not benefit a person until the foundation is also sincere. A small deed if it is done with sincerity, it can save a person from health. This is why we are told that it cannot fear that save yourself from the fire even if it is with half of a date.

00:39:12--> 00:39:56

something so small can save you if it's done with sincerity, and a big deed like huge sort of jihad with corrupt intention, it can become a cause for falling in hellfire. We see that in a hadith we learned that there are three kinds of people who recite to put on there is the believer, there is a hypocrite and there's the legit the sinful. So one of the narrator's he asked his teacher that Who are these three? So he explained that the hypocrite denies it, meaning yes, even though he's reciting it in his heart, he actually denies it. He listens to it, okay is learning about it, but in his heart he is denying it. There's no emotion in the heart. The wicked eats by it, meaning the

00:39:56--> 00:39:59

sinful person only uses the Quran to his advantage.

00:40:00--> 00:40:44

So that he can get some material benefit out of it, and the believer believes in it. So based on the intention will be the result, we see that on the Day of Judgment a person will be called. And he will say that you that you know what i did your I learned the book of Allah, I recited it. And Allah will say to him that you were lying, you did it so that you were called a reciter it party and you were called a party, you got to result in the dunya, you're rewarded in the dunya. And now there's nothing for you. So he will be thrown in hell. So we should not just be concerned about the outward aspect of our actions, we need to look at the intention, and we need to purify it again and again,

00:40:44--> 00:41:29

you know, just as you purify your body again and again, you clean your mouth again and again, you need to clean your heart again and again also. Then it is said, in the lush de la mina, Mina and fusa. Home, one on one a home be another human agenda. Indeed, Allah has purchased from the believers, their lives and their properties. In exchange for that they will have paradise, meaning their life is for Allah, they have sold their lives and their wealth, their properties to Allah. This means that they don't live as they desire. But they live in a way that would please Allah subhanaw taala. At times, we fall into great deception. We think that the goal of life is to be

00:41:29--> 00:42:19

happy, so do what pleases you live in a way that makes you happy. But the fact is, that we were not created to worship our desire, we were not created to pursue our passions, we were created to worship a law. So the believers they have sold their lives and their properties to Allah. So now it is not about what they wish. It is all about what Allah wishes. And this is why they fight in the cause of Allah. So they kill and are killed. It is a true promise binding upon him in the Torah and the NGO and the Quran, and who is truer to his covenant than Allah. So rejoice in your transaction, which you have contracted, and it is that which is the great attainment, this contract that you have

00:42:19--> 00:43:05

made, rejoice over it, because this is going to bring you great success. What an honorable contract This is, look at who the buyer is, it is Allah subhanaw taala look at what is being bought, it is the best that people have their life of their property. Look at what is being given in exchange, Jenna, look at look at where this transaction is recorded. It is recorded in the Quran, in the Torah in the gene in Revelation, look at the witness to this trade to this contract. It is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So could there be any doubt about the benefit of this contract, the value of this contract, where then I lay he helped call the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

00:43:05--> 00:43:56

in the center de la de la jolla in the center de la he an agenda know that the bargain with Allah is very expensive. It is very precious. It is Jenna. So remember, agenda is not cheap. It is not for free. The area of gender that is covered by a whip is far better than the world and whatever that is in it. But still, our deeds and sacrifices are not enough to buy agenda with because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said none can enter Paradise through his good deeds. So it is only his favor, that he is giving us a chance to earn something huge with the little that we have. So value your life and use your wealth in good causes. So that you can get Jenna in return from Allah soprano

00:43:56--> 00:44:37

Tada. So what are the terms and conditions for this bargain? It was mentioned earlier that such people fight in the way of Allah. But this is not always possible for everybody. So now what at a boon, Allah I'll be doing such believers are utter a boon, the repentant attack, a boon is a noun, it is not a verb, meaning there are those who there are people who have been truly repent. They're always repenting from all sins, leaving their sins, big ones and small ones, asking Allah for forgiveness at all times out of fear that this contract might get cancelled, it might get nullified.

00:44:38--> 00:45:00

We learned in the Hadees that every child of Adam ORS and the best of those who err are those who seek forgiveness. So it begins with a boon. Those who repent because whenever you think about gender, whenever you think about the rewards that are Lost Planet Allah has promised when you think about the higher levels of success, using

00:45:00--> 00:45:48

But I'm not worthy of that. Yes, we're not worthy of that, because our deeds are not perfect. Our sins are many. This is why after a bone, those who repent and then an RB Dune, those who worship the worshipers who are consistent in servitude to Allah subhanaw taala performing what is due on them, whether it is when you bought obligations or the recommended acts of worship, whether it is Sunnah or pm, or the recitation of Quran, or reflection upon it, remembrance of Allah, you need, they're always in a state of worshipping Allah subhanaw taala whether things are easy, or they're hard, whether they're at home, or they're traveling, alabi, Dune, and hammy Dune, the praiser is of Allah,

00:45:48--> 00:46:36

meaning there are those who are grateful. They're grateful to Allah in ease and in hardship and hamdu lillahi. Allah coolly hurl All Praise to Allah in every situation. And only a Hammond can do this, who is a human, a person who consistently praises and thanks Allah. Why, because he is able to see the blessings of Allah and appreciate the blessings of Allah, such a person is able to acknowledge the apparent blessings and the hidden blessings. So he praises Allah for all those favors. They do hand in the heart, on their tongues, in conversation during the day. And during the night when things are easy, and when things are tough. And how many doun a set a home, the travelers

00:46:36--> 00:47:20

meeting those who travel not for the grand so that they can take all those fancy pictures and post them No, a set a home those who travel for the sake of Allah. And what is that this is traveling in order to seek knowledge in order to strive in the way of Allah, for example, Hajj and Umrah in order to meet relatives, because remember, when you meet your relatives, and yes, it can be very expensive at times. But when you travel to meet your relatives, so that you can be good to them. You can join relationships, then this is also traveling for the sake of Allah and every dollar that you spend. Remember, it did not go waste. It is not a waste. When you travel for the sake of Allah, then that

00:47:20--> 00:48:10

journey is rewardable traveling for Dharma to call people to Allah, traveling to see the wonders of Allah's creation, traveling to earn a lawful income, a savvy home, meaning they're not just living in their comfort in their homes, they go out for the cause of Allah to earn Allah's approval. Or sorry, hold also means those who fast and those who fast consistently unlucky own those who bow, a saggi Dune and those who prostrate meaning they make such that in prayer. And this means that they pray a lot because record and such the can only be done a lot when a person prays a lot. Think about it in just two and a half hours Salah right, there are two two cores and four such this. So unlock

00:48:10--> 00:48:54

your own aside, you don't the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that when a servant stands for prayer, he comes with his sins, and they're placed on his shoulders. So each time that he does recor or sujood his sins fall from him. His sins fall from him so unburden yourself, and in the month of Ramadan, especially when it comes to the night prayer. When it comes to throw away or it comes to pmla then don't be lazy in that that don't don't be lazy in that every tool Dakar encourage yourself that I want to be among a lock your own aside, you don't because Salah is not a burden. Yes, it can be physically tiring. But just as you know, honey is sweet on the tongue. Worship is

00:48:54--> 00:49:38

sweet in the heart, even though it can be difficult on the limbs. You know, for example, if you put honey in your eyes, it will stink, it will burn. But when you eat it, it's so delicious. And just like that worship, it can be very hard on the body, very painful, but there's a certain joy and a certain, you know, pleasure that you experience in the heart which can only be there by worship sodoku or and such that are mentioned over here even though they're part of Riba But this shows us that they do a lot of record a lot of such de una been maruf those who enjoy and what is right one now who not in one call, and they forbid what is wrong, because what is worth believing, what is

00:49:38--> 00:49:59

worth having, what is worth doing is worth sharing will have you lonely who do the law and those who observe the limits set by Allah, meaning they do not fall into what is unlawful, but wherever Allah has stopped them, meaning Allah has set a boundary, then they stop over there. So for example, now it is time to stop eating. Stop eating

00:50:00--> 00:50:45

Now it is time to break your fast. So now start eating, what have you learned? How do they learn, they respect and guard the boundaries that Allah has set, whether it is with regards to speech, or it is with regard to food and drink, or relationships or actions. And he wants to know that Whoa, dude, they respect them. Well, but she didn't look meaning and give good tidings to the believers, that when they will do this, Allah will fulfill his promise to them, Allah will give them Jenna, and remember, Allah's promises true, he doesn't go against it, nor is he weak to fulfill it. So sometimes, it is true that these actions can be hard on the knifes, but be glad, don't be sad. It is

