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AI: Summary © The concept of "bringing stone" is discussed, with a focus on treating parents and grandparents to excellence. The speaker explains the use of "bringing stone" to describe relationships and suggests that it is a way to express one's love for someone. The speaker also touches on the importance of family and how it can be a burden on one's shoulders, while briefly mentioning a woman named Aloka claims to be Aloka.
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Silent sit in the fields far away, you're actually obligated to break your prayer go turn it off and come back again.

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And if you don't lose your purpose in your pocket and you're looking for it you don't this is purposeful movements that you're using to make sure that you don't bother others Sycamore Luckey lens that is always beautiful but drink fair trying to keep your phone silence Insha Allah, Yahweh, Allah Muhammad will hurry up so he and me Haryana Tel Aviv Allahu Anhu. But But I never use that Allah Heidi who early your site you said and return a collection of man party is actually going to they're very similar one of them one is boy in costume Bukhari alone, and the other one is in both collections behind Muslims. So very similar, but there's some differences so I'll just kind of put

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the clump them together and then I'll explain the idea. It's pretty clear. And this went out and of course within the theme of treating your parents and relative to excellence we've kind of moved on to our home which is relatives and at the end I'll kind of put it all together but once we come to the end of the series and show which is not too far from from now Dallasites that I'm in Rama in Rahima in the Rahima should you know to me not Walkman file Allah. Men who also are lucky while sold to a man Taqwa. iKey. Papa to when I Aisha Radi Allahu Anhu meaning female Yahweh he che ha incarnate Colin abuso Allah Allah wa salam al Rahim Who will I left I tune be on rock Manny de cool.

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Manuel Salani while Salah hula woman Papa Annie Capo hula, these are Hadees the first one whatever it says the Prophet alayhi salam says a Rahim. Rahim, the word Rahim if, depending on how what the context is, it will have a couple of meanings. The uterus has called about him. Right? But that's not what he's talking about here. Rahim as in the concept of kin relationships, Rahim I mean as in your relation as in your blood relations, as in your family, your relatives, the people who are related to you. I'll hand the rhyme to the concept. Obviously, it's not a thing. Like the, the sort of lamb is not a thing. But it's a concept. And that's why this hadith is figurative. There's no way

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to understand it actually, physically because it is not a physical thing. It's a concept so it's so when it's Allah subhanaw taala. In the Rahima shoes, you're not done. And when you rewire says shoe Jenna and another neuron shadiness, the word is activated, and all three so you've heard it a different one. It's fine. It's all the same thing should you that means a piece of something. No Rahima should you not to me not Rama and they use the word staging, to say a piece of a tree meaning this piece of the bark of the tree. So the Prophet it is also telling us that indeed, the concept of Rahima blood relations of your family is a piece of a romance SubhanaHu wa Tada. And this is a

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figure of speech and is saying that the this concept is so valuable is so important is so central to dislike it's a piece of Allah Himself, because the word Rahim is actually derived from the word Rama or the opposite he was a llama, both Dr. Ibrahim Al Rahim, but because Allah Andhra is the person he is the origin of everything. So his name is the origin in this was linguistic scholars have said that Rama are evolving the words the origin is not the three letter the three letter root, the the origin is Allah's Name of man or Rahim, subhana wa Tada and he derived for the concept of blood relations, a name from his name. And another Hadith what he said was, I mean, the concept of blood

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relations was given the name of him and of course the uterus is called him because of that, and those who are given that name because ALLAH SubhanA derived for them a name from his own, which is the which is one of the most beautiful names of rough man because of how much he loved it. And this little him is a piece of a ramen figuratively speaking, so called Allah and Allah subhanaw taala looks at it and he says, Man, Warsaw Lucky was alto, those who strengthen your connection, I will strengthen my connection with them woman, Tata article title and those who sever the relations of their kin that I will sever my relationship with them in an IHS Hadith the Prophet Allah usados in a

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Rahim, who will Allah Petunia Rockman Rahim is associated holding on to God. And there's other other integrations where it's more figurative. It's more descriptive, where the Rahim my Lockitron man is holding it's as if it's holding on to Allah, begging him, begging Allah Subhana Allah to strengthen it or to honor it. And Allah subhanaw taala does so the right hand will say when wa Salani wa Salah hula, those who strengthen me, Allah subhanaw taala will be in connection with them and those who are sever me that Allah Allah will sever those relationships with them. And another Hadith on the right is a Hadith insha Allah the other wordings for it, but this is what he's saying. So Allah, how

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do you use them?