00:50:45--> 00:51:25

not for the Prophet, and those who have believed to ask forgiveness for the polytheists, even if they were relatives, after it has become clear to them, that there are companions of the Fire. And the request of forgiveness of Ibrahim for his father was only because of a promise he had made to him. But when it became apparent to Ibrahim, that his father was an enemy to Allah, because he died in that disbelief that he dissociated himself from him, indeed, was Ibrahim compassion, compassionate, and patient, being us very sincere towards all. So we see here that as long as in our Muslim, whether they're relative or friend, as long as they're alive, you pray for them, and you

00:51:25--> 00:52:02

must pray for them, so that our last panels are the guides them, Allah subhanaw taala opens his doors and blessings upon them, so that they're led towards guidance. But once they die upon that disbelief, then it is not permissible for us to seek forgiveness for them. And this is where we have to align our preferences, our love, with the preferences of Allah subhanaw taala. In a Hadees we learned that whoever gives for the sake of Allah withholds for the sake of Allah loves for the sake of Allah and also dislikes for the sake of Allah and even gets married for the sake of Allah, then such a person has perfected their Eman.

00:52:03--> 00:52:48

And Allah would not let people stray after he has guided them, until he makes clear to them what they should avoid. Indeed, Allah is Knowing of all things this is unless guidance and mercy, indeed, to Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth. He gives life and causes death. And you have not besides Allah, any protector or any helper, la tabella who are the newbie he will mahadji Tina will on song, Allah has already forgiven the Prophet. And then we'll have Judy and the unsolved. Who are they a Latina tuber over fee Sara Taylor saw those who followed the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the hour of difficulty sattler saw this was the book, this army was

00:52:48--> 00:53:21

called j shoe rousselot because this was truly a very difficult journey. You see, doing good things, performing good deeds, when things are easy when a person is healthy, when there's wealth when there's security, that is understandable. And yes, Mashallah. It is excellent, that a person, you know, gives charity that a person prays that a person, you know, supports good causes, that is really good. But when things are tough, really tough and tough, not just in one aspect of life, but in every aspect.

00:53:22--> 00:54:05

So for example, a person is struggling financially, or physically or socially. And this is something that we can relate with very well these days because of the current pandemic, in a time like this, supporting a good cause, that a person is not just selfishly looking out for themselves, but they're also concerned about others, and especially the religion of Allah, then this is a proof of their honesty. This is a proof of their commitment. So the companions, they approved their commitment and what happened, Allah subhanaw taala pardon them. Allah subhanaw taala forgave them. Especially this was at a time that after the hearts of a party of them had almost inclined to doubt meaning there

00:54:05--> 00:54:51

were some people who almost did not go but they still went for it. So initially, there was hesitation, but then they went so matabele him and then he forgave them. Why? Because they did not listen to their knifes. They still strove hard, and they obeyed Allah subhanaw taala in the who became law often Rahim Indeed, he was to them kind and merciful. So it is very important for us that we don't just do good things when they're convenient. We should do what is right, we should do what is good. Even if at times, it is difficult for us, it is difficult on the knifes so we should obey Allah, we should do good despite our personal difficulty. And you know what, very soon in sha Allah

00:54:51--> 00:55:00

with the help of Allah, you will overcome that difficulty. If we if we only obey the knocks the soul the desire, then we will sell ourselves.

00:55:00--> 00:55:44

Short, we cannot accomplish much in our lives. It is said that when you think you're done only 40 sorry, it is said that when you think you are done meeting when you think that you have reached your maximum potential, that you cannot work any harder. The fact is that you are only at 40% of what your body is capable of doing, meaning you have the potential to go further. So, most of the time, the fact is that we sell ourselves short. So, it is necessary that we push ourselves that we that we go the extra mile you know, we we strive a little bit and the help of Allah subhanaw taala will also come because for in numeral three, Yusra, Allah will not leave you in difficulty, he will give you

00:55:44--> 00:56:27

ease also, then we see here that difficult circumstances are actually an opportunity, because there was certain Ursula and our difficulty, but it also brought about forgiveness and mercy from Allah subhanaw taala. So when things are tough, do what you can, and expect the best outcome, expect the best reward from Allah subhanaw taala, Allah has not put you in hardship to make things difficult for you. But to increase you and your rewards, we learned in a Hadees that a person has a certain rank near Allah, meaning Allah subhanaw taala wants them to reach a certain level. And that person cannot reach that level, just by their good work. So Allah subhanaw taala puts them in hardship in a

00:56:27--> 00:57:12

test in a difficulty. So they experience something painful, and then there's a financial loss. And then they're sad news. And then there's fear. And then there's illness and one test after the other. And because of his patience, he reaches the reward, the level that Alyssa editado wants him to reach. So do not despair, because no difficulty is permanent. For the believer, Allah subhanaw taala will grant him ease. And also remember that the person who remembers a lot in times of difficulty, then Allah subhanaw taala will, will certainly bestow His forgiveness and mercy upon them, as we see in this ayah wireless lsvt Latina holy Fu. And he also forgive the three who were left behind,

00:57:12--> 00:57:54

meaning their repentance was not immediately accepted, their matter was left behind it was deferred. And now eventually, their matter was decided. And what was the decision that Allah subhanaw taala pardoned them? Who are these people? These were three companions who remained behind from the expedition of Tobruk. They intended to go out, but they just delayed, and they ended up missing the entire expedition. And this is something that happens with us also, we keep saying, you know what, maybe tomorrow, maybe tomorrow, we procrastinate, and then we know it is too late. So for example, it is only a few days into the month of Ramadan, and some of us are still thinking, yes, I will

00:57:54--> 00:58:31

recite the Quran tomorrow, inshallah tonight, inshallah we keep the leg, don't delay until you lose the opportunity. Because this is what happened with these companions. They kept delaying until it was too late. They couldn't join the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So when the Prophet sallallaahu, Edison returned, we see that the hypocrites they came lying and taking false oaths. And there were some other people who didn't even bother to apologize. But these three companions, they went, and they admitted their fault. They didn't lie, they admitted that it was their own laziness, and that if they wanted, they could have pleased the prophets of Allah who already said him with

00:58:31--> 00:59:16

lies, but they knew that Allah would not be pleased. So what happened, their matter was deferred. To the point that it was over, it was 40 days. And in those 40 days, the companions were told to boycott them completely, so no one would speak to them. And their state, their their condition is described over here, that they were left behind to the point that the earth closed in on them, in spite of its vastness, and their souls confined them. You see social distancing. This was social distancing in the real sense, because no one spoke to them. When they looked at the Prophet sallallahu earlier center, he wouldn't smile at them. Can you imagine? loneliness is something very

00:59:16--> 01:00:00

difficult social isolation, solid, solitary confinement is actually a form of punishment. And they experienced that. And there were certain that there is no refuge from Allah, except in him. So they held on, they didn't lie, that what happened so metabo, la familia tubu. He turned to them so that they could repent. Indeed, Allah is the Accepting of repentance, the Merciful. The fact is that they understood that there is no place where a person can find shelter or security by running away from Allah. There were certain that there is no refuge from Allah except to Allah. We cannot run away from him. There is no getting upset with Allah. There's no avoiding Allah. We have to

01:00:00--> 01:00:41

Return to Allah. In every state of ours. In our heads we learn, Allah says, All my servants, all of you are stray except those whom I guide. So seek forgiveness of me. I shall seek guidance of me I shall guide you, all my servants all of you are hungry except those whom I feed. So seek food from me and I shall feed you are my servants all of you are naked, except those who I have clothed, so see clothing from me and I shall clothe you, all my servants who commit sins by day and by night, and I forgive sins, so seek forgiveness from me and I shall forgive you. So don't turn away from Allah turn towards Allah. What is the lesson? Yeah, uh, you had Medina Avenue, or you have believed

01:00:41--> 01:01:18

it. duckula fear Allah will call numerosity pain and be with those who are righteous. garble de la hora, and who was one of the three companions, he said himself with the greatest blessing of Allah on me after Islam was it though feek the ability to speak the truth, otherwise, I too, would have been destroyed as others were destroyed because of their like, he held on to the truth. Even though it was so hard. He stuck with the truthful even though they had boycotted him. But he did not join the sight of the liars, even though he could lie. So no matter how hard it is, still speak the truth.

01:01:19--> 01:02:06

That it is said it was not proper for the people of Medina, and those surrounding them of the Bedouins, that they remain behind after the departure of the Messenger of Allah, or that they prefer themselves over his self. This is because they're not afflicted by thirst or fatigue or hunger in the cause of a law. Nor do they tread on any ground that enrages the disbelievers, nor do they inflict upon an enemy, any infliction, but that is registered for them as a righteous deed soprano law, indeed, in the law halaya, the original mercy, Allah does not does not allow to be lost the reward of the doers of good Remember, the reward for a good deed begins from the moment that a

01:02:06--> 01:02:48

person intends to do it. We learn in a Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, in a coffee Salatin mantella to Moo ha, you have been in prayer as long as you have been waiting for it. So as long as a person is so from the moment that a person intends to pray, and then they're waiting for it, it is as if they're in prayer, they're start receiving the reward of Sunnah. And the reward for every deed, we see is in proportion to the effort that you exert in it. There are some people Mashallah they fast, very easily, they have no problem. And then there are those who get hungry, they get headaches, supanova, it is so hard for them to fast. So we see this ayah that for every

01:02:48--> 01:03:33

moment of thirst and fatigue and hunger and step that a person takes in the way of Allah, a good deed is recorded for them. What you spend in the way of Allah, you are rewarded for that also, the prophets of Allah, whoever it is, and etc, shall deliver on her own law, that there is reward equal to your hardship and your spending, meaning whatever amount you spend for the Roma, and whatever hardship you bear, whatever fatigue you experience, you will be rewarded for that. So remember, bearing difficulty in the way of Allah is not just an expiation of sins, it also brings reward. Now, this doesn't mean that we make worship difficult for ourselves on purpose. No, we should create ease

01:03:33--> 01:04:17

for ourselves. But sometimes, despite every effort, things are hard. So those who do exam who consistently do good, they don't mind bearing hardship for the sake of Allah, that Allah subhanaw taala does not waste their reward. So there are times when a person is not able to continue the good that they were doing before. Like for example, the person used to go to the masjid in the month of Ramadan for every sign up regularly, even though it was so hard, but they made a point to go and now that they're not able to go in sha Allah The reward is still being recorded. Why? Because in Hades, we learned that when a person is unwell when a servant is unwell, Allah subhana wa tada tells the

01:04:17--> 01:04:59

angels that right for him the good deeds that he used to do, because because I know that when he will be released from his illness, he will continue meaning the only reason why he's not doing those good deeds right now is because of his inability. It's a temporary situation. So in the law while the adrenaline worsening, and a person is rewarded for what they have bitterly do for what they regularly do, we learn that when a person is sick, or they travel, then their reward for pm is written, which they would do when they were healthy and while they were at home. And remember that there is reward

01:05:00--> 01:05:42

Even for a good intention. So don't be stingy. Unless a peloton is generous, be eager for those rewards. Nor do they spend an expenditure small or large, or across a valley, but that it is registered for them that allowed me to reward them for the best of what they were doing. So we see that Allah accepts the deeds of his servants, the big and the small ones, woman cannon minion, a young woman cannon movement, alien fetal calf, and it is not for the believers to go forth to battle all at once. So we see that the book was an exceptional situation where everyone was required to go. But this is not General, meaning everyone is not required to go for every single battle. Why?

01:05:43--> 01:06:23

Because for there should separate from every division of them a group remaining to obtain understanding and their religion, and warn their people when they return to them, that they might be cautious upon the law, going out to learn, dedicating yourself to study the religion of Allah, and then teaching it to people. This is what is being encouraged over here. We think the only way of striving in the way of Allah is to pick up weapons. But what is it that we learn in Hades, that opening up a book, sitting in front of a teacher, studying, working hard in learning, taking those tests, studying like this? This is important, because justice people are needed to defend the

01:06:23--> 01:07:09

borders. Why so that communities are safe. We also need individuals to learn and teach sacred knowledge why for the spiritual safety of our communities, people need officers to guard them. And people also need religious scholars to teach them to help them learn. This is a need in every community. So we see that seeking religious knowledge and then teaching it. This is something that is truly Noble. In a Hadees we learn the two people were mentioned before the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, one of them was a worshiper, and the other was a scholar. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the superiority of the scholar over the worshipper is like my superiority

01:07:09--> 01:07:53

over the least of you. Can you imagine the difference between the prophets of Allah or to send a man, an ordinary person from this oma, the least of this oma? Then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Indeed Allah, His angels, the inhabitants of the heavens in the earth, even the end in its hole, and the fish, they send blessings, they pray for the one who teaches the people to do good. So you see, one is that a person prays for himself? How much can you pray for himself? How much can you make for yourself. But the other is that when you benefit other people, when you teach them good things, now what's going to happen, so many people are also going to pray for you. So yes,

01:07:53--> 01:08:36

make time for worship, but also make time to learn their religion, and share this goodness. So remember, knowledge is not just something that we acquire, but we should also strengthen our knowledge and then pass on what we have learned. Otherwise, we are wasting ourselves. And it really does not benefit a person to do that. We learned that the example of the one who learns knowledge but then does not spread. It is like the one who heard is like the one who hoards a treasure. Imagine a person who has a huge treasure gold and silver, lots of money, but then he does not spend from it would have lost so much money. And he's not spending from it. Neither is he investing it to

01:08:36--> 01:09:19

increase in his knowledge, nor is he spending it on himself to, you know, make his life easy. So likewise, a person who has knowledge but then they don't teach it to others, then they're doing themselves a disservice. They're selling themselves short. We learn that whoever teaches a verse of the book of Allah one I have the Quran, he will receive its reward as long as it is recited, so be eager for this treasure. Will you who have believed, fight those adjacent to you of the disbelievers and let them find a new harshness and know that a lot is with the righteous. And whenever a Sula is revealed, there are among the hypocrites those who say, which of you has this increased in faith,

01:09:19--> 01:09:59

meaning they make fun of the Quran, that didn't really make a difference. As for those who believed it has increased them in faith while they're rejoicing. But as for those whose hearts is disease, it has only increased them in evil, in addition to their evil, meaning they don't benefit at all. They only get worse, and they will have died while they're disbelievers. So remember, the Quran increases the believers in their faith, and it increases hypocrites in their hypocrisy. You might wonder how could the Koran increase a person in hypocrisy? Because if you think about it, if there's a bag, if there's a bin with rotting garbage inside of it, and you pull

01:10:00--> 01:10:45

a jug of the purest fruit juice, which is packed with vitamins and all the good things, what's going to happen? What's going to happen? Is it going to become better? No, it's only going to get, it's only going to rot. In fact, it's going to become worse than before. This is why we learned that Mujahideen Qatada, they said that no one sits with the Quran except that he gets up with either increase or loss. Either you increase or you lose more. This is a loss decree that he has made the Quran that he that he has made, that the Quran is a healing and mercy for the believers. And it does not increase the wrongdoers except in loss than it is said. Do they not see that they're tried every

01:10:45--> 01:11:31

year once or twice the hypocrites any the incident of the book, it exposed the reality? Do they not see that every year, there's some kind of hardship some kind of test, which makes them recognize their their, you know, their trickery, their deceit, but then they do not repent, nor do they remember, you see when we make mistakes, when we are in hardship, we are given a chance to look at ourselves in the mirror. And at that time, we have two options. Either admit your weakness, and now work on improving yourself. There should be introspection, or a person denies it and says you know what, I'm perfectly fine. Everybody else is at fault. So the hypocrites don't improve. These are,

01:11:31--> 01:12:15

you know, difficult circumstances are moments of introspection, not entertainment and distraction. And whenever a sauna is revealed, they look at each other saying, does anyone see you? Why? Because they're bored. And then they dismiss themselves meaning they slip away. They leave quietly. Allah has dismissed their hearts because there are people who do not understand law jerko rasuna min unfussy comb, there has certainly come to you a messenger from among yourselves, grievous to him is what you suffer. He is concerned over you and to the believers is kind and merciful. This was the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what a beautiful, what a great, excellent leader. He was eager

01:12:15--> 01:12:56

to save people from hell. He said my example. And the example of the people is that of a man who made a fire. And when it lighted what was around it, monks and other insects started falling into the fire. So the man tried his best to prevent them from falling into the fire. But they overpowered him, and they rushed into the fire. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said, Now similarly, I take hold of the knots at your waist, meaning I'm trying to grab you, to prevent you from falling into the fire, but to insist on falling into it. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he worked so hard, he tried so hard to save people from hell. And he was so eager to even give up his