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He's something I've had a loss of pounds out I looked at the concept of your blood relatives and your family. Family is the word easier word honestly, I don't even like using blood relations and kinship and all this other stuff that who loses these words honestly, this these are words you never hear outside of doves, family, talking about family, your family, your direct family, your extended family, it's family. That's what it is. Family, Allah Subhanallah looks at families as those of you who strengthen your family and stand by your family. I extend

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by them, I love them. I'm close to them and those who ruin your family, I don't want them. jelajah Allah, Allah, Allah says me looks at family. So be very careful when you take it when you take a step that is going to ruin your family. Be careful, think long and hard before you do something that can ruin the fabric of your family and take away and take away brothers and sisters from each other and take away relatives think long and hard because it's very valuable. This is something worth the sacrifice. This is something worth giving things up for. There's something worse going the extra 1000 Miles putting your wealth or putting your time because it's family because why? Because Allah

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subhanaw taala chose it for it a name from his own

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word it there's also a family. But no, no, we don't use that word. In Islamic law. We use the word Rakim because it's derived from a watchman, because that's what Allah Subhana Allah wants it to be, because he looked at it because it's a piece of him. subhanho wa taala. And you can't even understand that because he's not physical. And this is not a physical thing. But that's what he's saying. It's a piece of me, the part of me, and I will separate those who have written I will strengthen my connection with those who do the same, very meaningful well lives very meaningful. We live in a society that does not care for this stuff very much, or cares for it. But on a on a simple

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level. Like the Western, we have to go to Western societies like anymore. Yeah, family is nice. But they're nicer when they're farther away. When we see them just on it. No, no, no.

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All of you guys come from fat. Yeah, go back a generation. I am sure that your grandmother was married in the house with her Brent with her Jana inlaws. I'll bet you money on this. It's haram to do so I bet that many of you go back and ask about your grandparents, one of your grandmother's married your grandfather, and he was living in his parents house. And she had to grow up with her mother in law inside the house, and all of his siblings and all of the because there was family. And my thing is amazing. But the concept of family was very strong. He was there. And it's beautiful. Actually, yes, it comes with it can be a headache. Sometimes. Yes, it can be extremely draining and

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tiring, it'd be a lot of problem. But it's, but the thing is that in the long run, it's worth it in the long run is totally worth it. Because we I don't wanna say hamdulillah because it may sound kind of petty, but we have a group of people in the world decided they don't want family. So we got to see what happened to them. So now we don't have to walk down that path anymore. They're coming back saying this didn't work. We walked down the path where at 18 We have to leave the house and they can do whatever they want is their freedom, their liberty, we don't get involved. We just show up. And now they're coming back saying this does not work. This is not working does not work. It's not good.

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Why are we walking down the same roads? Why are we this wasn't good. This is one of the things that we

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that made us a little bit

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gave us an edge was that we held on to families. We took care of each other and no matter how annoying we were to one another, we continue to be there for each other. You don't have to love your family. Wallahi don't have to link them. It doesn't matter. I don't even have that doesn't matter that that that's not a question that arrives in this whole argument. When we talk about family home, the concept of loving them and liking them. I don't care, like somebody's going to I don't like for none. So what is he not your blood, it doesn't matter. This is your blood you stick to them. That's important, unless it's abusive or toxic. And it's very rare. Very, very rare. It's case by case. The

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majority of it is not that like that is just difficult. And it's hard.

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But it's a piece of a Rockman and he looks at and he said I will strengthen my connection with those who strengthen you and I will cut off those who cut you off. But think about that, because it's it's one of the few things that we have left Wallahi for the few things that we have left and we'd better not Jonnie we have to be smarter about this I'll talk about this more insurance sorry for taking too much time you're leading up so Hey, have you heard about the Allahu Anhu California Leviosa Allah Allah Salam in Rocky Masha Jeanette Amina block Manaea poodle Allah Who men wharfside Lekki was alto mankapur Aunty Cotabato when he told me you know the Lavon have female reached a fan power that

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calendar use of Allah Azza wa haimo What Aloka tune be out of shalom and Olga Rahman, the Voodoo woman wa Salani or Salah Houma, Mankato, Annie patata Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Julio says 100 islands of Zurich was that Allah was telling him about I kind of you know, Muhammad Ali.