01:12:56--> 01:13:33

own comfort, his personal comfort. In order to benefit the oma. We learned that once the prophets of Allah what were he was sending was fasting, he was taking a nap. And at that time, a janaza had to be performed. So people did not wake him up. And they went in, buried that lady, and later on, when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saw the grave that it was fresh. He asked that Who is this? So they told him? So he asked, then why didn't you wake me? They said that you were resting. So he said, that you should have informed me, you should have told me next time. He said laughter for the left. If I do, don't do that, again, if I'm ever resting, and a janessa has to be performed, call

01:13:33--> 01:14:12

me. So the Prophet sallallahu already said and then went to the grave. And then he prayed for the lady who was in the grave, the Prophet sallallahu where it is, and it was very considerate, very, very empathetic. He said that when I begin the prayer, I intend to make it long, but then I hear a child crying, and I shortened the Salah, because of his mother's feelings. So proud Allah and what were his daraz you would pray? Allahumma Mati Almighty Allah my oma my alma he reserved his prayer, his special Dora for the hereafter so that he can intercede for his oma. And one occasion we learned that I shall, I shall have to learn more on how to ask the prophets of Allah or to send them that

01:14:12--> 01:14:51

yellow suit, alarming girl for me. So he prayed, oh, Allah forgive her for her earlier sins and later sins, and what she did in private and in public, so I shall do a lot more. I was so happy she started laughing. And she put her head in the lap of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he asked, Did my dog make you happy? She said, why would it not make me happy? He said by Allah. This is my door offer my oma in every prayer of mine. This is what the prophets of Allah what radio Salaam wanted for his oma. This is how he was towards his oma. So how should we be? Allah says for intoa low, but if they turn away for call has to be Allahu La Ilaha Illa Who are they talking to?

01:14:51--> 01:15:00

Who should lean you should say sufficient for me is Allah there is no data except him on him. I have relied and he is the

01:15:00--> 01:15:38

Lord of the great throne, meaning if the turn away, then they're turning away they're abandoning you is not going to harm you, because Allah will be enough for you. Now, there is a fabricated narration in which we learned that it is said that whoever says this statement seven times in the morning and seven times the evening, it will suffice him against all worries. But this narration is not authentic, there is no sound evidence for this report. However, this statement is certainly very empowering, it is a positive affirmation. So anytime that you feel rejected by people, that for example, you know, you call people to something good, but they reject you, right? You invite them to

01:15:38--> 01:16:25

something good, and they reject you. So you feel very sad, you feel alone, and you also feel afraid. So in at a time, like this, say has to be Allahu La Ilaha Illa who are likely to come to LA you talk to have a lot of bullet action early, that alized enough for me on him, I put my trust, and He is the Lord of the Throne. So his treasures are vast. What I need is with him, you know, sometimes people get very disappointed when there's a prospective, you know, proposal for marriage, and then it doesn't get it doesn't work. They feel so rejected, that you know what I feel like nobody wants me know at that time, say has been a lot because you know what Allah told his messenger to say has

01:16:25--> 01:17:02

to be Allahu La ilaha illa Allah Ito to a horrible Rashid Ali. So Say it, say it anytime that you want, and say it as many times as you want, because if it was good for the prophets of Allah, whoever it is that I'm to say, then this will also be beneficial for us to say, sola Yunus Salat Yunus is a Maki Salaam and like many Maki solos, it mentions in detail the proofs of the oneness of Allah, the resurrection Prophethood and other matters related to faith. We see that sort of Toba ends with the mention of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and sort of the universe begins with his mention also

01:17:03--> 01:17:52

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim Alif Lam RA, these are the verses of the wise book. Have the people been amazed that Lee revealed revelation to a man from among them saying, Warren mankind and give good tidings to those who believe that they will have a firm precedence of honor with their Lord, soprano Allah, the poor man gives such good news that those who believe will have other Macedo came with their Lord, what is other most likely a position of honor? Can you imagine a position of honor near Allah, a position of honor that a certain that is any real and permanent from which is no decline, or reward that is excellent for the deeds that they have sent ahead. So keep doing good. But the

01:17:52--> 01:18:39

disbelievers say, indeed, this is an obvious magician, indeed, your Lord is Allah, who created the heavens and the earth in six days, and then established Himself above the Throne, arranging the matter of his creation, there is no intercessor except after his permission, that is Allah your Lord. So worship Him, then will you not remember, to him is your return all together? It is the promise of Allah, which is truth. Indeed, he begins the process of creation, and then repeats it, that he may reward those who have believed and unrighteous deeds been your best in justice. Because if you just look at this world, Kenny, it's very obvious that this world is not complete. It's not

01:18:39--> 01:19:25

completely fair. There has to be a sequel, right? There has to be a second chapter where it will complete the story. And this is why the Day of Judgment is there, to give people what they deserve been best. But those who disbelieved will have a drink of scalding water and a painful punishment for what they used to deny. It is he who made the sun is shining light, and the moon a derived light, and determined for it phases that you may know the number of years and account of time, Allah has not created this except in truth. He details the science for people who no only call me Allah moon. This is why it's so important for us to learn not just religious texts, but we should also

01:19:25--> 01:19:59

learn about the creation that Allah has created. Any you see the moon, the sun is mentioned over here, account of time as mentioned over here, but this knowledge should always be in the right context. It should always be with the realization that Allah is the Creator. And this is when such knowledge will be beneficial to a person it will be a means of increase in faith, indeed, in the alternation of the night and the day, and then what Allah has created in the heavens and the earth are Signs for people who fear of law in the Latina lions.

01:20:00--> 01:20:49

generic Capanna, indeed those who do not expect the meeting with us what we'll do, we'll hire to dounia and are satisfied with the life of this world. What am I a newbie ha and they feel secure. They're in one Latina woman I A Tina Luffy known and those are heedless of our signs, what will happen to such people, for those, their refuge will be the fire because of what they used to earn. Look at the loss in being satisfied only with this world in thinking that this world is everything. So do whatever because YOLO you live only once, and if you don't have fun, then you will miss out. So a person should not make this world their ultimate concern. Because remember, forgetting the

01:20:49--> 01:21:24

Hereafter, and making this world your ultimate concern is only going to bring loss upon loss. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that whoever makes the world, his most important matter, Allah will confound his affairs and make poverty appear before his eyes. And he will not get anything from the world except what has been decreed for him. But whoever makes the hereafter his most important matter, Allah will settle his affairs and make him content in his heart, and the world will come to him, although he does not even want it.

01:21:27--> 01:22:09

In the levina, amanu warahmatullah solly had, indeed those who have believed and then righteous deeds, he led him on a boom be emailing him, their Lord will guide them because of their faith. Look at the contrast Allah will guide them because of their Eman. beneath them, rivers will flow in the Gardens of Pleasure, meaning Allah will guide them to Jenna. They're called there and will be superhuman, Nicola home Exalted are You Oh Allah, and they're greeting there and will be Salaam peace will include our way home, and the last of their call will be an Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen that Praise to Allah, Lord of the world's these are the Grateful servants of Allah, those

01:22:09--> 01:22:53

who are grateful in this life and how many don't and those who are grateful to Allah, praising and thanking Allah in general also a love Majid Anam in home. So we see in these verses, that because of the man a person is guided to doing good things in this life, and on the Day of Judgment, because of the man a person will be guided, they will be led to Jenna, this is why we say a dinner a dinner Serato Mr. Team and a Serato Mr. Team, yes, it is in this life. But remember, there is also a slot of the Day of Judgment, which is over Hellfire, which all of us have to cross. So how is it that we can cross that bridge to Jenna, when we have a man. So remember, because of a man, a person will

01:22:53--> 01:23:39

have his diploma, a person will have steadfastness in their religion, because of their Emad because of their faith, they will be able to cross that bridge safely. But remember, a man doesn't just mean that a person says I believe for a man, a person must have knowledge a person must increase their awareness, the person must act upon that knowledge, there must be in and this is why hedaya guidance includes both hedaya is sharp and hidayatullah feet, which means there's knowledge and there is action. This is why the companions would say that we learned amen that we learned the Quran. And as a result of that we increased in our email. So remember, knowledge increases a person and event

01:23:39--> 01:24:01

because knowledge leads to action. This is why we see that in the grave also, the person will have peace because of their Eman and good deeds. The example of the believer we learned in our Hadees with respect to his death is like a person who has three friends, one is his wealth. So it says take whatever you wish. The second says, I am with you. But when you die, I will leave you

01:24:02--> 01:24:32

meaning this is his family. And the third says I am with you This is his actions, I will go with you and I will rise with you. Because the thing is that when a person goes to their grave, their wealth, any it will not benefit them, their family also will not stay with them. What is it that will bring comfort to a person in their grave? It is their good deeds. And we see that on the Day of Judgment also, as soon as a person will be resurrected. guidance to paradise will begin.

01:24:33--> 01:25:00

If undulate said that this will be on the day of judgment when a person will come out of his grave, he will be greeted by his deeds that will appear to him in a very beautiful pleasing fragrant form. So he will ask Who are you so that that person will say I am your deeds, so it will shine a light for him until he will enter agenda. Yo de uma boom be Imani him and if Allah was to hasten for

01:25:00--> 01:25:42

The people that evil they invoke as he hastens for them the good their term would have been ended for them. But we leave the ones who do not expect a meeting with us in their transgression, wandering blindly, meaning without any hardship in their life. And when affliction touches men, he calls upon us, whether lying on his side, or sitting or standing. But when we remove from him his affliction, he continues in disobedience as if he had never called upon us to remove an affliction that touched him, thus is made pleasing to the transgressors, that which they have been doing. This is very selfish. And this is a mistake that unfortunately, many people make our relationship with

01:25:42--> 01:26:21

Allah subhanaw taala shouldn't be such that only when we desperately need something, then we remember him. And then when things are good, we forget about him. Yes, of course, there should be an increase in worship, when things are difficult, but it should not be completely absent in good times. Because the out of La fetal heart era difficulties should recognize and acknowledge alone in times of ease, meaning remember him and in prosperity, and he will remember you in times of adversity, and we had already destroyed generations before you when they're wronged. And their messengers had come to them with clear proofs, but they were not to believe, thus do We recompense

01:26:21--> 01:27:01

the criminal people, that we made us successors in the land after them, so that we may observe how you will do and when our work and when our Verses are recited to them as clear evidence is those who do not expect the meeting with us say, bring us a quote on other than his or change it, they just don't like the Quran, they'd rather follow something else. It's like, you know, they they want to believe, but they don't want to. So they say, Please change it, say, it is not for me to change it on my own accord, I only follow what is revealed to me, indeed, I fear, if I should disobey my Lord, the punishment of a tremendous day, say, If Allah had willed, I would not have recited it to you,

01:27:01--> 01:27:42

nor would he have made it known to you, for I had remained among you a lifetime before, then will you not Reason being this is clearly from a lie, it's not for me. So who is more unjust than he who invents a lie about Allah or denies His signs, indeed, the criminals will not succeed? Now there should because being mentioned, and they worship other than Allah, that which neither harms them nor benefits them, and they say, these are our intercessors with a law problem, oh, so many people, you know, they will call upon someone other than Allah. Why, with the same justification, that you know what we try to please them so that they will intercede on our behalf? Say, do you inform Allah of

01:27:42--> 01:28:22

something he does not even know in the heavens or the earth? Meaning Are you are you trying to tell a love about something that doesn't exist? Exalted is He and high above what they associate with him, and mankind was not but one community, meaning everybody was upon the worship of Allah alone, but then they differed. And if not for a word that proceeded from your Lord, it would have been judged between them immediately concerning that over which they differed. And they say, why is a sign not sent down to him from his Lord? How come he doesn't show any fancy miracles? So say, the unseen is only for Allah to administer? So wait, indeed, I am with you among those who wait. And

01:28:22--> 01:29:07

when we get and when we give the people a taste of mercy, after adversity has touched them at once they conspire against our vs. soprano law immediately, the turn against Allah say, Allah is swifter in strategy. Indeed, Our Messengers record that which you conspire, so you cannot trick Allah. It is he who enables you to travel on land and sea until when you are in ships, and they sail with them by a good wind, and they rejoice there and there comes a storm wind, and the waves come upon them from everywhere, and they assume that they're surrounded. Now they feel like this is it, then they begin to supplicate Allah sincere to him in religion. If you should save us from this, we will surely be

01:29:07--> 01:29:52

among the thankful. So remember, Allah subhanaw taala responds to the motor, meaning those who are in difficulty when they call upon Allah, even if they are those who don't believe in Allah because many people in such situations they turn to Allah. And really we do experience moments where we realize that there is nothing nothing at all that can bring us out of our difficulty other than Allah subhana wa tada you know, for example, a person has a health condition and then they have a scheduled, you know, surgery or treatment or something like that and what happens, all surgeries are canceled because of the current pandemic, all appointments, everything has been delayed and

01:29:52--> 01:29:59

deferred. So you see that, yes, I want to get better. But I know that this is not going to work. This is not going to work. Who

01:30:00--> 01:30:46

is going to help me only a luck and help me. But there's some people who don't even break down before Allah. In such desperation. The hearts have become so hard that even in such difficult circumstances, people don't cry before Allah and the rest of the people, what is their behavior, that when he saves them at once they commit injustice upon the earth without right, low mankind, your injustice is only against yourselves, being merely the enjoyment of worldly life, then to us as your return. And we will inform you of what you use to do. Indeed, the example of this worldly life is only like rain, which we have sent down from the sky, that the plants of the earth absorb those

01:30:46--> 01:31:12

from which men and livestock eat until when the earth has taken on its adornment and is beautified. And this is something that we can see these days, you know, all of these colors of spring soprano love. And it's people suppose that they have capability over it, what happens, there comes to it our command by night or by day, and we make it as a harvest one night, and what happens, one,

01:31:14--> 01:32:07

you know, there's a frost or one storm, and everything finished, as if it had not flourished yesterday. Thus do We explain in detail the signs for people who give thought, the thing is that we're the life and the things of this world, they feel so important. But eventually, hitting no matter how important something is, it becomes as though it never was. So no matter how expensive, how valuable, something in worldly life is how hard you have worked for it. Remember, this world will come to an end. And it will be a lump toner bill, as if it never existed before. So don't waste yourself away over what is temporary, over what is going to come to an end. And on the Day of

01:32:07--> 01:32:29

Judgment, worldly life will literally feel like nothing. But right now it feels like everything. And this is the reason why we obsess so much over it and we cry so much over it. But every year as the season changes, almost punctata reminds us of the reality of the world. But we need that. We need to take that lesson. And remember that lesson. We learned that on the Day of Judgment,

01:32:30--> 01:33:13

a person from the people of hell will be brought out and this will be a person who lived a life of ease and plenty. And he will be asked that Did you ever experience any blessing? And he will say By Allah, never. I never experienced anything good. So how will make a person forget about every good thing that they enjoyed? So don't focus just on worldly enjoyment. also focus on the Hereafter, and especially when you are enjoying the things of this world because they're not unlawful. Always check yourself. Is this something that my Lord would approve? Is this something that would make a less penalty happy? Is this something that would bring me closer to Allah to his pleasure? Or is this

01:33:13--> 01:34:03

something by which Allah will be displeased with me? Even if people are very very impressed by me? will love We are the ILA that is Salaam and Allah invites to the home of peace and guides whom He wills to a straight path Salaam, home of safety and soundness where nothing deteriorates, where there's only increase in blessings. Linda Dina Eisen are hosts now was the Oda for them who have done good is the best reward and extra increase, only increase no deterioration because Gemini is the home of center. And what is that increase in reward for the people of Jamaica? It is the the privilege of seeing Allah subhanaw taala no darkness will cover their faces nor humiliation, those

01:34:03--> 01:34:44

are companions of Paradise, they will abide there in eternally, so there will be no gloom on them, no sadness on them, they will only be happy. We learned that in Jannah, Allah subhanaw taala will ask the people of Jenna, that do you wish me to give you anything more? And they will say, Have you not brightened our faces meaning you have given us so much that the joy the known is visible in our faces? Have you not admitted us into agenda and saved us from the fire? Meaning what more could we desire? And then Allah subhanaw taala will show himself to them, they will see Allah And at that time, they will feel that there is nothing more dear, more enjoyable than the sight of their Lord

01:34:44--> 01:34:49

will as Luca men will as you can lead that and nobody either what Jake,

01:34:51--> 01:34:59

but they who have earned blame for evil doings. The recompense of an evil deed is its equivalent and humiliation will cover them they will have from Allah

01:35:00--> 01:35:43

No protector, it will be as if their faces are covered with pieces of the night, soul covered in gloom are they those are the companions of the Fire, they will abide there in eternally and mentioned the day we will gather them all together, then we will say to those who are associated others with Allah remain in your place, you and your partners, then we will separate them. And their partners will say you did not use to worship us, soprano Allah, they will be abandoned by the very beings that they used to worship. And sufficient is Allah as a witness between us and you, that we were off your worship unaware there on that day, every soul will be put to trial for what it did

01:35:43--> 01:36:26

previously. And they will be returned to Allah, their master the truth and loss from them is whatever they used to invent, say, who provides for you from the heaven and the earth? Or who controls hearing in sight? So then who should you worship? Whose pleasure should you seek? And who brings the living out of the dead and brings the dead out of the living? And who arranges every matter? They will say Allah, so say, then will you not fear him? For that as Allah your Lord, the truth? And what can be beyond truth except error? So remember, there's only one how, because from other than healthy in the blood, so how are you averted? Thus, the word of your Lord has come into

01:36:26--> 01:37:11

effect upon those who defiantly disobeyed that they will not believe, say, Are there of your partners, and he who begins creation and then repeats it? Meaning Is there anyone who is able to resurrect the dead? Say, Allah begins creation, and then repeats it? So how are you diluted? Say, are there of your partners? Any who guides to the truth, say, Allah guides to the truth? So is he who guides to the truth more worthy to be followed? Or he who guides Not unless he is guided, that what is wrong with you? How do you judge anyone is a creature who needs the help of others who is dependent on others, even an idol for example, it has to be transported, creation needs to be

01:37:11--> 01:37:59

guided, they need to find their way. And Allah is the one who guides who creates, there's a huge difference between the creator and the creation. So don't make them equal. And most of them follow not except assumption, indeed, assumption avails not against the truth at all. One is fact. And the other is assumption. If you don't think that they're equal, they're not equal. And it was not, Indeed, Allah is Knowing of what they do. And it was not possible for this code to be produced by other than Allah, it can only be the word of Allah, but it is a confirmation of what was before it, and a detailed explanation of the former scripture, about which there is no doubt from the Lord of

01:37:59--> 01:38:38

the worlds and if we remember this, that this Quran is from the Lord of the worlds that we would accept everything it says, or do they say about the Prophet that he invented it, say, then bring forth the pseudo like it and call upon for assistance, whomever you can besides Allah, if you should be truthful, because you know what, if I can do it, then you should be able to do it too. Rather, they have denied that which they encompass not in knowledge, and whose interpretation has not yet come to them. Thus did those before them deny, then observe how it was the end of the wrongdoers, and all of them are those who believe in it, and of them are those who do not believe in it, and

01:38:38--> 01:39:19

your Lord is most knowing of the corrupters. And if they deny you, then say for me are my deeds and for you or your deeds, you are dissociated from what I do, and I am dissociated from what you do. So let me do my work. And among them are those who listen to you, meaning they listen, but they don't understand. Because if they did, they would have believed, but can you cause the deaf to hear, although they will not use reason. So this shows us that mere listening is not enough. It is not enough to just listen to good things and to know about them. action is necessary. We don't in a hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, woe to those who hear the word but persist on

01:39:19--> 01:39:59

what they have been doing while they know. Meaning they know they have found out but still they persist so water them. So listen to Quran in a way that it goes inside. It penetrates your soul so that it transforms you. And when you listen, listen for the purpose of changing yourself improving yourself. Listen so that you can learn things that you can do not just listen to things that you're like, Oh wow, that is amazing. And the next day Forget about it. And among them are those who look at you, but can you guide the blind although they will not attempt to see the fact that the people of makup saw the Prophet sallallahu wasallam they knew his

01:40:00--> 01:40:07

loc his manner, his face was not that of a liar, but they refused to see the truth in him.

01:40:09--> 01:40:50

Our beloved Salam said that when the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam came to Medina, and everybody rushed to see him, he said, I saw him. And I knew that his face was not the face of a liar. Indeed, Allah does not wrong the people at all, but it is the people who are wronging themselves. And on the day when he will gather them, it will be as if they had not remained in the world, but an hour of the day, and they will know each other, any on the Day of Judgment, life of the world will seem so short that it will be as if they lived only for a day or part of a day. And then they will know each other, they will recognize each other, those will have lost who denied the meeting with Allah, and

01:40:50--> 01:41:33

we're not guided, and whether we show you some of what we promised them, where we take you in depth to us as they return, then either way, Allah is a witness concerning what they're doing. And for every nation is a messenger. So when their messenger comes, it will be judged between them and justice, and they will not be wronged. And they say, when is the fulfillment of this promise, if you should be truthful, they impatiently demanded the punishment, say, I possess not for myself any harm or benefit, except Allah should will. Because the fact is, that all power is with Allah and Allah alone, no one else, for every nation is a specified term, when their time has come, they will not

01:41:33--> 01:42:14

then they will not remain behind an hour, nor will they proceed it say, Have you considered if this punishment should come to you by night or by day? For which aspect of it? Would the criminals be impatient? meaning is the law, even something that you should be eager for? Then is it that when it has actually occurred, you will believe in it now, and you are once for it impatient, then it will be set to those who had wronged taste the punishment of eternity? Are you being recompensed except for what you're used to earn? And they ask information of you? Is it true? Meaning the Day of Judgment isn't really true? Say yes, by my Lord, indeed, it is truth and you will not cause failure

01:42:14--> 01:42:59

to Allah. And if each soul that wronged had everything on Earth, it would offer it in ransom, and they will confide regret when they see the punishment, and they will be judged injustice, and they will not be wronged, unquestionably, to Allah belongs whatever is in the heavens and the earth. unquestionably, the promise of Allah is truth, but most of them do not know. And in their ignorance, they're so proud. Who is God? Who is Allah, Who is the one who is worthy of worship. He is the one who gives life and causes death and to Him He will be returned. So yeah, uh, you have NASS, all mankind, other jazz como ella to middle of become there has come to you instruction from your Lord,

01:43:00--> 01:43:46

meaning you have received it now. What she found Lima is sudo and healing for what is in the chests? What is the healing the Quran? Where who then and guidance? What are mental limit meaning and a mercy for the believers could be Family Law, he will be looking at, say, in the bounty of Allah and in His mercy for the nanika funnier for who in that? Let them rejoice? Why rejoice? Because we're higher on the Maya tomorrow when it is better than what they accumulate meaning on having the Quran, they should be happy. Why? Because it is better than everything that people accumulate. How is it better? Look at this. It's just one book, but so many benefits, it has so many benefits, a source of

01:43:46--> 01:44:38

endless benefit, how, first of all, it's an effective admonition meaning, it tells you what you need to know. It doesn't just give information, but it hits the heart so that it becomes transformative. And then the Quran is Shiva, meaning if you follow its prescriptions, this will heal you it will solve your problems, whether it is the US was of shaitan or it is worry or grief or it has bad intentions or it is bad desires. Whatever it is the Quran will bring Shiva even play him said there is no disease of the heart or of the body except that the Quran can cure it. It can guide to its healing. So this is why we see that once a woman was being treated for something and the Prophet

01:44:38--> 01:44:59

sallallahu alayhi wasallam said early Jihad Viki tabula treat her with the book of Allah, so yes, take the medication. Yes, go for therapy, but honest Shiva. Take that as well. And then we see for Anna's also who the guidance in this life in every matter big and small, and in the next life also it will lead to gender and then the Quran is mercy.

01:45:00--> 01:45:45

Because it will take a person to agenda and even in the world and gatherings where people study the Quran, mercy envelops them. It is truly better than anything else that we have. So gather more and more of the Quran. It's recitation, memorization, knowledge, it's understanding, and of course, it's action and then be happy, because it brings delight folia for who they should be happy, say, Have you have you seen what Allah has sent down to you of provision of what you have made some lawful and some unlawful, say, has Allah permitted you to do that? Or do you invent something about Allah, and what will be the supposition of those who invent falsehood about Allah on the Day of Resurrection,

01:45:45--> 01:46:31

Indeed, Allah is full of bounty to the people, he is so generous to mankind, but most of them are not grateful Subhana Allah and you are not engaged in any matter, leading any batter that you are busy in, whether it is something good or bad, whether you are in pain, or you're perfectly fine, whether you're struggling with what you're doing, or you're really enjoying it, whether it's morning or night, whatever it is that you're doing in whatever condition that you're in, or recite any of the Koran, and you people do not do any deed, except that we are witness over you. Allah is watching us the entire time. And he sees he knows what people don't know what people don't see. Because you

01:46:31--> 01:47:17

see, certain conditions are invisible. If a person has a broken arm, it's very visible, that they're in pain. But if a person is suffering from you know something in their heart, in their mind, then that is invisible. So people don't acknowledge it. People don't even accept it. But Allah subhanaw taala knows what condition you are in and what you are doing. And this is why we must live with the consciousness and the remembrance of Allah and the fear of Allah, that we should not do anything in any of our states that would be displeasing to Allah subhana wa Tada. So those who live like this, in Odia Allah La Hoefler la him, whenever we are presented, unquestionably, for the allies of Allah,

01:47:17--> 01:48:04

there will be no fear concerning them, nor will they grieve, meaning, even if they grieve for some time, their grief is not going to be permanent, because Allah subhanaw taala will bring them relief. Allah subhanaw taala will bring them moments of joy and delight and sweet pleasure, even in extreme pain, so much so that they can smile like ESEA did welfare our own was torturing her. And we learned that in the hereafter what is going to happen? Allah subhanaw taala will remove Allah will take away any fear and any grief from his friends His righteous servants, love and arleen him whenever we are present. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that there are people from the servants of

01:48:04--> 01:48:45

Allah, who are neither prophets nor martyrs, the prophets and martyrs will envy them on the Day of Judgment for their rank from Allah. So the people asked, Who are they? Who could they be? And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, there are people who love one another for the Quran, without having any mutual kinship, and nor giving property to one another. I swear by Allah, their faces will glow and they will be sitting in pulpits of light, they will have no fear on the day when the people will have fear and they will not grieve when the people will grieve. And then the Prophet sallallahu already said and recited this ayah so how does this begin? This begins by connecting with

01:48:45--> 01:49:30

the Quran. So if we want to, to, if we want that our grief and our fear leaves us forever, for good, then we must connect with the Quran. And when you connect with the put on, it's not that immediately Your life will be perfect. Did you ever feel sad? No, you will, you will be sad, you will be afraid. But Allah subhanaw taala will not leave you in your fear and your grief, he will bring you relief and on the Day of Judgment he will bring you permanent relief insha Allah and Medina amanu What can we attack on there are those who believed and were fearing Allah. So because of their Emad because of their taqwa, Allah subhanaw taala will give them relief in both worlds and Allah will give them

01:49:31--> 01:49:59

what will satisfy them. So they will say control Lena, your yellow robe, we are pleased for them our good tidings in the worldly life and in the Hereafter, no changes there in the words of Allah. That is what is the great attainment, meaning this is certainly going to happen. Allah will give them good news in this life and also in the hereafter. What is the good news in this life? We learned without as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that he had a pseudo low What do you say about what about

01:50:00--> 01:50:44

person does a good deed for the sake of Allah and then people love him for it. So he said that is the immediate glad tidings of the believer, the mallikarjuna bushel movement that is Bushra good news for the believer that when you do something good with sincerity, then you see the good effects of it ripple effects of it, especially in your relationships, when I assume kokkola home and let not their speech greenview meaning stop caring about what people say, indeed, honor belongs to Allah entirely. He is the hearing the new wing. And the thing is that when a person refrains Allah than the fear of people, departs from their heart, unquestionably, to Allah belongs whatever is in the

01:50:44--> 01:51:26

heavens and whatever is on the earth, and also invoke other than Allah do not actually follow any partners, meaning those partners are not real. They follow not except assumption, and they're not but falsifying, it is he who made for you the night to rest they're in and the day giving sight, indeed in that are Signs for people who listen, they have said Allah has taken a son, there are people who say Allah has a son, Jesus, Exalted is He, He is the one free of need, he doesn't need a son, To Him belongs whatever isn't the heavens and whatever is in the earth. You have no authority for this claim. How dare you say this? Do you say about Allah, that which you do not know, say,

01:51:26--> 01:52:04

Indeed, those who invent falsehood about Allah will not succeed for them as brief enjoyment in this world, then to us as they returned, then we will make them taste the severe punishment, because they used to disbelieve, and recite to them the news of new when he said to his people, all my people, if my residents and my reminding of the signs of Allah has become burdensome upon you, meaning it's been too long, you're getting fed up with me, that I have relied upon as law. So you know what, resolve upon your plan, do something to harm me and call upon your associates call upon these gods that you worship, pray to them to harm me, then let not your plan be obscure to you be very clear

01:52:04--> 01:52:08

about it, then carry it out upon me, and do not give me rest by

01:52:09--> 01:52:47

leading he challenged them so openly. And if you turn away from my advice, the no payment have I asked of you, my reward is only from Allah and I have been commanded to be of the Muslims, but still, they denied him. So we saved him and those with him in the ship and made them successors, and we drowned. Those who denied our signs, then see how was the end of those who were warned. Then we sent after him messengers to their peoples, and they came to them with clear proofs, but they were not to believe in that which they had denied before. Thus we seal over the hearts of the transgressors, Subhana Allah, those who reject the truth, and there comes a point where it becomes

01:52:47--> 01:53:29

impossible for them to accept it later, because their ego blinds them. Then we sent after the Moosa and how it wound to fit our own, and his establishment with our signs, but they behaved arrogantly and we're criminal people. So when there came to them the truth from us they said, Indeed, this is obvious magic. Massara said I've said do you say thus about the truth when it has come to you? But the toluna lil happy number Jocko. A sound however, is this magic. You can see the the strength in his words, and he was annoyed that How dare you say this is magic. This is not magic. But magicians will not succeed. They said have you come to us to turn us away from that upon which we found our

01:53:29--> 01:54:10

fathers and so that you too may have grantor in the land you want to take over and we are not believers in you. And for their own set. Bring to me every learned magician so when the magicians came musasa to the throw down whatever you will throw and then when they have thrown musala celeb said magic to be his second when you have brought his only magic in the law say you will do Indeed Allah will expose its worthlessness Allah will destroy it in the law hilariously Who am lol move city. Indeed, Allah does not amend the work of the corrupters when you hit the love will have comically Mati Willow Carrie and moody moon and Allah will establish the truth by his words even if

01:54:10--> 01:54:56

the criminals dislike it. So remember, magic has no power against the Quran against the Ayat of Allah against the Hulk. musasa performed one miracle and the magic of the magicians completely destroyed. But then after that would happen, but no one believed lusardi salaam except some youths among his people, why out of fear of fit our own and his establishment that they would persecute them. And this fear was real, it was not imaginary, because indeed fit our own was hottie within the land very arrogant, and indeed he was of the transgressors. And Moosa said oh my people, if you have believed in Allah, then rely upon him, if you should be Muslims, so they said, Allah, Allah, Allah,

01:54:56--> 01:54:59

Allah, upon Allah do we rely and then they

01:55:00--> 01:55:43

preyed on a banana. The john f. It's not a little COVID lolly mean, our Lord make us not objects of trial for the wrongdoing people, meaning Don't let us suffer persecution at their hands. And also, it's not that don't let us suffer, because then they will think they're right. And save us by your mercy from the disbelieving people. And Allah subhanaw taala responded to them when, when they relied upon him, and they made their art to him. Our problem is, we make girls sometimes when we're very shaky, we're not that confident. So have our call and make Dora and we inspire to moose and his brother, settle your people in Egypt in houses and make your houses facing the Qibla. Or make your

01:55:43--> 01:56:25

homes into places of worship, and establish prayer and give good tidings to the believers. So we see that the bunny is hot. In Egypt, they had no freedom, they were persecuted so much that they could not even congregate in order to pray together. So what were they told, pray at home. And the Quran is amazing. Such a beautiful guidance for us, in our current situation, that there are times when we're not able to go to the masjid, because of different situations. It's beyond our control. So just because a person cannot go to the masjid, does it mean that they stop worshiping? No. Now worship at home, make your homes into places of worship, dedicated place in your home, where the

01:56:25--> 01:57:04

entire family gathers to worship Allah together, pray Salah, in congregation, and in the night, especially in the month of Ramadan. Make sure that you're praying to live together so that no one is missing out. And Musa alayhis salaam said, Our Lord, indeed you have given for our own and his establishment splendor and wealth in the worldly life, our Lord, that they may lead ministry from your way, meaning they have so much of this and because of that they're misguided and they're misguiding others, our Lord, obliterate their wealth and heart of their hearts, so that they will not believe until they see the painful punishment will start to sin and prayed against him and his

01:57:04--> 01:57:20

people. Allah said, Your supplication has been answered, so remain on the right course, meaning be firm, and fallen off the way of those who do not know, meaning Be patient, because there is a time for everything.

01:57:22--> 01:58:07

And we took the children of Israel across the sea and find our own and his soldiers pursued them in tyranny and enmity until one drowning overtook him. He said, I believe that there is no deity except that in whom the children of Israel have believed, and I am armed, the Muslims Subhana Allah fit our own believed, right when he was drowning, he surrendered when he was dying. And a lot of people do the same thing that they keep waiting, waiting, waiting. And they say, you know what, when I'm older, I'll go for lunch. When I'm older, I'll start praying. Well, who knows? What if you never get to that state? And what if death comes suddenly have we not seen in recent days? How literally

01:58:08--> 01:58:53

families, how many families, hundreds and 1000s of people have died all of a sudden, any is the isn't the senate rebuttal, so don't delay. It was set now. And you had disobeyed him before and we're off the corrupters. So today, we will. So today, we will save you in body, meaning he died at the time but his body was preserved. Why that you may be to those who succeed you assign that people will see your body and they will learn a lesson from you. And indeed, many among the people of our signs are heedless. And We have certainly settled the children of Israel in an agreeable settlement and provided them with good things. So there Sarah Teresa also passed on this panel to change their

01:58:53--> 01:59:30

difficulty into ease. So their difficulty was not permanent. And they did not differ until after knowledge had come to them. Indeed, your Lord will judge between them on the Day of Resurrection, concerning that over which they used to differ. So if you are in doubt or profit about that which We have revealed to you, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was never in doubt, it was the people who are in doubt, that asked those who have been reading the scripture before you. The truth has certainly come to you from your Lord. So never be among the doubters, meaning there have always been prophets before Muhammad Sallallahu earlier said it was not a new Prophet, and never be of those who deny the

01:59:30--> 01:59:59

signs of a law and thus be among the losers. Indeed, those upon whom the word of your Lord has come into effect will not believe even if every sign should come to them, until they see the painful punishment just like their own, then has there not been a single city that believed so it's faith benefited it except the people of Yunus when they believed we removed from them the punishment of disgrace in worldly life and gave them punishment for a long time.

02:00:00--> 02:00:43

So the people have Yunus already set up, their situation was truly exceptional. And they were fortunate how you left them because he was angry with them because of their denial, and he was caught in the fish, and the people back in the city became afraid. And then they repented. So their Toba was accepted, even though it was at the last moment. Otherwise, remember, doba is not accepted at the last moment at the time of death. We see that when in Hades that when three things appear, faith will not benefit a person who has not previously believed, or has derived no good from his faith. What are those three things, the rising of the sun, in its place of setting, meaning from the

02:00:43--> 02:01:27

west, the appearance of the job, and the Battle of the beast of the earth, which will come out very close to the day of judgment? And had your Lord willed those on Earth would have believed all of them entirely, alone could have forced people to believe, but he does not force them. Then would you compel the people in order that they become believers? And if Allah does not force Then why do you want to force? Why do you want to compel and it is not for a soul to believe except by permission of Allah. All blessings are in Allah's hand, unless control including faith, and he will play as defilement upon those who will not use reason. So we should ask Allah for a man for strength of

02:01:27--> 02:02:13

Eman, say, observe what is in the heavens and the earth, meaning look at it yourself, reflect over it, but of no avail will be signs or Warner's to people who do not believe they don't benefit. So do their way to except for like what occurred in the days of those who had passed on before them? Say that Wait, indeed, I am with you among those away? Do you just want history to repeat itself? Do you want to be just like the nations of the past, then we will give then we will save our messengers and those who have believed thus it is an obligation upon us that we save the believers. Kalia yohannes. Say all people, if you are still in doubt as to my religion, than I do not worship those which you

02:02:13--> 02:02:59

worship besides Allah, but I worship Allah only Allah who causes your death, and I have been commanded to be of the believers. This is Allah subhana wa tada The one who controls our death, meaning our return is to him. And I've been commanded direct to your face toward the religion inclining to truth and never be of those who associate others with Allah and do not invoke besides Allah, that which neither benefits you nor harms you. For if you did, then indeed you would be of the wrongdoers. The prophets of Allah already said it was never going to do but through him, it is made clear that there is no exception to this rule. If a person calls upon other than a law, then

02:02:59--> 02:03:38

their worship will not be accepted. Such a person will be a loser in the hereafter. What am seska love will be loaded in faneca Shiva who Illa who and if Allah should touch you with adversity, there is no hon of our of it except him. So what should we do in times of difficulty? We should call upon Allah. Just as Eunice early Sam called upon him La ilaha illa Anta supersonic in the contaminant volley mean, we should call upon Allah, just as a bunny, so that you did that, or Allah or the Allahu taala, can they, they, they called upon Allah subhanaw taala. So

02:03:40--> 02:04:17

if there should be adversity on you, there is no remover of it except Him. And if he intends for you Good, then there is no repeller of his bounty, so don't fear that people will ruin your blessings for you because they cannot, he causes it to reach whom He wills of his servants, and he is the Forgiving the merciful, say all mankind, the truth has come to you from your Lord, the Quran is here, the message of the Quran is clear. So whoever is guided is only guided for the benefit of his soul. So if you change yourself according to the book of Allah, that is better for you. And whoever goes astray only goes astray in violation against it.

02:04:19--> 02:05:00

Meaning, he is going to suffer himself, and I am not over you a manager, meaning I'm not here to compel you and follow what is revealed to you or profit and be patient until Allah will judge and he is the best of judges. So we see over here that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is told, follow what has been revealed, and at the same time, be patient. And these are two things that we need to do. We need to focus on what we can do, the ways in which we can have a loss of the the avenues of worship that Allah subhanaw taala has opened up for us, instead of only complaining about instead of instead of just complaining about the difficulties

02:05:00--> 02:05:25

that we're facing. And then secondly, we need to have some we need to have wait. We need to have patience until relief comes. So both action and patience and this shows us that patience doesn't mean inaction. It doesn't mean being passive, that you just sit down and do nothing. No first What? Follow and then what's been have patience

02:05:26--> 02:06:10

Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim solitude. Elif Lam Ra. This is a book whose verses are perfected, and then presented in detail from one who is wise and acquainted. This is a law. Remember, this book is for him through a messenger saying do not worship except Allah. Indeed I am to you from him a warner and a bringer of good tidings and saying, seek forgiveness of your Lord and repent to him, and he will let you enjoy a good provision for a specified term. So remember, the prophet of Allah was not sent to judge people to say that you know what, you're going to hell and you're going to Hell, no, he was sent to invite people to seek forgiveness from their Lord. And we need to do the same thing.

02:06:10--> 02:06:38

Instead of passing judgment on people, we need to bring them hope. And we need to show them the benefits of turning to Allah subhanaw taala that seek forgiveness and work Allah subhanaw taala will open his blessings upon you, and give every dollar of favor his favor, meaning Allah will not waste your effort. If you do good, Allah will do good to you. But if you turn away, then indeed, I feel for you the punishment of a great day.

02:06:40--> 02:07:19

Either law, emoji or comb to Allah is your return. And he is over all things competent. unquestionably. They meeting the disbelievers turn away their chests to hide themselves from him, meaning they turn away in order to hide themselves from Allah subhanaw taala. Or when they would see the Prophet sallallahu where to send them, they would turn away in order to avoid him. But even when they cover themselves, in their clothing, alone knows what they conceal and what they declare. So even if a person is hiding under a blanket, but their phone is with them, and they're looking at things which are inappropriate, Allah knows what they're concealing and what they're declaring,

02:07:19--> 02:08:10

indeed, he is knowing of that within the chests. So remember, nothing at all is hidden from Allah, our external and our internal is known to Allah. So we should not be concerned about our image before people and obsessing over you know people accepting us as good individuals. No, our concern should be to mend our relationship with Allah subhanaw taala and that is only possible if we fear Him, in private and in public. When we remember that Allah knows what we reveal and what we hide. And Allah knows what we keep in our chests. We almost a penalty to grant us his taqwa. inshallah, we will conclude over here, so practical lahoma we'll be having Nick a shadow a la ilaha illa Anta a

02:08:10--> 02:08:14

stone Furukawa tubu la Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh